Trump Destroys Bill Barr Over No Obama Indictments Before Election: ‘I’ll Tell Him It’s A Disgrace, And Then Sit On His Face”

Trump Destroys Bill Barr Over No Obama Indictments Before Election: ‘I’ll Tell Him It’s A Disgrace, And Then Sit On His Face”

From Mediate –

President Trump is livid with his Attorney General Bill Barr, over reports that no indictments of Obama officials will be handed down prior to the election.

Appearing on the Rush Limbaugh Show Friday, the syndicated radio host alerted the president to a recent report from Axios which indicated that the review of the origins of the Russia investigation, being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham, will not be complete prior to the election.

Upon hearing the news, Trump – who has been calling for former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and others to be indicted following the probe – absolutely unleashed on his attorney general.

“I’m very disappointed,” Trump said. “I think it’s a terrible thing. And I’ll say it to his face. ( In fact, I would not only tell him to his face what a big disappointment he is, but I would cough in his face and give him the coronavirus, and tell him that it’s his his own fault if he gets sick- and I’m not saying he will, since I no longer have the virus, I feel incredible, I could run from here to the Grand Canyon in just a few seconds like The Flash, but if he does – that he has no one to blame but himself for failing to bring charges against president Obama and his gang of spies. Then for good measure I would sit on his face and pass wind. That’ll teach him to disappoint me ).”

In an interview Thursday on Fox Business, Trump put the onus directly on Barr to deliver prosecution of – among others – Obama and Biden.

“Unless Bill Barr indicts these people for crimes – ( like tapping the Trump Tower phones – if he didn’t do it himself, he probably got Crooked Hillary to do it for him, or maybe he trained his dogs, Sonny and Bo, I don’t know – they seem like smart dogs to me – and spying on my wonderful campaign ) – the greatest political crime in the history of our country – then we’re not going  to get any satisfaction,” Trump said. “( But I’ll feel plenty of satisfaction after passing wind in Bill Barr’s face ).”

COVID 19: Trump’s Benghazi, Ebola, And 9/11

COVID 19: Trump’s Benghazi, Ebola, And 9/11

When Obama was president, conservatives were obsessed with proving he was the real racist who hated America, that he was a secret Muslim who supported the Muslim Brotherhood whom had supposedly infiltrated the White House. Everything Obama said and did was a scandal in the eyes of conservatives who hated him for being Barack Hussein Obama: The criticism of a Cambridge cop who arrested a personal friend of Obama’s in the early days of his presidency – if the current president in all his glory had done the same, conservatives would have shrugged it off like they’ve shrugged off every one of his scandals; daring to show empathy for the death of a teenager killed suspiciously by a self appointed armed vigilante.

The first so-called major scandal that the Republicans and their media latched onto was Benghazi. According to conservative wisdom, Obama had lied about not calling the incident a terrorist attack, and had personally given a stand down order in Benghazi while he and Hillary were sitting by, fist bumping each other as they watched the attack happen.

Benghazi was all the rage on social media. Conservatives couldn’t shut up about Benghazi. They were convinced it was an earth-shattering scandal that would bring down Obama and Hillary Clinton. They spread their conspiracy theories as fact – stand down orders, Obama’s alleged failure to call it an act of terror, secret emails that proved it was a cover up, ambassador Stevens was dragged through the streets after being sodomized by his attackers – or whatever conspiracy theory they could imagine.

Republicans spent years investigating the attack, issuing more than a half dozen reports that found no smoking gun. And yet, conservative media continued to harp on it, convinced that the Obama administration had deliberately allowed four Americans to die at the hands of his Islamic militant buddies.

If Obama had farted in the Oval office or the Rose Garden, Republicans would have blown that into another major scandal and another excuse to want to impeach him.

Despite all of the misinformation and outright lies by right wing-wing media, Obama was elected to a second term. And it was during his second term that conservatives latched onto another non-scandal to attack Obama and to accuse him of treason: Ebola. According to them, Obama had deliberately allowed Ebola to infect America as payback for slavery. Obama was incompetent in his response to the virus that killed only two, and yet conservative media treated it as if it were another earth-shattering scandal that the liberal media were supposedly ignoring.

Compare Benghazi And Ebola To Covid 19 And What Do You Get?

Crickets. At least from Republicans.

Coronavirus has ravaged America the last half year, causing at least 204,033 COVID related deaths as of September 28, according to the CDC data tracker. This is a major scandal. There were four deaths in Benghazi. There were two from Ebola. Both were unforgivable scandals to conservatives. The Republicans and their lapdog media accused Obama of treason over both and wanted to impeach him.

Coronavirus, and Trump’s poor response to the pandemic has not been treated as a scandal by Republicans. In fact, just the opposite. They’ve treated it as if it’s nothing to worry about. In its early days, they parroted Trump’s favorite talking points, to treat him as the victim of a Democratic hoax to bring down and destroy the reputation of America’s God-chosen president who no other president can be compared to.

From former Fox pundit. Trish Regan:

“The chorus of hate being leveled at the President is nearing a crescendo,” Trish Regan said dramatically on her Fox News show, “as Democrats blame him and only him for a virus that originated from halfway around the world. This is yet another attempt to impeach the President. And sadly, it seems they care very little for the destruction they are leaving in their wakes. Losses in the stock market, all this unfortunately just part of the political casualties for them.

“The hate is boiling over. Many in the liberal media are using, and I mean using, coronavirus in an attempt to demonize and destroy the president.”

From Rush Limburger in early March:

We’re shutting down our country because of the cold virus. This is COVID 19, the 19th version of the coronavirus. we’re shutting it – can you imagine our enemies watching this ? You think the Chinese are not laughing themselves silly over how easy this has been?”

The Chinese may have very well been laughing, and if they were, you can bet it was Rush Limburger they were laughing at.

From a Fox News article in early March, by the Fox News staff:

“The media complains that there was a lackluster initial response by the Trump administration. Say what?

“Let’s start with the fact that the U.S. has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. And on January 31st, the Trump administration restricted entry into this country from China in an effort to counter the spreading coronavirus outbreak.

“He immediately put together the smartest, most sophisticated team of doctors, scientists, and healthcare professionals to deal with his declared coronavirus health emergency.

“And most important, he assigned to Vice President Mike Pence the job of organizing, monitoring a team to contain, mitigate, and treat the problem with states and local governments.”

Say what?

Let’s start with the fact that, no, the United States does not have one of the best healthcare systems in the world, at least not for the peasants. Anyone making that claim is either ignorant of the facts, or is lying. Healthcare is so expensive thousands of people cannot afford to go to a doctor even for a minor illness, let alone a major illness without being saddled with a ton of debt, buy decent insurance, or afford their medication.

In the meantime, over 200,000 have died of COVID despite Trump’s heroic efforts to contain what he calls the Chinese virus.

When things started getting serious and they could not longer keep up the bullshit, they did a complete 180, denying that they ever called it a hoax, or downplayed its seriousness.

It’s disappointing that the Republican party has failed in holding Trump accountable for this scandal. But that’s to be expected from a party that is no better than he is. What’s even more disappointing is that the Democratic party has failed to hold him accountable. They made a huge deal out of the Ukraine scandal, and even held Congressional hearings on it.

Where are the hearings for Trump’s Benghazi, Ebola, and 9/11?

Mr. Potato Head Has His Own Thoughts On Jacob Blake shooting

Mr. Potato Head Has His Own Thoughts On Jacob Blake shooting

The Great One – who looks and sounds like the character Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story – who was once described in a Daily Banter article as a human boil and as likable as a fart in an elevator, wants you to know that the police were not to blame for shooting Jacob Blake in the back. It was all the victim’s fault.

Levin – the Great One, Mr. Potato Head, or whatever you prefer to call him – is a well-known bomb thrower, race baiter, and all around antagonist  who seems to be more content with whipping fear and hatred among his viewing and listening audiences, than truth and honesty. With Life, Liberty, And Levin, a show on the Fox network that reaches out to aging geriatrics, and a radio show that has a listening audience of about ten, both are designed to instill animosity toward anyone slightly to the left of the Republican party.

Like others of his ilk, Levin has carved out a comfortable niche for himself by being disingenuous, by attracting tons of suckers who are easily fooled by his bullshit rantings. He has previously made a great number of statements that would embarrass anybody with an ounce of integrity or common sense. But it’s apparent that the Great One’s head has swelled so much over the years that all shame and common sense must have leaked out through his ears, or must have never existed to begin with.

Under Obama he was constantly screeching that he was a Marxist, lawless tyrant through his use of executive orders – which according to all the conspiracy theories, numbered about – what – 900, 1,000 – compared to Bush’s meager 291?  Conservative media terrified their rubes that Obama would seize and confiscate their guns, but no mass confiscation ever took place. However, in the final year of Obama’s second term, the dreaded confiscation that conservatives had shrieked about all along, turned out to be an EO that mandated that the Social Security administration release info on recipients who wish to purchase a gun, which said info would be used in prohibiting a purchase. Conservatives screamed bloody murder.

When critiquing Obama’s policies, or anything he said or did, it was always without nuance or actual criticism that would lend credibility to his rantings. Instead, they were always laced with racial overtones and overt craziness.

Via his radio show:

“I think what they say about Martha’s Vineyard – for you racialists and race baiters out there – I think they say it’s the whitest place on Earth.
“We know you hate whites, Obama! He talks races, he uses race, he pushes race!”

Ironically, it was Levin who used race when it came to Obama.

In 2015, via his radio show, he accused the Obama’s of being full  of hate speech. Apparently, he had never listened to himself on the radio.

Obama was like Hitler because of Obamacare, and his supporters were akin to brown shirts. It didn’t matter that Obamacare was a law that passed through Congress, and not forced down America’s throat as conservatives were fond of proclaiming.

Obama was a Muslim terrorist sympathizer because he had the misfortune to have the middle name Hussein. No matter how many Muslim terrorists his administration targeted, like Osama Bin Laden, it was never good enough.

He has recently compared Black Black Lives Matter to the Confederacy, and in a recent interview he told the Washington Examiner that Obama has abused the black community more than any other modern politician, because during John Lewis’s eulogy Obama had the audacity to speak about protecting the right of minorities to vote, and police abuse against African Americans. He never did mention how Obama has abused the black community.

The day after the Jacob Blake shooting, via his radio show, Levin offered his unique perspective like only the Great One can.

Via Media Matters:

“You had something take place in Kenosha, where a longtime hoodlum, as it turns out – sex offender, others, other things – resisted police arrest. All we see is the very short clip. He walks around the passenger side of his car, walks into the driver’s side of the car – he’s brushing off the cops, who have their guns out – and he reaches into his car, going into his car, and then all you hear are shots. We’re told seven shots. He didn’t die. He’s expected to live.”

You had a man shot in the back. He was a hoodlum to Levin because like every conservative who isn’t racist, he believes African Americans are naturally more prone to crime. That’s not hyperbole. It can’t have anything to do with poverty, proximity, or lack of economic opportunity , or lack of an education.

“And so they’re rioting in this little town in Kenosha, which is what, a hundred twenty thousand people? Destroying buildings. I mean destroying them. Destroying a museum, a library, I’m looking at the list here. A car dealership was burned down. Lots of looting and rioting. All of these innocent shop owners livelihoods, families are being destroyed.”

93% of the protests were peaceful, so no, there haven’t been lots of looting and rioting. Buildings and businesses can be rebuilt. The dead cannot be replaced. The lives destroyed by police violence and the callous disregard for human lives, and their families grief, can’t be replaced.

“And Biden and Harris come out and trash the cops! I don’t know what went on here, none of us know. None of us. The guy is going into his car and for all they know he’s got a gun, because apparently some of the arrests he had in his past were for the use of a weapon.

Yes, we do know what went on here. We saw it on the video. It doesn’t matter that he had ‘arrests’ in his past. It didn’t matter that he may have had a gun in his car. It’s an open carry state. He wasn’t about to open fire on the police. That certainly would have gotten him killed. And Biden and Harris were right to criticize the police. Any sane person would. Any person defending the conduct of the police, and trashing the victims in these types of situations, is, in my opinion, a racist POS.

“I don’t have all the facts, I’m just giving a contrary possibility. So the cops just put seven bullets in him – we’re told he was shot in the back – because they wanted to execute a black man? I don’t believe that for two seconds.

The first rule of the use of a gun is, never fire a gun at someone unless you intend to kill them. Sheskey’s intent was to execute Blake for daring to turn his back and defying police orders. I do believe that for two seconds. As I have said before, they could have stopped him without firing a single shot.

Blake got four bullets in the back for daring to defy the police, and conservatives, including Mr. Potato Head, have justified it. Meanwhile, a seventeen year old vigilante – who, it should go without mentioning, is white – and his compatriots, received bottled water and high fives all around for assisting the Kenosha police. Rittenhouse was even allowed to leave the scene of a crime after he had shot three people, killing two, and was not apprehended until the following day in his home state of Illinois. Conservatives, including Levin, have had a completely different reaction regarding Rittenhouse: he’s a hero, a patriot, he was defending himself from violent leftists who had initiated a violent confrontation, disregarding the fact that he had shot and killed someone before the pursuit began. Some idiots on social media went so far as to accuse them of being pedophiles.

And so the reaction now is to destroy, riot, don’t even know the facts, it doesn’t matter. And let’s be perfectly honest, if a white guy were shot like that nobody would give a crap. So why is it assume the cops are wrong when we don’t have all the facts? And why did the leadership of the Democratic party jump in and trash the cops and try to use it to attack and exploit the president? Is this sensible, rational? It’s demagoguery.”

The reaction was to protest. There will always be some rioting during protests involving racial injustice. But conservatives like Levin would rather ignore the protests and focus on the small amount of violence to paint all peaceful protesters as violent mobs. Which is evident in their constant coverage of the same recycled scenes of burning buildings and looting to support their narrative that Black Lives Matter protesters are violent anarchists out to overthrow America rather than people with legitimate racial grievances.

And let’s be perfectly honest, the police have shot their share of white people unjustly, but they would never shoot a white person in the back for resisting arrest or defying police orders. I honestly believe that. And if it ever happened, conservatives would not only give a crap, they would crap themselves to no end.

We don’t have to assume the cops are wrong even if we don’t have all the facts. They were wrong. They shot a man in the back. There is nothing to assume.

“We don’t have all the facts. It’s any excuse for a riot. arson. any excuse for looting. You’re gonna get backed by the media, the Democratic leadership, Can’t we get the facts, and then we’ll know who to blame for what!”

Again, the fact is, a coward shot a man in the back. The blame lies with the Kenosha police department and specifically the police officer who shot him, not Jacob Blake.

Fox News Race Hustlers Attack Al Sharpton For Appearance At George Floyd Service

Fox News Race Hustlers Attack Al Sharpton For Appearance At George Floyd Service

Here’s one for the irony files.

On the June 04 edition of Hannity, the host attacked Al Sharpton for his criticism of president Trump.

Without naming the president, Sharpton said:

“For those who have agendas that are not about justice, this family will not let you use George as a prop. They talk about making America great. Great for who and when? We are going to make America great for everybody for the first time!”

It was clear that Sharpton was referencing Trump’s photo op in front of Ashburton House, St. John’s Episcopal church, in which National Guard and police used tear gas to disperse peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square.

Hannity was triggered by the criticism. In Trump Town where Donald Trump is considered a God among men – just ask Ben Harrison – no one is ever allowed to criticize him. He’s Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and George Washington all wrapped tightly in one neat package creating a type of hibrid superman. To criticize a man of his great stature is sacrilege.

Immediately he set Sharpton straight on the fact that it was Donald Abraham Washington that called for an immediate investigation into the death of George Floyd, reminding us all that the four officers involved were all fired without hesitation, and that justice would be served because the police are always held accountable by the justice system when they do wrong.

“With Sharpton you’ve got fear, division, hatred, blame Trump – everything is in Trump’s name,” Hannity said.

Previously, on The Five, Pavlich also attacked Sharpton with no sense of self awareness of her own long career of sowing racial division.

“If we’re going to talk about unity and trying to build bridges I’m not sure that Al Sharpton was the best choice considering his long career of sowing division in this country and burning bridges down rather than building them up. And so he’s the one who made it political, unfortunately, he attacked the president even though the president is the one who called for the FBI and the DOJ to look into this, he’s from the beginning said we don’t want these cities to be burned down by rioters, we want people to protest and we want the families to have justice. So it was great to listen to the family members to talk about who George Floyd was but if we’re going to talk about unity and moving forward and how to heal from this situation I’m not sure that Al Sharpton is the one to lead the way.”

Michael Brown was killed by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer who obviously lied about Brown attempting to punch him and take his gun. George Floyd was killed by a white police officer with a questionable record of misconduct. When Obama called for an investigation into Brown’s death, Pavlich and company attacked Obama, and Holder for allegedly “making things worse,” accusing them of stirring racial tension, never mind the fact that racial tension had already been stirred up with Brown’s death. They attacked Sharpton, for daring to “insert himself into the situation,” blaming him for the riots.

Conservatives have hated Sharpton since the Tawana Braceley case. It has stuck in their collective craw ever since. Therefore, because he was proven wrong for supporting a woman who lied about being raped, he has no credibility, because he’s proven himself to be the real racist, a despicable racial instigator whose only interest is fanning the flames of hatred for white people and police. He’s no longer entitled to his opinions – unless it confirms a racial view about black people, like how they’re inherently more prone to violence ( conservatives in general would be singing his praises if he said this ) – and has no right to involve himself in politics, especially if it has to do with racial justice – if he does, he’s just inserting his big nose where it doesn’t belong, because according to conservative wisdom, there is no more racism in America, and there hasn’t been since Barack Obama was elected president, and he and Sharpton just made everything worse by falsely claimng that there is racial bias in policing. According to conventional conservative wisdom Barack Obama set back race relations fifty or more years, just by being the first black president, thereby making conservatives be racist, and Sharpton no doubt had a hand in convincing Obama that conservatives hated him because he’s black. That Sharpton sure is a smooth operator, always managing to see race where it couldn’t possibly exist.

It sure as hell doesn’t exist in right wing media.

It sure as hell can’t be found at Blaze TV. Only hard hitting truth can be found there.

It sure as hell can’t be found at Right-wing News. Soy boy John Hawkins never once wrote an article entitled, Barack Obama Is An Anti-white Racist, or tweeted that a black person voting for Obama was like voting for the KKK.

It sure as hell can’t be found at World Net Daily. They never once questioned Barack Obama’s birth certificate, or compared him to Hitler over Obamacare, or anything else for that matter.

It sure as hell can’t be found at Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. He never once said anything racial about America’s first black president, like calling him Barack The Magic Negro.

It sure as hell can’t be found at Townhall. Katie Pavlich and other honest and serious journalists there never published dishonest and misinformative articles about Black Lives Matter or the former president.

And it sure as hell couldn’t possibly exist at Fox News. I never once heard any fear, division, hatred, or blame for Obama. And I certainly never heard anyone there refer to the former president as America’s Chief Racial Arsonist. It’s just a liberal left wing myth.


Hogan Guidley: Democrats’ Criticism Of Trump After Shootings Is ‘Disgusting’ | Fox News



August 03, 2019, a gunman armed with a WASR-10-AK 47 walked into a Walmart store in El Paso Texas, fatally wounding twenty-two and injuring twenty-four. The shooter, Patrick Crusius had previously published an online manifesto explaining his reasons for the shooting, in which he clearly stated that the attack was in response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas, and warned that foreign invaders would replace the white European race, two talking points echoed by the president and Fox News commentators long before the shooting.

From Laura Ingraham, August 07, 2018:

“In some parts of the country, it does seem like the America that we know and love doesn’t exist anymore. Massive demographic changes have been foisted on the American people, and they are changes that none of us never voted for and most of us don’t want.”

Fox And Friends, Nov./02/2018:

“When you see a lot of young men carrying the flag of their country, to your country to break it’s laws, it looks a lot more like an invasion than anything else.”

Jeanine Pirro, in response to Todd Starnes on Fox Nation, Aug. 30, 2019:

“Well, they hate Donald Trump. He’s the one they want to get rid of, because people like you and me who put him into office – their plan and their plot is to remake America and bring in the illegals, to change the way the voting occurs in this country, to give them licenses. They get to vote maybe once, maybe twice, maybe three times, and you know you’ve got motor- voter registration on the day of the election. You’ve got people with – we’ve got voter rolls that haven’t been purged of dead people in years where the Democrats have resisted that.

“Think about that. It’s a plot to remake America – to replace American citizens with illegals who will vote for the Democrats.”

In September, 2019, Jeanine Pirro appeared on CSPAN’s Washington Journal to plug her laughable book, The Left’s Plot To Remake America, where she was called out by a caller for her racist rhetoric.

“I refuse to accept your recitation of the facts,” she responded with self righteous anger. “You are dead wrong. The problem in this country is not the color of anyone, and don’t you dare accuse me of any kind of issue related to color.’

From Laura Ingraham, 10.16.2018:

Of this my friends you can be sure. Your views on immigration will have zero impact and zero influence on a House dominated by Democrats who want to replace you, the American voters, with newly amnestied citizens and an ever increasing number of chain migrants…”

In response to an article in National Geographic, on a March 2018 segment of his show, Tucker Carlson said:

In the year 2000, Hazelton’s population was 2 percent Hispanic. Just sixteen years later, Hazelton is majority Hispanic. That’s a lot of change.

“People who grew up in Hazelton found out that they can’t communicate with the people who now live there. And that’s bewildering for people.

That’s happening all over the country. No nation, no society has ever changed this much this fast.

Now before you start calling anybody bigoted, consider and be honest, how would you feel if this happened in your neighborhood?

It doesn’t matter how nice these immigrants are. They probably are nice. Most are nice. That’s not the point. This is more change than human beings are designed to digest.

“This pace of change makes societies volatile, really volatile, just as ours has become volatile.”

Mark Steyn during an appearance on Tucker Carlson:

“When Kamala Harris says people are not starting from the same point, uh, slavery was abolished a century and a half ago. Nobody alive today has a grandparent who was a slave. And in that sense you reach a point where, you know, you need to move on.”

In a 2015 appearance again with Tucker Carlson, Steyn said:

The idea that the Republicans can have the Confederate hung around their necks is ridiculous, it’s a Democratic flag. The states that seceded during the civil war were all Democratic states. That’s their flag.”

Today they’re Republican states, and Republicans are typically the ones who defend the flag and other Confederate symbols. It wasn’t a coincidence that the neo Nazis who marched in Charlottesville were Republicans. So, it’s not so ridiculous. What is ridiculous is calling it a symbol of the Democratic party.

During the same appearance:

Chris Cuomo went on to say that the real problem is white supremacists in America, they are the real monsters, not these nice, hard working illegal immigrants. That may be well and true. I mean, for the purposes of argument let’s just say he’s right. It’s irrelevant. The white supremacists are American citizens. The illegal immigrants are people who shouldn’t be here…”

It’s not irrelevant. White supremacists are indeed monsters, and some of them have proven that they’re monsters by murdering innocent people, and Putz’s like Mark Steyn and Tucker Carlson are no better. They are a plague on American society.

Anyone who watches Fox News, and is honest, will admit that most, if not all, of it’s opinion commentators have fomented hatred and demonization of undocumented immigrants for years, assuring their viewers that brown skinned immigrants from south of the border are to blame for their problems, who are coming here to take their jobs, commit crimes, and in general, make America poorer and dirtier. But don’t you dare suggest that racism has anything to do with it. And don’t you presume to know why they’re coming here. U.S. foreign policy has absolutely nothing to do with it. Fleeing from violence has nothing to do with it. Fleeing from poverty has nothing to do with it. The real reason they’re coming here is not only to steal your job, and commit crime, but that they – according to Jeanine Pirro – heard through the Grape Vine that Democrats need millions of illegal voters to help them win elections and replace white conservative Christian Americans with dirty and diseased illegals so they can remake America into a new Third World.

From Laura Ingraham:

Forget persuasion. Democrats have decided to demonize and  just altogether just write off a huge swath of the population as just a bunch of Yahoo’s and racists.

This is a campaign of intimidation and I’m telling you it’s going to end up getting more people hurt. Now let me show you where all this leads. Once mainstream Democrats start branding all Trump supporters as deplorable racists, they all become targets in their own way.

A despicable group worthy not only of marginalization, but elimination by any means necessary.

There is a lot of racist hate out there, and the Democrats strategy is to, I don’t know, feed it?

“They are throwing kerosene on this fire, and the end game is to drive those who disagree with them underground. To silence them with fear tactics, scare tactics and then turn them into targets.”

So, you see, it’s not conservatives like Laura Ingraham who are racist, it’s the Democrats, who are just making everything up, falsely accusing Republicans of hating undocumented immigrants, when the real hate is coming from the Democrats and the real victims of racism are the MAGA lovers.


You Can’t Criticize Trump

Just days after the El Paso shooting, president Trump’s secretary, Hogan Squidley, appeared on Outnumbered Overtime to bitch about how disgusting it was to hold him accountable for his anti immigration rhetoric.

“It’s disgusting to watch so many on the left come before cameras within five hours of this tragedy to lie about this president and have pathetic comments about the state of this country, and where this president stands.

The president stands with all these Americans who suffer through these tragedies and those who want to fix these problems. And these Democrats have played politics from the word go.”

The president referred to neo Nazis in Charlottesville as fine people. The mainstream conservative media have routinely dehumanized undocumented immigrants as rapists and criminals, using words like invasion and infestation when describing south American refugees coming to the States for a better shot at living. Some of these opinion hosts believe that a white genocide theory – that illegal immigration is being pushed by Democrats as a way to replace white Americans – is a fact and not a theory, and have promoted it on their broadcasts. These opinion hosts have been pushing their racist anti immigrant views for years.

Then, surprise, we had a white supremacist shooter, who posted the manifesto, pictured above. Anyone who reads it can see that it mirrors the exact same mainstream conservative anti immigrant talking points and the Great Replacement conspiracy theory that motivated this attack. But we’re not supposed to mention that fact. It’s all just Democrats falsely accusing conservatives and the president of racism, who are playing politics.

We’re supposed to believe that Trump wants to do something about it. He has no interest in fixing anything. He has openly embraced the NRA, who resists any gun reform, and he knows that white nationalists make up a good percentage of his base, and will do and has done absolutely nothing about gun violence in general. The ones who are playing politics are the conservative pundits who are convincing their viewers that undocumented immigrants are the cause of their problems.

Host Melissa Francis wanted to know if he believed the President’s language played a role in the shooting, and Guidley replied claiming that it was Democrats that trafficked in double standards that Republicans would never think of doing.

“That is absolutely ridiculous, Melissa. We do not blame, not do we even dream of blaming Elizabeth Warren for the shooter in Ohio who wanted to vote for her. The supporter of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who carried out a terrorist attack trying to blow up a DHS, ICE facility, using her language of concentration camps. The Bernie Sanders supporter who shot conservatives on a baseball field – and we don’t blame Barack Obama for the deaths of Dallas police officers. That is ridiculous. We wouldn’t dream of doing it and you cannot apply that standard to us and ignore it on the Democrats side.”

As a matter of fact, mainstream conservative media did blame Elizabeth Warren, AOC, and Bernie Sanders. But the difference between these referenced events and right wing shootings, is that Warren, AOC, and Sanders have never used racist and bigoted rhetoric when referring to anyone, least of all their political opponents. Conservatives on the other hand, have used racist and bigoted language not only in reference to undocumented immigrants, but some have even expressed a desire to shoot them. SpongeTed Squishy Pants not only wanted to shoot illegal immigrants but Democratic opponents. They hate non white immigrants. If they didn’t hate them, they would not refer to their coming here as an invasion, and an infestation, they would not be referring to them as ‘criminals and rapists, they would not be referring to them as a tool of Democrats to replace Americans in a white genocide plot. They don’t treat immigrants from white European countries the same way. I wonder why.

The claim that they didn’t blame Obama for the Dallas police shootings, is also not only false, it’s laughable. For two terms Barack Obama lived rent free in the heads of right wingers due to the constant propaganda pushed by mainstream conservative media in general. They portrayed him as a radical extremist communist, Marxist, Muslim Manchurian candidate loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood. In reality he was a neo liberal  Democrat loyal to his Walls Street donors. His middle east policies were no more radical than George Bush’s. He expanded the surveillance state, as well drone activity in the middle east. He inherited two wars initiated by his predecessor and got us involved in several other conflicts. He failed to close Guantanamo Bay. He presided over the capture and death of Bin Laden. But no matter how many times he went after al Qaeda, conservatives were convinced he was disloyal to the Constitution and wanted him tried, convicted, and hanged for treason because of his failure to say radical Islamic terrorism, three words that would have had every Obama hating Republican creaming themselves in sexual ecstasy over.

So too conservative media, led by Fox News pundits, created a fictitious narrative that began with the arrest of Harvard law professor Henry Louis Gates. From then on they portrayed Obama as a law enforcement hating radical for simply stating that the cop who arrested him hadn’t ascertained all the facts before arresting him. Not only did they hold Obama accountable for deaths of the police officers, they also blamed Black Lives Matter, creating another fictitious narrative that they hated cops and wanted them dead, and that Obama, for supporting the movement and inviting certain leaders to the White, should be interpreted as an endorsement of violence against law enforcement.

“We’ve had four months of propaganda, starting with the president, that everyone should hate the police,” Rudy Giuliani said on Fox News.”

Giuliani made it up. There was no such propaganda against law enforcement, least of all from the president of the United States. The real propaganda was coming from Fox News pundits claiming that he was “creating an atmosphere of hate” by being critical of law enforcement. The real propaganda was coming from racist mouth pieces of NRA TV, like Grant Stenchfield, and Chuck Holton, claiming that Black Lives Matter were stoking racial hatred and a race war against white people in both South Africa and the United States.

From Media Matters:

 Grant Stenchfield: “Our race relations are strained here in America after eight years of Barack Obama, but nowhere is it near as bad as it is in South Africa where white families are being tortured almost every  day in racist violence. It’s a warning for the United States that you will never hear from the mainstream media in this country. Veteran Army Ranger and Frontlines correspondent Chuck Holton joins me with more on this. Chuck, I know you’ve been looking into this, particularly doing some research and really the things that we’re starting to learn and I guess it’s not shocking that the mainstream media is not talking about this.”

Chuck Holton: “Right. You know the parallels between what’s happing in South Africa and the blatant racism and violence we’re seeing from people like the Black Lives Matter crowd, from people like Louis Farrakan and his minions, is happening in spades in South Africa. The violence against farmers is being called for by government officials, it’s being celebrated by politicians, and the scary thing is, it’s kind of a warning for what could happen in the United States if we continue to let this get out of control, to go down this path of this racial tension, this racial hatred that is being forced on the American culture by the Black Lives Matter crowd. This has to stop, and if you want to see why this has to stop you look at South Africa. Over – between three and four thousand white South Africans have been killed in the most horrific ways, brutalized, raped, tortured, drug behind cars, had drills taken to them. Some really horrific things.”

After the El Pas shooting Democrats and progressives rightly criticized Trump and conservative media for it’s constant dehumanization of South American immigrants and asylum seekers. This greatly triggered conservatives. According to them, it was not only wrong to criticize the president, but disgusting.

After the shooting, Grant Stenchfield said his heart ached for the victims, a claim I find questionable, coming from someone who has on many occasions stoked fear and hatred of non white immigrants and Black Lives Matter. He also accused the news media and Democrats of unfairly blaming Mr. Trump for a crime committed by a disgusting, and deranged human being.

“Evil has existed since the beginning of time,” Stenchy said. “To blame the president or any other conservative on the actions of a deranged lunatic, is insane and flat out disgusting. The problem with liberals today, is they do not want to take responsibility for anything. They will blame everyone but the shooter.”

Stenchy didn’t think it was insane and disgusting to blame Obama, Holder, and Black Lives Matter for the shooting when the Dallas police officers were ambushed during a BLM protest. Because the shooter in this instance was a black man, it had to be the fault of Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton, and Barack Obama. Apparently the rules of hypocrisy don’t apply to conservatives. They, and they alone, are allowed to lay blame where there is no blame, and deny it where it actually applies – usually with mainstream conservatives, the NRA, and Trump. They actually do blame everyone and everything but the shooter when a gun is involved.

RW Doofus: “Ferguson Riots: Obama Fans The Flames of Racism to Divide and Conquer” The No Common Sense Show

RW Doofus: “Ferguson Riots: Obama Fans The Flames of Racism to Divide and Conquer” The No Common Sense Show

On August 09th, 2014, eighteen year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Rioting and protesting occurred the day after the shooting. A grand jury was convened to examine any evidence to determine whether to indict Wilson, and after it failed to do so, rioting and protesting broke out again. Obama called for peace and calm on the streets of Ferguson, condemning the rioters, and urged protesters to effect political change to improve relations with law enforcement. He demonstrated empathy for the Brown family, while criticizing police abuse of authority. The DOJ concluded that Darren Wilson did not violate the rights of Michael Brown, and that he had most likely been shot in self defense.

There was a later separate investigation into the Ferguson Police Department regarding the racial abuses toward its minority citizenry. The reports conclusion did not come back in the Ferguson PD’s favor.

None of this was good enough for the race baiting doofus’s in the media who hated the nation’s first black president. Everything that happened in Ferguson, from the shooting of Michael Brown, the rioting, to the police abuse of authority against journalists and protesters, was all the fault of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and black people in general. If they had just kept their mouths shut and kept their big fat noses out of where they did not belong, the rioting and violence in Ferguson never would have happened.

It was Obama and Holder’s fault that Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown.

It was Obama and Holder that caused the rioting and the protesting.

Obama, and Holder we’re “race baiting”, “fanning the flames of racism” according to this doofus because Obama had the unmitigated audacity to acknowledge that there has always been racial tension that exists between law enforcement and black people , that systemic racism exists in law enforcement. Their whole anti Obama philosophy was that he disrespected law enforcement and incited hatred against them by being mildly critical, that his so called anti cop rhetoric was responsible for the deaths of cops under his watch.

Obama had to keep his big mouth shut and not criticize police abuse of authority to keep the crybabies from s**ting their pants. Otherwise, he was race baiting, and “fanning the flames of racism.”

It wasn’t Fox News and other right-wing media outlets that fanned the flames of racism with their idiotic “Obama and Holder are fanning the flames of racism by stirring up racial tensions in Ferguson”, narratives.

It wasn’t the media narratives portraying Brown as a criminal and a thug, in the weeks and months following his death that “fanned the flames of racism.”

It wasn’t Darren Wilson who “fanned the flames of racism” when he shot an unarmed Michael Brown, in a city that had been rife with racial tension between the police and it’s black citizenry, for years. I won’t even get into a possible cover up of the shooting that may have played a role.

It wasn’t as if racial tension had already been stirred up by the shooting. Hell no! Everything was unicorns and roses in Ferguson before Obama and Holder came along and stirred up the pot of racial stew. Everybody was getting along so well. Then Obama and Holder swaggered arrogantly upon the scene and convinced everyone that the police were all racist and were out to get them.

From the linked article:

“Regardless of the verdict ( the grand jury ), there was going to be rioting, looting and violence. Why? Because of people like Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and President Obama. Each of these three leaders fanned the flames of hatred and racism. I expected something like this from someone like Al Sharpton who sees racism in ever social situation in America…”

Like every other right-wing doofus, his only interest is laying all the blame for the events in Ferguson at the feet of black people, Holder, and Sharpton.

He also never bothers to mention the peaceful protests that took place there. He isn’t interested in the fact that there were protests. His whole shtick is to focus on the looting and the rioting so he can have something to blame on Obama, Holder, and Sharpton. Yeah, this guy is totally not racist.

Nor did he mention police misconduct against journalists and protesters.

Yes, there was going to be rioting and protesting regardless of a verdict, because the residents of Ferguson knew Wilson would most likely not be indicted.

It had to do with Obama, Holder, and Sharpton, my ass!

Again from the article:

“As far as fanning the flames of racially motivated violence, Holder is in good company. Nowhere is there more evidence of race baiting than we are seeing coming out of the White House…

First of all, it was Darren Wilson who shot Michael Brown. What the hell Holder had to do with it, I have no f**king clue. All he did was call for an investigation.

Second, the only evidence of race baiting was coming from the mouths of doofus’s like this guy, and right-wing media.

It was sane words like these that had the race baiting Doofus’s s**ting their depends:

“There are real problems and a deep mistrust between law enforcement and people of color around the country.”

If this doofus thinks this is race baiting, he needs to clear the cob webs from his brain. Obama’s comments on the events in Ferguson were nuanced. He chastised the Ferguson police for violating the Civil Rights of the protesters, condemned violence against the police, and the rioting and looting.

This doofus was upset that he even criticized the police. According to these a**holes, the police are blameless in any situation involving brutality against an unarmed citizen, especially if they are black, Hispanic, or Latino. These people are all just criminals and thugs anyway, so why waste sympathy on them? Michael Brown was a known thug, right, so he got what he deserved.

Law enforcement is an institution that the right has elevated to sainthood. They can do no wrong, and they must never be criticized. How dare you suggest that there are problems and mistrust between people of color and law enforcement? That would imply that racial bias may play a role. But that’s nonsense! The police can’t be racist. It’s a lie perpetuated by liberals and Obama, who are the real racists because they always see racism where it doesn’t exist!

A black man, who has experienced racism first hand, acknowledges the fact that mistrust exists between people of color and law enforcement for good reason, because of racial bias, and he’s accused of race baiting, of fanning the flames. These people are absolutely pathetic. They pretend racism is not a problem in law enforcement and the justice system and then turn around and complain about black on black crime, and that the entire time Obama was president he was going to start a race war. How f**king pathetic can these people get?

The doofus goes on to blame Obama for the looting and property damage in Ferguson, as if he never called for peace and calm.

I must have missed all of the news conferences where Obama encouraged looting and violence.

Yeah, it has nothing to do with racial profiling, or the fact that black people are twice as likely to be charged for a non violent drug offense, receive longer sentences, and be killed while unarmed in a confrontation with law enforcement. Or the decades of  Jim Crow laws marked by violence against black citizens. It’s because Michael Brown decided to rob a convenience store in Ferguson, and Barack Obama’s failure to honor any slain law enforcement officers ( even though he did on many, many occasions ). This is where all of America’s racial tension really comes from.

The doofus also goes on to personally blame Obama for the deaths of every police officer for the year 2013, pretending that he never honored their sacrifices, ignoring the fact that each year at the State Capitol Obama did honor police officers that had died while on duty the previous year.

The doofus also holds Obama and Holder personally responsible for the death of Brian Terry, and that he, Obama, never tried to reach out to his parents, when in fact he did reach out to them. Like the events in Ferguson, he wants to pin all responsibility on the Fast And Furious scandal at the feet of Obama and Holder. If he had bothered to read the Inspector General’s report into the investigation of the operation, he would have known who was responsible for Brian Terry’s death. But he wasn’t interested in the facts.

Why did Obama, and Holder fan the flames of overt racism, and engage in a display of mistrust of the legal system in America? Simple, Obama and Holder need distractions that will take the nations eyes away from Benghazi, Fast And Furious, the IRS scandal, and the Tea Party harassment. Divide and conquer along racial lines is Obama’s best friend…”

If calling for an investigation into the questionable shooting of an unarmed teenager, and acknowledging that there is mistrust between people of color and the legal system, is fanning the flames of overt racism, then everything is racist. Brown’s parents and the residents of Ferguson wanted answers, deserved answers that they were not getting. They had to wait through several months of stonewalling from the Ferguson police department and the legal system. This doofus never bothered to mention these facts.

They also needed distractions from Benghazi, Fast And Furious, and the IRS scandals. Most Americans knew that these so called scandals were massively blown out of proportion due to the reports that had been released, but Republicans ignored them, positive that Obama, Clinton, and Holder deliberately allowed people to die in Benghazi, and Fast And Furious.

As this doofus accuses Obama of seeing everything through racial lines, he sees everything through race by blaming Obama and Holder for the events in Ferguson.

Mark Levin: “Radical Progressive Media And Dems Have Put A Racist Salad in Trump’s Mouth About Baltimore And Are Trying To Make Him And Us Eat It!”

Mark Levin: “Radical Progressive Media And Dems Have Put A Racist Salad in Trump’s Mouth About Baltimore And Are Trying To Make Him And Us Eat It!”


“The radical progressive media have put a racist salad in Trump’s mouth and are trying to make him eat it!”

From the Mark Levin radio show/July 29:

“Let’s talk about this nonsense with the president’s tweets about Congressman Elijah Cummings, and the media’s stupid response! Yeah, that’s right, I said stupid!

“I read the president’s tweet a million times, and I didn’t see anything racist about it! Put up the tweet, Mr. Producer, so we can see it! Do you see anything racist, Mr. Producer?!”

Mr. Producer: “I don’t see anything racist.”

“Thank you, Mr. Producer! Neither do I! Did he use the N word?! Certainly not! But the radical progressive media pretends as if he did! You know who did use the N word?! That rat fink Barack Obama, that’s who! Now there was a racist if I ever saw one! That’s right, I said it, in case all you liberal punks and pukes who love to hate-listen to my show, feel tempted to call in. I said it just to piss you off! Everything was about race with that guy! Did the depraved liberal media ever call him a racist?! How about it, Mr. Producer?!”

Mr. Producer: “Are you asking me?”

“No, I’m just talking to myself here. Of course I’m asking you! Who else would I be talking to?!”

Mr. Producer: “Did the liberal media call Obama a racist? Not to my knowledge.”

“That’s right, Mr. Producer! The liberal media didn’t dare call him a racist when he used the N word, did they?! And neither did we! 

“They didn’t dare call him a racist when he called a white police officer stupid!

“They didn’t dare call him a racist when he said Trayvon Martin could have been his son!

“They didn’t dare call him a racist for attending reverend Wright’s church for twenty years, who said God damn America every God damn day!

“They didn’t dare call him racist for inviting Black Lives Matter to the White House!

“They didn’t dare call him a racist for forcing Obamacare down everyone’s throats!

“They didn’t dare call him a racist for saying some people don’t like him because he’s black!

“They didn’t dare call him a racist when he wore that awful tan suit! Who wears a tan suit, for God sake?!

“They didn’t dare call him a racist when he put Dijon mustard on his hamburger! Who puts Dijon mustard on a hamburger, for God sake?!

“They didn’t dare call him a racist for saluting a marine with a latte in his hand! Who salutes a marine holding a coffee, for God sake!?

“They didn’t dare call him a racist for taking too many damn vacations! Who takes too many damn vacations, for God sake?! 

“They didn’t dare call him a racist for all those executive orders! Who does too many executive orders, for God sake?!

“They didn’t dare call him racist for playing all that golf! Who plays that much golf, for God sake?! Obama, that’s who!

“The president’s not racist! You know who the real racists are?! I’ll tell you who the real racists are! Now clean the wax out of your ears all of you race baiters, you disgusting liberal media and listen real good all of you morons out there who say our president is racist! You’re the real racists! You and those radical progressive Democrats who are trying to put a racist salad in the president’s mouth! But guess what?! I’ll tell you what! It’s sickening and I’m not going to eat it, not even if they put my favorite ranch dressing on it!”

President Trump To Michelle Obama : ‘I Will Never Forgive Obama For Destroying Our Military’

President Trump’s incoherent ‘I’ll never forgive Obama’ rant.

In response to Michelle Obama’s new book , in which she said she would never forgive Trump for his role in birtherism , president Trump told reporters on the White House lawn before leaving for a trip to Paris , that he would never forgive Obama for decimating the military , and for other horrible things he had supposedly done.

“Michelle Obama said what? I haven’t really seen or heard anything about that. I guess she wrote a book or something , maybe a memoire , who knows , something she was paid a lot of money to do , I guess , in which she wrote something controversial?

“You want controversial? Here’s controversial for you. I will never forgive Obama for depleting our military , for destroying our military.”

CNN White House reporter , Abby Phillip : “The United States military has the largest spending budget compared to every other nation combined. It’s ridiculous to suggest that president Obama destroyed it.”

“Not really. It was completely depleted under Obama. It was completely destroyed. It wasn’t funded the way it should have been. It was so old and tired , it was so out of date , it was so worn out , everything was so old and falling apart it was almost as if Obama had dropped a bomb on it , it was so dishevelled. The equipment , the military equipment like the tanks , the planes , the ships , and the military vehicles , almost none of them worked anymore. They were literally falling apart from disuse , they were sitting out in fields gathering dust and rust from years of neglect , because Obama wasn’t spending any more money. The tanks and planes and the military vehicles that did work , Obama often abused for his own personal use , like taking his kids to school and parties , and taking Michelle to beauty salons at tax payers expense , instead of what they were really supposed to be used for , like blowing people up. It was disgraceful.

“But what he did to our men and women in uniform , to our soldiers and military leaders , was even more disgraceful. Their uniforms were also gathering dust , and they were moth-eaten , because Obama was too cheap to spend money on new uniforms. They often had to go into battle with their uniforms falling to shreds , and some even had to go naked because Obama was too cheap to spend a few bucks on uniforms for his own military. And if anyone dared complain , he would say to them , your fired. It was no coincidence that we had a record number of military leaders fired under Obama , because he fired them for complaining about having to wear moth eaten uniforms , having to fight naked , and Obama using military vehicles for his own personal taxi service.

“Even their equipment was falling apart. Their guns were often antiquated – is that the right word I’m looking for , who knows? – they looked like guns from the eighteen hundreds or something. And they often had no bullets. Often they would jam , or back fire into the faces of our brave men and women. And even though they had weapons , half the time they were ordered not to engage the enemy , because Obama told them that ISIS and Al Qaeda were already contained , and not a threat , so he had them all running in the other direction , away from the terrorists , away from ISIS , and Al Quaeda , because he was terrible at foreign policy , he had no idea what he was doing. Under Obama ISIS was allowed to terrorize the middle east , because , and let’s be truthful here , him and crooked Hillary were the founders of ISIS , and it made America very unsafe for you and me.

“But the most disgraceful thing of all , the one thing that bothered our troops the most , is the fact that they were not allowed to say Merry Christmas for eight years. It was disgraceful. Not only were they not allowed to say Merry Christmas , they couldn’t celebrate it because Obama hated Christmas like he hated everything else , including his own military.

” But I came in and fixed everything. I spent tremendous amounts of money on new military vehicles like tanks and planes and ships. I’m not a cheap skate like Obama. They’re no longer rotting in fields gathering dust and rust , they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing , blowing people up , and he’s not using them to take Michelle and the kids to Disneyland. He wants to , but I told him , no way , get outta here Obama , and I told him he wasn’t using them for his personal taxi service , and I think I hurt his feelings.

“And I spent a tremendous amounts of money on new uniforms. Our troops no longer have to wear uniforms that are falling apart or moth-eaten , or engage the enemy naked. I also spent tremendous amounts of money on new weapons and bullets. They no longer have to use weapons that don’t work , or blow up in their faces , they don’t have to run away like cowards , and nobody’s complaining because I’m making everything great again , and they’re so happy to be able to say Merry Christmas again.”

Stupid Conservative Memes # 72 TPUSA Edition

Ten things that trigger diaper wearing conservatives …

  1. Gun Control. The conservatives at TPUSA are so extreme in their ideology , they believe there are no liberal gun owners. To them , all liberals are the same : they just want to abolish the second amendment along with individual gun ownership. Straw manning liberals as a whole  is their biggest proponent.
  2. Barack Obama. Trump loving conservatives hate the fact that a black man was ever president of the United States. He did almost everything they loved under George Bush : he increased drone activity in seven different places around the world. He kept Gitmo open. He increased domestic spying tenfold. He deported a record number of illegal immigrants. But nothing was good enough for them : he was weak on foreign policy , he hated America , he was soft on Muslim terrorists , and he allowed illegal immigrants to cross the southern borders unchecked. Of course , he did none of that.
  3. Criticizing Donald Trump. Progressives didn’t give a damn who criticized Obama. When Obama did something wrong , he deserved criticism , and he did dome pretty fucked up shit ( see above ). But the Obama haters never criticized him over any of the unconstitutional things he actually did. Instead , they chose to attack him for made up , ridiculous reasons , like his birth certificate ,  health care ( Obama care ) , abortion , racial division , the deaths of police officers , and terrorist attacks.
    Now that Trump is president , he’s the God-King who can do no wrong. Progressives are not blaming and criticizing him over made up nonsense. They’re criticizing him over his shitty policies , his tax cuts for the mega wealthy , pulling out of the Paris climate agreement , attacking Obama care , destroying the Iran nuclear deal , his attacks on the press , and the first amendment. But to his worst supporters who don’t care what he does , he’s the greatest president ever , even though he’s done nothing to earn that title. According to them , he’s a great success : the economy is booming ( it is , but only for the wealthy ) the middle class are getting their big tax breaks , and ISIS has been defeated! When progressives point out that none of these things are true , Trump lovers like Tomi Lahren get triggered and go on the defensive.
  4. Free Speech For Progressives. One of the biggest straw men from the right is that liberals and progressives hate the constitution. But it’s really conservatives  who hate the constitution. Conservatives have no respect for it.  Free speech : when it comes to free speech , conservatives like Tomi Lahren claim to be free speech absolutists , and make a huge stink about conservatives speakers who are protested on college campuses , and yet they behave in the same way they complain that liberals do. Through groups like TPUSA , and Campus Reform , they intimidate college instructors who don’t tow the conservative point of view , and target them for harrassment. They also have their voices on hate radio , the media and in the senate ( like that whiny little bitch , Chuck Grassley ) bitching and moaning about progressives protesting , ‘encouraging mob rule’. They want ‘civility’ when they’re in control , and want liberals and progressives to just shut up , and take it. So , spare me the bullshit that liberals want to suppress free speech. 
  5. Not Standing For The Anthem. Another straw man is that liberals hate the flag , because they hate America and are unpatriotic. Liberals are unpatriotic because they hate free speech , hate the second amendment , and won’t stand up for the national anthem. But conservatives love the flag and free speech ( even as they screamed at Colin Kaepernick to get the f**k out of America and burned his jersey , and engage in the same juvenile behavior as some liberals do on college campuses ) , and they love the second amendment. You can’t be a patriotic American unless you absolutely worship the second Amendment and the NRA.
  6. Criticizing Capitalism. Conservatives mistakenly believe we have a capitalist system. We have crony capitalism that benefits the wealthy and corporations , not the middle class.
  7. Mainstream Media. Conservatives who rail against mainstream media will never admit that Fox News is just as mainstream as the media they whine about , and it’s even more biased. Fox News is the media arm of the Republican party. MSNBC is the media arm of the Democratic party. It’s laughable when conservatives claim that CNN is liberal media , when all they do is bend over backward to placate Republicans , and more often than not , represent both sides of an argument in a political debate.
  8. Mocking Thoughts And Prayers. Conservatives , like those at TPUSA , are apparently too stupid to know that liberals can also be Christians , and that liberal Christians also pray. The difference between conservative Christians and liberal Christians , is that liberal Christians tend to be more tolerant and open minded , and don’t believe thoughts and prayers are an appropriate response to gun violence , as opposed to actual laws.
  9. Progressive Patriotism. Conservatives are easily triggered by black civil rights and other progressive groups exercising their right to participate in the Democratic process of dissent. They also believe it is standing for the national anthem , and defending a Republican president from criticism , both of which in their minds , are unpatriotic. When it’s a Democratic president , no criticism is too harsh.
  10. Victim Hood. Conservatives often claim liberals whine about everything  , but conservatives have cornered the market on victim hood. From college campuses to mainstream media , conservatives are perpetual victims who just can’t catch a break.

How Barack Obama Ruined America And Was the Worst President Ever – Part 4

If you talk to liberals on a daily basis like I do , you will quickly realize how stupid they are. They believe the stupidest things : God isn’t real , global warming is real , the birth certificate is also real , Trump is not making America great again , and Barack Obama was the greatest president who ever lived.

This shows you how clueless liberals are. They live in their own universe. There is no hope for them.

If the following list doesn’t convince you how stupid liberals are , and that Barack Obama was the worst president who ever lived , then you’ve obviously been brainwashed by the lame stream liberal media , and there is also no hope for you.

Selfie Gate : There were many shocking scandals during Obama’s reign of tyranny , some of the worst being , having critics of his excessive vacations and golf outings , permanently silenced. But this scandal is probably his most heinous. When Obama took a selfie with the Boston Red Sox first baseman David ‘Big Pappy’ Ortiz , it was proof that he hated white people and was planning on starting a race war. When that war will be carried out , God only knows. But God knows Big Pappy will be there to fight by his – Obama’s – side. Which was the purpose for the selfie , to recruit Pappy as his general in the war.

Skeet Gate : Here’s one scandal that had me genuinely confused when I heard about it. A 2013 photo of Obama shooting a shot-gun!? Could it be? Was it true? Was the forty-fourth president of the United States a real man who liked to shoot guns like a real American , or a sissy-boy , mom jeans wearing wimp who wilted like a pansy at the sight of a gun?

On closer inspection of the photo , I noticed he was indeed wearing mom jeans , and came to the conclusion that it was fake , a cheap photo shop to make Obama look a real man , not a mom jeans wearing , weak kneed sissy-boy who wilted like a pansy at the sight of a gun , like he really was.

Mars Gate : Obama traveled to the red planet in his youth ,via a DARPA program , where he learned to be a tyrannical America hating , mom jeans wearing dictator.

Baseball Gate : Another failed attempt to make Obama look like a man , instead of the mom jeans wearing , sissy-boy pansy he really was , and is.

Jogging Gate : This one confirmed what conservatives had always suspected , that Obama — and Biden – was always gay. Why else would two grown men run on the White House lawn? For exercise? No , most likely they were having an affair and they didn’t want Michelle – who is really a man – to find out. When they finished their jogging , or whatever they were really doing , they both put their mom jeans back on.

And those are five more ways Obama ruined America and was the worst president ever.