CNN Anchor Ridicules Trump For Claiming Obama And Hillary Tapped His Microphones

Thursday CNN Anchor Brianna Keilar ridiculed both president Trump and his favorite fake news outlet Fox News, for pushing insane nonsense without every having to face any negative consequences.

“Whether it’s pushing bull**** about president Obama’s birth certificate, claiming he never said he’d grabbed ’em by the p****es, or the claim that the former president spied on his campaign, president Trump has peddled one wackadoodle, and cockamamie conspiracy or falsehood after another. And it doesn’t matter how absurd it is. His brown nosers at Fox News will run with it without question and repeat it ad nauseum.”

Prior to Thursday night’s town halls between Biden and the president, Keilar noted that it came about because Trump had refused to participate in a virtual debate because he had contracted COVID.

“The president thinks it’s a waste of time,” Keilar said. “He doesn’t like interviewing remotely unless, of course, it’s with his ( butt buddies, like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, who don’t mind having brown noses ). The president doesn’t mind at all calling into Fox or appearing remotely with Fox, even though that’s exactly what he would be doing during a virtual debate. But this is hardly the only excuse he’s peddled over the years in regards to debates.”

Keilar went on to mention examples of some of the lame excuses that Trump has come up with when complaining about presidential debates, such as alleged claims that Biden had taken performance enhancing drugs, to moderators allegedly making fun of his orange toupee, and that they might be secret Antifa agents who were there to infiltrate the debates and incite violence.

These were just two of Trump’s pet peeves about debates. Keilar then played a clip of Trump calling into the Tucker Carlson show Wednesday night, where he mentioned another reason for not wanting to participate in a virtual debate.

“There is no way, Tucker, that I’m going to agree to doing a virtual debate,” he told the host, who looked like a dog anticipating a snack after performing a trick. “Sleepy Joe’s been using earwigs to help him cheat, and performance enhancing drugs, because we all know he’s so senile he can’t remember his own name, and would probably fall asleep without ’em. Another reason I won’t do it is because they might tap my microphone just like they did during the 2016 election and just like Obama and Hillary probably trained the family dogs to tap my phone’s, if they didn’t do it themselves
. I’m not going to give them the chance.”

“Off all the president’s claims and conspiracies, Keilar concluded, “this is the most absurd, and the most laughable. What possible reason would someone have for wiretapping a microphone? It makes absolutely no sense. But that doesn’t matter to his sycophants. He could tell them his wind smells ike a combination of Aqua Velva and Old Spice, and all of the brown nosers at Fox News – Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Jeanine Pirro – will eagerly attach their noses to his rear end and sniff until they OD on his gas.”


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