Stupid Conservative Memes #78 LL 101 , Gun Nut Edition : “Seriously. Conservatives Aren’t Violent. We Just Hold People At Gun Point To Prove How Peaceful We Are”

We do know it. You clowns have proved it time and time again. All of the mass shootings that have been carried out by conservative, racist , white nationalist, gun nuts, who should not be allowed access to fire arms. Here are two examples of so -called law abiding gun owners being not violent :

In April of 2014 , Cliven Bundy refused to pay a million dollars in fees he owed to the federal government for allowing his cattle to graze on government land near his Nevada ranch. Federal agents came in and removed a number of his cattle. Bundy threw a fit , and hundreds of his supporters , armed militia , Oath Keepers , Sovereign Citizens , and members of other anti government militants , came to their hero’s defense in an attempt to show the world that Cliven Bundy was being unfairly persecuted because he was required to pay fees that other ranchers were also required to pay.

But not Cliven Bundy. He’s special , and according to his radical gun nut supporters , he can do virtually anything he wants because it’s really his land , not the Federal government’s , and they better understand that , or they’ll get guns pointed at them.

These clowns pulled the same stunt in 2016 at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge to protest the very same thing. Only this time , one militia member was shot dead , and the standoff ended after forty days.

Amanda and Jerad Miller , who were both Sovereign Citizens , were present at the Bundy ranch in 2014 , but were asked to leave because of their radical extremism. Jerad Miller was killed during a shoot out with Las Vegas police in June of that year , after they shot and killed two police officers as they were eating pizza , and a civilian in a nearby Walmart. Amanda Miller committed suicide with her own gun. These guys were big fans of Alex Jones , and conspiracy theories.

If these so-called ‘occupiers’ had been peaceful , unarmed progressive protesters taking over a federal building to protest congress’s inaction on gun violence , or health care , what would the reaction have been? They would have been rounded up immediately and thrown in jail , where they ( or most of them ) would remain for the rest of their lives. Right wing media would have been ecstatic , calling them the ‘violent leftist mob’. If they had been Muslim , if they had been armed Black Lives Matter members protesting police brutality , what would the reaction have been? They would have all been shot dead immediately , and right wing media commentators like Dana Loesch , and Tomi Lahren would have praised law enforcement finally doing something about those violent , leftist thugs.

Right wing media condemned peaceful Wall Street protesters as violent thugs who hate America , but when armed violent right wing protesters take over public buildings , publish videos on social media threatening to kill police officers , and actually point their guns at law enforcement and federal agents , and threaten to shoot them , they’re patriots , victims of tyrannical government overreach. Their not violent , even though they’re literally threatening to murder people.

Stupid Conservative Memes #77 Liberal Logic 101 Edition : “Libtards Want To Ban The Second Amendment!”

Radical right wing conservatives , like the anti American , freedom hating a**holes at NRATV , and their radical supporters like the bought off politicians in congress , love to say , ‘If you libtards don’t like guns , don’t buy one.’

Why don’t they take their own advise and apply it to abortion? Because they’re authoritarians. They’re not satisfied with a woman’s right to choose. They want to dictate and control what a woman can and cannot do with her own body.

They call themselves ‘pro life’ , but they are anything but pro life. If they were pro life , they would be fighting for a decent healthcare system , an end to poverty , needless wars , and the right of children to attend public schools without being slaughtered by a lunatic with a gun. They’re ***holes and f**king hypocrites.   

Stupid Conservative Memes #76 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

This one seems to suggest that no one should be afraid of guns , because they protect people. But those who are not afraid of ( Obama care? ) should be because it actually was proven to kill people. Just ask Sarah Palin , or anyone at Fox News.

Yeah , those infamous Obama care death panels that were responsible for the deaths of thousands of people , compared to the zero deaths last year , and previous years , from guns. I’m sure the parents of the kids who were slaughtered at Stoneman Douglas High School , or the patents of the children who were slaughtered at Sandy Hook Elementary , would be thrilled to learn that Obama care killed more people than lunatics with guns.

Gun nuts would be so proud.

Stupid Conservative Memes #71 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

These liberal logic memes are always so amusing. Not that they’re actually funny. They’re not. They’re stupid as hell which makes them so amusing.

What’s even more amusing , is that there are actual conservatives who have drunk enough kool-aid to believe liberals are the intolerant group , and are the real bigots and racists. They’re the intolerant group because they don’t tolerate ‘different ideas and beliefs.’ In other words , liberals must tolerate the intolerance of the anti gay bigots , or they themselves are intolerant. Which is nonsense. Liberals don’t have to tolerate intolerance to be tolerant.

This particular meme suggests that a typical liberal will blindly follow the Democratic party line without question. And that they believe the book 1984 is an instruction manual. Suggesting that they are unable to think for themselves.

If there is one particular group that doesn’t think for itself , that blindly follows without question , it would be the conservatives who are too far gone ( the true cool aid drinkers ). They never question their own ideology. It’s ingrained into their brains : Conservatives good. Liberals bad. They believe everything they read and hear about Obama and Hillary Clinton : Obama bad. Clinton bad. They believe every conspiracy theory ever written about them both , no matter how insane they are. This is the group that believes that liberals are communists , Obama is either a radical Muslim , or a radical far left Marxist , or both. This is the group that actually believes the Democratic party policy platform is the same as the 1930’s Nazi party , and that they’re also Marxists. This is how far gone they are , and they believe liberals are insane.

Stupid Conservative Memes #65 Liberal Logic 101 Edition


Aviary Photo_131429865381117936
“For those with no brains , who haven’t a clue how logic works.”

There are plenty of ridiculous Liberal Logic 101 memes on the internet , but this one perfectly demonstrates the ‘alternate reality’ in which the typical liberal hating wing nut resides.

Liberals were not that concerned about Ebola , because it wasn’t an outbreak. A total of three Americans contracted the disease , and recovered. The fourth , a Liberian national , by the name of Thomas Duncan , died after contracting the disease. But Conservative media , played the non-epidemic as if it were the end of civilization as we know it , blaming the president at the time – Barack Obama – of allowing  the disease into the country on purpose , because he hates America , because it’s a racist country.   

Why doesn’t Conservative media talk about gun violence? That’s a real epidemic. An ongoing epidemic that kills an estimated 30,000 Americans annually. Yet , Conservative media is completely silent on the issue. Why? Does the right hate America? Would it be too extreme to say that they hate their country , like Bryan Fischer absurdly claimed that Obama intentionally allowed Ebola into the U.S. because he hates America and believes it needs to be punished for its racism? 

There were dozens of incidents in 2014 where children were accidentally shot because of the negligence of an adult. Children who got their hands on loaded weapons and accidentally shot themselves or others. Why weren’t Conservatives in the media talking about this? Where was the outrage? Where was their demand to regulate guns? There were hundreds of incidents in 2014 where children were murdered with a gun. Again , there was no demand to regulate guns , but they wanted to enforce travel bans because one person died of Ebola? The media , particularly the Conservative media , believe that it’s more important to spread fear about a disease that killed one person in America ( who actually wasn’t from America ) , and yet they have nothing to say about the dangers of children dying by guns every year?  

Who really have their heads buried up their asses?  It sure as hell isn’t liberals.    

Stupid Conservative Memes #63 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

“For those with no brains , who haven’t a clue how logic works.”

Like the main stream Conservative media did with Obama’s birth certificate , Benghazi , the so-called IRS scandal , Solyndra , Fast And Furious , Health Care reform ( Obama Care ) and a host of other non scandals? The entire real lame stream news media , including Fox News , Breitfart , The Gateway Pundit ( AKA the Stupidest man on the internet ), News Max , News Busters , The Blaze , Rush Limbaugh , Accuracy In Media  , World Nut Daily , Media Research Center , and Conservatives News Service whined incessantly over everything Obama said and did. Not just about the birth certificate , Benghazi , and Fast And Furious  , but absurd nonsense about gun confiscation , executive orders , saluting a marine with a latte in his hand , wearing a tan suit , how many vacations he and his family took , how much he golfed , to what he put on his hamburger.

Can we expect a similar type of treatment toward Trump from the so-called liberal media? Not likely. In fact , we’ve already seen them fawn over him when he bombed Syria.  

Stupid Conservative Memes #62 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

For those who have no brains , who read this crap and haven’t a clue how logic works. Yes , they are that stupid.

Are you kidding me? Absolutely everything ( real and made up ) from Obama’s past was not only relevant , but put under a microscope by Conservative media and  bloggers , prior to the 2008 election , to discredit him : his birth certificate , which of course , had absolutely nothing to do with racism , just concerned citizens asking how a black man could possibly be eligible to be president ; his connection to ACORN as a community organizer , and how he could possibly win an election – twice – without cheating ( voter fraud ) ; his so-called connection to Bill Ayers , when he allegedly ran around in his preteen years planting explosives with The Weather Underground ; his alleged Muslim connection ; his alleged anti-semitic and racist pastor ; his alleged gayness ; his alleged animosity to white people ; and his drug use. 


Stupid Conservative Memes #61 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

Aviary Photo_131415104811476952.png
“Helping those of us with no brains understand how logic works.”


Kim Davis is not a hero. She’s not Super Woman , she’s not Wonder Woman , she’s not Bat Girl , she’s not the reincarnation of Mother Teresa. She’s not comparable to MLK , Abraham Lincoln , or Rosa Parks. Martin Luther King fought for the civil rights of others to be treated equally. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for an unjust law. Kim Davis denied the rights of others to be treated equally. She’s more like the racist bus driver who told Rosa Parks to get to the back of the bus. Demanding that others be treated equally is not unjust , it’s not evil , it’s not judicial tyranny. It’s common decency. But Conservatives don’t see it this way. They’re not capable of understanding logic ( so they create memes that make no sense ). At least not the Conservatives who consider her a hero.   

Stupid Conservative Memes #60 Liberal Logic 101 Edition … Benghazi And Birtherism In One Meme

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“For those with no brains , who haven’t a clue how logic works.”

Conservatives who hated Obama when he was president , were convinced that he deliberately allowed four Americans to die in Benghazi for political motivations , or that he secretly supported terrorists , or that he lied about an anti-Islam video being responsible for the attack , when he knew that it was really a planned Al-Qaeda attack. Claims that wing nut media and Right bloggers promoted almost non stop after the Benghazi attack. These claims were eagerly accepted as fact by Obama haters , since Sarah Palin had accused Obama of ‘paling around with terrorists.’ In the minds of Palin fans , Obama must have been involved in terrorist plots with Bill Ayers of The Weather Underground , blowing up buildings and planting explosives when he was eight or nine years old.

There were multiple Benghazi reports , and an extensive New York Times investigative report , none of which were enough for the Obama haters , because none of them revealed what they already knew in their hearts : that Obama and Hillary were guilty of a deliberate cover up. With each new report , they were convinced that the Republicans were themselves involved in the cover up , part of a never ending conspiracy to conceal the truth about what really happened. So , they put together their own committee to investigate the events on the night of the attack , courtesy of AIM – Accuracy In Media – which has had a history of often being inaccurate. A citizens committee that included a who’s who of Obama hating wing nuts , birthers and anti-Muslim activists , including Allen West , and AIM’s own editor in chief , Roger Aronoff. And what did they find? What else? A conspiracy to cover up the truth , which included a claim that the U.S. had switched sides in the war on terror , and that ambassador Christopher Stevens was involved in a failed kidnapping attempt to be traded for the terrorist Omar Abdel-Rahman , the mastermind behind for the World Trade Center bombing.

Four people died in the Benghazi attack , which according to Obama haters was a worse scandal than Watergate , to some even worse than 9/11. Yes , seriously , worse than nearly three thousand Americans dying as a result of the worst terrorist attack in the U.S. , because Obama ‘lied’ and Bush didn’t. No , he just ignored intelligence about possible terrorists attacks , and then lo and behold 9/11 happened. But it wasn’t Bush’s fault that those three thousand Americans lost their lives. He kept America safe , despite 9/11 , and the multiple embassy/consulate/compound attacks that occurred that resulted in the deaths of eleven Americans , an eighteen year old Yemeni-American student , Susan El-Baneh , and American diplomat , David Foy. But because ten of the thirteen attacks didn’t include any dead Americans , those attacks don’t count , and the three attacks that did , were … unfortunate. But the bullshit excuses wing nuts always predictably give when comparing these two situations is , ‘there was never a cover up , and that ‘Obama never called it a terrorist attack.’

I’ve even seen this same lame excuse from a certain wing nut named Bill Whittle on his website Firewall. In a video titled Why Benghazi Matters , he says : “It’s not the responsibility of the U.S. State dept. and the president to protect the lives of foreign nationals. Their job is to protect American citizens and especially consular personnel living abroad.” The nine American contractors that were killed in the Riyadh Compound attacks , were working for the State Department , and it was their responsibility to keep them safe. It was their job to protect them. Funny how Whittle doesn’t blame Bush or his State Department for failing to keep those nine Americans safe , but he’s willing to crucify Obama for four deaths in Benghazi. He goes on : “In 2003 , a truck bomb killed 36 people , including nine American defense contractors. President Bush immediately denounced it as a terrorist attack , and the Saudi’s investigated and killed two of the attackers.” He conveniently ignores the fact that Bush and the State Department under him , were responsible for the safety of those nine Americans , and because Bush denounced it as a terrorist attack , that somehow absolved him and the State Department of all responsibility. Those nine defense contractors , Susan El-Baneh , and David Foy were all Americans citizens. Were their lives less important than four lives in Benghazi? He continues : “On March 2 , 2006 , in Karachi Pakistan , a suicide bomber killed four , including an American diplomat , David Foy. It was instantly denounced as a terrorist attack ( Bush miraculously absolved of all responsibility again! ) ; there were no advanced calls for security ; Mr. Foy was killed instantly with no possibility of rescue ; there was no cover up , or attempt to spin it other than what it was.”

That’s because the commander-in-chief was George Bush , the president who could do no wrong in the eyes of Conservatives. Democrats were not interested in exploiting their deaths ; they had no reason to , or motive , unlike Republicans and their Obama hating allies in the media who would spin the events in Benghazi into a massive conspiracy theory involving a cover up. He then goes on to revive the debunked claim that ambassador Stevens was tortured , raped , and dragged through the streets.

So , according to wing nuts like Bill Whittle , the deaths of eleven Americans is unfortunate , but acceptable , because they were immediately called terrorist attacks , as opposed to Obama never calling Benghazi a terrorist attack , which makes all the difference! Except he did call it a terrorist attack , just not in the precise wording they preferred : radical Islamic terrorism!

It’s apparent to anyone with common sense that Benghazi was a phony scandal , a tragedy blown out of proportion by Republican politicians and their allies in the media who were obsessed with destroying a Democratic president before he was even elected. Democrats didn’t politicize the thirteen Benghazi like terrorist attacks when Bush was president.

The birth certificate was only phony to racists. Obama provided both forms of his birth certificate , and yet neither was enough for wing nuts. They were positive that he was really born in Kenya , and if anyone had the nerve to accuse them of racism , they could trot out the absurd defense : “you can’t even criticize Obama without being called a racist.”

The dunce who created this meme , believes liberals are stupid because they didn’t buy into the Benghazi and the birther bullshit. That’s embarrassing.

Stupid Conservative Memes #59 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

Aviary Photo_131403966542355839

What massive voter fraud? This meme provides no link to back up it’s outrageous claim. It just repeats a cherished Republican talking point to appeal to it’s shallow minded readers.

Fifty-two percent of Republicans were convinced that ACORN  stole the 2008 election for Barack Obama. After the 2012 election , it was forty-nine percent. They believed that ACORN wasn’t the only entity that helped Obama steal the elections. Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , the walking dead , illegal immigrants , and the homeless of America – thousands upon thousands , all of whom Obama had  somehow managed to bus in to polling places all over America – also had a hand in it ( see How Barack Obama Really Stole The Elections : God Told Me Julio Made Him Do It , and How Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , ACORN , The Homeless , Illegal Immigrants , And The Walking Dead Helped Obama The Weasel Weasel His Way Into The White House ). This is how delusional Conservatives have become in the last eight years who believe this nonsense. Nothing is too extreme ; nothing is too insane. They really are willing to believe that Disney characters and ACORN – which didn’t even exist in 2012! – helped Obama steal the elections.

For a party that supposedly benefits from voter fraud time after time , they sure as hell didn’t benefit during the last election. Trump and some of his supporters claimed that it was most likely rigged , even though he became the president. Conservatives have been complaining about voter fraud for years when they lose an election , with no evidence. What they won’t tell you is what voter restriction laws are really all about.  That’s the real fraud.