Mark Levin: “We Have To Pretend To Hate The Klan, And Nazis, So We Won’t Seem So Racist By Smearing Black Lives Matter As Racist”

Mark Levin – AKA The Great One by conservatives who actually think he knows anything about politics, but sounds more like a buffoon and usually proves it every time he opens his mouth – is a race baiting white nationalist.

In a Daily Banter article, Ben Cohen once described him thus:

“There is no one the joyless Levin hates more than President Obama – a man who represents everything Levin is not. Obama is charismatic, powerful and charming, while Levin is physically repellant and about as likeable as a fart in an elevator.

“Referred to as the ‘Great One’ by Sean Hannity, Levin is a repulsive stereotype of Republican assholishness. His nasally, high pitched whining about liberals and gays passes for political commentary in America, but really is a giant projection of his revenge fantasies against all those nasty boys who were better looking than him in high school, and talked to the girls he liked.”

Recently, Levin claimed Black Lives Matter is the same as the Klan.

Black Lives Matter is the equivalent of the KKK in terms of its racism, in terms of its Anti-Semitism, in terms of its Anti-Americanism,” Levin preached to the rubes in his audience, during an unhinged rant about CNN. “And this is the point that the Left refuses to acknowledge, and in fact, attacks anyone who mentions it.”

First of all, consider how stupid the first part of that statement is. In the seven years that Black Lives Matter has existed, I don’t recall them ever owning slaves, lynching anyone, or burning crosses. But according to this buffoon, they’re no different or better than a racist organization that terrorized and murdered thousands of people. Yeah, just like the Klan.

The Left refuses to acknowledge it because it’s insane. Levin is playing to an audience of dipshits and rubes who will believe anything another conservative says no matter how insane it is. The sky is yellow. Check. Barney the purple dinosaur is a communist. Check. Democrats are socialists. Check.

Levin is not the first conservative to make this claim. Back in 2015, Tomi Lahren made the same lame comparison. Virtually every conservative – both white and black – has either said it out loud, or honestly believes Black Lives Matter is factually comparable to the Klan. To claim that a civil rights, social justice movement that has members and supporters of all races, that have never called for violence, that have killed no one, to suggest that they can logically and morally be compared to a white supremacist organization that regularly engaged in – and whose off shoot groups and supporters continue to engage in violence against American citizens – is fucking insane.

“I don’t care if they attack me this is a Marxist, anarchist organization that believes in the overthrow of the United States. This is what they told us this is what they believe in, and yet Don Lemon keeps running interference for them as he did for Antifa.”

They believe in reforming the criminal justice system, not overthrowing the government. They didn’t tell anyone that’s what they want to do, and it’s not something they believe in.

There are extremists that do want to overthrow the government, and those are groups like the Boogaloo Bois, white nationalists, and conservative Anti-government groups, and Levin and conservatives keep running defense for them like they did after the Charleston shooting, and Charlottesville.

Not only has this buffoon compared BLM to the Klan, but has recently said, America hates the Klan and the neo-Nazis and America has to learn to hate Black Lives Matter and Antifa with the same resolve…

Say what?

From Media Matters:

“It’s the Democrats, it’s the Marxists, it’s Black Lives Matter. They are the ones that have been rioting, looting, burning with the support of the Democratic party and the best the Democratic party can do now is send Biden out every now and then to say,’ I don’t support looting and rioting no matter who does it.’

“Who’s doing it Joe? Who’s doing it Joe? Must be the Klan and the neo-Nazis. They’re the ones. America hates the Klan and the neo-Nazis, and America has to learn to hate Black Lives Matter with the same resolve because all these extremist organizations hate the country and are trying to destroy us from within. The difference is I recognize this and you recognize this, but the Democrats party is saddled up to the other side, to the nuts on the left. Whereas we reject the nuts on the right as constitutional conservatives.”

No, it’s not the Democrats, and it’s not Marxist. It’s Americans from all walks of life, races, ethnicities and identities who want to improve the system, who are marching in the streets, who are fed up with a racist system that allows law enforcement to murder African Americans with impunity. Right-wing media focuses on the tiny amount of rioting to smear an entire movement as violent, and none of it is condoned or supported by the Democratic party. The Democratic party is just as pro law enforcement as are the Republicans. Buffoon’s like Levin either know this, are genuinely stupid, or are just lying.

There are people who do hate America and would like to overthrow it. Who’s doing it, Levin? Who’s doing it? They’re called the Republican party. That’s who. They’re the Nazis, the white nationalists, and the other dipshits and rubes who support a fascist president and a fascist party, who wouldn’t hesitate to carry out acts of violence. This isn’t fiction. It’s fact. It’s been well-documented. The Christchurch massacre in New Zealand. The El Paso shooting in Texas. The Tree Of Life massacre in Pittsburgh. The United The Unite The  Right in Charlottesville. The shooting in Charleston, South Carolina perpetrated by Dylann Roof.

Their goal is to rid America of the ‘hordes of immigrants who are threatening to invade and overrun America to replace western civilization and the white populace.’

This is a white nationalist belief, and the Republican party, Fox News and right-wing media have been pushing this for years with their rhetoric.

It’s certainly not Black Lives Matter or Antifa, and to draw an equivalence between far right hate groups and Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and to claim that conservatives reject the radical extremists in their own party and movement – give me a fucking break. America may hate the Klan, and Nazis, but conservatives certainly don’t hate them. They ran defense for them after Charlottesville; they have tolerated them at most.

Back in 2015 when Dylann Roof slaughtered nine in an all black church, Levin claimed that his motive had nothing to do with white supremacy. Levin doesn’t mind that his party is full of white supremacists and conspiracy believing lunatics. Levin doesn’t care that white supremacists, neo-Confederates and Nazis make up a good percentage of Trump supporters, nor does he care that they are a greater domestic terror threat according to data from the FBI. He doesn’t care. Republicans don’t care. They will deny realty and repeat the lie that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are the more violent threat.

The Democratic party bends over backwards to please and to kowtow to Republicans at every opportunity, and often refuses to fight back and stand up to Republicans. The party is just as pro corp. as Republicans. The party has refused to endorse Bernie Sanders on multiple occasions, has denied him the presidential nomination repeatedly, have shit talked him repeatedly on their news shows, have refused to endorse a Green New Deal, or a single payer healthcare plan, and yet the Republicans continue to push the myth that they are a party of radical socialists and Marxists. God damn laughable. They want nothing to do with socialism, as their rhetoric and actions have proven.

Conservatives on the other hand, have openly embraced fascism, and have willingly played defense for Nazis, and white nationalists. This is a party that is saddled up to their eyeballs with bigots and racists. This is a party that – for the most part – has refused to purge their ranks of Nazis and white supremacists. The 2018 primaries and midterms saw white supremacists running uncontested by right-wing media. I don’t recall any conservative pundits who were critical of it. They don’t mind having these extremists in their ranks. If they did, they would make an effort to purge the party of the alt right extremists. They would get on their news shows disavowing and condemning them, instead of running defense for them, and pretending that white supremacy is a myth, that the Left is an out of control mob that is causing all of the violence.

This is a party that has – for the most part – defended a president who morally equated Anti-racist protesters to Nazis and white nationalists in Charlottesville, and Levin was among them. His lap dogs in the media also defended it. Prager U produced a video claiming that it was a hoax cooked up by the liberal media to make him look bad.

This is a party that dismissed and downplayed the seriousness of explosives sent to Democrats and the media in 2018 by a radical Trump supporter – as a Democratic hoax. This is a president who cannot bring himself to condemn neo-Nazis and supremacists because he knows a significant  number of his supporters are Nazis, supremacists and neo-confederates, but has no problem condemning Black Lives Matter and Anti-fascists as terrorists, despite the fact that they have not been responsible for any deaths.

This is a party that has continued to support a president who has downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus, a president who has refused to wear a mask in public, who has failed to take any responsibility in helping to contain the virus by failing to encourage his supporters to wear a mask around others, by encouraging schools and businesses to open early, and by failing to encourage self isolation. And now the God Emperor himself has COVID – allegedly – and he has no one but himself to blame. Apparently Karma has bitten the dipshit right in the ass.

This is a buffoon – Levin – who back in 2015 claimed that Dylann Roof’s motive for murder had nothing to do with white supremacy, and who has recently said that the president of the United States has no relationship – no history whatsoever – with white supremacists or white supremacy.

So, when this buffoon says that America hates the Klan and Nazis, and that Black Lives Matter are the equivalent of the Klan, anyone who is not a Kool aid drinking, knuckle dragging troglodyte, knows he’s full of shit. The Republican party tolerates the Klan, neo-Nazis, and neo-Confederates. This was crystal clear after Charlottesville. They will deny their racism until they’re blue in the face, and play the victim, pretending they are the real victims of racism by BLM, and will wave and carry their signs that read, “All Lives Matter,” and “White Lives Matter, and defend confederate symbols and imagery. If they truly believe all lives matter, they would embrace Black Lives Matter, because clearly, black lives do not matter to the current system.

As for Black Lives Matter being equivalent to the Klan. When was the last time they burned a cross on the lawn of a white person? When was the last time they lynched a white person for the color of their skin? When was the last time they sold a white person into slavery?

Levin is a buffoon and a dipshit, and anyone with an ounce of integrity would be embarrassed to say something so stupid, but apparently, Levin has no integrity, which is why no half way decent news network would hire him.

Charlie Kirk: “Black Lives Matter Wants To Force Me To Wear A BLM Logo On My Pampers!”

Charlie Kirk: “Black Lives Matter Wants To Force Me To Wear A BLM Logo On My Pampers!”

Charlie Kirk, the founder and executive director of the conservative group Turning Point USA, has been having a shit fit over the recent protests over racial injustice that have taken place over the summer regarding the deaths of George Floyd, Jacob Blake, and Breonna Taylor.

A well-known grifter and an avid Donald Trump supporter, Kirk has for years been a laughing stock and a living online meme, mainly for a stunt meant to own the snowflake libs, that went horribly wrong. Ever since, the group has been mocked to no end.

Kirk and company have tried and failed on many occasions to own the snowflake libs in a series of mishaps that have led more to self-owning and extreme self-humiliation, but the conservative group proudly forges on in their never-ending quest to own the Left.

Lately, Kirk has spent much of his time on his podcast, The Charlie Kirk Millennial Diaper Podcast, impugning the reputations of the victims of police violence, and Black Lives Matter protesters as criminals and terrorists. On a recent broadcast, he slandered  Breonna Taylor, the deceased victim of police violence as a criminal who deserved to get shot, despite the fact that she allegedly has no known arrest record.

On a recent segment of Fox And Friends, Kirk told the hosts how divisive Black Lives Matter is because they want to force him to wear a BLM logo on his Pampers.

What if I told you that BLM Inc. said that it wants to force me to wear a BLM logo on all of my diapers? Would you think I was just being facetious? I know some people would say, ‘Charlie, you’re full of s***. But I assure you I’m not. My diapers are very clean at the moment. Besides, most of my diapers already have logos and designs on them. The ones I have on, have unicorns and rainbows on them.

“I’m being very serious. I’ve never been more serious about anything in my life. Black Lives Matter wants to start a race war, and what better way than forcing me to wear their logo on my diapers? This is an outright threat. A full frontal domestic terrorist assault in our country where a white boy from Wisconsin can’t wear his own diapers without being told how to wear them!”

“You’re right, Charlie,” Steve Doocy replied. “It is domestic terrorism.”

“It’s also racist,” Ainsley Earhardt said. “Are the FBI going to do anything about it, I wonder?”

“And are Joe Biden and the Democrats going to condemn it?” Brian Kilmeade said.

“Probably not,” Earhardt continued. “But if Trump comes out and condemns it, you can bet they’ll condemn him, and call him a racist like they always do.”

When reached for comment by Fox News, the civil rights group replied: “We did no such thing. Charlie Kirk is full of s*** as usual. Tell him he needs a diaper change, and then put him to bed.”

Fox News’s Mr. Potato Head: “Kenosha Gunman Felt He Was Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, And Jean-Claude Van Damme Going In There To Try And Protect Everybody!”

On the night of August 25, in the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, Steven Seagal wanna-be Kyle Rittenhouse of Antioch Illinois, shot three protesters, Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, and Gaige Grosskreutz, killing Rosenbaum and Huber. According to right-wing wisdom, Rittenhouse had only been defending himself from the violent thug-protesters who just wanted to cause chaos and destruction, and when they noticed Rittenhouse, they chased him down for apparent reason other than murdering him, and Rittenhouse had no choice but to defend himself. However, they initially ignored or denied the murder of Rosenbaum, and when they did acknowledge it, that too was self-defense, even though by all reports that I’m aware of, Rosenbaum was not armed with a gun, but a plastic bag, which he is alleged to have thrown at Rittenhouse. The only individual who was armed, besides Rittenhouse, was Grosskreutz who survived his wounds.

Bigots will always justify the killing of a black man by law enforcement, often besmirching them as thugs and criminals, but will deify white right wing vigilantes as hero’s. After the shooting, as the video of the three individuals chasing Rittenhouse went viral on social media, the same right-wing media which were quick in justifying the shooting of Blake, were as equally quick to jump to Rittenhouse’s defense. Ann Coulter tweeted she wanted Rittenhouse as her president. Former baseball player and Trump c*** sucker, Aubrey Huff – what kind of name is Aubrey for a man? – tweeted that Rittenhouse was a ‘National treasure.’ Diaper Man – otherwise known as Charlie Kirk – blamed the Democrats instead of Rittenhouse, and has also defended the deaths of George Floyd, Jacob Blake, and Breonna Taylor. What a POS he is, which is why he probably delights in wearing adult diapers, because he knows he’s a human-sized POS.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh said in tweet, “People have every right to protect private property while armed. If you attack armed men because you’re mad that they’re stopping you from lighting buildings on fire, and then you get shot in the process, it’s 1000 percent your own fault. I shouldn’t have to explain this.”

Walsh is ignorant of the facts of that night. The three men chasing Rittenhouse were doing so not because he had caught them lighting buildings on fire, but because he had previously murdered a man who allegedly threw a bag with an empty water bottle at him. Perhaps someone should explain this to Walsh.

There were plenty of other dumb tweets. Among them, Blaze TV’s Sara Gonzales: “The media is using these young impressionable people in a race war that they themselves have created and perpetuated with their false narratives and agenda driven coverage.”

If twitter had any intelligent life other than the typical right-wing douche regurgitating the same bullshit, they would have challenged Gonzales and reminded her that it’s the right-wing media, of which she is a part of, that have been using legitimate grievances, not false narratives – what happened to Floyd, Blake, and Taylor, were not false narratives – and protests by Black Lives Matter activists, to push for a race war by encouraging vigilantes to show up armed to these protests to intimidate and in some cases even murder protesters, as in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Fox News contributor, Lisa Boothe, tweeted something equally stupid: “Just watch, the media and the left are now going to focus on the citizen militias showing up in Kenosha to take the blame off of BLM and Antifa for inciting violence in the first place.”

So, according to dipshits like Boothe, Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the cause of all the violence that have taken place over the summer. They just decided to loot and riot and protest for no reason. What happened to George Floyd, well that was unfortunate, but he was resisting arrest, and so was Blake, so they got themselves killed, you really can’t blame the police. Stop rioting, stop looting, stop protesting black people. You have no reason to get upset. Please shut up and sit down, why are you trying to start a race war?

As for Antifa, they have been nowhere to be found during these protests, but right-wing agitators and vigilantes have been everywhere, inciting violence, causing chaos, intimidating and murdering protesters. The police have incited violence. They caused the deaths which led to these protests. Fox News and right-wing media have incited violence by showing non-stop footage of burning buildings – just a tiny part of the protests – and telling their viewers that violent, anti-American Marxists are going to burn everything down and need to be stopped. Someone with balls should have also challenged Boothe on these points and let her know that she is also full of shit.

Conservatives hate black people. There is no other conclusion to reach. They will turn cartwheels while denying any racism in their ranks – what, me racist? Just because I believe George Floyd shouldn’t have resisted arrest or he wouldn’t have been killed, doesn’t make me racist – and yet they have consistently sided with and defended the police in acts of violence, and have consistently defended the unnecessary deaths of black civilians at the hands of law enforcement, as justified killings. They can attack Black Lives Matter, a movement that fights for racial equality and justice, as a Marxist movement that just wants to destroy and burn down America because they hate it, but that’s just an excuse for their racism.

Two days after the shooting, Mr. Potato Head, via his radio show which reaches an audience of toothless, drooling boomers, screeched in his annoying nasal tone into a microphone, which caused an ear shattering feedback which nearly deafened his audience:

I did a full interview with our Blaze reporter who’s been in Kenosha, and he’s got the scoop folks, he’s got all the facts, not the drivel that MSLSD and the Clinton News Network’s been saying.

“And he interviewed before the shooting, that 17 year old kid. And the media are calling him, like, I dunno, a terrorist, a white supremacist, or something. What a load of hogwash! What a crock of crap! He’s none of those things! He never was. Our Blaze reporter told me that the kid, Rittenhouse, felt he was Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, and Jean-Claude Van Damme going in there to try and protect everybody, and he wanted to be a cop too! To try and put down the violence that all those Black Lives Matter and Antifa punks have been causing. And for that he was assaulted! He was hit over the head with a skateboard and a tooth brush! And then they tried to pull his pants down and have sex with him, the bunch of perverts, and then he fires off shots. What else was he supposed to do? Let himself get buggered for God sake!? It just isn’t that Black and white!”

Mr. Potato Head Has His Own Thoughts On Jacob Blake shooting

Mr. Potato Head Has His Own Thoughts On Jacob Blake shooting

The Great One – who looks and sounds like the character Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story – who was once described in a Daily Banter article as a human boil and as likable as a fart in an elevator, wants you to know that the police were not to blame for shooting Jacob Blake in the back. It was all the victim’s fault.

Levin – the Great One, Mr. Potato Head, or whatever you prefer to call him – is a well-known bomb thrower, race baiter, and all around antagonist  who seems to be more content with whipping fear and hatred among his viewing and listening audiences, than truth and honesty. With Life, Liberty, And Levin, a show on the Fox network that reaches out to aging geriatrics, and a radio show that has a listening audience of about ten, both are designed to instill animosity toward anyone slightly to the left of the Republican party.

Like others of his ilk, Levin has carved out a comfortable niche for himself by being disingenuous, by attracting tons of suckers who are easily fooled by his bullshit rantings. He has previously made a great number of statements that would embarrass anybody with an ounce of integrity or common sense. But it’s apparent that the Great One’s head has swelled so much over the years that all shame and common sense must have leaked out through his ears, or must have never existed to begin with.

Under Obama he was constantly screeching that he was a Marxist, lawless tyrant through his use of executive orders – which according to all the conspiracy theories, numbered about – what – 900, 1,000 – compared to Bush’s meager 291?  Conservative media terrified their rubes that Obama would seize and confiscate their guns, but no mass confiscation ever took place. However, in the final year of Obama’s second term, the dreaded confiscation that conservatives had shrieked about all along, turned out to be an EO that mandated that the Social Security administration release info on recipients who wish to purchase a gun, which said info would be used in prohibiting a purchase. Conservatives screamed bloody murder.

When critiquing Obama’s policies, or anything he said or did, it was always without nuance or actual criticism that would lend credibility to his rantings. Instead, they were always laced with racial overtones and overt craziness.

Via his radio show:

“I think what they say about Martha’s Vineyard – for you racialists and race baiters out there – I think they say it’s the whitest place on Earth.
“We know you hate whites, Obama! He talks races, he uses race, he pushes race!”

Ironically, it was Levin who used race when it came to Obama.

In 2015, via his radio show, he accused the Obama’s of being full  of hate speech. Apparently, he had never listened to himself on the radio.

Obama was like Hitler because of Obamacare, and his supporters were akin to brown shirts. It didn’t matter that Obamacare was a law that passed through Congress, and not forced down America’s throat as conservatives were fond of proclaiming.

Obama was a Muslim terrorist sympathizer because he had the misfortune to have the middle name Hussein. No matter how many Muslim terrorists his administration targeted, like Osama Bin Laden, it was never good enough.

He has recently compared Black Black Lives Matter to the Confederacy, and in a recent interview he told the Washington Examiner that Obama has abused the black community more than any other modern politician, because during John Lewis’s eulogy Obama had the audacity to speak about protecting the right of minorities to vote, and police abuse against African Americans. He never did mention how Obama has abused the black community.

The day after the Jacob Blake shooting, via his radio show, Levin offered his unique perspective like only the Great One can.

Via Media Matters:

“You had something take place in Kenosha, where a longtime hoodlum, as it turns out – sex offender, others, other things – resisted police arrest. All we see is the very short clip. He walks around the passenger side of his car, walks into the driver’s side of the car – he’s brushing off the cops, who have their guns out – and he reaches into his car, going into his car, and then all you hear are shots. We’re told seven shots. He didn’t die. He’s expected to live.”

You had a man shot in the back. He was a hoodlum to Levin because like every conservative who isn’t racist, he believes African Americans are naturally more prone to crime. That’s not hyperbole. It can’t have anything to do with poverty, proximity, or lack of economic opportunity , or lack of an education.

“And so they’re rioting in this little town in Kenosha, which is what, a hundred twenty thousand people? Destroying buildings. I mean destroying them. Destroying a museum, a library, I’m looking at the list here. A car dealership was burned down. Lots of looting and rioting. All of these innocent shop owners livelihoods, families are being destroyed.”

93% of the protests were peaceful, so no, there haven’t been lots of looting and rioting. Buildings and businesses can be rebuilt. The dead cannot be replaced. The lives destroyed by police violence and the callous disregard for human lives, and their families grief, can’t be replaced.

“And Biden and Harris come out and trash the cops! I don’t know what went on here, none of us know. None of us. The guy is going into his car and for all they know he’s got a gun, because apparently some of the arrests he had in his past were for the use of a weapon.

Yes, we do know what went on here. We saw it on the video. It doesn’t matter that he had ‘arrests’ in his past. It didn’t matter that he may have had a gun in his car. It’s an open carry state. He wasn’t about to open fire on the police. That certainly would have gotten him killed. And Biden and Harris were right to criticize the police. Any sane person would. Any person defending the conduct of the police, and trashing the victims in these types of situations, is, in my opinion, a racist POS.

“I don’t have all the facts, I’m just giving a contrary possibility. So the cops just put seven bullets in him – we’re told he was shot in the back – because they wanted to execute a black man? I don’t believe that for two seconds.

The first rule of the use of a gun is, never fire a gun at someone unless you intend to kill them. Sheskey’s intent was to execute Blake for daring to turn his back and defying police orders. I do believe that for two seconds. As I have said before, they could have stopped him without firing a single shot.

Blake got four bullets in the back for daring to defy the police, and conservatives, including Mr. Potato Head, have justified it. Meanwhile, a seventeen year old vigilante – who, it should go without mentioning, is white – and his compatriots, received bottled water and high fives all around for assisting the Kenosha police. Rittenhouse was even allowed to leave the scene of a crime after he had shot three people, killing two, and was not apprehended until the following day in his home state of Illinois. Conservatives, including Levin, have had a completely different reaction regarding Rittenhouse: he’s a hero, a patriot, he was defending himself from violent leftists who had initiated a violent confrontation, disregarding the fact that he had shot and killed someone before the pursuit began. Some idiots on social media went so far as to accuse them of being pedophiles.

And so the reaction now is to destroy, riot, don’t even know the facts, it doesn’t matter. And let’s be perfectly honest, if a white guy were shot like that nobody would give a crap. So why is it assume the cops are wrong when we don’t have all the facts? And why did the leadership of the Democratic party jump in and trash the cops and try to use it to attack and exploit the president? Is this sensible, rational? It’s demagoguery.”

The reaction was to protest. There will always be some rioting during protests involving racial injustice. But conservatives like Levin would rather ignore the protests and focus on the small amount of violence to paint all peaceful protesters as violent mobs. Which is evident in their constant coverage of the same recycled scenes of burning buildings and looting to support their narrative that Black Lives Matter protesters are violent anarchists out to overthrow America rather than people with legitimate racial grievances.

And let’s be perfectly honest, the police have shot their share of white people unjustly, but they would never shoot a white person in the back for resisting arrest or defying police orders. I honestly believe that. And if it ever happened, conservatives would not only give a crap, they would crap themselves to no end.

We don’t have to assume the cops are wrong even if we don’t have all the facts. They were wrong. They shot a man in the back. There is nothing to assume.

“We don’t have all the facts. It’s any excuse for a riot. arson. any excuse for looting. You’re gonna get backed by the media, the Democratic leadership, Can’t we get the facts, and then we’ll know who to blame for what!”

Again, the fact is, a coward shot a man in the back. The blame lies with the Kenosha police department and specifically the police officer who shot him, not Jacob Blake.

Katie Pavlich Race Baits Again, Defends The Cowardly Shooting Of Jacob Blake

Katie Pavlich Race Baits Again, Defends The Cowardly Shooting Of Jacob Blake

0n the afternoon of August 23, Jacob Blake, father of three was shot non fatally seven times – four hitting him in the back – at close range while attempting to enter his vehicle. The incident occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The police had been alerted to the scene of a domestic dispute between several women. The call was allegedly placed by Blake’s girlfriend, one of the women involved in the dispute, who asserted that Blake had taken her car keys and would not give them back.

Blake had an alleged arrest warrant from the previous month relating to sexual assault and other charges. The woman who placed the call was the same woman who pressed the assault charges against Blake. When the police arrived, according to witnesses, Blake was attempting to intervene in the dispute. The police had been aware of the warrant out for his arrest. At some point, they attempted to taze him, while a police officer was reported to be yelling, Drop the knife! But according to witnesses Blake had no knife in his possession and he wasn’t resisting or being violent. At some further point, Blake walked to the driver side of his car – as was clearly seen in the video released on social media – where he leaned in, as officer Sheskey grabbed his left shirt sleeve and then fired into his back.

On the August 25th edition of Outnumbered, Pavlich made lame excuses for the cowardly shooting of Jacob Blake by Kenosha WI police officer, Rusten Sheskey.

Pavlich is a white supremacist and a law enforcement apologist who has a made a lucrative career of trashing African American victims of police violence. She has previously defended the deaths of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and other African American victims of police brutality.

Posing as a serious journalist at America’s premiere racist network, and the equally racist conspiracy site Townhall, where she is a publishing editor, she has previously published the ridiculous book – Fast And Furious Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal – that was debunked and discredited for it’s many inaccuracies and downright misinformation.

She has previously claimed that America was the first country to end slavery, for which she was raked over the coals on twitter, and has a long history of race baiting Black Lives Matter as being divisive and a domestic terrorist group that wants dead cops.

“You know, this has already been framed in racial terms but I think it’s really important to focus on the facts. We don’t know the whole story but what we do know, according to the Associated Press, is that witnesses heard the police saying ‘drop the knife’ while this man was walking away from police as they had guns drawn to get back in their car. We don’t know what was in the car when he got into the car. We don’t know what the police officers saw, and yes, the lack of the body camera footage will complicate that.”

The reason it’s been framed in racial terms is because these types of incidents involving law enforcement have occurred way too often to be seen as anything else. A police officer shoots a black man without due cause, the cop or cops involved in the shooting lie to cover their asses, and his or her buddies back them up.  Ninety-nine times out of one hundred there is no justice for the victim. The officer or officers involved in these incidents are placed on leave, are rarely, if ever, fired and are rarely convicted. As a so called journalist, Pavlich should know this, but she chooses to ignore reality and excuse police corruption because it supports her narrative that black men put themselves in these situations by resisting arrest, and that cops are not racist and must be defended at all costs.

We do know the whole story. Blake was shot attempting to get into his vehicle. Plain and simple. He did not have a gun or a knife, that would justify four bullets in the back. If they wanted to stop him from getting into his vehicle, they could have done so without firing a single bullet.

A spokesperson for the Kenosha police claimed that Blake was armed with a knife, which justified the shooting, and that he had somehow put one of them in a headlock. But, according to the witness who filmed the incident that went viral on social media, he was not resisting arrest, was not being violent, and did not have a knife. The police spokesperson further claimed that the narratives other than their own were fictional. However, it’s clear who’s narrative was fictional – the Kenosha police. The video clearly shows that. The knife they claimed he had in his hand, was recovered from the floor of the front seat.

We also know, according to the Associated Press, that Blake was charged in July with sexual assault, trespassing, disorderly conduct in connection with a domestic abuse, and there was a warrant out for his arrest. So, these are difficult terms to be working with and I think the police are being blamed here right away for the situation.”

Whether Blake was resisting arrest or not prior to what was seen on the video, means absolutely nothing. It does not justify the police shooting a man – who has no weapon in his immediate possession – point blank in the back. This argument is a racist talking point when the victim of police violence are African American. ‘Well, if he had just complied with police orders, if he had just stopped resisting arrest, he might still be alive.’

Pavlich is a racist. No doubt about it. Her history of race baiting is well – documented by Media Matters, Newshounds, and other lefty media watch groups. She can deny it when confronted with evidence, but facts are not debatable.

On the charges of sexual assault, Blake pleaded not guilty via Zoom.

But I think the other question should be asked about whether Mr. Blake – whether the police put Mr. Blake in this situation with his children in the back of the car when he was shot, or whether Mr. Blake, who was asked to stop from getting into the vehicle, is the one who put himself in that situation after being told multiple times to stop resisting arrest. So, you know, the racial politics come into this right away, the mixing of different cases comes into it, but the facts that we have now tell a different story from the one that’s being told in a lot of reporting.”

As is typical of racial narrative, Pavlich has no problem blaming the victim. She is proudly joined by others on social media who are quick and all too eager to defend the police, and condemn the victim as a thug. Like some black victims of police violence, Blake has a past record, so naturally it was Blake who placed himself in the situation. The police share no responsibility for escalating the situation. They’re totally blameless. They can’t be criticized for failing to stop Blake from getting into his vehicle without resorting to shooting him. They had no choice. It was Blake who forced them to shoot him by being resistant.

Conservatives assume that black people are always guilty of a crime. After all, they’re naturally more violent because of the color of their skin or there wouldn’t be so much black on black crime, and so the police are always justified in their actions – even shooting a man in the back. So, Blake deserved what he got because he may have committed some crime or crimes in his recent past.

Racial politics come into it because a trigger happy police officer shot a man in the back, who could have been subdued a number of ways without being shot, and no amount of alternative facts change that.

Tomi Lahren: “The Left Have Set Up Another CHAZ And CHOP In Trump’s Rear End Where They Are Living Rent Free”

Tomi Lahren: “The Left Have Set Up Another CHAZ And CHOP In Trump’s Rear End Where They Are Living Rent Free”

Tomi Lahren recently appeared on Fox And Friends to complain about the all powerfull left and their hatred for president Trump. The feisty conservative firebrand, who once compared Black Lives Matter to the Klan, had this to say during a discussion on the protests:

“During the previous eight years we had a wimpy, mom jeans wearing president who spent all of his time taking vacations and playing golf, who couldn’t be counted on to do a single days work,” she said at one point.

“But now we have a president who looks like a man, dresses like a man, walks like a man, and loves America because he wants to keep the confederate flag and statues in every state, and the left are doing everything they can to make him look bad. They’re trying to convince everyone that he’s racist, a fascist, and responded poorly to the pandemic, allowing over one hundred thousand to die, but the truth is, one hundred thousand dying compared to two hundred thousand dying of Ebola under Obama, is nothing, not even close.”

“Tomi, if I’m not mistaken, and I don’t think I am, I believe the correct number was two,” Steve Doocy corrected her.

“Whatever,” she shrugged. “It was still a tragedy. “The point is, it proved that Obama couldn’t find his you-know-what with a flashlight, while Trump doesn’t need one. He’s already found his. And since the left were chased out of Capitol Hill, they’ve taken up residence in president Trump’s rear end, and are living there rent free, where they’ve established another CHAZ and another CHOP, both of which are – by the way, most people don’t know this – named after Cher’s gay son, Chaz Chop Bono.”

“I doubt that, Tomi,” Doocy said. “Thanks for being with us.”

Tucker Carlson Calls Barack Obama “America’s Chief Racial Arsonist” | Media Matters for America

Tucker Carlson Calls Barack Obama “America’s Chief Racial Arsonist” | Media Matters for America

Fox News’s Chief Racial Arsonist.

Without a hint of irony, Fox News’s chief racial arsonist, Tucker Carlson called former president Obama ‘America’s Chief Racial Arsonist.’


“Well, five years ago, just as a reference point, President Obama condemned rioting. We are going to compare that with his statement today. President Obama has long been, no one wants to say it but it’s true, America’s chief racial arsonist. ‘Watch what he does,’ Al Sharpton, one of his chief domestic policy advisors. But even Obama understood that looting was indefensible…”

First of all, it’s bizarre that he would refer to Sharpton as Obama’s Chief Domestic Policy advisor, as if he is still president and still dictating government policy.

Between his bizarre ranting, he cuts to a clip of Obama condemning the rioting and looting during the unrest in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray. He then lamented that Obama made a statement on the death of George Floyd, and instead of condemning the rioting, he had the audacity to mention that systemic racism is real. Oh my God! How dare he?

Carlson has always been content with telling his dips**t audience that the exact opposite is true, that it’s a myth like white supremacy is a myth.

What was the statement Carlson was upset about? Obama’s tweet, his first public statement on the aftermath and reaction to the death of George Floyd.


It’s natural to wish for life to ‘just get back to normal’ as a pandemic and an economic crises upend everything around us. But we have to remember that for millions of Americans, being treated differently on account of race is tragically, painfully, maddeningly normal – whether it’s while dealing with the health care system, or interacting with the criminal justice system, or jogging down the street, or just watching birds in a park.

“This shouldn’t be normal in 2020 in America. It can’t be normal. If we want our children to grow up in a nation that lives up to its highest ideas, we can and must be better.

It will fall mainly on the officials of Minnesota to ensure that the circumstances surrounding George Floyd’s death are investigated thoroughly and that justice is ultimately done. But it falls on all of us, regardless of our race or station – including the majority of men and women in law enforcement who take pride in doing their tough job the right way, every day – to work together to create a new normal in which the legacy of bigotry and unequal treatment no longer infects our institutions or our hearts.

Carlson’s accusation that Obama is the Chief racial arsonist in America, is bizarre, given the fact that as president, he rarely spoke about racial issues, and when he did, they accused him of being a racist. But Tucker Carlson and his fellow racial arsonists at Fox News, talk about them all the time, and yet we’re not allowed to call them racist.

It’s absurd to anyone on the left who is familiar with his racial monologues. From his xenophobic rantings on immigration, his playing defense for white supremacists, to his racial attacks on Black Lives Matter in recent weeks, the title of Chief Racial Arsonist, fits no one better than Tucker Carlson. Well, there are a few others I could name – like the president – but for now, it’s Tucker Carlson.

Is Dana Loesch A Racist White Supremacist Calling For A Civil War? Are We High For Even Considering It? Here Is The Evidence, And It Doesn’t Look Good




Months before president Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters marched in Charlottesville to save a beloved symbol of their southern heritage, Dana Loesch and the NRA produced their first video portraying anti-Trump protesters as violent mobs out to destroy democracy and his legitimacy.

“They use their media to assassinate real news. They use their schools to teach children that their president is another Hitler. They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again. And then they use their ex president to endorse the resistance.

“All to make them march. Make them protest. Make them scream racism and sexism and xenophobia, and homophobia. To smash windows, burn cars, shut down interstates and airports, bully and terrorize the law abiding – until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs and stop the madness.

“And when that happens , they’ll use it as an excuse for their outrage. The only way we stop this, the only way we save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth.”

The implication here is that nefarious leftist forces – progressives,  Black Lives Matter, Antifa – are working together  behind the scenes to manipulate and agitate the media, schools, Hollywood celebrities, and the former president, to create fake news to undermine Trump and his presidency, and to incite them to march, protest, and scream false narratives of racism, and bigotry, until the police have no choice but to ride in with the cavalry to save the day.

After Loesch and the NRA received criticism for the video, her defenders quickly came to her defense to assure us silly liberals and progressives that we were all insane to insinuate that she was promoting violence. Townhall’s resident whiny troll, Matt Vespa – trying his hand at comedy and failing miserably – assured us that we all must have been high on drugs or bath salts to believe she was defending white supremacy and calling for a race war.

From Townhall:

“What drugs have you people been snorting? Have bath salts become a problem again?”

Rest assured Matt, the only ones who were amused, were those who read your drivel. No legitimate news outlet would hire you; if they did, they would be a laughing stock, like Townhall.

“So, we’ve gone to Loesch was inviting violence, to she’s a racist for calling out the loony left brigade for trying to destroy buildings and set things on fire. We’re dealing with people who have lost all grips on reality.”

Yes, we are dealing with people who have lost their grip on reality, and unfortunately they are not only people who read your drivel, but listen to Loesch and believe she is speaking truth to power. Seriously delusional people in need of medication. And Vespa is one of those people.

“I know we were heavy on the rioting aspect, but remember the avowed leftist who tried to assassinate Republican Congressmen earlier this month? Shouldn’t that be condemned? Instead, what we got from the Left and their allies in the media was that this might be a self inflicted incident. House Majority Whip, Steve scalise, who blessedly is out of critical condition after being shot in the hip, was on the verge of death when he was rolled into the hospital. But he’s a Republican, so he deserved to die. That’s certainly been insinuated.”

No, it was never insinuated by anyone on the left. It was condemned by both parties. But conservatives have to lie to reassure themselves that they are always victims.

Vespa then linked to two articles in an attempt to prove his allegation that the big bad Left said that Scalise deserved to die because he was a Republican, and a racist one at that. But neither proved anything. They were just articles that carried tweets by Democrats pointing out that Scalise was heroically saved by people of different backgrounds, thereby proving he couldn’t possibly be a raging bigot, despite once proclaiming that he was David Duke without the baggage, and some years later offered a half hearted apology.

“So, in closing, Dana Loesch is not a racist. She’s not calling for civil war. She simply was denouncing leftist violence and said watch out because she’ll be there with an army of her own to fight the Left on the battlefield of ideas. It might be a good time to renew those NRA memberships. I’m considering a lifetime membership.”

The only battle that Loesch and her army of gun nut fans are capable of fighting, is the idea that guns are awesome and must be defended at all cost. 

Alright, so according to Vespa, Loesch isn’t a racist, and isn’t calling for a civil war. Well, it’s already been established that the video was clearly a warning to anyone who doesn’t like Trump. With that out of the way, let’s look at some evidence that points to the contrary to Vespa’s claim that she’s not racist. Here is some evidence I find pretty compelling.

1) Dana’s personal letter to the Ferguson protesters.

In the summer of 2014, eighteen year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson during an alleged struggle to get his gun. After Brown’s death, he was smeared and vilified as a violent criminal by much of the media, including Loesch, who at the time, was at The Blaze. Loesch, as we’re much of the conservative media, was willing to give Darren Wilson the benefit of the doubt, but not Brown. Does that in itself prove any racism on her part? Not particularly, but what is disturbing was her willingness to jump on the bandwagon with many other conservatives who supposedly have no racial animus against black people, and to vilify him as a criminal thug after he was dead!

After note: During a segment on the Ferguson protests on Fox in 2017, she complained that Obama, Holder, and the DOJ had all conspired to smear the police department as racists. In her mind, the real injustice was that Wilson had to go into hiding and couldn’t get another job as a police officer. 

An Open Letter To Ferguson Protesters:

To those who continue to incite Violence and Racial Tension in Ferguson:

I grew up in a home where I was not taught to hate. Instead, I was taught that people of every color, nation, and Creed were created by God as equals in their humanity and worth. Ever since I became a parent in 2002, I have endeavored to instill those same values in my children. Some days it has been more difficult than others.

For the last few months, nearly every action you have taken in the name of “equality” and “justice” has made my job immeasurably harder. You have defied law enforcement and defiled both public and private property, leaving me to explain to my children that “not all black people riot, throw things at police officers, and loot private businesses when they don’t get their way.

You have screamed that “Black Lives Matter” ( a point with which I absolutely agree, by the way ), while demanding the arrest and conviction – and in some cases, the death of – a white police officer based solely on the testimony of an admitted liar with no supporting physical evidence, leaving me to explain to my children that “not all  black people believe that saying “black lives matter” necessarily invalidates the worth of a white man’s life.

You have encouraged a culture that will demonize my twelve year old son for no reason other than the fact that he was born a white male in America. You have forced me to explain to him that there are some black people who will feel entitled to punish him for things he has never done and for things he will never do – and you have forced me to teach him that, in spite of that, he cannot paint all black people with the brush you have chosen for yourselves.

“You have made him uncomfortably aware that there are those select few who will make him the villain in every social situation because it allows them to perpetuate the cult of victimization. The default position will always be that he is a racist and a sexist until he proves otherwise, and because he is a white male, any proof he offers will be summarily dismissed. 

“You have made my job harder, but thankfully I am up to the task. There are those who are not, however, and your actions will serve only to deepen their feelings of racial prejudice and anger.”

This was taken from her website.

First of all, notice that she’s accusing the protesters of inciting racial tension and violence, as if racial tension hadn’t already been inflamed and stirred up by the killing of Michael Brown. She’s not condemning the people who actually we’re inciting violence and exploiting racial tension. The cop who killed Brown, for instance, the media, particularly the race baiting right wing media, of which she is a part of, and the Ferguson police department. None of it would have happened had Wilson minded his own business ( the authorities sat on their hands for three months ). Instead, he chose to harass Brown over walking in the street and could have handled the situation without killing him. But expecting the police in America to be non violent, is like asking a dog not to crap on a carpet.

She also blamed the unrest on Obama and Holder, as if they had no right to get involved. They had every right to get involved. Obama was the president and Holder the Attorney General.

She’s specifically addressing the black community and Black Lives Matter, accusing them of inciting violence, causing destruction ( some people have, I admit that ) and loot businesses just because they can’t get their way. She’s not bothering to focus on the actual problem, but instead chooses to focus on the small amount of looting and rioting that take place among any protest, which they – conservatives – use as an excuse to delegitimize every black led protest.

She also, unfortunately, and predictably, has nothing to say about police abuse and violence against the peaceful protesters, and the detaining of some the journalists who covered the protests. Two reporters were harassed, one from Huffington Post, the other from Washington Post. Both were ordered out of a McDonalds and detained shortly for not moving fast enough. Some conservatives were highly critical of the reporters. On Twitter, Loesch accused them of doing the opposite of journalism, and in a subsequent tweet accused them of just wanting to get on TV to show off! John Nolte of Breitbart accused the two reporters of being fascists!

These are the free speech warriors who are always whining how the Left are suppressing their free speech. But when it’s law enforcement, who they enthusiastically support, it’s hey, no problem as long as it’s not me! They would howl with indignation had it been a conservative reporter.

She claims to agree with the phrase Black Lives Matter, but has consistently downplayed the meaning and importance of the phrase, referring to BLM as a violent hate group that cares more about dead police officers more than getting justice, and that the phrase is somehow an invalidation of white lives. She also, for some baffling reason, brings her son into it, and paints him as a victim, that he will be unfairly demonized because he is white, and by doing so they will be responsible for his anger and racial prejudice. With conservatives, it always comes back to white people being the real victims of racism, and that black people who want equality and justice and fairness, are the real perpetrators of that oppression.

2) Dana’s sanctimonious letter to Colin Kaepernick: Stop Your Privileged Whining And Leave America If You Don’t Like It Here!

In 2016, an uppity black athlete had the audacity to kneel during the scared national anthem as a silent protest against police brutality, and as a result conservatives lost their minds. To show how not racist they are, conservatives made it all about disrespecting their most sacred symbol, the flag, and promptly told him to vamoose from America if he didn’t like being told what to do. They also told him to stop whining and use his millions to make a difference, totally ignoring that he did just that.

Since 2016, Kaepernick has donated over a million dollars to various causes and his time to various community charities, but conservatives couldn’t care less. All they care about is trashing him to make themselves feel morally superior. Has Loesch donated her time or millions to charity? Not a chance. I guarantee it.

3) Dana Loesch slams Zimmerman Protesters For Their ‘Progressive Utopian Dream’

Sitting in for Glenn Beck – “Obama’s a white culture hating racist” – one night, Dana criticized the hypocrisy of the Trayvon Martin protesters for not getting outraged at Chicago with all the black on black crime going on there on a daily basis. 

“Let’s look at the facts,” Dana says. “Youth are the biggest target in Chicago – black youth. In 2012, Chicago had on hundred more murders than in New York City, 215 more than Los Angeles, and according to the Chicago Reporter and other statistics, from 2008 to 2012, half of Chicago’s nearly 2,500 homicide victims were killed before they could reach their 25th birthdays.

That number alone is staggering, but it doesn’t even begin to capture the extent of the problem. The Bureau for Justice Statistics reports anywhere from 8,000 to 9,000 black Americans are killed every year, and 93% of those murders are committed by other black Americans.

“So where are the riots, the feigned outrage, and protesters decrying those statistics?

“Now, if all of these people out there protesting for Trayvon are so concerned about the death of a youth, then where have they been these past ten years. It’s a farce. It’s a distraction, and if people really cared about black youth, they would be asking what the hell is going on in their communities. They would be asking why black youth are dying at an epidemic? rate. This violence is a symptom of a problem.

“Now these statistics are equally depressing, but you know, Chicago is just the progressive utopian dream, right? This is President Obama’s backyard.

“You have to ask why, with the first black president, are black Americans one of the demographics, along with women, so adversely affected by his policies? Why is government assistance at an all time high? Oh, I see change, but there’s no hope to be found. And why does it take a white girl with American Indian ancestry asking these questions? Why is this not a topic of analysis on BET or One News or with Al Sharpton? That’s the question we should be asking.”

Dana says it’s a farce, a distraction that those who protested the killing of Trayvon Martin are not also protesting black crime, which is the bigger problem, and because they’re not marching on Chicago, looting and rioting… well, that makes them hypocrites.

Why does Dana need to inject race into it? Because it’s a dog whistle to the racists who tuned in to the Blaze to hear how Obama is the real racist because of food stamps and welfare,  and that black crime is the real problem. 

The real farce, the real distraction, is the predictable response from conservatives: What about black on black crime? It’s an argument designed to distract from the real problem of systemic racism, which conservatives have no real interest in discussing or solving. It’s a notion that suggests that the real problem is black crime, that it’s an epidemic of epic proportions, and that progressives, Democrats, Black Lives Matter, and the black community as a whole are hypocritical to ignore it.

If black crime is at epidemic levels, then white on white crime is equally so. 83.05 % of white people are killed by other white people. But conservatives have never been too concerned about that little fact, nor has there ever been any discussion about what a problem it is. You won’t hear Dana bringing it up on her radio show any time soon. She would have to talk about how white people are inherently violent and murder their own at epidemic proportions. If black people brought up white on white on white crime as a talking point and demanded that white conservatives address it, Republicans would scream bloody murder.

And that crack about her having native American ancestry is a hoot and a half. If anyone has American Indian ancestry in the family tree, it certainly isn’t Dana Loesch. 

Those are the facts.

She says black crime is an epidemic and that they should be asking why it happens in those communities. Does Dana understand what the causes are? Probably not. People are not inherently violent because of the pigmentation of their skin – unless they’re white that is.

She then ties it all to Obama and Chicago, because, of course. Chicago is where as a senator, Obama the Marxist-Muslim organized for the communist front group ACORN, and as a racist dog whistle, she alludes to Obama being the food stamp president with black Americans being the vast majority dependents on government aid – which are specifically his policies , mind you – and that this should be a topic of concern for the Al Sharpton’s of the world. 

I guess she forgot to tell her viewers that white people make up a majority on government welfare programs. But facts aren’t that important when it comes to whipping up resentment and dislike for a black president and minorities.

From Adam Weinstein at Gawker:

“There were 1,864 people shot in Chicago last year ( 2013 ). In 2012, the number of gunshot victims was 2,448.

What changed? Better policing, probably. A better economy. And the pushing of violent crime outside of Chicago’s borders, to depressed neighboring towns like Gary – where homicides jumped nearly 30 percent in 2013, and where many of Chicago’s illicit guns come from.

But no conservatives are jumping up and down about Gary, perhaps because it’s in Indiana, a red state where everybody and their kissing cousin can get a permit to carry handguns around. Perhaps because we haven’t been trained to think of Indiana as a tense, buzzing, minority-filled progressive locale.

This, in the end, is what Chicago-shaming is about. Not statistics, and certainly not the rates of mostly-minority victims who undergird those numbers. It is not about hating what Chicago does, or what it actually is, but what it stands for in the minds of smarmy pundits who, if they’ve been there, never set foot outside Wrigley Field or the Loop. It is about Hussein Obama and Rahm and Sharpton and unions. It is a racially charged, bile-induced pearl of fiction wrapped around a solitary, ancient grit of fact.

4) Elizabeth Warren Is A Racist Hypocrite!

Some years ago, Elizabeth Warren claimed to have some native American ancestry, and in the 80’s long before getting into politics, allegedly claimed as much to advance her career. Smart ass conservative pundits have attacked her for this ever since, as if were the worst scandal in American history. Warren apologized for it, but of course, no amount of remorse or apology is acceptable to Republicans.

On NRATV back in 2017, Loesch had this to say about Warren:

I think it’s hysterical that this woman, who is a cultural appropriator, who is a race appropriator, that she has the audacity to engage in some sort of race based attack against someone simply because she doesn’t like their party affiliation and doesn’t wish to see them confirmed to be AG. She’s racist hypocrite. Democrats, and particularly all the anti gun people need to stop making excuses for the original Rachel Dolezal.

“I’ll reiterate it for the folks at Media Matters for whom we pay the bills, so they can get it right. She’s a racist who appropriated an entire ethnicity so she could get a job at Harvard. And I’ll tell you this, the closest that her ancestors ever came to Americans was rounding up my ancestors, so let’s get that straight right now if anyone wants to have a discussion on what is or is not racist.”

Speaking of audacity, I find it hilarious that Republicans will eagerly and willingly jump through hoops to excuse charges of racism in their own party while accusing Democrats of racism. Elizabeth Warren did not oppose the confirmation of Sessions because he was a Republican. She opposed it because his record on race and civil rights are abysmal. But Dana can’t be bother to do any fact checking before opening her mouth. Lying and distorting the truth is what she does best.

Certain Republicans have done and said far worse than Elizabeth Warren has when it comes to matters of race. Jeff Sessions for one. Donald Trump for another, both of whom she has had no problem defending. SpongeTed Squishy Pants is another blatant racist she has shamelessly defended and excused.

Loesch gets her definition of race appropriator wrong as well. A race appropriator is someone who adopts a culture as their own, using slang, dress, and customs. To my knowledge, Warren has done none of these. All she did was claim to have distant Indian ancestry and allegedly claimed the same on a Harvard form, and it became an unforgivable sin in the eyes of race baiting pundits like Dana Loesch. Perhaps Loesch would be better off directing her outrage at her own bogus claims of native American ancestry.

5) Placing white hoods on Thomas & Friends characters.

In 2018, while still at NRATV, on her God awful program Relentless, Loesch placed white hoods on Thomas & Friends characters to mock the idea of diversity. Any sane person would had a sane reaction and moved on. But not Dana Loesch. She has to make everything either about race, or playing the victim. 

I won’t go on with the rest of her nonsense.

However, I will say this: like many conservatives of her ilk, she has made the bogus claim that Black Lives Matter is a violent organization that is stoking racial tension. It’s a claim she has made since it’s inception.

She once claimed on her radio program that she believes black people want to start a race war over the death of Trayvon Martin.

She believes that George Soros is a Nazi collaborator.

She believes that Planned parenthood’s Margret Sanger was a racist who started Planned Parenthood because she wanted to exterminate black babies.

I’m not even going to say it at this point. The evidence speaks for itself. Whether she’s a white supremacist or not, that’s debatable.

Dana Loesch: The Alt-Right Is Not Conservative

Dana Loesch: The Alt-Right Is Not Conservative


America’s biggest, baddest, toughest mother f**king gunslinger!

After the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., mainstream conservative pundits scrambled to distance themselves from the fascists that took the life of liberal activist Heather Heyer and injuring others, despite the fact that many of them are fascists. It became a familiar talking point from certain conservatives who wished to pretend that they share nothing in common with their alt right contemporaries. Instead, they made absurd excuses that they share more in common with the Left.

On her Facebook page, Dana Loesch wrote this:

“I want to make something incredibly clear. The alt right is NOT conservative… it is an identity politics movement. It is based in identity politics, just like Black Lives Matter is based in identity politics, just like Antifa is based in identity politics.”

Dana has a knack for making things incredibly clear.

After Charlottesville, Dana tweeted this:

The NRA itself is a political identity group, the most powerful and influential political identity organization in America, that not only represents the most marginalized group, the conservative gun owner – conservatives like Loesch would have you believe – but dictates policy by selling fear to it’s members by convincing them that their second amendment rights are under assault by liberals, leftists, Black Lives Matter activists, the media, and a black president whom they vilified as a gun hating Marxist whose ultimate goal was the complete and utter destruction of the second amendment and the confiscation of every gun loving patriot.

By her own logic, Dana should not be on their side. She should condemn them for their identity politics. But she will never hold the NRA to the same standards she has set for actual marginalized groups that she despises. Conservatives have no problem with identity politics when it benefits them. Identity politics are only a problem when marginalized groups engage in it.

She believes that the alt right is antithetical to conservatism. But like every conservative who believes this, she is being disingenuous. The alt right is every bit as conservative as mainstream conservatives. They share much more in common with one another than mainstream conservatives will admit, and yet they get on social media and put on a show about how much they despise the alt right.

She also believes that the alt right shares the same values and beliefs as Antifa and other political groups such as neo Nazis and the Klu Klux clan that look at identity over principles of freedom.

So, if the alt right is really antithetical to mainstream conservatism, then why do they share so many of the same values and beliefs, such as Christian values, limited government, a strong national defense of the military and law enforcement? Both groups have extreme nationalistic views on non white immigration, an extreme opposition to abortion – but see no problem supporting the death penalty – extreme views on gun rights, climate change denial, opposition to a welfare state, and share an irrational fear and hatred of black civil rights groups such as Black Lives Matter, non white immigrants, Muslims, and Antifa. They also hate liberals, Democrats, progressives, communists, and socialists. The alt right believes that non white immigration into America and Europe, is a Jewish plot, aided and abetted by Democrats, as a means to exterminate the white European race, and in the last few years this conspiracy has gained more and more credibility among the mainstream conservative right, who have spread it in both right wing and social media platforms.

Cultural Marxism is also a belief shared by both alt right and mainstream conservatives. From the New York Times:

“Cultural Marxists” are an unholy alliance of abortionists, feminists, gobalists, homosexuals, intellectuals and socialists who have translated the far Left’s old campaign to take away people’s privileges from “class struggle” into “identity politics” and multiculturalism.

Black Lives Matter is a social movement that believes black people have value and should be treated equally and fairly. They believe that black lives matter, hence the name. They know that systemic racism is real and that black people are disproportionately targeted by the system. Alt right as well as mainstream conservatives have absurdly labeled them as a terrorist and hate group.

Alt right and mainstream conservatives see no value in black lives, and have no interest in treating them equally and fairly. Their only interest has been to malign black activists as thugs, criminals, terrorists, and socialist agitators.

Antifa are comprised of anarchists, communists, and socialists. Like their name signifies, they oppose fascism, and go where they know they can disrupt the activities of fascists. They were a prominent presence in Charlottesville, along with Black Lives Matter activists, and other leftist protesters. Mainstream conservatives are often more critical of Antifa than they are of the alt right white nationalists they claim to despise, and yet they seem to have no problem with certain white nationalists in their ranks, like Michelle Malkin, who hilariously tweeted this after Charlottesville:

Curious, since she has now adopted the identity politics of the white nationalists who so proudly marched in Charlottesville, chanting blood and soil, and Jews will not replace us, and has recently come out in defense of neo Nazi, Nick Fuentes, and published a book after 9/11, In Defense Of Internment: The Case For Racial Profiling In World War 2 And The War On Terror. She has also, for years, been a regular contributor to the anti-Semitic, ad anti immigration website VDARE.

Although Antifa have used violent tactics, like Black Lives Matter they too have been absurdly maligned as a terrorist group by both the alt right and their mainstream contemporaries.

“Can we stop making everything about right and left, left and right?” Dana concluded. “Either you are for individual freedom; either you are for liberty and you believe in the constitution, or you don’t. There are no sides.”

So, the claim that the alt right have more in common with Antifa, neo Nazis and the Klan, because they are all based in identity politics, is mostly bulls**t. Mainstream conservatives are just as guilty of engaging in identity politics as their alt right contemporaries. White identity.

Hogan Guidley: Democrats’ Criticism Of Trump After Shootings Is ‘Disgusting’ | Fox News



August 03, 2019, a gunman armed with a WASR-10-AK 47 walked into a Walmart store in El Paso Texas, fatally wounding twenty-two and injuring twenty-four. The shooter, Patrick Crusius had previously published an online manifesto explaining his reasons for the shooting, in which he clearly stated that the attack was in response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas, and warned that foreign invaders would replace the white European race, two talking points echoed by the president and Fox News commentators long before the shooting.

From Laura Ingraham, August 07, 2018:

“In some parts of the country, it does seem like the America that we know and love doesn’t exist anymore. Massive demographic changes have been foisted on the American people, and they are changes that none of us never voted for and most of us don’t want.”

Fox And Friends, Nov./02/2018:

“When you see a lot of young men carrying the flag of their country, to your country to break it’s laws, it looks a lot more like an invasion than anything else.”

Jeanine Pirro, in response to Todd Starnes on Fox Nation, Aug. 30, 2019:

“Well, they hate Donald Trump. He’s the one they want to get rid of, because people like you and me who put him into office – their plan and their plot is to remake America and bring in the illegals, to change the way the voting occurs in this country, to give them licenses. They get to vote maybe once, maybe twice, maybe three times, and you know you’ve got motor- voter registration on the day of the election. You’ve got people with – we’ve got voter rolls that haven’t been purged of dead people in years where the Democrats have resisted that.

“Think about that. It’s a plot to remake America – to replace American citizens with illegals who will vote for the Democrats.”

In September, 2019, Jeanine Pirro appeared on CSPAN’s Washington Journal to plug her laughable book, The Left’s Plot To Remake America, where she was called out by a caller for her racist rhetoric.

“I refuse to accept your recitation of the facts,” she responded with self righteous anger. “You are dead wrong. The problem in this country is not the color of anyone, and don’t you dare accuse me of any kind of issue related to color.’

From Laura Ingraham, 10.16.2018:

Of this my friends you can be sure. Your views on immigration will have zero impact and zero influence on a House dominated by Democrats who want to replace you, the American voters, with newly amnestied citizens and an ever increasing number of chain migrants…”

In response to an article in National Geographic, on a March 2018 segment of his show, Tucker Carlson said:

In the year 2000, Hazelton’s population was 2 percent Hispanic. Just sixteen years later, Hazelton is majority Hispanic. That’s a lot of change.

“People who grew up in Hazelton found out that they can’t communicate with the people who now live there. And that’s bewildering for people.

That’s happening all over the country. No nation, no society has ever changed this much this fast.

Now before you start calling anybody bigoted, consider and be honest, how would you feel if this happened in your neighborhood?

It doesn’t matter how nice these immigrants are. They probably are nice. Most are nice. That’s not the point. This is more change than human beings are designed to digest.

“This pace of change makes societies volatile, really volatile, just as ours has become volatile.”

Mark Steyn during an appearance on Tucker Carlson:

“When Kamala Harris says people are not starting from the same point, uh, slavery was abolished a century and a half ago. Nobody alive today has a grandparent who was a slave. And in that sense you reach a point where, you know, you need to move on.”

In a 2015 appearance again with Tucker Carlson, Steyn said:

The idea that the Republicans can have the Confederate hung around their necks is ridiculous, it’s a Democratic flag. The states that seceded during the civil war were all Democratic states. That’s their flag.”

Today they’re Republican states, and Republicans are typically the ones who defend the flag and other Confederate symbols. It wasn’t a coincidence that the neo Nazis who marched in Charlottesville were Republicans. So, it’s not so ridiculous. What is ridiculous is calling it a symbol of the Democratic party.

During the same appearance:

Chris Cuomo went on to say that the real problem is white supremacists in America, they are the real monsters, not these nice, hard working illegal immigrants. That may be well and true. I mean, for the purposes of argument let’s just say he’s right. It’s irrelevant. The white supremacists are American citizens. The illegal immigrants are people who shouldn’t be here…”

It’s not irrelevant. White supremacists are indeed monsters, and some of them have proven that they’re monsters by murdering innocent people, and Putz’s like Mark Steyn and Tucker Carlson are no better. They are a plague on American society.

Anyone who watches Fox News, and is honest, will admit that most, if not all, of it’s opinion commentators have fomented hatred and demonization of undocumented immigrants for years, assuring their viewers that brown skinned immigrants from south of the border are to blame for their problems, who are coming here to take their jobs, commit crimes, and in general, make America poorer and dirtier. But don’t you dare suggest that racism has anything to do with it. And don’t you presume to know why they’re coming here. U.S. foreign policy has absolutely nothing to do with it. Fleeing from violence has nothing to do with it. Fleeing from poverty has nothing to do with it. The real reason they’re coming here is not only to steal your job, and commit crime, but that they – according to Jeanine Pirro – heard through the Grape Vine that Democrats need millions of illegal voters to help them win elections and replace white conservative Christian Americans with dirty and diseased illegals so they can remake America into a new Third World.

From Laura Ingraham:

Forget persuasion. Democrats have decided to demonize and  just altogether just write off a huge swath of the population as just a bunch of Yahoo’s and racists.

This is a campaign of intimidation and I’m telling you it’s going to end up getting more people hurt. Now let me show you where all this leads. Once mainstream Democrats start branding all Trump supporters as deplorable racists, they all become targets in their own way.

A despicable group worthy not only of marginalization, but elimination by any means necessary.

There is a lot of racist hate out there, and the Democrats strategy is to, I don’t know, feed it?

“They are throwing kerosene on this fire, and the end game is to drive those who disagree with them underground. To silence them with fear tactics, scare tactics and then turn them into targets.”

So, you see, it’s not conservatives like Laura Ingraham who are racist, it’s the Democrats, who are just making everything up, falsely accusing Republicans of hating undocumented immigrants, when the real hate is coming from the Democrats and the real victims of racism are the MAGA lovers.


You Can’t Criticize Trump

Just days after the El Paso shooting, president Trump’s secretary, Hogan Squidley, appeared on Outnumbered Overtime to bitch about how disgusting it was to hold him accountable for his anti immigration rhetoric.

“It’s disgusting to watch so many on the left come before cameras within five hours of this tragedy to lie about this president and have pathetic comments about the state of this country, and where this president stands.

The president stands with all these Americans who suffer through these tragedies and those who want to fix these problems. And these Democrats have played politics from the word go.”

The president referred to neo Nazis in Charlottesville as fine people. The mainstream conservative media have routinely dehumanized undocumented immigrants as rapists and criminals, using words like invasion and infestation when describing south American refugees coming to the States for a better shot at living. Some of these opinion hosts believe that a white genocide theory – that illegal immigration is being pushed by Democrats as a way to replace white Americans – is a fact and not a theory, and have promoted it on their broadcasts. These opinion hosts have been pushing their racist anti immigrant views for years.

Then, surprise, we had a white supremacist shooter, who posted the manifesto, pictured above. Anyone who reads it can see that it mirrors the exact same mainstream conservative anti immigrant talking points and the Great Replacement conspiracy theory that motivated this attack. But we’re not supposed to mention that fact. It’s all just Democrats falsely accusing conservatives and the president of racism, who are playing politics.

We’re supposed to believe that Trump wants to do something about it. He has no interest in fixing anything. He has openly embraced the NRA, who resists any gun reform, and he knows that white nationalists make up a good percentage of his base, and will do and has done absolutely nothing about gun violence in general. The ones who are playing politics are the conservative pundits who are convincing their viewers that undocumented immigrants are the cause of their problems.

Host Melissa Francis wanted to know if he believed the President’s language played a role in the shooting, and Guidley replied claiming that it was Democrats that trafficked in double standards that Republicans would never think of doing.

“That is absolutely ridiculous, Melissa. We do not blame, not do we even dream of blaming Elizabeth Warren for the shooter in Ohio who wanted to vote for her. The supporter of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who carried out a terrorist attack trying to blow up a DHS, ICE facility, using her language of concentration camps. The Bernie Sanders supporter who shot conservatives on a baseball field – and we don’t blame Barack Obama for the deaths of Dallas police officers. That is ridiculous. We wouldn’t dream of doing it and you cannot apply that standard to us and ignore it on the Democrats side.”

As a matter of fact, mainstream conservative media did blame Elizabeth Warren, AOC, and Bernie Sanders. But the difference between these referenced events and right wing shootings, is that Warren, AOC, and Sanders have never used racist and bigoted rhetoric when referring to anyone, least of all their political opponents. Conservatives on the other hand, have used racist and bigoted language not only in reference to undocumented immigrants, but some have even expressed a desire to shoot them. SpongeTed Squishy Pants not only wanted to shoot illegal immigrants but Democratic opponents. They hate non white immigrants. If they didn’t hate them, they would not refer to their coming here as an invasion, and an infestation, they would not be referring to them as ‘criminals and rapists, they would not be referring to them as a tool of Democrats to replace Americans in a white genocide plot. They don’t treat immigrants from white European countries the same way. I wonder why.

The claim that they didn’t blame Obama for the Dallas police shootings, is also not only false, it’s laughable. For two terms Barack Obama lived rent free in the heads of right wingers due to the constant propaganda pushed by mainstream conservative media in general. They portrayed him as a radical extremist communist, Marxist, Muslim Manchurian candidate loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood. In reality he was a neo liberal  Democrat loyal to his Walls Street donors. His middle east policies were no more radical than George Bush’s. He expanded the surveillance state, as well drone activity in the middle east. He inherited two wars initiated by his predecessor and got us involved in several other conflicts. He failed to close Guantanamo Bay. He presided over the capture and death of Bin Laden. But no matter how many times he went after al Qaeda, conservatives were convinced he was disloyal to the Constitution and wanted him tried, convicted, and hanged for treason because of his failure to say radical Islamic terrorism, three words that would have had every Obama hating Republican creaming themselves in sexual ecstasy over.

So too conservative media, led by Fox News pundits, created a fictitious narrative that began with the arrest of Harvard law professor Henry Louis Gates. From then on they portrayed Obama as a law enforcement hating radical for simply stating that the cop who arrested him hadn’t ascertained all the facts before arresting him. Not only did they hold Obama accountable for deaths of the police officers, they also blamed Black Lives Matter, creating another fictitious narrative that they hated cops and wanted them dead, and that Obama, for supporting the movement and inviting certain leaders to the White, should be interpreted as an endorsement of violence against law enforcement.

“We’ve had four months of propaganda, starting with the president, that everyone should hate the police,” Rudy Giuliani said on Fox News.”

Giuliani made it up. There was no such propaganda against law enforcement, least of all from the president of the United States. The real propaganda was coming from Fox News pundits claiming that he was “creating an atmosphere of hate” by being critical of law enforcement. The real propaganda was coming from racist mouth pieces of NRA TV, like Grant Stenchfield, and Chuck Holton, claiming that Black Lives Matter were stoking racial hatred and a race war against white people in both South Africa and the United States.

From Media Matters:

 Grant Stenchfield: “Our race relations are strained here in America after eight years of Barack Obama, but nowhere is it near as bad as it is in South Africa where white families are being tortured almost every  day in racist violence. It’s a warning for the United States that you will never hear from the mainstream media in this country. Veteran Army Ranger and Frontlines correspondent Chuck Holton joins me with more on this. Chuck, I know you’ve been looking into this, particularly doing some research and really the things that we’re starting to learn and I guess it’s not shocking that the mainstream media is not talking about this.”

Chuck Holton: “Right. You know the parallels between what’s happing in South Africa and the blatant racism and violence we’re seeing from people like the Black Lives Matter crowd, from people like Louis Farrakan and his minions, is happening in spades in South Africa. The violence against farmers is being called for by government officials, it’s being celebrated by politicians, and the scary thing is, it’s kind of a warning for what could happen in the United States if we continue to let this get out of control, to go down this path of this racial tension, this racial hatred that is being forced on the American culture by the Black Lives Matter crowd. This has to stop, and if you want to see why this has to stop you look at South Africa. Over – between three and four thousand white South Africans have been killed in the most horrific ways, brutalized, raped, tortured, drug behind cars, had drills taken to them. Some really horrific things.”

After the El Pas shooting Democrats and progressives rightly criticized Trump and conservative media for it’s constant dehumanization of South American immigrants and asylum seekers. This greatly triggered conservatives. According to them, it was not only wrong to criticize the president, but disgusting.

After the shooting, Grant Stenchfield said his heart ached for the victims, a claim I find questionable, coming from someone who has on many occasions stoked fear and hatred of non white immigrants and Black Lives Matter. He also accused the news media and Democrats of unfairly blaming Mr. Trump for a crime committed by a disgusting, and deranged human being.

“Evil has existed since the beginning of time,” Stenchy said. “To blame the president or any other conservative on the actions of a deranged lunatic, is insane and flat out disgusting. The problem with liberals today, is they do not want to take responsibility for anything. They will blame everyone but the shooter.”

Stenchy didn’t think it was insane and disgusting to blame Obama, Holder, and Black Lives Matter for the shooting when the Dallas police officers were ambushed during a BLM protest. Because the shooter in this instance was a black man, it had to be the fault of Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton, and Barack Obama. Apparently the rules of hypocrisy don’t apply to conservatives. They, and they alone, are allowed to lay blame where there is no blame, and deny it where it actually applies – usually with mainstream conservatives, the NRA, and Trump. They actually do blame everyone and everything but the shooter when a gun is involved.