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How Barack Obama Ruined America And Was The Worst President Ever … Part 3

If you dislike Barack Obama as much as I do , then you know for a fact he was the worst American president , from his Marxist policies like Obama care , to giving away free stuff like Obama phones … Continue reading

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Obama The Grinch Wants To Eat My Christmas Cookies And Donuts , Drink My Eggnog And Steal My Christmas Presents

 As they do every year Fox News and Bill O’Reilly revives it’s silly war on Christmas theme. They never  get tired of complaining that the holiday is under attack from liberals , atheists , and Barack Obama , all of … Continue reading

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How Obama The Grinch Stole Christmas … Again : The Secular Communist Liberal Medias War On Christmas

For more than a decade , the conservative media has portrayed Christians in America under attack from the  secular liberal progressive media ,  and atheists , with their fictitious war on Christmas. It’s become more prominent since Obama took office. It’s … Continue reading

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I Saw Barack Obama Blowing Santa Claus

  Conservatives have known for some time that Barack Obama is gay , despite the fact that he is married to Michelle Obama.  Some believe it’s a cover to hide the obvious fact that he’s gay. Others believe that Michelle Obama … Continue reading

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