Mark Levin Never Shuts The Hell Up: All He Does Is Scream In His Annoying Nasal Voice

FeaturedMark Levin Never Shuts The Hell Up: All He Does Is Scream In His Annoying Nasal Voice

Everybody loves Mark Levin – right?

Not really. Not everyone can stand the a**hole. Never shuts the hell up. All he does is scream like a banshee in that annoying, whiny, nasal voice. The rubes who listen to him – all twenty-four – think he’s a philosopher, a Constitutionalist – the Great One Sean Hannity once called him – but he’s really nothing more than an angry little troll who was likely repeatedly bullied in school.

The other day he’s on his radio show whining about Dr. Fauci, who is – “coincidentally” – Public Enemy #01 among conservatives, and who according to the popular narrative of the Fauci haters, personally created the coronavirus in a Wuhan lab as a bioweapon and deliberately released it to kill hundreds of millions of people world-wide, and then was too stupid to cover his tracks.

“He never shuts that big mouth of his!” Levin screamed in his familiar nasal tone. “He’s always going on and on and on about wearing masks, how great they are, and how they keep everyone from getting COVID.

“What!? That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard! Masks don’t prevent anyone from getting COVID. If masks do anything, they give you COVID.  I don’t care if he’s a doctor, Mr. Producer, a viriologist or whatever he calls himself. He’s a fraud! He doesn’t know anything about viruses. He’s a liar. He proved it when he said ‘don’t wear a mask, you idiots, they don’t work!‘ Then he said, ‘Wear a mask, you idiots, they do work!’ He’s got the attention span of a two year old! He has no idea what he’s talking about!

“So, it’s like this guy Fauci, the other day he’s on 60 Minutes, he trashes the president. ‘You know that was a super-spreader there and I really cringed when the president was there!’

“Is that right? Well, how dare he criticize president Trump?! And why can’t I be on 60 Minutes?! It’s not like I don’t know anything, unlike this Fauci guy! It’s not like I’m an idiot, unlike this Fauci guy!

“So, The Washington Examiner asked Fauci,”If the Women’s March” – these left-wing kooks who believe in equal rights – “in D.C. was a possible super-spreader event, would you support it?”

“And you know what he said, Mr. Producer? He said, “Only if they were either wearing masks, vaccinated, or both. Well, of course he would say that, because he’s an idiot!

“More than happy to trash the president on 60 Minutes saying something stupid and failing to condemn those left-wing kooks who want to steal men’s rights!

“If that were me on 60 Minutes, you know what I would have told them, Mr. Producer? I would have told them that president Trump was like the baby brother Jesus never had. He did everything he could to stop the spread of COVID – unlike that Fauci guy!”

Source: Media Matters.

Mark Levin: “Democrats Should Hold Themselves And Antifa In Contempt For Invading The Capitol, Not Steve Bannon!”

FeaturedMark Levin: “Democrats Should Hold Themselves And Antifa In Contempt For Invading The Capitol, Not Steve Bannon!”

From the October 21 broadcast of the Mark Levin Show:

"Can you believe the House of Representatives has voted to hold Steve Bannon in Contempt for failing to testify?" Levin screeched in his nasally voice. "You know who I hold in Contempt? The Democrats, that who!

"They want Bannon in prison! In prison for what?! For supporting Donald Trump?! For believing the election was stolen? For believing Hugo Chavez possessed Dominion voting machines to flip votes for Joe Biden?! What's wrong with that?! They didn't want Eric Holder in prison for contempt, when he was involved in Fast and Furious! You know, that scandal where he deliberately sold guns to drug cartels that actually got somebody killed?! Who died at the Capitol riot? Nobody! That's who!

"What's that, Mr. Producer?"

Mr. Producer: "I said, Ashli Babbitt died at the Capitol. And the reason why Eric Holder wasn't threatened with jail time is most likely because he was acting Attorney General, whereas Steve Bannon is a private citizen."

Levin: "Ladies and gentlemen, I have been informed that Ashli Rabbit-"
Mr. Producer: "Babbitt."
Levin: "Babbit... died at the Capitol. Alright, so where's the evidence that Steve Bannon had anything to do with violence at the Capitol on January 6th? There is none! You want to know what violence is? I'll tell you what violence is! Violence is Nancy People clapping sarcastically at president Trump! Yeah, that's right. Don't you think that behavior might give certain people the wrong idea?! Violence is Maxine Waters telling people to heckle Sarah Huckabee Sanders in public! That might give certain people ideas! Violence is putting an orange wig on a dildo and pretending it's Trump! It might give certain people ideas!

"Bannon had nothing to do with violence at the Capitol! We know damn well who it was! It was Antifa and the Democrats! That's who it was! Fox News reported on it! I reported on it! Newsmax reported on it! They're one of the most credible news sources out there! They have news in their name! All they report is the news, none of the nonsense that you see at CNN, that Biden won the election and vaccine mandates really work. Every credible news source reported that it was Antifa and BLM masquerading as Trump supporters just to make them all look bad! The sources that claimed it was Trump supporters, lied! The Clinton News Network and the MSLSD's!

"But the Democrats don't care about that! Because, as you know, prosecuting protesters of a rigged election is more important than BLM and Antifa burning down entire cities!"
Mr. Producer: "No city has been burned to the ground, to my knowledge."
"That's what they want you to think, Mr. Producer!"

Mark Levin Really Loves His Teddy Bear Pillow

The Great One, with his My Teddy Bear Pillow.

On a recent broadcast of his radio show, the Great One told his audience of seven: “This is an American company,” Levin said in the nasally voice that his listeners never seem to get tired of hearing.

“It is founded by and run by an American patriot. His name is Mike Lindell. People think he’s either a drunk, a lunatic or a patriot. I happen to fall into the category that think he’s a patriot. He’s a patriot because he supports Trump. People are trying to take him out because they don’t like his products. Did you know that, Mr. Producer?”

Mr. Producer: “No, I didn’t. Huh, how about that?”

“That’s right, Mr. Producer. It has nothing to do with any of this election stuff and that totally made-up riot at the Capitol. And you know what? It’s not going to work. I’ll tell you that right now. His products are great. He has every right to give his opinion, and I don’t care if anyone doesn’t believe a word he says.

“I don’t care if people believe he’s a liar or a lunatic! I don’t care if he can’t prove a word he says! It’s his opinion. He should be allowed to state his opinion. Shouldn’t he, Mr. Producer?”

Mr. Producer: “Check.”

“And you know what? He’s right. His word should be enough! And we should support him by buying his products.

“I think his six piece towel set is great, by the way. You know what they say? They say Trumpy Bear Won, Not Sleepy-Joe in red, white and blue lettering. They’re billed as patriot towels. How’s that for true American Patriotism? They’re the best towels I ever owned. They get me cleaner and dryer than any towel I ever used. Not like those wimpy towels made by those other guys. I wouldn’t wipe my bottom with those. They remind me of that trash bag commercial making fun of the weaker bags. Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy.

“My wife loves My Slippers. What’s that, Mr. Producer?”

Mr. Producer: “She loves your slippers?”

“I don’t have a pair of slippers,” Levin said. “My wife has My Slippers.”

Mr. Producer: “Are you trying to tell me your wife stole your slippers and won’t give them back?”

“No, Mr. Producer, you misunderstand. My wife has a pair of My Slippers, another great product produced by My Pillow, which also have the words Trumpy Bear Won, Not Sleepy-Joe in red, white and blue bold lettering. But, you what I like best?”

Mr. Producer: “What’s that?”

My Teddy Bear Pillow, because whenever I’m upset about something, I get to cry myself to sleep, like I did the night Trump lost the election, and it works every time.”

Mark Levin: “Trump Is Not A Kumquat! He’s A Peach!”

Mark Levin: “Trump Is Not A Kumquat! He’s A Peach!”

Mark Levin has been thrilling audiences of geriatric boomers for decades with his unique brand of political commentary, which is nothing more than complaining about everything the Democrats say and do and making a national scandal out of it.

During a recent episode of his radio show, Mark Levin complained about the idea of Congress possibly censuring Trump by comparing him to a kumquat.

“What’s all this crap I hear about Congress wanting to censure Donald Trump!?” he screeched into the mic, creating a temporary, annoying feedback loop. “Why? I can’t think of a single thing he should be impeached or censured for. First they compare him to a peach – twice, for God sake – and now they’re comparing him to a kumquat? It’s unbelievable. What the hell is a kumquat anyway? Do these morons even know what a kumquat is? I doubt it. Even I don’t know what a kumquat is. All I know is they’re a small yellow fruit that look like rat testicles that Asian people think are a delicacy. They even taste like rat testicles – not that I ever had rat testicles. They suck! How is Trump like a kumquat?!

“What I find troubling about all of this, is the lack of respect for the Constitution and the office of the presidency. They are so busy chasing down Trump at Mar-a-Lago – trying like hell to ruin his golfing because they’re afraid he’s going to play more golf than Obama – they haven’t even bothered to stop to consider the fact that the last administration did even worse things deserving of impeaching and censuring.

“For instance, did you know that Obama put his feet up on the Oval office desk, for God sake!? Were Republicans outraged? Did they hold him accountable? Did they impeach him? Hell no!

“Remember that God-awful tan suit he wore, for God sake!? Did the Republicans hold him accountable? Did they impeach him or censure him? I don’t think so. If anything called for an impeachment, or a good censuring, that suit was it!

“Obama took more vacations than every president combined. Did the Republicans impeach or censure him? Hell no!

“I remember when he put Dijon mustard on a sandwich… or was it a hamburger… I don’t know what it was, for God sake! Were Republicans outraged? No. Did they try to impeach him? Not to my knowledge.

“Obama played more golf than any other president, for God sake! In fact, all he did was play golf. Were Republicans outraged! Did they hold him in contempt of the presidency? Did they try to censure or impeach him over it? I don’t think so.

“Obama outlawed Christmas. For eight years we couldn’t say Merry Christmas, for God sake! Then Trump came along and saved it. Did the Republicans impeach him? Hell no!

“Obama had more executive orders than any other president. Did the Republicans hold him in contempt of office? Did they try to impeach him? Hell no!

“And last, but certainly not the least – there are a million things I can think of that Obama should have been censured or impeached for – the time he wore those mom jeans. Remember that one, Mr. Producer? How we laughed… and laughed… and laughed, until we almost died laughing? Those were the days, Mr. Producer, those were the days. Making fun of the mom jeans-wearing pansy in the White House.

“So, how can Trump be compared to a kumquat, you ask, Mr. Producer? He can’t. He’s peachy-keen.”

“Literally no one is comparing him to a kumquat,” said Mr. Producer.

“I knew that, Mr. Producer.”

Mark Levin: “We Have To Pretend To Hate The Klan, And Nazis, So We Won’t Seem So Racist By Smearing Black Lives Matter As Racist”

Mark Levin – AKA The Great One by conservatives who actually think he knows anything about politics, but sounds more like a buffoon and usually proves it every time he opens his mouth – is a race baiting white nationalist.

In a Daily Banter article, Ben Cohen once described him thus:

“There is no one the joyless Levin hates more than President Obama – a man who represents everything Levin is not. Obama is charismatic, powerful and charming, while Levin is physically repellant and about as likeable as a fart in an elevator.

“Referred to as the ‘Great One’ by Sean Hannity, Levin is a repulsive stereotype of Republican assholishness. His nasally, high pitched whining about liberals and gays passes for political commentary in America, but really is a giant projection of his revenge fantasies against all those nasty boys who were better looking than him in high school, and talked to the girls he liked.”

Recently, Levin claimed Black Lives Matter is the same as the Klan.

Black Lives Matter is the equivalent of the KKK in terms of its racism, in terms of its Anti-Semitism, in terms of its Anti-Americanism,” Levin preached to the rubes in his audience, during an unhinged rant about CNN. “And this is the point that the Left refuses to acknowledge, and in fact, attacks anyone who mentions it.”

First of all, consider how stupid the first part of that statement is. In the seven years that Black Lives Matter has existed, I don’t recall them ever owning slaves, lynching anyone, or burning crosses. But according to this buffoon, they’re no different or better than a racist organization that terrorized and murdered thousands of people. Yeah, just like the Klan.

The Left refuses to acknowledge it because it’s insane. Levin is playing to an audience of dipshits and rubes who will believe anything another conservative says no matter how insane it is. The sky is yellow. Check. Barney the purple dinosaur is a communist. Check. Democrats are socialists. Check.

Levin is not the first conservative to make this claim. Back in 2015, Tomi Lahren made the same lame comparison. Virtually every conservative – both white and black – has either said it out loud, or honestly believes Black Lives Matter is factually comparable to the Klan. To claim that a civil rights, social justice movement that has members and supporters of all races, that have never called for violence, that have killed no one, to suggest that they can logically and morally be compared to a white supremacist organization that regularly engaged in – and whose off shoot groups and supporters continue to engage in violence against American citizens – is fucking insane.

“I don’t care if they attack me this is a Marxist, anarchist organization that believes in the overthrow of the United States. This is what they told us this is what they believe in, and yet Don Lemon keeps running interference for them as he did for Antifa.”

They believe in reforming the criminal justice system, not overthrowing the government. They didn’t tell anyone that’s what they want to do, and it’s not something they believe in.

There are extremists that do want to overthrow the government, and those are groups like the Boogaloo Bois, white nationalists, and conservative Anti-government groups, and Levin and conservatives keep running defense for them like they did after the Charleston shooting, and Charlottesville.

Not only has this buffoon compared BLM to the Klan, but has recently said, America hates the Klan and the neo-Nazis and America has to learn to hate Black Lives Matter and Antifa with the same resolve…

Say what?

From Media Matters:

“It’s the Democrats, it’s the Marxists, it’s Black Lives Matter. They are the ones that have been rioting, looting, burning with the support of the Democratic party and the best the Democratic party can do now is send Biden out every now and then to say,’ I don’t support looting and rioting no matter who does it.’

“Who’s doing it Joe? Who’s doing it Joe? Must be the Klan and the neo-Nazis. They’re the ones. America hates the Klan and the neo-Nazis, and America has to learn to hate Black Lives Matter with the same resolve because all these extremist organizations hate the country and are trying to destroy us from within. The difference is I recognize this and you recognize this, but the Democrats party is saddled up to the other side, to the nuts on the left. Whereas we reject the nuts on the right as constitutional conservatives.”

No, it’s not the Democrats, and it’s not Marxist. It’s Americans from all walks of life, races, ethnicities and identities who want to improve the system, who are marching in the streets, who are fed up with a racist system that allows law enforcement to murder African Americans with impunity. Right-wing media focuses on the tiny amount of rioting to smear an entire movement as violent, and none of it is condoned or supported by the Democratic party. The Democratic party is just as pro law enforcement as are the Republicans. Buffoon’s like Levin either know this, are genuinely stupid, or are just lying.

There are people who do hate America and would like to overthrow it. Who’s doing it, Levin? Who’s doing it? They’re called the Republican party. That’s who. They’re the Nazis, the white nationalists, and the other dipshits and rubes who support a fascist president and a fascist party, who wouldn’t hesitate to carry out acts of violence. This isn’t fiction. It’s fact. It’s been well-documented. The Christchurch massacre in New Zealand. The El Paso shooting in Texas. The Tree Of Life massacre in Pittsburgh. The United The Unite The  Right in Charlottesville. The shooting in Charleston, South Carolina perpetrated by Dylann Roof.

Their goal is to rid America of the ‘hordes of immigrants who are threatening to invade and overrun America to replace western civilization and the white populace.’

This is a white nationalist belief, and the Republican party, Fox News and right-wing media have been pushing this for years with their rhetoric.

It’s certainly not Black Lives Matter or Antifa, and to draw an equivalence between far right hate groups and Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and to claim that conservatives reject the radical extremists in their own party and movement – give me a fucking break. America may hate the Klan, and Nazis, but conservatives certainly don’t hate them. They ran defense for them after Charlottesville; they have tolerated them at most.

Back in 2015 when Dylann Roof slaughtered nine in an all black church, Levin claimed that his motive had nothing to do with white supremacy. Levin doesn’t mind that his party is full of white supremacists and conspiracy believing lunatics. Levin doesn’t care that white supremacists, neo-Confederates and Nazis make up a good percentage of Trump supporters, nor does he care that they are a greater domestic terror threat according to data from the FBI. He doesn’t care. Republicans don’t care. They will deny realty and repeat the lie that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are the more violent threat.

The Democratic party bends over backwards to please and to kowtow to Republicans at every opportunity, and often refuses to fight back and stand up to Republicans. The party is just as pro corp. as Republicans. The party has refused to endorse Bernie Sanders on multiple occasions, has denied him the presidential nomination repeatedly, have shit talked him repeatedly on their news shows, have refused to endorse a Green New Deal, or a single payer healthcare plan, and yet the Republicans continue to push the myth that they are a party of radical socialists and Marxists. God damn laughable. They want nothing to do with socialism, as their rhetoric and actions have proven.

Conservatives on the other hand, have openly embraced fascism, and have willingly played defense for Nazis, and white nationalists. This is a party that is saddled up to their eyeballs with bigots and racists. This is a party that – for the most part – has refused to purge their ranks of Nazis and white supremacists. The 2018 primaries and midterms saw white supremacists running uncontested by right-wing media. I don’t recall any conservative pundits who were critical of it. They don’t mind having these extremists in their ranks. If they did, they would make an effort to purge the party of the alt right extremists. They would get on their news shows disavowing and condemning them, instead of running defense for them, and pretending that white supremacy is a myth, that the Left is an out of control mob that is causing all of the violence.

This is a party that has – for the most part – defended a president who morally equated Anti-racist protesters to Nazis and white nationalists in Charlottesville, and Levin was among them. His lap dogs in the media also defended it. Prager U produced a video claiming that it was a hoax cooked up by the liberal media to make him look bad.

This is a party that dismissed and downplayed the seriousness of explosives sent to Democrats and the media in 2018 by a radical Trump supporter – as a Democratic hoax. This is a president who cannot bring himself to condemn neo-Nazis and supremacists because he knows a significant  number of his supporters are Nazis, supremacists and neo-confederates, but has no problem condemning Black Lives Matter and Anti-fascists as terrorists, despite the fact that they have not been responsible for any deaths.

This is a party that has continued to support a president who has downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus, a president who has refused to wear a mask in public, who has failed to take any responsibility in helping to contain the virus by failing to encourage his supporters to wear a mask around others, by encouraging schools and businesses to open early, and by failing to encourage self isolation. And now the God Emperor himself has COVID – allegedly – and he has no one but himself to blame. Apparently Karma has bitten the dipshit right in the ass.

This is a buffoon – Levin – who back in 2015 claimed that Dylann Roof’s motive for murder had nothing to do with white supremacy, and who has recently said that the president of the United States has no relationship – no history whatsoever – with white supremacists or white supremacy.

So, when this buffoon says that America hates the Klan and Nazis, and that Black Lives Matter are the equivalent of the Klan, anyone who is not a Kool aid drinking, knuckle dragging troglodyte, knows he’s full of shit. The Republican party tolerates the Klan, neo-Nazis, and neo-Confederates. This was crystal clear after Charlottesville. They will deny their racism until they’re blue in the face, and play the victim, pretending they are the real victims of racism by BLM, and will wave and carry their signs that read, “All Lives Matter,” and “White Lives Matter, and defend confederate symbols and imagery. If they truly believe all lives matter, they would embrace Black Lives Matter, because clearly, black lives do not matter to the current system.

As for Black Lives Matter being equivalent to the Klan. When was the last time they burned a cross on the lawn of a white person? When was the last time they lynched a white person for the color of their skin? When was the last time they sold a white person into slavery?

Levin is a buffoon and a dipshit, and anyone with an ounce of integrity would be embarrassed to say something so stupid, but apparently, Levin has no integrity, which is why no half way decent news network would hire him.

Mark Levin Says Bernie Sanders Is A Racist Because He’s Never Done The Things A Real Man Does

Mark Levin Says Bernie Sanders Is A Racist Because He’s Never Done The Things A Real Man Does

Mark Levin – AKA, Mr. Potato Head – never fails to fool his ever-dwindling audience of aging brain dead listeners and viewers that he knows anything about politics. And on this particular broadcast of his Levin TV show on Blaze TV, he did just what his aging audience of drooling boomers tune in to hear him say – something totally off the wall and out of left field.

“Bernie Sanders – or, as I call him, Cornel Sanders – is a radical Marxist communist!

“This a man who painted his finger nails when he was a kid, and probably still does!

“This is a man who never fixed a car or changed a tire because he was afraid he might damage those delicate painted finger nails The big sissy.

“This is a man who rode a girls bicycle when he was a kid. Did I mention that he’s a sissy? Well, he is!

“This is a man who played with dolls when he was a boy, or should I say, a sissy? And who played Tea Party with the neighborhood girls. Dear God, he’s a sissy!

“This is a man who dressed in his mother’s clothing as a kid.

“This is a man who faints at the sight of blood! The great big sissy!

“This is a man who never changed a bed pan, or made a deposit in one! Say it with me now.

“This a man who’s not a man at all because he’s never done any of the things you and I have done. He’s never shaved, he’s never smoked a cigar, he’s never drank beer, he’s never belched or passed gas, or picked his nose, or a million other things a man does, because he not a man. He’s a sissy who failed to move to move to Newark, New Jersey, or Camden, but moved to Vermont instead, and that’s what makes him a sissy, and a racist from top to bottom!

“Wouldn’t you agree, Mr. Producer?”

Mr. Producer: “Yeah, makes sense to me.”

Fox News’s Mr. Potato Head: “Kenosha Gunman Felt He Was Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, And Jean-Claude Van Damme Going In There To Try And Protect Everybody!”

On the night of August 25, in the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, Steven Seagal wanna-be Kyle Rittenhouse of Antioch Illinois, shot three protesters, Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, and Gaige Grosskreutz, killing Rosenbaum and Huber. According to right-wing wisdom, Rittenhouse had only been defending himself from the violent thug-protesters who just wanted to cause chaos and destruction, and when they noticed Rittenhouse, they chased him down for apparent reason other than murdering him, and Rittenhouse had no choice but to defend himself. However, they initially ignored or denied the murder of Rosenbaum, and when they did acknowledge it, that too was self-defense, even though by all reports that I’m aware of, Rosenbaum was not armed with a gun, but a plastic bag, which he is alleged to have thrown at Rittenhouse. The only individual who was armed, besides Rittenhouse, was Grosskreutz who survived his wounds.

Bigots will always justify the killing of a black man by law enforcement, often besmirching them as thugs and criminals, but will deify white right wing vigilantes as hero’s. After the shooting, as the video of the three individuals chasing Rittenhouse went viral on social media, the same right-wing media which were quick in justifying the shooting of Blake, were as equally quick to jump to Rittenhouse’s defense. Ann Coulter tweeted she wanted Rittenhouse as her president. Former baseball player and Trump c*** sucker, Aubrey Huff – what kind of name is Aubrey for a man? – tweeted that Rittenhouse was a ‘National treasure.’ Diaper Man – otherwise known as Charlie Kirk – blamed the Democrats instead of Rittenhouse, and has also defended the deaths of George Floyd, Jacob Blake, and Breonna Taylor. What a POS he is, which is why he probably delights in wearing adult diapers, because he knows he’s a human-sized POS.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh said in tweet, “People have every right to protect private property while armed. If you attack armed men because you’re mad that they’re stopping you from lighting buildings on fire, and then you get shot in the process, it’s 1000 percent your own fault. I shouldn’t have to explain this.”

Walsh is ignorant of the facts of that night. The three men chasing Rittenhouse were doing so not because he had caught them lighting buildings on fire, but because he had previously murdered a man who allegedly threw a bag with an empty water bottle at him. Perhaps someone should explain this to Walsh.

There were plenty of other dumb tweets. Among them, Blaze TV’s Sara Gonzales: “The media is using these young impressionable people in a race war that they themselves have created and perpetuated with their false narratives and agenda driven coverage.”

If twitter had any intelligent life other than the typical right-wing douche regurgitating the same bullshit, they would have challenged Gonzales and reminded her that it’s the right-wing media, of which she is a part of, that have been using legitimate grievances, not false narratives – what happened to Floyd, Blake, and Taylor, were not false narratives – and protests by Black Lives Matter activists, to push for a race war by encouraging vigilantes to show up armed to these protests to intimidate and in some cases even murder protesters, as in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Fox News contributor, Lisa Boothe, tweeted something equally stupid: “Just watch, the media and the left are now going to focus on the citizen militias showing up in Kenosha to take the blame off of BLM and Antifa for inciting violence in the first place.”

So, according to dipshits like Boothe, Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the cause of all the violence that have taken place over the summer. They just decided to loot and riot and protest for no reason. What happened to George Floyd, well that was unfortunate, but he was resisting arrest, and so was Blake, so they got themselves killed, you really can’t blame the police. Stop rioting, stop looting, stop protesting black people. You have no reason to get upset. Please shut up and sit down, why are you trying to start a race war?

As for Antifa, they have been nowhere to be found during these protests, but right-wing agitators and vigilantes have been everywhere, inciting violence, causing chaos, intimidating and murdering protesters. The police have incited violence. They caused the deaths which led to these protests. Fox News and right-wing media have incited violence by showing non-stop footage of burning buildings – just a tiny part of the protests – and telling their viewers that violent, anti-American Marxists are going to burn everything down and need to be stopped. Someone with balls should have also challenged Boothe on these points and let her know that she is also full of shit.

Conservatives hate black people. There is no other conclusion to reach. They will turn cartwheels while denying any racism in their ranks – what, me racist? Just because I believe George Floyd shouldn’t have resisted arrest or he wouldn’t have been killed, doesn’t make me racist – and yet they have consistently sided with and defended the police in acts of violence, and have consistently defended the unnecessary deaths of black civilians at the hands of law enforcement, as justified killings. They can attack Black Lives Matter, a movement that fights for racial equality and justice, as a Marxist movement that just wants to destroy and burn down America because they hate it, but that’s just an excuse for their racism.

Two days after the shooting, Mr. Potato Head, via his radio show which reaches an audience of toothless, drooling boomers, screeched in his annoying nasal tone into a microphone, which caused an ear shattering feedback which nearly deafened his audience:

I did a full interview with our Blaze reporter who’s been in Kenosha, and he’s got the scoop folks, he’s got all the facts, not the drivel that MSLSD and the Clinton News Network’s been saying.

“And he interviewed before the shooting, that 17 year old kid. And the media are calling him, like, I dunno, a terrorist, a white supremacist, or something. What a load of hogwash! What a crock of crap! He’s none of those things! He never was. Our Blaze reporter told me that the kid, Rittenhouse, felt he was Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, and Jean-Claude Van Damme going in there to try and protect everybody, and he wanted to be a cop too! To try and put down the violence that all those Black Lives Matter and Antifa punks have been causing. And for that he was assaulted! He was hit over the head with a skateboard and a tooth brush! And then they tried to pull his pants down and have sex with him, the bunch of perverts, and then he fires off shots. What else was he supposed to do? Let himself get buggered for God sake!? It just isn’t that Black and white!”

Mr. Potato Head Has His Own Thoughts On Jacob Blake shooting

Mr. Potato Head Has His Own Thoughts On Jacob Blake shooting

The Great One – who looks and sounds like the character Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story – who was once described in a Daily Banter article as a human boil and as likable as a fart in an elevator, wants you to know that the police were not to blame for shooting Jacob Blake in the back. It was all the victim’s fault.

Levin – the Great One, Mr. Potato Head, or whatever you prefer to call him – is a well-known bomb thrower, race baiter, and all around antagonist  who seems to be more content with whipping fear and hatred among his viewing and listening audiences, than truth and honesty. With Life, Liberty, And Levin, a show on the Fox network that reaches out to aging geriatrics, and a radio show that has a listening audience of about ten, both are designed to instill animosity toward anyone slightly to the left of the Republican party.

Like others of his ilk, Levin has carved out a comfortable niche for himself by being disingenuous, by attracting tons of suckers who are easily fooled by his bullshit rantings. He has previously made a great number of statements that would embarrass anybody with an ounce of integrity or common sense. But it’s apparent that the Great One’s head has swelled so much over the years that all shame and common sense must have leaked out through his ears, or must have never existed to begin with.

Under Obama he was constantly screeching that he was a Marxist, lawless tyrant through his use of executive orders – which according to all the conspiracy theories, numbered about – what – 900, 1,000 – compared to Bush’s meager 291?  Conservative media terrified their rubes that Obama would seize and confiscate their guns, but no mass confiscation ever took place. However, in the final year of Obama’s second term, the dreaded confiscation that conservatives had shrieked about all along, turned out to be an EO that mandated that the Social Security administration release info on recipients who wish to purchase a gun, which said info would be used in prohibiting a purchase. Conservatives screamed bloody murder.

When critiquing Obama’s policies, or anything he said or did, it was always without nuance or actual criticism that would lend credibility to his rantings. Instead, they were always laced with racial overtones and overt craziness.

Via his radio show:

“I think what they say about Martha’s Vineyard – for you racialists and race baiters out there – I think they say it’s the whitest place on Earth.
“We know you hate whites, Obama! He talks races, he uses race, he pushes race!”

Ironically, it was Levin who used race when it came to Obama.

In 2015, via his radio show, he accused the Obama’s of being full  of hate speech. Apparently, he had never listened to himself on the radio.

Obama was like Hitler because of Obamacare, and his supporters were akin to brown shirts. It didn’t matter that Obamacare was a law that passed through Congress, and not forced down America’s throat as conservatives were fond of proclaiming.

Obama was a Muslim terrorist sympathizer because he had the misfortune to have the middle name Hussein. No matter how many Muslim terrorists his administration targeted, like Osama Bin Laden, it was never good enough.

He has recently compared Black Black Lives Matter to the Confederacy, and in a recent interview he told the Washington Examiner that Obama has abused the black community more than any other modern politician, because during John Lewis’s eulogy Obama had the audacity to speak about protecting the right of minorities to vote, and police abuse against African Americans. He never did mention how Obama has abused the black community.

The day after the Jacob Blake shooting, via his radio show, Levin offered his unique perspective like only the Great One can.

Via Media Matters:

“You had something take place in Kenosha, where a longtime hoodlum, as it turns out – sex offender, others, other things – resisted police arrest. All we see is the very short clip. He walks around the passenger side of his car, walks into the driver’s side of the car – he’s brushing off the cops, who have their guns out – and he reaches into his car, going into his car, and then all you hear are shots. We’re told seven shots. He didn’t die. He’s expected to live.”

You had a man shot in the back. He was a hoodlum to Levin because like every conservative who isn’t racist, he believes African Americans are naturally more prone to crime. That’s not hyperbole. It can’t have anything to do with poverty, proximity, or lack of economic opportunity , or lack of an education.

“And so they’re rioting in this little town in Kenosha, which is what, a hundred twenty thousand people? Destroying buildings. I mean destroying them. Destroying a museum, a library, I’m looking at the list here. A car dealership was burned down. Lots of looting and rioting. All of these innocent shop owners livelihoods, families are being destroyed.”

93% of the protests were peaceful, so no, there haven’t been lots of looting and rioting. Buildings and businesses can be rebuilt. The dead cannot be replaced. The lives destroyed by police violence and the callous disregard for human lives, and their families grief, can’t be replaced.

“And Biden and Harris come out and trash the cops! I don’t know what went on here, none of us know. None of us. The guy is going into his car and for all they know he’s got a gun, because apparently some of the arrests he had in his past were for the use of a weapon.

Yes, we do know what went on here. We saw it on the video. It doesn’t matter that he had ‘arrests’ in his past. It didn’t matter that he may have had a gun in his car. It’s an open carry state. He wasn’t about to open fire on the police. That certainly would have gotten him killed. And Biden and Harris were right to criticize the police. Any sane person would. Any person defending the conduct of the police, and trashing the victims in these types of situations, is, in my opinion, a racist POS.

“I don’t have all the facts, I’m just giving a contrary possibility. So the cops just put seven bullets in him – we’re told he was shot in the back – because they wanted to execute a black man? I don’t believe that for two seconds.

The first rule of the use of a gun is, never fire a gun at someone unless you intend to kill them. Sheskey’s intent was to execute Blake for daring to turn his back and defying police orders. I do believe that for two seconds. As I have said before, they could have stopped him without firing a single shot.

Blake got four bullets in the back for daring to defy the police, and conservatives, including Mr. Potato Head, have justified it. Meanwhile, a seventeen year old vigilante – who, it should go without mentioning, is white – and his compatriots, received bottled water and high fives all around for assisting the Kenosha police. Rittenhouse was even allowed to leave the scene of a crime after he had shot three people, killing two, and was not apprehended until the following day in his home state of Illinois. Conservatives, including Levin, have had a completely different reaction regarding Rittenhouse: he’s a hero, a patriot, he was defending himself from violent leftists who had initiated a violent confrontation, disregarding the fact that he had shot and killed someone before the pursuit began. Some idiots on social media went so far as to accuse them of being pedophiles.

And so the reaction now is to destroy, riot, don’t even know the facts, it doesn’t matter. And let’s be perfectly honest, if a white guy were shot like that nobody would give a crap. So why is it assume the cops are wrong when we don’t have all the facts? And why did the leadership of the Democratic party jump in and trash the cops and try to use it to attack and exploit the president? Is this sensible, rational? It’s demagoguery.”

The reaction was to protest. There will always be some rioting during protests involving racial injustice. But conservatives like Levin would rather ignore the protests and focus on the small amount of violence to paint all peaceful protesters as violent mobs. Which is evident in their constant coverage of the same recycled scenes of burning buildings and looting to support their narrative that Black Lives Matter protesters are violent anarchists out to overthrow America rather than people with legitimate racial grievances.

And let’s be perfectly honest, the police have shot their share of white people unjustly, but they would never shoot a white person in the back for resisting arrest or defying police orders. I honestly believe that. And if it ever happened, conservatives would not only give a crap, they would crap themselves to no end.

We don’t have to assume the cops are wrong even if we don’t have all the facts. They were wrong. They shot a man in the back. There is nothing to assume.

“We don’t have all the facts. It’s any excuse for a riot. arson. any excuse for looting. You’re gonna get backed by the media, the Democratic leadership, Can’t we get the facts, and then we’ll know who to blame for what!”

Again, the fact is, a coward shot a man in the back. The blame lies with the Kenosha police department and specifically the police officer who shot him, not Jacob Blake.

Mark Levin: “Kamala Harris Is A Radical Martian”

Mark Levin: “Kamala Harris Is A Radical Martian”

“Mark Levin dubs Kamala Harris the ‘most extremist radical politician ever to run for high office’ in the USA | Fox News”

In a recent broadcast of his radio show the one and only Great One informed his listening audience of eight that vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris is the most radical and extreme politician to run for office in the history of the United States.

Levin implored his audience of geriatric boomers to imagine how gut wrenching and devastating it would be for them if Harris became vice president, as he read from a list he made of policies he feared she might implement.

Levin: “Let me tell you why she’s so radical and extreme!

“She wants to give health care not only to illegal aliens, but to Earthlings! Obama already did that, for God sake! That’s the most extreme and radical idea I ever heard! How dare she?!

She wants to ban guns and the second amendment! Someone should tell her that Obama already did that, for God sake! How dare she?!

She wants to ban short order cooks! Obama already did that for God sake! Where are we supposed to eat without restaurants, and short order cooks to cook the food, for God sake?!

“She wants to eliminate frogging! Obama already did that for God sake! Where are kids suppose to hunt for frogs, for God sake?!

She wants to ban Geritol! Obama already did that, for God sake! Where are seniors suppose to get their energy boost, for God sake?! How dare she? I love Geritol!

“She wants to eliminate or ban natural gas, and by natural gas I mean cow farts and human gas! Obama already did that for God sake! How are we suppose to pass gas after eating beans or any other kind of food that makes us fart, for God sake?! What are we supposed to do, hold it in until we explode?!

“I don’t know about you, but as a geriatric senior I can’t imagine living my life without being able to take my Geritol, go frogging with my grandkids, eat in a restaurant without short order cooks, prevent illegal aliens or anyone else from getting health care, or passing gas after a spicy meal. It’s what America is all about. And Kamala Harris wants to take all of that away from you and me!

“And I’ll tell you why she wants to take all of that away: because she’s a radical extremist Martian, just as Barack Obama was a radical extremist Martian, only worse. Obama not only went to Mars in his youth, but his favorite television show as a kid was My Favorite Martian! That’s right, I said it!”

Mr. Producer: “I think the word you’re looking for is Marxist, not Martian.”

Levin: “No, Mr. Producer, I meant Martian!”

Mark Levin: “Obamagate Is Watergate On Stereos!”

Mark Levin: “Obamagate Is Watergate On Stereos!”
Mark Levin: “Obamagate is Watergate on stereos.”

According to conservative media narrative the Obama administration somehow managed to unlawfully spy on Donald Trump before he became president. The purpose for the alleged spying has never been made clear, but the consensus among most conservatives is that Obama ordered a wire tap on the Trump Tower phones by supposedly obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on him for… something.

As Americans are dying from complications due to Covid 19, the president and his supporters in the media continue to treat the pandemic as if it’s all just a deep state plot to bring down America’s greatest president, who not only managed to create the greatest economy since FDR – that has since imploded, with millions upon millions unemployed – but lowered black unemployment to historic levels, by turning cartwheels in the Rose Garden while waving the American flag and singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Over 100,000 have died since the first few cases were reported in mid January. You would think that that would send a red flag to conservatives who support the president that something is terribly wrong. But you would be mistaken. It would seem that they care more about something that former president Barack Obama allegedly did to the saint in the White House than they do about his incompetence and lack of leadership in the crises.

It started with the president’s tweet:


From there, conservative media echoed the claim until it became fact.

Mark Levin – who looks as if he’s suffering from an extreme case of jock itch, and whose voice personifies post nasal drip – allegedly was the first to echo this claim on his radio show.

“What did Barack Obama know, and when did he know it?!” he screamed to his listening audience of twelve. “He knew everything for God sake!

“You want to know how I know? Breitbart published an article about it for God sake! That’s how I know!

“Head Street published an article about it for God sake! That’s how I know!

“The New York Slimes published an article about it for God sake! That’s how I know!

“The Washington Compost published an article about it for God sake! That’s how I know! And that Marxist-communist-Muslim Obama put them all up to it!

Why, you ask?! I’ll tell you why! Because they didn’t want Trump to be president! It was a silent coup! This is the biggest scandal of our lifetime! It’s Watergate on stereos.

“It’s bigger than Benghazi, for God sake!

“It’s bigger than the IRS scandal, for God sake!

“It’s bigger than Fast And Furious, for God sake!

It’s bigger than Ferguson, for God sake!

It’s bigger than Baltimore, for God sake

“It’s bigger than that God awful Tan Suite, for God sake!

“It’s bigger than Latte Salute, for God sake!

It’s bigger than ACORN, for God sake!

“It’s bigger than The War On Christmas, for God sake!

“It’s bigger than Obamacare, for God sake!

“It’s bigger than Vacation gate, for God sake

“It’s bigger than Golf gate, for God sake!

“All of these scandals involved thousands of casualties, but you didn’t hear conservatives crying and whining about that did you? No, of course not! But the leftist media will tell you that 💯 thousand people dying from Coronavirus is the bigger scandal, even though they’re fudging the numbers. But it’s nothing compared to Obamagate! That’s right, I said it! Prove me wrong!”

“Actually,” Mr. Producer corrected him, “there were only about seven. And it’s steroids, not stereos.”