Stupid Conservative Memes #53 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

#1. Conservative arguments against same-sex marriage , are some of the most ridiculous. It’s unnatural! The bible condemns it! They’re like Nazis , who want to force everyone else to be gay , and participate in gay weddings! Those who partake in it are nothing more than perverts , pedophiles , rapists! They won’t be satisfied with just gay marriage! Next they will be demanding the right to marry horses , dogs , cats , kangaroos , parakeets , blow up dolls , blenders , and microwave ovens!   

According to Conservative Christians , God created traditional marriage , intended it to be between a man and a woman , and that no one has the right to change its definition.

Religions are myths , fairy tales created by human beings. The idea that any god created marriage is absurd. It has existed since civilized human beings have existed , for thousands of years before Christianity existed , as have same-sex unions. So-called traditional marriage in the bible is polygamy. 

Opponents of same-sex marriage want to ban or outlaw it based on religion, not anything based in reality. Fortunately , we live in a country where law is not based on religious dogma and superstition, but a Constitution.

Marriage is not a Constitutional right , but Conservatives would howl with rage if same-sex proponents suggested banning it on the basis that it’s not a Constitutional right. They would be called bigots , and supporters of traditional marriage would proclaim it an inalienable right , and they would be correct. But somehow , those who vehemently oppose gay marriage , and want to abolish it , shamelessly deny their bigotry , and often claim they are the real victims.

If so-called traditional marriage is an inalienable right , so are same-sex unions , and marriages.

#2. This is correct. The second amendment does not guarantee the right to own a hand gun. When the Constitution was written , hand guns and every other type of firearm that we have today , did not exist.  The second amendment is not an absolute right to own any weapon of choice , including a hand gun. There are certain restrictions on what type of fire arm can be owned , but many gun loving enthusiasts believe the second amendment gives them the absolute right to own any type of weapon they want. Conservatives have no problem with the NRA rewriting the second amendment , but pitch a hissy fit over the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage , and Obama Care.

On the subject of religion , it does guarantee the right to practice any religion without government interference. To suggest that liberals claim there is no Constitutional right to exercise one’s religious freedom , is absurd. 


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