Fox News Doofus Calls Pope Francis A Marxist For Urging People To Be Responsible

Fox News Doofus Calls Pope Francis A Marxist For Urging People To Be Responsible

Fox News’s resident Doofus, Rachel Campost-Duffy appeared on the November 29th edition of Fox And Friends to demonstrate how brilliant and insightful she is.

Last time we visited her, she was claiming that face masks to limit the spread of the coronavirus were part of a sinister plan to take away our personal liberty, courtesy of the radical socialist Democrats in cahoots with communist China.

This time, she’s back to convince the rubes who watch Fox News, that Pope Francis is a Marxist and part of a sinister cabal to further limit their freedoms because he had the audacity to say the poor and the sick should be treated with dignity.

From Media Matters:

“Well it was sad because for me as a Catholic to be honest,” Campost-Duffy said. “That op-ed came out on the same day we had a huge religious liberty victory in our Supreme Court. And here we had the Pope come out and call those who were, you know, like Cardinal Dolan and other Catholics who were celebrating this, he called it selfish for, you know, standing up for our liberties during this pandemic. And then he started parroting these really creepy globalist slogans. I think he even mentioned “build back better.” He talked about climate change. Never talked about religious freedom. And then started talking – again, going back to our conversation about socialism. He started promoting, as so many other globalists have, this “great reset,” using the pandemic to advance, you know, reordering our economic system. And I would say to you that the problem in America is not capitalism. We know the Pope is a socialist. The problem in America is that capitalism was always meant to be tempered by morality and ethics and that’s what I wish my Pope would step in and talk about that because that’s what’s lacking in America and in the world. Capitalism is a wonderful thing but it does need Christian ethics, you know, Judeo-Christan ethics to temper it.”

The Pope said nothing controversial in his op-ed. He did not parrot any “creepy globalist slogans” like “build back better,” nor did he mention a “Great Reset.”

The first part of the quote Fox And Friends displayed was: “We cannot return to the false securities of the political and economic systems we had before the crisis. We need economies that give to all access to the fruits of creation, to the basic needs of life: to land, lodging and labor.”

The remainder of the quote they didn’t show, was: “We need a politics that can integrate and dialogue with the poor, the excluded and the vulnerable, that gives people a say in the decisions that affect their lives. We need to slow down, take stock and design better ways of living together on this earth.”

Only conservatives could take these words – that criticize an economic system that fails to meet the basic needs of its citizens, that calls for an economic system that benefits everyone, that meets everyone’s basic needs to life, that excludes no one – and turn them into a conspiracy, a commie plot to institute “Nazi-style restrictions on American citizens,” and “build prison camps for dissenters who refuse to accept microchips.” They are conditioned to believe this nonsense by right-wing media with scary buzz words like “socialism”, “communism,” and associating them with taking from others, while being conditioned to believe that capitalism is the solution to all of their economic woes.

The government had the opportunity to meet the basic needs of its citizens during the pandemic. It failed. All they could provide was a meager 1,200 in economic relief, and the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program – a part of the CARES Act – expires at the end of December. It’s almost a certainty there will be no new aid. The government cares more about helping corporations and the wealthy – giving them billions in aid, while throwing the dogs crumbs – than they do the working class citizen. This is capitalism. This is the economic system that conservatives think is such a wonderful thing, that provides equal opportunity to all. Anyone who dares criticize it as insufficient to meet the basic needs of its citizens, conservatives will inevitably call that person a socialist or a Marxist, even the Pope, who is not a socialist.

From Gant Daily News, “The ‘Obamification Of Pope Francis”:

Denise McAlister, a senior contributor to the Federalist, a conservative online magazine that covers politics, religion, and culture, said the Pope’s “social justice schemes” ( like advocating for the rights of the poor ) are immoral and similar to Obama’s “socialist ideology.”

Anyone who actually bothered to look into Obama’s policies, would know that he was anything but a socialist or a Marxist.

McAlister wrote that Catholics have a responsibility to care for the poor, “but the greatest vehicle for alleviating poverty and deprivation is the very institution of free market capitalism that the Pope now denounces. He says people have a right to land, lodging, and labor,” McAlister told CNN. “When you’re talking about giving to one, you’re talking about taking from another. It’s wrong and immoral for a powerful government to take property from you and give it to another group.”

From The Socialist Appeal – “World Poverty: Capitalism’s Crime Against Humanity”:

Today we produce enough food for 10bn people, while millions starve. Companies and tax havens sit on a cash pile of trillions of uninvested dollars that could be used to revolutionize production, tackle climate change and provide decent and sustainable living conditions for all. None of this is inevitable; it is the product of a system that draws the profit of the few from the poverty of the many. But this can be stopped.

If capitalism is the greatest vehicle for alleviating poverty, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are homeless. Capitalism has not alleviated this problem. It is a symptom of capitalism, not a solution.

People should have a right to land, lodging and labor. This should not be controversial, but it is to conservatives. They can’t seem to wrap their minds around someone less fortunate receiving something without it being taken from someone else, such as the wealthy and the more privileged. They view taxes in the same way, taking from the wealthy and giving it to those lazy welfare moochers.

The Pope said nothing about taking from others when mentioning the basic needs of human beings. If you’re someone who believes that giving to one is taking from another, such as believing that taxes are theft, then you are either stupid or are appealing to stupid people.

Back to Campost-Duffy: The Pope made no mention of the Great Reset, a book by Klaus Schwab, nor did he mention the words build back better. She either didn’t bother to read the op-ed, or lied to convince the rubes that the Pope is a socialist.

Other pet peeves of hers is that he talked about climate change, instead of religious liberty, and criticized anyone who would dare stand up to the tyranny of the Democrats who are threatening to arrest and imprison anyone who believes that COVID is a hoax and that wearing masks are part of a plot to put conservatives in prison camps.

The reason he brought up climate change is because it’s a serious threat, as is the coronavirus. Religious liberty has never been threatened, and has never been under attack, as much as conservatives like to crow that it is.

The Pope said this about those who have refused to follow COVID restrictions: “With some exceptions, governments have made great effort to put the well-being of their people first, acting decisively to protect health and to save lives. The exceptions have have been some governments that have shrugged off the painful evidence of mounting deaths, with inevitable, grevious consequences. But most governments acted responsibly, imposing strict measures to contain the outbreak. Yet some groups protested, refusing to keep their distance, marching against travel restrictions – as if measures that governments must impose for the good of their people constitute some kind of political assault on autonomy or personal freedom!

There have been 281,253 deaths associated with COVID. Conservatives like Campost-Duffy don’t care how many people die. They’ve proven they don’t care, by urging their viewers to disregard pandemic restrictions as tyranny. Like I’ve previously said, they are complicit in these deaths, and if and when it ever ends, they will cling to their fantasies that the Trump administration handled it admirably, and pretend that Biden had been the one who failed, and acted indifferently.

Fox News Doofus Complains That Joe Biden Has Never Condemned Antifa

Fox News Doofus Complains That Joe Biden Has Never Condemned Antifa

< Via Media Matters >

Fox News contributor and doofus, Rachel Campost-Duffy, appeared recently on Fox And Friends to complain about how mean the mainstream media was to Trump, during and after the first debate, while giving Sleepy Joe a pass.

“Trump can be very charming. And I don’t think he brought that to the table. He can be funny too,” she continued. “But he didn’t bring that to the debate either. And I think that would have helped him with suburban moms…”

( Especially if he intended to grab them by the p****es to get their votes ).

“He can come off as very combative. It’s understandable why he does that at times. But I think he could have brought that funny, charming side as well that would have helped him.

“I do think on the topic of law and order, you know, Biden never said and never denounced Antifa or Black Lives Matter. And I know that Chris Wallace talked about Trump denouncing white supremacists, but all summer long I didn’t see white supremacists, you know, burning down businesses and causing violence and the destruction that has so upset so many Americans, destroyed so many Americans, so many lives. And so, again, this shows exactly what David is saying, that he is beholden to the left. He just cannot say BLM and Antifa burn down cities and that is bad. And that is weird to a lot of Americans. They are like, why can’t you denounce what is so obviously wrong?”

( First of all, the claim that Biden has never denounced Antifa, or the violence that occured during the protests – both are verifiably false. Biden’s tweet from August 30 condradicts this falsehood:

The deadly violence we saw overnight in Portland is unacceptable. Shooting in the streets of a great American city is unacceptable. I condemn violence of every kind by anyone, whether on the left or the right. And I challenge Donald Trump to do the same.”

< From >

( In the days following the death of George Floyd in police custody, Joe Biden wrote on his blog –

( “Protesting such brutality is right and necessary. It’s an American response. Burning down communities and needless destruction is not. Violence that endangers lives is not.”)

( When asked by a reporter by the name of Barbara Barr if he condemns Antifa, Biden told her, “Yes, I do – violence no matter who it is.”)

( Campost-Duffy’s claim that Biden has never denounced Antifa, is rated bulls***. Trump, on the other hand, has never condemned the violence of his supporters. When prompted to do so, he has always deflected by denouncing Antifa and Black Lives Matter as terrorists, two entities that may be guilty of nothing more than property damage at most. Trump supporters are guilty of more than property damage. Trump supporters have killed and have conspired to commit actual terrorist activities against Democrats since Trump became president.

( Duffy says she saw violence that wasn’t caused by white supremacists, militia groups. Here, she is talking about instances of property damage, which in the minds of right-winger’s, is somehow worse than murder. The claim that whole cities and communities have been burned down, is laughably absurd. Right-wing media has repeatedly aired images of one or two burning buildings to make it seem as if entire cities and communities were being destroyed. These instances of burning and looting have been most likely the result of frustrated citizens – and right-wing agitators – with no connection to Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

( She makes no mention of the armed right-wing extremists who showed up to harass and intimidate, and in some instances even killed BLM protesters, such as the shooting by Kyle Rittenhouse, whom conservatives defended as a heroic patriot. She also failed to mention the numerous incidents of police violence against peaceful protesters. Not to mention the politicians who were pepper sprayed, the child that was maced in the eyes by a police officer – after the video was taken, Seattle police arrested the person who filmed it – and the journalists that were brutalized, and arrested for doing their jobs.

( As for Joe Biden being controlled or “beholden” to the radical left – is poppy cock. The left despises Joe Biden. He is no more than a conservative disguised as a Democrat. Anyone who is even moderately informed about politics, knows this. Duffy either knows this, is not informed enough to know it, or is just being disingenous. Conservatives know that their audiences put their feelings over facts and will believe anything they are told. Where Duffy falls on this, I’m leaning toward the conclusion that she’s not too bright. And as for Joe Biden denouncing Antifa, he’s under no obligation, nor is he required to do so, since Antifa despises the Democratic party as much as they despise Republicans. He does not have their support nor the enthusiasm as the Nazis and white supremacists have of Donald Trump.

( To disavow and condemn Black Lives Matter is political suicide. BLM is a movement that fights for equality, an end to police violence, and systemic racism. It’s not a race war against white people or law enforcement. Those who disavow and condemn it as violent, as racist, as terroristic, are typically racist themselves, and are only interested in advancing the narrative that Black people are inherently more violent, hence the black on black crime narrative, not to mention the equally bogus narrative of black on white violence that Nazis and white supremacists love to perpetuate on their online forums. BLM may have some problems, but none of them are the aforementioned.

Campost-Duffey continues:

“I want to get back to Antifa. He ( Biden ) said Antifa is an idea and Donald Trump said yeah, until a bat hits you over the head. Antifa is not an idea. Antifa is an organization and so is BLM. They are funded by corporations, they are funded by left-wingers. His own staffers , Biden staffers and Kamala Harris herself helped to bail out many of these people who caused the violence and even some of the killings.”

( Again, not true. Conservatives talk about Antifa as if it’s an organization of black dressed terrorists who go around intimidating, threatenng, and murdering innocent law abiding citizens. Many of them actually believe this. They’re confused. This is what Trump supporters do. Charlottesville, Christchurch, El Paso, Tree Of Life, etc. Antifa is not an organized movement that anyone can join in membership. They are nothing more than college kids who oppose fascism and racism – are not funded by George Soros or other leftist groups – and who sometimes show up at far right rallies to intimidate Alt right groups that are highly organized and well funded.

( There has been no evidence to suggest that any of the protesters arrested were aligned with Antifa, or that Kamala Harris or Joe Biden bailed any of them out. This is disinformation that is found only on right-wing blogs and websites that are not interested in factual information.

( Conservatives just cannot bring themselves to say that Black Lives Matter is a legitimate civil rights movement with legitimate grievances. They just cannot bring themselves to admit that Antifa is not a terrorist organization. They just cannot bring themselves to admit that law enforcement as a whole is corrupt and out of control and should be reformed. Conservatives just cannot admit that by defending police corruption and by defending and justifying the death of a black man – by digging into his past – shot in the back seven times, is indefensible and racist.

And that is disingenuous, especially coming from those who claim it’s really the left and Democrats that are racist, by trotting out the same talking points to deflect from any accusations of racism: ‘Well, it was the Democrats that started the KKK’ – which is false – which means they’re the same party they were sixty, seventy years ago; and ‘Democrats are keeping black people complacent on the Democratic plantation with welfare and food stamps.’ And then they will contradict themselves when defending police violence against black people by repeating: ‘Why don’t black people and Black Lives Matter talk about the epidemic of black on black crime?’ Which is also false.

And that’s really weird to leftists. We’re like, why can’t they just admit when they’re wrong and full of shit?