MTG Tells Alex Jones, “Republicans Will Impeach Joe Biden For Being Mean To Trump”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Representative of the state of Georgia’s 14th Congressional district. First elected in 2020, she was re-elected in the recent 2022 midterms.

During her first tenure in the House of Representatives, Greene set a new precedent as one of the most unhinged members of Congress with a slew of conspiracy theories that even Alex Jones in his worst state of mind, wouldn’t dare touch. In fact, Jones once refered to MTG as the female version of himself, and has featured her several times on his radio podcast Info Wars.

During a recent podcast, December 20, Greene informed Jones that when Republicans take control of the House in January, everyone can expect impeachment proceedings against Biden, Democrats, the media, and Hunter Biden.

“For four years they investigated Trump and found no wrong doing,” Greene said. “First it was the Mueller Report that concluded that Trump didn’t collude with Russia.

“Then they impeached him over a phone call to president Zelensky, which is ridiculous,” she continued. “All he was doing was asking him how he was doing.

“Then they impeached him for January 6, which he had nothing to do with. All he did was tell everyone that the Democrats and Joe Biden were stealing the election and they know it, they just don’t want to admit it because they know that everyone actually voted for Trump.

“Then, the straw that finally broke the camel’s back was when Merrick Garland and Joe Biden got together and got the FBI to claim that president Trump stole top secret documents that didn’t belong to him. There’s your real collusion right there. Lying to set up Donald Trump just because they don’t like him because they know he’s our greatest American president.

“We’re going to impeach all of them, Alex, the Democrats, Biden, Obama, and the media for colluding to persecute and impeach Trump, and for being mean to him for four straight years, and getting the Department of Justice and the FBI to persecute him for no reason other than the fact that they don’t like him. And we’re also going to impeach Hunter Biden for doing business with foreign countries and shoving his dick pics in all of our faces. No one wanted to see any of that.”

“I agree with everything you said, Margerine Maple Syrup,” Jones said, “but I don’t think Obama and Hunter Biden can be impeached. They’re not politicians. Obama was but not Hunter Biden.

“I don’t care if either one is a politician or not, Alex,” Greene said. “All I know is that Obama spied on Trump and for that he should be impeached. And Hunter’s a Biden and that makes him a criminal in my mind, because Joe Biden’s a criminal because he stole the election from Donald Trump, and since Hunter is his son, he deserves to be impeached whether he’s a politician or not.

“And by the way, Alex, it’s Marjorie Taylor Greene, not Margerine Maple Syrup.”



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