In The News: Pro-Trump Protest Organizers Claim They Attended Meetings With Congress Members, WH Staff, Prior To Capitol Riot

FeaturedIn The News: Pro-Trump Protest Organizers Claim They Attended Meetings With Congress Members, WH Staff, Prior To Capitol Riot

A pair of Trump supporters who helped plan and organize rallies in and around Washington DC prior to the Capitol riot, claim to have attended meetings with certain members of Congress.

Rolling Stone spoke to two January 06 organizers, both of whom have been granted anonymity by Congressional investigators. The pair have accused several pro-Trump members of Congress of helping them to overturn the election and organizing events that led to the riot. These members include, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, Mo Brooks, Madison Cawthorn, Andy Biggs, and Louie Gohmert.

“I remember Marjorie Taylor Greene specifically,” the organizer said. “I remember talking to probably close to a dozen other members at one point or another, or their staffs.”

These same two sources are also alleged to have helped plan demonstrations in multiple states prior to the election and the events at the Capitol.

“We would talk to Boebert’s team, Cawthorn’s team, Gosar’s team like back to back to back,” the organizer continued.

Gosar – who is one of the most extreme Trump supporters in Congress, and of the January 06 riot – has been accused by the pair of offering the possibility of pardons to the organizers.

“Our impression was that it was a done deal,” the organizer said. “That he’d spoken with the president about it in the Oval office, in meetings about pardons, and that our names came up. They were working on submitting the paperwork and getting members of the House Freedom Caucus to sign on as a show of support.”

“I would have done it either way, with or without the pardon. I do truly believe in this country, but to use something like that and put that out on the table when someone is so desperate, it’s really not good business.”

He believes in his country so much that he’s willing to believe the election was rigged, based on the rantings of an egotistical con man, who’s attorney’s failed multiple times to present any evidence for their claims in court – further humiliating themselves doing press conferences where they also failed to back up their claims – and then physically act on those claims by attempting to overturn a democratic election by force. Yeah, he sounds like a real patriot.

Nick Dyer, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s communication director, claimed via email that Greene was only involved in planning to object to Joe Biden’s certification. “Congresswoman Greene and her staff were focused on the Congressional election objection on the House floor and had nothing to do with planning of any protest,” he wrote.

Dyer also compared Green’s attempt to object to Biden’s victory with the so-called objections the anti-american Democrats had over Trump’s 2016 election, when they stormed into the Senate with pitch forks and nooses, ready to hang vice president Biden if he didn’t declare Obama the winner.

“She ( Greene ) objected just like Democrats who have objected to Republican presidential victories over the years,” Dyer said in the email. “Just like in 2017, when Jim McGovern, Jamie Raskin, Pramila Jayapal, Barbara Lee, Sheila Jackson, Raul Grijalva, and Maxine Waters tried to prevent president Trump’s election win from being certified.

It should be noted that none of them incited a mob to storm the Capitol and Congress, desperate to keep a narcissistic con man in power.

Dyer also wrote in the email that real Americans are more concerned about Biden’s socialist agenda than the Republican party’s contempt for democracy, or about dying from a virus ( again, I can’t stress this enough, that has taken the lives of over a half a million people in the U.S. ) because they refuse to get vaccinated. Conservatives would rather die for the sake of partisan politics – to own the libs – than use the God damn common sense they were born with, and get the vaccine. And as a result, they’re risking their own lives and risking the health and lives of others, including their family members and relatives.

“No one cares about Jan. 6,” he wrote peevishly, “when gas prices are skyrocketing, unemployment is skyrocketing, businesses are going bankrupt, our border is being invaded, children are forced to wear masks, vaccine mandates are getting workers fired, and thirteen members of our military are murdered by the Taliban and Americans are left stranded in Afghanistan.”

“The reason I’m talking to the committee and the reason it’s so important is that – despite Republicans refusing to participate – this commission’s all we got as far as being able to uncover the truth about what happened at the Capitol that day,” the organizer said. “It’s clear that’s lot of bad actors set out to cause chaos… they made us all look like shit.”

They named Trump as one of those bad actors that made them “all look like shit,” but they also made it quite clear that they still believe in his agenda, which is an indication of how intelligent they are. After allowing a con man to make them look like shit, instead of being angry, they’re still willing to hold hands with him and sing Kumbaya.

Source: Rolling Stone.

Mark Levin: “Democrats Should Hold Themselves And Antifa In Contempt For Invading The Capitol, Not Steve Bannon!”

FeaturedMark Levin: “Democrats Should Hold Themselves And Antifa In Contempt For Invading The Capitol, Not Steve Bannon!”

From the October 21 broadcast of the Mark Levin Show:

"Can you believe the House of Representatives has voted to hold Steve Bannon in Contempt for failing to testify?" Levin screeched in his nasally voice. "You know who I hold in Contempt? The Democrats, that who!

"They want Bannon in prison! In prison for what?! For supporting Donald Trump?! For believing the election was stolen? For believing Hugo Chavez possessed Dominion voting machines to flip votes for Joe Biden?! What's wrong with that?! They didn't want Eric Holder in prison for contempt, when he was involved in Fast and Furious! You know, that scandal where he deliberately sold guns to drug cartels that actually got somebody killed?! Who died at the Capitol riot? Nobody! That's who!

"What's that, Mr. Producer?"

Mr. Producer: "I said, Ashli Babbitt died at the Capitol. And the reason why Eric Holder wasn't threatened with jail time is most likely because he was acting Attorney General, whereas Steve Bannon is a private citizen."

Levin: "Ladies and gentlemen, I have been informed that Ashli Rabbit-"
Mr. Producer: "Babbitt."
Levin: "Babbit... died at the Capitol. Alright, so where's the evidence that Steve Bannon had anything to do with violence at the Capitol on January 6th? There is none! You want to know what violence is? I'll tell you what violence is! Violence is Nancy People clapping sarcastically at president Trump! Yeah, that's right. Don't you think that behavior might give certain people the wrong idea?! Violence is Maxine Waters telling people to heckle Sarah Huckabee Sanders in public! That might give certain people ideas! Violence is putting an orange wig on a dildo and pretending it's Trump! It might give certain people ideas!

"Bannon had nothing to do with violence at the Capitol! We know damn well who it was! It was Antifa and the Democrats! That's who it was! Fox News reported on it! I reported on it! Newsmax reported on it! They're one of the most credible news sources out there! They have news in their name! All they report is the news, none of the nonsense that you see at CNN, that Biden won the election and vaccine mandates really work. Every credible news source reported that it was Antifa and BLM masquerading as Trump supporters just to make them all look bad! The sources that claimed it was Trump supporters, lied! The Clinton News Network and the MSLSD's!

"But the Democrats don't care about that! Because, as you know, prosecuting protesters of a rigged election is more important than BLM and Antifa burning down entire cities!"
Mr. Producer: "No city has been burned to the ground, to my knowledge."
"That's what they want you to think, Mr. Producer!"

In The News: The House Votes To Create Select Committee To Investigate January 06 Capitol Riot

FeaturedIn The News: The House Votes To Create Select Committee To Investigate January 06 Capitol Riot

On January 06, 2021, democracy came under assault from a political party that, ironically often accuses their opponents of being anti-american. A party that continues to persist with the absurdity that it’s really Democrats that are anti-american. As if Americans hadn’t witnessed thousands of Trump enthusiasts marching angrily on the Capitol, many of them calling for the head of the vice president as they carried a gallows, breaking into the Capitol building, destroying government property, assaulting people, and using it as a public toilet – all at the behest of Donald Trump, who for months leading to election day, insisted that Joe Biden and the Democrats had stolen the election.

After the Senate blocked a commission that had Congress’s  approval, the majority of the House approved the creation of a committee to investigate the Capitol riot, by a vote of 222-190.

A majority of Republicans were opposed to the the creation of a commission, for fear it would be politicized against them in the up-coming 2022 elections.

“January 06 was a day of darkness for our country,” Nancy Pelosi said, Wednesday in a news conference from the White House. “A day, as you know. that was called for in our Constitution of the United States for us to validate the presidential election. to certify the results of the electoral college. That day, one of the darkest, I say again, I’ll keep saying, days in our history, our temple of democracy was attacked by insurrectionists.

You know all of this. The gleeful desecration of the Capitol resulted in multiple deaths, physical harm to over 240 members of law enforcement and terror and trauma among staff, workers, and members. That trauma is something I can never forget or forgive.

“The insurrection was called for to impede our Constitutional mandate. But Congress returned to the Capitol to accomplish our Constitutional mandate…”

Only two Republicans have supported the committee: Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney. They were also the only two to vote yes to impeach Trump and form a bipartisan commission.

Many Republicans stubbornly refuse to acknowledge Trump’s role in the Capitol insurrection attempt. Texas Representative Michael Burgess has accused the Democrats of laying the blame for the attack on Trump, as if the former president’s rhetoric had nothing to do with the situation.

“The outcome of this investigation has in fact already been written,” Burgess said. “The Democrats have been publicly excoriating Trump for months.” While many Republicans have been making excuses for him, I might add.

“These investigations have been done and are on-going,” said Minnesota Representative Michelle Fishburne, without noting that the last Senate inquiry failed to examine the role of Donald Trump and his supporters in Congress who knowingly peddled false information about the election. “It appears that this select committee is being done for purely political purposes.”

It’s ironic that she would say it was being done for political purposes, since the attempts to overturn the electoral results by Trump during his phone calls with state governors, and that of his minions who swarmed the Capitol, were themselves political, for the purpose of keeping Lord Emperor Trump in the White House.

Sources: The Week, USA Today.

National Guard To Depart D.C. Capitol This Week

National Guard To Depart D.C. Capitol This Week

The Washington Post is reporting that the National Guard will withdraw all remaining troops from the U.S. Capitol in D.C. this week. According to N. Guard spokesperson, Chelsie Johnson, about 1,700 troops remain from various states, pending departures through much of the week.

The Guard has remained at the Capitol since January 06, the day thousands of crazed Trump-loving supporters, misled by his lies of a stolen election, attempted to overturn the results of that election, and made fools of themselves by breaking and entering, destroying property, and defecating all over the place – everything they have accused BLM “terrorists” of being guilty of.

“These airmen and soldiers protected not only the grounds , but the lawmakers working on those grounds, ensuring the people’s business could continue unabated,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said via statement. “They lived out in very tangible ways the oath they took to support and defend the Constitution.”

Had they been there to prevent the MAGA hordes from breaching the Capitol – at a time when election certifications were taking place – one could argue that would actually be defending the Constitution.

Sources: The Week, Washington Post.

Newsmax Doofus Says Liberals Are “Out For Blood”

Newsmax Doofus Says Liberals Are “Out For Blood”

We all know what happened. For months leading up to election day, and beyond, Trump and his MAGA “patriots” complained that the Democratic party, George Soros, Dominion, Hugo Chavez, and Casper the friendly ghost, were committing voter and election fraud to get a senile old man in the White House.

The three greatest lawyers of our time – Rudy, Sydney, and Jenna – then appeared on our television screens – where Rudy’s hair dye melted faster than the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz – and proved to us all without a shadow of a doubt, that the election had indeed been rigged. Then, 300 million outraged patriots converged peacefully on the White House demanding the election be overturned…

Grant Stinchfield is one of the dumbest conservative pundits in right-wing media. He is a former host of NRA TV, and now a host of the conspiracy network Newsmax, where he complains non-stop about the culture wars that the liberals are allegedly waging against honest to God America-loving patriots like him, because he has nothing else to talk about.

A quick visit to his Twitter page shows how unhinged he is and how much of a patriot he is. He’s such a great American patriot that he spent much of his time on air complaining that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump and the subsequent riot at the Capitol was nothing more than a picnic, compared to the BLM protests which, to him, were… “riots.”

Just as he did at NRA TV, he spends much of his time complaining about the culture wars, convincing the white grievance mob that BLM are the real racists, and the Democrats are trying their hardest to turn America into a socialist utopia.

Two days after Trump’s finest stormed Capitol Hill, The Stench told the rubes, “We are living in perilous times. As I told you yesterday, liberals are out for blood. Conservative blood, that is. And look at this. Twitter has blocked the president’s account, declaring it permanently suspended. This – it bans General Michael Flynn and Sydney Powell in what Twitter calls a QAnon purge. But what we really know is this is a purge of all conservatives – that’s what they really want here.”

Are conservatives victims of liberal censorship and suppression? Are they being or have they been de-platformed from social media just for being conservative? Certainly not. Nothing could be further from the truth, and frankly, it’s laughable when you know for a fact that conservatives – Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, Steven Crowder, Dennis Prager – have some of the largest followings on social media platforms, the most influence, and are funded by right-wing millionaire think tanks.

Are liberals out for blood? Conservative blood, that is? Certainly not. Nothing could be further from the truth, and frankly it’s quite laughable when you know for a fact that we recently had a president who was so unpopular during his last two years, that he managed to get impeached twice, couldn’t handle his way competently through a pandemic, had to make up a bullshit narrative of a stolen election, hire the Three Stooges to represent him in court, incite the loyal hordes of MAGA “patriots” to invade the Capitol, ransack it, use it as a toilet, threaten to hang the vice president, get himself banned from certain social media sites – and then go on National television to play the victim. And loyal sycophants like Stinchfield are still crying a river of tears for him. You can’t get more pathetic than that.

In The News: Justice Department Will Not Charge Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt In Capitol Riot

In The News: Justice Department Will Not Charge Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt In Capitol Riot

Former U.S. Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt was among the Trump-supporting mob of radicals who stormed and invaded the Capitol on January 06. She was fatally shot by a police officer and later died of her wound.

Babbitt, according to her social media foot print, had once voted for Obama, but had become disillusioned somewhere along the way.

“Over the past five years, a potent MAGA online subculture appears to have transformed this former Obama voter – who turned to Trump over a dislike of Hillary Clinton – into a QAnon follower ready to storm the Capitol,” Bellingcat reported back in January after the incident.

According to Travis View of the QAnon Anonymous podcast, Ashli Babbitt was “100% a dedicated QAnon follower.” Like your typical Q follower, she believed the election had been unfairly rigged, that Trump had been the rightful winner. She had attended the Trump rally that day where he urged his followers to march to the Capitol, by telling them,”You’ll never take back our country with weakness; you have to show strength and you have to be strong.”

While filming the march, which she shared with her Facebook account, she said, “We are walking to the Capitol in a mob. There is nothing but a sea of red, white and blue.”

Babbitt would later be shot attempting to climb through a shattered window inside the Capitol building.

According to Babbitt’s brother, Roger Witthoeft said his sister “was a normal Californian,” he told the NY Times. “The issues she was mad about, were the things all of us were mad about. If you feel like you gave the majority of your life to your country and your not being listened to, that’s a hard pill to swallow. That’s why she was upset.”

She seemed more upset about an election Trump claimed was stolen from him.

The Department of Justice released a statement here.

Sources: The Week, The Guardian,

In The News This Week: Capitol Police Knew Potential For Violence Before January 06

In The News This Week: Capitol Police Knew Potential For Violence Before January 06

The potential for violence during the certification of Joe Biden on January 06 is the subject of a new report. The Capitol Police Inspector general, Michael Bolton, released a scathing report criticizing his agency, saying that leaders received warnings that Trump supporters were a threat to civilians and law enforcement, but we’re not equipped to handle the violent extremists.

The inspector general’s report – over one hundred pages – criticizes how the Capitol Police prepared and responded to the Capitol Hill mob on that day in early January.

Three days before the event, Capitol Police intelligence had warned of the potential for violence from Trump supporters, many of whom believed his insane claims and conspiracies of a stolen election from the greatest president ever known. Some of these supporters are alleged to have posted a map of the Capitol’s tunnel system on pro-Trump websites.

“Unlike previous post-election protests, the targets of the pro-Trump supporters are not necessarily the counter-protesters, as they were previously, but rather Congress itself is the target on the 6th,” the threat assessment read according to the inspector’s report. “Stop the Steal’s propensity to attract white supremacists, militia members, and others who actively promote violence may lead to a significantly dangerous situation to law enforcement and the public alike.”

According to the report, the agency received warning about how Trump’s extremist supporters “were growing increasingly desperate” as he promoted lies about election fraud.

“Supporters of the current president see January 06, 2021 as the last opportunity to overturn the results of the presidential election. This sense of desperation, and disappointment may lead to more of an incentive to become violent.”

On December 21, the DHS warned CP of comments found on a pro-Trump website promoting attacks against Congressional members, including a map of the Capitol’s tunnel system. Among the comments included, “Bring guns. It’s now or never.” “We can’t give them a choice. Overwhelming armed numbers are our only chance.”

According to the New York Times, other social media comments included, “Be read to fight. Congress needs to hear breaking glass, doors being kicked in, and blood from their BLM and Pantifa slave soldiers being spilled. Get violent, stop calling this a march, or a rally, or a protest. Go there ready for war. We get our president or we die. Nothing else will achieve this goal.”

“None of the intelligence we received predicted what actually occured,” the former Capitol Police chief, Steven Sund testified in February before the Senate. “These criminals came prepared for war.”

Sources: The Week, New York Times.

Laura Ingraham Tells The Rubes That  Democrats Want To Criminalize All Trump Supporters

Laura Ingraham Tells The Rubes That  Democrats Want To Criminalize All Trump Supporters

Conservative media pundits have often claimed that liberals and leftists never let a good opportunity go to waste… or something of that nature.

Conservative themselves never let a good opportunity go to waste. With conservatives, it’s Antifa. It’s how violent, radical and extreme the Democratic party is, the left and liberals. They totally ignore and pretend as if their own party, their own movement is completely patriotic and supporting of liberty – instead of the radical and extreme party that it really is – freedom and free speech, while hyping and over-exaggerating the anti-fascists and anti-racists as the real threat to free speech and democracy.

It’s called gaslighting. Making someone doubt or question their perception of reality, and conservatives have mastered it to a fine art. All one has to do is watch a segment of Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham discussing Black Lives Matter and Antifa. BLM and Antifa – both leftist, anti-fascist and anti-racists – are “thugs, criminals, and terrorists.” While conservatives – no matter how violent they are, such as those who marched in the Unite The Right rally, or murdered BLM protesters – are “law-abiding,” “very fine people,” and “heros.”

During a segment of her broadcast last week, Laura Ingraham tried really hard to convince the rubes that the Democrats are hell-bent on “criminalizing all Trump supporters as “terrorists.”

“The January 06 Capitol riot was a gift to Democrats,” she said smugly. “It gave them the video in the narrative that they’ve desperately wanted and they needed to justify a crackdown on the civil liberties of all conservatives.

“However, you don’t need hearings to know that dedicated men and women of the Capitol police were overwhelmed and unprepared for a breach.”

Only pro-Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol, had gotten inside, and ransacked it… have been charged with crimes ranging from felonies to misdemeanors. No one who stood by and simply watched , have been arrested that I know of. There has been no attempt to criminalize Trump supporters who protest peacefully, as there was with BLM protesters over the summer. These people have not had their civil liberties cracked down on, and neither have they been criminalized as terrorists. And one doesn’t need hearings to know that Capitol police were unprepared by design. It was obvious to anyone who knew what to expect from months of Trump, Republicans, and right-wing media pundits like Ingraham, complaining about mail-in ballots, and election fraud.

She said what happened at the Capitol was “despicable, criminal and infuriating,” but compared to other armed insurrections, “this one was pretty lame. And the loss of life that occured that day is still shrouded in mystery… from the get-go, the media saw this tragic day as an opportunity to tar the entire Trump coalition as a bunch of heinous terrorists… we still don’t know anything about the cause of officer Sicknick’s death, but we do know the entire life story of the idiot in the buffalo get up and face paint.”

A riot that resulted in at least five deaths, and injuries – most of them police officers – was shrouded in mystery and pretty lame? We may not yet know the exact cause of Sicknick’s death, but he was killed by the actions of a pro-Trump mob – that’s no mystery.

“If you voted for Trump, if you ever attended a Trump rally or posted support for his America First agenda, you’re complicit in the attack and you need to be shunned from society, lose your job, and you need to be banned from social media indefinitely. Make no mistake about it. What we’re witnessing at all levels of society run by liberals is a new Red Scare. But instead of targeting Marxists or communists, they’re fighting Americans in red states.”

If Ingraham wants to complain about people having their civil liberties violated and criminalized as terrorists, perhaps she should talk about Antifa and BLM protesters – an entire movement of social activists – who she and her colleagues at Fox News have never had any trouble tarring as criminals and terrorists over the years, and were quick and eager to blame for the violence at the Capitol. But she will never do that. She will never defend actual patriots who want law enforcement officers who commit murder, to be held accountable under the law, as those they murder are held accountable. She will never defend real patriots who want government to be less corrupt. She will always equate them to fascists because she is a fascist. Misrepresenting actual patriots as anti-American, and equating terrorists as patriots, that’s what authoritarians do. Antifa are the real fascists… and the Trump supporting mob that proudly wave those Confederate and Nazi flags at his rallies, and the shooters who have listened to his rhetoric and the rhetoric of the totally non-violent and non-racist Republican party, and their media allies like Ingraham… are the real patriots, the real pro-Americans with their America First agenda, which is an agenda first used by the Klan. So, yes, if you support it, then you are indeed complicit in the assault on the Washington Capitol.

Ingraham had this to say about who really may have been behind the Capitol riot. Calling into Fox News, she said:

“We knew this would happen when you had a huge group of people descending on Capitol Hill, when you have members of Trump support organizations and Antifa threatening to show up at the same time. We’ll learn more to the extent that that happened. I’m getting a sense that there’s clearly a big split in the MAGA groups that have come to peacefully protest with whoever is behind this intrusion in the Capitol, which by any account is unacceptable.”

On her broadcast that night, she said, “They were likely not all Trump supporters. I’ve never seen Trump rally attendees wearing helmets, black helmets, brown helmets, black backpacks – the uniforms you saw in some of those crowd shots.”

Ingraham says the Democrats want to criminalize people who voted for Trump, for attending any of his rallies, or supporting his America First agenda, and are complicit in the Capitol riot, should be shunned from society, lose their jobs, and be banned indefinitely from social media.

I would say: anyone who attended any of his rallies and listened to the violent and racist rhetoric, saw the Confederate flags flying freely and stayed silent.

Anyone who  listened to his rhetoric about Charlottesville Nazis and neo-Confederates as ‘very fine people’ and did not condemn it.

Anyone who saw the Nazi flags displayed and did not speak up, did not question their presence.

Anyone who has no problem with symbols of white supremacy remaining in a society – that conservatives swear is no longer racist – as nothing more than “Southern heritage or pride.”

Anyone who has no problem calling Antifa – anti-fascists – and Black Lives Matter “terrorists,” but revere white shooters who murder peaceful protesters as “heros.

Anyone’s reaction to a black president speaking on matters of race: “Why is he playing the race card?” ( the idea that black people have no right to speak about race without accusations of playing the “race card” is absurd ). But giving a white president a free lifetime pass on the race card.

And finally, I would say: anyone  – anyone, including Trump’s media lapdogs – who repeated the rhetoric and conspiracy theories of a stolen election – Dominion, George Soros, the ghost of Hugo Chavez, all of that shit – who egged on and riled up the assholes to get out in the streets with their “stop the steal” signs and chants, culminating in the ransacking of democracy and the Capitol.

These people are complicit in the raiding and the ransacking of the Capitol. They should lose their jobs, and they should be banned from social media forever. These people participated in a coup to interfere in a democratic election simply because their favorite narcissistic egomaniac didn’t get re-elected. These people should be treated like pariahs. It has nothing whatsoever to do with criminalizing ordinary, innocent Americans who are guilty for no other reason than voting for Trump.

Katie Pavlich Gaslights While Accusing Democrats Of Gaslighting/ Media Matters for America

Katie Pavlich Gaslights While Accusing Democrats Of Gaslighting/ Media Matters for America

Katie Pavlich is a smug, disingenuous hack who has been pushing her brand of partisan, fact-free garbage for years over at Fox News and Townhall. She is a self-professed race expert who knows that Black Lives Matter is based on a false premise  because according to conservatives like her – who can’t possibly be racist, since America once elected a black president, and was also the first country to abolish slavery – black on black crime is the real problem, not police brutality.

On the January 07, Fox News The Five, Pavlich said the Democrats are gaslighting with their version of the Federal response to the Capitol Hill riot vs the BLM protests during the Summer of 2020. Right-wing media pundits have ironically accused the so-called liberal media of gaslighting, when they themselves have engaged in non-stop propaganda to gaslight the public’s perception of BLM. They’ve been doing so since day one of the movement.

“Joe Biden, you know, just tweeted that if this was a Black Lives Matter mob, we all know it would be different. I don’t even know what that means, but the fact is they are now gaslighting. Because Kamala Harris today or yesterday came out and said that while we were gassing peaceful protesters, and completely ignoring the fact that the day they were moved out of Lafayette park, it was the day after a church was burned, and there were so many rioters outside of the White House trying to storm the White House trying to get to the president that he had to be removed from the White House and put into the bunker.”

Joe Biden was mentioning the possibility that if the MAGA Rioters at the Capitol had been BLM, they would have been met with the same force they were met with last summer. They never would have been allowed to get inside the building and ransack it. Pavlich knows damn well what it means. Like any other Republican, Pavlich has no interest in honesty or truth. It doesn’t pay well. It doesn’t get the clicks. It doesn’t get the views. It doesn’t get the funding of oil billionaires like the Wilkes brothers, or the Mercer Foundation, and the Koch Foundation. Propaganda sells. She knows it. Every conservative pundit knows it.

She also knows that the protesters were peaceful and never attempted to storm the White House to try to “get to the president.” They were far from the White House behind a fenced barrier with the police in riot gear on the other side, so there was no chance of any of them reaching the White House. If they did, they would have been stopped.

“And there were sixty secret service agents that were injured. So this idea how that there is one side that immediately came out and condemned it and that was conservatives on the right.  But then the left is still holding onto this idea that there was not only not violence, but they’re still approving of these organizations that did burn cities, that did engage in rioting, and they’re acting like it didn’t happen. You can’t move forward and unite the country if you’re not going to acknowledge that this happened.”

I’m not clear if she’s saying conservatives condemned the Capitol riot or the BLM protests. If she was talking about the Capitol, then she’s not being entirely truthful. It may have been condemned by a few conservative pundits, but others – as is their habit, like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Lou Dobbs – played the conservative victim card to full effect, convincing their viewers that it was really Antifa trying to make Trump supporters look bad, and the rubes fell for it.

What Steve Doocy said on Fox And Friends

“Of the people who gathered there yesterday, ninety-nine percent were peaceful.” He said they were merely “frustrated.”

Pete Hegseth

“They were there to support the president of the United States, defend our republic and stand up and say, ‘I just want a fair shake.’ It manifested differently at the Capitol, but that doesn’t mean you should condemn the entire thing.”

You can’t condemn the “entire thing” because they were just “frustrated” that Trump lost, so it’s understandably justified, whereas the previous BLM protests were all violent, and none of them were peaceful; all they did was riot and loot – as Fox News hosts constantly reminded the rubes – and before there can be any unity, the left needs to acknowledge that, and stop pretending that Black Lives Matter is “peaceful,” and stop pretending they were treated differently, stop denying that they were “coddled” and admit that they were allowed to run rampant across the country burning cities to the ground, and assaulting police officers who just stood by and watched as entire cities burned down and were completely overwhelmed and outnumbered, just as they were at the Capitol, and those spinless Democratic mayors wouldn’t let them do anything anyway.

Pay no attention to the role that the police played in instigating those protests/riots – Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Jacob Blake – or the violence and brutality they caused, and pay no attention to the BLM protesters that were murdered by Kyle Rittenhouse, and others. It was all Black Lives Matter, and Antifa instigated the whole thing.

And that “protest” at the Capitol that got out of hand? Antifa instigated that too. It had absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump’s rhetoric of a stolen, fraudulent election – and you certainly can’t hold Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, or Greg Kelly – and others – all of whom willingly repeated that rhetoric, accountable. They were just “frustrated” too. And until Joe Biden, the Democrats, and the entire left can acknowledge that everything is their fault, stop gaslighting, and “denounce and condemn” BLM – a movement that wants to end systemic racism and police violence – we’ll never be able to heal, join hands, sing Kumbaya and pretend that everything is peachy keen.

Pseudo-Intellectual Hack Ben Shapiro Slams Joe Biden For ‘Divisive, Emotional’ Response To Capitol Violence

Pseudo-Intellectual Hack Ben Shapiro Slams Joe Biden For ‘Divisive, Emotional’ Response To Capitol Violence

After the Capitol was stormed by MAGA morons fueled by Trump’s rhetoric of a stolen election, the big brained pseudo-intellectual host of the Ben Shapiro show reminded his viewers that Joe Biden’s “deeply divisive” response capped off a  week that “has been so disappointing and horrifying in every way,” but it wouldn’t have been so bad if Biden hadn’t made that “divisive, emotional” response. That was even worse than what happened at the Capitol!

Ben was responding to Biden’s statement that the authorities handled the BLM protesters with more restraint than the Capitol rioters.

What Biden said

“They are not protesters. Don’t dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob, insurrectionists, domestic terrorists. It’s that simple,” he said in Wilmington, Delaware to introduce nominees to lead the Justice department. “I wish we could have said we didn’t see it coming, but that’s not true. We could see it coming.

“No one can tell me if it had been a group of BLM protesting yesterday, that they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol. We all know that’s true, and it’s unacceptable.”

To any sane person who is familiar with the facts pertaining to both the Capitol riot and the BLM protests, it’s a reasonable assessment. It’s 100% factual. But according to Mr. “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings” and the conservative echo chamber, they want you to know that their feelings matter over the facts in this particular case. It’s actually the BLM protesters that were treated with more kindness; they were “coddled” as the NY Post has previously suggested, and there can be no unity in impeaching Trump and “lumping together anyone who voted for Trump, and the Capitol rioters.”

“You may have looked at the incident at the Capitol and seen a bunch of white people storming the Capitol – one of them getting shot – and you may have said to yourself, ‘look, it looks like the Capitol police are overwhelmed! I can’t believe they didn’t have enough people there. Looks like security protocols need to be overhauled. Or you can be an insane person and suggest this has something to do with systematic racism. Naturally, Joe Biden is going to do the latter.”

Shapiro actually said all of this. Is he aware that the majority of BLM are white? Does he even care? Whether he’s aware of it or not, he certainly doesn’t care. Like any conservative who claims to be anti-racist, he hears the term “Black Lives Matter” and to him it means “black lives matter more,” that it’s a race war against white people who are the real victims of racism perpetrated by BLM. The conservative victim complex never gets old.

According to Shapiro, the “entire media, the entire government, and cities around the country allowed BLM “free reign” in their cities. They painted the city streets. They paid homage… Mitt Romney was marching with BLM, for God sake.”

When “riots” broke out in cities across America this summer, “the media cheered.”

“The media suggested this was all just an outburst of passion because of systemic American racism, and now you’re saying this somehow about Capitol police being racist?” Shapiro said.

Shapiro continues with the alternate facts narrative that racial protesters were given the “kid glove” treatment by the Trump authorities, were “coddled,” “pampered, “given free reign to “paint city streets” – actually one street, in New York – when they were not busy “looting, rioting, murdering innocent bystanders, and ‘burning down entire cities,’ ” while the Capitol rioters were “met with deadly force” – one died, don’t forget; not one BLM protesters was killed by the police ( or a right-winger ), who somehow managed not to see it coming and found themselves outnumbered. There was no indication on social media that they were planning the riot. There was no indication from the president in what he was saying for months, nor was there any indication from members of Congress who repeated his bogus claims of a stolen election. It was completely spontaneous.

And let’s not forget, a right-wing conservative “marched with BLM!” That’s unthinkable! They were honored by everyone. Even right-wing media was totally supportive of the protests. No one said a mean thing about them, no one said anything derogatory. Fox News pundits never called them “rioters,” never called them “terrorists.” Liberals are delulusional, Shapiro would argue. And “the media cheered “riots” that just “broke out” for no reason. God knows it had nothing to do with racism, it had nothing to do with two separate incidents where police officers used unnecessary excessive force that resulted in the death of one man, and the paralyzing of another. The media – MSNBC, CNN, and other credible news media – made a point of these facts many times. Other news media – with little or no credibility – made up their own narratives around these two cases.

The false narratives were that the BLM protesters were all “thugs, terrorists;” they weren’t really protests but “riots” “fed by a false narrative of systemic racism and police brutality against black people” from the “liberal mainstream media; BLM is not about racial justice, it’s really about “Marxists that want to overthrow democracy, a “race war against cops and white people and want them all dead;” every protester is on George Soros’ personal payroll; George Floyd didn’t really die as a result of a knee on his neck, but fentanyl overdose; Breonna Taylor was involved in a drug ring, and Jacob Blake – who had no weapon on him – was a threat to the police officer(s) who shot him in the  back, and it was justified because he had a past record.

The BLM protests or “riots” didn’t break out in a “burst of sudden passion.” They were sparked by the unjustified deaths of George Floyd, and the shooting of Jacob Blake. They were sparked by the fact that none of these officers received any harsh discipline for these people they murdered. Derek Chauvin was recently released on a $1M bond pending trial. If he had been a poor black man, he would be rotting in prison for the rest of his life.

I saw the BLM protests as they happened. They were met with fifty times more lethal force. I didn’t see any protesters being coddled or given “free reign” to do as they pleased. I saw thousands who were brutalized, maced, pepper sprayed, beaten, run over – by both police and anti-BLM thugs – and shot – also by both police and anti-BLM thugs. Fact, not fiction. But according to right-wing media, the police were the victims of all the violence.

I also saw the violence at the Capitol as it happened. I saw far less lethal force used on those actual rioters. I saw instances of police showing restraint, allowing rioters to get past barricades, and through doors with little or no resistance, I saw police standing around with rioters inside the Capitol, some even taking selfies with them. I didn’t see any of this during the BLM protests. And yet the nonsense persists that BLM was met with no resistance or pushback, is BS. It’s also BS that no one could have seen this coming. All the signs were there on social media, from Trump himself and his cohorts in Congress. And anyone who believes the Capitol police were somehow “overwhelmed,” and couldn’t see it coming, and that BLM were allowed to rampage across America “burning down cities and murdering innocent, law-abiding citizens,” are delusional dips***s who have been propagandized by the likes of Fox News.

“There is no logic to the Democrats’ response to the riot,” Shapiro says. Is he talking about their response to the BLM protests, or the actual riot at the Capitol? If the BLM protests, he’s full of s**t. If the Capitol riot, he’s still full of s**t.

“The entire thing is a divisive, emotional appeal designed to suggest that everybody who supports Trump, and supported Trump back during the election cycle, no matter what he did over the subsequent two months… and no matter whether you think the people who breached the Capitol are idiots and criminals, no matter what you do, no matter what you said, you are complicit.”

If you voted for Trump, you voted for his policies, his behavior, his divisiveness, so yes, you are are partially complicit, and it doesn’t matter if you were there or not, or thought they were idiots or not. Not one conservative pundit pushed back on his election fraud lies, not a single one, not even Ben Shapiro.

Joe Biden’s response was completely logical. He said nothing about the police response at the Capitol having anything to do with racism. He was merely stating a fact that BLM protesters who were protesting for a legitimate cause, were treated far, far worse than the rioters at the Capitol, who were only there for one reason – they were worked into a frenzy by the lies of Donald Trump, his media sycophants, and his sycophants in Congress who repeated his false claims and lies of election fraud.

Conservatives don’t get to complain about anyone lumping Trump supporters with the Capitol Hill rioters. They were Trump supporters. Conservatives don’t get to complain that Trump has no connection to neo-Nazis, to white nationalists, to neo-Confederates. Millions of these people voted for Trump. They were present at Charlottesville. They were present at his rallies, and they were present at the Capitol Hill Riot.

The entire right-wing media structure – Fox News, Newsmax, OANN, Townhall, World Net Daily, including Ben Shapiro and his little butt- buddies at the Daily Wire – and anyone who pushed the bogus claims of election fraud, and are defending the Capitol siege – are anti-democracy, and as un-American as you can get. They can no longer be taken seriously when they claim it’s the left that hates democracy. They literally stormed the f***ing Capitol to interfere in a democratic election!

To paraphrase Vaush in his video, Ben Shapiro Doesn’t Get To Complain About Nazis, “Neo-Nazism is a plague, a mental illness, and Ben Shapiro and conservative Inc. are directly responsible for propagating their exitence. They aid them; they abet them. They propagate their dogma. They play cover for their propaganda havens on social media platforms. They do nothing to meaningfully challenge their talking points. They believe and propagate many of the same talking points and the things they believe.”

The idea that conservatives like Shapiro have any interest in “unity,” is a f***ing joke. For the past twelve years they have done nothing but encourage and promote division and hatred: using the race card against Obama for the entirety of his presidency – the birther movement; Jeremiah Wright; police shootings; Michael Brown; Trayvon Martin; Dr. Gates arrest; BLM; ebola, the list goes on – and then having the audacity of saying he was divisive.

Ben Shapiro is full of s**t. Conservatives had their chance at unity by accepting the results of the election, but instead chose to lie and invent conspiracies of a “stolen election,” that led to an assault on the Capitol. F**k their calls for unity. And f**k Ben Shapiro.