Trump Sycophant Urges MAGA Dunces To Overthrow GOP And Form ‘MAGA Party’

“The Republican party is not extreme enough.”

Rawstory has reported that Newsmax host Greg Kelly recently urged Trump supporters to overthrow the Grand Old Party and form a MAGA-styled party of their own, a party filled exclusively with kooks and crackpots, where questioning and criticizing Donald The Divine is forbidden.

On his Wednesday night show, Greg Kelly Reports, he encouraged his viewers to distance themselves from both parties because they were not “cutting it.”

“( The Republican party isn’t extreme enough ). We need a new party,” he said. “Democrats aren’t cutting it, and quite frankly, I don’t think the Republicans are cutting it either. At least a lot of them are just mailing it in. ( We need a party that won’t criticize president Trump. Don’t we have enough of that with the Democrats? Why must the Republicans criticize him as well? Doesn’t he have a tough enough job to do without everybody jumping all over him for no reason other than making America great again?”

Is Donald Trump “cutting it”? Hell yeah, you bet he is! He made America great again, just like he said he would! He saved the economy – including historically lowering black unemployment – with a wave of his hand, something Barack Obama and ‘Sleepy-Stuttering’ Joe Biden were unable to accomplish in eight years. He improved conditions in black communities. He improved race relations. He united all Americans under a single racial banner, and united all of America during the pandemic by declaring that it’s over, thereby assuring everyone that no one’s granny or grand pappy will die of the virus ever again.

Kelly said the MAGA party would be a party about ideas, the Constitution, opportunity, liberty, term limits, the second amendment, and cancelling the “deep state.”

The MAGA party already exists. It’s called the Republican party. If the Republican party were to ever to be replaced with a MAGA party led by Trump, the idea that it would be about the Constitution, and liberty – is laughable. At this moment, Donald Trump and the Republican party are attempting to subvert the Constitution and liberty by trying to steal a fair election. MAGA heads don’t give a damn about the Constitution or liberty. They were recently out marching on the capitol chanting ‘Stop the steal!’ Yeah, these are people who care about liberty and the Constitution.

Since Trump became president, the Republican party has become fully enmeshed with the MAGA movement. It’s also a party enmeshed in racism, anti-semitism, bigotry, voter fraud and voter suppression.


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