Since becoming president, Joe Biden has come under full assault by the Republican party and it’s media lapdogs. Much of that assault is attacking him for everything he has done, whether it’s been successful or not, mostly to deflect from the fact that the former president, Donald J. Trump, was a massive failure.

Recently, Biden was able to accomplish something Trump was unwilling to do: getting America out of Afghanistan where it had been for twenty years. The withdrawal had its tragedies: American servicemen were killed in recent suicide bombings in the vicinity of the Kabul airport, as well as Afghan civilians. This likely would have happened had Trump initiated a withdrawal. But conservative media has been in defense mode for the former president, claiming a Trump withdrawal would have been smooth and successful without any deaths. Even Trump himself has made this claim.

As usual, they’re all full of it.

It was Trump who initiated the withdrawal from Afghanistan, by negotiating an agreement to withdraw all military by May of 2021. Joe Biden had the balls to carry through on that agreement. Trump knew this would happen under his presidency, which is why he didn’t do it. It would have shattered the confidence of the lapdogs who lick his boots and kiss his rear end.

In a Fox News op-ed, current chair of the RNC, Ronna McDaniel condemned the Biden administration for having the audacity of getting military troops and personnel from Afghanistan, as if it were a massive failure from start to finish. It wasn’t the war itself that was a massive failure, a war that saw the deaths of more than 2,000 American soldiers. No, that was acceptable to conservatives.

She begins her article by listing the names of the servicemen who lost their lives in the suicide bombing.

Their deaths are heart-breaking. They were also preventable. By haphazardly withdrawing from Afghanistan with no plan and no preparation, president Joe Biden put our troops in harm’s way. Thirteen American families have been devastated as a direct result of Joe Biden’s complete and embarrassing incompetence. There is no excuse for his failure.

By claiming that Biden had no plan for withdrawing from Afghanistan, shows her ignorance. Biden’s plan was to get as many Americans – servicemen, and personnel – out of Afghanistan before the deadline, and to prevent any future deaths of military men and women by prolonging a war with no end in sight. He could have just prolonged the inevitable – the Taliban taking over Afghanistan – by keeping thousands of troops and risking the deaths of hundreds or thousands more American soldiers – which, of course, would have been perfectly acceptable to conservatives like McDaniel who talk out of both sides of their mouths.

This would have happened even had Trump pulled out all U.S. troops from Afghanistan while he was still president. The Taliban would have taken over run the country just as they are now. There would have been suicide bombings – which conservatives would say we’re inevitable – and conservatives would be defending his decision to withdraw the military. Had any of this happened, they would have most likely blamed it on Obama.

Trump put U.S. troops in harm’s way by negotiating a deal with the Taliban, which included the release of thousands of Taliban prisoners. But, for some reason, McDaniel didn’t bother to mention this. I wonder why.

The man who claimed to plan for every contingency left the Taliban billions of dollars of American military equipment – including Blackhawk helicopters. And hundreds of American citizens remain trapped behind enemy lines. The president left American citizens to die in a terrorist-controlled war zone. The scale of Biden’s failure is nearly incomprehensible. It’s been reported that this pathetic excuse for a commander-in-chief even gave the Taliban a list of Americans remaining in Afghanistan, similar to how he commissioned this radical terrorist group to provide security for American citizens. Negotiating with terrorists and losing spectacularly – at the cost of American lives and an entire nation’s future – is unacceptable.

Did she find it unacceptable that Trump negotiated with these same terrorists? Did she – or any of his sycophants in the media or Congress – find it unacceptable when Trump agreed to the release of thousands of Taliban prisoners as part of his peace deal with them? I don’t know, but I doubt it.

It was Biden who specifically left all of that military equipment to the Taliban. It was all donated by Obama, obviously. No past Republican administration had anything to do with providing that equipment, and certainly no Republicans in Congress voted to authorized any of that equipment. It was all Joe Biden and Obama. He just handed everything over as one massive gift to the Taliban, wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on his way out. Thanks, Obama!

Biden has failed the American people. He lied. He failed, and he has proven himself unfit to serve as our president. If Biden had an ounce of human decency, he would resign. Sadly, he doesn’t. He likely doesn’t fully understand the catastrophic, tragic events that he set in motion. In his few appearances throughout this crisis, he has appeared defiant and without remorse. Our enemies around the globe are taking note. This president is incapable of living up to the gravity of this crisis. Thirteen American soldiers should not have died as a direct result of Joe Biden’s leadership. This tragedy is completely his doing. He has failed our troops, he has failed the Afghan people, and he has failed America. Biden’s Afghanistan crisis proved beyond a doubt that he is not up to the task of leading this nation. He should resign immediately.”

It should be noted that McDaniel is a niece of Mitt Romney. Mitt begs to differ with his niece’s assessment of who shares the blame in this crisis.

In a recent interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Mitt said:

“Leaving Americans behind and leaving our Afghan friends behind who’ve worked with us would put upon us and will put upon us a moral stain. This did not have to happen. It was preventable. We didn’t have to be in this rush-rush circumstance with terrorists breathing down our neck. But it’s really the responsibility of the prior administration and this administration that has caused this crisis to be upon us and has led to what is without question a humanitarian and foreign-policy tragedy.

“If you focus on what we should do right now, recognize that we’re in the position we’re in right now because of terrible decisions made by two administration’s. One, the Trump administration negotiating directly with the Taliban, getting ready to invite them to Camp David, opening up a prison of 5,000 Taliban and probably ISIS-K individuals and letting them free. We don’t know whether some of them were involved in the attack that occured.

“These were decisions that led to what you’re seeing and the danger that exists at the airport. This should not have happened.”

While I don’t agree with much of what he said, Romney was right about one thing. It didn’t have to happen. It was indeed preventable. It would not have happened had we not been there in the first place. The last three administrations share an equal blame. The decision to invade a country with an outcome that was totally predictable – the deaths of American servicemen and women, the deaths of hundreds of Afghan citizens, terrorist attacks – was inevitable. It was preventable. The only thing left to do, was to get out.

It should also be noted, that as a die-hard Trump supporter, McDaniel dutifully played her role in convincing the rubes that Joe Biden and the Democrats unfairly stole the election from Trump. She parroted all of the rhetoric, and even participated in the laughable, embarrassing press conference with Kayleigh McEnany that Fox News refused to air.

The Detroit Free Press refers to McDaniel as one of Trump’s “propagandists” in his election fraud claim. From a recent article:

The tabulation of Michigan’s presidential votes unfolded exactly as veteran election watchers in both parties predicted it would, with Trump winning a majority of same-day votes, and Biden overtaking the president as absentee votes cast disproportionately by Democratic voters were counted.

Yet from the moment Trump’s early advantage began to narrow, Michigan native, McDaniel and state GOP chair ( Laura ) Cox began parroting the president’s assertion that untold thousands of absentee ballots had been fraudulently cast for Biden.

They credulously amplified false reports that corrupt Democrats had smuggled thousands of forged ballots into Wayne County’s counting center in the dead of night, that ballots had been illegally backdated, and that GOP observers had been systematically excluded from monitoring the vote count. Even as Biden’s advantage grew to an insurmountable 150,000 votes, both women urged Republican appointees on the Wayne County and state canvassing boards to withhold certification of Michigan’s election results.

The article also says, “Each bears a responsibility for perpetuating the lies and fueling the outrage that led inexorably to the Capitol rampage. Had they prevailed in their efforts to overturn the election results, those who attempted to derail certification would had effectively disenfranchised more than 81 million Americans, including the 2.8 million Michiganders who cast their vote for Biden.

In closing, it also should be noted that this is a person who defended the Trump administration’s pathetic handling and response to the pandemic. In an appearance on NBC News last September, she said this:

“The president was calm and steady in a time of unrest and uncertainty. And I think history will look back on him well and how he handled this pandemic.”

“I disagree that the president took political calculations in a global pandemic like we’ve never seen before that has decimated not just our country but countries across the world. Think of what would have happened if he’d have gone out and said: ‘This is awful. We should all be afraid. We don’t have a plan.’ It would have been a run on the banks. It would have been a run on the hospitals. It would have been a run on the grocery stores.”

Was she living on the moon at the time? This is exactly what happened. Millions of people lost their jobs as well.

During this interview, she criticized Democrats for politicizing the virus: “The president has led us through uncertain times with a Democrat party who’s politicizing a time of crisis when usually people come together.”

Pointing out that Nancy Pelosi had referred to the coronavirus as the “Trump Virus,” as he had called it the “China virus,” she said, “How is that not a disgusting thing, to say that people are being killed by the Trump Virus? This is something that is affecting every American, Republican, Democrat. I have lost friends to this virus. The president has lost friends to this virus. This is personal. So, to do that, is not in the best interests of this country We are already divided. Usually in crisis we come to together. Let’s show the best of America.”

McDaniel and Trump may have lost friends to the virus, but didn’t stop them from politicizing it, claiming that it was a manufactured crisis, downplaying it, that being asked to wear masks and follow health guidelines was a personal threat to their freedom. The fact that both of them contracted COVID because neither of them could be bothered to act in a responsible manner and wear masks in public, didn’t prevent them from politicizing it.

Unfortunately, Republicans have no interest in showing the best that America has to offer. They are not interested in coming together in unity. Their only interests are keeping the country divided, while ironically blaming the Democrats of being divisive – that wearing masks and following health guidelines are tyrannical, that Trump really won the election, and that their new voting laws are really all about keeping future elections honest and fair.

Ronna McDaniel has no right to criticize Joe Biden for his withdrawing from Afghanistan and the deaths of American soldiers, when she has shamelessly defended and made excuses for Trump’s pathetic handling of the pandemic, a president who failed to lead the American people by example, by convincing them that wearing a mask was the right thing to do, that listening to the experts was the right thing to do. He failed in his responsibilities to lead the nation in a time of crisis, and he failed the American people by refusing to accept that he lost an election.

He nearly succeeded in tearing this country apart, and all of his allies in Congress and in media who willingly played a part in attempting to tear this country apart with their lies and propaganda about the virus, the vaccines, and election fraud – they are all as guilty and as complicit in the deaths of the Americans who died due to those lies and propaganda. Many of these people were threatened with law suits. They have forfeited the public’s trust, they should no longer be given credibility, should not be given platforms to further spread their lies and propaganda. They should all be in prison, or at the very least, ostracized for what they did.

McDaniel should crawl back under the rock she so obviously lives under. After everything this woman has said and done in defense of a pathetic president who himself has no decency, McDaniel has proven that she has no decency. If she did, she would resign as RNC chair and crawl back under that rock in shame. Instead, Fox News and other news outlets continue to give her credence and a platform, as if she has anything important to say.

Sources: Fox News, Detroit Free Press, CNN.

If Ronna McDaniel Had An Ounce Of Human Decency, She Would Resign

Since the disastrous Unite The Right rally in the summer of 2017, conservative media and the Republican party has been in damage control. Far right groups, including neo-Nazis, the Klan and neo-Confederates united in Charlottesville. They were Trump supporters and those who had voted for Trump. Trump called them “very fine people” and equated the counter-protesters to the Nazis they had come to oppose. One of these very fine people plowed through a small crowd of anti-fascist protesters killing one of them and injuring many others.

A few Republicans demonstrated temporary integrity to denounce and condemn the violence and Trump’s remarks. Even some in conservative media showed a bit of integrity to do the same. Others couldn’t bring themselves to criticize Trump. These conservatives went into overdrive to defend Trump’s remarks and whitewash the violence of that day. Dennis Prager, perhaps one of the biggest defenders of Trump, and who runs Prager University, created a video in defense of Charlottesville, titled The Charlottesville Lie. The video claimed that the so-called biased liberal media had deliberately lied and taken Trump’s statement’s out of context to smear him, to make him look bad, that he had never called them fine people. The video was easily debunked.

Ever since, the Republican party has scrambled frantically, attempting to save face, to distance itself from the extremists in their party, their ranks, pretending as if there is no connection between neo-Nazis, white nationalists, the Klan, and neo-Confederates with the Republican party. And conservative media has been a willing participant in that denial, that obfuscation.

Some conservatives went a step further, into conspiracy territory. It wasn’t really the so-called Alt-right that was responsible for the violence. It was really the left. The left had not only organized and set up the event to make Trump look bad, but Obama and George Soros – the boogeyman of the totally non-anti-semitic conservative right – were also behind it. This theory was voiced by Rush Limburger and several prominent Republican politicians.

During her Face The Nation appearance, Ronna McDaniel demonstrated that “Democrat-Antifa Brain Rot” is a fairly new disorder among Republicans, similar to Derangement Syndrome. Derangement Syndrome is an irrational hatred of everything someone says or does. With Republicans Democrat-Antifa Brain Rot is the insatiable urge to blame everything bad on Democrats. Cancel culture, racism, violence, and anti-Semitism, it’s all the fault of the Democrats, and their allies, Antifa and BLM.

Margret Brennan asked her how damaging the events of January 06 were to the Republican party.

McDaniel: “They were damaging to our country. I think it was horrific what happened. There is no American, Republican or Democrat, who looks at that and sees our Capitol attacked and feels good. And I think there’s a lot of self-reflection that has to go on across the whole country.”

What happened at the Capitol was not just “damaging to our country,” it was damaging to the Republican party. It put the Republican party in a bad light. It made the Republican party look anti-Democratic. If this had been Joe Biden claiming that the Republicans had rigged the election, had sued certain states to stop the vote counting, had his lawyers and supporters putting on televised clown shows disguised as press conferences, all which culminated in encouraging his supporters to march down to the Capitol to fight for him to stop the electoral certification of Trump, and do what they did… how would Republicans, Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN have reacted? They would have lost their shit. They would have been calling the Democrats the party of treason, they would have been calling for televised public executions of the Democrats, just as some of the assholes did with Mike Pence. There is no self-reflection that needs to take place with with the entire country. Only those who participated in it have an obligation to self-reflect on the role they played and the damage it caused to this country – McDaniel included.

Brennan asked her if Trump had done any self-reflection.

McDaniel: “I’m going to talk about me because I’m not going to speak for somebody else. What I will say from an RNC perspective is we’ve been more vocal in denouncing groups like QAnon. We know that anarchists came to Washington that day. There was a bomb placed outside of my building, outside of the Republican National Committee. We have a deeply divided nation. I will do that. I will denounce elements that pretend to be Republican and say we do not want you in our party. I would like Democrats to do the same with Antifa and groups that are anti-Semitic that masquerade as Democrats. and say you are not welcome in our party, as they burned down cities this past summer. I would ask the media to be more fair and how you report things. Don’t suppress reports on Hunter Biden and what’s happening with Andrew Cuomo and the immense failures and then highlighting things like you did with Governor Noem. Andrew Cuomo, what he had done, his policies killed people…”

The Republican party has not been more vocal in denouncing groups like QAnon – at least, not that I know of. A few maybe, not the entire party. The majority of the Republican party loves Trump, and are either QAnon supporters themselves, or don’t mind it’s presence and/ or influence in the party.

Trump supporting extremists came to the Capitol that day, and one or several of them placed explosives outside the RNC and DNC headquarters, probably the night before. Yes, the nation is deeply divided. And why is it divided? It certainly isn’t Democrats who are dividing it. I could name that party, but it’s obvious.

Again, I haven’t heard any wide spread condemnation of Marjory Taylor Green’s radical extremism, her racism, anti-Semitism, or her violent rhetoric. Whenever Republicans are called on to denounce extremism in their own party, they pivot to what-aboutism, what about the Democrats. Donald Trump did exactly that during the NBC televised Town hall where Savannah Guthrie asked him to denounce QAnon, which he could not do without bringing up Antifa and the left. It always comes back to Democrats, the left to Antifa. Democrats must denounce Antifa, a small amorphous movement of anti-fascists, whom the right has exaggerated and hyped as a national terror threat. It’s not the actual, real terrorist groups on the far right that share the same politics, the same ideologies with the mainstream conservatives, some of whom have carried out murders of immigrants and Jews… they’re not the real threat, as the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies have confirmed. It’s really Antifa and BLM who dare show up at white supremacist and Trump rallies to scream in the face of a Nazi. That’s the real threat to a conservative. Even when Democrats denounce and call out violent tactics of Antifa, conservatives like McDaniel pretend it never happens.

She alludes to groups that burn down cities. No city, that I am aware of, has been burned to the ground. Then says the media must be more fair in it’s reporting. She unironically brings up the Hunter Biden story that even Fox News did not find credible, and pivots directly to Andrew Cuomo “and his immense failures,” accusing him of killing people, but, of course, has nothing to say about Trump’s immense failures to keep the public safe during a pandemic. It’s just blame Democrats, blame Democrats, blame Democrats for everything all day long. Democrats are responsible for Antifa, for everything Louis Farrakhan says about Jews and white people; they are responsible for racism, abortion, anti-Semitism, sexism, cancel culture; for suppressing free speech. It must be a perpetual apology tour – like the one they accused Obama of – atoning for every evil in the world. But even that wouldn’t satisfy conservatives. They would just find something else to bitch about and blame on Democrats.

Brennan said Cuomo wouldn’t like some of her questions if he came on her program, and McDaniel said he deserved it, because the “media as a whole has ignored Andrew Cuomo. Anyone who isn’t living in a conservative media bubble would know that just the opposite is true.

She then asked McDaniel about Liz Cheney lamenting being viewed as the party of white supremacy, and asked McDaniel if she would make it clear that the Republican party is not the party of white supremacy.

McDaniel: “A hundred percent. We passed a resolution unanimously from the RNC members three years ago saying we condemn white supremacy, anti-Semitism, KKK, and I’m going to add QAnon to that. They are not welcome in our party. I have not seen Democrats do that with Louis Farrakhan, who calls the  Jewish people termites. I have not seen them do that with Antifa, who last night committed violence again in Portland.”

It’s disappointing when mainstream media fail to do their jobs when talking to these Republicans who lie so easily with a straight face. It’s disappointing that Brennan allowed her to ramble on and lie without once pushing back, challenging her and fact checking some of her claims. There were three RNC resolutions. One of them supposedly condemned racism from white supremacists, but not the bigotry and hatred from Trump or the Republican party. Another one simply condemned the Southern Poverty Law Center for daring to call out and condemn hate groups, the majority of which happen to be conservative, which is what they were really upset about. That one also called out the Obama administration.  I wonder why.

What Democrats have to do with Louis Farrakhan and what he has said about Jews or white people, I have no idea. Republicans have been desperate to connect him with the Democratic party for years, ever since that photo of Obama standing next to him appeared on the internet, just as they’re currently desperate to keep the narrative alive that their party is still the party of Lincoln, not racism, despite the fact that Republicans hate black people – Black Lives Matter are “racists, “thugs,” and “terrorists” – are the party that engages in voter suppression tactics, and are the party that have ironically and cluelessly  adopted the legacy of the Confederacy, who get butthurt when SJW’s remove their symbols of “southern pride and heritage.”

They have been trying to do the same with Antifa. Even though Antifa, who are not Democrats and are not supported by the Democrats – or vice versa – they constantly claim that Antifa are either the “militant wing of the Democrats,” or they “refuse to condemn their violence,” despite the overwhelming evidence that many Democrats have done so. Again, the idea that Democrats must denounce and condemn Antifa and other left-wing SJ’s, is absurd. They don’t have to denounce Antifa. Democrats have never demanded the same of Republicans.

Brennan reminded McDaniel that the people who sieged the Capitol were carrying Trump flags, which was why Cheney voted to impeach Trump, and, of course, McDaniel had no defense whatsoever.

McDaniel: “But you know what? The Democrats have created a safe haven for Antifa. They have not denounced them. Nancy Pelosi said as cities were being ripped apart, people will do what they do. You can’t hold Republicans to one standard and not Democrats and that creates unrest as well.”

Again back to Antifa. Just as Trump could never condemn the extremist shooters who acted on his rhetoric and that of the conservative media, McDaniel could not bring herself to criticize Trump or the extremists who support him. Just lie about the Democrats creating “a safe haven for Antifa.” What did they do to create this safe haven? Set up sanctuary cities exclusively for anti-fascists?

As cities were “being ripped apart” due to police violence, Nancy Pelosi said “people will do what they do.” In the conservative bubble means this means she was “dismissing violence,” and “encouraging mob violence,” which every right-winger on Twitter said she was doing. She wasn’t. Conservatives are so dim-witted they are unable to comprehend anything they read, which is why they are always taking everything Democrats say out of context. Pelosi’s comments on the protesters toppling the statue of Columbus in Baltimore were nuanced. When asked by a reporter whether it should have been done by a commission or city council, instead of a mob, Pelosi said, “People will do what they do. I do think that from a safety standpoint, it would be a good idea to have it taken down if the community doesn’t want it. I don’t know that it has to be a commission but it could be a community view. Sometimes it’s something that’s been there, that view has been there for a while, but let’s just say… I always say to young people, children who come to the Capitol, when you look around you see statues to people and Washington monuments and the rest who we respect. Washington, Jefferson. Heroes, they would want us to be talking about the future, your future. So everything we do here is about you. It’s not necessarily… they would want it to be about looking forward, not looking back. So let’s just think about what are the values, the vision, the perspective that we enshrine and how that benefits our children rather than having a big fight about was somebody worth it. We know they’re not worth it if they committed treason against the United States.”

Because Conservatives hate Pelosi so much, they took one sentence – people will do what they do – and had a Twitter tantrum accusing her of encouraging violence. Again, she wasn’t. The people encouraging and inciting violence are conservatives, the Marjory Taylor Green’s and the Lauren Boeberts in Congress, and the Republican party has actually given them a “safe haven” within the party. “Democrats have created a safe haven for Antifa,” my ass!

Brennan then asked her if Marjory Taylor Green is representative of the kind of woman she wants to draw to the Republican party.

McDaniel: “Well, you know, I’ve been very vocal about her comments. She apologize for them. I’m glad to see she did and her district will decide that. But we have increased women . We’re now thirty-eight women in Congress in the Republican party. That’s the highest we’ve ever had. And here’s the other thing. Women are suffering under the Biden administration. 2.4 million women have lost their jobs because of daycare issues. A hundred and fifty thousand last month. Women are going through a she-cession. Women are struggling because our kids are not back at school. I’m not saying this as a Republican. I’m saying this as a mother of two kids in public schools watching this rip apart my community as kids are suffering. So get it done. Get our kids back in school. And that’s what the Republican party stands for.”

McDaniel found some of Green’s Facebook post comments “disgusting, and have no place in our country,” which doesn’t sound very vocal to me. Has she ever confronted Green about those comments? Has she ever suggested that Green be expelled from Congress? Has she told Green to her face that she is not welcome in the Republican party? No, no, and no. She apologized for them, don’t you know? Everything is peachy keen now! Democrats need to just shut up about QAnon. The other thing is that women are suffering under Joe Biden’s presidency. 2.4 million women have lost their jobs because they can’t find any daycares to take care of their kids. That’s a lot of women who just suddenly happen to have lost their jobs in less than seven weeks. None of that could possibly have occured under the last administration. Oh no. That administration was perfect. They did everything they could to stop the virus in its tracks. They encouraged everyone to wear masks, social distance, stay home, wash their hands – you name it, Trump, the Republican party and Fox News pundits encouraged it all.

Who does she think she kidding? For a woman who claimed during an interview with The New York Times that she had regrets about allowing Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell the use of the RNC headquarters to hold their insane news conference – “When I saw some of the things Sydney was saying without proof, I certainly was concerned that it was happening in my building. There were a whole host of issues we had to deal with what is the liability of the RNC if these allegations are made and unfounded?” – I can’t take her seriously about anything. She was so concerned that she went and held her own news conference with Kayleigh McEnany, the one that even Fox News refused to air. They must have been competing to see who could be the craziest in their claims, and it just so happens that Giuliani and Powell were the more crazier. Too bad they didn’t win an award. Fox News would have devoted an entire week to it.

The last administration could have gotten the job done if it were not so inept. It could have gotten kids back in school, people back to work, if it had just done the right thing, taken the pandemic seriously, instead of complaining about tyranny for being asked to wear masks around others, to lock down. Instead it chose to encourage its supporters to storm Capitol buildings with weapons, to threaten Democratic leaders with death threats. Just as it encouraged its supporters to storm the Washington Capitol on January 06, not only to protest a democratic election, but to overturn it by force, mobs of psychopaths who destroyed property, murdered people, and then had the fucking nerve to say Antifa did it. And to have media – Fox News, Newsmax, OANN – that willingly and eagerly went along with its narrative of a stolen election, and to have a team of lawyers, and supporters who repeated that narrative during interviews and news conferences – Giuliani, Sydney Powell, McEnany, and Ronna McDaniel – and to continue to claim that the Republican party is the party of unity, of responsibility, the Constitution – is outright laughable.

And Margret Brennan’s failure to press her on any of this, is disappointing.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Has “Democrat-Antifa Brain Rot” On Face The Nation Appearance