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Dana Loesch : “Where’s My Award For Being Beaten And Body Slammed By Gun Grabbing,Violent Leftists At CNN’s Town Hall?

When Dana Loesch found out that Anderson Cooper and CNN had received The prestigious Walter Cronkite award for excellence in journalism for its 2018 Town Hall on gun violence, she was so jealous that she recently appeared on Tucker Carlson … Continue reading

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Stupid Conservative Memes #81_NRA Edition_”Our Members, Who Are Armed To The Teeth, Aren’t Dangerous, It’s Those Unarmed, Gun hating Pussy Libs You Need To Watch Out For”

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The NRA would have you believe that none of its members, or any of its leadership, are extreme, or dangerous. After every mass shooting, a favorite talking point of the NRA that is often repeated, is that anyone who supports … Continue reading

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‘Screaming at Dana Loesch Won’t Prevent Dead Kids’ The writer of this article does a whole lot of straw manning of the left , while he’s complaining about the left straw manning. The left , he says , has shifted the debate from making schools safer to … Continue reading

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Stupid Conservative Memes #70 TPUSA Edition

There are several factual errors with this meme. Whether those errors were intentional , or whoever created it , honestly doesn’t care to know the facts. Black Lives Matter , Antifa , and CAIR , are not hate groups. Black … Continue reading

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Dana Loesch : “Donald Trump Subjected To Most Ruthless Attack On A President In American History”

Last October ,  the NRA released another absurd video attacking liberals who protest Donald Trump , as terrorists. In the video ,  conservative wacko , Dana Loesch , is upset that Trump is being ruthlessly attacked by liberals and progressives … Continue reading

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A Response To Dana Loesch’s Clinched Fist Of Truth ( Hypocrisy ) Video

🍁 In a video reminiscent of her 2015 “Godless Left” rant , rabid NRA lap dog Dana Loesch has released another comical NRA sponsored video , in which she again calls liberals terrorists. Although she doesn’t call for violence against … Continue reading

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