Fox News Doofus Calls Biden’s Vaccine Mandate “A War On Freedom”

FeaturedFox News Doofus Calls Biden’s Vaccine Mandate “A War On Freedom”

There have been many idiots at Fox News over the years. They’ve come and they’ve gone. But none of them have been as dumb as Rachel Compost-Duffy. She takes first prize in the category of stupid. Every time she appears on camera, she takes stupidity to a whole new level.

She recently criticized the so-called “vaccine mandate” – that really isn’t a mandate, since anyone is free to refuse a vaccine as long as they agree to get tested regularly – by the tyrannical  Biden administration as an all out attack on freedom and the Constitution.

“Make no mistake,” she told the rubes, working them into a frenzy. “Joe Biden has declared war on freedom yesterday and took authoritarianism to a whole new level by forcing vaccines on millions of Americans. Biden threw the Constitution out the window as he issued medical mandates for federal employees, schools and even private businesses, but apparently Kamala Harris didn’t get the memo.”

She played a clip of VP Harris saying, “When people are able to make choices without government interference, for themselves in terms of well-being and the well-being of their family in consultation with whomever they choose – we are a stronger society.”

“Now the vice president wasn’t talking about the vaccines,” Compost-Duffy said, “as she supports those mandates. No, no, no, she was defending abortion and doubling down on the administrations war on the unborn. Now Kamala clearly doesn’t know what is going on at the White House and is incapable of staying on message. But don’t let her incompetence fool you. The Biden administration is fully aware of what they are doing and the malicious intent behind these mandates.”

Apparently it’s Compost-Duffy who hasn’t received the memo, and has no idea herself what is going on at the White House. Again, employees are free to refuse vaccination as long as they are tested, but Duffy neglects to mention this little fact.

Regarding VP Harris’s remarks. She made these at a meeting with the Gender Policy Council, which had nothing to do with vaccine mandates, but fighting unconstitutional laws currently being enacted in Texas and other states.

To Dimwits like Compost-Duffy, refusing to get vaccinated is a noble cause, resisting tyranny from a government, she believes, wants to control you through vaccines, masks, social distancing and lockdowns. The coronavirus, according to experts like her, came from China, so observing any of these health guidelines, will apparently turn us all Chinese.

However, banning abortion is not big government intruding in your privacy, is not government tyranny. The right to refuse to wear a mask so I can cough in your face and spread my germs all over you, without government telling me I can’t, is government tyranny, and trumps your right to an abortion, libtard!

Self-Aggrandizing Pastor Whines On Fox News That ‘Free Speech Is In Danger’ Because He Can’t Play Church Outside The Capitol

Self-Aggrandizing Pastor Whines On Fox News That ‘Free Speech Is In Danger’ Because He Can’t Play Church Outside The Capitol

Fox News is reporting that a “phony Pro-Life pastor” – my words, not theirs – filed a lawsuit for not being allowed to hold a Good Friday service on the grounds of the Washington Capitol. For this reason, free speech is “in danger all across America.”

Patrick Mahoney, the conservative alternative to Al Sharpton.

I had never heard of Patrick Mahoney. Apparently he is known for his political stunts to draw attention to himself. He is a self-styled Pro-Life preacher who is formerly connected to Operation Rescue, and is another white conservative who believes BLM is bad for black people. Despite all this, he apparently has a habit of inserting himself in situations where he doesn’t belong – the right’s version of what they accuse Al Sharpton of doing. A few years ago he inserted himself into the case of Charlie Guard, a critically ill infant in the United Kingdom, for his own political and religious crusade. He’s nothing more than a self-aggrandizing religious nutcase, and Fox News was eager and thrilled to give him a platform.

Patrick Mahoney appeared on Thursday morning’s Fox And Friends to inform the rubes of his lawsuit to sue Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris , the Capitol Police Board, and the Senate Sargent At Arms, over the “continued presence of a fence blocking off the area surrounding the Capitol building.”

Why not sue the Republican party, and Donald Trump as well? They’re basically the reason for the fencing and the security. No, it was Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harri’s fault. I’m surprised he didn’t include Antifa in the lawsuit.

Mahoney filed his suit in a federal court on Tuesday, and wants to hold a “prayer vigil for Good Friday” on the sidewalk outside of the Capitol building, but says he’s been denied his request. He claims to have held other events at the same locale, including that one time last year when he worked with Capitol police to make sure it complied with COVID restrictions.

“We’ve filed the lawsuit, first of all, to return the people’s house back to the people and allow the First Amendment to be honored and celebrated at the United States Capitol,” Mahoney said. “If they can ban peaceful First Amendment activities at the Capitol, then free speech is in danger all across America.”

The Capitol, which houses both chambers of Congress – the House of Representatives and the Senate – is no longer the people’s House because Joe Biden is now president, and free speech is no longer honored or celebrated. Only Trump and Republicans honored free speech and celebrated it. There are people who actually believe this. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and all of those nefarious Democrats are, through their tyranny, preventing free speech from being exercized at the Capitol, and are soon going to ban free speech across America.

I don’t even have to argue how ridiculous that sounds. But people believe it’s actually happening, like this guy. He’s been denied a permit to play church outside the Capitol building, so he sees an opportunity to get on Fox and get the rubes riled up about the “tyrannical Democrats, who hate free speech, the Constitution, and deny Christians their religious freedom.

He said,”Members are voting, their staffers, their vendors are allowed in, lobbyists, invited guests, the media – the list goes on. The only thing, tragically, that is being prohibited is peaceful First Amendment activities.”

Wouldn’t the activities he mentioned be considered first amendment activities? Apparently not to him. It must include being free to hold church services seven days a week.

Since a Trump supporting mob of losers stormed the Capitol building on January 06, the area around the building has been fenced off with a National Guard presence. Mahoney claims his camp meeting will inspire people with Jesus’ “powerful message of prayer, hope, and love and acceptance, something that has never been allowed at the Capitol when the anti-Christian Democrats are in power, even though every session of both the House and Senate are opened with a Christian prayer.

“The U.S. Capitol will once again be a place where every American can freely and openly express their views and values, whatever they might be, without government interference or oppression…”

It’s a place now where every American can express their views and opinions without the anti-freedom Democrats locking them up. Always has been. It’s just that not too long ago, a mob of Trump fanatics lost their cool and attempted to interfere in a democratic process of “free speech,” by electing a president. The irony.

What is it about Christian fanatics that constantly whine about their religious freedoms being infringed upon? Who is infringing on their religious freedom? No one. Conservatives are the most priveledged class in America, and all they – the Evangelical types do anyway – about how they’re oppressed because they can’t feely discriminate against other groups of people without receiving any criticism in return.

Who is taking their free speech away? No one. Was this guy, Mahoney concerned about “free speech being in danger” when Donald Trump was calling for Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players to be fired for exercising their Constitutional free speech? Did he go on Fox News to complain about that? I really don’t know, but I sincerely doubt it. Did conservatives defend Kaepernick’s free speech, his right to kneel silently in protest of police violence? Certainly not.

When it comes to free speech actually being violated by government, conservatives are nowhere to be found. Well, actually, they’re right there cheering it on.

Kamala Harris Criticizes Trump on Pandemic: “He’s Been Too Preoccupied Fantasizing About Grabbing Women By The P*****s To Do His Job”

Kamala Harris Criticizes Trump on Pandemic: “He’s Been Too Preoccupied Fantasizing About Grabbing Women By The P*****s To Do His Job”

Senatorial candidate Kamala Harris recently had some scathing criticisms for president Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

During a brief campaign stop in Cleveland, she told an enthusiastic crowd, “Six years ago we had a different health crisis. It was called Ebola. We all remember that pandemic, right? But you know what happened then? Barack Obama and Joe Biden did their job. Only two people died. Two. That’s what’s called leadership.

“( But the Republicans didn’t think so. Fox News didn’t think so. They said president Obama was incompetent and inept. They blew it into a national scandal on a scale with 9/11. They said he was allowing Ebola to infect Americans because he hated America, and he wanted reparations for slavery. They said he was using Ebola to confiscate guns. They screamed for his impeachment. Did he ask for reparations? No. Did he confiscate any guns? No.

“Four people died in Benghazi. They said it was a cover up. They blew it up into a national scandal. They said it was bigger than 9/11. They said he failed the American people. They did numerous investigations but couldn’t come up with any proof of a cover up. They screamed for his impeachment.

“Compare that to the moment that we now find ourselves in. When others were following the science,  ( Trump suggested injecting disinfectants, as apparently some did. He has even suggested that a good whiff of gas would make it – poof – just go away ‘like a miracle’, and I have no doubt some of his supporters tried that one too!”

The crowd laughed.

“He even suggested nuking the virus! Can you believe that?! I know I can’t. I mean, telling people to inject bleach was ridiculous enough, not to mention brown air, but where did he think they were going to get a nuke?”

The crowd laughed again.

“Can this president ever be bothered to take this virus seriously? Apparently not. He’s seems to be too preoccupied with fantasizing about grabbing women by the you-know-what’s ). And this is what happens when we elect a guy who just isn’t up for the job.”

Mark Levin: “Kamala Harris Is A Radical Martian”

Mark Levin: “Kamala Harris Is A Radical Martian”

“Mark Levin dubs Kamala Harris the ‘most extremist radical politician ever to run for high office’ in the USA | Fox News”

In a recent broadcast of his radio show the one and only Great One informed his listening audience of eight that vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris is the most radical and extreme politician to run for office in the history of the United States.

Levin implored his audience of geriatric boomers to imagine how gut wrenching and devastating it would be for them if Harris became vice president, as he read from a list he made of policies he feared she might implement.

Levin: “Let me tell you why she’s so radical and extreme!

“She wants to give health care not only to illegal aliens, but to Earthlings! Obama already did that, for God sake! That’s the most extreme and radical idea I ever heard! How dare she?!

She wants to ban guns and the second amendment! Someone should tell her that Obama already did that, for God sake! How dare she?!

She wants to ban short order cooks! Obama already did that for God sake! Where are we supposed to eat without restaurants, and short order cooks to cook the food, for God sake?!

“She wants to eliminate frogging! Obama already did that for God sake! Where are kids suppose to hunt for frogs, for God sake?!

She wants to ban Geritol! Obama already did that, for God sake! Where are seniors suppose to get their energy boost, for God sake?! How dare she? I love Geritol!

“She wants to eliminate or ban natural gas, and by natural gas I mean cow farts and human gas! Obama already did that for God sake! How are we suppose to pass gas after eating beans or any other kind of food that makes us fart, for God sake?! What are we supposed to do, hold it in until we explode?!

“I don’t know about you, but as a geriatric senior I can’t imagine living my life without being able to take my Geritol, go frogging with my grandkids, eat in a restaurant without short order cooks, prevent illegal aliens or anyone else from getting health care, or passing gas after a spicy meal. It’s what America is all about. And Kamala Harris wants to take all of that away from you and me!

“And I’ll tell you why she wants to take all of that away: because she’s a radical extremist Martian, just as Barack Obama was a radical extremist Martian, only worse. Obama not only went to Mars in his youth, but his favorite television show as a kid was My Favorite Martian! That’s right, I said it!”

Mr. Producer: “I think the word you’re looking for is Marxist, not Martian.”

Levin: “No, Mr. Producer, I meant Martian!”

Crazy Fox News Commentator , Jeanine Pirro , Removed From Live Broadcast A Second Time In Straight Jacket


Crazy Jeanine is back!

Just weeks after being released from a New York mental health facility , Jeanine Pirro was back to her old tricks again at Fox New , ranting about the Democrats and their deep state connections to topple the greatest president America has ever known , demonstrating to the world how bat s**t crazy she is , and that she never should have been released in the first place.

Several weeks ago , the crazy host of Justice With Judge Jeanine went off the deep end during an anti Obama/Netflix rant , in which she accused the popular streaming service of corroborating with the Obama’s to spread socialism.

This latest incident occurred on her September 15th broadcast during an unhinged rant against Dianne Feinstein and other Democrats over the alleged sexual misconduct of Republican supreme court nominee , Brett Kavanaugh.

According to eye witnesses , this incident was more disturbing than her last outburst.

“During the last couple of weeks , since that last incident , Jeanine seemed no crazier than usual ,” one witness , who wished to remain anonymous , told the Journal. “Jeanine’s always been opinionated , especially about politics , even though it’s clear to anyone who is moderately well-informed , that she’s more often than not , full of s**t. And if you ever tell her she’s full of s**t , then you better watch out. Jeanine doesn’t take kindly to anyone telling her she’s full of s**t. I once made the mistake of telling her she was full of s**t, and I instantly regretted it. I won’t go into details , but suffice to say , my ears have been ringing ever since. I won’t make that mistake again!”

“Jeanine was fine until after we taped her opening statement ,” said the director of the show , who also requested anonymity. “As we were heading into break , that’s when everything literally went off the rails on a crazy train.

“You could tell she was still angry. She was absolutely fuming , muttering to herself , referring to senator Feinstein as that crazy ass bitch , under her breath. She also had this crazy , insane look in her eyes. I asked her if she was alright to continue the segment. I wanted her to at least calm down a bit before she went back on. But asking Jeanine to calm down was like asking a puppy not to pee on a carpet. When Jeanine got angry , she seldom calmed down. There was always hell to pay , and you’d best stay out of her way when she got angry. Some of us learned that lesson the hard way.

“For a moment she just stared at me, as if I had just told her to shut up. Her eyes nearly bugged from their sockets. Then her face started twitching , while making theses strange clicking sounds. Saliva drooled from the corners of her mouth.

“I’d seen these types of facial expressions in stroke victims in my younger days as a nurses aide , and I wondered if she might be having a stroke or something.

” ‘I don’t need to calm down ,’ she screamed, and then shoved me , though not hard enough to knock me over. ‘All I need is for Feinstein , and her pack of Demonrats – yes , I said Demonrats – Kamala Harris , Cory Booker , and the king Demonrat himself , Obama , all with their beady little eyes and their chomping little teeth , to stop pestering president Trump and the FBI to investigate judge Kavanaugh!’

“We had less than a minute before going back on the air , so I told her to calm down.

” ‘I don’t need to calm down!’ she screamed again. She shoved me once again , this time hard enough to knock me flat on my ass. She jumped on top of me , grabbed handfuls of her hair , and screaming in a fit of rage , pulled them out by the roots.

” ‘Don’t tell me to calm down , damn it! I can’t stand it when people tell me to calm down!’

“She was so angry I thought she might actually kill me for telling her to calm down. Drool dripped in my face.

“The moment she shoved me a second time , someone called security. He had to pull her off me. No one else wanted to go near her. She refused to calm down , so the guard was forced to restrain her in hand cuffs.

” ‘How dare you hand cuff me!’ she said. ‘Don’t you know who know who I am? I’m going to be the next Attorney General! Ask president Trump! He said so! Let me go , God damn it!’

“Security called the police. She was arrested for assault , and then once again two men from the funny farm arrived , gave her a shot of Thorazine and restrained her in a straight jacket.

“As they restrained her , she cried out , ‘Put down the rat traps , ma! The Demonrats are coming for judge Kavanaugh! We can’t let ’em get ‘im!’

“Struggling weakly and grinning like the Cheshire Cat , from the effect of the Thorazine, she cried out again , ‘Did you put out the rat traps , ma?! Put down some cheese too! That’ll teach the little bastards not to mess with the judge!’

“As I watch them carry her out , cackling like an old hen , I couldn’t help but wonder what possessed the producers of her show to allow her to continue with it. If it were up to me , I would have fired her and cancelled it after the last time. Only time will tell if they wise up and give her the boot.

I also couldn’t help thinking how ridiculous she looked in that straight jacket , with that idiotic grin , and several glaring bald spots on her scalp. I would have found it hilarious if I hadn’t found the whole thing so depressing.

“I always knew Jeanine was a little crazy , but not bat crap insane. I guess the Mueller investigation must have driven her off the deep end.”