As I have said in previous posts, Rachel Compost-Duffy is perhaps the dumbest pundit on the Fox News channel, which she confirms each and every time she opens her mouth. She knows nothing about politics. The only reason the network has her on at all is because her husband is a former senator ( who is just as unintelligent as she is ) and she’s not embarrassed that she is out of touch and ignorant. She’s willing to say anything, no matter how absurd it is, as long it confirms the caricature that conservatives have of the Democratic party in general – that they are socialists, communists, unpatriotic, and anti-American. In short, Republicans accuse them of everything that is true about themselves. One has only to look to the Capitol riot and the Republican party’s involvement and open support of it.

George Bush’s 9/11 anniversary speech triggered Duffy because he mentioned that domestic terrorism was as just as much a threat to America as foreign terrorism. The fact that she’s a dimwit, she felt compelled to defend the insurrectionists as patriots because they had flags and were pissed about the election result. On the other hand, Islamic terrorists just want to kill Americans because they hate America and Western Civilization.

“And I think motivations matter,” she said. “The Islamic terrorists want to kill Americans. They hate America. They have lots of reasons for that.

“Regardless of what you think about what happened on January 06, the people there went in with the flags. They were not America haters. They were people who were angry and expressing their anger in a very bad way about an election result. Those are not equivalent things.”

The purpose of the siege of the Capitol was to kill Americans – Mike Pence, for instance. Conservatives – in particular, the most extreme Trump supporters – hate America and want to kill leftists. Their intention was not only to kill Mike Pence – they were ready to hang him with a gallows – if he didn’t go along with Trump and his cronies and nullify state votes which Biden won. By their actions, they were demonstrating their hatred for democracy and the Constitution in their efforts to nullify a democratic election by attempting to steal it through false claims of fraud. They are the very definition of “America haters.” They hate democracy so much they would rather have their own dictator.

Fanatical members in the cult of Trump stormed the Washington Capitol hoping to overturn through violence a democratic election because their chosen dictator failed to win. They were pissed to no end. They believed Trump’s lies and those of his cronies in Congress and the media, that feeble, sleepy Joe Biden was too weak to do it himself, so he had the ghost of Hugo Chavez, Dominion, and George Soros do his dirty work. That’s what happened. It wasn’t the feds who instigated the whole thing, who set up the innocent Trump supporters into committing an insurrection. It was Trump, his cronies in Congress and the media who amplified the Big Lie that the election was stolen by the Democrats, and all of the other lies.

But, according to conservative narrative, right after it happened, it was Antifa disguised as Trump supporters. Then when that narrative fell apart, it was the FBI that was really behind it all, the deep state. They forced all of those innocent and unsuspecting Trump supporters to believe the lies of election fraud. They were just like rats being lured into unsuspecting traps set by the feds. Trump, his cronies in Congress and media had nothing at all to do with it. The Big Lie in no way compelled them to march to the Capitol to do what they did. It was all of those FBI informants whispering “sedition” and “insurrection” into their innocent little ears.

This is the new lie, and they have no intention of bearing any responsibility for it whatsoever. They will forever blame it on the Democrats, the deep state, the FBI, and anyone but themselves.

Source: Raw Story.

Rachel Compost-Duffy: January 06 Insurrectionists Were Patriots

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Trump Advisory Board Member , ‘Dr. Gina’ , Suffers Bizarre Melt Down During Live Broadcast Of Hannity

Dr. Gina’s bizarre melt down on Hannity. “Leave Trump alone , mean liberals!”

Dr. Gina Loudon is a Fox News quack psychologist, who has falsely claimed to have a degree in psychology. She’s written some of the lamest articles ( example here ) for some of the lamest so-called news sites , which include Politichicks , Rightwing News , World Nut Daily , and Breitbart.

Anyone with some common sense , and a bit of decency would be self-conscious of the fact that their name and reputation are associated with one of the sleaziest websites on the internet. But Dr. Gina remains blissfully unaware of that fact. Either that , or she just doesn’t care. To this day , she continues to publish in the aforementioned , including the dumbest of the dumbest , the discredited birther , conspiracy website World Nut Daily , where she continues to outdo her craziness with each new article.

She’s also written a new book – Mad Politics : How To Keep Your Sanity In A World Gone Crazy – which is ironic , since one could easily make the argument based on many of the articles she’s written , that she is severely lacking not only in the intellect department , but the sanity department.

This is a supposed psychologist who once berated the former president in a World Nut Daily article for golfing , executive orders , and vacationing , as signs of psychopathy. But she has remained silent on the current president’s executive orders , and his vacation and golf habits , whom she has laughably praised as a great leader , simply due to the fact that she is a close friend of his.

She never bothered to meet the last president , to get to know him as a human being , however flawed , instead choosing to spread lies and conspiracy theories about him. She was the supposed expert who knew what made Obama tick , and now Trump , but she’s nothing but a partisan hack , playing for a team. Team Trump.

On an episode of Hannity last week , while discussing her latest book Mad Politics , Dr. Gina went into a bizarre melt down , and according to witnesses blamed liberals , Democrats , Obama , and the deep state.

“I’ve always liked Dr. Gina ,” an anonymous witness told the Journal , “even though I think she’s as crazy as a bed bug , and disagree with her on almost everything. Even crazy people can be nice. But despite her questionable state of mind , she’s always seemed to have a level head and has always managed to keep her cool , even when upset. So , when her little outburst occurred , it shocked the hell out of me.”

” ‘Liberals are such whiny little crybabies ,’ ” Dr. Gina said. ‘Say one positive thing about president Trump , like he’s improved the economy all by himself because he’s such a great president , or he’s the sanest president – compared to Obama – and they crumble like the cupcakes they are.”

Sean said ,” ‘That’s right. They literally crumble. And then they literally explode. Kapow! Kaboom.’ He made exploding noises , spittle flying from his mouth.

” ‘That’s right , Sean. They make fun of conservatives and claim we’re the ones who wear diapers because we don’t get our way. But nothing could be further from the truth. Liberals are the diaper wearing crybabies. A perfect example of this was when I tweeted that president Trump is the sanest man to occupy the White House , and that he was an honest and truthful man who even Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck endorsed for president , I was viciously attacked , so I attacked back in the only language liberals clearly understand , by tweeting , the country’s greater than it’s ever been. Trump is MAGA! Obama sucks. But Trump is mean! Waaaaahhhhhh! I included some crybaby 😭😭😭 emojis to show what whiny babies they are , followed by , can we just move on now? But liberals aren’t the least bit interested in moving on , Sean. Now that Trump is president and is making America great again , they just want to kick and scream and throw temper tantrums because they would rather America not be great again , which really pisses me off , Sean. They want to pretend that it was already great , just so they can have an excuse to attack him.’

Hannity said , ” ‘I agree , Dr. Gina , but wasn’t it Obama who was endorsed by Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck , and if I’m not mistaken , most of the Disney crew?’

” ‘How should I know , Sean? All I know is , liberals are so mean I just want to scream in frustration.’

“Which she did , startling not only me but everyone in the studio.

” ‘I’m sorry , Sean , I’m just so pissed off. Can’t they see he’s the greatest president who ever lived?’

“With each question her voice rose higher until she was nearly screaming.

‘Can’t they see what he’s done for the economy? Can’t they see how honest and loyal , and truthful he is? Can’t they see he never lies , like Obama , who lied all the time? Can’t they see they have Trump derangement syndrome because they can’t get under his skin? Can’t they see how sane he is because he knows how great he is? And can’t they see how sane I am too , because I know how great he is , and because I’m humble , know history , and stay informed!’

“Sean asked her if she was alright.

” ‘I’m alright , Sean.’ She plucked a tissue from the dispenser between her and Sean and proceeded to cry , dabbing at the corners of her eyes.

” ‘It’s so unfair , Sean ‘, she cried. ‘Why are liberals so mean to him? Conservatives weren’t mean to Obama. President Trump hasn’t done anything for them to treat him this way!’

“She put her head in her arms and started bawling. ‘Waaaaahaaahaaa! Waaaaahaaahaaa!’

Her shoulders heaved with each haha. Sean had this surprised , startled look on his face like he didn’t know what to do. We were all surprised , startled , and didn’t know what to do , except watch in fascination as she made a spectacle of herself.

“Her blubbering lasted perhaps almost thirty seconds , her shoulders continuing to heave with each haha. Then she looked up. Her makeup was smudged and runny with her tears. I blinked in shock at how ridiculous she looked. We all did. And before I knew it , she was on the floor , rolling around , blubbering and crying and kicking and pounding her fists like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

“The moment she hit the floor , Sean snapped out of his shock , making quick cutting motions. ‘Cut the cameras! Cut the cameras!’

“The cameras were cut. But the damage had already been done. This wasn’t going to look good for Sean Hannity , having one of his guests melt down on live television. It was the third incident here in less than a month. It would be interesting to see how he handled it.

“After the cameras had been cut , Sean helped Dr. Gina to her feet. She seemed to have been all cried out. Her makeup looked runnier and even more smudged , and her hair was all mussed up. She looked absolutely ridiculous. All she needed was a tall pointy hat , a broom stick and a black dress , and she would be ready to go trick or treating.

“She was also clearly embarrassed. ‘I don’t know what possessed me to behave that way ,’ she said.

” ‘It’s not your fault Dr. Gina ,’ Sean said. ‘I believe it was liberal , Obama , Democrat , deep state derangement syndrome.’

” ‘You know , Sean , I think you’re right ,’ she said , and they both laughed.”