Rachel Compost-Duffy: January 06 Insurrectionists Were Patriots

FeaturedRachel Compost-Duffy: January 06 Insurrectionists Were Patriots

As I have said in previous posts, Rachel Compost-Duffy is perhaps the dumbest pundit on the Fox News channel, which she confirms each and every time she opens her mouth. She knows nothing about politics. The only reason the network has her on at all is because her husband is a former senator ( who is just as unintelligent as she is ) and she’s not embarrassed that she is out of touch and ignorant. She’s willing to say anything, no matter how absurd it is, as long it confirms the caricature that conservatives have of the Democratic party in general – that they are socialists, communists, unpatriotic, and anti-American. In short, Republicans accuse them of everything that is true about themselves. One has only to look to the Capitol riot and the Republican party’s involvement and open support of it.

George Bush’s 9/11 anniversary speech triggered Duffy because he mentioned that domestic terrorism was as just as much a threat to America as foreign terrorism. The fact that she’s a dimwit, she felt compelled to defend the insurrectionists as patriots because they had flags and were pissed about the election result. On the other hand, Islamic terrorists just want to kill Americans because they hate America and Western Civilization.

“And I think motivations matter,” she said. “The Islamic terrorists want to kill Americans. They hate America. They have lots of reasons for that.

“Regardless of what you think about what happened on January 06, the people there went in with the flags. They were not America haters. They were people who were angry and expressing their anger in a very bad way about an election result. Those are not equivalent things.”

The purpose of the siege of the Capitol was to kill Americans – Mike Pence, for instance. Conservatives – in particular, the most extreme Trump supporters – hate America and want to kill leftists. Their intention was not only to kill Mike Pence – they were ready to hang him with a gallows – if he didn’t go along with Trump and his cronies and nullify state votes which Biden won. By their actions, they were demonstrating their hatred for democracy and the Constitution in their efforts to nullify a democratic election by attempting to steal it through false claims of fraud. They are the very definition of “America haters.” They hate democracy so much they would rather have their own dictator.

Fanatical members in the cult of Trump stormed the Washington Capitol hoping to overturn through violence a democratic election because their chosen dictator failed to win. They were pissed to no end. They believed Trump’s lies and those of his cronies in Congress and the media, that feeble, sleepy Joe Biden was too weak to do it himself, so he had the ghost of Hugo Chavez, Dominion, and George Soros do his dirty work. That’s what happened. It wasn’t the feds who instigated the whole thing, who set up the innocent Trump supporters into committing an insurrection. It was Trump, his cronies in Congress and the media who amplified the Big Lie that the election was stolen by the Democrats, and all of the other lies.

But, according to conservative narrative, right after it happened, it was Antifa disguised as Trump supporters. Then when that narrative fell apart, it was the FBI that was really behind it all, the deep state. They forced all of those innocent and unsuspecting Trump supporters to believe the lies of election fraud. They were just like rats being lured into unsuspecting traps set by the feds. Trump, his cronies in Congress and media had nothing at all to do with it. The Big Lie in no way compelled them to march to the Capitol to do what they did. It was all of those FBI informants whispering “sedition” and “insurrection” into their innocent little ears.

This is the new lie, and they have no intention of bearing any responsibility for it whatsoever. They will forever blame it on the Democrats, the deep state, the FBI, and anyone but themselves.

Source: Raw Story.

Fox News: Pushing White Survival. How Fox and other right-wing media… | by Tom Mays | Politically Speaking | Medium

FeaturedFox News: Pushing White Survival. How Fox and other right-wing media… | by Tom Mays | Politically Speaking | Medium

“Fox News: Pushing White Survival. How Fox and other right-wing media… | by Tom Mays | Politically Speaking | Medium” https://medium.com/politically-speaking/fox-news-pushing-white-survival-7621b59dd034

A well-written article everyone should read. Brown skinned immigrants are dangerous, Black Lives Matter are trying to destroy America, Antifa are the real fascists, and the Republican party and its Trump loving base are patriots, even as they work behind the scenes to destroy democracy, voting rights, and continue their attack on Roe v Wade.

This is is the type of programming that Fox News has run for years, and yet despite evidence that can be viewed any day of the week, denials of any racism from the network persist.

Lara Logan Has An Agenda

FeaturedLara Logan Has An Agenda

As Dr. Anthony Fauci is on national television urging Americans to get vaccinated to help protect them from the coronavirus and its variants, conservative media pundits are either comparing him to the Italian dictator, Mussolini, or to Joseph Mengele, the Nazi doctor during world war two who performed horrifying experiments on Jewish prisoners in Nazi death camps. Others are urging viewers to take “kill shots” at the director of the NIAID.

According to Factcheck.org, Waters’ comments were taken out of context, or misinterpreted, but this is the type of rhetoric – laced with violence – that has been directed at Dr. Fauci for sometime now, who has received death threats for doing nothing more sinister than encouraging others to do their part in bringing an end to a pandemic by getting themselves vaccinated.

Since Fauci first criticized Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic, ever since he recommended school and business closures be enacted, since he dared push back against Trump and the GOP’s enthusiasm for hydroxycloroquine as a treatment for COVID, Trump, his GOP lackeys, and mouthdogs in the media, have had it in for him. They said that his agenda was to undermine Trump, even as their own agenda has been directed at thwarting any effort to alleviate or bring an end to the pandemic, for political purposes, through misinformation, outright lies, and outrageous conspiracy theories regarding the origins of the coronavirus, all in an effort to smear Dr. Fauci and whitewash the previous administration’s unwillingness to take the pandemic seriously and lead the American people through a crisis.

Terrified that his supporters would see him as a weak president if he followed the advise of the CDC on how to properly respond to a pandemic, he chose not wear a mask in public places, and as a result, contracted COVID. Likewise, he discouraged a nationwide lockdown, complaining every step of the way against any sensible response to counter the spreading of a virus that has taken the lives of over a half a million people, always blaming the Democrats for his failures.

“That’s been his strategy from the beginning,” Tara Setmayer, former White House communications director, told The Guardian last year. “That’s how we got into this cluster fuck in the first place. He’s been wishing it away since his intelligence community has been telling him this would be a problem months ago, which is why the country wasn’t prepared, mixed messages were sent and it’s now a red or blue issue to wear a mask and do things that are socially responsible for your health and the people around you.

“That’s Donald Trump’s fault because he did not lead on this issue and was too busy running around calling it a hoax and blaming everything under the sun instead of taking responsibility for leading us through this challenge. It’s terribly irresponsible of the president of the United States to start having rallies where people wear it as a badge of valor not to wear a mask.”

“He’s continued to urge states to reopen before they’re ready, drastically scaled down the coronavirus task force, is not ramping up the necessary testing and is now scheduling in-person campaign rallies,” Zac Petkanas, director for the campaign group Protect Our Care, told The Guardian last year. “All but making sure that tens of thousands needlessly die and remain out of work.”

Via Media Matters coverage of Fox News Primetime from 11/29/21:

Pete Hegseth: “As Omicron is being introduced and you hear people talking about it Lara, what’s your take on where we are and where we’re going?”

Logan: “Well, it’s very simple, Pete, right? You just have to look at Africa. They didn’t have the death rates from COVID that were predicted. And what is happening over time is that the entire response to COVID and everything we were told about it from the beginning, is being exposed. And it’s falling apart. The lies are coming apart.

“And really now, there’s no justification for putting people out of their jobs or forcing vaccine mandates for a disease that is very treatable. It’s cheap to treat. Medicines are available all over the world, and it has death rates that that compare very much to seasonal flu.

“And so, in that moment, what you see on Dr. Fauci – this is what people say to me, that he doesn’t represent science to them. He represents Joseph Mengele, Dr. Joseph Mengele, the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the second world war and in the concentration camps. And I’m talking about people all across the world are saying this because the response from COVID, what it has done to countries everywhere, what it has done to civil liberties, the suicide rates, the poverty – it has obliterated economies. The level of suffering that has been created because this disease is being seen in the cold light of day, i.e. the truth. And people see that there is no justification for what is being done. So, as they are being exposed and the control is slipping easy, lo and behold another variant surfaces and nobody should be surprised by that because there will be more variants until the end of time, and we will never be free of them.”

Logan, who hosts a program on Fox Nation ironically title Lara Logan Has No Agenda, doubled down on her analogy when called out by Twitter users, posting links to conspiracy websites like Natural News, and The Gateway Pundit.

The only lies that have been exposed from the beginning, are those spread by right-wing media pundits like Logan, a once respectable journalist who apparently has decided to abandon any integrity she may have once possessed, to propagate misinformation and conspiracy theories. If anyone is telling Logan that Dr. Fauci is like a Nazi war criminal who experimented on Jewish children, then they must be the fevered voices within her mind, a side effect of her sexual assault when a correspondent with CBS News.

In The News This Week: Dr. Fauci Says Omicron Variant Will Likely Escalate

FeaturedIn The News This Week: Dr. Fauci Says Omicron Variant Will Likely Escalate

Appearing earlier this week on ABC’s This Week with Johnathan Karl, America’s infectious disease expert said that with the latest omicron Variant, COVID-19 will continue to escalate.

“Every week it goes up and up,” he said. “The last weekly average was about 150,000 and will likely go much higher.”

The variant dubbed Omicron is said to be less severe in terms of keeping people out of the hospital. Nevertheless, the Head of the NIAID said people should not become complacent.

“And we’re particularly worried about those who are in that unvaccinated class, that, you know, tens and tens of Americans are eligible for vaccination, who have not been vaccinated. Those are the most vulnerable ones when you have a virus that is extraordinarily effective in getting to people and infecting them the way omicron is.

“So, even though we’re pleased by the evidence from multiple countries, that it looks like there is a lesser degree of severity, we’ve got to be careful that we don’t get complacent about that.”

Last week, president Biden announced the distribution of 500 million COVID-19 in-home test kits scheduled to begin in January of 2022.

“The beginning of the year, there were essentially no rapid point of care home tests available,” Fauci said. “Now there are over nine of them and more coming. The production of them has been rapidly upscaled, and yet because of the demand that we have, which in some respects, Jon, is good, that we have a high demand because we should be using testing much more extensively than we have.

“But the situation where you have such a high demand, a conflation of events, omicron stirring people to get appropriately concerned and wanting to get tested as well as the fact of the run on tests during the holiday season – we’ve obviously got to do better. I think things will improve greatly as we get into January. But that doesn’t help us today and tomorrow.”

Trump’s recent comments on the vaccines.

Karl: “You know, it’s interesting. On this question of the vaccination, I’m sure you saw president Trump came out and said that he had received the booster shot. He actually got booed a little by the crowd of his supporters as he said that.

“And now, you know, there’s another interview he did with a conservative outlet, with Candice Owens, where he pushed back on the idea that the vaccine is not protecting people. He said that the people going to hospitals are the ones that largely have not been vaccinated. You don’t die if you get the vaccine.”

Fauci: “Well, I certainly hope so, Jon. We’ll take anything we can get about getting people vaccinated. I was a bit dismayed when former president Trump made that statement and his followers booed him, which, I was stunned by that – I mean, given the fact of how popular he is with that group…”

Merck and Pfizer’s anti-viral tablets.

“Is this the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for?” Karl asked him.

Fauci: “There are two things that are really encouraging about this approval of these, particularly the Pfizer product which is about 90% effective in preventing you from getting to the hospital or dying, compared to placebo.

“That’s part of the comprehensive approach to the outbreak,” Fauci said. “Vaccines and boosters , masks and now very importantly , a highly effective therapy is really going to make a major difference. We’ve just got to make sure that there’s the production of that product that we can get it widely used for those who need it as quickly as possible.”

Sources: ABC News/This Week Transcript.

In the News: The State Of Texas Rescinds Pardon For George Floyd Of Past Drug Charge

FeaturedIn the News: The State Of Texas Rescinds Pardon For George Floyd Of Past Drug Charge

According to “procedural errors,” George Floyd has been denied a posthumous pardon pertaining to a drug charge in Houston, where he was arrested in 2004. He was alleged to have sold ten dollars worth of cocaine to undercover officer, Gerald Goines. Floyd pleaded guilty to the charge, and the narcotics officer who arrested him was later accused of falsifying statements and evidence in other cases.

In a statement dated Thursday, the Texas governor’s office released a statement concerning the board’s recommendations.

Office of the Governor Press Secretary Renae Eze also issued a statement regarding the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles decision to withdraw and reconsider 25 clemency recommendations due to procedural errors and lack of compliance with Board rules.

"The Board of Pardons and Paroles has withdrawn 25 clemency recommendations that contained procedural errors and lack of compliance with Board rules," said Ranae Eze. "Among the recommendations withdrawn was one concerning George Floyd. The Board will review and resolve procedural errors and issues related to any pending applications in compliance with their rules. As a result of the Board's withdrawal of the recommendation concerning George Floyd, Governor Abbott did not have the opportunity to consider it. Governor Abbott will review all recommendations that the Board submits for consideration."

Allison Mathis, who is the assistant public defender for the Harris County Public Defender’s Office in Texas, put in an application for a pardon for George Floyd.

“The Board has not provided me with any information about what was wrong with my application, which was vetted by their compliance review prior to being voted on several months ago,” she said. “And I’ve heard nothing from the governor’s office.

“I am extremely suspicious that this is an act of political theatre to deny the truth about what happened to Mr. Floyd in the state of Texas until it is more convenient for Mr. Abbott personally.”

“”It really strains credibility for them to say now that it’s out of compliance, after the Board has already voted on it,” she said.

When the Board had initially requested that Floyd be recommended for pardon, Allison Mathis said she was pleased with the Board’s decision.

“A man was set up by a corrupt police officer intent on securing arrests rather than pursing justice. No matter what your political affiliation is, no matter who that man was in his life or in his death, that is not something we should stand for in the United States or in Texas.”

“A pardon wouldn’t erase the memory, personal or institutional, of this thing that happened to him, or the things that would happen to him later. It would show that the state of Texas is interested in fundamental fairness, in admitting it’s mistakes, and in working to increase the accountability for police officers who break our trust and their oaths, and harm people rather than serve them.”

Sources: NY Times, Dallas Morning News, Texas.gov.

Biden Administration To Provide Home Test Kits For COVID

FeaturedBiden Administration To Provide Home Test Kits For COVID

As the virus that causes COVID continues to sweep across America in mutated versions, conservative media has continued it’s war against vaccines, fear mongering about the vaccines with conspiracy theories and misinformation in a desperate attempt to damage the Biden agenda.

As Fox, OANN and Newsmax continue to kill off it’s viewing audience – literally – president Biden and his administration are planning on distributing at home test kits, and hoping to get more and more people vaccinated with their firsts shots of the vaccines. Today, about 200 million have been vaccinated.

Among remarks at the White House on Tuesday, Biden said:

The unvaccinated –

…”First, how concerned should you be about Omicron, which is the dominant variant in this country and how did it happen so quickly? The answer is straightforward. If you are not fully vaccinated, you have good reason to be concerned. You’re at risk of getting sick. And if you get sick, you’re likely to spread it to others, including friends and family. And the unvaccinated have a significantly higher risk of ending up in the hospital, or even dying…

The vaccinated –

…”Vaccinated people who get COVID may get ill, but they’re protected from severe illness and death. That’s why you should still remain vigilant. According to our doctors, even if you’re fully vaccinated, you should wear a mask when indoors in public settings…

… “wearing a mask provides extra protection for you and those around you. And I know some Americans are wondering if you can celebrate the holidays with your family and friends. The answer is yes, if you and those you celebrate are vaccinated, particularly if you’ve gotten your booster shot. If you are vaccinated and follow the precautions that we all know well, you should feel comfortable celebrating Christmas and the holidays as you planned it. And you know you’ve done the right thing. You could enjoy the holiday season…

Keeping schools open –

…”Number three. We know a lot more today than we did back in March of 2020. For example, Last year, we thought the only way to keep your children safe was to close your – close our schools. Today, we know more and we have more resources to keep those schools open. We can – you can get 5 to 11 year olds vaccinated – a tool we didn’t have until last month…

“Today, we don’t have to shut down schools because of COVID-19. Now, if a student tests positive, other students can take the test, and stay in the classroom if they’re not infected, rather than closing the school or having to quarantine. We can keep our K through 12 schools open and that’s exactly what we should be doing…

…”Look, the science is clear and overwhelming. We know how to keep our kids safe from COVID-19 in school. K through 12 schools should be open. And that safety is increased if schools require all adults who work in schools to get vaccinated and take the safety measures that the CDC has recommended, including masking…


…”One of the other things that has to be done, is more testing. Because Omicron spreads easily, especially among the unvaccinated, it’s critically important that we know who’s infected. That means we need more testing…

…”We also need to do better with at-home testing. So, I’m announcing today, that the federal government will purchase one half billion, additional at-home rapid test kits, with deliveries starting in January.  We’ll be getting these tests to Americans for free. And we’ll have websites where you can get them delivered to your home…

Vaccine resistance –

…”Thanks to the prior administration, and our scientific community, America is one of the first countries to get the vaccine. And thanks to my administration, and the hard work of Americans, we led a rollout that made America among the world leaders in getting shots in arms. But, uptake slowed this summer as vaccine resistance among some hardened. Look, the unvaccinated are responsible for their own choices. But those choices have been fueled by dangerous misinformation on cable TV and social media. You know, these companies and personalities that are making money by peddling lies and allowing misinformation that can kill their own supporters. It’s wrong. It’s immoral, and I call on the purveyors of these lies and misinformation, to stop it. Stop it now…”

But the lies and misinformation will never stop. There is no incentive for them to tell the truth, to be objective. There is, however, incentive in lies, misinformation, and conspiracy. That incentive is profit, and ratings. The Tucker Carlson’s, the Gateway Pundits, and the World Net Daily’s will continue to peddle their vaccine conspiracies, and the rubes who watch them and read them, will continue to spread the virus and die like the plague rats they are.

Sources: New York Times, Whitehouse.gov.

In The News This Week: Michael Flynn Sues House Committee Over Private Phone Records.

FeaturedIn The News This Week: Michael Flynn Sues House Committee Over Private Phone Records.

Self-styled patriot and Trump lackey, Michael Flynn has filed a lawsuit against the House Committee investigating the January 06 insurrection, to prevent them from obtaining phone records surrounding the events of that day.

The suit, filed in Florida claims that the subpoena issued to him violates his Constitutional rights to privacy as a private citizen.

The suit claims that General Flynn has been unfairly demonized by the committee merely for his concerns that the election was stolen.

“… General Flynn was and is a private citizen,” the document reads. “Like many Americans in late 2020, and to this day, General Flynn has sincerely held concerns about the integrity of the 2020 elections. It is not a crime to hold such beliefs, regardless of whether they are correct or mistaken, to discuss them with others, to associate with those who share the same belief, or to ask the government to address such political concerns. It is our fundamental Constitutional right to speak about and associate around political issues that concern them.”

Indeed, it is not a crime to have questions about the integrity of an election. I myself have concerns about the voting rights of millions of Americans that are undermined by a political party that refuses to accept the loss of a fair election, and that as a result, seeks to restrict the rights of those Americans. I have concerns about a woman’s right to seek an abortion that is under attack by a political party that claims to be all about life, liberty and freedom, and yet, through lack of any policy that would enrich the lives of Americans, they have proven they have no love for human life or the freedom and liberty it deserves.

Flynn’s argument is absurd. No one has been criminalized because of concerns over the integrity or the validity of the election. Hundreds of people who were there at the Capitol that day, did much more than hold valid concerns about the validity of an election. They broke into the building, they assaulted people – including media personal, destroying their property – and they threatened the life of the vice president. Their intention was to delay or force the overturn of an election based on the lies of a president who couldn’t accept the fact that he lost, and because he couldn’t accept that he lost, he attempted to coerce some state legislators to overturn the results in his favor, had Attorney General Ken Paxton file a lawsuit to void election results in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, states where Joe Biden won, had his clown attorneys file lawsuit after lawsuit, and his media mouthdogs repeat his lies every step of the way. He was the one who was trying to steal an election, and it was dishonest clowns like Michael Flynn – who called for an open insurrection, a military coup, on live television and during a QAnon conference – that enabled him.

He’s the real victim here, not the people who were assaulted and killed as result of Trump’s lies and the lies of his media mouthdogs, but because his precious rights were violated. Just as he was a poor, helpless victim when the FBI somehow forced him to lie to them during the Mueller investigation. Boo hoo.

Sources: Reuters, New York Times/Flynn lawsuit.

Fox News Dunce Says U.S. Is Forcing A Chinese Credit System On All Americans

FeaturedFox News Dunce Says U.S. Is Forcing A Chinese Credit System On All Americans

Since the start of a pandemic that has since killed approximately 792k people in America, Fox News hosts and pundits have complained non-stop how mean and divisive the Democrats have been to Donald Trump and his supporters, who are nothing short of patriots.

As they bravely informed the rubes that the coronavirus that causes COVID was nothing more than a manufactured hoax to damage a great American president, thousands died while said president failed to take it seriously, and his media lapdogs in turn failed to hold him accountable. Masks and lockdowns and other measures to lessen the spread of a contagious virus, were politicized at every turn as a way to attack anyone who took it seriously. It wasn’t the Republican party or it’s media that was at all divisive when it came to the virus. It was the Democrats with their masks and their lockdowns. According to the conservative punditry, the real motive behind the lockdowns was to bankrupt and destroy the economy, not to save lives. The actual way to save lives was to keep businesses open and let herd immunity do its thing. In time, we would all be immune to COVID.

The Democrats continued their divisiveness convincing the American people that Joe Biden really won the election, and dared suggest that it was not patriotic to stop the certification of an elected president through violent insurrection. And now that president is continuing to demonstrate how divisive he can be by mandating that businesses require their employees be vaccinated for the safety of others.

It’s not only divisive, it’s authoritarian, they claim. No one should be required to get a vaccine, they complain. It’s like Nazi Germany. It’s those Fema concentration camps that Alex Jones kept ranting about that Obama would throw us all into at any moment after confiscating every gun in America. It’s Chinese communism. It’s Joe Biden and the Democrats forcing a Chinese credit system on all Americans who know the truth and for that reason refuse to get vaccinated.

Rachel Compost-Duffy explained, from the September 17, Fox News broadcast of Fox News Primetime:

“I traveled on a plane today. I mean, you know, does the virus know that I’m snacking? Does it know that I’m having cocktail weenies with my cocktail? Does it know I’m drunk and can’t see straight? Does it know when I need to pee because I drank too much? Does it know when I need to poop? Gosh, I hope not! I mean, come on, the Democrats keep telling us how intelligent the virus is, right? That it hates president Trump and his supporters, right? Because, we all know that Fauci created the virus and programed it to hate Trump supporters, right, and that’s really the reason why so many conservatives are dying from the virus, not that they’re not being vaccinated, right?

“I mean, it’s so weird, right? So, why am I wearing the mask and then I can take it off and it’s OK? So, why am I wearing the mask if it’s so smart and knows when I’m about to do all this stuff I just mentioned? I mean, it’s all so silly, right?

“And so I think we’ve just reached a point of – where we just have to all say, this doesn’t make sense. And there – it’s time for civil disobedience. It’s time for people who are rational – like me – and have common sense – like me too, I have lots of common sense – to say enough is enough. I’m not going to be ruled by these people. I’m not going to be sucked into what I see as a Chinese credit score system, where I do what the government wants me to do – in this case, wear a mask, and get a vaccine – then I get to participate in society and eat and poop and travel. But if I don’t, then I can’t. That’s wrong. That’s not America. I mean, come on, what will they want me to do next, star in Chinese game shows?”

Is Compost-Duffy right? Are we being sucked into a Chinese credit system by Joe Biden and the Democrats, where we will all be forced to wear masks regardless of being vaccinated or not, for all of eternity? In the heads of Fox News viewers, perhaps.

Will we all be forced to star in Chinese games shows for all eternity? In the heads of Fox News viewers, perhaps.

The only thing that’s happening here is conservative pundits forcing bullshit down the throats of the rubes who make up the bulk of their viewing audience. They know this is what they want to hear, no matter how absurd it is.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have no interest in imposing a Chinese communist credit system upon Americans who will earn credits for being told what to do, like wearing masks and getting vaccinated. It’s nothing more than a scare tactic employed by a network that values misinformation over truth and objectivity, whose pundits then complain that other networks are fake and biased.

Source: Media Matters.

In The News: Biden Says Omicron Variant Concerning; Republicans Say It’s A Midterm Hoax

FeaturedIn The News: Biden Says Omicron Variant Concerning; Republicans Say It’s A Midterm Hoax

Due to the rise of variants, the CDC has been recommending booster shots of the COVID vaccines. Monday they recommend that everyone 18 and older should receive them. Biden said that the new variant, known as Omicron, was cause for concern but not panic.

Previously, the CDC had recommended that older Americans over the age of fifty get a booster shot, especially the immunocompromised and those with medical conditions. However, since the new variants number of mutations could possibly give it a higher chance of penetrating immune defenses, they are now urging younger adults to receive a booster shot. Vaccines are still expected to offer some protection, while the White House has always emphasized getting fully- vaccinated as a defense against the virus and it’s variants.

“Sooner or later, we’re going to see cases of this new variant here in the United States,” Biden said in previous remarks from the White House. “We’ll have to face this new threat just as we faced those that came before it…

“First, this variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. We have the best vaccines in the world, the best medicines, the best scientists, and we’re learning more every day. We’ll fight this variant with scientific and acknowledgeable actions and speed, not chaos and confusion. And we have more tools today to fight this variant than we’ve ever had before – from vaccines to boosters, to vaccines for children five years and older and much more…

“Second, the best protection – and I know you’re tired of hearing me say this – the best protection against this new variant – of the variants out there – the ones we’ve been dealing with already – is getting fully-vaccinated and getting a booster shot. Most Americans are fully-vaccinated, but not yet boosted.”

As with the vaccines and their mandates, conservative media has politicized the concern over the most recent variant by falsely claiming that it is a midterm hoax cooked up by the Democrats to keep themselves in control, through not just vaccine requirements, but masks and lockdowns. Former physician – Ronny Jackson – to the former president, claimed in a tweet that it was a midterm hoax created by the Democrats.

“Here comes the MEV – midterm election variant. They need a reason to push unsolicited nationwide mail-in ballots. Democrats will do anything to cheat during an election, but we’re not going to let them!”

Fox News dimwit Julia-Compost Duffy claimed it was another excuse for Pete Buttigieg not to do is job. The results of the midterm election are less than a year away, but that won’t stop Republicans from fear-mongering about their opponents. It merely serves as a distraction from the fact that Republican politicians have no meaningful policies to run on, and have failed the American people on a proper pandemic response that could and should have resulted in hundreds of thousands of less people dying.

The only response, naturally, is to blame Biden and the Democrats for their own failures.

Sources: The Washington Post, the whitehouse.gov.

Fox News Blockhead Says Joe Biden Is Authoritarian

FeaturedFox News Blockhead Says Joe Biden Is Authoritarian

When Joe Biden became 46th president of the United States, conservative media began an all-out assault to piss all over him, and completely whitewash his predecessor. Actually, it began long before, with conservative media’s unwillingness to hold a president to account for his lackluster response to a pandemic, and his shameless behavior throughout, which included attacking and demonizing his administration’s top infectious disease advisor. It continued with bogus claims of election fraud, and his media sycophants and their eager willingness to feed his narcissistic ego, to kiss his ass and repeat his lies – all of which culminated in the assault  on the Capitol.

On the November 23 edition of Bret Baier’s Special Report, former energy secretary to the Reagan administration, Bill Bennett worked the rubes into a frothing rage. Their cult leader is no longer in the White House, so the new resident must be demeaned at all costs.

“There’s a problem with the Biden administration right now that’s getting acute,” he said. “And that is ‘keep saying things are getting better, things are okay, you think things are bad, don’t believe your own eyes. Don’t believe what you see at the gas pump, believe me.’ This is what happens in authoritarian countries, and it’s a very dangerous road, a very dangerous road to take.”

Is Joe Biden an authoritarian dictator for rising gas prices? Certainly not. It’s insane to make that claim.

Is Joe Biden responsible for rising gas prices? Not really. But he is the current president and conservative critics are looking for every excuse to make him look bad, even if the accusations make no sense.

From Tuscaloosa News:

“When the world economy shut down in early 2020, we already had higher than normal stockpiles of crude oil, the raw material from which gasoline is produced. The shutdowns exponentially reduced our driving, which in turn reduced demand for gasoline at a time when the market already had a glut of crude on hand.

“Now that the economy is restarting and demand is rising rapidly all over the world, prices have risen. The old law of supply and demand raises its ugly head. But Biden…”

“Note when oil and gasoline prices began to rise. That started in May of 2020. Between the first week of May 2020 and the last week of December 2020, oil prices had tripled. Was Trump to blame for this?

“No, the reason oil and gasoline prices rose is that the economy started to open back up from COVID shutdowns…”

Biden is now president, so, naturally, he gets the blame. Conservative media isn’t interested in discussing the actual reasons that gasoline prices are higher now. Biden is an easy scapegoat, so blaming his policies is easier than looking at the bigger picture.

The Washington Post’s Charles Lane brought up the fact the former president often acted like an authoritarian in his four years, to which Bennett said, “Get off Trump.”

In an article in the Washington Post, Johnathan Greenberg outlines 10 ways in which Trump acted like an authoritarian dictator:

  • Trump uses military power and federal law enforcement to suppress peaceful political protest. In June ( 2020 ) he deployed the National Guard and federal officers to violently evict protesters in Washington, terrorizing them with two military helicopters flying low near the crowd…
  • Trump persistently lies about voter fraud, setting the stage for him to use emergency powers to seize control or challenge the results if he loses…
  • Trump has repeatedly suggested that he might remain in office after a second term and has offered reason to doubt he’d leave peacefully after his first term…
  • Trump believes he has the power to outlaw speech critical of him, and calls the free press ‘the enemy of the people…’ John Bolton in his new book claims that Trump said of journalists: ‘These people should be executed…’
  • With Fox News promoting Trump’s lies as truth, the president controls one of the most powerful propaganda machines ever created. During the impeachment trial, for example, Fox hosts repeatedly attacked the character and mental faculties of Democratic reps. and witnesses, while focusing almost exclusively on testimony of pro-Trump Republicans…
  • Trump believes he has the power to do what he wants, regardless of Congress or the courts. “I have an Article 2 where I have the right to do whatever I want as president,” he has said.
  • Trump had messianic delusions that are supported with religious fervor by millions of his supporters. He has “jokingly” looked up to the sky and said,”I am the chosen one” in relation to negotiations with China. Then energy secretary Rick Perry echoed other evangelicals who have said that Trump was sent by God to do great things when he seriously proclaimed Trump  is the “chosen one.” A Guardian report described the evangelical response to Trump’s photo op in front of Lafayette Square’s St. John’s Episcopal Church, which many viewed positively…”

Now, some will point out that Obama behaved similarly during his presidency. I would, in turn, like to point out that although there were similar incidents where there were peaceful protesters who were gassed with tear and pepper spray, as well as incidents at the border where migrants seeking asylum were also gassed, Obama never staged a photo-op during a protest, in front of a church, with a Bible in his hand to virtue signal to his base.

Conservative media consistently accused Obama of not being transparent. Yet when it came to Trump, who claimed to be the most transparent president ever, they had no problem whatsoever.

Conservative media often claimed Obama would remain in office if he were not reelected and would declare martial law to ensure that he remained in power. From day one, his critics concocted all manner of lies and conspiracy theories to discredit him. Some had to do with executive orders. One email claimed that he had signed over one thousand in six years. He actually signed 276 in eight years. Obama never hinted at staying in office like Trump did, defying election results. When Obama said at an education event at the WH,”I’m going to be working with Congress where I can to accomplish this, but I am also going to act on my own if Congress is deadlocked. I’ve got a pen to take executive actions where Congress won’t, and I’ve got a telephone to rally folks around the country on this mission.” When he said this, his Republican critics accused him of ignoring the Constitution and acting like a dictator. But again, when it came to Trump, he was given a free pass.

Conservatives accused Obama of having a messiah complex, who wanted to be a king and God who made “everything about himself. It never happened. Obama never said he wanted to be a king and/or a God. He never made anything about himself. Conservatives made everything about him. They were racist and bigoted toward him, so they claimed he made everything about race.

He was never declared or given the Godlike status of his supporters the way Trump has by his supporters. Trump received the support of millions of evangelicals and conspiracy theory crackpots who literally believe he was chosen by God. He has been enthusiastically endorsed and embraced by extremist fundamentalist Christians. Obama was neither endorsed by evangelical Christians to the extent Trump has. Obama was condemned for not attending church, though he often did. Trump never attended church as president, his sycophants ignored it. Obama was never depicted with Godlike attributes in political cartoons as Trump was by Ben Garrison. Obama was often depicted as a skinny weakling with big ears.

“This guy is creating a disaster,” Bennett continued, ” and he is reversing all of the Trump policies. Whatever one thinks of Trump, he wasn’t destroying the country in the way that this administration is. Whether you’re talking about the border, whether you’re talking about China, whether you’re talking about the price of oil, it’s really quite extraordinary what’s going on.”

Trump reversed a number of Obama’s directives. The world didn’t end. Biden’s border policy is almost as restrictive, and yet Republicans keep saying he’s allowing them to waltz across the border by the hundreds of thousands. The country and the economy hasn’t come crashing down. Biden doesn’t have his head up China’s ass, and gas and oil prices are not destroying America. It’s really nothing extraordinary going on that hasn’t happened before. What’s really going on, is a Republican party – aided and abetted by it’s sycophantic media, i.e. Fox News, Newsmax, OAN – perpetuating a pandemic that may never end, while shamelessly blaming the Democrats; perpetuating the myth that the election was stolen, that did indeed inspire a mob; perpetuating the myth that Biden and the Democratic party are destroying the country, while they continue to lie about the vaccines and people continue to die. That’s what’s going on.

Lane reminded the blockhead that Trump inspired a mob to attack the Capitol.

Sources: Mediaite, Tuscaloosa News, Washington Post.