Is Dana Loesch A Racist White Supremacist Calling For A Civil War? Are We High For Even Considering It? Here Is The Evidence, And It Doesn’t Look Good




Months before president Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters marched in Charlottesville to save a beloved symbol of their southern heritage, Dana Loesch and the NRA produced their first video portraying anti-Trump protesters as violent mobs out to destroy democracy and his legitimacy.

“They use their media to assassinate real news. They use their schools to teach children that their president is another Hitler. They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again. And then they use their ex president to endorse the resistance.

“All to make them march. Make them protest. Make them scream racism and sexism and xenophobia, and homophobia. To smash windows, burn cars, shut down interstates and airports, bully and terrorize the law abiding – until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs and stop the madness.

“And when that happens , they’ll use it as an excuse for their outrage. The only way we stop this, the only way we save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth.”

The implication here is that nefarious leftist forces – progressives,  Black Lives Matter, Antifa – are working together  behind the scenes to manipulate and agitate the media, schools, Hollywood celebrities, and the former president, to create fake news to undermine Trump and his presidency, and to incite them to march, protest, and scream false narratives of racism, and bigotry, until the police have no choice but to ride in with the cavalry to save the day.

After Loesch and the NRA received criticism for the video, her defenders quickly came to her defense to assure us silly liberals and progressives that we were all insane to insinuate that she was promoting violence. Townhall’s resident whiny troll, Matt Vespa – trying his hand at comedy and failing miserably – assured us that we all must have been high on drugs or bath salts to believe she was defending white supremacy and calling for a race war.

From Townhall:

“What drugs have you people been snorting? Have bath salts become a problem again?”

Rest assured Matt, the only ones who were amused, were those who read your drivel. No legitimate news outlet would hire you; if they did, they would be a laughing stock, like Townhall.

“So, we’ve gone to Loesch was inviting violence, to she’s a racist for calling out the loony left brigade for trying to destroy buildings and set things on fire. We’re dealing with people who have lost all grips on reality.”

Yes, we are dealing with people who have lost their grip on reality, and unfortunately they are not only people who read your drivel, but listen to Loesch and believe she is speaking truth to power. Seriously delusional people in need of medication. And Vespa is one of those people.

“I know we were heavy on the rioting aspect, but remember the avowed leftist who tried to assassinate Republican Congressmen earlier this month? Shouldn’t that be condemned? Instead, what we got from the Left and their allies in the media was that this might be a self inflicted incident. House Majority Whip, Steve scalise, who blessedly is out of critical condition after being shot in the hip, was on the verge of death when he was rolled into the hospital. But he’s a Republican, so he deserved to die. That’s certainly been insinuated.”

No, it was never insinuated by anyone on the left. It was condemned by both parties. But conservatives have to lie to reassure themselves that they are always victims.

Vespa then linked to two articles in an attempt to prove his allegation that the big bad Left said that Scalise deserved to die because he was a Republican, and a racist one at that. But neither proved anything. They were just articles that carried tweets by Democrats pointing out that Scalise was heroically saved by people of different backgrounds, thereby proving he couldn’t possibly be a raging bigot, despite once proclaiming that he was David Duke without the baggage, and some years later offered a half hearted apology.

“So, in closing, Dana Loesch is not a racist. She’s not calling for civil war. She simply was denouncing leftist violence and said watch out because she’ll be there with an army of her own to fight the Left on the battlefield of ideas. It might be a good time to renew those NRA memberships. I’m considering a lifetime membership.”

The only battle that Loesch and her army of gun nut fans are capable of fighting, is the idea that guns are awesome and must be defended at all cost. 

Alright, so according to Vespa, Loesch isn’t a racist, and isn’t calling for a civil war. Well, it’s already been established that the video was clearly a warning to anyone who doesn’t like Trump. With that out of the way, let’s look at some evidence that points to the contrary to Vespa’s claim that she’s not racist. Here is some evidence I find pretty compelling.

1) Dana’s personal letter to the Ferguson protesters.

In the summer of 2014, eighteen year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson during an alleged struggle to get his gun. After Brown’s death, he was smeared and vilified as a violent criminal by much of the media, including Loesch, who at the time, was at The Blaze. Loesch, as we’re much of the conservative media, was willing to give Darren Wilson the benefit of the doubt, but not Brown. Does that in itself prove any racism on her part? Not particularly, but what is disturbing was her willingness to jump on the bandwagon with many other conservatives who supposedly have no racial animus against black people, and to vilify him as a criminal thug after he was dead!

After note: During a segment on the Ferguson protests on Fox in 2017, she complained that Obama, Holder, and the DOJ had all conspired to smear the police department as racists. In her mind, the real injustice was that Wilson had to go into hiding and couldn’t get another job as a police officer. 

An Open Letter To Ferguson Protesters:

To those who continue to incite Violence and Racial Tension in Ferguson:

I grew up in a home where I was not taught to hate. Instead, I was taught that people of every color, nation, and Creed were created by God as equals in their humanity and worth. Ever since I became a parent in 2002, I have endeavored to instill those same values in my children. Some days it has been more difficult than others.

For the last few months, nearly every action you have taken in the name of “equality” and “justice” has made my job immeasurably harder. You have defied law enforcement and defiled both public and private property, leaving me to explain to my children that “not all black people riot, throw things at police officers, and loot private businesses when they don’t get their way.

You have screamed that “Black Lives Matter” ( a point with which I absolutely agree, by the way ), while demanding the arrest and conviction – and in some cases, the death of – a white police officer based solely on the testimony of an admitted liar with no supporting physical evidence, leaving me to explain to my children that “not all  black people believe that saying “black lives matter” necessarily invalidates the worth of a white man’s life.

You have encouraged a culture that will demonize my twelve year old son for no reason other than the fact that he was born a white male in America. You have forced me to explain to him that there are some black people who will feel entitled to punish him for things he has never done and for things he will never do – and you have forced me to teach him that, in spite of that, he cannot paint all black people with the brush you have chosen for yourselves.

“You have made him uncomfortably aware that there are those select few who will make him the villain in every social situation because it allows them to perpetuate the cult of victimization. The default position will always be that he is a racist and a sexist until he proves otherwise, and because he is a white male, any proof he offers will be summarily dismissed. 

“You have made my job harder, but thankfully I am up to the task. There are those who are not, however, and your actions will serve only to deepen their feelings of racial prejudice and anger.”

This was taken from her website.

First of all, notice that she’s accusing the protesters of inciting racial tension and violence, as if racial tension hadn’t already been inflamed and stirred up by the killing of Michael Brown. She’s not condemning the people who actually we’re inciting violence and exploiting racial tension. The cop who killed Brown, for instance, the media, particularly the race baiting right wing media, of which she is a part of, and the Ferguson police department. None of it would have happened had Wilson minded his own business ( the authorities sat on their hands for three months ). Instead, he chose to harass Brown over walking in the street and could have handled the situation without killing him. But expecting the police in America to be non violent, is like asking a dog not to crap on a carpet.

She also blamed the unrest on Obama and Holder, as if they had no right to get involved. They had every right to get involved. Obama was the president and Holder the Attorney General.

She’s specifically addressing the black community and Black Lives Matter, accusing them of inciting violence, causing destruction ( some people have, I admit that ) and loot businesses just because they can’t get their way. She’s not bothering to focus on the actual problem, but instead chooses to focus on the small amount of looting and rioting that take place among any protest, which they – conservatives – use as an excuse to delegitimize every black led protest.

She also, unfortunately, and predictably, has nothing to say about police abuse and violence against the peaceful protesters, and the detaining of some the journalists who covered the protests. Two reporters were harassed, one from Huffington Post, the other from Washington Post. Both were ordered out of a McDonalds and detained shortly for not moving fast enough. Some conservatives were highly critical of the reporters. On Twitter, Loesch accused them of doing the opposite of journalism, and in a subsequent tweet accused them of just wanting to get on TV to show off! John Nolte of Breitbart accused the two reporters of being fascists!

These are the free speech warriors who are always whining how the Left are suppressing their free speech. But when it’s law enforcement, who they enthusiastically support, it’s hey, no problem as long as it’s not me! They would howl with indignation had it been a conservative reporter.

She claims to agree with the phrase Black Lives Matter, but has consistently downplayed the meaning and importance of the phrase, referring to BLM as a violent hate group that cares more about dead police officers more than getting justice, and that the phrase is somehow an invalidation of white lives. She also, for some baffling reason, brings her son into it, and paints him as a victim, that he will be unfairly demonized because he is white, and by doing so they will be responsible for his anger and racial prejudice. With conservatives, it always comes back to white people being the real victims of racism, and that black people who want equality and justice and fairness, are the real perpetrators of that oppression.

2) Dana’s sanctimonious letter to Colin Kaepernick: Stop Your Privileged Whining And Leave America If You Don’t Like It Here!

In 2016, an uppity black athlete had the audacity to kneel during the scared national anthem as a silent protest against police brutality, and as a result conservatives lost their minds. To show how not racist they are, conservatives made it all about disrespecting their most sacred symbol, the flag, and promptly told him to vamoose from America if he didn’t like being told what to do. They also told him to stop whining and use his millions to make a difference, totally ignoring that he did just that.

Since 2016, Kaepernick has donated over a million dollars to various causes and his time to various community charities, but conservatives couldn’t care less. All they care about is trashing him to make themselves feel morally superior. Has Loesch donated her time or millions to charity? Not a chance. I guarantee it.

3) Dana Loesch slams Zimmerman Protesters For Their ‘Progressive Utopian Dream’

Sitting in for Glenn Beck – “Obama’s a white culture hating racist” – one night, Dana criticized the hypocrisy of the Trayvon Martin protesters for not getting outraged at Chicago with all the black on black crime going on there on a daily basis. 

“Let’s look at the facts,” Dana says. “Youth are the biggest target in Chicago – black youth. In 2012, Chicago had on hundred more murders than in New York City, 215 more than Los Angeles, and according to the Chicago Reporter and other statistics, from 2008 to 2012, half of Chicago’s nearly 2,500 homicide victims were killed before they could reach their 25th birthdays.

That number alone is staggering, but it doesn’t even begin to capture the extent of the problem. The Bureau for Justice Statistics reports anywhere from 8,000 to 9,000 black Americans are killed every year, and 93% of those murders are committed by other black Americans.

“So where are the riots, the feigned outrage, and protesters decrying those statistics?

“Now, if all of these people out there protesting for Trayvon are so concerned about the death of a youth, then where have they been these past ten years. It’s a farce. It’s a distraction, and if people really cared about black youth, they would be asking what the hell is going on in their communities. They would be asking why black youth are dying at an epidemic? rate. This violence is a symptom of a problem.

“Now these statistics are equally depressing, but you know, Chicago is just the progressive utopian dream, right? This is President Obama’s backyard.

“You have to ask why, with the first black president, are black Americans one of the demographics, along with women, so adversely affected by his policies? Why is government assistance at an all time high? Oh, I see change, but there’s no hope to be found. And why does it take a white girl with American Indian ancestry asking these questions? Why is this not a topic of analysis on BET or One News or with Al Sharpton? That’s the question we should be asking.”

Dana says it’s a farce, a distraction that those who protested the killing of Trayvon Martin are not also protesting black crime, which is the bigger problem, and because they’re not marching on Chicago, looting and rioting… well, that makes them hypocrites.

Why does Dana need to inject race into it? Because it’s a dog whistle to the racists who tuned in to the Blaze to hear how Obama is the real racist because of food stamps and welfare,  and that black crime is the real problem. 

The real farce, the real distraction, is the predictable response from conservatives: What about black on black crime? It’s an argument designed to distract from the real problem of systemic racism, which conservatives have no real interest in discussing or solving. It’s a notion that suggests that the real problem is black crime, that it’s an epidemic of epic proportions, and that progressives, Democrats, Black Lives Matter, and the black community as a whole are hypocritical to ignore it.

If black crime is at epidemic levels, then white on white crime is equally so. 83.05 % of white people are killed by other white people. But conservatives have never been too concerned about that little fact, nor has there ever been any discussion about what a problem it is. You won’t hear Dana bringing it up on her radio show any time soon. She would have to talk about how white people are inherently violent and murder their own at epidemic proportions. If black people brought up white on white on white crime as a talking point and demanded that white conservatives address it, Republicans would scream bloody murder.

And that crack about her having native American ancestry is a hoot and a half. If anyone has American Indian ancestry in the family tree, it certainly isn’t Dana Loesch. 

Those are the facts.

She says black crime is an epidemic and that they should be asking why it happens in those communities. Does Dana understand what the causes are? Probably not. People are not inherently violent because of the pigmentation of their skin – unless they’re white that is.

She then ties it all to Obama and Chicago, because, of course. Chicago is where as a senator, Obama the Marxist-Muslim organized for the communist front group ACORN, and as a racist dog whistle, she alludes to Obama being the food stamp president with black Americans being the vast majority dependents on government aid – which are specifically his policies , mind you – and that this should be a topic of concern for the Al Sharpton’s of the world. 

I guess she forgot to tell her viewers that white people make up a majority on government welfare programs. But facts aren’t that important when it comes to whipping up resentment and dislike for a black president and minorities.

From Adam Weinstein at Gawker:

“There were 1,864 people shot in Chicago last year ( 2013 ). In 2012, the number of gunshot victims was 2,448.

What changed? Better policing, probably. A better economy. And the pushing of violent crime outside of Chicago’s borders, to depressed neighboring towns like Gary – where homicides jumped nearly 30 percent in 2013, and where many of Chicago’s illicit guns come from.

But no conservatives are jumping up and down about Gary, perhaps because it’s in Indiana, a red state where everybody and their kissing cousin can get a permit to carry handguns around. Perhaps because we haven’t been trained to think of Indiana as a tense, buzzing, minority-filled progressive locale.

This, in the end, is what Chicago-shaming is about. Not statistics, and certainly not the rates of mostly-minority victims who undergird those numbers. It is not about hating what Chicago does, or what it actually is, but what it stands for in the minds of smarmy pundits who, if they’ve been there, never set foot outside Wrigley Field or the Loop. It is about Hussein Obama and Rahm and Sharpton and unions. It is a racially charged, bile-induced pearl of fiction wrapped around a solitary, ancient grit of fact.

4) Elizabeth Warren Is A Racist Hypocrite!

Some years ago, Elizabeth Warren claimed to have some native American ancestry, and in the 80’s long before getting into politics, allegedly claimed as much to advance her career. Smart ass conservative pundits have attacked her for this ever since, as if were the worst scandal in American history. Warren apologized for it, but of course, no amount of remorse or apology is acceptable to Republicans.

On NRATV back in 2017, Loesch had this to say about Warren:

I think it’s hysterical that this woman, who is a cultural appropriator, who is a race appropriator, that she has the audacity to engage in some sort of race based attack against someone simply because she doesn’t like their party affiliation and doesn’t wish to see them confirmed to be AG. She’s racist hypocrite. Democrats, and particularly all the anti gun people need to stop making excuses for the original Rachel Dolezal.

“I’ll reiterate it for the folks at Media Matters for whom we pay the bills, so they can get it right. She’s a racist who appropriated an entire ethnicity so she could get a job at Harvard. And I’ll tell you this, the closest that her ancestors ever came to Americans was rounding up my ancestors, so let’s get that straight right now if anyone wants to have a discussion on what is or is not racist.”

Speaking of audacity, I find it hilarious that Republicans will eagerly and willingly jump through hoops to excuse charges of racism in their own party while accusing Democrats of racism. Elizabeth Warren did not oppose the confirmation of Sessions because he was a Republican. She opposed it because his record on race and civil rights are abysmal. But Dana can’t be bother to do any fact checking before opening her mouth. Lying and distorting the truth is what she does best.

Certain Republicans have done and said far worse than Elizabeth Warren has when it comes to matters of race. Jeff Sessions for one. Donald Trump for another, both of whom she has had no problem defending. SpongeTed Squishy Pants is another blatant racist she has shamelessly defended and excused.

Loesch gets her definition of race appropriator wrong as well. A race appropriator is someone who adopts a culture as their own, using slang, dress, and customs. To my knowledge, Warren has done none of these. All she did was claim to have distant Indian ancestry and allegedly claimed the same on a Harvard form, and it became an unforgivable sin in the eyes of race baiting pundits like Dana Loesch. Perhaps Loesch would be better off directing her outrage at her own bogus claims of native American ancestry.

5) Placing white hoods on Thomas & Friends characters.

In 2018, while still at NRATV, on her God awful program Relentless, Loesch placed white hoods on Thomas & Friends characters to mock the idea of diversity. Any sane person would had a sane reaction and moved on. But not Dana Loesch. She has to make everything either about race, or playing the victim. 

I won’t go on with the rest of her nonsense.

However, I will say this: like many conservatives of her ilk, she has made the bogus claim that Black Lives Matter is a violent organization that is stoking racial tension. It’s a claim she has made since it’s inception.

She once claimed on her radio program that she believes black people want to start a race war over the death of Trayvon Martin.

She believes that George Soros is a Nazi collaborator.

She believes that Planned parenthood’s Margret Sanger was a racist who started Planned Parenthood because she wanted to exterminate black babies.

I’m not even going to say it at this point. The evidence speaks for itself. Whether she’s a white supremacist or not, that’s debatable.

Mark Levin: “Obamagate Is Watergate On Stereos!”

Mark Levin: “Obamagate Is Watergate On Stereos!”
Mark Levin: “Obamagate is Watergate on stereos.”

According to conservative media narrative the Obama administration somehow managed to unlawfully spy on Donald Trump before he became president. The purpose for the alleged spying has never been made clear, but the consensus among most conservatives is that Obama ordered a wire tap on the Trump Tower phones by supposedly obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on him for… something.

As Americans are dying from complications due to Covid 19, the president and his supporters in the media continue to treat the pandemic as if it’s all just a deep state plot to bring down America’s greatest president, who not only managed to create the greatest economy since FDR – that has since imploded, with millions upon millions unemployed – but lowered black unemployment to historic levels, by turning cartwheels in the Rose Garden while waving the American flag and singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Over 100,000 have died since the first few cases were reported in mid January. You would think that that would send a red flag to conservatives who support the president that something is terribly wrong. But you would be mistaken. It would seem that they care more about something that former president Barack Obama allegedly did to the saint in the White House than they do about his incompetence and lack of leadership in the crises.

It started with the president’s tweet:


From there, conservative media echoed the claim until it became fact.

Mark Levin – who looks as if he’s suffering from an extreme case of jock itch, and whose voice personifies post nasal drip – allegedly was the first to echo this claim on his radio show.

“What did Barack Obama know, and when did he know it?!” he screamed to his listening audience of twelve. “He knew everything for God sake!

“You want to know how I know? Breitbart published an article about it for God sake! That’s how I know!

“Head Street published an article about it for God sake! That’s how I know!

“The New York Slimes published an article about it for God sake! That’s how I know!

“The Washington Compost published an article about it for God sake! That’s how I know! And that Marxist-communist-Muslim Obama put them all up to it!

Why, you ask?! I’ll tell you why! Because they didn’t want Trump to be president! It was a silent coup! This is the biggest scandal of our lifetime! It’s Watergate on stereos.

“It’s bigger than Benghazi, for God sake!

“It’s bigger than the IRS scandal, for God sake!

“It’s bigger than Fast And Furious, for God sake!

It’s bigger than Ferguson, for God sake!

It’s bigger than Baltimore, for God sake

“It’s bigger than that God awful Tan Suite, for God sake!

“It’s bigger than Latte Salute, for God sake!

It’s bigger than ACORN, for God sake!

“It’s bigger than The War On Christmas, for God sake!

“It’s bigger than Obamacare, for God sake!

“It’s bigger than Vacation gate, for God sake

“It’s bigger than Golf gate, for God sake!

“All of these scandals involved thousands of casualties, but you didn’t hear conservatives crying and whining about that did you? No, of course not! But the leftist media will tell you that 💯 thousand people dying from Coronavirus is the bigger scandal, even though they’re fudging the numbers. But it’s nothing compared to Obamagate! That’s right, I said it! Prove me wrong!”

“Actually,” Mr. Producer corrected him, “there were only about seven. And it’s steroids, not stereos.”

Hill Opinion Piece: Black Americans Are Dancing In The Streets Now That Trump Is President, And He’s Not Racist Either!

Hill Opinion Piece: Black Americans Are Dancing In The Streets Now That Trump Is President, And He’s Not Racist Either!

“What? Me racist? I just said the black president’s birth certificate was phony. How does that make me racist?”

Did you know that since the election of Donald Trump, the average American has been more prosperous? That’s right. Not only are they right up there with the richest Americans, but black unemployment is practically nonexistent! So much so that they’re out daily dancing in the streets singing praises to the Greatest President Who Ever Lived In The White House.

Just as Obama’s economic policies did little for black, and white middle class Americans, Trump’s have been no better. But conservatives would have you believe he has done far, far more for minorities.

When a hurricane hit Puerto Rico in the eighties, Trump allegedly provided a plane to get supplies down there, when nobody else was willing to do so, according to Andrew Stein. So, how can he be racist?

Stein fails to mention one of Trump’s first scandals, the mismanagement and handling of Hurricane Maria, with the initial estimated death toll to be about seventy, or thereabouts, but in the aftermath, went up close to three thousand. During a visit to Puerto Rico he made a fool of himself by throwing paper towels to survivors. Again, if this had taken place under the Obama administration, and especially if he had made a spectacle of himself by throwing paper towels, mainstream conservative media would have ridiculed him to no end, and rightly so. But since it was Trump, he got a free pass from his sycophantic, fawning supporters in the media.

Does this in itself prove that the president is racist? I’ll leave that up to others to decide. But it does prove that he is incompetent. Thousands of Americans died, and he failed to take responsibility.

Stein’s explanation that Trump blaming Congressman Cummings for the conditions of his district simply because he represents it, and that it has nothing to with race, is laughable to say the least. Cummings merely represented his district in Congress and was hardly responsible for municipal governance. The truth is, Trump conveniently attacked him because Cummings had the audacity to criticize him on his border policy. If Obama ( or any Democrat ) had blamed a white conservative for the crime, drugs, and poverty in his or her district, how would conservative media have reacted? They would have lost their s**t. They would have cried bloody murder. Mark Levin would be screaming in his incredibly annoying, nasally tone about Obama’s hatred for white people, just as he did when Obama expressed sympathy for the family of Trayvon Martin, and when he called a white cop stupid for arresting Dr. Gates in his own home. Jeanine Pirro would be claiming that he was making race relations worse since slavery and Jim Crow, just as she did when Obama called for calm and peace during the unrest in Baltimore and Ferguson. Every time Obama urged calm, he was accused of worsening the racial divide.

Likewise, Stein failed to mention Trump’s initial response to the violence in Charlottesville. When he equated the Antifa and other leftist protesters to the Charlottesville Nazis, mainstream conservative media praised his response ( as did actual Nazis and white supremacists ), but did not accuse him of worsening the racial divide. They blamed his critics, the so-called liberal media, fake news, Democrats, liberals, progressives, and anyone and anything that wasn’t Trump, and the Nazis. Prager University even produced a propaganda video contradicting the media’s accurate coverage of Trump’s response to the event. Obama’s responses to the unrest in Baltimore and Ferguson, were a lot more responsible than Trump’s response to Charlottesville, but again, it was Trump, a multi-millionaire Republican, so he was not to blame. And, according to some conservatives, like rep. Paul Gosar, Louie Gohmert, and a few others, it was really Obama and the Democrats who orchestrated the Charlottesville rally, and the violence to make conservatives look racist.

Stein writes:

“I truly do not believe Barack Obama is a racist – but some of his actions during his presidency could make people wonder.

Those who were spoon fed a steady diet of Obama hates America, Obama hates white people, Obama is a Muslim, Obama hates law enforcement, would more than just wonder. They would believe the propaganda over the facts. Those who actually looked into the nonsense over the Reverend Wright controversy, knew that it was nothing more than a smear attempt to make him look racist, by guilt by association, as they did with Farrakhan. They knew nothing about the truth that Wright spoke of in his sermons. All they heard were the sound bites that right-wing media gleefully played over and over.

Stein continues:

“In addition, President Obama had Rev. Al Sharpton, one of the country’s highest profile race baiters as a guest in the White House dozens of times.”

Again, regular Fox viewers, and readers of right-wing blogs, like The Gateway Pundit, or World Net Daily, were also fed a steady dose that Sharpton is also a prolific racist because he sometimes sticks his nose in matters of race, where it doesn’t belong. Sharpton definitely has his own issues with race. But to compare him to old school racists like Pat Buchanan – as some have done – is absurd. And to suggest that Obama inviting him to the White House, meeting with Farrakhan, and attending the church of Reverend Wright, are far worse than anything Trump has said or done, is just bogus.

I can think of worse people who have been invited to the White House since Trump became president. SpongeTed Squishy Pants ( who insists to this day that he never crapped himself to avoid the draft ), Jeanine Pirro, Sarah Palin, and the overrated, and irrelevant Rush Limburger, who was recently awarded the Medal Freedom! The Four Stooges are notorious race baiters, rabid anti-Semites, and Islamophobes, with long histories of racially charged comments that are far worse than anything Sharpton ever said or did, but I haven’t heard a peep from conservatives how having them to the WH sullies the reputation of Donald Trump, or demeans and disrespects the office of the president.

Stein concludes:

“In order to protect Obama, the media largely ignored these and many other questionable things – but these things happened, and they are far worse than anything Trump has done.

The point is that Obama was not a racist but he did things that could be construed as racially divisive – and yet, he was never widely criticized for it, nor was he publicly condemned as a racist.

Obama said things that conservatives interpreted as racially divisive, even when they were not. Obama couldn’t say anything about race without ruffling the feathers of the real race baiters and bomb throwers in the media like the Rush Limburgers, Jeanine Pirros, Michael Savages, and the Glenn Becks, who were always waiting for him to say something slightly racial, just to twist his words and rile up their listeners. They couldn’t wait for him to get into the White House fast enough so they could blame him for the racial divide they helped foster during his presidency.

And to suggest that he was never criticized, or condemned as a racist, is the most bogus claim of all.

RW Doofus: “Ferguson Riots: Obama Fans The Flames of Racism to Divide and Conquer” The No Common Sense Show

RW Doofus: “Ferguson Riots: Obama Fans The Flames of Racism to Divide and Conquer” The No Common Sense Show

On August 09th, 2014, eighteen year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Rioting and protesting occurred the day after the shooting. A grand jury was convened to examine any evidence to determine whether to indict Wilson, and after it failed to do so, rioting and protesting broke out again. Obama called for peace and calm on the streets of Ferguson, condemning the rioters, and urged protesters to effect political change to improve relations with law enforcement. He demonstrated empathy for the Brown family, while criticizing police abuse of authority. The DOJ concluded that Darren Wilson did not violate the rights of Michael Brown, and that he had most likely been shot in self defense.

There was a later separate investigation into the Ferguson Police Department regarding the racial abuses toward its minority citizenry. The reports conclusion did not come back in the Ferguson PD’s favor.

None of this was good enough for the race baiting doofus’s in the media who hated the nation’s first black president. Everything that happened in Ferguson, from the shooting of Michael Brown, the rioting, to the police abuse of authority against journalists and protesters, was all the fault of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and black people in general. If they had just kept their mouths shut and kept their big fat noses out of where they did not belong, the rioting and violence in Ferguson never would have happened.

It was Obama and Holder’s fault that Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown.

It was Obama and Holder that caused the rioting and the protesting.

Obama, and Holder we’re “race baiting”, “fanning the flames of racism” according to this doofus because Obama had the unmitigated audacity to acknowledge that there has always been racial tension that exists between law enforcement and black people , that systemic racism exists in law enforcement. Their whole anti Obama philosophy was that he disrespected law enforcement and incited hatred against them by being mildly critical, that his so called anti cop rhetoric was responsible for the deaths of cops under his watch.

Obama had to keep his big mouth shut and not criticize police abuse of authority to keep the crybabies from s**ting their pants. Otherwise, he was race baiting, and “fanning the flames of racism.”

It wasn’t Fox News and other right-wing media outlets that fanned the flames of racism with their idiotic “Obama and Holder are fanning the flames of racism by stirring up racial tensions in Ferguson”, narratives.

It wasn’t the media narratives portraying Brown as a criminal and a thug, in the weeks and months following his death that “fanned the flames of racism.”

It wasn’t Darren Wilson who “fanned the flames of racism” when he shot an unarmed Michael Brown, in a city that had been rife with racial tension between the police and it’s black citizenry, for years. I won’t even get into a possible cover up of the shooting that may have played a role.

It wasn’t as if racial tension had already been stirred up by the shooting. Hell no! Everything was unicorns and roses in Ferguson before Obama and Holder came along and stirred up the pot of racial stew. Everybody was getting along so well. Then Obama and Holder swaggered arrogantly upon the scene and convinced everyone that the police were all racist and were out to get them.

From the linked article:

“Regardless of the verdict ( the grand jury ), there was going to be rioting, looting and violence. Why? Because of people like Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and President Obama. Each of these three leaders fanned the flames of hatred and racism. I expected something like this from someone like Al Sharpton who sees racism in ever social situation in America…”

Like every other right-wing doofus, his only interest is laying all the blame for the events in Ferguson at the feet of black people, Holder, and Sharpton.

He also never bothers to mention the peaceful protests that took place there. He isn’t interested in the fact that there were protests. His whole shtick is to focus on the looting and the rioting so he can have something to blame on Obama, Holder, and Sharpton. Yeah, this guy is totally not racist.

Nor did he mention police misconduct against journalists and protesters.

Yes, there was going to be rioting and protesting regardless of a verdict, because the residents of Ferguson knew Wilson would most likely not be indicted.

It had to do with Obama, Holder, and Sharpton, my ass!

Again from the article:

“As far as fanning the flames of racially motivated violence, Holder is in good company. Nowhere is there more evidence of race baiting than we are seeing coming out of the White House…

First of all, it was Darren Wilson who shot Michael Brown. What the hell Holder had to do with it, I have no f**king clue. All he did was call for an investigation.

Second, the only evidence of race baiting was coming from the mouths of doofus’s like this guy, and right-wing media.

It was sane words like these that had the race baiting Doofus’s s**ting their depends:

“There are real problems and a deep mistrust between law enforcement and people of color around the country.”

If this doofus thinks this is race baiting, he needs to clear the cob webs from his brain. Obama’s comments on the events in Ferguson were nuanced. He chastised the Ferguson police for violating the Civil Rights of the protesters, condemned violence against the police, and the rioting and looting.

This doofus was upset that he even criticized the police. According to these a**holes, the police are blameless in any situation involving brutality against an unarmed citizen, especially if they are black, Hispanic, or Latino. These people are all just criminals and thugs anyway, so why waste sympathy on them? Michael Brown was a known thug, right, so he got what he deserved.

Law enforcement is an institution that the right has elevated to sainthood. They can do no wrong, and they must never be criticized. How dare you suggest that there are problems and mistrust between people of color and law enforcement? That would imply that racial bias may play a role. But that’s nonsense! The police can’t be racist. It’s a lie perpetuated by liberals and Obama, who are the real racists because they always see racism where it doesn’t exist!

A black man, who has experienced racism first hand, acknowledges the fact that mistrust exists between people of color and law enforcement for good reason, because of racial bias, and he’s accused of race baiting, of fanning the flames. These people are absolutely pathetic. They pretend racism is not a problem in law enforcement and the justice system and then turn around and complain about black on black crime, and that the entire time Obama was president he was going to start a race war. How f**king pathetic can these people get?

The doofus goes on to blame Obama for the looting and property damage in Ferguson, as if he never called for peace and calm.

I must have missed all of the news conferences where Obama encouraged looting and violence.

Yeah, it has nothing to do with racial profiling, or the fact that black people are twice as likely to be charged for a non violent drug offense, receive longer sentences, and be killed while unarmed in a confrontation with law enforcement. Or the decades of  Jim Crow laws marked by violence against black citizens. It’s because Michael Brown decided to rob a convenience store in Ferguson, and Barack Obama’s failure to honor any slain law enforcement officers ( even though he did on many, many occasions ). This is where all of America’s racial tension really comes from.

The doofus also goes on to personally blame Obama for the deaths of every police officer for the year 2013, pretending that he never honored their sacrifices, ignoring the fact that each year at the State Capitol Obama did honor police officers that had died while on duty the previous year.

The doofus also holds Obama and Holder personally responsible for the death of Brian Terry, and that he, Obama, never tried to reach out to his parents, when in fact he did reach out to them. Like the events in Ferguson, he wants to pin all responsibility on the Fast And Furious scandal at the feet of Obama and Holder. If he had bothered to read the Inspector General’s report into the investigation of the operation, he would have known who was responsible for Brian Terry’s death. But he wasn’t interested in the facts.

Why did Obama, and Holder fan the flames of overt racism, and engage in a display of mistrust of the legal system in America? Simple, Obama and Holder need distractions that will take the nations eyes away from Benghazi, Fast And Furious, the IRS scandal, and the Tea Party harassment. Divide and conquer along racial lines is Obama’s best friend…”

If calling for an investigation into the questionable shooting of an unarmed teenager, and acknowledging that there is mistrust between people of color and the legal system, is fanning the flames of overt racism, then everything is racist. Brown’s parents and the residents of Ferguson wanted answers, deserved answers that they were not getting. They had to wait through several months of stonewalling from the Ferguson police department and the legal system. This doofus never bothered to mention these facts.

They also needed distractions from Benghazi, Fast And Furious, and the IRS scandals. Most Americans knew that these so called scandals were massively blown out of proportion due to the reports that had been released, but Republicans ignored them, positive that Obama, Clinton, and Holder deliberately allowed people to die in Benghazi, and Fast And Furious.

As this doofus accuses Obama of seeing everything through racial lines, he sees everything through race by blaming Obama and Holder for the events in Ferguson.

Politically Correct Terms Conservatives Love … Part 2


 Conservatives are helpless victims , forever bullied by liberals and progressives who want to shut down their free speech … or so they want you to believe. The truth is , Conservatives oppose political correctness because they want to treat anyone they don’t like as badly as they can without consequence. In other words , they would rather be assholes.

The following are ten more politically correct terms used by Conservatives to portray themselves as victims while smearing their opponents.

  1. Obama/liberal/progressive/government hating radical = “Patriot.” Recently Conservatives all over America demonstrated what fragile pussies hypocrites they really are when a football player by the name of Colin Kaepernick made the choice not to stand during the National Anthem , because he wanted to call attention to the fact that racism and police brutality against minorities is still a very real problem. Why he was refusing to stand , was completely ignored. Instead attention was focused on the  absurd notion that he hates America , and was being disrespectful to military personnel. The irony or hypocrisy in this situation is that Conservatives see no problem with  slandering liberals , Democrats , or the current president as un-American , and accusing them of treasonous or subversive behavior. The president is the commander-in-chief. When anyone disrespects him , they’re disrespecting all military personnel , including those who fought for their freedom to be assholes. But because it’s Obama , that rule doesn’t apply with Conservatives.
    There was a time when the word patriot meant something. It meant addressing grievances in a peaceful manner , through marching in the streets , writing those who are supposed to represent us. But today , in the age of Obama , Conservatives have twisted it’s meaning. It’s no longer about protesting peacefully. It’s about hating and slandering the current president and Democrats as being sympathetic to communism , to terrorists ; treating armed insurgents as true patriots , and those who do protest peacefully , as un-American. 
  2.  “Terrorist” = Person of color , whether they are Islamic radicals , or members of Black Lives Matter who protest peacefully. Recently Tomi Lahren of The Blaze Network embarrassed herself when she tweeted a comparison of Black Lives matter to the KKK. Apparently they’ve been roaming the country lynching white people because they want to overthrow white dominance. Systemic racism has nothing to do with it , nor does the fact that there just might be a real problem with racism in law enforcement. Black people  want to riot because it’s just how they are. Again , the irony here is that people like Lahren and those who listen to her , refuse to believe that Christians can be radicalized by their religion. But there have been plenty of cases where Conservative Christians have committed acts of terror in the name of not only God but anti-government rhetoric.
  3. “Cop hater” = Anyone who criticizes a police officer’s criminal behavior ( as if they can do no wrong ) , such as the shootings or murders of black individuals ,  like Michael Brown , Freddie Gray , and Eric Garner , or daring to suggest that cops should wear body cameras.  Ironically , Obama was accused of hating cops after the Dallas police shootings for making sane , rational statements condemning the killings. In the Conservative bubble where fiction is often regarded as fact , Obama hates law enforcement because … something. 
  4. “Lone Wolf” = a term Conservatives and the media use to describe anti-government , or white supremacist shooters.  Last year Dylan Roof walked into a black church in Charleston , SC , and murdered nine people. Roof . a known racist , confessed that he did it because he hoped it would start a race war. But the main stream Conservative media attempted to make it appear as if race had nothing to do with it. The message : when a shooter is a radical Muslim , all Muslims are accountable and are terrorists by default. But  a white Conservative shooter who has been radicalized by anti-government or anti-black hatred ,  that person is not considered a terrorist but a “lone wolf” with mental issues.
  5. “Traitor” =  A favorite word Conservatives love to throw at liberals , especially those who support the current president. Obama himself has been accused of treason for his executive orders ( which Conservatives have absurdly described as lawless behavior , comparing him to a dictator ; they didn’t seem to mind Bush’s lawless behavior ) ; same-sex marriage ; Benghazi ( a non scandal ) ; the Iran Deal ( which Conservatives have falsely claimed would allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon ) ; aiding ISIS ( also absurd since the U.S. is currently at war with them ) ; executive action on amnesty for illegal immigrants ( which was blocked by Republicans and the Supreme Court ) ; weakening the military ( another absurd claim ) ; legal abortion ; the non Ebola crises ; Fast And Furious ( another non scandal ) ; the imaginary war on Christianity ( it doesn’t matter that he’s a Christian , he still hates them  ) ; the imaginary war on Christmas ; gun control ( even though he hasn’t grabbed a single gun ) ;  and perhaps the most absurd claim of all , his hatred of America.  You name it , the Republican Party and their rabid supporters have had a hard on for impeachment for eight years.  Are any of these impeachable offenses? Well , they are to those who hate Obama with a passion  and are unable to distinguish fantasy from reality.
  6. Race- baiter” = Anyone black or white ( preferably black ) who attempts to talk about racial discrimination against minorities. This was evident during the Ferguson and Baltimore riots and protests as the Conservative and much of mainstream media bent over backward to defend police brutality and blame the black community for the bad behavior of certain cops , and accusing Obama , Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton , and the so-called liberal media of inciting  racial tension as a means of attempting to start a race war. Anger over the killings of Michael Brown , Freddie Gray , Eric Garner , and the failure of the justice system to convict the officers involved in their deaths , and charge them at least with involuntary manslaughter , apparently didn’t play a role in these situations. Black people are just animals and look for any excuse to riot. 
  7. “Bigot” = Another  word Conservatives love to use to accuse liberals or anyone who opposes anti-gay bigotry. It’s also used to besmirch and demean the reputation of non believers. Some Christians view all atheists as bigots , and believe they want to suppress their religious freedom. But most atheists are not bigoted because they do not seek to stifle , ban , or outlaw religious freedom. Many Conservative Christians however do wish and have supported the efforts of Republican politicians to discriminate against gay citizens under the guise of “religious freedom”, and are by definition ,  bigots. 
  8. “Militant atheists” = See bigot.
  9. “Militant homosexual” = A gay activist who advocates for the advancement and ethical treatment of other gay individuals. 
  10. “Racist” = A black person , liberal , or anyone who complains about the unethical treatment of minorities. Because anti-black racism no longer exists in the age of Obama. See also race-baiter.