Uncle Ted To Design New Diaper Logo For TPUSA

Uncle Ted To Design New Diaper Logo For TPUSA

Ted Nugent has announced that he has been asked by Charlie Kirk to create a unique design for the diaper wearing young conservative group TPUSA. TPUSA is the organization founded by Kirk that has been involved in several controversies over the years, one of them being a failed attempt to protest safe spaces on college campuses.

Better known to his fans as Uncle Ted, and The Motor City Madman, the outspoken conservative rocker is the host of Spirit Of The Wild, a long running series currently on the Outdoor channel. Nugent has described the show as a great achievement where hunters and second amendment supporters can tune in each week to watch their favorite rocker blow away lots of animals with his favorite gun Adeline while getting their rocks off.

On his upcoming series Captain SpongeTed Squishy Pants, Nugent has described the show as a pro-Trump conservative hero who’s super power is punishing evil doers with diaper goo. The weekly series will feature the main character battling an evil libtard, or other leftist who has done everything they can to damage the good name and reputation of America’s finest president. Evil Dr. Pelosi, ‘Sleepy Opossum’ Joe Biden and Comrade Sanders are just a few that will make appearances each week. However, none of them have endorsed the series or will voice their own characters.

During an interview earlier this week with The Detroit News, Nugent revealed that the Pampers spokesman had asked him to design a special logo for his favorite brand, during an interview on the Charlie Kirk Millennial Diaper Podcast.

“When Charlie invited me onto his podcast, I jumped at the chance because it was the first time I’ve been asked, and I’ve always liked Charlie. He’s a great guy. Some people think he’s weird because he often wears diapers, but if they knew the real Charlie, they wouldn’t think he was so weird. They would understand exactly why he wears diapers, because he believes it’s the only way to “own the libs,” and that makes him a hero to the conservative movement. In fact, the character Squishy Pants was inspired by Charlie because he’s not afraid to wear diapers.”

“Charlie says when he wears diapers to own the libs,” Nugent continued, “it’s not an indictment of himself, but a reflection of liberals and their attitude toward conservatives, and their love of safe spaces. It’s no different when I wear a confederate tee shirt. It’s not a reflection on my character, it’s a reflection on how racist liberals and leftists are. They see racism where there is no racism.”

Nugent said he could only think of a couple of designs, one of them the confederate flag, and the other the character of his new Adult Swim television series, Captain Squishy Pants. “Charlie said that was alright. He already had plenty of girly designs.

Nugent revealed that Kirk has also asked him to become a member of TPUSA. He said he is thrilled and honored to be a member, and plans to attend an upcoming seminar by TPUSA as a guest speaker, on the proper etiquette for treating those who choose to wear diapers, and the fine art of owning the libs. The event is scheduled for sometime next Spring. The event will feature current members and prominent figures in the conservative media, such as Candace Owens, Dana Loesch – who according to Nugent, will give a speech on the second amendment and the right to own guns while wearing diapers, and how the two are entertwined – and Tomi Lahren who has compared the silencing of conservatives on college campuses to lynchings by the Klan to prevent them from exercising their first amendment rights. Tucker Carlson will also make an appearance with a speech condemning the anti-American Left on their hypocrisy for refusing to wear crotch masks after criticizing conservatives and the president for their failure to wear masks during the pandemic.

Nugent said the featured part of the event will be him and Kirk doing a reenactment of the first episode of SpongeTed, where Nugent’s character battles the evil Dr. Pelosi who refuses to endorse president Trump’s COVID relief package. Allie Stuckey will portray the libtard villain with a Nancy Pelosi mask.

Nugent says he is currently writing his autobiography, Uncle Ted: The Adventures Of Captain Squishy Pants, which is scheduled for release next Fall, and is also planning a new album with the same title.

Ted Nugent To Star In His Own Television Series, ‘SpongeTed Squishy Pants’

Ted Nugent To Star In His Own Television Series, ‘SpongeTed Squishy Pants’
The Motor City Madman soon to star in his own adult animated series, SpongeTed Squishy Pants.


Conservative musician and gun enthusiast, Ted Nugent will soon star in his own television series. The new series, tentatively titled SpongeTed Squishy Pants, will be an animated show loosely based on the children’s cartoon character SpongeBob Square Pants. The series – in which Nugent will voice the main character – is scheduled to begin production later this Summer, and will air on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim later this Fall.

Also known as the Motor City Madman, and Uncle Ted by his legions of underage fans, Nugent is no stranger to television. He has co-starred in several reality programs and is the host of the long running hunting show Spirit Of The Wild on the Outdoor channel.

In the past Nugent has made questionable statements for which he has received harsh criticism. He once called former president Barack Obama a sub human mongrel, and more recently criticized the Stoneman Douglas school shooting survivors as ‘soulless’ for advocating gun control in the aftermath of the tragedy.

In an interview last year, after years of speculation and rumor, Nugent finally admitted that he actually did soil himself to avoid a physical for the draft at the age of eighteen, confirming what progressives have always suspected.

“In a recent interview with the Detroit News, Nugent said, “That original interview I gave to High Times was basically true. I really did poop my pants. But not because I was a coward. I pooped my pants because I was afraid if I were drafted I would never see Adeline again. Adeline’s my precious guitar. She was a gift from my parents when I was fourteen, prior to joining The Amboy Dukes. I wanted to name her after both my parents, Warren-Marion, but that didn’t sound right, so I tried Marion-Warren. It still didn’t sound right, then I tried Henry-Dorothy, their middle names. Still didn’t sound right, so then I tried Dorothy-Henry. Nope.

“I was starting to get frustrated at this point,” Nugent continued, “so then I tried their last names, Johnson-Nugent. Nope. Nugent-Johnson. Nope. Finally I settled on Adeline. Adeline was my sweet granny on my mother’s side. She was a beer guzzling, belching, rootin’ tootin’ tootin’, cigar smoking, foul mouthed, gun toting woman who told me if I ever did any of those things
– except for the gun-toting – she would beat the living sh – daylight out of me.”

“That was the first I ever crapped myself. For a five year old it wasn’t particularly embarrassing, but I’ve crapped myself quite a few times over the years, a few times as an adult, and some of them were pretty embarrassing. Like the time I crapped my pants for a week prior to going in for my physical for the draft.”

Nugent said the character SpongeTed Squishy Pants will be a hero who slimes evil liberals and leftists with excrement from his diaper, and will feature his precious guitar, Adeline as his faithful sidekick.

Nugent revealed that the character – AKA Diaper Man – was suggested by his good friend Charlie Kirk, who is the founder and executive director of TPUSA – who wears adult diapers himself – as the perfect way to own the libs.

“I’m really excited about this new series, and can’t wait to get started, ” Nugent said. “I can’t wait to see those evil libs eat sh – well, you know what I mean.”

Hill Opinion Piece: Black Americans Are Dancing In The Streets Now That Trump Is President, And He’s Not Racist Either!

Hill Opinion Piece: Black Americans Are Dancing In The Streets Now That Trump Is President, And He’s Not Racist Either!


“What? Me racist? I just said the black president’s birth certificate was phony. How does that make me racist?”

Did you know that since the election of Donald Trump, the average American has been more prosperous? That’s right. Not only are they right up there with the richest Americans, but black unemployment is practically nonexistent! So much so that they’re out daily dancing in the streets singing praises to the Greatest President Who Ever Lived In The White House.

Just as Obama’s economic policies did little for black, and white middle class Americans, Trump’s have been no better. But conservatives would have you believe he has done far, far more for minorities.

When a hurricane hit Puerto Rico in the eighties, Trump allegedly provided a plane to get supplies down there, when nobody else was willing to do so, according to Andrew Stein. So, how can he be racist?

Stein fails to mention one of Trump’s first scandals, the mismanagement and handling of Hurricane Maria, with the initial estimated death toll to be about seventy, or thereabouts, but in the aftermath, went up close to three thousand. During a visit to Puerto Rico he made a fool of himself by throwing paper towels to survivors. Again, if this had taken place under the Obama administration, and especially if he had made a spectacle of himself by throwing paper towels, mainstream conservative media would have ridiculed him to no end, and rightly so. But since it was Trump, he got a free pass from his sycophantic, fawning supporters in the media.

Does this in itself prove that the president is racist? I’ll leave that up to others to decide. But it does prove that he is incompetent. Thousands of Americans died, and he failed to take responsibility.

Stein’s explanation that Trump blaming Congressman Cummings for the conditions of his district simply because he represents it, and that it has nothing to with race, is laughable to say the least. Cummings merely represented his district in Congress and was hardly responsible for municipal governance. The truth is, Trump conveniently attacked him because Cummings had the audacity to criticize him on his border policy. If Obama ( or any Democrat ) had blamed a white conservative for the crime, drugs, and poverty in his or her district, how would conservative media have reacted? They would have lost their s**t. They would have cried bloody murder. Mark Levin would be screaming in his incredibly annoying, nasally tone about Obama’s hatred for white people, just as he did when Obama expressed sympathy for the family of Trayvon Martin, and when he called a white cop stupid for arresting Dr. Gates in his own home. Jeanine Pirro would be claiming that he was making race relations worse since slavery and Jim Crow, just as she did when Obama called for calm and peace during the unrest in Baltimore and Ferguson. Every time Obama urged calm, he was accused of worsening the racial divide.

Likewise, Stein failed to mention Trump’s initial response to the violence in Charlottesville. When he equated the Antifa and other leftist protesters to the Charlottesville Nazis, mainstream conservative media praised his response ( as did actual Nazis and white supremacists ), but did not accuse him of worsening the racial divide. They blamed his critics, the so-called liberal media, fake news, Democrats, liberals, progressives, and anyone and anything that wasn’t Trump, and the Nazis. Prager University even produced a propaganda video contradicting the media’s accurate coverage of Trump’s response to the event. Obama’s responses to the unrest in Baltimore and Ferguson, were a lot more responsible than Trump’s response to Charlottesville, but again, it was Trump, a multi-millionaire Republican, so he was not to blame. And, according to some conservatives, like rep. Paul Gosar, Louie Gohmert, and a few others, it was really Obama and the Democrats who orchestrated the Charlottesville rally, and the violence to make conservatives look racist.

Stein writes:

“I truly do not believe Barack Obama is a racist – but some of his actions during his presidency could make people wonder.

Those who were spoon fed a steady diet of Obama hates America, Obama hates white people, Obama is a Muslim, Obama hates law enforcement, would more than just wonder. They would believe the propaganda over the facts. Those who actually looked into the nonsense over the Reverend Wright controversy, knew that it was nothing more than a smear attempt to make him look racist, by guilt by association, as they did with Farrakhan. They knew nothing about the truth that Wright spoke of in his sermons. All they heard were the sound bites that right-wing media gleefully played over and over.

Stein continues:

“In addition, President Obama had Rev. Al Sharpton, one of the country’s highest profile race baiters as a guest in the White House dozens of times.”

Again, regular Fox viewers, and readers of right-wing blogs, like The Gateway Pundit, or World Net Daily, were also fed a steady dose that Sharpton is also a prolific racist because he sometimes sticks his nose in matters of race, where it doesn’t belong. Sharpton definitely has his own issues with race. But to compare him to old school racists like Pat Buchanan – as some have done – is absurd. And to suggest that Obama inviting him to the White House, meeting with Farrakhan, and attending the church of Reverend Wright, are far worse than anything Trump has said or done, is just bogus.

I can think of worse people who have been invited to the White House since Trump became president. SpongeTed Squishy Pants ( who insists to this day that he never crapped himself to avoid the draft ), Jeanine Pirro, Sarah Palin, and the overrated, and irrelevant Rush Limburger, who was recently awarded the Medal Freedom! The Four Stooges are notorious race baiters, rabid anti-Semites, and Islamophobes, with long histories of racially charged comments that are far worse than anything Sharpton ever said or did, but I haven’t heard a peep from conservatives how having them to the WH sullies the reputation of Donald Trump, or demeans and disrespects the office of the president.

Stein concludes:

“In order to protect Obama, the media largely ignored these and many other questionable things – but these things happened, and they are far worse than anything Trump has done.

The point is that Obama was not a racist but he did things that could be construed as racially divisive – and yet, he was never widely criticized for it, nor was he publicly condemned as a racist.

Obama said things that conservatives interpreted as racially divisive, even when they were not. Obama couldn’t say anything about race without ruffling the feathers of the real race baiters and bomb throwers in the media like the Rush Limburgers, Jeanine Pirros, Michael Savages, and the Glenn Becks, who were always waiting for him to say something slightly racial, just to twist his words and rile up their listeners. They couldn’t wait for him to get into the White House fast enough so they could blame him for the racial divide they helped foster during his presidency.

And to suggest that he was never criticized, or condemned as a racist, is the most bogus claim of all.

Ted Nugent Admits To Soiling Himself To Avoid The Draft

Aviary Photo_131410088198649308
Ted Nugent , aka , SpongeTed Squishy Pants

For years , conservative hero , and musician , Ted Nugent , who once described himself as a black guitar player from Detroit , has been depicted by many of his critics as a living parody due to an interview he once gave to High Times magazine, in which he recounted how he was able to avoid a physical for the draft. In that interview , he described in great detail , how he had gone for weeks without bathing and using the bathroom prior to his physical exam.

Nugent has previously claimed that he made up the story with High Times , just to screw with them. But in a recent interview with The Detroit Free Press , he admitted that the story was basically true , just not the way he described it to the Times.

“Sure , I pooped my pants ,” he said. “Everybody poops their pants sometime in their life. Just so happens I pooped mine before my physical exam , and I’ve pooped them a few times since. But it wasn’t because I was a coward like the dishonest , Ted hating liberal punks tell it. Far from it. I was a hard working , sh*t kicking , mother f**king , black guitar slayer from Detroit.

“You see , I had it good. I was becoming a living legend , like Jimi Hendricks , only whiter , and there was no f**king way I was giving up my guitar to go off to a foreign land to squat and sh*t in fox holes. I mean , just the thought of giving up my sweet , precious guitar , scared the sh*t out of me. And I mean that , literally. Every time I thought I would never play my guitar again , which was every day , I would go in my pants. Piss , poop , the whole sh*t. Sometimes I would go three or four times a day , and I was so depressed that I was munching down on nothing but junk food , cookies , chips , sausage , pizza , hot dogs. You name , if it had no nutritional value , I wolfed it down , and the more depressed I became , and the more I pooped. I could feel it oozing down my legs , and building up in my shorts and drawers. My pants were yellow from all the piss , and got so crusted up from all the poop , that I could barely walk in them. And my hair was all matted with piss and poop. I was a walking , talking , six foot three , hunk of human cesspool. I carried a God awful cloud of stink around me , like the Peanuts character , Pig Pen. Probably looked like him , too.

“So , I go in for my physical , and the rubes in uniform couldn’t believe how bad a human being could smell. I had a cloud of flies buzzing around my pants , and this huge sh*t eating grin on my face. With my scraggly beard , and poop matted hair , I must have looked like a walking corpse , and smelled like one , too. They were laughing and making fun of me , and I wanted to cry , but all I could do was laugh along with them. I knew I had the rubes beat.

“Then one of the rubes tells me to take off my pants and pee in a cup , and when I did , a couple of hunks of poop fall on the floor , and the rube almost gags on the smell , and I’m still grinning my sh*t eating grin , and he goes , ‘ Oh my God! What’s wrong with you , boy?! Put those pants back on and get the f**k out of here!’

“So I did. I went home , cleaned myself up , ate a good meal , and a few days later I got a 4 F in the mail , explaining that I was unfit for service due to excessive uncleanliness. And that’s the real story I told the Times how I really soiled my pants.”

Sponge Ted Squishy Pants Insults Parkland Teen Activists As Soulless And Brainless

SpongeTed Squishy Pants , AKA Ted Nugent.

From the Washington PostConservative rocker Ted Nugent , known affectionately as The Motor City Madman by his fans , and Uncle Ted by the scores of underage girls he had inappropriate affairs with , recently criticized Parkland teen gun control activists as soulless and mushy brained in a recent interview on the Joe Paggs Show on Newsmax TV.

“I hate to say it , but these teens are soulless , mushy brained commie pinkos whose only goal in life is to blame responsible gun owners for mass murder and take their guns away. Hitler wanted gun control too , and he got it by confiscating all guns in Germany so the Jews couldn’t fight back.”

Parkland Florida high school shooting survivor , Sarah Chadwick , responded via Twitter by calling Nugent a mushy pants draft dodger who deliberately soiled himself to avoid the Vietnam war , with the hashtag Sponge Ted Squishy Pants.

According to Ted Nugent student activists who witnessed their friends getting shot , are mushy brained and soulless. But Ted , tough talking , gun-toting , great American Patriot , once soiled himself to avoid the draft.

#Sponge Ted Squishy Pants. 💩💩💩

Nugent wasn’t too thrilled with Chadwick’s response , so he took to his Facebook page with the following rant :

“For all the morally inept and mushy brained liberals who have spread fake news about me supposedly soiling myself to avoid the draft , nothing could be further from the truth. What happened was , I had a bad combination of elk meat and refried beans and had the craps for a week.”

Yeah , right Ted.  Either way sounds believable.           

A Response To Dana Loesch’s Clinched Fist Of Truth ( Hypocrisy ) Video

Aviary Photo_131435949400122956
NRA lap dog , Dana Loesch.

🍁 In a video reminiscent of her 2015 “Godless Left” rant , rabid NRA lap dog Dana Loesch has released another comical NRA sponsored video , in which she again calls liberals terrorists. Although she doesn’t call for violence against the “violent Godless left” the intent is implied that they are dangerous and must be dealt with by arming themselves with more guns.  

This video , like the last one , was produced for one purpose , and that purpose is to portray liberals as a dangerous threat to freedom and liberty. The Godless Left video was in response to calls for gun control , after the San Bernardino Inland Empire shooting , in which the New York Daily News mocked Republican thoughts and prayers , with the headline

Aviary Photo_131436701388610645

God Isn’t Fixing This , sparking an outrage among Conservatives.  The NRA responded , with their favorite lap dog/shill , Dana Loesch accusing liberals of attempting to destroy their freedom to pray , and that liberals were marching hand in hand with Islamic terrorists , singing Kumbaya , simply for calling for an end to gun violence.

These videos are like self-parodies. Conservatives are completely unaware of the glaring hypocrisy  , but liberals can see right through her for the shameless hypocrite she is. Literally everything she accused liberals of doing , was straight out of the  Obama hater’s playbook.

  1.  “They use their media to assassinate real news.” What does this even mean? Real news? Like The Blaze , where truth lives? Which is ironic , since Dana is currently employed at a network with no more credibility than Fox News , and a host of other questionable sources of yellow journalism , such as World Nut Daily , Town Hall , and The Gateway Pundit , AKA The Dumbest Man On The Internet. I’m sure these are all sources of real , credible news to Dana and much of her audience. I’m sure Jim Hoft’s award-winning ( from Accuracy In Media , no less ) journalism must have inspired her tedious career when she was at CNN. Also ironic , Dana has been using her platform to call everything else that doesn’t tow the Conservative line , as fake news. 
  2. “They use their schools to teach children that our president is another Hitler.”
    She states this as if it’s fact , with no evidence to back it up. However ,
    I do recall for the last eight years that Dana and her cronies in the media , attacked a certain president over everything from health care reform ( AKA as Obama Care ) , foreign policy , to gun control , often referencing him not only to Hitler , but every other dictator in modern times. And they used their media to tell their viewers that he hated America , was a communist , and was a friend to Islamic terrorists.
  3. “They use their stars and award shows to advance their narrative over and over again.” I wonder what that narrative could possibly be. Could it possibly be speaking out against police abuse of authority? I understand this is something that’s frowned upon by wing nut Conservatives who believe the police can do no wrong , and anyone who criticizes them must be cop haters , like they accused Obama of hating cops because he had the audacity to question police authority where killings were unjustified.
    It wasn’t too long ago they were using their own celebrities like The Motor City Loudmouth , Rush Limbaugh , and numerous pundits like Tomi Lahren , Janine Pirro , and everyone else at Fox News , to advance their own narratives , that Obama was an anti-white racist , and a cop hater , over situations ranging from criticizing a white cop for arresting a Harvard Law professor in his own home , the events in Ferguson , Baltimore , benign comments on the tragic deaths of several police officers , and a seventeen year old black teenager. Just because he didn’t side with the racist narrative that George Zimmerman was the victim and Martin the aggressor , made him a racist? Not God damn likely.
  4. “They use their ex-president to endorse their resistance.” Apparently , according to Dana , Obama must be directing thousands of Trump haters to loot and destroy property , via mind control , with chips implanted in their heads.
    All to make them march , make them protest” – I doubt they need Obama to motivate them to march , to protest. Trump’s behavior is all the motivation they need – “Make them scream racism” – The irony here is thick enough to cut with a knife – “Sexism , xenophobia , homophobia , smash windows , burn cars , shut down interstates” – I’m sure Trump marchers have never done that , have they? – “airports , bullying and terrorizing the law-abiding” – again , Trump supporters have never done that , have they? There are armed militia wandering the streets in “open carry” states intimidating citizens ; there were armed  militia defending the Bundy ranch ; there were armed Oath Keepers and other militia who had taken over the Malheur wildlife sanctuary , but according to Dana , it’s the left who are doing the intimidating- “until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs and stop the madness.”
    When she mentioned racism , I doubt she was thinking that not too long ago it was her side that was screaming racism at Obama , when pundits and right-wing nut bloggers like John “Obama’s an anti-white racist” Hawkins of Right Wingnut News , and Jim “The Gateway Pundit” Hoft , were making fools of themselves trying to convince their  dense readers that Obama was a rabid anti-white racist , with no evidence to back up their claims.
    Just as I’m sure she was not thinking of the birther movement. She and many of her audience may not have outright endorsed it , but there is no evidence that they denounced it.
    When she mentioned sexism , I doubt she thinking of the many instances when her totally not sexist buddies , Rush Limbaugh , and Ted Nugent demeaned Democratic women like Sandra Fluke , Hillary Clinton , and Nancy Pelosi.
    When she mentioned homophobia , I doubt she was thinking about the wing nut melt down over the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. Nor was she thinking of the time she was moved to tears over the pizza store bigots who refused to bake a pizza for a gay couple , and subsequently started a Go Fund Me account for the true victims – the pizza store owners , that is. If these people had been refusing to bake a pizza for Christians , imagine the stink Dana and her cronies at The Blaze would have raised. It would have given them a legitimate reason to bitch and moan. But , no , it’s the gays who are the real bigots for calling them on their bigotry.
    During the Obama years , the Obama hating “patriots” moaned incessantly about free speech , and oppression under Obama , even as they burned his effigy , called him a communist , a socialist  , a Muslim terrorist , anti-Christian , a racist , a cop hater , compared him countless times to Hitler , claimed he hated America , wasn’t an American ,  and if anyone dared criticize them , or push back , they were often accused of playing the race card.

     All these videos have demonstrated , is that Conservatives like Loesch are disingenuous. They don’t really care about honesty. All they care about is furthering their own agenda , and that agenda is to sell more guns despite the countless children that will be massacred , and transform America into an armed police state , where any form of dissent by their political enemies – liberals – is seen as treasonous. They ultimately succeed in making themselves look foolish by accusing liberals of the very same tactics they engage in.

    Update : I often wonder if images like these haunt shameless hypocrites like Dana Loesch , who believe basic gun control is a violation of their second amendment right. Hypocrites who accuse others of having blood on their hands , while defending and making excuses for those who truly do have blood on their hands :
    Aviary Photo_131436702448818177

Herself , and the NRA.



























Fox Planning To Debut New Show , Alternative Facts With Kellyanne Conway

Aviary Photo_131410075116295130
Kellyanne Conway to host new show on Fox , Alternative Facts.

 Washington –  A new show will soon debut on Fox. It’s called Alternative Facts With Kellyanne Conway. The fair and balanced Fox News loves the new president , Donald Trump , and they love Kellyanne Conway just as much. The new show will air Friday mornings across the Fox Network , just after Fox And Friends , starting early next month.

According to producers of the new show , topics for discussion will include the size of president Trump’s inaugural attendance – which sources have claimed numbered in the hundreds of thousands – how former president Obama tapped Trump Tower phones , some sources even claiming that the Obama dogs were the real culprits , the supposed Bowling Green Massacre , and president Trump’s Muslim ban that really wasn’t a ban.

Alex Jones , King of kooks , crackpots  , wackos , and fruitcakes.

 Fans have praised  the new show as innovative , and ground breaking. “It’s a refreshing change to the liberal media bias ,” said conspiracy theorist , Alex Jones. “It’s about time someone as intelligent as Kellyanne Conway is willing to tell the truth that the liberal media under Obama wasn’t  willing to touch with a fine tooth comb , because they were his lap dogs , just like Sonny and Bo are his lap dogs. Like the tapping of the Trump Tower phones during the election. It was the Obama dogs that were the real criminals. And the Bowling Green Massacre , which really did happen , involving ACORN , illegal immigrants , and the walking dead , just as they were involved in stealing the last two elections for Obama. I can’t wait to be on her show and tell her all about it!”

Conservative wind bag , Mark Levin.

“Now that we have Donald Trump  , a real president in the White House!” Conservative screecher Mark Levin said earlier this week. “The alternative facts – the real facts – will come out! Obama and his whole family will finally be jailed for treason! We couldn’t get him on his birth certificate , we couldn’t get him on executive orders , and we couldn’t get him on Benghazi! But I am confident that we will get him on espionage! America will be outraged and shocked to learn that Obama trained his dogs Sonny and Bo Obama – who are most likely communists themselves , that’s right , I said it! Prove me wrong! – to tap president Trump’s phones! I can’t wait to be on the show!”

Aviary Photo_131410088198649308
The Motor City Madman reacting to the news of Kellyanne Conway getting her own show on Fox.

  No one was more excited than Ted Nugent. “When I found out Trump was the next president of the United States , I  actually crapped my pants , I was so excited ,” Ted Nugent told Gun Shots And Cum Shots magazine. His critics have charged that he did the same to avoid the Vietnam war , which Nugent claimed was nothing but liberal lies to make him look weak and spineless , something which can ‘be expected from liberals ,” he said. “When I found out Kellyanne Conway was getting her own show at Fox , my favorite channel , I crapped my pants again. I also shot my load and all eight hundred of my guns at the same time. I can’t wait to be on the show and do it again!”

Stupid Conservative Memes #56 Liberal Logic 101 Edition


Some of these memes are so ridiculous , I sometimes don’t know where to start. It’s obvious the people who put these things together , don’t put much thought into them. Just straw man liberals and accuse them of everything you do. Only a Conservative who doesn’t understand logic would write something  this absurd.

Liberals blame lax gun laws. Not true. When a shooting occurred during Obama’s watch , liberals blamed the person who committed the crime , not lax gun laws. To Conservatives , guns are not the problem , but gun control. Many of them believe they should have the right to own an arsenal of weapons , and anyone who might disagree , is violating their second amendment right. Anyone who believes a background check is unreasonable , and restrictive of the their second amendment right , and believes that this is proof that the government is out to take their guns , is basically a person who doesn’t care that a violent , potential criminal can their hands on a gun. These people don’t seem to get angry and frustrated that these shooting events take place , that children are being murdered. They seem to be more angry and frustrated that others have the audacity to want expanded background checks so these events don’t happen as frequently. I believe the politicians who have sold their souls to the NRA and to The Gun Owners Of America , and their rabid supporters in the Conservative news media who scream about gun control being an oppressive assault on the second amendment , they should be forced to attend the funerals of children whose bodies have been ripped to pieces by bullets. Maybe then they would do more than offer prayers.

Conservatives point out that victims were disarmed by oppressive gun restriction. These people sincerely believe that victims of gun violence would never be victims of gun violence , if only they had been armed. A variation of a  ‘a good guy with a gun will always stop a bad guy with a gun.’ Every gun nut from Dana Loesch to Ted Nugent has used this lame argument. Maybe these people should stand guard outside of public schools and wait for an opportunity to play cops and robbers with a maniac hell-bent on killing a few kids with an assault weapon. Most likely , none of them would live to brag about it. To suggest that victims , like the innocent children at Sandy Hook , were victims disarmed by oppressive gun restriction , is absolutely insane.

Liberals scream that Conservatives are heartless for politicizing a tragedy. Every single shooting that occurred during the Obama presidency , it was Conservative media that consistently accused Obama and Democrats of politicizing. They did it with the Sandy Hook shooting ( they mocked him for being emotional over the senseless deaths of children , proving – at least to me – that they value the second amendment over the lives of children ). They did it with Michael Brown. They did it with Trayvon Martin. They did it with the five Dallas police officers. They did it with the Chattanooga Tennessee shooting. They did it with the Dylann Roof , Charleston church shooting ( the no gun control crowd were more angry at the prospect of more gun control  , than they were at the fact that nine people had been murdered ). They did it with the San Bernardino shooting. They did it with the Orlando night club shooting. They did it with the Roseburg , Oregon , Umpqua community college shooting. In these instances , they blamed Obama and accused him of politicizing , because he had the temerity to express actual sympathy for the families of the victims , and the possibility that common sense gun reform might prevent some of these types of tragedies from occurring. How dare the communist , gun grabbing bastard! 

Twenty Fives Signs You Might Be An Alt-Right , Triggered , Whiny , Attention-Seeking Crybaby Snowflake Like Tomi Lahren , And Need A Safe Space , Part 1

Aviary Photo_131384028952901012
Tomi Lahren , Patron Saint and Queen of the alt-right snowflakes.

Since the election of Donald Trump , a new trend has become popular. It’s a term to describe anyone who takes offense easily , or gets triggered by anything they dislike. The term  is snowflake. During Trump’s campaign , his followers used it to insult anyone who disagreed with them , or with Trump himself. Tomi Lahren , the Patron Saint Of Snowflakes used it almost incessantly to insult liberals for everything they said and did , and by doing so , she proved herself to be the biggest snowflake of them all.

Here are the first ten trigger warnings that you might be a whiny , attention-seeking crybaby snowflake like Tomi Lahren , if …

1) You believe Donald Trump is a victim of the liberal news media. Criticism equals victim hood to many Trump supporters. 

2) You believe white people are victims of racism. Seriously , if you do , you’re a special kind of snowflake. 

3) You believe Black Lives Matter is a racist , anti-white hate group. If you  seriously believe this , seek mental therapy.

4) You believe the phrase Happy Holidays is a liberal assault on Christmas. Again , if you honestly  believes this ,  seek psychiatric help.  

5) You believe global warming is a liberal hoax , despite tons of scientific evidence. Read the scientific data.

6) You believe Barack Obama is an anti-white racist for criticizing a white police officer. 

7) You believe Conservatives are noble truth tellers , and liberals just lie all the time.

8) You believe Ted Nugent is a sane , intelligent human being who makes sense.

9) You believe Tomi Lahren tells it like it is.

10) You believe Donald Trump is a victim of liberal bullying.

 If you answered yes to any of these  , you are definitely an alt-right , triggered , whiny , attention-seeking , crybaby snowflake like Tomi Lahren and definitely need a safe space.

More Reasons Not To Trust A Liberal ( Or Why I Still Hate Liberals ) , Part 2

John Hawkins , Rightwing News.

Even though Obama is no longer in the White House , I will continue making fun of liberals. So , here is my continuing list of Why I Still Hate Liberals …

1) They don’t believe Obama is persecuting Christians. Ever since Obama became president , Christians and Conservatives have been under attack. They’ve been attacked  in the streets all over America by liberal mobs angry at the fact that Conservatives and Christians are wishing them Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays. Liberals are such wimps.

2) They believe Ted Nugent is a draft dodging pants pooper. Ted is a real American patriot , because he hunts  , and hates liberals , not because he dodged the draft by pooping his drawers.

3) They’re slobs. When liberals eat , they can’t help but act like the slobs they are. It’s in their nature. It’s in their genes. Liberals are born to be slobs. They have no qualms about belching and farting around others , and at the dinner table. Liberals are such pigs.

4) If Jesus were black or Muslim , they would gladly believe in him. When Megan Kelly claimed Jesus was white , liberals had a fit , proving how racist they are. They can’t stand the fact that Jesus is white and will always be white.

5) They don’t believe in Santa Claus. Again , liberals would believe in Kris Kringle if he were black , but he’s also white , and American , whether they believe it or not. It’s just a fact.

6) They have warts. Liberals are ugly , which is why only they have warts.

7) They love to eat children. It’s a fact that liberals will eat anything , even kids. In fact , liberals will gladly eat their own kids if they had nothing else to eat.

8) They’re sex maniacs. When liberals aren’t eating kids , babies , puppies , and everything else , they’re sex maniacs. They’re either masturbating relentlessly or humping each other like wild animals. liberals are so nasty.

9) They’re serial killers. Everyone knows liberals are serial killers. Want proof? See #7.

10) They believe Wheaties really are the breakfast of champions. You read that right. Liberals really are that stupid.

And there you have it , more reasons why I still hate liberals and wouldn’t touch one even if they converted to Christianity , which is not very likely , since liberals hate Christians.