Stupid Conservative Memes #27

Do these idiots actually believe liberals are offended by someone wishing them Merry Christmas? Yes , they do , even though liberals actually don't because they are not that superficial. The same can't be said for Conservatives who actually do take offense at the term Happy Holidays.


Stupid Conservative Memes #24 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition

A known white supremacist  Dylann Roof murders nine black people in a South Carolina church , and Conservatives can't find a motive. This is the length that racist Conservatives will go to make themselves the victims of racism. Deny racism exists because America elected a black president. Roof admitted to the police that his motive …

Stupid Conservative Memes #23

 Truth and honesty has never been a strong point with Conservatives. I've never heard a liberal say that  all white people should be held accountable for the actions of someone like Dylann Roof. What liberals are saying is that White America needs to take responsibility for its violent , racial past. Conservatives don't understand this. When …

Stupid Conservative Memes #20

   Conservative mainstream media and the NRA are responsible for record gun sales with their constant fear mongering that Obummer the dictator would take their firearms away through gun control. But it hasn't happened. When he leaves office , gun sales will continue to sky-rocket.

Stupid Conservative Memes #5 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition

It never ceases to amaze me that anti-liberal Conservatives always fail to see the holes in their logic. Here's a classic example by Liberal Logic 101. This meme claims that the so-called "liberal media" wants to hold every single White , God-fearing , gun-loving , government-hating Conservative patriot accountable for the actions of one shooter. …

Stupid Conservative Memes # 3 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition

******irony****** Actually liberals tend to regard facts , data , and information to make an argument , while Conservatives tend to disregard them , and argue on pure emotionalism.       2. Conservatives have been blaming  Obama for nearly everything for eight years , from the financial crisis of 2008 , hurricane Katrina , …

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