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Stupid Conservative Memes #82_Libs Are Snowflakes, Even Though Conservatives Have Actually Worn Diapers Who Always Soil Themselves Over Liberal Opinions And Ideas

Everyone knows liberals are nothing but crybabies, who take offense at the slightest micro aggression, while conservatives are just the opposite. Below are a number of examples where conservatives have read liberal opinions without getting angry, upset, crying, cursing, unfriending, … Continue reading

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Mediocre Christian actor Kevin Sorbo returns Nikes Because They Hurt His Feelings| TheBlaze

https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/09/11/christian-actor-kevin-sorbo-returns-nikes-they-hurt-my-feet-when-i-stand-for-the-national-anthem First they wore diapers on college campuses to protest safe spaces. Then they smashed their Keurig coffee machines to protest the company pulling it’s ads over Sean Hannity’s support of child molester Roy Moore. This summer when Nike chose … Continue reading

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