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How Barack Obama Ruined America And Was The Worst President Ever … Part 3

If you dislike Barack Obama as much as I do , then you know for a fact he was the worst American president , from his Marxist policies like Obama care , to giving away free stuff like Obama phones … Continue reading

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Obama Shreds Constitution , Uses Shavings As A Salad Topping

As the democratic presidential debates are scheduled to begin this Fall ,  the Obama’s are looking forward to serving a  special dinner in honor of the candidates. It is a dinner that is held every four years at the White House. But this  … Continue reading

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How Obama Derangement Syndrome Turned Me Into A Patriotic Paranoid Gun Loving American

When Barack Obama was elected forty-fourth president of the United States , something strange happened. All over America , conservatives and republicans suddenly realized that something was not right with the new president. It was not that he was a liberal … Continue reading

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Proof That Obama Is Worse Than Hitler

Dr. Ben Carson once claimed that Obama care was comparable to slavery. With it’s proven death panels , the taxes patriotic Americans have been forced to pay on it , and the coverage they have lost due to the new law , … Continue reading

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