Mark Levin – AKA The Great One by conservatives who actually think he knows anything about politics, but sounds more like a buffoon and usually proves it every time he opens his mouth – is a race baiting white nationalist.

In a Daily Banter article, Ben Cohen once described him thus:

“There is no one the joyless Levin hates more than President Obama – a man who represents everything Levin is not. Obama is charismatic, powerful and charming, while Levin is physically repellant and about as likeable as a fart in an elevator.

“Referred to as the ‘Great One’ by Sean Hannity, Levin is a repulsive stereotype of Republican assholishness. His nasally, high pitched whining about liberals and gays passes for political commentary in America, but really is a giant projection of his revenge fantasies against all those nasty boys who were better looking than him in high school, and talked to the girls he liked.”

Recently, Levin claimed Black Lives Matter is the same as the Klan.

Black Lives Matter is the equivalent of the KKK in terms of its racism, in terms of its Anti-Semitism, in terms of its Anti-Americanism,” Levin preached to the rubes in his audience, during an unhinged rant about CNN. “And this is the point that the Left refuses to acknowledge, and in fact, attacks anyone who mentions it.”

First of all, consider how stupid the first part of that statement is. In the seven years that Black Lives Matter has existed, I don’t recall them ever owning slaves, lynching anyone, or burning crosses. But according to this buffoon, they’re no different or better than a racist organization that terrorized and murdered thousands of people. Yeah, just like the Klan.

The Left refuses to acknowledge it because it’s insane. Levin is playing to an audience of dipshits and rubes who will believe anything another conservative says no matter how insane it is. The sky is yellow. Check. Barney the purple dinosaur is a communist. Check. Democrats are socialists. Check.

Levin is not the first conservative to make this claim. Back in 2015, Tomi Lahren made the same lame comparison. Virtually every conservative – both white and black – has either said it out loud, or honestly believes Black Lives Matter is factually comparable to the Klan. To claim that a civil rights, social justice movement that has members and supporters of all races, that have never called for violence, that have killed no one, to suggest that they can logically and morally be compared to a white supremacist organization that regularly engaged in – and whose off shoot groups and supporters continue to engage in violence against American citizens – is fucking insane.

“I don’t care if they attack me this is a Marxist, anarchist organization that believes in the overthrow of the United States. This is what they told us this is what they believe in, and yet Don Lemon keeps running interference for them as he did for Antifa.”

They believe in reforming the criminal justice system, not overthrowing the government. They didn’t tell anyone that’s what they want to do, and it’s not something they believe in.

There are extremists that do want to overthrow the government, and those are groups like the Boogaloo Bois, white nationalists, and conservative Anti-government groups, and Levin and conservatives keep running defense for them like they did after the Charleston shooting, and Charlottesville.

Not only has this buffoon compared BLM to the Klan, but has recently said, America hates the Klan and the neo-Nazis and America has to learn to hate Black Lives Matter and Antifa with the same resolve…

Say what?

From Media Matters:

“It’s the Democrats, it’s the Marxists, it’s Black Lives Matter. They are the ones that have been rioting, looting, burning with the support of the Democratic party and the best the Democratic party can do now is send Biden out every now and then to say,’ I don’t support looting and rioting no matter who does it.’

“Who’s doing it Joe? Who’s doing it Joe? Must be the Klan and the neo-Nazis. They’re the ones. America hates the Klan and the neo-Nazis, and America has to learn to hate Black Lives Matter with the same resolve because all these extremist organizations hate the country and are trying to destroy us from within. The difference is I recognize this and you recognize this, but the Democrats party is saddled up to the other side, to the nuts on the left. Whereas we reject the nuts on the right as constitutional conservatives.”

No, it’s not the Democrats, and it’s not Marxist. It’s Americans from all walks of life, races, ethnicities and identities who want to improve the system, who are marching in the streets, who are fed up with a racist system that allows law enforcement to murder African Americans with impunity. Right-wing media focuses on the tiny amount of rioting to smear an entire movement as violent, and none of it is condoned or supported by the Democratic party. The Democratic party is just as pro law enforcement as are the Republicans. Buffoon’s like Levin either know this, are genuinely stupid, or are just lying.

There are people who do hate America and would like to overthrow it. Who’s doing it, Levin? Who’s doing it? They’re called the Republican party. That’s who. They’re the Nazis, the white nationalists, and the other dipshits and rubes who support a fascist president and a fascist party, who wouldn’t hesitate to carry out acts of violence. This isn’t fiction. It’s fact. It’s been well-documented. The Christchurch massacre in New Zealand. The El Paso shooting in Texas. The Tree Of Life massacre in Pittsburgh. The United The Unite The  Right in Charlottesville. The shooting in Charleston, South Carolina perpetrated by Dylann Roof.

Their goal is to rid America of the ‘hordes of immigrants who are threatening to invade and overrun America to replace western civilization and the white populace.’

This is a white nationalist belief, and the Republican party, Fox News and right-wing media have been pushing this for years with their rhetoric.

It’s certainly not Black Lives Matter or Antifa, and to draw an equivalence between far right hate groups and Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and to claim that conservatives reject the radical extremists in their own party and movement – give me a fucking break. America may hate the Klan, and Nazis, but conservatives certainly don’t hate them. They ran defense for them after Charlottesville; they have tolerated them at most.

Back in 2015 when Dylann Roof slaughtered nine in an all black church, Levin claimed that his motive had nothing to do with white supremacy. Levin doesn’t mind that his party is full of white supremacists and conspiracy believing lunatics. Levin doesn’t care that white supremacists, neo-Confederates and Nazis make up a good percentage of Trump supporters, nor does he care that they are a greater domestic terror threat according to data from the FBI. He doesn’t care. Republicans don’t care. They will deny realty and repeat the lie that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are the more violent threat.

The Democratic party bends over backwards to please and to kowtow to Republicans at every opportunity, and often refuses to fight back and stand up to Republicans. The party is just as pro corp. as Republicans. The party has refused to endorse Bernie Sanders on multiple occasions, has denied him the presidential nomination repeatedly, have shit talked him repeatedly on their news shows, have refused to endorse a Green New Deal, or a single payer healthcare plan, and yet the Republicans continue to push the myth that they are a party of radical socialists and Marxists. God damn laughable. They want nothing to do with socialism, as their rhetoric and actions have proven.

Conservatives on the other hand, have openly embraced fascism, and have willingly played defense for Nazis, and white nationalists. This is a party that is saddled up to their eyeballs with bigots and racists. This is a party that – for the most part – has refused to purge their ranks of Nazis and white supremacists. The 2018 primaries and midterms saw white supremacists running uncontested by right-wing media. I don’t recall any conservative pundits who were critical of it. They don’t mind having these extremists in their ranks. If they did, they would make an effort to purge the party of the alt right extremists. They would get on their news shows disavowing and condemning them, instead of running defense for them, and pretending that white supremacy is a myth, that the Left is an out of control mob that is causing all of the violence.

This is a party that has – for the most part – defended a president who morally equated Anti-racist protesters to Nazis and white nationalists in Charlottesville, and Levin was among them. His lap dogs in the media also defended it. Prager U produced a video claiming that it was a hoax cooked up by the liberal media to make him look bad.

This is a party that dismissed and downplayed the seriousness of explosives sent to Democrats and the media in 2018 by a radical Trump supporter – as a Democratic hoax. This is a president who cannot bring himself to condemn neo-Nazis and supremacists because he knows a significant  number of his supporters are Nazis, supremacists and neo-confederates, but has no problem condemning Black Lives Matter and Anti-fascists as terrorists, despite the fact that they have not been responsible for any deaths.

This is a party that has continued to support a president who has downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus, a president who has refused to wear a mask in public, who has failed to take any responsibility in helping to contain the virus by failing to encourage his supporters to wear a mask around others, by encouraging schools and businesses to open early, and by failing to encourage self isolation. And now the God Emperor himself has COVID – allegedly – and he has no one but himself to blame. Apparently Karma has bitten the dipshit right in the ass.

This is a buffoon – Levin – who back in 2015 claimed that Dylann Roof’s motive for murder had nothing to do with white supremacy, and who has recently said that the president of the United States has no relationship – no history whatsoever – with white supremacists or white supremacy.

So, when this buffoon says that America hates the Klan and Nazis, and that Black Lives Matter are the equivalent of the Klan, anyone who is not a Kool aid drinking, knuckle dragging troglodyte, knows he’s full of shit. The Republican party tolerates the Klan, neo-Nazis, and neo-Confederates. This was crystal clear after Charlottesville. They will deny their racism until they’re blue in the face, and play the victim, pretending they are the real victims of racism by BLM, and will wave and carry their signs that read, “All Lives Matter,” and “White Lives Matter, and defend confederate symbols and imagery. If they truly believe all lives matter, they would embrace Black Lives Matter, because clearly, black lives do not matter to the current system.

As for Black Lives Matter being equivalent to the Klan. When was the last time they burned a cross on the lawn of a white person? When was the last time they lynched a white person for the color of their skin? When was the last time they sold a white person into slavery?

Levin is a buffoon and a dipshit, and anyone with an ounce of integrity would be embarrassed to say something so stupid, but apparently, Levin has no integrity, which is why no half way decent news network would hire him.

Mark Levin: “We Have To Pretend To Hate The Klan, And Nazis, So We Won’t Seem So Racist By Smearing Black Lives Matter As Racist”

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Dana And The Lap Dogs



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An unbiased , elitist , lap dog , lone beacon of truth in a sea of leftist lying libtards.

🍁Dana Loesch is a conservative commentator , AKA a Republican party mouth piece , gun nut , and an eager lap dog for the NRA. She’s currently employed at The Blaze , where truth supposedly lives , despite  little evidence to support this claim. Most liberals know her for the unabashed hypocrite she is , but Dana couldn’t care less about her own hypocrisy. She only cares when it’s liberals who are hypocrites.   

Recently Dana released a video accusing liberals who oppose the new president , of being terrorists. Liberals for the most part , saw it as thinly veiled threat against protesters. Others saw it for the ridiculous video it was ; it was nothing more than a mishmash of anti-liberal talking points , falsehoods , with an over abundance of hypocrisy , designed to appeal to the emotions of the sheep in her audience who will believe every word she says without question. The message : that all those who oppose the new president ( or any Republican president ) are not only unpatriotic , but enemies of freedom.     

The idea that anyone who opposes or even criticizes the current president is unpatriotic or anti-American , is not only absurd , but hypocritical. For eight years Dana and her like-minded lap dogs in the conservative media , which is every bit as main stream , and even more biased as the media she so often criticizes , did nothing but attack and criticize the last president over everything he said and did. He took too many vacations , he played too much golf. He was Hitler for health care reform , he was Hitler for executive orders. They told us he hated America and wanted to destroy it with Ebola , and yet , not one American succumbed to the virus. They told us that he was racist and hated law enforcement , over criticisms of the actions of a white police officer , and that he never attended the funerals of police officers killed in the line of duty , despite attending the services of slain police officers. They told us that he was a Muslim who sided with Muslim terrorists  , while ignoring his drone war on terror in seven different places around the world. 

Dana and her fellow lap dogs in the conservative media often claim to be the sole beacons of truth and accuracy besieged by a liberal media full of bias and lies. If they are so concerned about violence , then why haven’t they reported on the violence and intimidation against minorities since the election of the current president? Southern Poverty Law Center compiled an extensive list  of attacks. Why didn’t she mention any of these incidents in her video? Why didn’t she mention the six , predominantly black southern churches that were burned down from 2014 , to 2016? Why didn’t she mention the nine black parishioners that were gunned down by white supremacist Dylann Roof? Why didn’t she mention the murders of six Muslims outside a Canadian mosque , by Trump supporter  Alexandre Bissonette? Why didn’t she mention the Planned Parenthood shooting by radical Christian Robert Dear , that Ted Cruz claimed was done by a leftist transgender? She never mentioned any of these incidents because it was right wing violence. Violence that Conservatives will never admit to and will never own. By ignoring their own radical extremism , it enables them to continue to peddle their fantasies of a violent , Godless Left. 

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Stupid Conservative Memes #57 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

If conservatives really believed this , they would not be so quick to judge all Muslims as terrorists. When it comes to terrorism , they have a double standard. When a Muslim shooter commits jihad , all Muslims are accountable for the actions of the one , and must denounce it to appease conservatives. When a white person kills a black individual  , even if the motivation is obviously racial , as was the case with Dylann Roof , Conservatives immediately go into their song and dance routine to avoid the elephant in the room : Racism? What does racism have to do with it? Christians are real victims here! Because Christians are the most persecuted majority in America , and their religious freedom is viciously under assault by Obama , liberals , and gay people , who want them to bake wedding cakes for them.

 When it’s not the Christian victim mentality , it’s the white victim mentality. White people are not accountable for the actions of the one , and are not required to denounce it to appease all black people. Therefore it would be racist to assume all white people are responsible for Dylann Roof. But it’s fair to assume all Muslims are radical extremists , and are responsible for the actions of one Muslim shooter.

Do conservatives see the hypocrisy? 

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Stupid Conservative Memes #54 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

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Racist Conservative Media Rules For Guns And Blame …     

1) If a white person shoots black people , as Dylann Roof did , don’t blame the white guy. Don’t assume all white people are racist. Don’t assume Roof’s actions represent a white supremacist ideology. Don’t assume his actions represent an entire group of people – white. Blame libtards , Democrats , Barack Obama. They’re the real racists.

2) “If a Christian terrorist shoots up a Planned Parenthood facility and kills three people , don’t blame Christians. Don’t assume Robert Dear’s actions represent an entire religion. Don’t assume decades of anti-abortion propaganda and rhetoric had anything to do with it , like Bill O’Reilly referring to George Tiller , as Tiller the baby killer , or that Margret Sanger’s purpose for creating PP was to exterminate black babies. Instead ,  Blame libtards , Democrats , and Barack Obama , since they support abortion rights , and without this mentality , it never would have happened. Or better yet , blame those filthy libtard transgenders.”

3) “If an American Muslim shoots and kills forty-nine gay people in a night club , blame Islam and all Muslims. Don’t blame Christian anti-gay propaganda ; it had absolutely nothing to do with it. Unlike fundamentalist Islam , Christians  don’t have anti-gay bigot extremists on their side ,  people like Kevin Swanson , and Scott Lively , who want to kill gay people , or thousands of others who call themselves Christians who also believe gay people should be exterminated like rats.”
For years Conservative Christians attacked Barack Obama for his attendance in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Chicago church. And yet the media , and especially the Conservative media have failed to hold Republican politicians , like Ted Cruz , and Mike Huckabee , and Christian groups like The Family Research Council , and The American Family Association , accountable for their anti-gay bigotry. If these same politicians believe Barack Obama is an anti-white racist simply for attending a church that was mostly black , then Republican politicians must also be held to the same standards  for their attendance at The National Religious Liberties Convention organized by pastor Kevin Swanson who has advocated for the deaths of homosexuals. By appearing at these types of events , we must assume that they too believe  gay people should be put to death. These people are Christians – allegedly – and believe the bible is the literal word of God.

4) “If someone shoots a Democrat , as in the case of Jared Loughner , shooting Gabrielle Gifford’s  , don’t blame the NRA for its support of mass gun proliferation. Don’t blame the Republican party for being bought off by the NRA , for betraying the American people , voting against any gun control after every shooting , but instead offering their meaningless prayers. Blame Democrats , libtards , and Barack Obama , because they supported gun control , and wanted to take everyone’s guns away.”    

5) “If a Christian shoots a Muslim , as white supremacist Alexandre Bissonette did , again don’t blame all white people , and don’t blame Christians. There is  no such thing as a white Christian terrorist. Only Muslims are terrorists. Only Muslims kill in the name of their religion or in the name of God.”
After this joker killed six Muslims in a Quebec mosque , initial reports , led by the race baiting Conservative media , identified the shooter as a Moroccan foreigner , because , of course , only Muslims are terrorists. And according to Alex Jones , it was a false flag – why? who really knows – and Bissonette must have converted to Islam before he decided to kill them , which only makes sense to Jones’ fans. 

6) “When a black person shoots a cop , especially a white cop , blame all black people. Blame libtards , Democrats , Barack Obama , and especially Black Lives Matter.”
The five Dallas officers , the Baton Rouge , and the New York police officers. Their deaths were the fault of Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter because – according to the racist Conservative media – of a ( non-existent ) race war  against cops.
Even the deaths of two Iowa police officers , Justin Martin , and Tony Beminio ,  by a white supremacist , Scott Greene , were blamed on Obama , and Black Lives Matter , by racist twitter trolls.

“Any other shooting , don’t blame guns. Don’t blame the NRA. Guns don’t kill people. Gun free zones do. Shooting victims get themselves killed for being unarmed. If anyone is to blame , it’s libtards , Democrats , Barack Obama , and Black Lives Matter.

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Stupid Conservative Memes #43 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

Liberal Logic 101 , proudly displaying their stupidity and racism.

No , liberals were not outraged that black people did not riot in the wake of the Charleston shooting. They were outraged that a white supremacist by the name of Dylann Roof murdered nine people. They were outraged that the Conservative media shamelessly defended a flag that represents centuries of slavery , Jim Crow , and racism. They were outraged that the media bent over backward to deny that it had anything to do with race. They were outraged that every time an unarmed black individual is wrongfully killed by law enforcement , they are condemned by the media as thugs , criminals who got what they deserved. They were outraged that every time there is a shooting by a Muslim American , all Muslims are assumed terrorists. They were outraged that every time there is a shooting by a white supremacist , they are classified as lone wolves. They were outraged that the media portrayed the event as if the motive were a hate crime against Christians , instead of what it was really about : Racism.  

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Stupid Conservative Memes #23


 Truth and honesty has never been a strong point with Conservatives. I’ve never heard a liberal say that  all white people should be held accountable for the actions of someone like Dylann Roof. What liberals are saying is that White America needs to take responsibility for its violent , racial past. Conservatives don’t understand this. When liberals point this out , Conservatives pretend the white race is under attack.

Conservatives have a double standard when it comes to terrorism : when a mass shooting occurs by Muslim jihad , its terrorism. Mainstream Conservative media are quick to blame all Muslims. When its white anti-government  jihad like Dylann Roof who massacres nine people in a black church , it’s not terrorism. He’s a troubled , lone wolf. They even go out of their way to claim there was no racial motive.

I say that’s bullshit. 

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Stupid Conservative Memes #11 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition


The message here they’re trying to sell is obvious : white kid walks into an all black church in South Carolina and murders nine people. “Don’t blame racism , racism had nothing to do with it. He was a lunatic , a mentally disturbed ‘lone wolf ‘, don’t blame it on white supremacy” , even though on his website The Last Rhodesian there were photos of him with racist symbols and his manifesto in which he wrote about how much he hated black people. “But don’t blame it on racism crazy insane racist liberals.”

Actually liberals don’t blame all white people for the actions of a shooter like Dylann Roof. But anti-liberal Conservatives do. If the shooter is a black person or a Muslim , his behavior is typical of the entire race. “Today’s moderate Muslim is tomorrow’s terrorist‘. They immediately blame everyone , including liberals , Democrats , Obama , and the so-called liberal media. 

This meme doesn’t expose liberals. It exposes the intellectual laziness of Liberal Logic 101.