The Saga Of Superman Continues: Trump Acknowledges He Was ‘Very Sick’ When He Was Hospitalized For COVID, Has Been Miraculously Cured

Via Fox News –

President Trump acknowledged in a video he tweeted Thursday that he was very sick last week when he was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

“I went into the hospital last week, and I was very sick,” the president said in the video which was recorded Wednesday.

( It appears to be the first time in his life the president has ever gotten sick. “I’ve never even had a cold,” he told Fox News exclusively ).

It appears to be the first time Trump has acknowledged the severity of his condition since he tested positive for the coronavirus. In a separate video the president said he “wasn’t feeling so hot.”

Trump highlighted in the new video that while hospitalized, “I took this medicine and it was incredible!”

In an interview Thursday morning with Maria Bartiromo, Trump touted the experimental anti-body treatment made by Regeneron, saying, “All I know is I had it and I was better within 24 hours. ( I was jumping up and down on the bed. I was doing cartwheels in my hospital room, the hallways, and all over the hospital.

“( I was amazed at how great I felt. The doctors and nurses were amazed at how great I felt. I looked fantastic. I felt fantastic. I was amazed at how fantastic I looked and felt. And when I was released from the hospital and returned to the White House, I immediately put on my Superman cape that I’ve had since I was a kid. I don’t know what was in that medicine they gave me – I felt miraculously cured – but it made me feel like Superman ). I feel perfect now. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to speak to you.”


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