MAGA Senator Calls For ‘Martial Law’ After Electoral College Confirms Biden

MAGA Senator Calls For ‘Martial Law’ After Electoral College Confirms Biden

The Electoral College has confirmed that Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. But, as is the case with many Republicans who are loyal to Donald Trump, they are not having it. They just cannot accept the fact that their candidate lost a fair election, so they resort to tantrums, lies and conspiracy theories to justify their childish behavior.

Virginia GOP state Senator Amanda Chase threw a tantrum on her Facebook page after the EC confirmed Sleepy Joe’s election victory, calling for Trump to suspend the Constitution and declare martial law so he could steal a fair election.

“Not my president and never will be. The American people aren’t fools. We know you cheated to win and we’ll never accept these results.

“Fair elections we can accept but cheating to win, never. It’s not over yet. So thankful President Trump has a backbone and refuses to concede.

President Trump should declare martial law as recommended by General Flynn.”

Chase certainly is a fool, as are anyone who believes anything Trump says about the election. He’s been complaining about the validity of mail-in voting since day one, and rubes – who are in abundance among the MAGA crowd – like Chase, buy it without question. So, her claim that the American people  are not fools, comes up a bit short in the fact department. Millions of rubes voted for him based on outright lies and conspiracy BS. That would make them fools. They have provided no evidence of cheating; they have had numerous opportunities to prove it in court but have failed every single time, and yet they just cannot admit defeat. Yes, it is definitely over. There was a fair election. No amount of lies, conspiracies or childish tantrums are going to change the results. Trump lost. He doesn’t have a backbone because he refuses to concede. He’s wears a metaphorical diaper as a badge of honor to prove how immature he is, as do his supporters and they are proud of it.

A little background on Chase. This is a real American patriot, and a deep, deep thinker. After the death of George Floyd, Chase threw another tantrum after it was announced that a statue of Robert E. Lee would be removed from the capitol of Richmond, Virginia. Chase – like every conservative who swears up and down that the Democratic party is the real party of racism – wasn’t too thrilled with the idea. On her Facebook page, she called it an attack on white people.

From Rawstory –

“It disturbs me whenever I see people – let’s be honest, there is an overt effort here to erase all white history,” she said. “That’s what they’re looking at doing. Look, our grandfather’s were guilty of slavery, and that is wrong… but that wasn’t all that Lee and others were known for. They did other things. You know, there is not one human being who has not committed a sin.

The opposition to Confederate monuments, she added, is “all about shoving this down people’s throats, and erasing the history of white people.”

Taking down monuments to traitors who rebelled against the Union of states and fought to preserve the institution of slavery, is, according to this genius, erasing the history of white people, and shoving it down people’s throats. Is she proud of the racist history of the south? Sounds like it.

She’s been criticized by a few Republicans, but not enough. Dan Riggleman who lost in the primary for re-election, tweeted:

“Do you support facts and liberty? Or martial law based on unhinged conspiracy ramblings from Sydney Powell and Mike Flynn?

Another Republican Senator, Bill Stanley tweeted in response to her claim that Virginia Democrats hate white people:

“Conservatives don’t stand for fueling division and hate, no matter what the other side tries to do to us, or says about us. We are the party of Lincoln, not Chase.”

To which I respond with: Conservatives are not the party of Lincoln. They ceased being the party of Lincoln when they adopted the southern strategy. They stopped being the party of Lincoln when they openly embraced fascism. They ceased being the party of Lincoln when they attacked Barack Obama as illegitimate. They ceased being the party of Lincoln when they attacked Black Lives Matter as illegitimate. Conservatives, the Republican party has done nothing but stand for division and hate from the moment the first black president announced that he was running for president. The other side, the left, doesn’t have to say it. It’s just a fact that’s irrefutable. It is the party that is calling for suspending the Constitution to overturn an election by force because their candidate did not win. This is the kind of shit they claimed that Obama would do when it came to guns, and when it came time for him to leave the White House. Now that their candidate is behaving like a dictator, and his loyal sycophants are encouraging him to do what they claimed Obama would do… crickets from most of the party and right-wing media. If Democrats had cried fraud and suggested suspending the Constitution if Trump had won the election, it would not only be non-stop news, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Judy Riuliani, Laura Ingraham, and the rest of the Trump sycophants in the media, would be calling for retribution. That’s also a fact.

The Republican party is the party of Trump. I’ve said it previously and I will say it again: Republicans like Amanda Chase – who support suspending the Constitution to overturn an election – are unAmerican. They should be ostracized and expelled from the party. Which will never happen. The Republican party – for the most part – does not mind their presence.

John Brennan Calls Trump Team And MAGA  Supporters “Diaper-Wearing Dictators” For Trying To Overturn Elections

John Brennan Calls Trump Team And MAGA  Supporters “Diaper-Wearing Dictators” For Trying To Overturn Elections

From Fox News:

Former CIA Director John Brennan said Wednesday that those who continue to deny President-elect Joe Biden’s win and attempt to overturn the results, are “advocating for authoritarianism.”

“Those who continue to deny and fight against the election of Joe Biden are advocating for authoritarianism. They want their bully dictator to remain in power. Full stop ( They are so butt-hurt that Trump lost a fair election due to the fact that he utterly failed in his response to the coronavirus, that they have resorted to making up elaborate conspiracy theories to make excuses for his failures.

“Yes, democracy is messy and at times uncomfortable, but as often quoted, it beats all the alternatives ( The alternative is a responsible adult who cares about people and their needs, as opposed to a gigantic baby  in diapers who cares only about his own needs ). #TrumpTeamDiaper-WearingDictators.

Brennan served as former President Obama’s CIA director from 2013 until President Trump took office. The two have sometimes traded jabs with each other on twitter. Trump has referred to Brennan as a “political hack,” and revoked his security clearance in 2018, while Brennan has often referred to Trump and his MAGA Supporters as “diaper-wearing dictators” for refusing to accept the results of the election.

Brennan’s tweet came the same day 17 Republican attorneys general signed onto a Texas lawsuit to overturn the election results in Georgia, Michigan, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Several MAGA supporting Republicans took umbrage with the tweets. Second amendment enthusiast Dana Loesch wrote:

“It’s a combo distraction from the fact that radical socialist Sleepy Joe slept his way through the election while his his radical socialist cronies did all the work rigging the election in his favor.

Charlie Kirk wrote:

President Trump won every state by millions of votes. The fact that Democrats refuse to admit they cheated means they are the diaper-wearing babies, not conservatives.

It should be noted that Charlie Kirk is the one who lead a TPUSA protest against safe spaces in 2017 at Kent State University, in which participants wore diapers and sucked on pacifiers. Someone also reminded him on twitter.

Glenn Beck tweeted:

“We’re all f***** now. Joe Biden will accomplish what Obama failed to do in eight years: confiscate all guns and throw conservatives in Fema camps!

The most interesting tweet came from Sydney Powell, Trump’s disgraced former team lawyer:

“President Trump won the election by a landslide, by millions of votes in every state. He won the electoral vote as well as the popular vote, as we have already proven – with “mountains of evidence that came down through a fire hose” – in court and on TV. THE KRAKEN HAS BEEN RELEASED!!

Other twitter users reminded her that the Kraken had not been released, and that she was delusional, which is probably why she was no longer working for Team Trump.

Kenosha Killer’s Wing Nut Lawyer Urges MAGA Morons To “Dust Off Those Second Amendment Rights” To Stop Re-election ‘Theft’

Kenosha Killer’s Wing Nut Lawyer Urges MAGA Morons To “Dust Off Those Second Amendment Rights” To Stop Re-election ‘Theft’

The attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse – the seventeen year old self-appointed vigilante who shot three BLM protesters over the summer, fatally wounding two – recently compared his client to a Revolutionary War hero on twitter.

The attorney, John Pierce, a MAGA wing nut, has been whining with the rest of the MAGA wing nuts that the recent election was stolen from King Donald the rightful heir, despite the fact that there is no evidence to back up their claims. Numerous claims of fraud, and irregularities have been alleged by the Trump team, as have numerous cases filed in court, but all have been dismissed due to lack of evidence. But none of this matters to the MAGA Chuds. Trump is the definitive authority on fair elections and when he says he was robbed, you better believe it.

Pierce tweeted:

Time to dust off those second amendment rights. Founders put it there for a very specific reason.”

And that reason is, apparently, to take up arms against your fellow Americans if they disagree with you, or when something doesn’t turn out in your favor.

“Trump won in a landslide,” he wrote in a second tweet. “The triad of Big Tech, mainstream media and the CCP is trying to steal it. Obvious. Do not let them. Do not give an inch. Fight over every single hedgerow. Nothing less than our freedom hangs in the balance.”

Trump lost in both the popular and electoral college votes, but somehow he still managed a landslide victory. For months they have been crying that the election was rigged. Have they provided a single shred of evidence? No. No evidence, just excuses and false claims. But it’s a sure thing that Big Tech, the Lamestream Liberal Media, and the Communist Chinese party have conspired to make sure that the commie-socialist Sleepy-Stuttering Joe Biden would be their next president. But somehow they totally forgot to rig the Senate and House elections. Conspiracy!

In a third tweet he wrote, “All combat takes place at night. In the rain. At the intersection of four map segments. No matter the hardships that fortune brings over the coming months, never surrender. We will win.”

Other social media users accused Pierce of inciting violence, but Pierce insisted that his references to combat were just metaphors. Of course they were. Who could possibly believe that a Trump supporter would be inciting violence against anyone who didn’t believe that he was anything less than that annointed by God? Only a libtard would come to that conclusion.

Pierce later told the Daily Beast via email, “Our true enemy is the Chinese Communist party. All Americans must unite together in this time of adversity as we always have. E Pluribus Unum. We are one family and one nation under God. We must all unite in peace and insist on free and fair elections.”

If this clown considers China the true enemy of the U.S., then why is he on twitter egging on the MAGA crowd to take up arms because the election didn’t turn out in their favor? Metaphors, my ass. Sounds like he considers his own government the enemy.

And then he contradicts himself, as Republicans always do – without realizing it – with ‘we must all unite in peace and insist on free and fair elections.’ Well, we had a free and fair election, and he and the MAGA lovers refused to accept it. Just because their man didn’t win, doesn’t mean they were not fair.

Trump Sycophant Urges MAGA Dunces To Overthrow GOP And Form ‘MAGA Party’

Trump Sycophant Urges MAGA Dunces To Overthrow GOP And Form ‘MAGA Party’

“The Republican party is not extreme enough.”

Rawstory has reported that Newsmax host Greg Kelly recently urged Trump supporters to overthrow the Grand Old Party and form a MAGA-styled party of their own, a party filled exclusively with kooks and crackpots, where questioning and criticizing Donald The Divine is forbidden.

On his Wednesday night show, Greg Kelly Reports, he encouraged his viewers to distance themselves from both parties because they were not “cutting it.”

“( The Republican party isn’t extreme enough ). We need a new party,” he said. “Democrats aren’t cutting it, and quite frankly, I don’t think the Republicans are cutting it either. At least a lot of them are just mailing it in. ( We need a party that won’t criticize president Trump. Don’t we have enough of that with the Democrats? Why must the Republicans criticize him as well? Doesn’t he have a tough enough job to do without everybody jumping all over him for no reason other than making America great again?”

Is Donald Trump “cutting it”? Hell yeah, you bet he is! He made America great again, just like he said he would! He saved the economy – including historically lowering black unemployment – with a wave of his hand, something Barack Obama and ‘Sleepy-Stuttering’ Joe Biden were unable to accomplish in eight years. He improved conditions in black communities. He improved race relations. He united all Americans under a single racial banner, and united all of America during the pandemic by declaring that it’s over, thereby assuring everyone that no one’s granny or grand pappy will die of the virus ever again.

Kelly said the MAGA party would be a party about ideas, the Constitution, opportunity, liberty, term limits, the second amendment, and cancelling the “deep state.”

The MAGA party already exists. It’s called the Republican party. If the Republican party were to ever to be replaced with a MAGA party led by Trump, the idea that it would be about the Constitution, and liberty – is laughable. At this moment, Donald Trump and the Republican party are attempting to subvert the Constitution and liberty by trying to steal a fair election. MAGA heads don’t give a damn about the Constitution or liberty. They were recently out marching on the capitol chanting ‘Stop the steal!’ Yeah, these are people who care about liberty and the Constitution.

Since Trump became president, the Republican party has become fully enmeshed with the MAGA movement. It’s also a party enmeshed in racism, anti-semitism, bigotry, voter fraud and voter suppression.

MAGA Thugs Engage In Voter Intimidation

MAGA Thugs Engage In Voter Intimidation

Vice recently reported that MAGA Thugs are attempting to infiltrate polling stations to intimidate Democratic voters who don’t vote for America’s most oppressed presidential candidate who just can’t catch a fair break.

Unhinged members of a Trump message board called The believe they have the right to threaten and intimidate anyone who doesn’t vote for Saint Donald The Divine, their favorite patron saint, who watches over white supremacists and Nazis from his lofty perch in the heavens.

“Consider this polling station on “LOCK DOWN,” someone who goes by the handle utahbeachballs1944 allegedly posted earlier this week, along with a South Carolina poll manager’s handbook.

Apparently he was responding to comments from other users, adding, “my polling place is gonna be like trying to enter North Korea. Fucking LOCKED DOWN,” further adding, “I will be honoring the BLM movement in Blackface.”

None of this should come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to a president who has contempt for democracy, who has for months called for voter intimidation and accusing the Democrats of voter fraud simply for advocating voting by mail, which is not unconstitutional as Republicans love to claim it is.

At last month’s debate Trump said he was urging his supporters to “go into the polls to watch very closely because that’s what has to be done.”

The Trump campaign has a new website by the name of Army For Trump, recruiting for election operations.

“We all know the Democrats will be up to their old dirty tricks, ” Evin Perrine, Trump’s reelection director of press communications claimed in a video encouraging others to sign up, which is ironic since Republicans are usually the ones caught with their hands in the cookie jar when it comes to preventing people from voting, including purging voter rolls, enacting voter ID laws, attempting to criminalize voter registration drives, Felony disenfranchisement, intimidation of minority voters, and election security claims. Some of these tactics have already been pushed and continue to be pushed by Republicans.

Bring your weapons and prepare for a fight,” one MAGA thug wrote in response to a post that claimed BLM and Antifa would show up outside polling sites in every city. “If they’re guarding the polling station, get a militia together.”

The site’s administrators, who remain anonymous – no surprise – responded to their concerns for disrupting polling stations:

“The left has made it blatantly obvious that they plan on cheating in the general. The only thing they care about is power and they will do anything to obtain it. We are trying to change the things we don’t like, at the ballot box.”

How have they made it clear? What have they said or done to make it obvious they intend to cheat? By intending to vote by mail? By encouraging everyone to vote, including minorities? By criticizing a president who has accused his political opponents of cheating when he’s the one who is trying to cheat?

I guarantee he couldn’t come up with a plausible answer when pressed. He would probably repeat the same talking point that is programmed into the brain of every Republican through repeated propaganda, the one about massive voter fraud that Democrats are allegedly guilty of – which has yet to be proven to be true.

The claim that Democrats and the left plan to cheat in the election is hilarious, since it’s Donald Trump who is currently attacking the right to vote by mail, and his supporters who are attacking the right to vote through intimidation, by showing up armed at polling stations, and a president who has implied that he will not accept a fair election result if he loses.

Matt Walsh on Twitter: “He didn’t “claim” he disavowed it. He did disavow it. What an incredibly stupid headline.”

Matt Walsh on Twitter: “He didn’t “claim” he disavowed it. He did disavow it. What an incredibly stupid headline.”


What is incredibly stupid is that conservatives like Matt Walsh get on twitter, and their s**tty opinion shows like Blaze TV and deliberately lie after all of America saw the clip of Trump lying about a congresswoman and then smiling and looking smug as his mindless sycophants chanted, “Send her back!”

He didn’t disavow s**t. He lied, like he always does when confronted with a lie.

This is the same a**hole who, last year, joined a chorus of other right wing media a**holes, all claiming that the MAGA Bomber was a liberal conspiracy to smear Trump and conservatives as violent. He also promoted the smear that the Democratic party is the party of infanticide, that aborting new born infants is acceptable to liberals and Democrats.

So, according to this a**hole, they believe murder is acceptable. Conservatives like him are contemptible pieces of s**t.

These a**holes have no conscience, and there is no chance that any of them would ever feel embarassed about being caught in a lie. Just lie again and again like the president does when he is caught in a lie.

Dana Loesch : Leftist Mobs May Attempt To Beat Up MAGA Supporters And Replace Their Hats With Obama , Bernie , And Hillary Hats ,To Frame Conservatives As Violent Extremists

Dana Loesch clutching her gun , when she’s not clutching her pearls over leftist mobs.

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch revealed earlier this week on her show on NRA TV that liberals may attempt to intimidate NRA supporters who bring their guns to the voting polls because liberals are violent.

Loesch is no stranger to controversy , or saying stupid s**t. In fact , like any troll , she seems to enjoy it. She is best known for her advocating of curb stomping journalists she perceives as biased , and her awful , fascist style videos depicting liberal protesters as angry , rampaging mobs hell-bent on destroying democracy.

Loesch also made the bizarre claim that no one on the right has done anything close to a Bernie bro style attack , like shooting up a congressional ball field or throwing rocks through someone’s windows , or attacking and assaulting someone with different campaigns.

It would appear that Dana has been living quietly under a rock , not to be aware of the many cases of right-wing lunatics who have gone on shooting sprees. Nikolas Cruz , who murdered seventeen of his fellow students at Stoneman Douglas High School earlier this year ; Dylann Roof , who shot up a church of African-American parishioners ; the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter , Robert Dear , who was inspired by anti Planned Parenthood propaganda ; the Pizzagate shooter who was inspired by anti Clinton conspiracies peddled by the likes of Alex Jones ; Amanda and Jerad Miller , both anti government wing nuts who shot three Las Vegas police officers. And this past Friday , a white supremacist killing eleven in a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburg , are several worth mentioning.

Liberals and progressives are not radicalized by their ideology to pick up AR-15’s and shoot up churches , synagogues , and public schools. The same cannot be said about conservative ideology. But tell that to a die-hard liberal hating conservative and they’ll either make up a ton of BS to prove you a lying libtard , or repeat the Steve Scalise shooting and the afore-mentioned examples as definitive proof that leftist ideology is inherently more violent. Liberal ideology is acceptance and tolerance of others , conservative ideology is the opposite.

Southern Poverty Law Center has documented hundreds of cases of members of anti government , Sovereign Citizens , and white supremacist groups committing violence , involved in mass shootings or other forms of attacks on African , Jewish , Muslim Americans , and police officers.

Dana is either being disingenuous , or is genuinely stupid. My guess would be a bit of both.

Earlier this week , Loesch appeared on Hannity to claim that liberals may attempt to beat up Trump supporters , replace their MAGA hats with Obama , Bernie , and Hillary hats , all in an effort to frame conservatives as violent.

“We know it’s liberals who are violent , Sean , not conservatives , ” Dana said. “And we’ve witnessed that violence quite a bit lately , what with the Kavanaugh hearing , when leftist mobs gathered to destroy the reputation of one man who was obviously framed by a radical feminist , and also where mobs of one to three liberals have gone into restaurants to harass Republican senators and throw out their food because they didn’t like what they were eating , or snatch the hats off the heads of Trump supporters while screaming obscenities at them , like calling them MAGAT heads or something.”

“Or put a MAGA supporters fist in their face at one of his rallies and claim that president Trump encourages violence ,” Hannity said. “Or Trump haters literally beating each other up and claiming him and his supporters are violent.”

“That’s right , Sean. But what worries me most about the leftist mob , is this disturbing trend of violence we’ve seen directed at conservatives , like the violent rhetoric that led to the shooting of Steve Scalise , Maxine Waters telling people to get in the face of Republicans , and Eric Holder telling the leftist mob to kick conservatives. This is a trend that I’ve been warning conservatives about for some time , Sean , in fact since the Steve Scalise shooting by a Bernie Bro. Things are only going to get worse with liberals becoming more and more unhinged , and I’m afraid it’s going to escalate in a final culmination of violence. I believe that in the next few weeks , leading up to , and after the mid terms , we may see liberals becoming so desperate that they may start beating Trump supporters , replace their MAGA hats with Obama , Hillary , and Bernie hats , and then blame the violence on conservatives , just as they’ve blamed the so-called MAGA bomber on president Trump and the right , so they can then say something like , look the victim was wearing a Obama , Hillary , or Bernie Bro hat , so the shooter must have been a MAGA supporter. I even said this on twitter , Sean , and it was met with some of the most vicious attacks by unhinged leftists.”

“We’ve got the tweet on-screen , ” Hannity said , “along with the hateful , vicious response from the left , with the filthy language blacked out.”

Dems and leftist mobs are getting desperate. With mid terms coming up , leftist mobs may resort to violence. Like attempting to beat up MAGA supporters and replace their hats with Obama , Hillary , and Bernie hats , just to make conservatives look bad? Just asking. Vote Republican!

When conservatives aren’t clutching their pearls over leftist mobs and migrant caravans , their heads are in their r**r e**s. Liberals have no interest in stealing MAGA hats from Trump supporters , much less beat them up. If there is any violence , it will be from MAGA supporters when Dems take back the House in November. Vote Justice Democrat!

“This is the kind of violent rhetoric I’m talking about , Sean. Conservatives can’t even ask a legitimate question on twitter without the leftist mob calling for their heads.”

“Shocking. Just shameful behavior. It’s just as bad as shooting a gun. They may as well just shoot us all. But about your tweet , I can understand wanting to shoot Trump supporters and blaming them to make them look violent , but why would they want to steal the MAGA hats of Trump supporters and replace them with Obama , Bernie , and Hillary Hats?”

“To frame conservatives as violent , radical extremists , Sean.”

“That makes sense ,” Hannity said. “My God. Stealing MAGA hats and replacing them with Obama , Hillary , and Bernie hats , is literally encouraging mob rule. It’s worse than the mob that gathered outside the senate the day of the Kavanaugh hearing.”

“That’s right , Sean. But what’s worse than liberals beating up Trump supporters and replacing their MAGA hats with Obama , Bernie , and Hillary hats , will be when they start showing up at Trump rallies , beat up his supporters , and replace their MAGA hats with Obama , Hillary , and Bernie hats.”