Charlie Kirk Owns The Libs Once Again

FeaturedCharlie Kirk Owns The Libs Once Again

Charlie Kirk has had the last laugh. For years, Turning Point USA’s founder and executive director, has been owning the libs in spectacular fashion, just as he did when he put on his first pair of Pampers to own the smug libs in 2017, who were crying for a safe space on the campus of Kent State University because they’re such crybabies.

Kirk, a young leader in the “America First” conservative movement, has been touring America’s college campuses with other leaders in the movement, like Dana Loesch, and Tomi Lahren, warning young conservatives of the dangers of the culture wars perpetuated by liberals who want to ban their free speech, just as they banned Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss, Confederate statues, and then shove CRT and the 1619 Project up their rear ends.

In 2018, Kirk tweeted that when Obama was elected, they didn’t cry and burn stuff down, they waited patiently for eight years, acting absolutely civil toward the new president, showing him the utmost respect that liberals refused to show Trump.

This time, Kirk – always the truth-teller – reminds us that the summer protests over the unlawful killing of George Floyd, were really out of control riots by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, who just can’t help but resort to violence when they can’t get their way, as opposed to Trump supporters who descended on the D.C. Capitol for a picnic, or a tour, to calmly convince the Senate that they were wrong to certify the electoral votes for Biden, and should, instead, declare Trump the winner.

“It really had nothing to do with president Trump’s “stop the steal” rhetoric,” Charlie told the Weekly Journal News. “It was all Sleepy Joe’s fault, and George Soros, and Hugo Chavez, Antifa and maybe even Mickey Mouse. Who knows who else was in on it? Casper The Friendly Ghost? That’s not so unbelievable, you know, since it’s been proven that Hugo Chavez had a hand in it. Who else could have been involved? Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids? Alvin and the Chipmunks? Maybe even E.T. for all we know. We’ll never know because the snowflake liberal judges wouldn’t allow any evidence to be presented.”

“And those people who were carrying a gallows chanting to hang the vice president, and the people who were beating up on cops and breaking into the building and defecating? They weren’t Trump supporters. They were Antifa, and Black Lives Matter, or both – trying to make Trump and his supporters look bad. Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity reported on it. Trump would never condone anything like that, and neither would Trump supporters. But Black Lives Matter and Antifa would. They’re all terrorists. They run around rioting and looting and beating and defecating and burning down American cities every day. I’m surprised there are any cities left standing in America.”

Kirk stood up, yanked his pants down, revealing a pair of adult Pampers – his signature brand – with baby duckies on them, and released a large, rather disgusting expulsion of gas. He then grinned and said, “Checkmate, libtards!”

It should be noted that that when Trump failed to win the election of 2020, conservatives didn’t burn stuff down. But they did cry, and they violently destroyed property, assaulted people – killing several, just as they did during the BLM protests – and used certain parts of the Capitol as makeshift toilets.

Checkmate libtards!

In The News Last Week: Donald Trump Delivers Bizarre, Slur-Ridden Speech At Mar-A-Lago Donor Retreat – Was He Drunk, High, Or Simply Being Himself?

In The News Last Week: Donald Trump Delivers Bizarre, Slur-Ridden Speech At Mar-A-Lago Donor Retreat – Was He Drunk, High, Or Simply Being Himself?

Certain words and events have been changed for humorous effect.

Trump before his bizarre speech at Mar-a-Lago.

Speaking to a group of Republican donors at his Mar-A-Lago golf resort Saturday night, Donald Trump lambasted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Looking as if he were about to fall asleep standing up, Trump said, “That bitch… I mean that Mitch McConnel, I’ll tell you, he’s one dumb son-of-a butthead, don’t you think?”

The crowd cheered wildly, hissing and booing in agreement.

Ever since McConnell had the testicles to criticize him for his role in the Capitol riot, which he had referred to as “a disgraceful dereliction of duty,” Trump’s panties had been wadded into a bunch.

McConnell had been one of the forty-three Republicans to vote Trump not guilty of the charge of inciting the attack on the Capitol.

“There’s no question, none really, that president Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of that day,” McConnell said back in February. “No question about it. I mean, look, they listened to Trump whine and cry like a two year-old about an election he lost fair and square. They listened to him babble about haunted voting machines, the evil spirit of Hugo Chavez, the evilest Jew in the world – George Soros – Antifa, Captain Crunch, and Tony The Tiger working with China, Joe Biden and the Democrats to steal the election. The people who stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their president. And having that belief was a foreseeable consequence of false statements, conspiracy theories and reckless hyperbole which the defeated president kept shouting into the largest megaphone on earth.”

Despite his criticism, McConnell voted not guilty because he believed Trump was “Constitutionally not eligible for conviction” given the fact that he was no longer president.

“Do you know he had the balls to criticize me after the, uhh… the ahh… that… uhh… whatever it was at the Clapitol,” Trump continued, stuttering and slurring some of his words. It was obvious that he was either drunk, high, or medicated on something, but no one noticed, or seemed to care. All they cared about was Trump. All eyes present were adorably fixated on Trump.

“The riot by Antifa!?” some joker in the audience shouted, and everyone laughed, this time with more gusto.

“That’s right,” Trump said. “It was Antifa. It had nothing to do with me! It was Antifa, and Sleepy Joe prodly put ’em to it. Anyway, you know what he said? He said it was “a definition of duty.”

The crowd laughed again. Trump thought they were laughing at how stupid they believed McConnell was for blaming him for the riot. But they weren’t laughing at McConnell. They were laughing at Trump’s description of McConnell’s criticism – “description of duty.” To them it probably conjured images of bowel movements or something similar, hence the laughter.

“That’s right. That guy’s a real boozer. He should take up drinking instead. He sucks at being a Senatorial. I heard his wife once to clean my toilets. She suffered so greatly… marrying Mitch… not cleaning my toilets. Did he ever tell you that? No? Did I ever tell you that? No? I guess he’s ashamed to have people know his wife cleans crap for a living… and married Mitch. Well, I guess it’s true what Democrats say about that guy, that loser. He looks like a pencil-neck greek masquerading as a tuttle. To me he looks more like that weasel in that Foghorn Leghorn cartoom from Warmer Brothers.”

The crowd laughed uproariously, still blissfully unaware that he was drunk or high… or just not caring.

Speaking on Anthony Fauci he said, “Have you ever seen any- bloody so full of clap?”

“Mitch McConnel?!” another joker shouted, although it sounded like the same guy.

The crowd once again erupted into laughter.

“That’s right,” Trump said. “No one’s more full of crap than that… that… that Mitch the pencil-neck tuttle. Except Dr. Gouci. Fist he said not to wear a mask, then he said to wear a mask, then he said to go outside, then he said to don’t go outside, play social distancing media instead. Well, which is it Dr. Nouci I assed him. I never wrote a mask when I went outside and I was fine until I got sick, but I was OK, they gave me all kinds of drugs to make feel better, just like I do now. I felt like Superman in Christian Slater. I should have wore my Superman cape to show everyone how strong I was, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, Donald!” the joker shouted. “Ain’t no one stronger than you! Not Superman, not Batman, not Spiderman, not Iron Man, and not even me!”

Most of the crowd laughed again, like they hadn’t heard anything so funny in ages. One old woman cackled so hard her dentures flew from her mouth and landed in the hair of a woman sitting in front of her. No one noticed or seemed to care, especially the woman whose hair it was stuck in. Another old lady with a face like a donkey snorted so hard, snot exploded from her nostrils splattering several people in front of her. No one noticed or seemed to care. An old man laughed until he literally crapped himself, farting explosively as he defecated. Again, no one noticed or seemed to care.

“They made fun of me when I said the corona beer virus would be gone by Easter, and when I said you can mix belch with Kool-aid and drink it to get rid of the virus, they thought I was crazy. They laughed. But I was right. A lot of people did it and were cured. I guess I showed ’em, am I right?”

“That’s right Donald!” the joker shouted again. “No one knows more than you do! Not Mitch the tuttle, not Dr. Nouci, and not even me!”

Trump babbled on for nearly forty more minutes, about space aliens wanting to eat his brain, Mexicans being bad people who want to eat his brain, the Democrats and Sleepy Joe stealing the election through Dominion voting machines, Hugo Chavez, Antifa, George Soros, Tony The Tiger, Captain Crunch… and space aliens who wanted not only to steal the election, but eat his brain.

He also babbled about the vaccines he claimed he had been responsible for and said they should have been called Donaldcines. The media, other than Fox News, Newsmax and OANN, had no idea what the whole thing was about.

Was he drunk? Was he high? Or was he simply being himself? Your guess is as good as anyone’s guess.

Trump Urges MAGA To “Cancel” Baseball After MLB Grows A Pair Of Balls

Trump Urges MAGA To “Cancel” Baseball After MLB Grows A Pair Of Balls

Donald Trump has called on his Make America Great Again supporters to “cancel” baseball after the MLB has had the testicles to grow a pair of balls. The decision to move the game from Atlanta was made due to the outcry over the controversial voting bill Governor Brian Kemp recently signed into law. Several Atlanta-based companies – including Coca-Cola, and Delta Airlines – have been critical of the new bill.

Democrats claim the bill is restrictive, while Republicans claim it provides expanded access to voting.

The MLB commissioner, Robert Manfred Jr, announced Friday on a Twitter post that both the All-Star game and the subsequent draft would be moved from Atlanta.

Major League Baseball fundamentally supports the voting rights of all Americans. ( Due to negative reaction to Governor Kemp’s controversial voting bill, we have decided to move the location of this year’s All-Star game, which will be announced at a later date. I know this decision will be met with negative backlash from certain people, but I have zero f***s to give.

The ensuing draft, which was also scheduled for Atlanta, will be held in another location, and will also likely be met with negative reaction, which may include – but not limited to – the burning of team jerseys, shoes, socks, and paraphernalia… but again, I have no f***s to give. All of my f***s were used up during president Trump’s awesome response to the pandemic.

Former president Trump, who has had difficulty with transparency – often while accusing his opponents of lacking transparency – “let the cat out of the bag” when he responded to the commissioner’s statement with his own statement via Save America PAC.

“With an attitude like that, it’s no wonder that baseball is losing tremendous numbers of fans,” Trump said, apparently unaware that a tremendous number of those fans were lost due to COVID restrictions, none of which he had anything to do with. “And now they’re moving their stadium with their All-Star game because they’re afraid of the Radical Left Democrats who do not want voter ( suppression ), which is desperately needed ( if we are to ever win another election ).

“Cancel baseball – like they cancelled us – and all of the woke companies that are interfering with Free and Fair elections ( by suppressing our right to suppress the vote of undocumented immigrants, Antifa and Black Lives Matter ). Are you listening Coke, Delta, and all! ( We don’t want to suppress anyone’s vote. Just the votes of the Radical Left who want everyone to vote. If we allowed everyone to vote, Antifa would burn down entire cities and incite riots and Black Lives Matter would march down our city streets chanting, ‘Republicans in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.’ That’s why Governor Kemp wrote the new legislation. It has absolutely nothing to do with voter suppression.”

When asked for comment about the former president’s statement, Governor Kemp responded, “President Trump is right. That’s exactly why I wrote the bill. It has nothing to do with voter suppression.”

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Has “Democrat-Antifa Brain Rot” On Face The Nation Appearance

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Has “Democrat-Antifa Brain Rot” On Face The Nation Appearance

Since the disastrous Unite The Right rally in the summer of 2017, conservative media and the Republican party has been in damage control. Far right groups, including neo-Nazis, the Klan and neo-Confederates united in Charlottesville. They were Trump supporters and those who had voted for Trump. Trump called them “very fine people” and equated the counter-protesters to the Nazis they had come to oppose. One of these very fine people plowed through a small crowd of anti-fascist protesters killing one of them and injuring many others.

A few Republicans demonstrated temporary integrity to denounce and condemn the violence and Trump’s remarks. Even some in conservative media showed a bit of integrity to do the same. Others couldn’t bring themselves to criticize Trump. These conservatives went into overdrive to defend Trump’s remarks and whitewash the violence of that day. Dennis Prager, perhaps one of the biggest defenders of Trump, and who runs Prager University, created a video in defense of Charlottesville, titled The Charlottesville Lie. The video claimed that the so-called biased liberal media had deliberately lied and taken Trump’s statement’s out of context to smear him, to make him look bad, that he had never called them fine people. The video was easily debunked.

Ever since, the Republican party has scrambled frantically, attempting to save face, to distance itself from the extremists in their party, their ranks, pretending as if there is no connection between neo-Nazis, white nationalists, the Klan, and neo-Confederates with the Republican party. And conservative media has been a willing participant in that denial, that obfuscation.

Some conservatives went a step further, into conspiracy territory. It wasn’t really the so-called Alt-right that was responsible for the violence. It was really the left. The left had not only organized and set up the event to make Trump look bad, but Obama and George Soros – the boogeyman of the totally non-anti-semitic conservative right – were also behind it. This theory was voiced by Rush Limburger and several prominent Republican politicians.

During her Face The Nation appearance, Ronna McDaniel demonstrated that “Democrat-Antifa Brain Rot” is a fairly new disorder among Republicans, similar to Derangement Syndrome. Derangement Syndrome is an irrational hatred of everything someone says or does. With Republicans Democrat-Antifa Brain Rot is the insatiable urge to blame everything bad on Democrats. Cancel culture, racism, violence, and anti-Semitism, it’s all the fault of the Democrats, and their allies, Antifa and BLM.

Margret Brennan asked her how damaging the events of January 06 were to the Republican party.

McDaniel: “They were damaging to our country. I think it was horrific what happened. There is no American, Republican or Democrat, who looks at that and sees our Capitol attacked and feels good. And I think there’s a lot of self-reflection that has to go on across the whole country.”

What happened at the Capitol was not just “damaging to our country,” it was damaging to the Republican party. It put the Republican party in a bad light. It made the Republican party look anti-Democratic. If this had been Joe Biden claiming that the Republicans had rigged the election, had sued certain states to stop the vote counting, had his lawyers and supporters putting on televised clown shows disguised as press conferences, all which culminated in encouraging his supporters to march down to the Capitol to fight for him to stop the electoral certification of Trump, and do what they did… how would Republicans, Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN have reacted? They would have lost their shit. They would have been calling the Democrats the party of treason, they would have been calling for televised public executions of the Democrats, just as some of the assholes did with Mike Pence. There is no self-reflection that needs to take place with with the entire country. Only those who participated in it have an obligation to self-reflect on the role they played and the damage it caused to this country – McDaniel included.

Brennan asked her if Trump had done any self-reflection.

McDaniel: “I’m going to talk about me because I’m not going to speak for somebody else. What I will say from an RNC perspective is we’ve been more vocal in denouncing groups like QAnon. We know that anarchists came to Washington that day. There was a bomb placed outside of my building, outside of the Republican National Committee. We have a deeply divided nation. I will do that. I will denounce elements that pretend to be Republican and say we do not want you in our party. I would like Democrats to do the same with Antifa and groups that are anti-Semitic that masquerade as Democrats. and say you are not welcome in our party, as they burned down cities this past summer. I would ask the media to be more fair and how you report things. Don’t suppress reports on Hunter Biden and what’s happening with Andrew Cuomo and the immense failures and then highlighting things like you did with Governor Noem. Andrew Cuomo, what he had done, his policies killed people…”

The Republican party has not been more vocal in denouncing groups like QAnon – at least, not that I know of. A few maybe, not the entire party. The majority of the Republican party loves Trump, and are either QAnon supporters themselves, or don’t mind it’s presence and/ or influence in the party.

Trump supporting extremists came to the Capitol that day, and one or several of them placed explosives outside the RNC and DNC headquarters, probably the night before. Yes, the nation is deeply divided. And why is it divided? It certainly isn’t Democrats who are dividing it. I could name that party, but it’s obvious.

Again, I haven’t heard any wide spread condemnation of Marjory Taylor Green’s radical extremism, her racism, anti-Semitism, or her violent rhetoric. Whenever Republicans are called on to denounce extremism in their own party, they pivot to what-aboutism, what about the Democrats. Donald Trump did exactly that during the NBC televised Town hall where Savannah Guthrie asked him to denounce QAnon, which he could not do without bringing up Antifa and the left. It always comes back to Democrats, the left to Antifa. Democrats must denounce Antifa, a small amorphous movement of anti-fascists, whom the right has exaggerated and hyped as a national terror threat. It’s not the actual, real terrorist groups on the far right that share the same politics, the same ideologies with the mainstream conservatives, some of whom have carried out murders of immigrants and Jews… they’re not the real threat, as the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies have confirmed. It’s really Antifa and BLM who dare show up at white supremacist and Trump rallies to scream in the face of a Nazi. That’s the real threat to a conservative. Even when Democrats denounce and call out violent tactics of Antifa, conservatives like McDaniel pretend it never happens.

She alludes to groups that burn down cities. No city, that I am aware of, has been burned to the ground. Then says the media must be more fair in it’s reporting. She unironically brings up the Hunter Biden story that even Fox News did not find credible, and pivots directly to Andrew Cuomo “and his immense failures,” accusing him of killing people, but, of course, has nothing to say about Trump’s immense failures to keep the public safe during a pandemic. It’s just blame Democrats, blame Democrats, blame Democrats for everything all day long. Democrats are responsible for Antifa, for everything Louis Farrakhan says about Jews and white people; they are responsible for racism, abortion, anti-Semitism, sexism, cancel culture; for suppressing free speech. It must be a perpetual apology tour – like the one they accused Obama of – atoning for every evil in the world. But even that wouldn’t satisfy conservatives. They would just find something else to bitch about and blame on Democrats.

Brennan said Cuomo wouldn’t like some of her questions if he came on her program, and McDaniel said he deserved it, because the “media as a whole has ignored Andrew Cuomo. Anyone who isn’t living in a conservative media bubble would know that just the opposite is true.

She then asked McDaniel about Liz Cheney lamenting being viewed as the party of white supremacy, and asked McDaniel if she would make it clear that the Republican party is not the party of white supremacy.

McDaniel: “A hundred percent. We passed a resolution unanimously from the RNC members three years ago saying we condemn white supremacy, anti-Semitism, KKK, and I’m going to add QAnon to that. They are not welcome in our party. I have not seen Democrats do that with Louis Farrakhan, who calls the  Jewish people termites. I have not seen them do that with Antifa, who last night committed violence again in Portland.”

It’s disappointing when mainstream media fail to do their jobs when talking to these Republicans who lie so easily with a straight face. It’s disappointing that Brennan allowed her to ramble on and lie without once pushing back, challenging her and fact checking some of her claims. There were three RNC resolutions. One of them supposedly condemned racism from white supremacists, but not the bigotry and hatred from Trump or the Republican party. Another one simply condemned the Southern Poverty Law Center for daring to call out and condemn hate groups, the majority of which happen to be conservative, which is what they were really upset about. That one also called out the Obama administration.  I wonder why.

What Democrats have to do with Louis Farrakhan and what he has said about Jews or white people, I have no idea. Republicans have been desperate to connect him with the Democratic party for years, ever since that photo of Obama standing next to him appeared on the internet, just as they’re currently desperate to keep the narrative alive that their party is still the party of Lincoln, not racism, despite the fact that Republicans hate black people – Black Lives Matter are “racists, “thugs,” and “terrorists” – are the party that engages in voter suppression tactics, and are the party that have ironically and cluelessly  adopted the legacy of the Confederacy, who get butthurt when SJW’s remove their symbols of “southern pride and heritage.”

They have been trying to do the same with Antifa. Even though Antifa, who are not Democrats and are not supported by the Democrats – or vice versa – they constantly claim that Antifa are either the “militant wing of the Democrats,” or they “refuse to condemn their violence,” despite the overwhelming evidence that many Democrats have done so. Again, the idea that Democrats must denounce and condemn Antifa and other left-wing SJ’s, is absurd. They don’t have to denounce Antifa. Democrats have never demanded the same of Republicans.

Brennan reminded McDaniel that the people who sieged the Capitol were carrying Trump flags, which was why Cheney voted to impeach Trump, and, of course, McDaniel had no defense whatsoever.

McDaniel: “But you know what? The Democrats have created a safe haven for Antifa. They have not denounced them. Nancy Pelosi said as cities were being ripped apart, people will do what they do. You can’t hold Republicans to one standard and not Democrats and that creates unrest as well.”

Again back to Antifa. Just as Trump could never condemn the extremist shooters who acted on his rhetoric and that of the conservative media, McDaniel could not bring herself to criticize Trump or the extremists who support him. Just lie about the Democrats creating “a safe haven for Antifa.” What did they do to create this safe haven? Set up sanctuary cities exclusively for anti-fascists?

As cities were “being ripped apart” due to police violence, Nancy Pelosi said “people will do what they do.” In the conservative bubble means this means she was “dismissing violence,” and “encouraging mob violence,” which every right-winger on Twitter said she was doing. She wasn’t. Conservatives are so dim-witted they are unable to comprehend anything they read, which is why they are always taking everything Democrats say out of context. Pelosi’s comments on the protesters toppling the statue of Columbus in Baltimore were nuanced. When asked by a reporter whether it should have been done by a commission or city council, instead of a mob, Pelosi said, “People will do what they do. I do think that from a safety standpoint, it would be a good idea to have it taken down if the community doesn’t want it. I don’t know that it has to be a commission but it could be a community view. Sometimes it’s something that’s been there, that view has been there for a while, but let’s just say… I always say to young people, children who come to the Capitol, when you look around you see statues to people and Washington monuments and the rest who we respect. Washington, Jefferson. Heroes, they would want us to be talking about the future, your future. So everything we do here is about you. It’s not necessarily… they would want it to be about looking forward, not looking back. So let’s just think about what are the values, the vision, the perspective that we enshrine and how that benefits our children rather than having a big fight about was somebody worth it. We know they’re not worth it if they committed treason against the United States.”

Because Conservatives hate Pelosi so much, they took one sentence – people will do what they do – and had a Twitter tantrum accusing her of encouraging violence. Again, she wasn’t. The people encouraging and inciting violence are conservatives, the Marjory Taylor Green’s and the Lauren Boeberts in Congress, and the Republican party has actually given them a “safe haven” within the party. “Democrats have created a safe haven for Antifa,” my ass!

Brennan then asked her if Marjory Taylor Green is representative of the kind of woman she wants to draw to the Republican party.

McDaniel: “Well, you know, I’ve been very vocal about her comments. She apologize for them. I’m glad to see she did and her district will decide that. But we have increased women . We’re now thirty-eight women in Congress in the Republican party. That’s the highest we’ve ever had. And here’s the other thing. Women are suffering under the Biden administration. 2.4 million women have lost their jobs because of daycare issues. A hundred and fifty thousand last month. Women are going through a she-cession. Women are struggling because our kids are not back at school. I’m not saying this as a Republican. I’m saying this as a mother of two kids in public schools watching this rip apart my community as kids are suffering. So get it done. Get our kids back in school. And that’s what the Republican party stands for.”

McDaniel found some of Green’s Facebook post comments “disgusting, and have no place in our country,” which doesn’t sound very vocal to me. Has she ever confronted Green about those comments? Has she ever suggested that Green be expelled from Congress? Has she told Green to her face that she is not welcome in the Republican party? No, no, and no. She apologized for them, don’t you know? Everything is peachy keen now! Democrats need to just shut up about QAnon. The other thing is that women are suffering under Joe Biden’s presidency. 2.4 million women have lost their jobs because they can’t find any daycares to take care of their kids. That’s a lot of women who just suddenly happen to have lost their jobs in less than seven weeks. None of that could possibly have occured under the last administration. Oh no. That administration was perfect. They did everything they could to stop the virus in its tracks. They encouraged everyone to wear masks, social distance, stay home, wash their hands – you name it, Trump, the Republican party and Fox News pundits encouraged it all.

Who does she think she kidding? For a woman who claimed during an interview with The New York Times that she had regrets about allowing Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell the use of the RNC headquarters to hold their insane news conference – “When I saw some of the things Sydney was saying without proof, I certainly was concerned that it was happening in my building. There were a whole host of issues we had to deal with what is the liability of the RNC if these allegations are made and unfounded?” – I can’t take her seriously about anything. She was so concerned that she went and held her own news conference with Kayleigh McEnany, the one that even Fox News refused to air. They must have been competing to see who could be the craziest in their claims, and it just so happens that Giuliani and Powell were the more crazier. Too bad they didn’t win an award. Fox News would have devoted an entire week to it.

The last administration could have gotten the job done if it were not so inept. It could have gotten kids back in school, people back to work, if it had just done the right thing, taken the pandemic seriously, instead of complaining about tyranny for being asked to wear masks around others, to lock down. Instead it chose to encourage its supporters to storm Capitol buildings with weapons, to threaten Democratic leaders with death threats. Just as it encouraged its supporters to storm the Washington Capitol on January 06, not only to protest a democratic election, but to overturn it by force, mobs of psychopaths who destroyed property, murdered people, and then had the fucking nerve to say Antifa did it. And to have media – Fox News, Newsmax, OANN – that willingly and eagerly went along with its narrative of a stolen election, and to have a team of lawyers, and supporters who repeated that narrative during interviews and news conferences – Giuliani, Sydney Powell, McEnany, and Ronna McDaniel – and to continue to claim that the Republican party is the party of unity, of responsibility, the Constitution – is outright laughable.

And Margret Brennan’s failure to press her on any of this, is disappointing.

Laura Ingraham Tells The Rubes That  Democrats Want To Criminalize All Trump Supporters

Laura Ingraham Tells The Rubes That  Democrats Want To Criminalize All Trump Supporters

Conservative media pundits have often claimed that liberals and leftists never let a good opportunity go to waste… or something of that nature.

Conservative themselves never let a good opportunity go to waste. With conservatives, it’s Antifa. It’s how violent, radical and extreme the Democratic party is, the left and liberals. They totally ignore and pretend as if their own party, their own movement is completely patriotic and supporting of liberty – instead of the radical and extreme party that it really is – freedom and free speech, while hyping and over-exaggerating the anti-fascists and anti-racists as the real threat to free speech and democracy.

It’s called gaslighting. Making someone doubt or question their perception of reality, and conservatives have mastered it to a fine art. All one has to do is watch a segment of Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham discussing Black Lives Matter and Antifa. BLM and Antifa – both leftist, anti-fascist and anti-racists – are “thugs, criminals, and terrorists.” While conservatives – no matter how violent they are, such as those who marched in the Unite The Right rally, or murdered BLM protesters – are “law-abiding,” “very fine people,” and “heros.”

During a segment of her broadcast last week, Laura Ingraham tried really hard to convince the rubes that the Democrats are hell-bent on “criminalizing all Trump supporters as “terrorists.”

“The January 06 Capitol riot was a gift to Democrats,” she said smugly. “It gave them the video in the narrative that they’ve desperately wanted and they needed to justify a crackdown on the civil liberties of all conservatives.

“However, you don’t need hearings to know that dedicated men and women of the Capitol police were overwhelmed and unprepared for a breach.”

Only pro-Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol, had gotten inside, and ransacked it… have been charged with crimes ranging from felonies to misdemeanors. No one who stood by and simply watched , have been arrested that I know of. There has been no attempt to criminalize Trump supporters who protest peacefully, as there was with BLM protesters over the summer. These people have not had their civil liberties cracked down on, and neither have they been criminalized as terrorists. And one doesn’t need hearings to know that Capitol police were unprepared by design. It was obvious to anyone who knew what to expect from months of Trump, Republicans, and right-wing media pundits like Ingraham, complaining about mail-in ballots, and election fraud.

She said what happened at the Capitol was “despicable, criminal and infuriating,” but compared to other armed insurrections, “this one was pretty lame. And the loss of life that occured that day is still shrouded in mystery… from the get-go, the media saw this tragic day as an opportunity to tar the entire Trump coalition as a bunch of heinous terrorists… we still don’t know anything about the cause of officer Sicknick’s death, but we do know the entire life story of the idiot in the buffalo get up and face paint.”

A riot that resulted in at least five deaths, and injuries – most of them police officers – was shrouded in mystery and pretty lame? We may not yet know the exact cause of Sicknick’s death, but he was killed by the actions of a pro-Trump mob – that’s no mystery.

“If you voted for Trump, if you ever attended a Trump rally or posted support for his America First agenda, you’re complicit in the attack and you need to be shunned from society, lose your job, and you need to be banned from social media indefinitely. Make no mistake about it. What we’re witnessing at all levels of society run by liberals is a new Red Scare. But instead of targeting Marxists or communists, they’re fighting Americans in red states.”

If Ingraham wants to complain about people having their civil liberties violated and criminalized as terrorists, perhaps she should talk about Antifa and BLM protesters – an entire movement of social activists – who she and her colleagues at Fox News have never had any trouble tarring as criminals and terrorists over the years, and were quick and eager to blame for the violence at the Capitol. But she will never do that. She will never defend actual patriots who want law enforcement officers who commit murder, to be held accountable under the law, as those they murder are held accountable. She will never defend real patriots who want government to be less corrupt. She will always equate them to fascists because she is a fascist. Misrepresenting actual patriots as anti-American, and equating terrorists as patriots, that’s what authoritarians do. Antifa are the real fascists… and the Trump supporting mob that proudly wave those Confederate and Nazi flags at his rallies, and the shooters who have listened to his rhetoric and the rhetoric of the totally non-violent and non-racist Republican party, and their media allies like Ingraham… are the real patriots, the real pro-Americans with their America First agenda, which is an agenda first used by the Klan. So, yes, if you support it, then you are indeed complicit in the assault on the Washington Capitol.

Ingraham had this to say about who really may have been behind the Capitol riot. Calling into Fox News, she said:

“We knew this would happen when you had a huge group of people descending on Capitol Hill, when you have members of Trump support organizations and Antifa threatening to show up at the same time. We’ll learn more to the extent that that happened. I’m getting a sense that there’s clearly a big split in the MAGA groups that have come to peacefully protest with whoever is behind this intrusion in the Capitol, which by any account is unacceptable.”

On her broadcast that night, she said, “They were likely not all Trump supporters. I’ve never seen Trump rally attendees wearing helmets, black helmets, brown helmets, black backpacks – the uniforms you saw in some of those crowd shots.”

Ingraham says the Democrats want to criminalize people who voted for Trump, for attending any of his rallies, or supporting his America First agenda, and are complicit in the Capitol riot, should be shunned from society, lose their jobs, and be banned indefinitely from social media.

I would say: anyone who attended any of his rallies and listened to the violent and racist rhetoric, saw the Confederate flags flying freely and stayed silent.

Anyone who  listened to his rhetoric about Charlottesville Nazis and neo-Confederates as ‘very fine people’ and did not condemn it.

Anyone who saw the Nazi flags displayed and did not speak up, did not question their presence.

Anyone who has no problem with symbols of white supremacy remaining in a society – that conservatives swear is no longer racist – as nothing more than “Southern heritage or pride.”

Anyone who has no problem calling Antifa – anti-fascists – and Black Lives Matter “terrorists,” but revere white shooters who murder peaceful protesters as “heros.

Anyone’s reaction to a black president speaking on matters of race: “Why is he playing the race card?” ( the idea that black people have no right to speak about race without accusations of playing the “race card” is absurd ). But giving a white president a free lifetime pass on the race card.

And finally, I would say: anyone  – anyone, including Trump’s media lapdogs – who repeated the rhetoric and conspiracy theories of a stolen election – Dominion, George Soros, the ghost of Hugo Chavez, all of that shit – who egged on and riled up the assholes to get out in the streets with their “stop the steal” signs and chants, culminating in the ransacking of democracy and the Capitol.

These people are complicit in the raiding and the ransacking of the Capitol. They should lose their jobs, and they should be banned from social media forever. These people participated in a coup to interfere in a democratic election simply because their favorite narcissistic egomaniac didn’t get re-elected. These people should be treated like pariahs. It has nothing whatsoever to do with criminalizing ordinary, innocent Americans who are guilty for no other reason than voting for Trump.

Dana Loesch Says “Media Desperately Trying to Pin “Q Anon” To Trump”- Is She Right, Or Full Of Shit? Let’s Examine The Facts

Dana Loesch Says “Media Desperately Trying to Pin “Q Anon” To Trump”- Is She Right, Or Full Of Shit? Let’s Examine The Facts

Did the media desperately try to pin QAnon to Donald Trump? Or did he, in fact, endorse them? Is the media being dishonest or are they telling the truth in this particular case? Is Dana Loesch right, or full of shit? Let’s look at the evidence.

For the record, let it be known that Dana Loesch doesn’t know much about the QAnon movement. In fact, she doesn’t know much about anything she talks about.

She doesn’t know that for the entire four years of Trump’s only term, they completely and enthusiastically endorsed him. She knows nothing about the thousands of Q enthusiasts who love Donald Trump so much, many of who have shown up as his rallies dressed in Q clothing, carrying Q signs, shouting Q conspiracies. But none of this means anything, since they have no connection to Trump.

She knows nothing of the dozens of failed predictions involving the enemies of Donald Trump – all of them Democrats, by the way – our greatest American president, and how he would heroically expose and vanquish them all on the day of reckoning known as “The Storm.”

She knows nothing of the hundreds of QAnon connected accounts he retweeted throughout his tenure as president.

She knows nothing of the domestic terrorist attacks by QAnon crazies over the last few years.

She knows none this. But you can bet your ass she knows “that they aren’t the ones in the streets burning down buildings, punching people in the head ( ?? ), burning down houses and blocking first responders from rescuing the trapped children” ( ?? ) – here she links to a fake news article – “or mass-squatting on multiple city blocks ( peaceful protesting is a bad thing in her view, as long as it involves BLM ).”

She also knows that the media “has been fine to give Democrats a pass when the party refuses  to condemn the violence but they’re intent on pinning QAnon on Trump.” ( Here she links to a Breitbart article to prove her point, but the article fails to prove her point that Democrats refuse to condemn Antifa ).

Trump literally says he “doesn’t know much about the movement,” Dana argues, “after quipping that he hears they like him and instead of accurately reporting Trump’s remarks, CNN sensationalizes it with “Trump embraces.”

Trump literally says he doesn’t know much about the movement, she argues, and so we’re supposed to believe it.

The left and their media surrogates realize how damaging Antifa violence has been to their image ( ?? ) and so are trying to create something similar  for which they can attack the GOP… except there isn’t anything similar.

“Ask me again why I question legacy media.”

Alright, let’s Examine Trump’s remarks to determine if CNN was just sensationalizing and deliberately taking his words out of context to “make him look bad.”

During an August 2020 press briefing, Trump was asked about QAnon. He had this to say:

“I don’t know much about the movement, other than I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate. I’ve heard that it’s gaining in popularity. And I’ve heard these are people who love our country and they just don’t like seeing it ( destroyed ).”

When asked if he believed the conspiracy theory that he “is secretly saving the world from this satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals,” Trump replied: “I haven’t heard that, but is that supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing? If I can help save the world from problems, I’m willing to do it. I’m willing to put myself out there. And we are actually, we’re saving the world from a radical left philosophy that will destroy this country.”

This was taken from the CNN website. For someone who didn’t know much about QAnon, he sure knew enough about them to offer his opinion about how great they were. He very clearly praised them, which sounds like an endorsement to me. He certainly did not denounce or condemn them.

And during the October 15, NBC televised town hall, when Savannah Guthrie asked him if he would denounce QAnon as false, he couldn’t do it. Instead, he denounced and condemned Antifa. Of course he did.

“So, I know nothing about QAnon. I know very little. You told me, yes. What you told me doesn’t necessarily make it fact. I hate to say that. I know nothing about it. I do know they are very much against pedophilia. They fight it very hard. But I know nothing about it. I’ll tell you what I do know, I know about Antifa and the radical left. I just don’t know about QAnon.”

Again, he knew nothing about QAnon, but he knew they are against pedophilia, and they love him and see him as their savior who will save the world. He couldn’t bring himself to denounce them, their rhetoric or their violence. Instead, he side-stepped the issue as he always did when asked do disavow  white supremacy, by denouncing Antifa, and asking why Sleepy Joe refused to denounce and condemn them.

So, did CNN inaccurately report Trump’s remarks to “sensationalize” them as “embracing?” No, they did not. CNN accurately reported everything he said when asked about QAnon. They did not sensationalize or “spin” his remarks to suit their narrative. He praised them after claiming he knew nothing about them, saying they loved him, which he  appreciated, so Dana’s argument that CNN sensationalized  his remarks to claim he endorsed them, is itself inaccurate. One doesn’t have to say “endorse” as a way of approving of someone’s support. QAnon endorses Trump. Trump said he “heard they loved” him, and he said he “appreciated it.” That’s as close to an endorsement as you’re going to get.

But Loesch didn’t agree. She’s an expert on the word endorsement. Trump had to say the word to make it definitive.

After his Town Hall remarks, a QAnon account tweeted its appreciation in return:

Dana would ignore that too, and pretend Trump has no connection to QAnon.

My verdict on this claim: Bullshit. Trump came as close to endorsing QAnon as he possibly could.

Next, let’s examine Dana’s claims that “Antifa violence has been damaging to the left and their media surrogates, and the media has been fine to give Democrats a pass when the party refuses to condemn the violence, but they’re intent on pinning QAnon on Trump.”

Recently a meme posted to Facebook made the claim that “not a single Democrat has condemned violence linked to BLM and Antifa: “Not a single Democrat has condemned or called for an end of the BLM and Antifa caused violence,” the post read. “They are aiding and abetting mass violence across the country.”

According to USA Today, and other publications, Democrats and Joe Biden have condemned violence connected with BLM protests. But conservatives have conveniently ignored these remarks while continuing to claim Democrats and the left of encouraging and being complicit in violence by not condemning it.

When a MAGA supporter goes on a shooting spree influenced by violent rhetoric from right-wing media pundits and conservative politicians like Donald Trump, it’s never their fault, they’re never culpable. Right media and the Republican party and its politicians cannot be held accountable. Neither were they culpable in the Capitol riot. Antifa was really behind it, so it’s really the let’s fault. Don’t you dare blame Donald Trump, the politicians or the media pundits who played along with his false narrative of election fraud!

However, when property damage occurs during a protest as a result of police violence, law enforcement is never held to account by right media, and the Republican party. It’s always the fault of the victim, the left, Democrats and the so-called liberal media.

Now to Dana’s claim that the left and their media surrogates realize how damaging Antifa violence has been to their image and are trying to create something similar with which to attack the GOP.

Here she seems to be suggesting that so-called left media – MSNBC and CNN – both center-right corporate news network’s –   have some kind of love affair with a small rabble of communists, socialists, and anarchists, and thereby supports it wholly and enthusiastically. First of all, MSNBC and CNN are capitalist, corporate owned network’s, as are Fox News. The accusation that they are both hyper-partisan, far left – Communist News Network, as some idiots have labeled it – outlets, is laughable. Most of the journalists, pundits and commentators at these two networks are conservatives and neo-liberal Democrats that have far more in common with Republicans in terms of policy, than so-called socialists like Bernie Sanders and AOC.

Conservatives have been desperate to tie Antifa with the so-called liberal media and the Democratic party – even going so far as to claim they are the military wing of the party – since anti-fascist protesters demonstrated against Milo Yiannapolous at Berkely several years ago. But Antifa, at least the type that Fox News loves to fear-monger about, are nothing more than anti-fascist protesters that show up at right-wing events like Charlottesville, which conservatives have blown up into an evil, anti-American movement of millions of “terrorists” who are rampaging through the streets randomly assaulting thousands of innocent people, and are really fascists themselves. So this claim that Antifa is damaging to the Democratic party because they won’t condemn the violence – which they have – is also bullshit.

No news network is more obsessed with Antifa than Fox News. All one had to do was tune into Fox News during the summer protests to find them obsessively fear-mongering about so-called Antifa terrorists instigating the “riots.” But in reality, Federal authorities have found virtually no evidence that Antifa instigated the BLM protests. But that has never stopped conservatives from making that claim, without evidence.

I would argue that hyping the threat of Antifa has been more damaging to not only the image, but the reputation of right-wing media. Antifa, as insignificant as it is, has no love for Sleepy Joe and the Democratic party. The Democratic party has no love for them. Antifa has never been seen carrying signs favoring the Democrats. They are anti-capitalists. And the Democrats have never praised Antifa, so the obsession of linking “Antifa” with the Democratic party, is disingenuous and laughable.

As for her charge that the “left is trying to create something similar” to Antifa “to attack the GOP, except there isn’t anything similar.”

Is that so? Let’s look at the evidence. In 2018, the ADL released its annual report that found that all of the domestic murders in the U.S. were linked to right-wing extremism. In his article in the Intercept, Mehdi Hasan displays a list of domestic murders connected not only to the former president Donald Trump, but the GOP and right-wing media, which includes Fox News.

All of these incidents, one could argue, were either inspired by the rhetoric of Donald Trump, Republican politicians, and or Right-wing media pundits. For months leading up to the El Paso, Texas shooting, Fox News hosts and Republicans complained of an “invasion” of migrants. It’s no secret that most of the Fox News hosts and the GOP are xenophobic and  have never been shy about reminding their viewers and voting base that immigrants are filthy invading criminals who want to steal their jobs and commit crimes. It’s no surprise that someone took their rhetoric seriously and did something about it. The left has never had any reason to try to create anything similar to Antifa. Trump’s supporters have been worse than anything conservatives could dream up about the left. Among his voting base were white nationalists and hardcore Nazis who unabashedly showed up to many of his rally with their racist flags and symbols, and some of them carried out acts of domestic terrorism in his name. Charlottesville was the start of it.

There has never been anything similar on the left or among the Democrats. No one ever showed up to an Obama speech or rally when he was president, proudly waiving a Communist flag. But that didn’t stop Republicans from calling him a far left radical every chance they could. And none of his supporters were enthusiastic enough to pick up an assault weapon and massacre a mosque full of Muslims, as a result of his rhetoric, which was never violent, or racial.

So, her claim that Democrats and the media have given the party a pass for “refusing to condemn the violence,” and trying to create a boogeyman similar to Antifa… is hogwash. If anyone has been given a free pass, it is right-wing media, including Dana Loesch, in refusing to condemn and call out the violent racial rhetoric of Donald Trump and Republicans.  

And since the incident at the Capitol, does Dana really have any right to complain that the left is more violent than the right? I think not. After four years of simping for Trump, defending every embarrassing thing he said and did, her constant whining about the media being Obama’s personal lapdog, was not only hilarious, but downright embarrassing. But this woman is incapable of feeling embarrassment about her bootlicking for Trump and the GOP.

In conclusion, Dana asks her readers why she questions the “legacy media.” The answer is simple: because the MSM – MSNBC and CNN – that she and others constantly criticize as biased against conservatives, is not another Fox News, is not 100% biased toward conservatives. It doesn’t mirror her view of reality, it has the audacity to fact check conservative lies and misinformation.

So, was the media desperate to pin QAnon to Trump? No. QAnon has signal boosted their support for Trump, even including him in their ridiculous conspiracy theories, and even though Trump has never – that I know of – officially endorsed their support, neither has he ever disavowed them. QAnon was tied or pinned to Trump during his tenure. Its members and followers showed up at his speeches and rallies with their Q flags and symbols. He couldn’t get more “pinned” than that. The media had no need to try and pin them to Trump. By refusing to disavow them, he pinned himself to them.

My verdict. Dana Loesch is full of shit, and it’s a shame she will never realize it.

Texas GOP Chairman Allen West And Fellow Clowns Call For Secession After Supreme Court Rejects Election Lawsuit

Texas GOP Chairman Allen West And Fellow Clowns Call For Secession After Supreme Court Rejects Election Lawsuit

Allen West, Texas GOP Chairclown of The Clown Car Committee.

When the Supreme Court rejected the Texas lawsuit to “nullify every vote cast in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and direct the legislatures of each state to appoint their electors to Donald Trump,” Republican supporters of Donald Trump donned their adult diapers and shit themselves into a temper tantrum.

Some of them have suggested suspending the Constitution in key states where the Trump team has contested that the votes were too close to call and do a recount. Michael Flynn, Virginia state Senator Amanda Chase, and the My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell, are just a few who have suggested Emperor Trump declare martial law.

After the Texas lawsuit was dismissed, Allen West, the state’s GOP Clownchairman, issued an unhinged statement:’s-response-to-scotus-decision/

Despite the increasing insanity in the Republican party and it’s media apparatus, not all of them have been eager to ride the crazy Train To Trump Town.

After West released his statement, Representative Adam Kinzinger tweeted:

“I believe @TexasGOP should immediately retract this, apologize , and fire Allen West and anyone else associated with this. My guy, Abraham Lincoln and the Union soldiers already told you no.”

Democratic Senator Brian Schatz tweeted:

“The Texas Republican party is in favor of leaving the Union. They have lost their minds. Biden will be president, but these people are deadly serious about secession and sedition. And this is the only question that media should ask any elected Republican tomorrow.”

Conservative media figures have also been talking about secession. Rush Limburger said recently on his radio show that “the country has been trending toward secession.” Rush, as always, is full of shit. Only the crazies have been calling for it. “It can’t go on this way,” he said. “There cannot be a peaceful co-existence of two two completely different theories of life, theories of government, theories about how we manage our affairs. We cannot be in this dire a conflict without something giving along the way.”

In a way he’s right. There is no peaceful co-existence between the left and the right. The right – and when I say “the right” that goes not only for the so-called alt right, but the mainstream conservative right, both of which share many of the same beliefs – is completely unreasonable and unhinged. They love reminding us that the Democratic party is still the party of the KKK, often employing racial rhetoric such as “slavery” and “plantation” in regards to government programs that alleviate poverty; they are far more conspiratorial than anything that exists on the left, such as Benghazi, and the countless anti-Obama conspiracies that “supposedly” had nothing to do with his race or name, but rather with his – completely fabricated – “radical Marxist policies and ideology” like Obamacare.

Texas state Representative Kyle Biedermann wrote on his Facebook page,”That is why I am committing to file legislation this session that will allow a referendum to give Texans a vote for the state of Texas to reassert it’s status as an independent nation.”

The “We The People Convention” a Tea Party affiliated group took out a full-page ad in the Washington Times also urging Trump to suspend the Constitution. I won’t go through most of the article, but to highlight some of the bullshit it contains:

“We have well-funded, armed and trained Marxists in ANTIFA and BLM strategically positioned in our major cities acting openly with violence to silence opposition to their anti-American agenda. Attacking federal buildings and police, cowardly punching innocent people in the back of the head, assaulting people just eating in restaurants, and burning minority-owned businesses to the ground…

“Then there are admitted Democrat/Socialist federal officials plotting to finish hitting the US Constitution after 100 years of trying. They promise to take away critical individual rights like free speech, religious freedom,  and the second amendment; destroy states rights by eliminating the electoral college and more, pack the Supreme Court with activist anti-Constitutional judges who will make law from the bench; give the right to vote to tens of millions of non-Americans; and open borders to more illegals which will reduce wages…

Not only do we have a corrupt media like in Lincoln’s day, we have a new and more sinister form of media in Big Tech, actively censoring free speech and promoting leftist propaganda  to blind our citizens to their real goals and the real consequences of their actions – the end of America as we have known it.”

Regarding Antifa and Black Lives Matter: they are neither terrorists, nor Marxists. They are two different entities that right-wing media and Republicans have smeared as anti-American. If you really want to see who is anti-American, anti-liberty, look no further than the Republican party – especially under Donald “Abraham Lincoln” Trump – and its media apparatus – Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN.

Antifa simply stands for anti-fascist. I’ve explained this before and I will explain it again and keep repeating it: it is not an organization of black clad terrorists who have offices and chapters in every city. It’s not a group that can be joined, or that recruits members. It is college kids and young activists who show up to disrupt the activities of fascists and neo-Nazis. The assertion that Antifa are the real fascists, is particularly telling. Conservatives have made this absurd claim because they are not willing to admit that they themselves are fascists. By claiming that Antifa – who are anti-fascist – are the actual fascists, the right can justify their own violence. Which is what they have been doing since the beginning of the Trump presidency.

Furthermore, the assertion that they are “well-funded, armed and trained Marxists strategically positioned in major cities to carry out violence, and are burning down cities,” is also laughable. Only the most ill-iniformed Fox News, Newsmax watching Doofus who has been propagandized to believe George Soros is the puppet master behind everything, would believe it. Who are the real terrorists? If you want to see real terrorists, look no further than the Proud Boys, who are Trump supporters. These clowns actually do arm themselves and do terrorize and assault people who don’t support Trump. They were doing just that during the Million MAGA Moron March. But right-wing media, true to form, portrayed Trump supporters as the victims of leftist violence.

As for Black Lives Matter, they are neither terrorists, nor Marxists. Anything or anyone conservatives don’t like they brand as Marxists and communists, which tells you where they stand – with fascism. They’ve labeled the entire Democrat party – a party of corporate centrists – as radical Marxist communists that want to eliminate free speech, individual rights, religious freedom and the second amendment, which is also absurd. Who really wants to curb free speech?… Look no further than the party of law and order. There isn’t one Democrat calling for any of those things. Nor have they advocated for stacking the SC with radical leftist judges – Republicans already did that, with real radicals – and they have never advocated for the right of illegal immigrants to vote.

The ad ends with this ironic gem of hypocrisy:

“You ( addressing Trump here ) must also act, like Lincoln did, to silence the destructive  media’s one-sided propaganda designed and proven to influence the election outcome, and end the unlawful censorship of Big Tech, to restore the confidence of the American people in our electoral process or we cannot continue as a nation. Failure to do so could result in massive violence on a level not seen since the Civil War. Limitless martial law is clearly a better option than Civil War!”

Not only are these clowns calling for suspending  the Constitution for a re-count of votes in an election that Trump clearly lost, but silencing any media that doesn’t kiss his narcissistic ego and delusions of grandeur, and a civil war if they don’t get what they want!

The irony of accusing the left of being hostile to democracy, free speech, religious liberty, and the Constitution, goes right over their heads.

Fake Antifa Grifter Condradicts Himself On Fox News: ‘Antifa Hates The Democratic Party’ But Joe Biden Must Denounce Them’

Fake Antifa Grifter Condradicts Himself On Fox News: ‘Antifa Hates The Democratic Party’ But Joe Biden Must Denounce Them’

Fake Antifa Grifter, Gabriel Nadales, made a recent appearance on America’s most fair and balanced network, Fox News, to complain about the left being mean to Trump supporters at the Million MAGA Moron March, and to call on Sleepy-Stuttering Joe Biden to denounce not only Antifa, but Black Lives Matter.

Nadales is a grifter who falsely claims to be a former member of an alleged group or organization that is not a group or organization, that has no hierarchy or center of command. He has written a book title, Behind The Black Mask: My Time As An Antifa Activist, and is “not surprised in the slightest” that the far left – who oppose fascism – would dare show up to harass his wonderful supporters.

For the last couple of weeks, Joe Biden has been calling for unity among Americans but you know where he could really start?” Nadales said. “He could start by condemning the violence perpetrated against president Trump’s supporters. If Joe Biden really wants unity among Republicans and Democrats, he needs to stand strong with the American people and call Antifa out by name. But he’s probably not going to do that because he’s been on record already saying that it’s just an idea and he doesn’t want to admit that he lied.”

Should Joe Biden call out Antifa by name? No, he should not. First of all, Antifa does not support Biden or the Democratic party and vice versa. Antifa despises the Democrats as much as they do Republicans. They are not fans or followers of the Democratic party, despite what misinformed conservatives claim. They’ve been propagandized by the likes of Fox News and other far-right media to believe that the two are politically and ideologically entertwined. They are not.

From the Daily Beast: “Antifa Loathes Joe Biden. The Racists And Lunatics Love Trump”

Joe Biden does not have to denounce Antifa. He’s done so, anyway, but even if he hadn’t, he has no responsibility to do so, and since this appears to be an attack line Trump might amp up in these last days, it’s important to understand why.

“Why doesn’t Joe Biden have to denounce Antifa? It’s very simple: Antifa doesn’t support him. Antifa is not an organized, top-down outfit with a hierarchy. It’s a loose confederation of mostly far-left groups that believe violence is justified against racist and fascist groups on the right that use violence. They also oppose capitalism and state violence. They don’t support Joe Biden. They don’t support the Democratic party…

I can understand why your average person doesn’t understand this, because they have never encountered such a person.”

I will go so far as to say that another reason they don’t understand, is that they have been conditioned by the media – especially far-right media – into believing that Antifa’s mission is to subvert democracy, and that they – along with any left leaning group or movement – are the real anti-Americans, as opposed to the Republican party which is at the moment, actively engaging in subverting democracy by trying to overturn a fair election by falsely claiming voter fraud.

So, Joe Biden has no responsibility to condemn or denounce Antifa, even though he has already done so, and Black Lives Matter should not be condemned or denounced. They are not a terrorist group despite the bullshit you might hear on social media about them “burning down cities”, “looting and rioting,” and murdering police officers. These are nothing more than lies and talking points.

Nadales falsely claims that the “liberal media” and left-wing politicians have put in a great effort to defend the extremist group Antifa, but despite this heroic effort, Antifa feels no loyalty to Joe Biden or the Democratic party.

He then contradicts this claim by saying the following:

“Joe Biden is actually not the preferred candidate of Antifa. This is a myth that was perpetrated by a lot of people in the mainstream left because they saw Antifa as their ally, because they made it seem like it was primarily against president Trump. But Antifa is a much older movement and hates American values and the Democratic party because they’re against all American institutions.”

If Antifa feels no loyalty to Joe Biden or the Democratic party, why would he be the preferred candidate of their choice? This is a contradiction. All we’ve ever heard from the right is that Antifa and the Democratic party are inseparable, are joined at the hip, like siamese twins, so it makes no sense that they would support him as a candidate, while simultaneously despising him and the Democrats. But logic doesn’t matter to Republicans. They can say anything that doesn’t make sense, and the rubes will swallow it hook, line and sinker.

Actually, Antifa is nothing more than college kids who dress in black and wear masks to conceal their identity for the purpose of opposing fascism. The claim that they hate American values is especially laughable. They literally oppose fascism, state violence, and institutional racism. They are not against family, education, religion, or any other institution or American value such as free speech or liberty.

“And the first step to stopping Antifa is to acknowledge that it is a threat. But, unfortunately, people like Joe Biden, they don’t want to admit that Antifa exists.”

Here’s a fact of reality that conservatives can’t seem to fathom: Antifa is not a threat. It is not a terrorist organization. It is not an organization. It is not morally equivalent to the Klan, or any other white supremacist organization. It is not morally equivalent to Donald Trump supporters, many of whom are white supremacists and Nazis, some of which have committed murder in his name. Antifa is not responsible for a single death. According to the DHS right-wing violence is a greater threat to Americans, not Antifa.

Here’s another fact of reality: I don’t hear a peep out of Republicans about the very real threat from the extremists who support Trump – who terrorize and intimidate anyone who oppose him – such as the Proud Boys, and other white supremacists and Nazis who actually love Donald Trump.

Is this clown willing to call out and denounce Donald Trump supporters for their violence? Not a chance. Is he willing to acknowledge that they are a threat? Not a chance. Is he willing to criticize Donald Trump for his failure to condemn the violence perpetrated by his own supporters? Not a God damn chance.

Unfortunately, for grifters like Nadales, he’s not interested in facts, or telling the truth. The grift of lying to the rubes who support the party and Donald Trump, is much more profitable.

Fox News Doofus Complains That Joe Biden Has Never Condemned Antifa

Fox News Doofus Complains That Joe Biden Has Never Condemned Antifa

< Via Media Matters >

Fox News contributor and doofus, Rachel Campost-Duffy, appeared recently on Fox And Friends to complain about how mean the mainstream media was to Trump, during and after the first debate, while giving Sleepy Joe a pass.

“Trump can be very charming. And I don’t think he brought that to the table. He can be funny too,” she continued. “But he didn’t bring that to the debate either. And I think that would have helped him with suburban moms…”

( Especially if he intended to grab them by the p****es to get their votes ).

“He can come off as very combative. It’s understandable why he does that at times. But I think he could have brought that funny, charming side as well that would have helped him.

“I do think on the topic of law and order, you know, Biden never said and never denounced Antifa or Black Lives Matter. And I know that Chris Wallace talked about Trump denouncing white supremacists, but all summer long I didn’t see white supremacists, you know, burning down businesses and causing violence and the destruction that has so upset so many Americans, destroyed so many Americans, so many lives. And so, again, this shows exactly what David is saying, that he is beholden to the left. He just cannot say BLM and Antifa burn down cities and that is bad. And that is weird to a lot of Americans. They are like, why can’t you denounce what is so obviously wrong?”

( First of all, the claim that Biden has never denounced Antifa, or the violence that occured during the protests – both are verifiably false. Biden’s tweet from August 30 condradicts this falsehood:

The deadly violence we saw overnight in Portland is unacceptable. Shooting in the streets of a great American city is unacceptable. I condemn violence of every kind by anyone, whether on the left or the right. And I challenge Donald Trump to do the same.”

< From >

( In the days following the death of George Floyd in police custody, Joe Biden wrote on his blog –

( “Protesting such brutality is right and necessary. It’s an American response. Burning down communities and needless destruction is not. Violence that endangers lives is not.”)

( When asked by a reporter by the name of Barbara Barr if he condemns Antifa, Biden told her, “Yes, I do – violence no matter who it is.”)

( Campost-Duffy’s claim that Biden has never denounced Antifa, is rated bulls***. Trump, on the other hand, has never condemned the violence of his supporters. When prompted to do so, he has always deflected by denouncing Antifa and Black Lives Matter as terrorists, two entities that may be guilty of nothing more than property damage at most. Trump supporters are guilty of more than property damage. Trump supporters have killed and have conspired to commit actual terrorist activities against Democrats since Trump became president.

( Duffy says she saw violence that wasn’t caused by white supremacists, militia groups. Here, she is talking about instances of property damage, which in the minds of right-winger’s, is somehow worse than murder. The claim that whole cities and communities have been burned down, is laughably absurd. Right-wing media has repeatedly aired images of one or two burning buildings to make it seem as if entire cities and communities were being destroyed. These instances of burning and looting have been most likely the result of frustrated citizens – and right-wing agitators – with no connection to Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

( She makes no mention of the armed right-wing extremists who showed up to harass and intimidate, and in some instances even killed BLM protesters, such as the shooting by Kyle Rittenhouse, whom conservatives defended as a heroic patriot. She also failed to mention the numerous incidents of police violence against peaceful protesters. Not to mention the politicians who were pepper sprayed, the child that was maced in the eyes by a police officer – after the video was taken, Seattle police arrested the person who filmed it – and the journalists that were brutalized, and arrested for doing their jobs.

( As for Joe Biden being controlled or “beholden” to the radical left – is poppy cock. The left despises Joe Biden. He is no more than a conservative disguised as a Democrat. Anyone who is even moderately informed about politics, knows this. Duffy either knows this, is not informed enough to know it, or is just being disingenous. Conservatives know that their audiences put their feelings over facts and will believe anything they are told. Where Duffy falls on this, I’m leaning toward the conclusion that she’s not too bright. And as for Joe Biden denouncing Antifa, he’s under no obligation, nor is he required to do so, since Antifa despises the Democratic party as much as they despise Republicans. He does not have their support nor the enthusiasm as the Nazis and white supremacists have of Donald Trump.

( To disavow and condemn Black Lives Matter is political suicide. BLM is a movement that fights for equality, an end to police violence, and systemic racism. It’s not a race war against white people or law enforcement. Those who disavow and condemn it as violent, as racist, as terroristic, are typically racist themselves, and are only interested in advancing the narrative that Black people are inherently more violent, hence the black on black crime narrative, not to mention the equally bogus narrative of black on white violence that Nazis and white supremacists love to perpetuate on their online forums. BLM may have some problems, but none of them are the aforementioned.

Campost-Duffey continues:

“I want to get back to Antifa. He ( Biden ) said Antifa is an idea and Donald Trump said yeah, until a bat hits you over the head. Antifa is not an idea. Antifa is an organization and so is BLM. They are funded by corporations, they are funded by left-wingers. His own staffers , Biden staffers and Kamala Harris herself helped to bail out many of these people who caused the violence and even some of the killings.”

( Again, not true. Conservatives talk about Antifa as if it’s an organization of black dressed terrorists who go around intimidating, threatenng, and murdering innocent law abiding citizens. Many of them actually believe this. They’re confused. This is what Trump supporters do. Charlottesville, Christchurch, El Paso, Tree Of Life, etc. Antifa is not an organized movement that anyone can join in membership. They are nothing more than college kids who oppose fascism and racism – are not funded by George Soros or other leftist groups – and who sometimes show up at far right rallies to intimidate Alt right groups that are highly organized and well funded.

( There has been no evidence to suggest that any of the protesters arrested were aligned with Antifa, or that Kamala Harris or Joe Biden bailed any of them out. This is disinformation that is found only on right-wing blogs and websites that are not interested in factual information.

( Conservatives just cannot bring themselves to say that Black Lives Matter is a legitimate civil rights movement with legitimate grievances. They just cannot bring themselves to admit that Antifa is not a terrorist organization. They just cannot bring themselves to admit that law enforcement as a whole is corrupt and out of control and should be reformed. Conservatives just cannot admit that by defending police corruption and by defending and justifying the death of a black man – by digging into his past – shot in the back seven times, is indefensible and racist.

And that is disingenuous, especially coming from those who claim it’s really the left and Democrats that are racist, by trotting out the same talking points to deflect from any accusations of racism: ‘Well, it was the Democrats that started the KKK’ – which is false – which means they’re the same party they were sixty, seventy years ago; and ‘Democrats are keeping black people complacent on the Democratic plantation with welfare and food stamps.’ And then they will contradict themselves when defending police violence against black people by repeating: ‘Why don’t black people and Black Lives Matter talk about the epidemic of black on black crime?’ Which is also false.

And that’s really weird to leftists. We’re like, why can’t they just admit when they’re wrong and full of shit?

Fox News’s Mr. Potato Head: “Kenosha Gunman Felt He Was Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, And Jean-Claude Van Damme Going In There To Try And Protect Everybody!”

On the night of August 25, in the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, Steven Seagal wanna-be Kyle Rittenhouse of Antioch Illinois, shot three protesters, Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, and Gaige Grosskreutz, killing Rosenbaum and Huber. According to right-wing wisdom, Rittenhouse had only been defending himself from the violent thug-protesters who just wanted to cause chaos and destruction, and when they noticed Rittenhouse, they chased him down for apparent reason other than murdering him, and Rittenhouse had no choice but to defend himself. However, they initially ignored or denied the murder of Rosenbaum, and when they did acknowledge it, that too was self-defense, even though by all reports that I’m aware of, Rosenbaum was not armed with a gun, but a plastic bag, which he is alleged to have thrown at Rittenhouse. The only individual who was armed, besides Rittenhouse, was Grosskreutz who survived his wounds.

Bigots will always justify the killing of a black man by law enforcement, often besmirching them as thugs and criminals, but will deify white right wing vigilantes as hero’s. After the shooting, as the video of the three individuals chasing Rittenhouse went viral on social media, the same right-wing media which were quick in justifying the shooting of Blake, were as equally quick to jump to Rittenhouse’s defense. Ann Coulter tweeted she wanted Rittenhouse as her president. Former baseball player and Trump c*** sucker, Aubrey Huff – what kind of name is Aubrey for a man? – tweeted that Rittenhouse was a ‘National treasure.’ Diaper Man – otherwise known as Charlie Kirk – blamed the Democrats instead of Rittenhouse, and has also defended the deaths of George Floyd, Jacob Blake, and Breonna Taylor. What a POS he is, which is why he probably delights in wearing adult diapers, because he knows he’s a human-sized POS.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh said in tweet, “People have every right to protect private property while armed. If you attack armed men because you’re mad that they’re stopping you from lighting buildings on fire, and then you get shot in the process, it’s 1000 percent your own fault. I shouldn’t have to explain this.”

Walsh is ignorant of the facts of that night. The three men chasing Rittenhouse were doing so not because he had caught them lighting buildings on fire, but because he had previously murdered a man who allegedly threw a bag with an empty water bottle at him. Perhaps someone should explain this to Walsh.

There were plenty of other dumb tweets. Among them, Blaze TV’s Sara Gonzales: “The media is using these young impressionable people in a race war that they themselves have created and perpetuated with their false narratives and agenda driven coverage.”

If twitter had any intelligent life other than the typical right-wing douche regurgitating the same bullshit, they would have challenged Gonzales and reminded her that it’s the right-wing media, of which she is a part of, that have been using legitimate grievances, not false narratives – what happened to Floyd, Blake, and Taylor, were not false narratives – and protests by Black Lives Matter activists, to push for a race war by encouraging vigilantes to show up armed to these protests to intimidate and in some cases even murder protesters, as in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Fox News contributor, Lisa Boothe, tweeted something equally stupid: “Just watch, the media and the left are now going to focus on the citizen militias showing up in Kenosha to take the blame off of BLM and Antifa for inciting violence in the first place.”

So, according to dipshits like Boothe, Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the cause of all the violence that have taken place over the summer. They just decided to loot and riot and protest for no reason. What happened to George Floyd, well that was unfortunate, but he was resisting arrest, and so was Blake, so they got themselves killed, you really can’t blame the police. Stop rioting, stop looting, stop protesting black people. You have no reason to get upset. Please shut up and sit down, why are you trying to start a race war?

As for Antifa, they have been nowhere to be found during these protests, but right-wing agitators and vigilantes have been everywhere, inciting violence, causing chaos, intimidating and murdering protesters. The police have incited violence. They caused the deaths which led to these protests. Fox News and right-wing media have incited violence by showing non-stop footage of burning buildings – just a tiny part of the protests – and telling their viewers that violent, anti-American Marxists are going to burn everything down and need to be stopped. Someone with balls should have also challenged Boothe on these points and let her know that she is also full of shit.

Conservatives hate black people. There is no other conclusion to reach. They will turn cartwheels while denying any racism in their ranks – what, me racist? Just because I believe George Floyd shouldn’t have resisted arrest or he wouldn’t have been killed, doesn’t make me racist – and yet they have consistently sided with and defended the police in acts of violence, and have consistently defended the unnecessary deaths of black civilians at the hands of law enforcement, as justified killings. They can attack Black Lives Matter, a movement that fights for racial equality and justice, as a Marxist movement that just wants to destroy and burn down America because they hate it, but that’s just an excuse for their racism.

Two days after the shooting, Mr. Potato Head, via his radio show which reaches an audience of toothless, drooling boomers, screeched in his annoying nasal tone into a microphone, which caused an ear shattering feedback which nearly deafened his audience:

I did a full interview with our Blaze reporter who’s been in Kenosha, and he’s got the scoop folks, he’s got all the facts, not the drivel that MSLSD and the Clinton News Network’s been saying.

“And he interviewed before the shooting, that 17 year old kid. And the media are calling him, like, I dunno, a terrorist, a white supremacist, or something. What a load of hogwash! What a crock of crap! He’s none of those things! He never was. Our Blaze reporter told me that the kid, Rittenhouse, felt he was Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, and Jean-Claude Van Damme going in there to try and protect everybody, and he wanted to be a cop too! To try and put down the violence that all those Black Lives Matter and Antifa punks have been causing. And for that he was assaulted! He was hit over the head with a skateboard and a tooth brush! And then they tried to pull his pants down and have sex with him, the bunch of perverts, and then he fires off shots. What else was he supposed to do? Let himself get buggered for God sake!? It just isn’t that Black and white!”