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Anyone who is not a Fox News Kool aid drinker, knows what their Ebola freakout versus their coronavirus non-freakout, was really about: race. As the Young Turks Cenk Uygur is find of saying, ‘Of course! Of course!’
Obama was their bogey man. The dark skinned Muslim, the Marxist communist who hates America, who is not like us, who doesn’t love America like you and I do, as Rudy Giuliani once said on Fox News, who toured the middle East apologizing for America’s greatness – when he wasn’t paying golf or taking endless vacations on the tax payers expense, that is; who spent his entire presidency trying to confiscate everyone’s guns, while simultaneously trying to figure out how to kill us all with Ebola as revenge for slavery, as Rush Limburger once suggested to his audience of twelve, so he wouldn’t have to put us all in FEMA camps.
Recently, Fox News talking heads were complaining that Democrats were blaming Trump for the new strain. No one was blaming him for anything but his lackadaisical response.
There were two deaths from Ebola in the U.S. Fox News freaked out and accused Obama of lying and putting the public in danger. Trump allegedly fires or releases certain staff from the pandemic preparedness response team, takes no responsibility, and yet it’s unfair to criticize him?
There will not not be a vaccine available for some time. People are dying, people are losing their jobs, and the economy looks as if it might be on the edge of collapsing. Who knows what’s next?

Creepy Pro-Trump Stepford Wives Think Daddy Does No Wrong / Secular Talk With Kyle Kulinski

More like embarrassing.

Idiots like this had no problem criticizing the government when the Black Guy was in the White House. But when there’s a white, bigoted Republican in the House, it’s unamerican to criticize the government, especially if you are a POC.

The Best Of Trump Maga Chumps

“He married immigrants , ” the first Maga Chump said. “What does that tell you? Does that make him racist?”

They completely over look or ignore the fact that Trump is a birther. Putting that particular issue aside , all it takes is a little research to answer that question. But these are the people who made him show his birth certificate , and when you ask them if they believe Obama is an anti white racist , they will say yes , and their ‘proof’ will be Reverend Wright , Black Lives Matter , Trayvon Martin , and the fact that he dared criticize a white cop.

And if you tell them , ‘But ninety-nine percent of the people he worked with , were white ,’ they would ignore that too.

“Michele Bachmann: Our Prayers Fixed Saudí Arabía! Hooray!” on YouTube

The crazy religious right now fawning over the Saudis because … Trump.

Under Obama they were evil Islamists ( which they were ) , but under Trump they’re somehow reformed. Trump , with his godlike powers somehow made them better.

All praise president Trump!

Kyle Kulinsky breaks down the idiocy.