Stupid Conservative Memes #11 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition


The message here they’re trying to sell is obvious : white kid walks into an all black church in South Carolina and murders nine people. “Don’t blame racism , racism had nothing to do with it. He was a lunatic , a mentally disturbed ‘lone wolf ‘, don’t blame it on white supremacy” , even though on his website The Last Rhodesian there were photos of him with racist symbols and his manifesto in which he wrote about how much he hated black people. “But don’t blame it on racism crazy insane racist liberals.”

Actually liberals don’t blame all white people for the actions of a shooter like Dylann Roof. But anti-liberal Conservatives do. If the shooter is a black person or a Muslim , his behavior is typical of the entire race. “Today’s moderate Muslim is tomorrow’s terrorist‘. They immediately blame everyone , including liberals , Democrats , Obama , and the so-called liberal media. 

This meme doesn’t expose liberals. It exposes the intellectual laziness of Liberal Logic 101. 



One Reply to “Stupid Conservative Memes #11 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition”

  1. Another ultra liberal pro sexual assault of minors Judge, appointed by a crazy Democratic Governor in California. Cancels prison time and gives the rapist probation after he molested a 12 year old girl. Wonderful job Democrats. And gee, we don’t hear anyone upset about this as if all the liberal crackpots in Cali approve of this kind of justice. And we wonder why sexual abuse of women is skyrocketing. Look no further than our justice system, infected with liberal pro criminal judges like Michael Washington outta San Diego, California. Thanks Moonbeam! Great choice. Maybe you can appoint Harvey Weinstein as a Judge next time, too! It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood….weeeeeeeee


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