Fake Antifa Grifter Condradicts Himself On Fox News: ‘Antifa Hates The Democratic Party’ But Joe Biden Must Denounce Them’


Fake Antifa Grifter, Gabriel Nadales, made a recent appearance on America’s most fair and balanced network, Fox News, to complain about the left being mean to Trump supporters at the Million MAGA Moron March, and to call on Sleepy-Stuttering Joe Biden to denounce not only Antifa, but Black Lives Matter.

Nadales is a grifter who falsely claims to be a former member of an alleged group or organization that is not a group or organization, that has no hierarchy or center of command. He has written a book title, Behind The Black Mask: My Time As An Antifa Activist, and is “not surprised in the slightest” that the far left – who oppose fascism – would dare show up to harass his wonderful supporters.

For the last couple of weeks, Joe Biden has been calling for unity among Americans but you know where he could really start?” Nadales said. “He could start by condemning the violence perpetrated against president Trump’s supporters. If Joe Biden really wants unity among Republicans and Democrats, he needs to stand strong with the American people and call Antifa out by name. But he’s probably not going to do that because he’s been on record already saying that it’s just an idea and he doesn’t want to admit that he lied.”

Should Joe Biden call out Antifa by name? No, he should not. First of all, Antifa does not support Biden or the Democratic party and vice versa. Antifa despises the Democrats as much as they do Republicans. They are not fans or followers of the Democratic party, despite what misinformed conservatives claim. They’ve been propagandized by the likes of Fox News and other far-right media to believe that the two are politically and ideologically entertwined. They are not.

From the Daily Beast: “Antifa Loathes Joe Biden. The Racists And Lunatics Love Trump”

Joe Biden does not have to denounce Antifa. He’s done so, anyway, but even if he hadn’t, he has no responsibility to do so, and since this appears to be an attack line Trump might amp up in these last days, it’s important to understand why.

“Why doesn’t Joe Biden have to denounce Antifa? It’s very simple: Antifa doesn’t support him. Antifa is not an organized, top-down outfit with a hierarchy. It’s a loose confederation of mostly far-left groups that believe violence is justified against racist and fascist groups on the right that use violence. They also oppose capitalism and state violence. They don’t support Joe Biden. They don’t support the Democratic party…

I can understand why your average person doesn’t understand this, because they have never encountered such a person.”

I will go so far as to say that another reason they don’t understand, is that they have been conditioned by the media – especially far-right media – into believing that Antifa’s mission is to subvert democracy, and that they – along with any left leaning group or movement – are the real anti-Americans, as opposed to the Republican party which is at the moment, actively engaging in subverting democracy by trying to overturn a fair election by falsely claiming voter fraud.

So, Joe Biden has no responsibility to condemn or denounce Antifa, even though he has already done so, and Black Lives Matter should not be condemned or denounced. They are not a terrorist group despite the bullshit you might hear on social media about them “burning down cities”, “looting and rioting,” and murdering police officers. These are nothing more than lies and talking points.

Nadales falsely claims that the “liberal media” and left-wing politicians have put in a great effort to defend the extremist group Antifa, but despite this heroic effort, Antifa feels no loyalty to Joe Biden or the Democratic party.

He then contradicts this claim by saying the following:

“Joe Biden is actually not the preferred candidate of Antifa. This is a myth that was perpetrated by a lot of people in the mainstream left because they saw Antifa as their ally, because they made it seem like it was primarily against president Trump. But Antifa is a much older movement and hates American values and the Democratic party because they’re against all American institutions.”

If Antifa feels no loyalty to Joe Biden or the Democratic party, why would he be the preferred candidate of their choice? This is a contradiction. All we’ve ever heard from the right is that Antifa and the Democratic party are inseparable, are joined at the hip, like siamese twins, so it makes no sense that they would support him as a candidate, while simultaneously despising him and the Democrats. But logic doesn’t matter to Republicans. They can say anything that doesn’t make sense, and the rubes will swallow it hook, line and sinker.

Actually, Antifa is nothing more than college kids who dress in black and wear masks to conceal their identity for the purpose of opposing fascism. The claim that they hate American values is especially laughable. They literally oppose fascism, state violence, and institutional racism. They are not against family, education, religion, or any other institution or American value such as free speech or liberty.

“And the first step to stopping Antifa is to acknowledge that it is a threat. But, unfortunately, people like Joe Biden, they don’t want to admit that Antifa exists.”

Here’s a fact of reality that conservatives can’t seem to fathom: Antifa is not a threat. It is not a terrorist organization. It is not an organization. It is not morally equivalent to the Klan, or any other white supremacist organization. It is not morally equivalent to Donald Trump supporters, many of whom are white supremacists and Nazis, some of which have committed murder in his name. Antifa is not responsible for a single death. According to the DHS right-wing violence is a greater threat to Americans, not Antifa.

Here’s another fact of reality: I don’t hear a peep out of Republicans about the very real threat from the extremists who support Trump – who terrorize and intimidate anyone who oppose him – such as the Proud Boys, and other white supremacists and Nazis who actually love Donald Trump.

Is this clown willing to call out and denounce Donald Trump supporters for their violence? Not a chance. Is he willing to acknowledge that they are a threat? Not a chance. Is he willing to criticize Donald Trump for his failure to condemn the violence perpetrated by his own supporters? Not a God damn chance.

Unfortunately, for grifters like Nadales, he’s not interested in facts, or telling the truth. The grift of lying to the rubes who support the party and Donald Trump, is much more profitable.

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