Mollie Hemmingway: “Democrats Prolonging COVID Pandemic By Forcing Through Spending Bills!”

FeaturedMollie Hemmingway: “Democrats Prolonging COVID Pandemic By Forcing Through Spending Bills!”

Covidiots are everywhere, and it seems America, more than any other nation, is full of them. They’re our friends, our neighbors, and our family members. And unfortunately, all too many of them are either Trump supporters, and/or rabid consumers of far right-wing media such as Fox News, OANN, and Newsmax.

They are also regular consumers of so-called conservative news sites like Breitbart, the Gateway Pundit, World Net Daily, Townhall, and Right-Wing News, all of which are nothing more than sources of misinformation and crackpot conspiracy theories. During the Obama years, the conspiracies ranged from Birtherism and FEMA camps, to complete and total gun confiscation. These days, under socialist Joe Biden, it’s complete and total authoritarian control through vaccine mandates which are designed to strip patriotic Americans –  Trump conservatives who love the Constitution – of their right to spread COVID to whomever they please.

On a recent appearance with Brett Baier, the editor of the Federalist blamed the Democrats for prolonging the pandemic.

From Media Matters:

Mollie Hemmingway ( Fox News Contributor ): “We know we want people to be vaccinated and/or have natural immunity in order to slow down the spread as we move from this pandemic being something that’s very horrific to deal with, to just something you deal with every year like the flu.

“That data has not been shared. And I think it’s because it’s been politically advantageous, certainly the Democratic party has benefitted quite a bit from this electorally, being able to push through spending packages, and so you see them trying to continue the pandemic, pushing boosters – again, based on bad data – while the rest of the country is engaging in college football games each weekend and moving on as, you know, we have gotten through a lot of the natural immunity or vaccination with this.”

It’s conservatives like Hemmingway who really want people to be vaccinated and/or have natural immunity to the virus, because it’s the only way to slow down the spread and end the pandemic, or at the very least, if enough people get it, they will develop natural immunity to it, so that it will be no more deadly than the flu. God knows the data really shows that COVID is no different than the regular flu. God knows the CDC is deliberately hiding that information because it benefits the Democrats electorally to prolong the pandemic by trying to cram all of their commie infrastructure bills through Congress, and attempting to cram more booster shots down our throats while they simultaneously force us to wear masks! Meanwhile, the rest of us are calmly moving on, watching football games, stuffing our faces with Pappa John’s Pizza and celebrating freedom and liberty in America while the Democrats try to do everything they can to crash the COVID party!

Hemmingway is an editor of the Federalist, a conservative news publication that has previously published false COVID and election fraud claims.

Lisa Boothe Complains About Democrats Calling Trump a Bigot

Lisa Boothe Complains About Democrats Calling Trump a Bigot


Did you know that Barack Obama once having had a picture taken with Louis Farrakan is comparable to radical Democrats calling Trump a racist and a bigot?

It’s true, according to Fox News contributor, Lisa Boothe. Who could argue with logic like that? I know I can’t.

“They called president Trump a racist and a bigot, ” she said Monday on Outnumbered Overtime. “We’ve seen Obama standing side by side with Louis Farrakhan, a guy that said Jews are termites…

We all know that president Trump never said illegals were rapists and murderers, or any of the other racist nonsense they’ve accused him of. They’re nothing more than libtard media lies. But Obama standing next to Farrakhan is definitely as bad as some of the things they’ve accused President Trump of doing. Maybe even worse!

“You have people like Elizabeth Warren kissing Al Sharpton, whose been known as a race-baiter…”

Elizabeth Warren is now a racist. No, it’s true. I’ve suspected for a long time that she was racist, but was never quite sure. I was really suspicious that time she claimed she had native American ancestry in her heritage. That was bad enough. Now that I know she once kissed Al Sharpton? Definitely racist!

“You have the Left standing in solidarity behind Representatives Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib who have been accused by their own party of antisemitism…”

This is probably the worst example of the Left being racist! It absolutely made my Red, White And Blue blood boil! I mean, how dare they criticize America, President Trump, and Israel?! Don’t they realize he’s making America great again? Only he has the right to criticize America, and Israel. At least when he does either one, it’s not racist or anti-Semitic. 

The what about Barack Obama standing next to Loius Farrakhan is the best argument I’ve heard, since the one that he hated America because he once attended a church that had a pastor that didn’t blow America for its greatness in every sermon. She should have used that one.