Dana Loesch, We’re Coming For You

Recently, Dana Loesch in her bid to remain relevant and influential, appeared in a series of cringy videos with the help of the NRA by promoting herself as a moral crusader for truth.

Who does Dana think she’s fooling? No one but her ignorant followers, who believe she actually stands for truth and honesty. Liberals and progressives responded to her smug, pompous, arrogant, and sanctimonious bulls**t videos, and in turn she played the victim when criticized, like she always does.

Every story she ran on Benghazi on her ridiculous radio show, The Conservative Alternative, while ignoring the Congressional reports, she exposed herself as the conspiratorial clown she is. As a shill for the Right, and the gun lobby, she continues to embarrass herself with the bulls**t claim that the Benghazi attack had nothing to do with that particular video.

Every conspiracy theory that she repeated about Planned Parenthood… she exposed herself as the useful idiot and propagandist that she is…

Every false claim about the AHCA ( Obamacare ) exposed her as the disingenuous hack she is.

Every unhinged attack on Colin Kaepernick, exposed her as a white nationalist.

Every false claim about Chicago and black on black crime… every lie about Black Lives Matter… the time she put white hoods on the heads of Thomas The Tank cartoon characters when she was at NRA TV, exposed her as a racist. If Dana feels comfortable with calling Elizabeth Warren a racist, then I feel comfortable calling her the same. At least, I can back up my claim with actual evidence.

Every false claim she made that Americans don’t support gun control… every unhinged attack on the Never Again movement as shills for the Left and George Soros, she exposed herself as a shill for the NRA, and an anti-Semite.

Every criticism of Ilhan Omar as anti-Semitic for criticizing the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians, she exposes herself as an Islamophobe.

Every video she produced for the NRA, exposed her for what she is… a fascist.

Real Americans have had it with her false narratives, her lies, her propaganda and fake news. They’ve had it with her self-righteous attitude that she is in any way objective or fact based.

Dana has subsisted on the welfare of mediocrity, propaganda, and dishonesty for years, and yet she has the f**king audacity to attack CNN, MSNBC, and other so-called liberal outlets for the exact same things she is guilty of.

She is the definition of a demagogue, and a hypocrite.

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