When Obama was president, conservatives were obsessed with proving he was the real racist who hated America, that he was a secret Muslim who supported the Muslim Brotherhood whom had supposedly infiltrated the White House. Everything Obama said and did was a scandal in the eyes of conservatives who hated him for being Barack Hussein Obama: The criticism of a Cambridge cop who arrested a personal friend of Obama’s in the early days of his presidency – if the current president in all his glory had done the same, conservatives would have shrugged it off like they’ve shrugged off every one of his scandals; daring to show empathy for the death of a teenager killed suspiciously by a self appointed armed vigilante.

The first so-called major scandal that the Republicans and their media latched onto was Benghazi. According to conservative wisdom, Obama had lied about not calling the incident a terrorist attack, and had personally given a stand down order in Benghazi while he and Hillary were sitting by, fist bumping each other as they watched the attack happen.

Benghazi was all the rage on social media. Conservatives couldn’t shut up about Benghazi. They were convinced it was an earth-shattering scandal that would bring down Obama and Hillary Clinton. They spread their conspiracy theories as fact – stand down orders, Obama’s alleged failure to call it an act of terror, secret emails that proved it was a cover up, ambassador Stevens was dragged through the streets after being sodomized by his attackers – or whatever conspiracy theory they could imagine.

Republicans spent years investigating the attack, issuing more than a half dozen reports that found no smoking gun. And yet, conservative media continued to harp on it, convinced that the Obama administration had deliberately allowed four Americans to die at the hands of his Islamic militant buddies.

If Obama had farted in the Oval office or the Rose Garden, Republicans would have blown that into another major scandal and another excuse to want to impeach him.

Despite all of the misinformation and outright lies by right wing-wing media, Obama was elected to a second term. And it was during his second term that conservatives latched onto another non-scandal to attack Obama and to accuse him of treason: Ebola. According to them, Obama had deliberately allowed Ebola to infect America as payback for slavery. Obama was incompetent in his response to the virus that killed only two, and yet conservative media treated it as if it were another earth-shattering scandal that the liberal media were supposedly ignoring.

Compare Benghazi And Ebola To Covid 19 And What Do You Get?

Crickets. At least from Republicans.

Coronavirus has ravaged America the last half year, causing at least 204,033 COVID related deaths as of September 28, according to the CDC data tracker. This is a major scandal. There were four deaths in Benghazi. There were two from Ebola. Both were unforgivable scandals to conservatives. The Republicans and their lapdog media accused Obama of treason over both and wanted to impeach him.

Coronavirus, and Trump’s poor response to the pandemic has not been treated as a scandal by Republicans. In fact, just the opposite. They’ve treated it as if it’s nothing to worry about. In its early days, they parroted Trump’s favorite talking points, to treat him as the victim of a Democratic hoax to bring down and destroy the reputation of America’s God-chosen president who no other president can be compared to.

From former Fox pundit. Trish Regan:

“The chorus of hate being leveled at the President is nearing a crescendo,” Trish Regan said dramatically on her Fox News show, “as Democrats blame him and only him for a virus that originated from halfway around the world. This is yet another attempt to impeach the President. And sadly, it seems they care very little for the destruction they are leaving in their wakes. Losses in the stock market, all this unfortunately just part of the political casualties for them.

“The hate is boiling over. Many in the liberal media are using, and I mean using, coronavirus in an attempt to demonize and destroy the president.”

From Rush Limburger in early March:

We’re shutting down our country because of the cold virus. This is COVID 19, the 19th version of the coronavirus. we’re shutting it – can you imagine our enemies watching this ? You think the Chinese are not laughing themselves silly over how easy this has been?”

The Chinese may have very well been laughing, and if they were, you can bet it was Rush Limburger they were laughing at.

From a Fox News article in early March, by the Fox News staff:

“The media complains that there was a lackluster initial response by the Trump administration. Say what?

“Let’s start with the fact that the U.S. has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. And on January 31st, the Trump administration restricted entry into this country from China in an effort to counter the spreading coronavirus outbreak.

“He immediately put together the smartest, most sophisticated team of doctors, scientists, and healthcare professionals to deal with his declared coronavirus health emergency.

“And most important, he assigned to Vice President Mike Pence the job of organizing, monitoring a team to contain, mitigate, and treat the problem with states and local governments.”

Say what?

Let’s start with the fact that, no, the United States does not have one of the best healthcare systems in the world, at least not for the peasants. Anyone making that claim is either ignorant of the facts, or is lying. Healthcare is so expensive thousands of people cannot afford to go to a doctor even for a minor illness, let alone a major illness without being saddled with a ton of debt, buy decent insurance, or afford their medication.

In the meantime, over 200,000 have died of COVID despite Trump’s heroic efforts to contain what he calls the Chinese virus.

When things started getting serious and they could not longer keep up the bullshit, they did a complete 180, denying that they ever called it a hoax, or downplayed its seriousness.

It’s disappointing that the Republican party has failed in holding Trump accountable for this scandal. But that’s to be expected from a party that is no better than he is. What’s even more disappointing is that the Democratic party has failed to hold him accountable. They made a huge deal out of the Ukraine scandal, and even held Congressional hearings on it.

Where are the hearings for Trump’s Benghazi, Ebola, and 9/11?

COVID 19: Trump’s Benghazi, Ebola, And 9/11

It’s been a while since the last entry, so for this next one I thought this particular meme would be appropriate since it perfectly and accurately demonstrates the mindset of Republicans in the age of COVID 19.

The above meme shows a person’s head inserted into his rectum, with the caption, Why Liberals aren’t all that concerned about Ebola
They have a built in hazmat suit.

In 2014 there was an Ebola outbreak in west African that affected and killed thousands of people. In the United States four people were affected by the disease and two died, one of them a Liberian national, Thomas Duncan visiting relatives in Texas. The conservative response was that Obama was irresponsible and incompetent, and that he had failed in his response to the virus. Conservative media hosted The Great Ebola Freak out, acccusing Obama of deliberately allowing the virus into the States, that his intention was to deliberately allow millions of Americans to potentially die just as he deliberately abandoned four Americans to die in Benghazi. Rush Limbaugh, an old school racist, said on his radio show that Obama wanted white America to become infected as payback for slavery.

Trump Is Not Responsible For COVID 19, But Obama Is Responsible For Ebola.

Trump’s reaction to Ebola was nonstop tweeting about how irresponsible and incompetent Obama was.

Obama spent too much time golfing instead of doing anything about the virus.

Obama should personally apologize to everyone who contracts the virus.

“I think very few people trust our government as being competent. Let’s not kid ourselves. I mean with the five billion dollar website for Obamacare, which is still not working frankly and it’s a disaster. And so many other things: Benghazi, wars, IRS.

“I mean we have virtually incompetent leadership, so why would anybody trust our government to handle this crises? And to think we’re allowing people from West Africa to come in and many of them are unchecked, come in and potentially cause a tremendous problem.”

He even insisted that Obama’s response was so disgraceful, that he should resign.

Fast forward to 2020, and we have, as of September 18, according to the CDC, 197,116 COVID related deaths in the US. We have a president who lies, who denies any responsibility for his poor response to the pandemic, who pats himself on the back, who has insisted all along that his response has been excellent, who insisted that it was under control, who insisted on reopening schools and businesses prematurely, who admitted to Bob Woodward that he knew the virus was potentially deadly, while he publicly down played the seriousness of it, and his media lapdogs have willfully followed his lead, and have failed to hold him accountable. Sure, he restricted flights from China, and put together a task force, but there were no government mandates on masks, no testing, social distancing, or mandatory lock downs. State governors have had to initiate their own mandates because our “responsible” president doesn’t believe in wearing a mask to lessen the spread of the virus, and his supporters who believe everything he says, don’t believe in wearing masks either.

It’s obvious Trump doesn’t hold himself responsible, nor do his supporters. Is he going to follow the advise he had for Obama, that he personally visit and embrace every relative of those who succumbed to COVID? Is he going to follow the same advise he had for Obama, that he resign? Not a chance.

If Trump had mandated wearing a mask in the very beginning, if he had worn a mask himself, if he had mandated a nation wide lock down for a few months, if he had mandated social distancing – the States would not have had to so, and perhaps his supporters would be wearing masks, and perhaps there would be thousands of less fatalities.

In conclusion, two deaths from Ebola, compared to 197,116 due to COVID, would indicate that the president, his media lapdogs, and his supporters would be the ones who have their heads inserted in their rectums.

Stupid Conservative Memes #88: “197,000 Deaths Under Trump Is Nothing Compared To Two Under Obama!”



Aviary Photo_131333147035222417
Americas most respected president eight years straight , according to Republicans.

Once upon a time a black Democratic senator from Illinois was voted president of the United States , and conservatives like Wayne Root ( who totally were not racist ) lost their minds.

Because reality has a liberal bias conservatives created an alternate world where it had a whole new meaning. In this new reality they created their own facts where black is white , up is down , Democrats and liberals are the real racists and bigots , Hitler was a socialist liberal , and where the Democratic president was treated fairly and with great respect by Republicans.

In this alternate reality , no one ever criticized the new president.

No one called him a Marxist socialist , or a Nazi.

No one interrupted an event and accused him of lying.

No one accused him of being The Great Destroyer.

No one accused him of dividing the nation , of being anti white racist , anti semitic , or anti police.

No one questioned the validity of his birth certificate.

No one created or spread elaborate conspiracy theories about him : that he was a radical Muslim hellbent on turning America over to the Muslim Brotherhood ;¬†killed a long list of people who threatened to expose his illegitimacy ; teleported to Mars to prepare decades in advance of his tyrannical rule of America ; created Fema death camps for dissidents who opposed him ; would invade Texas through Jade Helm ; would eat Americas children through Planned Parenthood ; use Ebola to punish America ; take everyone’s guns away through Fast And Furious ; was lawless with executive orders ; stole the elections with ACORN , Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck and sundry ; created an army of infant warriors ; allowed four Americans to die in Benghazi ; was hostile to Christmas , Christianity ; played more golf than any other president , and vacationed more than any other president.

No one held racist signs at Tea party events.

No one accused him of inciting violence against law enforcement , of inciting a race war by supporting Black Lives Matter.

No one bullied or targeted his family with childish and racist insults , or death threats.

No one accused him of giving Iran nuclear weapons.

And conservatives never ever threatened or wished for his death. He was treated with kindness , respect and admiration by Republicans who never said an unkind word about him.

Everything was unicorns and roses. Racism was solved and Democrats and Republicans lived happily ever after with one another in this new America , as they held hands across the nation and sang kumbaya from sea to shining sea.

Wayne RootWhat If White Conservatives Treated Obama the Way Liberals Treat Trump? – Wayne Root

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Dana And The Lap Dogs



Aviary Photo_131447961446248954
An unbiased , elitist , lap dog , lone beacon of truth in a sea of leftist lying libtards.

ūüćĀDana Loesch is a conservative commentator , AKA a Republican party mouth piece , gun nut , and an eager lap dog for the NRA. She’s currently employed at The Blaze , where truth supposedly lives , despite  little evidence to support this claim. Most liberals know her for the unabashed hypocrite she is , but Dana couldn’t care less about her own hypocrisy. She only cares when it’s liberals who are hypocrites.   

Recently Dana released a video accusing liberals who oppose the new president , of being terrorists. Liberals for the most part , saw it as thinly veiled threat against protesters. Others saw it for the ridiculous video it was ; it was nothing more than a mishmash of anti-liberal talking points , falsehoods , with an over abundance of hypocrisy , designed to appeal to the emotions of the sheep in her audience who will believe every word she says without question. The message : that all those who oppose the new president ( or any Republican president ) are not only unpatriotic , but enemies of freedom.     

The idea that anyone who opposes or even criticizes the current president is unpatriotic or anti-American , is not only absurd , but hypocritical. For eight years Dana and her like-minded lap dogs in the conservative media , which is every bit as main stream , and even more biased as the media she so often criticizes , did nothing but attack and criticize the last president over everything he said and did. He took too many vacations , he played too much golf. He was Hitler for health care reform , he was Hitler for executive orders. They told us he hated America and wanted to destroy it with Ebola , and yet , not one American succumbed to the virus. They told us that he was racist and hated law enforcement , over criticisms of the actions of a white police officer , and that he never attended the funerals of police officers killed in the line of duty , despite attending the services of slain police officers. They told us that he was a Muslim who sided with Muslim terrorists  , while ignoring his drone war on terror in seven different places around the world. 

Dana and her fellow lap dogs in the conservative media often claim to be the sole beacons of truth and accuracy besieged by a liberal media full of bias and lies. If they are so concerned about violence , then why haven’t they reported on the violence and intimidation against minorities since the election of the current president? Southern Poverty Law Center compiled an extensive list  of attacks. Why didn’t she mention any of these incidents in her video? Why didn’t she mention the six , predominantly black southern churches that were burned down from 2014 , to 2016? Why didn’t she mention the nine black parishioners that were gunned down by white supremacist Dylann Roof? Why didn’t she mention the murders of six Muslims outside a Canadian mosque , by Trump supporter  Alexandre Bissonette? Why didn’t she mention the Planned Parenthood shooting by radical Christian Robert Dear , that Ted Cruz claimed was done by a leftist transgender? She never mentioned any of these incidents because it was right wing violence. Violence that Conservatives will never admit to and will never own. By ignoring their own radical extremism , it enables them to continue to peddle their fantasies of a violent , Godless Left. 

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Stupid Conservative Memes #65 Liberal Logic 101 Edition


Aviary Photo_131429865381117936
“For those with no brains , who haven’t a clue how logic works.”

There are plenty of ridiculous Liberal Logic 101 memes on the internet , but this one perfectly demonstrates the ‘alternate reality’ in which the typical liberal hating wing nut resides.

Liberals were not that concerned about Ebola , because it wasn’t an outbreak. A total of three Americans contracted the disease , and recovered. The fourth , a Liberian national , by the name of Thomas Duncan , died after contracting the disease. But Conservative media , played¬†the non-epidemic as if it were the end of civilization as we know it , blaming the president at the time – Barack Obama – of allowing ¬†the disease into the country on purpose , because he hates America , because it’s a racist country. ¬†¬†

Why doesn’t Conservative media talk about gun violence? That’s a real¬†epidemic. An ongoing epidemic that kills an estimated 30,000 Americans annually. Yet , Conservative media is completely silent on the issue. Why? Does the right hate America? Would it be too extreme to say that they¬†hate their country¬†, like Bryan Fischer absurdly claimed that Obama intentionally allowed Ebola into the U.S. because he hates America and believes it needs to be punished for its racism?¬†

There were dozens of incidents in 2014 where children were accidentally shot because of the negligence of an adult. Children who got their hands on loaded weapons and accidentally shot themselves or others. Why weren’t Conservatives in the media talking about this? Where was the outrage? Where was their demand to regulate guns? There were hundreds of incidents in 2014 where children were murdered with a gun. Again , there was no demand to regulate guns , but they wanted to enforce travel bans because one person died of Ebola?¬†The media , particularly the Conservative media , believe that it’s more important to spread fear about a disease that killed one person in America ( who actually wasn’t from America ) , and yet they have nothing to say about the dangers of children dying by guns every year? ¬†

Who really have their heads buried up their asses? ¬†It sure as hell isn’t liberals. ¬† ¬†