Dumb Blonde Shreds Obama , Beyonce , And Jesse Williams In Epic Rant : Says What Other Idiots Are Thinking

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“Stop talking about racism , black people. Get over yourselves. I won’t apologize for my whiteness.”

You may have recently heard of Tomi Lahren. She’s one of the Right’s newest young voices in race-baiting.

Tomi graduated from Central High , and later from UNLV in Las Vegas. She later moved to San Diego , California where she was soon offered her own show with One America News. While hosting her own show , On Point With Tomi Lahren , she delivered her senseless , absurd anti-Obama rant , in response to the Chattanooga shootings. She quickly launched into a tirade against Barack Obama , blaming him for the shooting deaths of four  Marines.

This is the typical go to response from Conservatives. Blame the president for every Muslim related – and non-related – shooting simply because he refuses to utter the magic words , “radical Islamic terrorism” , which to them is proof that he is soft on and has a friendly to jihadis mentality. Never mind that Obama has ordered thousands of air strikes against ISIS. This is his “halfbaked , be friendly to jihadis” mentality? Is she really this stupid?

This fact doesn’t even register in the minds of people like Lahren. Facts in general , when it comes to his foreign policy , don’t matter. They would rather believe that Barack Obama is on the side of radical Islamic terrorists , and that he’s playing footsies with ISIS , while he silently cheers them on as they run amok , or that he doesn’t give a damn about terrorism because he hates America. Both of which are insane.

Some of these people actually believe that ISIS has training camps here in the United States. Her current employer , Glen Beck – who once claimed that Obama has a deep seated hatred of white people and white culture – claimed last year on his radio show , that ISIS had set up camp in Mexico , eight miles from the southern border. Beck’s source was Judicial Watch , the snot rag published by Pamela Geller.

The fact that someone has a college education , doesn’t necessarily mean they are intelligent. And Tomi is no exception. She’s not intelligent enough to see things objectively , especially when it comes to politics. Her emotions and prejudices blind her to reality , which is most likely the reason Glen Beck hired her at The Blaze , where Truth Does Not Live.

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Yes , she really said that.

Her other rants on Beyonce , and Jesse Williams were just as absurd. Tomi , like most Conservatives of her mindset , feel uncomfortable with liberal black folk  discussing racial issues , unless they’re Conservatives. Only Conservatives can talk about race. Otherwise they’re just race-baiting and need to shut up. And Apparently it’s race-baiting when black performers complain about  unarmed black men and women getting shot by police offers ; it’s race-baiting when protesting the shooting death of Michael Brown ; it’s race-baiting when criticizing the shooting of a twelve year old boy who was playing with a toy gun ; it’s race-baiting when questioning the death of Sandra Bland ; and it’s race-baiting when a bi-racial president has the audacity to say he could have had a son like Trayvon Martin. But it’s not race-baiting when Tomi Lahren says that Black Lives Matter is the New KKK?

Was she suggesting that Freddie Gray was responsible for his death?

Was she suggesting that Eric Garner was responsible for his death?

Was she suggesting that Tamir Rice was responsible for his death?

Was she suggesting that Alton Sterling , and Philando Castile were responsible for their deaths?

Or was she suggesting that black people are actively lynching and murdering white people?

Black Lives Matter are the New KKK? Really? Not only is that irresponsible to say , but it’s insulting. It’s insulting to those who actually were lynched and murdered by the KKK simply because of the color of their skin.

If anything , it’s the idiots who listen to and believe the Bullshit that comes out of the mouth of Tomi Lahren , and others like her , that are the New KKK , and Tomi is their new face.


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