Uncle Ted To Design New Diaper Logo For TPUSA

Ted Nugent has announced that he has been asked by Charlie Kirk to create a unique design for the diaper wearing young conservative group TPUSA. TPUSA is the organization founded by Kirk that has been involved in several controversies over the years, one of them being a failed attempt to protest safe spaces on college campuses.

Better known to his fans as Uncle Ted, and The Motor City Madman, the outspoken conservative rocker is the host of Spirit Of The Wild, a long running series currently on the Outdoor channel. Nugent has described the show as a great achievement where hunters and second amendment supporters can tune in each week to watch their favorite rocker blow away lots of animals with his favorite gun Adeline while getting their rocks off.

On his upcoming series Captain SpongeTed Squishy Pants, Nugent has described the show as a pro-Trump conservative hero who’s super power is punishing evil doers with diaper goo. The weekly series will feature the main character battling an evil libtard, or other leftist who has done everything they can to damage the good name and reputation of America’s finest president. Evil Dr. Pelosi, ‘Sleepy Opossum’ Joe Biden and Comrade Sanders are just a few that will make appearances each week. However, none of them have endorsed the series or will voice their own characters.

During an interview earlier this week with The Detroit News, Nugent revealed that the Pampers spokesman had asked him to design a special logo for his favorite brand, during an interview on the Charlie Kirk Millennial Diaper Podcast.

“When Charlie invited me onto his podcast, I jumped at the chance because it was the first time I’ve been asked, and I’ve always liked Charlie. He’s a great guy. Some people think he’s weird because he often wears diapers, but if they knew the real Charlie, they wouldn’t think he was so weird. They would understand exactly why he wears diapers, because he believes it’s the only way to “own the libs,” and that makes him a hero to the conservative movement. In fact, the character Squishy Pants was inspired by Charlie because he’s not afraid to wear diapers.”

“Charlie says when he wears diapers to own the libs,” Nugent continued, “it’s not an indictment of himself, but a reflection of liberals and their attitude toward conservatives, and their love of safe spaces. It’s no different when I wear a confederate tee shirt. It’s not a reflection on my character, it’s a reflection on how racist liberals and leftists are. They see racism where there is no racism.”

Nugent said he could only think of a couple of designs, one of them the confederate flag, and the other the character of his new Adult Swim television series, Captain Squishy Pants. “Charlie said that was alright. He already had plenty of girly designs.

Nugent revealed that Kirk has also asked him to become a member of TPUSA. He said he is thrilled and honored to be a member, and plans to attend an upcoming seminar by TPUSA as a guest speaker, on the proper etiquette for treating those who choose to wear diapers, and the fine art of owning the libs. The event is scheduled for sometime next Spring. The event will feature current members and prominent figures in the conservative media, such as Candace Owens, Dana Loesch – who according to Nugent, will give a speech on the second amendment and the right to own guns while wearing diapers, and how the two are entertwined – and Tomi Lahren who has compared the silencing of conservatives on college campuses to lynchings by the Klan to prevent them from exercising their first amendment rights. Tucker Carlson will also make an appearance with a speech condemning the anti-American Left on their hypocrisy for refusing to wear crotch masks after criticizing conservatives and the president for their failure to wear masks during the pandemic.

Nugent said the featured part of the event will be him and Kirk doing a reenactment of the first episode of SpongeTed, where Nugent’s character battles the evil Dr. Pelosi who refuses to endorse president Trump’s COVID relief package. Allie Stuckey will portray the libtard villain with a Nancy Pelosi mask.

Nugent says he is currently writing his autobiography, Uncle Ted: The Adventures Of Captain Squishy Pants, which is scheduled for release next Fall, and is also planning a new album with the same title.


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