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Stupid Conservative Memes #54 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

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Racist Conservative Media Rules For Guns And Blame …     

1) If a white person shoots black people , as Dylann Roof did , don’t blame the white guy. Don’t assume all white people are racist. Don’t assume Roof’s actions represent a white supremacist ideology. Don’t assume his actions represent an entire group of people – white. Blame libtards , Democrats , Barack Obama. They’re the real racists.

2) “If a Christian terrorist shoots up a Planned Parenthood facility and kills three people , don’t blame Christians. Don’t assume Robert Dear’s actions represent an entire religion. Don’t assume decades of anti-abortion propaganda and rhetoric had anything to do with it , like Bill O’Reilly referring to George Tiller , as Tiller the baby killer , or that Margret Sanger’s purpose for creating PP was to exterminate black babies. Instead ,  Blame libtards , Democrats , and Barack Obama , since they support abortion rights , and without this mentality , it never would have happened. Or better yet , blame those filthy libtard transgenders.”

3) “If an American Muslim shoots and kills forty-nine gay people in a night club , blame Islam and all Muslims. Don’t blame Christian anti-gay propaganda ; it had absolutely nothing to do with it. Unlike fundamentalist Islam , Christians  don’t have anti-gay bigot extremists on their side ,  people like Kevin Swanson , and Scott Lively , who want to kill gay people , or thousands of others who call themselves Christians who also believe gay people should be exterminated like rats.”
For years Conservative Christians attacked Barack Obama for his attendance in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Chicago church. And yet the media , and especially the Conservative media have failed to hold Republican politicians , like Ted Cruz , and Mike Huckabee , and Christian groups like The Family Research Council , and The American Family Association , accountable for their anti-gay bigotry. If these same politicians believe Barack Obama is an anti-white racist simply for attending a church that was mostly black , then Republican politicians must also be held to the same standards  for their attendance at The National Religious Liberties Convention organized by pastor Kevin Swanson who has advocated for the deaths of homosexuals. By appearing at these types of events , we must assume that they too believe  gay people should be put to death. These people are Christians – allegedly – and believe the bible is the literal word of God.

4) “If someone shoots a Democrat , as in the case of Jared Loughner , shooting Gabrielle Gifford’s  , don’t blame the NRA for its support of mass gun proliferation. Don’t blame the Republican party for being bought off by the NRA , for betraying the American people , voting against any gun control after every shooting , but instead offering their meaningless prayers. Blame Democrats , libtards , and Barack Obama , because they supported gun control , and wanted to take everyone’s guns away.”    

5) “If a Christian shoots a Muslim , as white supremacist Alexandre Bissonette did , again don’t blame all white people , and don’t blame Christians. There is  no such thing as a white Christian terrorist. Only Muslims are terrorists. Only Muslims kill in the name of their religion or in the name of God.”
After this joker killed six Muslims in a Quebec mosque , initial reports , led by the race baiting Conservative media , identified the shooter as a Moroccan foreigner , because , of course , only Muslims are terrorists. And according to Alex Jones , it was a false flag – why? who really knows – and Bissonette must have converted to Islam before he decided to kill them , which only makes sense to Jones’ fans. 

6) “When a black person shoots a cop , especially a white cop , blame all black people. Blame libtards , Democrats , Barack Obama , and especially Black Lives Matter.”
The five Dallas officers , the Baton Rouge , and the New York police officers. Their deaths were the fault of Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter because – according to the racist Conservative media – of a ( non-existent ) race war  against cops.
Even the deaths of two Iowa police officers , Justin Martin , and Tony Beminio ,  by a white supremacist , Scott Greene , were blamed on Obama , and Black Lives Matter , by racist twitter trolls.

“Any other shooting , don’t blame guns. Don’t blame the NRA. Guns don’t kill people. Gun free zones do. Shooting victims get themselves killed for being unarmed. If anyone is to blame , it’s libtards , Democrats , Barack Obama , and Black Lives Matter.

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Stupid Conservative Memes #21


Actually , none of these make liberals cry.

1) Liberals also own guns. The idea that liberals in general hate guns is absurd. Many Conservatives are gun nuts , who believe that even the most moderate forms of gun control are an infringement on their second amendment rights ; liberals tend to be more rational when it comes to firearm regulations.

2) Just as many liberals also love the flag. The notion among Conservatives that liberals are not patriotic and don’t love their country , is also laughably absurd.

3) Most liberals don’t care what football teams name themselves.

4) Many liberals have criticized Barack Obama when he does something they don’t support. The notion that all liberals blindly worship and approve of everything he does , is laughably absurd. Conservatives who hate him , are not paying attention.

5) Many liberals are Christians themselves , and are highly critical of Islam. Conservatives have a real problem labeling all Muslims as terrorists , hence the absurd phrase , ‘not all Muslims are terrorists , but all terrorists are Muslims ,’ which is contradictory. They also have a problem defending white nationalist terrorism like some liberals do with Islam.

6) Many liberals also hunt.

7) No rational liberal would watch Fox News , so that one is correct.

8) Again , the idea that liberals hate the Constitution , is  ridiculous. 

9) Conservatives believe they have a monopoly on patriotism. They believe that hating Democrats , liberals , Barack Obama , Hillary Clinton , amassing hoards of firearms , and wrapping themselves in the flag while denying civil rights to others , makes them patriots.

The liberal version :

Things that make Conservatives cry :

Moderate , reasonable gun control. Whaaa!

Anyone who doesn’t display extreme nationalism , such as standing for the National anthem ; anyone who criticizes police brutality involving the death of an unarmed black individual. Whaaa!

Anyone who criticizes Der Furher Donald Trump. Whaaa!

Anyone who criticizes Christianity. We’re so oppressed! Whaaa!

Animal rights activists. Whaaa!

Environmental activists. Whaaa!

Gay rights activists. Whaaa!

Anyone who criticizes Fox News. Whaaa!

Anyone who doesn’t hate Obama , liberals , Democrats , and gays. Whaaa!

Anyone who doesn’t hate Muslims. Whaaa!

Anyone who criticizes Israel’s imperialism. Whaaa!

Anyone who criticizes Americas imperialism. Whaaa!

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My Response To Dana Loesch’s Ridiculous , Pathetic , Hypocritical , ‘Godless Left’ Rant


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You should be mocked. You are cowards. You are shameless.

You and your fellow gun nuts clearly have no intention of doing anything , other than offering empty prayers. But the time for prayer has past. It’s time to do something meaningful. Innocent children are being slaughtered , and yet you people just don’t seem to give a damn. You are ghouls.

Here’s a suggestion. How about you and your fellow gun nuts stop fellating Wayne LaPew and the NRA , and admit that simply praying isn’t going to fix it. You are the ones with blood on your hands , not the ‘Godless Left’ as you like to call liberals , many , many of whom , by the way , also own guns , and also believe in God , and actually want to do something , instead of ignoring the problem , hoping , somehow , that it will go away.

As Politicus recently reported , “Senate Republicans have now laughably put themselves on record as supporting the right of suspected terrorists to legally purchase weapons in the U.S..” Is that also the fault of the Godless Left? And you have the nerve to say that they are the ones who are walking hand in hand with terrorists. Do you know the meaning irony? Apparently you don’t.

I’m sure the families that lost loved ones  in San Bernardino , will be happy to know that the NRA has done everything they can to convince themselves that they  share no culpability with their  rhetoric.

Here’s another suggestion. Why don’t you NRA gun nuts grow some balls and admit that praying won’t make this problem go away. Because those who don’t share your unhealthy obsession with firearms , are sick and tired of the empty platitudes , and the smug , self-righteous BS.

So , you’re tired of people attacking the NRA? Well , that’s just too God damn bad. They deserve to be attacked. With their dangerous propaganda , they  continue to contribute to gun violence by feeding the fears of people like you , who are terrified that everyone is coming for their property , their way of life , and they need more and more guns to protect themselves.  You , the NRA ( including Wayne LaPew ) and every gun nut , are responsible for the deaths of every human being who has been murdered through gun violence.  The blood of those innocent children massacred at Sandy Hook elementary , are on your hands ; the blood of those nine people murdered by Dylan Roof , are on your hands ; the blood of those two women murdered by John Houser in Louisiana , are on your hands ; the blood of those murdered by Christopher Mercer , in Roseburg , Oregon , are on your hands ( despite the pathetic attempt by the conservative media to blame the ‘Godless Left’ ) ; the blood of those murdered by Jared Loughner , including nine-year old Christina Taylor Green , are on your hands ; and the blood of those murdered by James Holmes , are on your hands. By your unwillingness to do anything about gun violence , by your unwillingness to support any gun safety regulations , other than meaningless prayers , you are just as much to blame as those who murdered them. You are shameless ghouls.

Those who deny that gun violence is a major problem in America ; those who believe that more guns make us safer ; those who believe that more guns are the answer ; those who believe that Obummer is coming for their guns ; those who believe that the ‘Godless left’ are the cause of everything that’s wrong in America ; those who had a chance to do something about gun violence , but refused to do  anything but offer prayer … the blood of victims like these , are on your hands.

Your pathetic attempts to blame the president , Democrats , and the ‘Godless Left’ , are laughable. The majority of Americans don’t buy it. The only ones who are buying your pathetic excuses , are gun nuts like yourself.

It’s insane that we have an organization like the NRA that tells America that more guns are the answer , that more guns will make us safer , that a good guy with a gun will easily stop a bad guy with a gun , and that most gun crimes occur in gun free zones. More guns are not the answer , more guns do not make us safer ,  more often than not , a good guy with a gun will not stop a bad guy with a gun , and zones where guns are allowed , are not a deterrent to gun crimes.

I have a problem with you gun nut whores who suck up to and dry hump the NRA. You are the ones who fail to keep Children safe. If keeping Americas children safe  were your goal , you would get your noses out of the NRA’s – and Wayne LaPew’s – rear end and admit once and for all that there is a problem with gun violence , and that something needs to be done about it. How many more children have to die?

 I won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer. Your second amendment rights and your guns are obviously more precious to you than the lives of innocent children.

Shame on you. You people are pathetic.

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Hands Off My Guns Obummer!

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Since the very first election of Barack Obama , a large  number of Americans suddenly became extremely paranoid. They are terrified that the government is going to take not only their freedom , but their guns , imprison them in soviet style detention camps , and create a communist utopia in America. And it’s all because Obama was elected president. They have convinced themselves that he is a foreigner , a communist , gay , a Muslim , a dictator , and a terrorist , who’s only interest is to destroy America from within.

Their evidence  – that he is over reaching his authority with an excessive amount of executive orders , his support of same-sex marriage , and especially his support of sensible gun control – has been debatable to the reasonably well-informed , but his critics and haters are not convinced , even when presented with evidence to the contrary.  They are certain that all of these actions  will lead to the ultimate moral and social decline and destruction of America.

The NRA and many of its supporters have resisted any and all attempts by the Obama administration at gun safety regulations. They believe any regulation to be an infringement on their right to bear arms. To them it is nothing but a sinister plot to disarm true patriotic Americans. Their answer to gun violence  is prayer , less regulations and more guns , thus making America a more dangerous place to live , but in their minds making it safer.

One of these  paranoid Americans is Dana Leosch. Dana is the host of her own syndicated show on the Blaze network , a conservative blogger , a   staunch supporter of the NRA , and a patriotic gun loving American. Dana is the author of Hands Off My Guns! Defeating The Plot To Disarm America. It received critical acclaim from conservative media , but less than favorable reviews from the liberal media. Her new book , a sequel , Keep Your Communist Leftist Liberal Hands Off My Guns! Defeating The Communist Leftist Liberal Plot To Disarm America , Because Gun Control Is The Ultimate Communist Leftist Liberal War On Women , was released this past summer , receiving mixed reviews.

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Dana Leosch talking about her new book – ‘Keep Your Communist Leftist Liberal Hands Off My Guns! Defeating The Communist Leftist Liberal Plot To Disarm America , Because Gun Control Is The Ultimate Communist Leftist Liberal War On Women’ – with Megan Kelly.

  “I am so sick and tired of the leftist libs complaining that anti-abortion and anti- birth control are republican conservative wars on women ,” she said during a recent interview with Fox News’s Megan Kelly.  “Nothing could be further from the truth. Liberals are well-know for lying. That’s all they do. Facts mean nothing to them. They just make stuff up to suit their agenda , which is to lie and deceive as much as possible.

“We know for a fact that the only wars that are being waged are those by the libs. They have waged a war on Christmas now for years. You can’t say Merry Christmas in public these days , or believe that Jesus is white , without offending liberals. Now you have to say Happy Holidays , and believe Jesus is black. As a Christian , that offends me. I have a right to say Merry Christmas if I choose to , and believe that Jesus is white.  That’s a war. A real war. Another liberal war is the war on Christianity. God was removed from schools back in the sixties , and replaced with communist liberalism. Today it’s Islam. It’s being taught in schools all over America , and no one’s doing anything about it. That’s another real war , a war for the minds of our kids.

“Another aspect of the liberal war on Christianity , is their assault on religious freedom. Recently the supreme court ruled that same-sex marriage is now legal in all fifty states , and whether we like it or not , we have to go along with it , we have to accept it. Libs and gays won’t be satisfied until they’ve forced every Christian in America to accept it as not only normal behavior , but  to force their special rights on all of us. We know they want special rights , not equal rights. We know they want to force everyone and especially our kids into accepting homosexuality as an alternative life style , which is exactly what they’re doing right now in public and private schools. They also want to force Christian business owners to violate their religious beliefs and bake cakes for homosexual weddings. They’re acting like Nazis. Just like Hitler did , and just like Hitler , they will stop at nothing until they’ve rounded up every last Christian who opposes the new law , and throw them all into prison.

“The ultimate liberal war on freedom , is gun control. It’s not only a war on all Americans who own guns , but a very real war on women. But libs won’t tell you that. They would have you believe that women who own guns are more likely to be targeted for rape , and that their own guns are more likely to be used against them. They also want you to believe that all gun violence in America is the result of republican extremism , with close ties to racist hate groups , but that’s another liberal lie. We know for a fact that almost all of the mass shootings of the last decade have been inspired by leftist liberal radicals. The Aurora theatre shooter , James Holmes , was a liberal , as was Gabby Gifford’s shooter , Jared Loughner.

“Also we know for a fact that the Obama administration has always used these tragic shootings as an excuse to legislate new laws to further restrict gun rights. Because we know that Obama’s ultimate goal is to take over America with his communist dictatorship , and the way he will do this is through gun control when he has at last succeeded in taking our guns away , and thrown all of us patriotic gun loving Americans into Fema camps.”