Hill Opinion Piece: Black Americans Are Dancing In The Streets Now That Trump Is President, And He’s Not Racist Either!


“What? Me racist? I just said the black president’s birth certificate was phony. How does that make me racist?”

Did you know that since the election of Donald Trump, the average American has been more prosperous? That’s right. Not only are they right up there with the richest Americans, but black unemployment is practically nonexistent! So much so that they’re out daily dancing in the streets singing praises to the Greatest President Who Ever Lived In The White House.

Just as Obama’s economic policies did little for black, and white middle class Americans, Trump’s have been no better. But conservatives would have you believe he has done far, far more for minorities.

When a hurricane hit Puerto Rico in the eighties, Trump allegedly provided a plane to get supplies down there, when nobody else was willing to do so, according to Andrew Stein. So, how can he be racist?

Stein fails to mention one of Trump’s first scandals, the mismanagement and handling of Hurricane Maria, with the initial estimated death toll to be about seventy, or thereabouts, but in the aftermath, went up close to three thousand. During a visit to Puerto Rico he made a fool of himself by throwing paper towels to survivors. Again, if this had taken place under the Obama administration, and especially if he had made a spectacle of himself by throwing paper towels, mainstream conservative media would have ridiculed him to no end, and rightly so. But since it was Trump, he got a free pass from his sycophantic, fawning supporters in the media.

Does this in itself prove that the president is racist? I’ll leave that up to others to decide. But it does prove that he is incompetent. Thousands of Americans died, and he failed to take responsibility.

Stein’s explanation that Trump blaming Congressman Cummings for the conditions of his district simply because he represents it, and that it has nothing to with race, is laughable to say the least. Cummings merely represented his district in Congress and was hardly responsible for municipal governance. The truth is, Trump conveniently attacked him because Cummings had the audacity to criticize him on his border policy. If Obama ( or any Democrat ) had blamed a white conservative for the crime, drugs, and poverty in his or her district, how would conservative media have reacted? They would have lost their s**t. They would have cried bloody murder. Mark Levin would be screaming in his incredibly annoying, nasally tone about Obama’s hatred for white people, just as he did when Obama expressed sympathy for the family of Trayvon Martin, and when he called a white cop stupid for arresting Dr. Gates in his own home. Jeanine Pirro would be claiming that he was making race relations worse since slavery and Jim Crow, just as she did when Obama called for calm and peace during the unrest in Baltimore and Ferguson. Every time Obama urged calm, he was accused of worsening the racial divide.

Likewise, Stein failed to mention Trump’s initial response to the violence in Charlottesville. When he equated the Antifa and other leftist protesters to the Charlottesville Nazis, mainstream conservative media praised his response ( as did actual Nazis and white supremacists ), but did not accuse him of worsening the racial divide. They blamed his critics, the so-called liberal media, fake news, Democrats, liberals, progressives, and anyone and anything that wasn’t Trump, and the Nazis. Prager University even produced a propaganda video contradicting the media’s accurate coverage of Trump’s response to the event. Obama’s responses to the unrest in Baltimore and Ferguson, were a lot more responsible than Trump’s response to Charlottesville, but again, it was Trump, a multi-millionaire Republican, so he was not to blame. And, according to some conservatives, like rep. Paul Gosar, Louie Gohmert, and a few others, it was really Obama and the Democrats who orchestrated the Charlottesville rally, and the violence to make conservatives look racist.

Stein writes:

“I truly do not believe Barack Obama is a racist – but some of his actions during his presidency could make people wonder.

Those who were spoon fed a steady diet of Obama hates America, Obama hates white people, Obama is a Muslim, Obama hates law enforcement, would more than just wonder. They would believe the propaganda over the facts. Those who actually looked into the nonsense over the Reverend Wright controversy, knew that it was nothing more than a smear attempt to make him look racist, by guilt by association, as they did with Farrakhan. They knew nothing about the truth that Wright spoke of in his sermons. All they heard were the sound bites that right-wing media gleefully played over and over.

Stein continues:

“In addition, President Obama had Rev. Al Sharpton, one of the country’s highest profile race baiters as a guest in the White House dozens of times.”

Again, regular Fox viewers, and readers of right-wing blogs, like The Gateway Pundit, or World Net Daily, were also fed a steady dose that Sharpton is also a prolific racist because he sometimes sticks his nose in matters of race, where it doesn’t belong. Sharpton definitely has his own issues with race. But to compare him to old school racists like Pat Buchanan – as some have done – is absurd. And to suggest that Obama inviting him to the White House, meeting with Farrakhan, and attending the church of Reverend Wright, are far worse than anything Trump has said or done, is just bogus.

I can think of worse people who have been invited to the White House since Trump became president. SpongeTed Squishy Pants ( who insists to this day that he never crapped himself to avoid the draft ), Jeanine Pirro, Sarah Palin, and the overrated, and irrelevant Rush Limburger, who was recently awarded the Medal Freedom! The Four Stooges are notorious race baiters, rabid anti-Semites, and Islamophobes, with long histories of racially charged comments that are far worse than anything Sharpton ever said or did, but I haven’t heard a peep from conservatives how having them to the WH sullies the reputation of Donald Trump, or demeans and disrespects the office of the president.

Stein concludes:

“In order to protect Obama, the media largely ignored these and many other questionable things – but these things happened, and they are far worse than anything Trump has done.

The point is that Obama was not a racist but he did things that could be construed as racially divisive – and yet, he was never widely criticized for it, nor was he publicly condemned as a racist.

Obama said things that conservatives interpreted as racially divisive, even when they were not. Obama couldn’t say anything about race without ruffling the feathers of the real race baiters and bomb throwers in the media like the Rush Limburgers, Jeanine Pirros, Michael Savages, and the Glenn Becks, who were always waiting for him to say something slightly racial, just to twist his words and rile up their listeners. They couldn’t wait for him to get into the White House fast enough so they could blame him for the racial divide they helped foster during his presidency.

And to suggest that he was never criticized, or condemned as a racist, is the most bogus claim of all.


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