Golf Gate : Barack Obama’s Third Bloodiest Scandal

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Proof that not all blondes are dumb. Just Conservative blondes like Pavlich.


    Katie Pavlich is a Tea Party wing nut , gun loving wacko and a Fox News talking bobble head. She writes columns for wing nut conspiracy sites  Town Hall , Patriot Update , and World Nut Daily. She was named 2013’s Blogger Of The Year at the CPAC conference , God knows why. The same year she was awarded the Conservative Leadership from Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute , again God knows why. The following year CBLPI named her Woman Of The Year , once again , God knows why.

Like all liberal hating wing nuts ,  she believes the president is a communist  and a fascist because of Obama Care , is a Muslim , and is soft on  Muslim terrorists because he refuses to utter the magic words , Radical Islamic terrorism. It’s clear these people want a religious war.

Aviary Photo_131090543223771414As a gun nut , she believes the president is hell-bent on destroying the second amendment , and is still coming for the precious guns of all self-described “patriotic Americans”. Her proof is the president’s recent executive actions on gun control , which she believes is a blatant attempt to confiscate guns , and her failure to understand the basics of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty , which in the minds of gun nuts will eventually lead to direct gun confiscation , but in reality will have no effect on the private ownership of fire arms in the United States.

 Assault And Stupidity  

In a recent article in The Hill , she claimed racism no longer exists in America. That is , unless they’re liberals. In the minds of wing nuts like Pavlich , its the Black Lives Matter crowd, the likes of  Jessie Jackson , Eric Holder , Obama , and liberals , who are the real racists , and race hustlers , and that white Neo-Conservatives are the real victims of racism , which is solely perpetrated by anyone black who has the audacity to complain about getting shot and beaten by over-zealous  , trigger happy police officers.

During an episode of The O’Reilly Factor , she claimed that white privilege is racist against whitey , that white students are discriminated against on college campuses , and the only time she has confronted her whiteness is when visiting the tanning salon.

Joining the phony leftist war on Christians and Christmas , is Pavlich’s latest book , Assault And Flattery : The Truth About The Left And Their War On Women. Here Pavlich has crafted  an imaginary war on women by the “Radical , Godless Left” , as opposed to an actual assault by Conservatives on women’s reproductive rights via legislation , attempting to defund planned Parenthood , and smearing its founder , Margret Sanger as an anti-black genocidal racist.

On an episode of Fox News’ Outnumbered , Pavlich displayed her race baiting skills by defending Trump’s statement about undocumented immigrants : “If these protesters spent as much time protesting the illegal alien rapists and murderers who make their own community look bad , maybe Trump wouldn’t be saying the things he is about them. So , I suggest that if they don’t want that stereotype , if they don’t want the truth to be told about the fact that illegal immigration does bring with it a huge criminal element that we have to deal with in this country , they should spend their energies getting out the criminals in their own communities.”

And they wonder why liberals and progressives label them as bigots and racists. Stay classy , Katie.

On an episode of Hannity Pavlich made the moronic statement that Barack Obama , Eric Holder , and Al Sharpton are anti-police , without offering any evidence. Since the deaths of Trayvon Martin , Michael Brown ,  Eric Garner , and Freddie Gray , the Right Wing Hate Machine has race baited the black community , the president , and prominent black leaders , accusing them of racism , of inciting hatred and violence against the police. Their intention is clear : to discredit Americas first bi-racial president as a racist and portray black protesters as thugs and criminals , which proves their hatred of the president and black people in general , is based on race. If he were a white Republican , his comments on race relations would not be a news worthy  issue.

Pavlich isn’t the first Conservative to accuse the president of being anti-police. Former Mayor of New York Rudy Guiliani , accused Obama of telling everyone to hate and incite violence against the police. The Washington Post fact check his statement and found it to be false. They also checked Pavlich’s claim , and found it too to be false.

 Her last book , Fast And Furious : Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal , was a New York Times best seller , in which she claimed Barack Obama deliberately allowed guns to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels to further his fascist anti-gun agenda , which would eventually lead to total gun confiscation.
Only an idiot would believe this. A president , who they claim is anti-gun and wants to take everyone’s fire arms away , gives thousands of them to criminals for the purpose of pushing for stricter gun control legislation. Makes perfect sense.
It would have been easier to ban all guns by executive action , even though gun nuts would have had a fit. After all , he is The Gun Grabber In Chief , even though he has yet to grab a single gun.
The book was published in April of 2012 , and even though it was debunked the same year with the release of the Fast And Furious report , to Pavlich and the Conservative media , it will forever remain a scandal.

Her latest book , Golf Gate : Barack Obama’s Third Bloodiest Scandal , a look inside the Conservative medias obsession with the president’s so-called obsession with golf , is set to be released this summer by I Hate Barack Obama Publishing Company. 

She appeared recently on the Rachel Maddow Show to talk about the new book that will undoubtedly have her fans and readers salivating over another non scandal that Obama’s lap dog liberal media is obviously covering up for him.

Rachel : “What are president Obama’s first two bloody scandals?”

Katie : The first one was Fast And Furious , and the second was Benghazi.”

Rachel : But they’ve both been debunked.”

Katie : “No , they haven’t.”

Rachel : “Yes , they have. Haven’t you read the reports?”

Katie : “No , I haven’t. But -“

Rachel : “The Fast And Furious program was an ATF scandal , not a White House scandal that had anything to do with a false flag attempt to gab guns from American gun owners , and -“

Katie : “That’s your opinion.”

Rachel : “No , it’s not. It’s fact. Read the report.”

Katie : “I don’t have to read the report to know that Barack Obama , and Eric Holder were both involved , and that it was either Obama , or Holder’s idea in the first place , because they both hate the second amendment and guns so much that they obviously came up with this twisted scheme to grab the guns of every patriotic  , Tea Party American , because they believe they’re all racists. And Benghazi was not a fake scandal either , despite what liberals say. There really was a stand down order because Obama hates America , and the military , and didn’t care if his Muslim Brotherhood homies killed those people , because he’s a Muslim and a communist.”

Rachel : “Alright. Whatever.  And how is golfing a bloody scandal?”

Katie : “Well , first of all , everyone knows that Obama is always either on vacation , or playing golf when something bad happens in America , or around the world. It’s typical of him. An ostrich immediately hides its head in the sand. What does Obama do? Instead of accepting responsibility for everything , he plays golf. He says to himself , ‘it’s not my fault , it’s Bush’s fault. Blame him.’ Everything he does or says , he blames on George Bush. You know , like when he said , ‘you didn’t build that.’ Now he’s always saying , ‘I didn’t do that , I didn’t say that. It was Bush.’ So basically , playing golf is his way of hiding his head in the sand.”

Rachel : “And how is that a bloody scandal?”

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The look on Maddow’s face says it all , as Pavlich explains that communist democrats like to murder anyone who doesn’t support their liberal agenda.

Katie : “Well , everyone also knows that Obama is a Democrat , and Democrats are communists , and communists like to murder people who disagree with them , or don’t support their communist liberal agenda.”

Rachel : “What? Democrats are communists and they like to murder anyone who disagrees with their liberal agenda?!  Do you really believe that?”

Katie : “Of course I do. It makes sense.”

Rachel : “No , it doesn’t. It’s nonsense.”

Katie : “It’s not nonsense ; it’s true. I heard it from Allen West.”

Rachel : “Allen West is a space cadet. I wouldn’t take anything he has to say too seriously. Anyway , please continue.”

Katie : “Well , we know that Obama is close friends with John Poindexter , the man who owns the Texas ranch where Justice Scalia was found dead. And we know that Obama and Poindexter played golf on occasion , like he’s played golf with every liberal elitist athlete and actor in Hollywood like Tiger Woods , Jack Nicholson , and Stephen King.”

Rachel : “It’s Nicklaus , and he’s a Republican. I’ve never heard of him playing golf with Stephen King. Anyway , you still haven’t explained how playing golf is a bloody scandal.”

Katie : “Hold on , I’m getting to it.”

Rachel : “Please do. This is getting ridiculous.”

Katie : “Whatever. You know , you invited me here to talk about my new book , but you keep interrupting me.”

Rachel : “I’m not interrupting you. I’ve asked you twice how playing golf is supposed to be a bloody scandal , and you keep going off on a tangent about the president playing golf , which is anything but a scandal.”

Katie : “Well , if you’ll be patient , like I said , I’ll get to it.”

Rachel : Alright. Go on.”

Katie : “What makes the president playing golf a bloody scandal , is the fact that he probably had Scalia killed so he could put a liberal on the Supreme Court. Everybody’s talking about it. Please don’t interrupt. And we know that Obama wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone to take a vacation ,  play a game of golf , or kill anyone who criticizes him for taking a vacation or playing golf. And if you don’t believe me , you can ask Victoria Jackson , and Dr. Gina.”

Rachel : “Please forgive me , Ms. Pavlich , if I don’t take you at your word … or Victoria Jackson’s or Dr. Gina’s.”

One Hundred Signs You May Be A Conspiracy Theory , Paranoid Tin Foil Hat Wearing Wing Nut Wacko … Part 6

Alex Jones (2)
Alex Jones , the internet’s favorite source for wing nuts.

Wing nuts are a dime a dozen , and yet , they’re in a class all their own , a class that is nuttier than a squirrel turd. They’re not too bright ; they believe everything that happens is a conspiracy , from Benghazi , to creeping sharia law , to Obama coming for every gun in America. Which is not surprising since there are wing nuts all over the internet who get their information via Alex Jones ,  David Eike , Mike Adams , and the dozens of conspiracy sites that pander to the paranoid among us.
The following are ten more examples that you may be a conspiracy theory , paranoid tin foil hat wearing wing nut wacko , if …

1. You believe the sun and moon are alien ships manipulated by an ancient alien race called the Anunaki. 

2. You believe evolution is a communist plot.

3. You believe Islamic terrorists are infiltrating everything.

4. You believe atheists are a threat to your religious freedom.

5. You believe aliens are secretly probing your anus.

6. You believe Obama’s mole is his deranged conjoined twin , it’s the Anti-Christ and its name is Julio.

7. You believe Planned Parenthood is systematically molesting children , and selling fetal body parts. 

8. You believe Margret Sanger’s goal was to eradicate the black race.

9. You believe Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , the homeless , illegal immigrants , and the walking dead helped Obama steal the elections.

10. You believe George Bush kept America safe , even as the towers fell , and thousands of American soldiers lost their lives in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that contributed to the destabilization of the region , which made America less safe. 

If you believe any of this crap , you are indeed a conspiracy theory , paranoid tin foil hat wearing wing nut wacko , and belong in the booby hatch.

One Hundred Signs You May Be A Conspiracy Theory , Paranoid Tin Foil Hat Wearing Wing Nut Wacko … Part 4

Alex Jones (2)
Alex Jones , the internet’s favorite source for wing nuts.

Wing nuts are nuttier than a squirrel turd. Whatever the internet craps out , they’ll believe it. Are you a conspiracy theory , paranoid Tin foil hat wearing wing nut wacko? You may be , if …

1. You believe Glen Beck is completely sane. Glen is well-known for his famous chalk board , and conspiracy theories that the entire world will someday be an Islamic caliphate.

2. You believe the Obama dogs , Sonny and Bo , are also communists.

3. You believe Barack Obama created an elaborate plan as a child , to make himself president in the year 2008.

4. You believe Barack Obama is literally the Devil.

5. You believe Barack Obama is a cross dressing lizard queen from the planet Zork.

6. You believe Victoria Jackson is sane. She’s written some trashy books about her own conspiracy theories.

7. You believe ISSIS has training camps all over America.

8. You believe  Gina Loudon is sane. She believes the president is a psychopath , but Trump is completely sane.

9. You believe birthers Orly Taitz , Jerome Corsi , and others , have a legitimate argument.

10. You believe Donald Trump is not like Hitler.

If you believe any of the above , you are definitely a conspiracy theory , paranoid tin foil hat wearing wing nut wacko , and should be in a straight jacket.

One Hundred Signs You May Be A Conspiracy Theory , Paranoid Tin Foil Hat Wearing Wing Nut Wacko … Part 3

Alex Jones (2)
Alex Jones , the internet’s favorite source for wing nuts.

Wing nuts will believe anything they see on the internet. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not , as long as there are people gullible enough to believe. And there are plenty of fools who are gullible enough to believe even the most outrageous nonsense , whether it has to do with Barack Obama , or the Illuminati.
Here are ten more obvious signs that you may be a conspiracy theory , paranoid tin foil hat wearing wing nut wacko , if …

1. You believe 9/11 was an inside job.

2. You believe Barack Obama is persecuting Christians in America.

3. You believe the LGBT are Nazis trying to take over America and force everyone to be gay.

4. You believe Obama is literally taking your guns away through gun control.

5. You believe Obama and communist Liberals will imprison all gun loving American patriots in Fema camps.

6. You believe Barack Obama senior was a Chalupacabrabama for the C.I.A..

7. You believe Barack Obama wants to eat your kids.

8. You believe there is no racism in the Tea Party.

9. You believe Shaquille O’Neal is really Big Foot.

10. You believe Michele Bachman is a true prophet of God.

If you believe any of the above , you are definitely a conspiracy theory , paranoid tin foil hat wearing wing nut wacko , and should be locked up.

One Hundred Signs You May Be A Conspiracy Theory , Paranoid Tin Foil Hat Wearing Wing Nut Wacko … Part 2

Alex Jones (2)
Alex Jones , the internet’s favorite source for wing nuts.

Wing nuts left and right will believe almost anything , no matter how wacky or nutty it is. If it’s on the internet , it must be true. The following are ten more signs you may be a conspiracy theory , paranoid tin foil hat wearing wing nut wacko , if …

1. You believe white people are the real victims of racism.

2. You believe Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ.

3. You believe Muslim terrorists are living in the White House.

4. You believe feminists are Nazis.

5. You believe Barack Obama faked his birth certificate.

6. You believe Obama’s Momma was a space alien.

7. You believe David Icke is sane , and the world really is controlled by aliens lizards.

8. You believe it really is Obama’s fault that Track Palin beat up his girlfriend.

9. You believe Hitler and his storm troopers were cross dressing , flower wearing pansies.

10. You believe that Barack Obama helped Bill Ayers and the Weather underground  plant explosives , when he was eight years old.

If you believe any of the above , then you are indeed a conspiracy theory , paranoid tin foil hat wearing wing nut wacko , and should be institutionalized.