Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Says His Feelings Are “Very, Very Hurt”  Over Decision To Move All-Star Game From Atlanta And That Texas Asked Obama To Throw First Pitch At Home Opener

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Says His Feelings Are “Very, Very Hurt”  Over Decision To Move All-Star Game From Atlanta And That Texas Asked Obama To Throw First Pitch At Home Opener

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said yesterday he was looking forward to throwing out the first pitch at this year’s Texas Rangers home opener, until Major League Baseball – including individual players, and the Players Alliance, which formed after the death of George Floyd – grew a pair of testicles, and started playing partisan politics over Georgia’s new voting law signed last week by Governor Brian Kemp.

The decision to move this year’s All-Star game from Atlanta, came after Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed the new controversial voting reform bill, SB 202.

“I was looking forward to throwing out the first pitch at the Texas Rangers’ home opening game until @MLB adopted what has turned out to be a false narrative about Georgia’s election law reforms.

“It’s really a shame: I was honored when they asked me to do it. Their first choice was former president Obama, but he turned them down because of the great job Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and I did in response to February’s brutal winter storm ( cancel culture strikes again! Thanks Obama )! So they asked me instead. When they informed me that Obama had been their first choice, I told them they made a big mistake to ask a mom jeans-wearing president who throws like a girl, and who would probably want to play golf – rather than throw the first pitch – like he did his entire time in the White House.”

In an additional statement, Governor Abbott said he would never ever again “participate in any events sponsored by Major League Baseball, and neither will Texas seek to host a future All-Star game, or any other MLB sponsored event,” because his feelings were “very, very hurt and insulted that Major League Baseball had decided to move the All-Star game, and that the Texas Rangers had the audacity to ask former president Obama to throw out the season’s first pitch.”

Source: ESPN

Mark Levin: “Trump Is Not A Kumquat! He’s A Peach!”

Mark Levin: “Trump Is Not A Kumquat! He’s A Peach!”


Mark Levin has been thrilling audiences of geriatric boomers for decades with his unique brand of political commentary, which is nothing more than complaining about everything the Democrats say and do and making a national scandal out of it.

During a recent episode of his radio show, Mark Levin complained about the idea of Congress possibly censuring Trump by comparing him to a kumquat.

“What’s all this crap I hear about Congress wanting to censure Donald Trump!?” he screeched into the mic, creating a temporary, annoying feedback loop. “Why? I can’t think of a single thing he should be impeached or censured for. First they compare him to a peach – twice, for God sake – and now they’re comparing him to a kumquat? It’s unbelievable. What the hell is a kumquat anyway? Do these morons even know what a kumquat is? I doubt it. Even I don’t know what a kumquat is. All I know is they’re a small yellow fruit that look like rat testicles that Asian people think are a delicacy. They even taste like rat testicles – not that I ever had rat testicles. They suck! How is Trump like a kumquat?!

“What I find troubling about all of this, is the lack of respect for the Constitution and the office of the presidency. They are so busy chasing down Trump at Mar-a-Lago – trying like hell to ruin his golfing because they’re afraid he’s going to play more golf than Obama – they haven’t even bothered to stop to consider the fact that the last administration did even worse things deserving of impeaching and censuring.

“For instance, did you know that Obama put his feet up on the Oval office desk, for God sake!? Were Republicans outraged? Did they hold him accountable? Did they impeach him? Hell no!

“Remember that God-awful tan suit he wore, for God sake!? Did the Republicans hold him accountable? Did they impeach him or censure him? I don’t think so. If anything called for an impeachment, or a good censuring, that suit was it!

“Obama took more vacations than every president combined. Did the Republicans impeach or censure him? Hell no!

“I remember when he put Dijon mustard on a sandwich… or was it a hamburger… I don’t know what it was, for God sake! Were Republicans outraged? No. Did they try to impeach him? Not to my knowledge.

“Obama played more golf than any other president, for God sake! In fact, all he did was play golf. Were Republicans outraged! Did they hold him in contempt of the presidency? Did they try to censure or impeach him over it? I don’t think so.

“Obama outlawed Christmas. For eight years we couldn’t say Merry Christmas, for God sake! Then Trump came along and saved it. Did the Republicans impeach him? Hell no!

“Obama had more executive orders than any other president. Did the Republicans hold him in contempt of office? Did they try to impeach him? Hell no!

“And last, but certainly not the least – there are a million things I can think of that Obama should have been censured or impeached for – the time he wore those mom jeans. Remember that one, Mr. Producer? How we laughed… and laughed… and laughed, until we almost died laughing? Those were the days, Mr. Producer, those were the days. Making fun of the mom jeans-wearing pansy in the White House.

“So, how can Trump be compared to a kumquat, you ask, Mr. Producer? He can’t. He’s peachy-keen.”

“Literally no one is comparing him to a kumquat,” said Mr. Producer.

“I knew that, Mr. Producer.”

CNN Anchor Ridicules Trump For Claiming Obama And Hillary Tapped His Microphones

CNN Anchor Ridicules Trump For Claiming Obama And Hillary Tapped His Microphones


Thursday CNN Anchor Brianna Keilar ridiculed both president Trump and his favorite fake news outlet Fox News, for pushing insane nonsense without every having to face any negative consequences.

“Whether it’s pushing bull**** about president Obama’s birth certificate, claiming he never said he’d grabbed ’em by the p****es, or the claim that the former president spied on his campaign, president Trump has peddled one wackadoodle, and cockamamie conspiracy or falsehood after another. And it doesn’t matter how absurd it is. His brown nosers at Fox News will run with it without question and repeat it ad nauseum.”

Prior to Thursday night’s town halls between Biden and the president, Keilar noted that it came about because Trump had refused to participate in a virtual debate because he had contracted COVID.

“The president thinks it’s a waste of time,” Keilar said. “He doesn’t like interviewing remotely unless, of course, it’s with his ( butt buddies, like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, who don’t mind having brown noses ). The president doesn’t mind at all calling into Fox or appearing remotely with Fox, even though that’s exactly what he would be doing during a virtual debate. But this is hardly the only excuse he’s peddled over the years in regards to debates.”

Keilar went on to mention examples of some of the lame excuses that Trump has come up with when complaining about presidential debates, such as alleged claims that Biden had taken performance enhancing drugs, to moderators allegedly making fun of his orange toupee, and that they might be secret Antifa agents who were there to infiltrate the debates and incite violence.

These were just two of Trump’s pet peeves about debates. Keilar then played a clip of Trump calling into the Tucker Carlson show Wednesday night, where he mentioned another reason for not wanting to participate in a virtual debate.

“There is no way, Tucker, that I’m going to agree to doing a virtual debate,” he told the host, who looked like a dog anticipating a snack after performing a trick. “Sleepy Joe’s been using earwigs to help him cheat, and performance enhancing drugs, because we all know he’s so senile he can’t remember his own name, and would probably fall asleep without ’em. Another reason I won’t do it is because they might tap my microphone just like they did during the 2016 election and just like Obama and Hillary probably trained the family dogs to tap my phone’s, if they didn’t do it themselves
. I’m not going to give them the chance.”

“Off all the president’s claims and conspiracies, Keilar concluded, “this is the most absurd, and the most laughable. What possible reason would someone have for wiretapping a microphone? It makes absolutely no sense. But that doesn’t matter to his sycophants. He could tell them his wind smells ike a combination of Aqua Velva and Old Spice, and all of the brown nosers at Fox News – Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Jeanine Pirro – will eagerly attach their noses to his rear end and sniff until they OD on his gas.”

Stupid Conservative Memes #88: “197,000 Deaths Under Trump Is Nothing Compared To Two Under Obama!”

It’s been a while since the last entry, so for this next one I thought this particular meme would be appropriate since it perfectly and accurately demonstrates the mindset of Republicans in the age of COVID 19.

The above meme shows a person’s head inserted into his rectum, with the caption, Why Liberals aren’t all that concerned about Ebola
They have a built in hazmat suit.

In 2014 there was an Ebola outbreak in west African that affected and killed thousands of people. In the United States four people were affected by the disease and two died, one of them a Liberian national, Thomas Duncan visiting relatives in Texas. The conservative response was that Obama was irresponsible and incompetent, and that he had failed in his response to the virus. Conservative media hosted The Great Ebola Freak out, acccusing Obama of deliberately allowing the virus into the States, that his intention was to deliberately allow millions of Americans to potentially die just as he deliberately abandoned four Americans to die in Benghazi. Rush Limbaugh, an old school racist, said on his radio show that Obama wanted white America to become infected as payback for slavery.

Trump Is Not Responsible For COVID 19, But Obama Is Responsible For Ebola.

Trump’s reaction to Ebola was nonstop tweeting about how irresponsible and incompetent Obama was.

Obama spent too much time golfing instead of doing anything about the virus.

Obama should personally apologize to everyone who contracts the virus.

“I think very few people trust our government as being competent. Let’s not kid ourselves. I mean with the five billion dollar website for Obamacare, which is still not working frankly and it’s a disaster. And so many other things: Benghazi, wars, IRS.

“I mean we have virtually incompetent leadership, so why would anybody trust our government to handle this crises? And to think we’re allowing people from West Africa to come in and many of them are unchecked, come in and potentially cause a tremendous problem.”

He even insisted that Obama’s response was so disgraceful, that he should resign.

Fast forward to 2020, and we have, as of September 18, according to the CDC, 197,116 COVID related deaths in the US. We have a president who lies, who denies any responsibility for his poor response to the pandemic, who pats himself on the back, who has insisted all along that his response has been excellent, who insisted that it was under control, who insisted on reopening schools and businesses prematurely, who admitted to Bob Woodward that he knew the virus was potentially deadly, while he publicly down played the seriousness of it, and his media lapdogs have willfully followed his lead, and have failed to hold him accountable. Sure, he restricted flights from China, and put together a task force, but there were no government mandates on masks, no testing, social distancing, or mandatory lock downs. State governors have had to initiate their own mandates because our “responsible” president doesn’t believe in wearing a mask to lessen the spread of the virus, and his supporters who believe everything he says, don’t believe in wearing masks either.

It’s obvious Trump doesn’t hold himself responsible, nor do his supporters. Is he going to follow the advise he had for Obama, that he personally visit and embrace every relative of those who succumbed to COVID? Is he going to follow the same advise he had for Obama, that he resign? Not a chance.

If Trump had mandated wearing a mask in the very beginning, if he had worn a mask himself, if he had mandated a nation wide lock down for a few months, if he had mandated social distancing – the States would not have had to so, and perhaps his supporters would be wearing masks, and perhaps there would be thousands of less fatalities.

In conclusion, two deaths from Ebola, compared to 197,116 due to COVID, would indicate that the president, his media lapdogs, and his supporters would be the ones who have their heads inserted in their rectums.

Tomi Lahren: “The Left Have Set Up Another CHAZ And CHOP In Trump’s Rear End Where They Are Living Rent Free”

Tomi Lahren: “The Left Have Set Up Another CHAZ And CHOP In Trump’s Rear End Where They Are Living Rent Free”


Tomi Lahren recently appeared on Fox And Friends to complain about the all powerfull left and their hatred for president Trump. The feisty conservative firebrand, who once compared Black Lives Matter to the Klan, had this to say during a discussion on the protests:

“During the previous eight years we had a wimpy, mom jeans wearing president who spent all of his time taking vacations and playing golf, who couldn’t be counted on to do a single days work,” she said at one point.

“But now we have a president who looks like a man, dresses like a man, walks like a man, and loves America because he wants to keep the confederate flag and statues in every state, and the left are doing everything they can to make him look bad. They’re trying to convince everyone that he’s racist, a fascist, and responded poorly to the pandemic, allowing over one hundred thousand to die, but the truth is, one hundred thousand dying compared to two hundred thousand dying of Ebola under Obama, is nothing, not even close.”

“Tomi, if I’m not mistaken, and I don’t think I am, I believe the correct number was two,” Steve Doocy corrected her.

“Whatever,” she shrugged. “It was still a tragedy. “The point is, it proved that Obama couldn’t find his you-know-what with a flashlight, while Trump doesn’t need one. He’s already found his. And since the left were chased out of Capitol Hill, they’ve taken up residence in president Trump’s rear end, and are living there rent free, where they’ve established another CHAZ and another CHOP, both of which are – by the way, most people don’t know this – named after Cher’s gay son, Chaz Chop Bono.”

“I doubt that, Tomi,” Doocy said. “Thanks for being with us.”

Tucker Carlson Calls Barack Obama “America’s Chief Racial Arsonist” | Media Matters for America

Tucker Carlson Calls Barack Obama “America’s Chief Racial Arsonist” | Media Matters for America


Fox News’s Chief Racial Arsonist.

Without a hint of irony, Fox News’s chief racial arsonist, Tucker Carlson called former president Obama ‘America’s Chief Racial Arsonist.’


“Well, five years ago, just as a reference point, President Obama condemned rioting. We are going to compare that with his statement today. President Obama has long been, no one wants to say it but it’s true, America’s chief racial arsonist. ‘Watch what he does,’ Al Sharpton, one of his chief domestic policy advisors. But even Obama understood that looting was indefensible…”

First of all, it’s bizarre that he would refer to Sharpton as Obama’s Chief Domestic Policy advisor, as if he is still president and still dictating government policy.

Between his bizarre ranting, he cuts to a clip of Obama condemning the rioting and looting during the unrest in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray. He then lamented that Obama made a statement on the death of George Floyd, and instead of condemning the rioting, he had the audacity to mention that systemic racism is real. Oh my God! How dare he?

Carlson has always been content with telling his dips**t audience that the exact opposite is true, that it’s a myth like white supremacy is a myth.

What was the statement Carlson was upset about? Obama’s tweet, his first public statement on the aftermath and reaction to the death of George Floyd.


It’s natural to wish for life to ‘just get back to normal’ as a pandemic and an economic crises upend everything around us. But we have to remember that for millions of Americans, being treated differently on account of race is tragically, painfully, maddeningly normal – whether it’s while dealing with the health care system, or interacting with the criminal justice system, or jogging down the street, or just watching birds in a park.

“This shouldn’t be normal in 2020 in America. It can’t be normal. If we want our children to grow up in a nation that lives up to its highest ideas, we can and must be better.

It will fall mainly on the officials of Minnesota to ensure that the circumstances surrounding George Floyd’s death are investigated thoroughly and that justice is ultimately done. But it falls on all of us, regardless of our race or station – including the majority of men and women in law enforcement who take pride in doing their tough job the right way, every day – to work together to create a new normal in which the legacy of bigotry and unequal treatment no longer infects our institutions or our hearts.

Carlson’s accusation that Obama is the Chief racial arsonist in America, is bizarre, given the fact that as president, he rarely spoke about racial issues, and when he did, they accused him of being a racist. But Tucker Carlson and his fellow racial arsonists at Fox News, talk about them all the time, and yet we’re not allowed to call them racist.

It’s absurd to anyone on the left who is familiar with his racial monologues. From his xenophobic rantings on immigration, his playing defense for white supremacists, to his racial attacks on Black Lives Matter in recent weeks, the title of Chief Racial Arsonist, fits no one better than Tucker Carlson. Well, there are a few others I could name – like the president – but for now, it’s Tucker Carlson.

Exposing Katie Pavlich For What She Is: A Race Baiting White Supremacist

Exposing Katie Pavlich For What She Is: A Race Baiting White Supremacist


Since the inception of Black Lives Matter, conservatives have been triggered by black people speaking against racism and social injustice. They have smeared and condemned the movement as racist and as promoting violence against law enforcement.

The evidence? According to them, the movement reveres and worships cop killing terrorists like Assata Shakur. Assata Shakur, was a radical revolutionary who was a member of the BLA who allegedly shot and killed a state trooper on a New Jersey turnpike in 1973. In 1979, she escaped imprisonment, fled to Cuba, where she was granted political asylum, and has since maintained her innocent.

Other alleged evidence is that they openly call for the murder of law enforcement officers. But when you actually examine the alleged evidence, it’s not so much evidence at all. It’s all made up to smear the movement as dangerous and extreme.

Katie Pavlich is one of Black Lives Matter’s most triggered opponents. In a series of articles at TownHall and The Hill, she attempted to link the killings of several police officers to BLM. She was not the first to do so.

In one article she wrote:

It’s time to expose the Black Lives Matter ( BLM ) movement for what it is: a racist, violent hate group that promotes the execution of police officers. The evidence is in their rhetoric and written on their shirts. If you take a look at the BLM Twitter feed you’ll find photos of activists wearing shirts that say, ‘Assata Taught Me.’

They’re referring to infamous cop killer Assata Shakur, otherwise known as Joanne Chesimard, who shot and killed a New Jersey State trooper back in 1973…

BLM glorified Shakur as a hero and use her writings and materials during training sessions.

Townhall, 09/20/2015

First of all, BLM is not a racist hate group, nor have they ever promoted the execution of police officers. Pavlich and anyone else who has ever made these claims, are simply full of s**t and lying through their teeth. Either that, or they’re ignorant and don’t know what the f**k they’re talking about. There is no evidence of it in their rhetoric or on their shirts.

If we are to condemn an entire movement based on the criminal actions of others, why don’t we start by condemning the police? The police are an out of control gang of thugs and murderers with badges, and because they wear badges they believe they are above the law. They somtimes get away with violating the civil rights of American citizens, planting drugs on people, and outright murder, and when one is accused of misconduct, his buddies and fellow cops usually won’t hesitate to back him up, and they are often backed by a legal system that allows them to get away with these criminal activities.

Would Pavlich and others of her ilk be open to the idea of denouncing and condemning them for what they are, criminals with badges? Not a chance. Pavlich would argue that they should not be condemned because of the actions of a few, but when it comes to a movement she doesn’t like or agree with – in this case, Black Lives Matter – everyone, the entire movement, must be condemned. She is a hack. Blind obedience to authority is all she cares about. The police are sacred, and must never be questioned or criticized. Anyone doing so will be labeled anti police, anti American, and any other anti you can think of.

Her insistence that BLM must be condemned, while the police should get a free pass for it’s violence, is rather childish and to be expected from an authoritarian like Pavlich.

Black Lives Matter has no history of violence connected to it, such as murders, bombings, and arson. But there is a movement that does. It’s a movement that carries a misnomer that is completely opposite to it’s stated mission or claim. And that is the RTL, the national right to life movement. Unlike BLM, they have a history of incredible violence behind it. Again, conservatives would never condemn it because, they agree with it’s ideology.

Another of Pavlich’s pet peeves is that the black guy in the White House and the Democratic party had the audacity to give BLM legitimacy when they clearly should have been condemned.

Not only have the leaders of the Democratic Party refused to condemn the movement, they’ve desperately tried to embrace it. In the age of Obama, where Democrats thrive on division and embrace a racial justice narrative, this isn’t surprising.

Townhall, 09/20/2015

What’s really not surprising is that Pavlich, who has spent her entire career thriving on divisive politics – xenophobia, Islamophobia, and racism – and whining about everything Obama, and the Democrats said and did, would accuse them of doing that of which she is guilty. Obama rarely spoke about race issues, and when he did he was always accused of sowing racial division, which is bulls**t.

Black Lives Matter activists in Minneapolis changed, “pigs in a blanket, fry em’ like bacon,” as they marched down the street. This rhetoric also came just one day after the execution of Texas Sheriff Deputy Daron Goforth while he was filling up his patrol car at a local gas station. If you aren’t familiar, “pigs in a blanket” refers to the bodies of dead police officers in body bags.

Townhall, 09/20/2015

The pathetic attempt to pin the deputy’s murder on BLM was evidence how pathetic conservatives are. There was no evidence linking the shooting to BLM.

Currently, there is also no established connection between the Black Lives Matter movement and the Harris County deputy’s death. But that didn’t stop local officials from drawing a link. Consider the following facts from CBS News’s report:

1. In a nationally televised press conference  local officials repeatedly suggested that the BLM movement was fostering hatred toward the police and caused the shooting. Sheriff Hickman, for instance, said anti police rhetoric was out of control, while referencing BLM.

2. Investigators have no evidence about a motive, according to the sheriff.

These facts are inherently contradictory. If there’s no information about the motive, how can officials make any connection between the shooting and any movement, whether it’s BLM or something else? But Fox News went with the narrative. A Fox And Friends segment on Monday suggested BLM is a “hate group” and a “murder movement” because some protesters in Minnesota briefly chanted pigs in a blanket during a march after the Texas deputy’s death.

On that segment, which included Richard Fowler, Pavlich writes:

Despite Richard Fowler’s claim that he’s “watching a different Black Lives Matter movement,” we aren’t and the calls for police executions are not isolated incidents ( he also lied about the Tea Party connection to the Tucson shooting of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s, there wasn’t a connection as he claims but that’s a topic for a other post ).  

TownHall, 09/20/2015

Despite Pavlich’s claim, she is the one who is watching a different BLM movement, one that exists in her own mind, where a non existent BLM is openly calling for the execution of police officers, and where police get the benefit of the doubt and are idolized as saints who are totally blameless and can do no wrong.

Jarrod Loughner may have not been connected to the Tea Party, but there were a pair of killers who were. Amanda and Jerad Miller, both of whom murdered the two LV police officers in 2014 They were Tea Party activists, and yet, I don’t recall Pavlich or any other conservative condemning the group, and denouncing it for it’s violent anti government rhetoric. How ironic.

Pavlich also tried and failed miserably to connect the five Dallas police officers, and the two New York cops to Black Lives Mater.

Even after BLM spokespeople denounced and condemned the killings, she wrote:

Make no mistake, the history of BLM shows not only empathy for cop killers, but idolatry and promotion.

The Hill – 07/12/16

Actually, there is, and never has been, any history to show that BLM wants or promotes the deaths of cops. It only exists in her mind.

She then repeats the same weak argument of Assata Shakur’s non involvement in the movement, and the ridiculous Pigs in a blanket chant that, according to Pavlich, is a homage to dead cops in body bags, and the alleged video of the What do we want? Dead cops chant which was debunked by Snopes.

There are more examples, Pavlich writes in the same article, though she fails to list any other examples that would apparently bolster her argument, and the reason she does not do so, is because there are no more examples. The afore mentioned examples she cites, are the only examples she and other conservatives have, to argue that BLM’s real message is the promotion of violence against cops – and it’s dishonest.

From the same article:

During an interview with CNN this week, a BLM activist argued that stating “all lives matter” is inherently racist. She also argued the entire police system is corrupt and refused to acknowledge that the majority of police are good. Falsely accusing all police officers of being the problem, as BLM does, rather than acknowledge that bad actors exist in every profession, shuts the door on progress and certainly isn’t the path toward sympathy or alliances.

The Hill, 07/12/2016

All lives matter may not be racist, but those who use it, don’t understand the phrase Black Lives Matter. Everyone knows that all lives matter, but black lives don’t matter to a system that values white lives over black lives.

And the entire policing system is corrupt. It’s rotten to the core. It’s just a fact.

Again, Pavlich is eager to condemn BLM movement for a false perception of violence. But on the other hand, she is not so willing to hold law enforcement to the same standards for their actual corruption and violence, that it’s not all cops, just a few bad actors, as she insists, and then complains that doing so impedes progress.

How are we supposed to work together when these are the standards on which demands for “justice” are placed – when we can’t simply state that all lives matter regardless of the color of our skin?

The Hill, 07/12/2016

We work together by acknowledging that there is systemic racism and that racial profiling exists in policing, and we find solutions. We don’t bury our heads in the sand and pretend that nothing is wrong. We don’t pretend that everything was fine until Obama came along and stirred up racial division, like Pavlich and conservatives were so fond of proclaiming. We don’t smear a movement and pretend it’s real intention is to kill cops, which is antithetical to their message and their goals.

But Pavlich and conservatives are not interested in working together with anyone who has legitimate grievances with the policing system, whether they are black, or white. She would rather they shut up and not complain.

Until conservatives like Pavlich are willing to acknowledge that all lives matter is a divisive talking point, not black lives matter – as she claims – racial tension will continue. 

Finally, and predictably, Pavlich – like so many other conservatives who claim they’re not racist – falls back on the racial stereotype that black people are inherently more violent. It’s a white supremacist talking point, a distraction from the issue of police violence. Black people commit more crimes than white people, black people kill each other at alarming epidemic rates, so why aren’t they concerned about violence in their own communities? Hypocrites!

If Pavlich is so concerned about working together and making progress, she needs to start by removing the white hood she’s been wearing. It’s obstructing her vision. All she can see is white.

Is Dana Loesch A Racist White Supremacist Calling For A Civil War? Are We High For Even Considering It? Here Is The Evidence, And It Doesn’t Look Good





Months before president Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters marched in Charlottesville to save a beloved symbol of their southern heritage, Dana Loesch and the NRA produced their first video portraying anti-Trump protesters as violent mobs out to destroy democracy and his legitimacy.

“They use their media to assassinate real news. They use their schools to teach children that their president is another Hitler. They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again. And then they use their ex president to endorse the resistance.

“All to make them march. Make them protest. Make them scream racism and sexism and xenophobia, and homophobia. To smash windows, burn cars, shut down interstates and airports, bully and terrorize the law abiding – until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs and stop the madness.

“And when that happens , they’ll use it as an excuse for their outrage. The only way we stop this, the only way we save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth.”

The implication here is that nefarious leftist forces – progressives,  Black Lives Matter, Antifa – are working together  behind the scenes to manipulate and agitate the media, schools, Hollywood celebrities, and the former president, to create fake news to undermine Trump and his presidency, and to incite them to march, protest, and scream false narratives of racism, and bigotry, until the police have no choice but to ride in with the cavalry to save the day.

After Loesch and the NRA received criticism for the video, her defenders quickly came to her defense to assure us silly liberals and progressives that we were all insane to insinuate that she was promoting violence. Townhall’s resident whiny troll, Matt Vespa – trying his hand at comedy and failing miserably – assured us that we all must have been high on drugs or bath salts to believe she was defending white supremacy and calling for a race war.

From Townhall:

“What drugs have you people been snorting? Have bath salts become a problem again?”

Rest assured Matt, the only ones who were amused, were those who read your drivel. No legitimate news outlet would hire you; if they did, they would be a laughing stock, like Townhall.

“So, we’ve gone to Loesch was inviting violence, to she’s a racist for calling out the loony left brigade for trying to destroy buildings and set things on fire. We’re dealing with people who have lost all grips on reality.”

Yes, we are dealing with people who have lost their grip on reality, and unfortunately they are not only people who read your drivel, but listen to Loesch and believe she is speaking truth to power. Seriously delusional people in need of medication. And Vespa is one of those people.

“I know we were heavy on the rioting aspect, but remember the avowed leftist who tried to assassinate Republican Congressmen earlier this month? Shouldn’t that be condemned? Instead, what we got from the Left and their allies in the media was that this might be a self inflicted incident. House Majority Whip, Steve scalise, who blessedly is out of critical condition after being shot in the hip, was on the verge of death when he was rolled into the hospital. But he’s a Republican, so he deserved to die. That’s certainly been insinuated.”

No, it was never insinuated by anyone on the left. It was condemned by both parties. But conservatives have to lie to reassure themselves that they are always victims.

Vespa then linked to two articles in an attempt to prove his allegation that the big bad Left said that Scalise deserved to die because he was a Republican, and a racist one at that. But neither proved anything. They were just articles that carried tweets by Democrats pointing out that Scalise was heroically saved by people of different backgrounds, thereby proving he couldn’t possibly be a raging bigot, despite once proclaiming that he was David Duke without the baggage, and some years later offered a half hearted apology.

“So, in closing, Dana Loesch is not a racist. She’s not calling for civil war. She simply was denouncing leftist violence and said watch out because she’ll be there with an army of her own to fight the Left on the battlefield of ideas. It might be a good time to renew those NRA memberships. I’m considering a lifetime membership.”

The only battle that Loesch and her army of gun nut fans are capable of fighting, is the idea that guns are awesome and must be defended at all cost. 

Alright, so according to Vespa, Loesch isn’t a racist, and isn’t calling for a civil war. Well, it’s already been established that the video was clearly a warning to anyone who doesn’t like Trump. With that out of the way, let’s look at some evidence that points to the contrary to Vespa’s claim that she’s not racist. Here is some evidence I find pretty compelling.

1) Dana’s personal letter to the Ferguson protesters.

In the summer of 2014, eighteen year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson during an alleged struggle to get his gun. After Brown’s death, he was smeared and vilified as a violent criminal by much of the media, including Loesch, who at the time, was at The Blaze. Loesch, as we’re much of the conservative media, was willing to give Darren Wilson the benefit of the doubt, but not Brown. Does that in itself prove any racism on her part? Not particularly, but what is disturbing was her willingness to jump on the bandwagon with many other conservatives who supposedly have no racial animus against black people, and to vilify him as a criminal thug after he was dead!

After note: During a segment on the Ferguson protests on Fox in 2017, she complained that Obama, Holder, and the DOJ had all conspired to smear the police department as racists. In her mind, the real injustice was that Wilson had to go into hiding and couldn’t get another job as a police officer. 

An Open Letter To Ferguson Protesters:

To those who continue to incite Violence and Racial Tension in Ferguson:

I grew up in a home where I was not taught to hate. Instead, I was taught that people of every color, nation, and Creed were created by God as equals in their humanity and worth. Ever since I became a parent in 2002, I have endeavored to instill those same values in my children. Some days it has been more difficult than others.

For the last few months, nearly every action you have taken in the name of “equality” and “justice” has made my job immeasurably harder. You have defied law enforcement and defiled both public and private property, leaving me to explain to my children that “not all black people riot, throw things at police officers, and loot private businesses when they don’t get their way.

You have screamed that “Black Lives Matter” ( a point with which I absolutely agree, by the way ), while demanding the arrest and conviction – and in some cases, the death of – a white police officer based solely on the testimony of an admitted liar with no supporting physical evidence, leaving me to explain to my children that “not all  black people believe that saying “black lives matter” necessarily invalidates the worth of a white man’s life.

You have encouraged a culture that will demonize my twelve year old son for no reason other than the fact that he was born a white male in America. You have forced me to explain to him that there are some black people who will feel entitled to punish him for things he has never done and for things he will never do – and you have forced me to teach him that, in spite of that, he cannot paint all black people with the brush you have chosen for yourselves.

“You have made him uncomfortably aware that there are those select few who will make him the villain in every social situation because it allows them to perpetuate the cult of victimization. The default position will always be that he is a racist and a sexist until he proves otherwise, and because he is a white male, any proof he offers will be summarily dismissed. 

“You have made my job harder, but thankfully I am up to the task. There are those who are not, however, and your actions will serve only to deepen their feelings of racial prejudice and anger.”

This was taken from her website.

First of all, notice that she’s accusing the protesters of inciting racial tension and violence, as if racial tension hadn’t already been inflamed and stirred up by the killing of Michael Brown. She’s not condemning the people who actually we’re inciting violence and exploiting racial tension. The cop who killed Brown, for instance, the media, particularly the race baiting right wing media, of which she is a part of, and the Ferguson police department. None of it would have happened had Wilson minded his own business ( the authorities sat on their hands for three months ). Instead, he chose to harass Brown over walking in the street and could have handled the situation without killing him. But expecting the police in America to be non violent, is like asking a dog not to crap on a carpet.

She also blamed the unrest on Obama and Holder, as if they had no right to get involved. They had every right to get involved. Obama was the president and Holder the Attorney General.

She’s specifically addressing the black community and Black Lives Matter, accusing them of inciting violence, causing destruction ( some people have, I admit that ) and loot businesses just because they can’t get their way. She’s not bothering to focus on the actual problem, but instead chooses to focus on the small amount of looting and rioting that take place among any protest, which they – conservatives – use as an excuse to delegitimize every black led protest.

She also, unfortunately, and predictably, has nothing to say about police abuse and violence against the peaceful protesters, and the detaining of some the journalists who covered the protests. Two reporters were harassed, one from Huffington Post, the other from Washington Post. Both were ordered out of a McDonalds and detained shortly for not moving fast enough. Some conservatives were highly critical of the reporters. On Twitter, Loesch accused them of doing the opposite of journalism, and in a subsequent tweet accused them of just wanting to get on TV to show off! John Nolte of Breitbart accused the two reporters of being fascists!

These are the free speech warriors who are always whining how the Left are suppressing their free speech. But when it’s law enforcement, who they enthusiastically support, it’s hey, no problem as long as it’s not me! They would howl with indignation had it been a conservative reporter.

She claims to agree with the phrase Black Lives Matter, but has consistently downplayed the meaning and importance of the phrase, referring to BLM as a violent hate group that cares more about dead police officers more than getting justice, and that the phrase is somehow an invalidation of white lives. She also, for some baffling reason, brings her son into it, and paints him as a victim, that he will be unfairly demonized because he is white, and by doing so they will be responsible for his anger and racial prejudice. With conservatives, it always comes back to white people being the real victims of racism, and that black people who want equality and justice and fairness, are the real perpetrators of that oppression.

2) Dana’s sanctimonious letter to Colin Kaepernick: Stop Your Privileged Whining And Leave America If You Don’t Like It Here!

In 2016, an uppity black athlete had the audacity to kneel during the scared national anthem as a silent protest against police brutality, and as a result conservatives lost their minds. To show how not racist they are, conservatives made it all about disrespecting their most sacred symbol, the flag, and promptly told him to vamoose from America if he didn’t like being told what to do. They also told him to stop whining and use his millions to make a difference, totally ignoring that he did just that.

Since 2016, Kaepernick has donated over a million dollars to various causes and his time to various community charities, but conservatives couldn’t care less. All they care about is trashing him to make themselves feel morally superior. Has Loesch donated her time or millions to charity? Not a chance. I guarantee it.

3) Dana Loesch slams Zimmerman Protesters For Their ‘Progressive Utopian Dream’

Sitting in for Glenn Beck – “Obama’s a white culture hating racist” – one night, Dana criticized the hypocrisy of the Trayvon Martin protesters for not getting outraged at Chicago with all the black on black crime going on there on a daily basis. 

“Let’s look at the facts,” Dana says. “Youth are the biggest target in Chicago – black youth. In 2012, Chicago had on hundred more murders than in New York City, 215 more than Los Angeles, and according to the Chicago Reporter and other statistics, from 2008 to 2012, half of Chicago’s nearly 2,500 homicide victims were killed before they could reach their 25th birthdays.

That number alone is staggering, but it doesn’t even begin to capture the extent of the problem. The Bureau for Justice Statistics reports anywhere from 8,000 to 9,000 black Americans are killed every year, and 93% of those murders are committed by other black Americans.

“So where are the riots, the feigned outrage, and protesters decrying those statistics?

“Now, if all of these people out there protesting for Trayvon are so concerned about the death of a youth, then where have they been these past ten years. It’s a farce. It’s a distraction, and if people really cared about black youth, they would be asking what the hell is going on in their communities. They would be asking why black youth are dying at an epidemic? rate. This violence is a symptom of a problem.

“Now these statistics are equally depressing, but you know, Chicago is just the progressive utopian dream, right? This is President Obama’s backyard.

“You have to ask why, with the first black president, are black Americans one of the demographics, along with women, so adversely affected by his policies? Why is government assistance at an all time high? Oh, I see change, but there’s no hope to be found. And why does it take a white girl with American Indian ancestry asking these questions? Why is this not a topic of analysis on BET or One News or with Al Sharpton? That’s the question we should be asking.”

Dana says it’s a farce, a distraction that those who protested the killing of Trayvon Martin are not also protesting black crime, which is the bigger problem, and because they’re not marching on Chicago, looting and rioting… well, that makes them hypocrites.

Why does Dana need to inject race into it? Because it’s a dog whistle to the racists who tuned in to the Blaze to hear how Obama is the real racist because of food stamps and welfare,  and that black crime is the real problem. 

The real farce, the real distraction, is the predictable response from conservatives: What about black on black crime? It’s an argument designed to distract from the real problem of systemic racism, which conservatives have no real interest in discussing or solving. It’s a notion that suggests that the real problem is black crime, that it’s an epidemic of epic proportions, and that progressives, Democrats, Black Lives Matter, and the black community as a whole are hypocritical to ignore it.

If black crime is at epidemic levels, then white on white crime is equally so. 83.05 % of white people are killed by other white people. But conservatives have never been too concerned about that little fact, nor has there ever been any discussion about what a problem it is. You won’t hear Dana bringing it up on her radio show any time soon. She would have to talk about how white people are inherently violent and murder their own at epidemic proportions. If black people brought up white on white on white crime as a talking point and demanded that white conservatives address it, Republicans would scream bloody murder.

And that crack about her having native American ancestry is a hoot and a half. If anyone has American Indian ancestry in the family tree, it certainly isn’t Dana Loesch. 

Those are the facts.

She says black crime is an epidemic and that they should be asking why it happens in those communities. Does Dana understand what the causes are? Probably not. People are not inherently violent because of the pigmentation of their skin – unless they’re white that is.

She then ties it all to Obama and Chicago, because, of course. Chicago is where as a senator, Obama the Marxist-Muslim organized for the communist front group ACORN, and as a racist dog whistle, she alludes to Obama being the food stamp president with black Americans being the vast majority dependents on government aid – which are specifically his policies , mind you – and that this should be a topic of concern for the Al Sharpton’s of the world. 

I guess she forgot to tell her viewers that white people make up a majority on government welfare programs. But facts aren’t that important when it comes to whipping up resentment and dislike for a black president and minorities.

From Adam Weinstein at Gawker:

“There were 1,864 people shot in Chicago last year ( 2013 ). In 2012, the number of gunshot victims was 2,448.

What changed? Better policing, probably. A better economy. And the pushing of violent crime outside of Chicago’s borders, to depressed neighboring towns like Gary – where homicides jumped nearly 30 percent in 2013, and where many of Chicago’s illicit guns come from.

But no conservatives are jumping up and down about Gary, perhaps because it’s in Indiana, a red state where everybody and their kissing cousin can get a permit to carry handguns around. Perhaps because we haven’t been trained to think of Indiana as a tense, buzzing, minority-filled progressive locale.

This, in the end, is what Chicago-shaming is about. Not statistics, and certainly not the rates of mostly-minority victims who undergird those numbers. It is not about hating what Chicago does, or what it actually is, but what it stands for in the minds of smarmy pundits who, if they’ve been there, never set foot outside Wrigley Field or the Loop. It is about Hussein Obama and Rahm and Sharpton and unions. It is a racially charged, bile-induced pearl of fiction wrapped around a solitary, ancient grit of fact.

4) Elizabeth Warren Is A Racist Hypocrite!

Some years ago, Elizabeth Warren claimed to have some native American ancestry, and in the 80’s long before getting into politics, allegedly claimed as much to advance her career. Smart ass conservative pundits have attacked her for this ever since, as if were the worst scandal in American history. Warren apologized for it, but of course, no amount of remorse or apology is acceptable to Republicans.

On NRATV back in 2017, Loesch had this to say about Warren:

I think it’s hysterical that this woman, who is a cultural appropriator, who is a race appropriator, that she has the audacity to engage in some sort of race based attack against someone simply because she doesn’t like their party affiliation and doesn’t wish to see them confirmed to be AG. She’s racist hypocrite. Democrats, and particularly all the anti gun people need to stop making excuses for the original Rachel Dolezal.

“I’ll reiterate it for the folks at Media Matters for whom we pay the bills, so they can get it right. She’s a racist who appropriated an entire ethnicity so she could get a job at Harvard. And I’ll tell you this, the closest that her ancestors ever came to Americans was rounding up my ancestors, so let’s get that straight right now if anyone wants to have a discussion on what is or is not racist.”

Speaking of audacity, I find it hilarious that Republicans will eagerly and willingly jump through hoops to excuse charges of racism in their own party while accusing Democrats of racism. Elizabeth Warren did not oppose the confirmation of Sessions because he was a Republican. She opposed it because his record on race and civil rights are abysmal. But Dana can’t be bother to do any fact checking before opening her mouth. Lying and distorting the truth is what she does best.

Certain Republicans have done and said far worse than Elizabeth Warren has when it comes to matters of race. Jeff Sessions for one. Donald Trump for another, both of whom she has had no problem defending. SpongeTed Squishy Pants is another blatant racist she has shamelessly defended and excused.

Loesch gets her definition of race appropriator wrong as well. A race appropriator is someone who adopts a culture as their own, using slang, dress, and customs. To my knowledge, Warren has done none of these. All she did was claim to have distant Indian ancestry and allegedly claimed the same on a Harvard form, and it became an unforgivable sin in the eyes of race baiting pundits like Dana Loesch. Perhaps Loesch would be better off directing her outrage at her own bogus claims of native American ancestry.

5) Placing white hoods on Thomas & Friends characters.

In 2018, while still at NRATV, on her God awful program Relentless, Loesch placed white hoods on Thomas & Friends characters to mock the idea of diversity. Any sane person would had a sane reaction and moved on. But not Dana Loesch. She has to make everything either about race, or playing the victim. 

I won’t go on with the rest of her nonsense.

However, I will say this: like many conservatives of her ilk, she has made the bogus claim that Black Lives Matter is a violent organization that is stoking racial tension. It’s a claim she has made since it’s inception.

She once claimed on her radio program that she believes black people want to start a race war over the death of Trayvon Martin.

She believes that George Soros is a Nazi collaborator.

She believes that Planned parenthood’s Margret Sanger was a racist who started Planned Parenthood because she wanted to exterminate black babies.

I’m not even going to say it at this point. The evidence speaks for itself. Whether she’s a white supremacist or not, that’s debatable.

Fox’s Melissa Francis on Larry Kudlow: “I Sat Next To Him During The Last Crisis. He Had The Answers Last Time Around”



On the March 27 edition of his program, Sean Hannity had Lara Logan, and Melissa Francis on to complain about how unfair the mainstream media has been treating poor Donald Trump when he has actually shown nothing but great leadership during the pandemic.

Hannity: “Back in little ole 2007, no one would vet Barack Obama. I was one of the very few. And they didn’t like me for that. And I said journalism is dead. Dead, gone, buried, rest in peace.”


Actually, the media did vet Barack Obama’s background. They yammered nonstop on the birth certificate nonsense, as well as the Jeremiah Wright controversy. Fox News – including Hannity – and right-wing blogs like World Net Daily, and American Thinker, couldn’t shut the f**k up about either one during 2009. They fed the birther conspiracies for years while the so called liberal media basically ignored it for the non controversy that it was.

Francis: “I think you might be right about that, Sean. But I would say that lots of Americans aren’t listening to what the media is saying because they’re more concerned  with what’s going on with the virus and how we’re going to get the economy going again and feed their families and provide a future for their children. And I think, in that respect, what you don’t want is the team that brought us out of the last recession. The types of incentives and stimulus and things, that Obama and Biden put out there, created the most enemic worst recovery on record, and that’s according to the Federal Reserve.

So, probably, they’re thinking,’who is going to lead us out of this disaster and into a great economy again. You had Larry Ludlow on earlier. You know, I sat next to him during the last crises. He had the answers last time around. Now he’s in the right place to do something about it.

The worst recovery on record? Really? I don’t recall Melissa Francis, or any of the elites at Fox News, MSNBC, or CNN, experiencing financial hardship during the ‘worst recovery on record’ as she describes it.  The Obama administration came in on the coat tails of a recession that was bleeding hundreds of thousands of jobs a month during the last six months of the Bush years, a total of about 3.5 million, according to Fact check.org, and over the next few years the economy very slowly recovered and continued to recover as Trump came in. However, wages remained stagnant, a majority of Americans continued to live paycheck to paycheck as they struggled to make ends meet in very low paying jobs.

Francis fails to acknowledge these facts. Like other conservatives in the media, she would rather pretend that during the Obama years, the economy was terrible solely because of Obama, that the recession was his fault, and when Trump came in, the economy was suddenly unicorns and roses. Did Francis lose her job during the recession? Did she and her family struggle to pay the bills? Of course not. She’s a millionaire who will never have to worry about any of that. And she – or anyone else at Fox News – will never be included among the estimated 3 million and counting who have already lost their jobs.

Yes, most Americans are concerned about what’s going on with the pandemic, and they are listening to the experts, doing social distancing just in case they may be carrying the virus, so as to limit the spread to those who are more vulnerable to it. But just recently, the Fox News commentariat were telling their viewers that the virus was a Democratic, liberal hoax to attack the president, as another way to impeach him because they hate him so much. And now millions of people are out of work, wondering how and if they’re going to pay the bills, stay in their homes and apartments, put food on the table.

If she – and any of the dunces in her audience – are indeed thinking ‘who is going to lead us out of this disaster and into a great economy again,’ and that Larry Kudlow is the most qualified person to do so, then they are more than dunces; they are total morons. Larry Kudlow is a former Wall Street junior economist who has proven himself to be consistently wrong. He is on record denying that there was a recession when the country was going through a recession! More recently, he claimed that the virus had been contained, and later when Martha Raddatz of ABC news questioned him, he said, “Look, I’m as good as the facts are. At the time I made this statement, the facts were…contained. A lot of people agreed with me.”

Not the experts. He’s a former commentator for CNBC who read from a teleprompter, and now he’s in the White House for God sake, like he’s some kind of f**king expert.

Francis wants him in charge? Good God. I would rather have the last administration. At least they knew what the f**k they were doing.

This current administration hasn’t got a f**king clue.

Watch “Fox News Coverage of Coronavirus vs. Ebola | NowThis” on YouTube


Anyone who is not a Fox News Kool aid drinker, knows what their Ebola freakout versus their coronavirus non-freakout, was really about: race. As the Young Turks Cenk Uygur is find of saying, ‘Of course! Of course!’
Obama was their bogey man. The dark skinned Muslim, the Marxist communist who hates America, who is not like us, who doesn’t love America like you and I do, as Rudy Giuliani once said on Fox News, who toured the middle East apologizing for America’s greatness – when he wasn’t paying golf or taking endless vacations on the tax payers expense, that is; who spent his entire presidency trying to confiscate everyone’s guns, while simultaneously trying to figure out how to kill us all with Ebola as revenge for slavery, as Rush Limburger once suggested to his audience of twelve, so he wouldn’t have to put us all in FEMA camps.
Recently, Fox News talking heads were complaining that Democrats were blaming Trump for the new strain. No one was blaming him for anything but his lackadaisical response.
There were two deaths from Ebola in the U.S. Fox News freaked out and accused Obama of lying and putting the public in danger. Trump allegedly fires or releases certain staff from the pandemic preparedness response team, takes no responsibility, and yet it’s unfair to criticize him?
There will not not be a vaccine available for some time. People are dying, people are losing their jobs, and the economy looks as if it might be on the edge of collapsing. Who knows what’s next?