Mark Levin’s Limited Brain Capacity Prevents Him From Saying Anything Intelligent

This one goes back to 2021, but it’s relevant today since it concerns a certain “opinion” commentator on a major news network that many consider to be a serious “intellectual.”

His name is Mark Levin. Since 2017, he’s been the host of Life, Liberty and Levin on the Fox News channel, and he is anything but a serious intellectual on any level. He is nothing more than a propagandist whose only interest is defending everything the Republican party stands for, which is racism, white supremacy, scapegoating of migrants for all of America’s ills, and convincing the rubes who watch him that Republicans are actually the party of the Constitution and that Democrats are anti-American in every respect.

In addition to joining the Fox network, he has his radio show where he spouts his constipated bullshit in his annoying nasal tone, everything from black crime is out of control in Chicago, to Obama and Democrats are the real party of racism and antisemitism.

In a 2021 segment on Hannity, he got worked up over the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse is the self-described vigilante who took it on himself to self-police the BLM protests over the killing of George Floyd, and as a result, he wound up shooting three people – for which he was worshiped as a hero by conservative media pundits – and was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. But that wasn’t good enough for Levin. The fact that he was put on trial at all for shooting “Marxist BLM supporters,” was the real crime.

After having to suffer through a clip of The View talking about the case, Levin said, “First of all, why do we care what they say on The View?!” he demanded Hannity to answer.”They have a collective I.Q. of negative 17. They’re like a bunch of yentas.”

According to Levin, the Democratic party and the liberal media has institutionalized crime, and is racist to the core because of the way they covered the Rittenhouse trial, for not condemning the BLM protests.

“”They talk about white justice,” he whined in his nasal voice, “a white justice system set up for white people. That’s joy Reid and her limited brain capacity. Then there’s another one in there. Tiffany Cross I think her name is. She’s trying to outdo Joy Reid.”

Levin read off a list of gunshot victims in Chicago over that previous weekend, as if this was irrefutable proof of how racist the media is for not covering the fact that black people are shooting other black people. The only point here is to obfuscate, and distract from the problem of police brutality.

In his 2020 Medium article, “But What About Chicago?” Is Not A Rebuttal, Tim Wise noted:

“It never fails. Whenever a story breaks about a police officer killing an unarmed black person, or a white supremacist committing a vicious hate crime, you’ll hear it. Literally every time. ‘But what about Chicago?

“Those who offer this query will then mention something about how a dozen people were shot in the Windy City over the weekend – all of them black – but because other black folks shot them, we who talk about racism, remain silent…

“To Trump, dissing Chicago is about dissing Barack Obama, who is associated with the city, or dissing black folks generally, which is who most white folks think of when we hear it. It’s who we’ve always thought of when politicians mention it, just as we did when Ronald Reagan talked about a “welfare queen” who drove a Cadillac to pick up her welfare checks while wearing a fur coat…

“As for deceptive use of data, the black-on-black crime” trope is inherently disingenuous. … Crime tends to be intra-racial ( that is to say, black-on-black, and white-on-white ) because criminals tend to be creatures of opportunity. They victimize the available, which means people who live around them and with whom they come in contact…”

Conservatives like Levin never bother to make this distinction. Their only interest is in perpetuating the narrative that black people are inherently violent, and excusing the violent behavior of law enforcement.

“What I want to know on MSLSD and the Constipated News Network why they claim to be so concerned and yet they don’t cover any of this. If I hadn’t read this, what I just read to you would not be on any national television program,” Levin said. “Not one.”

What I want to know is, why does anyone take this clown seriously? He’s physically and mentally imature, not a serious intellectual. Referring to a news network as MSLSD is immature and unfunny, and calling CNN the Constipated News Network makes absolutely no sense, given the fact that Levin himself always looks as if he’s perpetually constipated.

“The culture in decline is led by the racist media in this country,” he said. “Because they keep hiring reprobates, malcontents, and miscreants who hate this country, will undermine this nation, who do not care for law enforcement because when they go home, they’re not going into these communities.”

It’s ironic that he refers to media figures such as Joy Reid, and Tiffany Cross, not only as racists, but malcontents and miscreants who supposedly hate America because they dare to question the behavior of law enforcement, support BLM, and don’t live in poor black communities.

Levin is the very definition of a miscreant and malcontent. He has spent his entire career on radio and cable as an angry asshole screeching about Obama and the Democrats, and how they’re supposedly working in cahoots with MSLSD and the Constipated News Network to bring about America’s moral and political decline. He has done nothing particularly noteworthy as a political commentator, other than foment racism, bigotry, and unhinged conspiracy theories about heath care – Obamacare – wiretapping – that Obama spied on Trump – vaccines, and a stolen election that ended in an anti-American insurrection, and an attempted coup, which he and a majority of the Republican party defended and supported.

But according to Levin, it’s the Democratic party that are the treasonous lot because they dared to investigate Trump during Russia Gate – which was a legitimate investigation whose findings were confirmed by a bipartisan congressional investigation – and they refused to admit they really stole the 2020 election.

Who takes this pseudo-intellectual seriously? Rubes take him seriously. Rubes who have even less brain capacity than Levin and his I.Q. of negative 17.

Source: Mediaite, Medium.


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