Politically Correct Terms Conservatives Love … Part 1

Tomi Lahren  , aka White Privilege Barbie , aka Trump lover , hates political correctness , flips out when someone doesn’t stand for the National Anthem.

Conservatives are perpetual victims. They often bemoan that the Left has become too politically correct , especially in the age of Obama. It’s no longer appropriate to say what’s on your mind or criticize someone without offending a bleeding heart liberal , they say. Like Clint Eastwood recently observed , today’s generation has become the pussy generation. He was talking about liberals , but he should have included Conservatives in that statement , since they too have their own political correctness , and get easily offended.

  1. “Secularism” = anti-Christian , anti-God. For eight years Conservatives have claimed that atheists , liberals and Obama have waged a war on the religious freedom of Christians. According to them , Obama hates Christians and is openly persecuting them , from his attendance in Reverend Wright’s church , where he supposedly learned to hate not only America , but Christianity through Black Liberation Theology , to his 2015 Prayer Breakfast speech where he criticized violence committed in the name of religion , including Christianity. Conservatives and Christians saw this as a personal attack and  in the alternate reality  in which they reside , he is persecuting  a majority of the population , as if they are no longer allowed to pray , and that the Supreme Court under Obama has outlawed God.
  2. Anti-gay bigotry = “religious freedom”. March 26 , 2015 , Mike Pence , then governor of Indiana , signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. As if religious freedom were ever in danger. Conservatives have used this law to justify their bigotry , going so far as to raise funds for businesses  that refuse to provide service to gay people , based on their religious beliefs , and claiming they  themselves are the real  victims , and that they are the new civil rights movement , even as they support  laws that restrict or inhibit the civil rights of others. Conservatives fail to notice the irony.
  3. Happy Holidays = “anti-Christmas.” Every year Fox News and Conservatives complain that liberals are attempting to take Christ out of Christmas by saying Happy Holidays instead of the politically correct term , Merry Christmas.
  4.  “Socialist” , “communist”  = any Democratic or Independent politician , be it Barack Obama , or Bernie Sanders who supports progress , change in a positive , progressive direction.
  5. Anti-abortion = “pro-life.” The irony here is that many pro-life Conservatives support the death penalty , and also support war and torture.
  6. “Thug” = a black person who peacefully protests racial injustice , and/or has the misfortune of being shot by police officers even while complying with the law , as in the case of Alton Sterling , Philando Castile , and Michael Brown.
  7. “Welfare queen” = Lazy black woman.
  8. “People who want Free stuff” = lazy black people who want free handouts , such as welfare , food stamps , Obama phones , etc.. See also welfare queen.
  9. Anti-gay = “pro-family.”
  10. “Liberal bias” =  anything that doesn’t support the ultra-Conservative point of view. Facts.  

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