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Lindsay Graham Says America Isn’t Racist Because Obama And Kamala Harris Were Elected

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On Fox News yesterday with Chris Wallace, Lindsay Graham said it was his opinion that systemic racism doesn’t exist, that America is not a racist country because Obama was president for two terms, and Kamala Harris is now vice president. … Continue reading

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Gayle King Calls Out Trump’s ‘Least Racist’ Debate Claim: ‘Where Is His Head? Up His Own Rear End?”

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https://www.mediaite.com/tv/cbs-john-dickerson-the-nations-top-birther-for-five-years-cant-claim-to-be-the-least-racist-person/ From Mediaite: After the final debate between president Trump and Joe Biden, CBS This Morning’s Gayle King said she was flabbergasted that the president had referred to himself as ‘the least racist person in the room.’ King said she … Continue reading

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Gayle King Calls Out Pelosi For Calling Trump Supporters ‘Henchmen’: ‘Egregious Language’ | TheHill

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https://thehill.com/homenews/media/518166-gayle-king-calls-out-pelosi-for-calling-trump-supporters-henchmen-egregious?amp=1&amp_recirculation=1 Talk show host Gayle King criticized Nancy Pelosi for referring to Trump supporters as henchmen. Speaking to King on whether she felt Biden should debate Trump, Pelosi said, “The president has no fidelity to fact or truth, and actually … Continue reading

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Hill Opinion Piece: Black Americans Are Dancing In The Streets Now That Trump Is President, And He’s Not Racist Either!

https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/456523-donald-trumps-no-racist-as-past-acts-and-presidential-record-prove Did you know that since the election of Donald Trump, the average American has been more prosperous? That’s right. Not only are they right up there with the richest Americans, but black unemployment is practically nonexistent! So much so … Continue reading

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Stupid Conservative Memes #86 “Democrats And Obama Are The Real Racists!”

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Whenever conservatives are called out for being racist, they are quick to respond with the predictable retort, “Oh yeah? Democrats are the real racists! They started the KKK!” Not only are they accused of starting the KKK , but according to … Continue reading

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Ingraham calls out Dems for their reaction to mass shootings, calls for ‘healing’ | Fox News

https://www.foxnews.com/media/ingraham-calls-out-dems-for-their-reaction-to-mass-shootings-calls-for-healing Where was the call for unity when police officers were shot and killed several years ago in Dallas, New York, and Louisiana? Was Laura Ingraham , or anyone else on Fox News – or right-wing media, for that matter … Continue reading

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“Liz Cheney Dresses Up Trump’s Bigotry: ‘It’s About Policy!'” / Secular Talk

Darth Cheney’s daughter. Like father, like daughter.

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Mark Levin: “Radical Progressive Media And Dems Have Put A Racist Salad in Trump’s Mouth About Baltimore And Are Trying To Make Him And Us Eat It!”

https://www.cnsnews.com/blog/ilona-schumicky/mark-levin-media-dems-are-putting-words-trumps-mouth-about-baltimore-sickening   From the Mark Levin radio show/July 29: “Let’s talk about this nonsense with the president’s tweets about Congressman Elijah Cummings, and the media’s stupid response! Yeah, that’s right, I said stupid! “I read the president’s tweet a million … Continue reading

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Stupid Conservative Memes #75 : ‘Beyonce’s A Racist!’

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What is hypocritical about being offended by a flag that represents slavery and treason , but not a Superbowl half time performance by a black entertainer? There is no connection between the two. One represents hundreds of years of slavery … Continue reading

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Wayne RootWhat If White Conservatives Treated Obama the Way Liberals Treat Trump? – Wayne Root

http://rootforamerica.com/what-if-white-conservatives-treated-obama-the-way-liberals-treat-trump/   Once upon a time a black Democratic senator from Illinois was voted president of the United States , and conservatives like Wayne Root ( who totally were not racist ) lost their minds. Because reality has a liberal … Continue reading

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