Recently In The News: Vaccines Soon To Be Available To 5 To 11 Age Group

FeaturedRecently In The News: Vaccines Soon To Be Available To 5 To 11 Age Group

Even though many kids have been back at school for some time, vaccines still are not available for those under 12.

Recently, Pfizer and BioNTech completed a trial showing that a 10-microgram dose of their vaccine was safe and effective for children in the above age groups. They have submitted a request for emergency approval for use in children under 12. The FDA should give its approval by early November.

As soon as FDA approval begins, the White House plans to vaccinate every child between 5 and 12. It plans to make the vaccine available at thousands of doctors and pediatricians offices, pharmacies, hospitals, community health centers and clinics. There are also plans to educate parents on vaccines, all in the effort to reduce the impact of a virus that has taken lives of well over a half a million people in the United States alone.

"If we can get the overwhelming majority of those 28 million children vaccinated, I think that would play a major role in diminishing the spread of infection in the community," Dr. Fauci said at last Wednesday's press briefing at the White House. "That's one of the reasons why we want to do as best we can to get those children 5 to 11 vaccinated."

Dr. Fauci, who is current director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has been implicated by delusional Trump loyalists in a conspiratorial cover up – along with mainstream media, i.e., CNN and MSNBC – of creating the coronavirus responsible for COVID, as a bioweapon through gain of function funding, that Dr. Fauci conspired with “the media” to hide the truth of the origin of the virus, and that Trump himself was nothing more than an innocent bystander who just happened to get caught up in all of the melodrama, and that there was nothing or very little that he could do.

This theory has been promoted – without evidence – by not just conservative media figures such as Tucker Carlson and others, but so-called progressives like Joe Rogan, and Krystal Ball on a recent episode of his podcast. This is a conspiracy that has been around since the lab leak theory.

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In The News This Week: Pfizer Hoping To Seek COVID Vaccine Approval For Children

FeaturedIn The News This Week: Pfizer Hoping To Seek COVID Vaccine Approval For Children

On ABC’s This Week on Sunday, Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla told George Stephanopoulos  that booster shots can be provided to older Americans, as well as shots for those who have yet to be vaccinated.

“I think it is also not the right thing to try to resolve it with an ‘or’ when you can resolve it with an ‘and,” he said. “It’s not shall we give boosters or give primary doses to other people. I think the answer is let’s give both boosters and doses to other people.”

CDC director Rochelle Walensky agrees with the agency’s advisory panel that medically vulnerable seniors should receive a booster shot of the vaccine, but the panel has rejected the recommendation that frontline workers receive a booster.

“We are looking forward to being able to vaccinate all these vulnerable people so that we can put an end to this pandemic,” Bourla said.

The debate over the need for a booster may seem unimportant, since some countries – poorer countries – have no vaccines at all. Former CDC director, Tom Frieden, criticized Pfizer and Moderna of not doing enough to supply vaccines to poorer nations.

“While focusing on selling expensive vaccines to rich countries, Moderna and Pfizer are doing next to nothing to close the global gap in vaccine supply. Shameful,” Frieden recently tweeted.

Recently, Pfizer released safety date regarding vaccines for children 05 to 11years of age. “I think we are going to submit this data very soon,” Bourla said. “A matter of days, not weeks.”

When the data has been reviewed and the FDA gives it’s approval, Bourla said Pfizer will begin inoculating children in that age group.

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U.S. Finally Hits 70% Vaccination Rate For Adults

FeaturedU.S. Finally Hits 70% Vaccination Rate For Adults

Despite a surge with the delta variant, the U.S. has finally reached its 70% vaccination rate for adults who have received one dose of the vaccines.  The Biden administration had hoped to reach it before the fourth of July holiday, but given the fact that disinformation about the vaccines have been the norm in right-wing media for months, some might wonder that the goal was reached at all.

I’ve had my own doubts about the vaccines, I will admit, due mainly to possible side effects many have experienced, and for that reason was reluctant to get vaccinated. And since I am an older adult with a pre-existent medical condition, I have no desire get a virus that would, in all likely hood, kill me, so I have always remained responsible, following the recommended restrictions, including wearing a mask when around others.

Recently, I received the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine without experiencing any side effects. What the second shot will bring, we’ll see.

Some states have recently reinstated restrictions in an attempt to counter the surge, which has been attributed to the delta variant, and the reluctance of many who refuse to get vaccinated. Other states like Texas and Florida, have defied reinstating COVID restrictions to own the libs who are, according to governor DeSantis, “Coming for your freedom again.”

“As quickly as we can discharge them, they’re coming in and they’re coming in very sick,” said Dr. Sergio Segarra, the chief officer of Baptist Hospital in Miami. “We started seeing entire families come down.” According to the Florida Medical Center, there has been a 140% increase in the number of hospitalizations due to the delta variant surge.

According to USA Facts, to date approximately 191,498,983 have received one dose of a vaccine, and the overall total of those who have been fully-vaccinated is over 164 million.

Right-wing media has fueled constant mistrust in the vaccines for months, and certain conservative politicians have blamed the Biden administration for its criticism of Trump’s previous vaccine drive. Senator Tuberville of Alabama said some skeptics wouldn’t get their shot until this administration acknowledges the efforts of the last administration.

“Every time Jen Psaki opens her mouth, or Dr. Fauci opens his mouth,” he said, “ten thousand more people say I’m never going to take the vaccine.”

In other words, MAGA lovers hate and distrust Fauci because all he did was lie, whereas Trump did nothing but tell the truth. Vanity Fair says it much better than I can:

Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, the GOP collectively decided to make Anthony Fauci public enemy number one, having found in the veteran immunologist the perfect target through which to whip up their base and take the spotlight off the fact that the then president had let the virus gain a foothold in the country while actively lying about it at every turn. Fauci, of course, is everything conservatives hate: An educated man of science with not one but two degrees, he committed what Republicans believe was a capitol offense when he failed to back up everything Donald Trump said about the disease, including treating it by freebasing bleach…

But like the living embodiment of a QAnon forum, Republicans, Trump, and Fox News believe they have found some smoking gun showing that Fauci is somehow responsible for the virus, based on the fresh interest in the lab leak theory ( which the doctor himself is supportive of investigating, which he wouldn’t be if he was implicated in the whole thing, a slight wrinkle conservatives will probably explain at a time to be determined ). So, naturally, they’re amping up their attacks like he’s the second coming of Benghazi/Hillary Clinton/Pol Pot.

Other conservatives are actually enabling common sense, rather than conspiracies. “The way to avoid getting back into the hospital , is to get vaccinated,” said Mitch McConnell. “I want to encourage everybody to do that, and to ignore all these other voices that are giving demonstrably bad advise.”

Unfortunately, not everyone will take his advise. Too many will continue to listen to conspirators and doomsayers like Tucker Carlson – who being fully-vaccinate himself – as he sits comfortably in his studio and convinces the rubes who watch him that the vaccines will either kill them, or make them sick.

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In The News: Pfizer And Astra-Zeneca Vaccines Found To Be ‘Highly-Effective’ Against New COVID Strains

In The News: Pfizer And Astra-Zeneca Vaccines Found To Be ‘Highly-Effective’ Against New COVID Strains

According to a new study by Public Health England, the Astra-Zeneca, and Pfizer vaccines are very effective against new strains from India and the U.K..

Testing done between April 05 and May 16 discovered that Pfizer’s BioNTech vaccine was 88% effective against a coronavirus variant ( B.1617.2 ) from India, two weeks after a second dose is administered. Its effectiveness is 93% against the B.1.1.7 strain from the U.K..

The Astra-Zeneca vaccine was found to be 60% effective against the B.1.617 compared to that of a 66% against the B.1.1.7 strain.

Public Health officials in England expect to see “even higher levels of effectiveness against hospitalizations and death” as a result of these vaccines.

“It’s now clear how important the second dose is to secure the strongest possible protection against COVID-19 and its variants – and I urge everyone to book in their jab when offered,” Health and Social Care secretary, Matt Hancock said via public statement.

“This study provides reassurance that two doses of either vaccine offer high levels of protection against symptomatic disease  from the B.1.617.2 variant,” Head of Immunization, Mary Ramsay said in the same statement. “We expect the vaccines to be even more effective at preventing hospitalizations and death, so it’s vital to get both doses to gain maximum protection against all existing and emerging variants.”

“We now have early evidence that the vaccine protects against the India variant,” said Susan Hopkins, the COVID-19 strategic response director for PHE. “That’s really good news. What we are saying now is push the second dose and get as many people vaccinated as possible.”

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In The News This Week: Every American Adult Available For COVID Vaccine

In The News This Week: Every American Adult Available For COVID Vaccine

Every American Adult is available to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Previously, president Biden set a deadline of May 01 to meet that requirement, telling people that they should be able to hold small gatherings by the 04th. But many states had moved to make the vaccine to all adults much sooner, so the deadline was moved to April 19.

“For months I’ve been telling people to get vaccinated when it’s your turn,” he said Sunday on the NBC vaccine special, Roll Up Your Sleeves. “Well, it’s your turn, now. It’s free, it’s convenient and it’s the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from COVID-19.”

“Now is the time to take care of ourselves and each other, so we can get back to normal,” he concluded.

As of Sunday, approximately 131 million + have received an initial dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. That number includes 84.03 million who were fully vaccinated by the Johnson and Johnson single-dose, and the double-dose BioNTech, and the Moderna vaccines.

“It’s truly historic that we have already reached this milestone,” said Dr. Nandita Mani, associate medical director of infection prevention and control at the University of Washington Medical Center.

Medical officials are investigating the possibility that Johnson and Johnson’s single-dose vaccine is related to a rare blood-clotting disorder, and have paused it’s distribution. Dr. Fauci, the CDC’s top infectious disease expert, said the decision to continue the distribution of the vaccine should be made by this Friday.

“I think by that time we’re going to have a decision,” he said on CNN’s State Of The Union. “I don’t want to get ahead of the CDC and the FDA, and the advisory committee.” He added that he expected experts to recommend “some sort of either warning or restriction,” on the use of the vaccine.

Experts have said that even if there is a connection between the vaccine and the blood clotting, the chance is “exceedingly low.”

At the current pace, the United States is expected to vaccinate at least 70% of the population by mid-June. However, the vaccine pause may slow progress toward herd immunity, which depends on getting children immunized.

Source: NY Times.