From the Wing Nut News Files: Townhall:

Townhall is a conservative website that is not know for it’s publishing standards, which are rock bottom. They will allow anyone to write an opinion piece as long as it trashes the Democratic party or anyone on the left. Criticism of Republicans and Donald Trump are not allowed. They are just as bad as any conservative so-called news site, and that includes the worst of the worst, World Net Daily, Right-Wing News, and The Gateway Pundit.

After the events in Charlottesville, Townhall published a so-called opinion piece – Charlottesville: A Clash Of Left VS Left? – by crazy ass Trump supporter Arthur Schaper of the anti-LGBT group MassResistance. In the article he claimed that Antifa is actually fascist, and the alt right – Nazis, and neo-Confederates – are also left-wing agitators. I shit you not. It’s the oldest conservative trick in the book: absolve the Republican party of any responsibility when any extremist group that openly supports them, commits an act of terror – by blaming the left, and the rubes eat it like candy.

They do the same with race. To deflect any accusations of racism, they conveniently trot out the the same talking points: the Democrats started the KKK, Robert Bird was in the Klan, the Democrats keep the black community complacent on the Dem plantation by bribing them with welfare and food stamps. They conveniently skip over the history of the two parties during and after the Civil Rights era, or when confronted with this fact they totally deny it and create their own revisionist history that the two parties are the same as they were before the Civil Rights era.

If this were true, the Klan would still be a Democratic organization, not Republican. If this were the case, the Klan would be supporting the Democratic party, not the Republican party. If this were the case, why is it the Republican party defending Confederate symbology instead of the Democrats? In their revisionist universe, everything bad is on the left – not just communism, socialism, and Marxism, but fascism.

Another Republican trick is to get black people to trash black people in general and excuse the blatant racism in the Republican party. There are dozens of examples, but for the sake of argument, let’s go with Candace Owens. Once a liberal who experienced a racially biased incident in her past, she now shills for Republicans to reassure racist Republicans that the Democratic party of today is the same as it was of old. A nice grift for Owens. She gets paid well.

Which brings me to Carl Jackson. He wants you to believe that if you don’t vote for Trump, you’re not pro-black. He wants you to believe that if you support Black Lives Matter – a movement that wants to end systemic racism, police brutality and corruption – that makes you the racist and the terrorist. He wants you to believe that Trump loves black people – a man who spent eight years contesting the birth place and validity of America’s first black president – and was about to prove it – really, he was – to all of America after his re-election, with his great Platinum Plan ‘for black Americans scheduled to be unrolled in his second term.’

I have a question for Carl and other conservatives who are convinced that Trump is “the least racist president,” despite all evidence to the contrary: why didn’t the reincarnation of Abe Lincoln roll out this plan during his first term?

Perhaps he was too busy dividing America instead of uniting it, something you guys claimed Obama did? Perhaps he was too busy trying to convince mainstream Republicans that centrist Democrats are far left Marxists? Perhaps he was too busy trying to convince his base that Nazis were fine people? Perhaps he was too busy calling Antifa, and Black Lives Matter, terrorists? Perhaps he was just too busy trying to convince them that Justice Democratic Congresswomen were traitors and anti-American?

He had his chance, now he’s been voted out.

Carl says, “Just like Joe Biden, Chelsea Handler believes that blacks who disagree with her politics aren’t really black. Sadly, to our detriment many blacks have embraced this mentality that shames free thinkers as well.”

Apparently this standard doesn’t apply to Carl Jackson, who believes black people who don’t agree with his politics are not really black – unless they vote for Trump, that is. Carl doesn’t even see the irony.

As long as President Trump continues to deliver on his campaign promises” – ( lol ) – “minorities have no choice but to re-elect him” – ( lol ). “Let’s examine the records of the two presidential candidates.

He proceeds to criticize Biden on race, but, of course, conveniently has nothing to say on Trump’s record on race. He then moves on to “Trump’s economy gave blacks our lowest unemployment rates in history” – ( lol ) – “along with rising wages for all Americans” – ( lol, no ). “He also created Opportunity Zones under the 2017 Tax Cuts And Jobs Act, which entices private investors through capital gain tax incentives to create more jobs in low income neighborhoods” – ( lol ).

He makes no mention of the millions of Americans who are still out of work due to Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic. Everything’s peachy keen and for that reason,  “blacks should re-elect President Trump if they prefer results over Joe Biden’s rhetoric.”

That’s right, Trump sure delivered results we can be proud of. He ended the pandemic and put everyone back to work. Those are two reasons to re-elect him.

Too bad they didn’t listen to Carl’s sage advice. They would be so much wealthier and prosperous by now.

If Donald Trump and the Republican party are pro black, they can easily prove it by putting their support behind Black Lives Matter. By failing to do so, they have proven they are not pro black.

Townhall: A Vote For Trump Proves You’re Pro-Black

0n the afternoon of August 23, Jacob Blake, father of three was shot non fatally seven times – four hitting him in the back – at close range while attempting to enter his vehicle. The incident occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The police had been alerted to the scene of a domestic dispute between several women. The call was allegedly placed by Blake’s girlfriend, one of the women involved in the dispute, who asserted that Blake had taken her car keys and would not give them back.

Blake had an alleged arrest warrant from the previous month relating to sexual assault and other charges. The woman who placed the call was the same woman who pressed the assault charges against Blake. When the police arrived, according to witnesses, Blake was attempting to intervene in the dispute. The police had been aware of the warrant out for his arrest. At some point, they attempted to taze him, while a police officer was reported to be yelling, Drop the knife! But according to witnesses Blake had no knife in his possession and he wasn’t resisting or being violent. At some further point, Blake walked to the driver side of his car – as was clearly seen in the video released on social media – where he leaned in, as officer Sheskey grabbed his left shirt sleeve and then fired into his back.

On the August 25th edition of Outnumbered, Pavlich made lame excuses for the cowardly shooting of Jacob Blake by Kenosha WI police officer, Rusten Sheskey.

Pavlich is a white supremacist and a law enforcement apologist who has a made a lucrative career of trashing African American victims of police violence. She has previously defended the deaths of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and other African American victims of police brutality.

Posing as a serious journalist at America’s premiere racist network, and the equally racist conspiracy site Townhall, where she is a publishing editor, she has previously published the ridiculous book – Fast And Furious Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal – that was debunked and discredited for it’s many inaccuracies and downright misinformation.

She has previously claimed that America was the first country to end slavery, for which she was raked over the coals on twitter, and has a long history of race baiting Black Lives Matter as being divisive and a domestic terrorist group that wants dead cops.

“You know, this has already been framed in racial terms but I think it’s really important to focus on the facts. We don’t know the whole story but what we do know, according to the Associated Press, is that witnesses heard the police saying ‘drop the knife’ while this man was walking away from police as they had guns drawn to get back in their car. We don’t know what was in the car when he got into the car. We don’t know what the police officers saw, and yes, the lack of the body camera footage will complicate that.”

The reason it’s been framed in racial terms is because these types of incidents involving law enforcement have occurred way too often to be seen as anything else. A police officer shoots a black man without due cause, the cop or cops involved in the shooting lie to cover their asses, and his or her buddies back them up.  Ninety-nine times out of one hundred there is no justice for the victim. The officer or officers involved in these incidents are placed on leave, are rarely, if ever, fired and are rarely convicted. As a so called journalist, Pavlich should know this, but she chooses to ignore reality and excuse police corruption because it supports her narrative that black men put themselves in these situations by resisting arrest, and that cops are not racist and must be defended at all costs.

We do know the whole story. Blake was shot attempting to get into his vehicle. Plain and simple. He did not have a gun or a knife, that would justify four bullets in the back. If they wanted to stop him from getting into his vehicle, they could have done so without firing a single bullet.

A spokesperson for the Kenosha police claimed that Blake was armed with a knife, which justified the shooting, and that he had somehow put one of them in a headlock. But, according to the witness who filmed the incident that went viral on social media, he was not resisting arrest, was not being violent, and did not have a knife. The police spokesperson further claimed that the narratives other than their own were fictional. However, it’s clear who’s narrative was fictional – the Kenosha police. The video clearly shows that. The knife they claimed he had in his hand, was recovered from the floor of the front seat.

We also know, according to the Associated Press, that Blake was charged in July with sexual assault, trespassing, disorderly conduct in connection with a domestic abuse, and there was a warrant out for his arrest. So, these are difficult terms to be working with and I think the police are being blamed here right away for the situation.”

Whether Blake was resisting arrest or not prior to what was seen on the video, means absolutely nothing. It does not justify the police shooting a man – who has no weapon in his immediate possession – point blank in the back. This argument is a racist talking point when the victim of police violence are African American. ‘Well, if he had just complied with police orders, if he had just stopped resisting arrest, he might still be alive.’

Pavlich is a racist. No doubt about it. Her history of race baiting is well – documented by Media Matters, Newshounds, and other lefty media watch groups. She can deny it when confronted with evidence, but facts are not debatable.

On the charges of sexual assault, Blake pleaded not guilty via Zoom.

But I think the other question should be asked about whether Mr. Blake – whether the police put Mr. Blake in this situation with his children in the back of the car when he was shot, or whether Mr. Blake, who was asked to stop from getting into the vehicle, is the one who put himself in that situation after being told multiple times to stop resisting arrest. So, you know, the racial politics come into this right away, the mixing of different cases comes into it, but the facts that we have now tell a different story from the one that’s being told in a lot of reporting.”

As is typical of racial narrative, Pavlich has no problem blaming the victim. She is proudly joined by others on social media who are quick and all too eager to defend the police, and condemn the victim as a thug. Like some black victims of police violence, Blake has a past record, so naturally it was Blake who placed himself in the situation. The police share no responsibility for escalating the situation. They’re totally blameless. They can’t be criticized for failing to stop Blake from getting into his vehicle without resorting to shooting him. They had no choice. It was Blake who forced them to shoot him by being resistant.

Conservatives assume that black people are always guilty of a crime. After all, they’re naturally more violent because of the color of their skin or there wouldn’t be so much black on black crime, and so the police are always justified in their actions – even shooting a man in the back. So, Blake deserved what he got because he may have committed some crime or crimes in his recent past.

Racial politics come into it because a trigger happy police officer shot a man in the back, who could have been subdued a number of ways without being shot, and no amount of alternative facts change that.

Katie Pavlich Race Baits Again, Defends The Cowardly Shooting Of Jacob Blake


Since the inception of Black Lives Matter, conservatives have been triggered by black people speaking against racism and social injustice. They have smeared and condemned the movement as racist and as promoting violence against law enforcement.

The evidence? According to them, the movement reveres and worships cop killing terrorists like Assata Shakur. Assata Shakur, was a radical revolutionary who was a member of the BLA who allegedly shot and killed a state trooper on a New Jersey turnpike in 1973. In 1979, she escaped imprisonment, fled to Cuba, where she was granted political asylum, and has since maintained her innocent.

Other alleged evidence is that they openly call for the murder of law enforcement officers. But when you actually examine the alleged evidence, it’s not so much evidence at all. It’s all made up to smear the movement as dangerous and extreme.

Katie Pavlich is one of Black Lives Matter’s most triggered opponents. In a series of articles at TownHall and The Hill, she attempted to link the killings of several police officers to BLM. She was not the first to do so.

In one article she wrote:

It’s time to expose the Black Lives Matter ( BLM ) movement for what it is: a racist, violent hate group that promotes the execution of police officers. The evidence is in their rhetoric and written on their shirts. If you take a look at the BLM Twitter feed you’ll find photos of activists wearing shirts that say, ‘Assata Taught Me.’

They’re referring to infamous cop killer Assata Shakur, otherwise known as Joanne Chesimard, who shot and killed a New Jersey State trooper back in 1973…

BLM glorified Shakur as a hero and use her writings and materials during training sessions.

Townhall, 09/20/2015

First of all, BLM is not a racist hate group, nor have they ever promoted the execution of police officers. Pavlich and anyone else who has ever made these claims, are simply full of s**t and lying through their teeth. Either that, or they’re ignorant and don’t know what the f**k they’re talking about. There is no evidence of it in their rhetoric or on their shirts.

If we are to condemn an entire movement based on the criminal actions of others, why don’t we start by condemning the police? The police are an out of control gang of thugs and murderers with badges, and because they wear badges they believe they are above the law. They somtimes get away with violating the civil rights of American citizens, planting drugs on people, and outright murder, and when one is accused of misconduct, his buddies and fellow cops usually won’t hesitate to back him up, and they are often backed by a legal system that allows them to get away with these criminal activities.

Would Pavlich and others of her ilk be open to the idea of denouncing and condemning them for what they are, criminals with badges? Not a chance. Pavlich would argue that they should not be condemned because of the actions of a few, but when it comes to a movement she doesn’t like or agree with – in this case, Black Lives Matter – everyone, the entire movement, must be condemned. She is a hack. Blind obedience to authority is all she cares about. The police are sacred, and must never be questioned or criticized. Anyone doing so will be labeled anti police, anti American, and any other anti you can think of.

Her insistence that BLM must be condemned, while the police should get a free pass for it’s violence, is rather childish and to be expected from an authoritarian like Pavlich.

Black Lives Matter has no history of violence connected to it, such as murders, bombings, and arson. But there is a movement that does. It’s a movement that carries a misnomer that is completely opposite to it’s stated mission or claim. And that is the RTL, the national right to life movement. Unlike BLM, they have a history of incredible violence behind it. Again, conservatives would never condemn it because, they agree with it’s ideology.

Another of Pavlich’s pet peeves is that the black guy in the White House and the Democratic party had the audacity to give BLM legitimacy when they clearly should have been condemned.

Not only have the leaders of the Democratic Party refused to condemn the movement, they’ve desperately tried to embrace it. In the age of Obama, where Democrats thrive on division and embrace a racial justice narrative, this isn’t surprising.

Townhall, 09/20/2015

What’s really not surprising is that Pavlich, who has spent her entire career thriving on divisive politics – xenophobia, Islamophobia, and racism – and whining about everything Obama, and the Democrats said and did, would accuse them of doing that of which she is guilty. Obama rarely spoke about race issues, and when he did he was always accused of sowing racial division, which is bulls**t.

Black Lives Matter activists in Minneapolis changed, “pigs in a blanket, fry em’ like bacon,” as they marched down the street. This rhetoric also came just one day after the execution of Texas Sheriff Deputy Daron Goforth while he was filling up his patrol car at a local gas station. If you aren’t familiar, “pigs in a blanket” refers to the bodies of dead police officers in body bags.

Townhall, 09/20/2015

The pathetic attempt to pin the deputy’s murder on BLM was evidence how pathetic conservatives are. There was no evidence linking the shooting to BLM.

Currently, there is also no established connection between the Black Lives Matter movement and the Harris County deputy’s death. But that didn’t stop local officials from drawing a link. Consider the following facts from CBS News’s report:

1. In a nationally televised press conference  local officials repeatedly suggested that the BLM movement was fostering hatred toward the police and caused the shooting. Sheriff Hickman, for instance, said anti police rhetoric was out of control, while referencing BLM.

2. Investigators have no evidence about a motive, according to the sheriff.

These facts are inherently contradictory. If there’s no information about the motive, how can officials make any connection between the shooting and any movement, whether it’s BLM or something else? But Fox News went with the narrative. A Fox And Friends segment on Monday suggested BLM is a “hate group” and a “murder movement” because some protesters in Minnesota briefly chanted pigs in a blanket during a march after the Texas deputy’s death.

On that segment, which included Richard Fowler, Pavlich writes:

Despite Richard Fowler’s claim that he’s “watching a different Black Lives Matter movement,” we aren’t and the calls for police executions are not isolated incidents ( he also lied about the Tea Party connection to the Tucson shooting of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s, there wasn’t a connection as he claims but that’s a topic for a other post ).  

TownHall, 09/20/2015

Despite Pavlich’s claim, she is the one who is watching a different BLM movement, one that exists in her own mind, where a non existent BLM is openly calling for the execution of police officers, and where police get the benefit of the doubt and are idolized as saints who are totally blameless and can do no wrong.

Jarrod Loughner may have not been connected to the Tea Party, but there were a pair of killers who were. Amanda and Jerad Miller, both of whom murdered the two LV police officers in 2014 They were Tea Party activists, and yet, I don’t recall Pavlich or any other conservative condemning the group, and denouncing it for it’s violent anti government rhetoric. How ironic.

Pavlich also tried and failed miserably to connect the five Dallas police officers, and the two New York cops to Black Lives Mater.

Even after BLM spokespeople denounced and condemned the killings, she wrote:

Make no mistake, the history of BLM shows not only empathy for cop killers, but idolatry and promotion.

The Hill – 07/12/16

Actually, there is, and never has been, any history to show that BLM wants or promotes the deaths of cops. It only exists in her mind.

She then repeats the same weak argument of Assata Shakur’s non involvement in the movement, and the ridiculous Pigs in a blanket chant that, according to Pavlich, is a homage to dead cops in body bags, and the alleged video of the What do we want? Dead cops chant which was debunked by Snopes.

There are more examples, Pavlich writes in the same article, though she fails to list any other examples that would apparently bolster her argument, and the reason she does not do so, is because there are no more examples. The afore mentioned examples she cites, are the only examples she and other conservatives have, to argue that BLM’s real message is the promotion of violence against cops – and it’s dishonest.

From the same article:

During an interview with CNN this week, a BLM activist argued that stating “all lives matter” is inherently racist. She also argued the entire police system is corrupt and refused to acknowledge that the majority of police are good. Falsely accusing all police officers of being the problem, as BLM does, rather than acknowledge that bad actors exist in every profession, shuts the door on progress and certainly isn’t the path toward sympathy or alliances.

The Hill, 07/12/2016

All lives matter may not be racist, but those who use it, don’t understand the phrase Black Lives Matter. Everyone knows that all lives matter, but black lives don’t matter to a system that values white lives over black lives.

And the entire policing system is corrupt. It’s rotten to the core. It’s just a fact.

Again, Pavlich is eager to condemn BLM movement for a false perception of violence. But on the other hand, she is not so willing to hold law enforcement to the same standards for their actual corruption and violence, that it’s not all cops, just a few bad actors, as she insists, and then complains that doing so impedes progress.

How are we supposed to work together when these are the standards on which demands for “justice” are placed – when we can’t simply state that all lives matter regardless of the color of our skin?

The Hill, 07/12/2016

We work together by acknowledging that there is systemic racism and that racial profiling exists in policing, and we find solutions. We don’t bury our heads in the sand and pretend that nothing is wrong. We don’t pretend that everything was fine until Obama came along and stirred up racial division, like Pavlich and conservatives were so fond of proclaiming. We don’t smear a movement and pretend it’s real intention is to kill cops, which is antithetical to their message and their goals.

But Pavlich and conservatives are not interested in working together with anyone who has legitimate grievances with the policing system, whether they are black, or white. She would rather they shut up and not complain.

Until conservatives like Pavlich are willing to acknowledge that all lives matter is a divisive talking point, not black lives matter – as she claims – racial tension will continue. 

Finally, and predictably, Pavlich – like so many other conservatives who claim they’re not racist – falls back on the racial stereotype that black people are inherently more violent. It’s a white supremacist talking point, a distraction from the issue of police violence. Black people commit more crimes than white people, black people kill each other at alarming epidemic rates, so why aren’t they concerned about violence in their own communities? Hypocrites!

If Pavlich is so concerned about working together and making progress, she needs to start by removing the white hood she’s been wearing. It’s obstructing her vision. All she can see is white.

Exposing Katie Pavlich For What She Is: A Race Baiting White Supremacist

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Trump Advisory Board Member , ‘Dr. Gina’ , Suffers Bizarre Melt Down During Live Broadcast Of Hannity

Dr. Gina’s bizarre melt down on Hannity. “Leave Trump alone , mean liberals!”

Dr. Gina Loudon is a Fox News quack psychologist, who has falsely claimed to have a degree in psychology. She’s written some of the lamest articles ( example here ) for some of the lamest so-called news sites , which include Politichicks , Rightwing News , World Nut Daily , and Breitbart.

Anyone with some common sense , and a bit of decency would be self-conscious of the fact that their name and reputation are associated with one of the sleaziest websites on the internet. But Dr. Gina remains blissfully unaware of that fact. Either that , or she just doesn’t care. To this day , she continues to publish in the aforementioned , including the dumbest of the dumbest , the discredited birther , conspiracy website World Nut Daily , where she continues to outdo her craziness with each new article.

She’s also written a new book – Mad Politics : How To Keep Your Sanity In A World Gone Crazy – which is ironic , since one could easily make the argument based on many of the articles she’s written , that she is severely lacking not only in the intellect department , but the sanity department.

This is a supposed psychologist who once berated the former president in a World Nut Daily article for golfing , executive orders , and vacationing , as signs of psychopathy. But she has remained silent on the current president’s executive orders , and his vacation and golf habits , whom she has laughably praised as a great leader , simply due to the fact that she is a close friend of his.

She never bothered to meet the last president , to get to know him as a human being , however flawed , instead choosing to spread lies and conspiracy theories about him. She was the supposed expert who knew what made Obama tick , and now Trump , but she’s nothing but a partisan hack , playing for a team. Team Trump.

On an episode of Hannity last week , while discussing her latest book Mad Politics , Dr. Gina went into a bizarre melt down , and according to witnesses blamed liberals , Democrats , Obama , and the deep state.

“I’ve always liked Dr. Gina ,” an anonymous witness told the Journal , “even though I think she’s as crazy as a bed bug , and disagree with her on almost everything. Even crazy people can be nice. But despite her questionable state of mind , she’s always seemed to have a level head and has always managed to keep her cool , even when upset. So , when her little outburst occurred , it shocked the hell out of me.”

” ‘Liberals are such whiny little crybabies ,’ ” Dr. Gina said. ‘Say one positive thing about president Trump , like he’s improved the economy all by himself because he’s such a great president , or he’s the sanest president – compared to Obama – and they crumble like the cupcakes they are.”

Sean said ,” ‘That’s right. They literally crumble. And then they literally explode. Kapow! Kaboom.’ He made exploding noises , spittle flying from his mouth.

” ‘That’s right , Sean. They make fun of conservatives and claim we’re the ones who wear diapers because we don’t get our way. But nothing could be further from the truth. Liberals are the diaper wearing crybabies. A perfect example of this was when I tweeted that president Trump is the sanest man to occupy the White House , and that he was an honest and truthful man who even Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck endorsed for president , I was viciously attacked , so I attacked back in the only language liberals clearly understand , by tweeting , the country’s greater than it’s ever been. Trump is MAGA! Obama sucks. But Trump is mean! Waaaaahhhhhh! I included some crybaby 😭😭😭 emojis to show what whiny babies they are , followed by , can we just move on now? But liberals aren’t the least bit interested in moving on , Sean. Now that Trump is president and is making America great again , they just want to kick and scream and throw temper tantrums because they would rather America not be great again , which really pisses me off , Sean. They want to pretend that it was already great , just so they can have an excuse to attack him.’

Hannity said , ” ‘I agree , Dr. Gina , but wasn’t it Obama who was endorsed by Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck , and if I’m not mistaken , most of the Disney crew?’

” ‘How should I know , Sean? All I know is , liberals are so mean I just want to scream in frustration.’

“Which she did , startling not only me but everyone in the studio.

” ‘I’m sorry , Sean , I’m just so pissed off. Can’t they see he’s the greatest president who ever lived?’

“With each question her voice rose higher until she was nearly screaming.

‘Can’t they see what he’s done for the economy? Can’t they see how honest and loyal , and truthful he is? Can’t they see he never lies , like Obama , who lied all the time? Can’t they see they have Trump derangement syndrome because they can’t get under his skin? Can’t they see how sane he is because he knows how great he is? And can’t they see how sane I am too , because I know how great he is , and because I’m humble , know history , and stay informed!’

“Sean asked her if she was alright.

” ‘I’m alright , Sean.’ She plucked a tissue from the dispenser between her and Sean and proceeded to cry , dabbing at the corners of her eyes.

” ‘It’s so unfair , Sean ‘, she cried. ‘Why are liberals so mean to him? Conservatives weren’t mean to Obama. President Trump hasn’t done anything for them to treat him this way!’

“She put her head in her arms and started bawling. ‘Waaaaahaaahaaa! Waaaaahaaahaaa!’

Her shoulders heaved with each haha. Sean had this surprised , startled look on his face like he didn’t know what to do. We were all surprised , startled , and didn’t know what to do , except watch in fascination as she made a spectacle of herself.

“Her blubbering lasted perhaps almost thirty seconds , her shoulders continuing to heave with each haha. Then she looked up. Her makeup was smudged and runny with her tears. I blinked in shock at how ridiculous she looked. We all did. And before I knew it , she was on the floor , rolling around , blubbering and crying and kicking and pounding her fists like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

“The moment she hit the floor , Sean snapped out of his shock , making quick cutting motions. ‘Cut the cameras! Cut the cameras!’

“The cameras were cut. But the damage had already been done. This wasn’t going to look good for Sean Hannity , having one of his guests melt down on live television. It was the third incident here in less than a month. It would be interesting to see how he handled it.

“After the cameras had been cut , Sean helped Dr. Gina to her feet. She seemed to have been all cried out. Her makeup looked runnier and even more smudged , and her hair was all mussed up. She looked absolutely ridiculous. All she needed was a tall pointy hat , a broom stick and a black dress , and she would be ready to go trick or treating.

“She was also clearly embarrassed. ‘I don’t know what possessed me to behave that way ,’ she said.

” ‘It’s not your fault Dr. Gina ,’ Sean said. ‘I believe it was liberal , Obama , Democrat , deep state derangement syndrome.’

” ‘You know , Sean , I think you’re right ,’ she said , and they both laughed.”

Aviary Photo_131781319179091074.png


I agree. We need to keep putting on those pampers every time those smug libs don’t see things our way.  

We need to Keep calling those libs snowflakes who cry about wanting to shut down our free speech on college campuses.

We need to keep targeting those smug ass lib professors for harassment and intimidation , for having lib ideas.

We need to keep trying to get them fired for criticizing president Trump.

We need to keep complaining about NFL players disrespecting the flag and our soldiers , by kneeling during the national anthem.

We need to keep calling out Black Lives Matter. They don’t want equality. It’s all about hating police and white people.

We need to keep calling out so-called gun control activists. They don’t care about gun violence ; they just want to take our guns away.

We need to keep calling out Antifa. They’re the real fascists.

Everytime we conservatives put on a pair of pampers , we show those smug , self-righteous , and sanctimonious libs , that we too can have our safe spaces – which are the confines of our own diapers – and by doing so , we own them in epic fashion.

It Is the Sacred Duty of All Conservatives to Own the Libs