In Wing Nut News: Laura Ingraham Blames Mainstream Liberal Media For Shootings Of Black Men

In Wing Nut News: Laura Ingraham Blames Mainstream Liberal Media For Shootings Of Black Men

On the April 14 edition of the Ingraham Angle, Laura Ingraham told Texas Republican race-baiting clown Allen West – who back in December released a statement calling for Texas to secede because the SC wouldn’t nullify legal votes for Biden – that the mainstream media is telling black people, giving them the message that “you’re going to be shot if you’re pulled over, so run!”

Young black men today are being told over and over again by a – by a dominant media, a corporate media, that if you’re pulled over by the police, they’re going to shoot you. Are they not being told – basically sending that message to young black men, that you’re going to be shot if you’re pulled over, so run? Run, leave, speed away – and that’s when you have problems. You had it with George Floyd, who resisted arrest. You had it in this case. It’s tragic circumstances, it’s horrific, but they’re running away.”

“That’s part of a Marxist propaganda tool that the left is using,” the GOP clown agreed with her.

I have never heard a single left-leaning corporate media news anchor or commentator telling black men, or sending them a subtle message, that cop’s are going to shoot them if they don’t run. There have however, been many conservative media commentators – Ingraham among them – who have told their viewers time and time again, that police are non-violent, that black people are violent, are thugs and criminals, who want to riot and loot, and kill people. They send this message to their viewers when they tell them that Black Lives Matter are violent, that they’re terrorists, when they talk about black on black crime.

They’re not all running away. Jacob Blake didn’t run. He attempted to enter his vehicle. George Floyd didn’t run, neither did he resist arrest. If he did, it must have been while Chauvin had his knee pressed firmly into his neck.

Those who are running from the police, just might be doing so because they know that if they don’t run away, it’s because they know they will be killed. It is law enforcement that is sending this message, and it is clowns like Laura Ingraham that enable it.

Source: Media Matters.

Laura Ingraham Tells The Rubes That  Democrats Want To Criminalize All Trump Supporters

Laura Ingraham Tells The Rubes That  Democrats Want To Criminalize All Trump Supporters

Conservative media pundits have often claimed that liberals and leftists never let a good opportunity go to waste… or something of that nature.

Conservative themselves never let a good opportunity go to waste. With conservatives, it’s Antifa. It’s how violent, radical and extreme the Democratic party is, the left and liberals. They totally ignore and pretend as if their own party, their own movement is completely patriotic and supporting of liberty – instead of the radical and extreme party that it really is – freedom and free speech, while hyping and over-exaggerating the anti-fascists and anti-racists as the real threat to free speech and democracy.

It’s called gaslighting. Making someone doubt or question their perception of reality, and conservatives have mastered it to a fine art. All one has to do is watch a segment of Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham discussing Black Lives Matter and Antifa. BLM and Antifa – both leftist, anti-fascist and anti-racists – are “thugs, criminals, and terrorists.” While conservatives – no matter how violent they are, such as those who marched in the Unite The Right rally, or murdered BLM protesters – are “law-abiding,” “very fine people,” and “heros.”

During a segment of her broadcast last week, Laura Ingraham tried really hard to convince the rubes that the Democrats are hell-bent on “criminalizing all Trump supporters as “terrorists.”

“The January 06 Capitol riot was a gift to Democrats,” she said smugly. “It gave them the video in the narrative that they’ve desperately wanted and they needed to justify a crackdown on the civil liberties of all conservatives.

“However, you don’t need hearings to know that dedicated men and women of the Capitol police were overwhelmed and unprepared for a breach.”

Only pro-Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol, had gotten inside, and ransacked it… have been charged with crimes ranging from felonies to misdemeanors. No one who stood by and simply watched , have been arrested that I know of. There has been no attempt to criminalize Trump supporters who protest peacefully, as there was with BLM protesters over the summer. These people have not had their civil liberties cracked down on, and neither have they been criminalized as terrorists. And one doesn’t need hearings to know that Capitol police were unprepared by design. It was obvious to anyone who knew what to expect from months of Trump, Republicans, and right-wing media pundits like Ingraham, complaining about mail-in ballots, and election fraud.

She said what happened at the Capitol was “despicable, criminal and infuriating,” but compared to other armed insurrections, “this one was pretty lame. And the loss of life that occured that day is still shrouded in mystery… from the get-go, the media saw this tragic day as an opportunity to tar the entire Trump coalition as a bunch of heinous terrorists… we still don’t know anything about the cause of officer Sicknick’s death, but we do know the entire life story of the idiot in the buffalo get up and face paint.”

A riot that resulted in at least five deaths, and injuries – most of them police officers – was shrouded in mystery and pretty lame? We may not yet know the exact cause of Sicknick’s death, but he was killed by the actions of a pro-Trump mob – that’s no mystery.

“If you voted for Trump, if you ever attended a Trump rally or posted support for his America First agenda, you’re complicit in the attack and you need to be shunned from society, lose your job, and you need to be banned from social media indefinitely. Make no mistake about it. What we’re witnessing at all levels of society run by liberals is a new Red Scare. But instead of targeting Marxists or communists, they’re fighting Americans in red states.”

If Ingraham wants to complain about people having their civil liberties violated and criminalized as terrorists, perhaps she should talk about Antifa and BLM protesters – an entire movement of social activists – who she and her colleagues at Fox News have never had any trouble tarring as criminals and terrorists over the years, and were quick and eager to blame for the violence at the Capitol. But she will never do that. She will never defend actual patriots who want law enforcement officers who commit murder, to be held accountable under the law, as those they murder are held accountable. She will never defend real patriots who want government to be less corrupt. She will always equate them to fascists because she is a fascist. Misrepresenting actual patriots as anti-American, and equating terrorists as patriots, that’s what authoritarians do. Antifa are the real fascists… and the Trump supporting mob that proudly wave those Confederate and Nazi flags at his rallies, and the shooters who have listened to his rhetoric and the rhetoric of the totally non-violent and non-racist Republican party, and their media allies like Ingraham… are the real patriots, the real pro-Americans with their America First agenda, which is an agenda first used by the Klan. So, yes, if you support it, then you are indeed complicit in the assault on the Washington Capitol.

Ingraham had this to say about who really may have been behind the Capitol riot. Calling into Fox News, she said:

“We knew this would happen when you had a huge group of people descending on Capitol Hill, when you have members of Trump support organizations and Antifa threatening to show up at the same time. We’ll learn more to the extent that that happened. I’m getting a sense that there’s clearly a big split in the MAGA groups that have come to peacefully protest with whoever is behind this intrusion in the Capitol, which by any account is unacceptable.”

On her broadcast that night, she said, “They were likely not all Trump supporters. I’ve never seen Trump rally attendees wearing helmets, black helmets, brown helmets, black backpacks – the uniforms you saw in some of those crowd shots.”

Ingraham says the Democrats want to criminalize people who voted for Trump, for attending any of his rallies, or supporting his America First agenda, and are complicit in the Capitol riot, should be shunned from society, lose their jobs, and be banned indefinitely from social media.

I would say: anyone who attended any of his rallies and listened to the violent and racist rhetoric, saw the Confederate flags flying freely and stayed silent.

Anyone who  listened to his rhetoric about Charlottesville Nazis and neo-Confederates as ‘very fine people’ and did not condemn it.

Anyone who saw the Nazi flags displayed and did not speak up, did not question their presence.

Anyone who has no problem with symbols of white supremacy remaining in a society – that conservatives swear is no longer racist – as nothing more than “Southern heritage or pride.”

Anyone who has no problem calling Antifa – anti-fascists – and Black Lives Matter “terrorists,” but revere white shooters who murder peaceful protesters as “heros.

Anyone’s reaction to a black president speaking on matters of race: “Why is he playing the race card?” ( the idea that black people have no right to speak about race without accusations of playing the “race card” is absurd ). But giving a white president a free lifetime pass on the race card.

And finally, I would say: anyone  – anyone, including Trump’s media lapdogs – who repeated the rhetoric and conspiracy theories of a stolen election – Dominion, George Soros, the ghost of Hugo Chavez, all of that shit – who egged on and riled up the assholes to get out in the streets with their “stop the steal” signs and chants, culminating in the ransacking of democracy and the Capitol.

These people are complicit in the raiding and the ransacking of the Capitol. They should lose their jobs, and they should be banned from social media forever. These people participated in a coup to interfere in a democratic election simply because their favorite narcissistic egomaniac didn’t get re-elected. These people should be treated like pariahs. It has nothing whatsoever to do with criminalizing ordinary, innocent Americans who are guilty for no other reason than voting for Trump.

Ingraham: Virginia School Board Are “Petty Tyrants” And ”Perjurers Of History” By Renaming Buildings | Fox News

Ingraham: Virginia School Board Are “Petty Tyrants” And ”Perjurers Of History” By Renaming Buildings | Fox News

Laura Ingraham, a white supremacists BFF.

On the December 09 edition of the Ingraham Angle, America’s greatest reporter spoke truth to power when she informed her audience that the “perjurers of history” were doing their best to destroy the Virginia school district by renaming their schools.

Just as hundreds of school systems across America are using the COVID excuse, the Falls Church school board since March has closed its schools for in-person learning and it’s turned its student body into Zoom bots,” she told the rubes.

“But,” she added, “don’t think that during the shutdown, the Falls Church school board hasn’t been keeping itself very busy with other important work.”

She’s referring to the Falls Church school board voting 7-0 in favor of changing the names of two schools, Thomas Jefferson and George Mason High, despite 56% of the district voting against the name changes. The vote allegedly took place over Zoom.

Since the beginning, conservatives, including the media, have treated COVID as a hoax, have downplayed it, have claimed that masks are ineffective, and that lockdowns are unnecessary. Ingraham was one of those who spread misinformation on the pandemic.

The name changes apparently first came up sometime in June, after the George Floyd incident.

The petty tyrants on the board simply ignored this and sided with the perjurers of history. Look, if these folks really cared about traditionally marginalized people like students, kids, they would be spending their time by working on opening these schools.”

The school board members are “perjurers of history” and “petty tyrants” because they want to change the names of their schools that were named after Americans who kept slaves. And anyone who agrees is also a perjurer of history in the minds of conservatives. Anyone who wants to remove Confederate symbols from society are, according to conservatives, guilty of “wanting to erase history.” They cannot be put in a museum; they must remain so that history will not be repeated, so goes the conservative narrative. But that’s nothing more than a lame excuse.

Over the years conservative media has played defense for Confederate symbols, downplaying their racial and treasonous history, while at the same time accusing the Democrats of being the party of the Confederacy. And yet, it’s always been the Republican party and conservatives who have romanticized it’s “southern heritage” as heroic.

It doesn’t matter that the Klan supports the Republican party, Donald Trump, or votes Republican. It doesn’t matter that Nazis, and white supremacists just happen to be attracted to and support the Republican party. It doesn’t matter that white supremacist candidates have run for political office on the Republican ticket. And it doesn’t matter that a good percentage of Trump supporters just happen to be Nazis and white supremacists who love waving the confederate and Nazi flags.

It’s ironic that she would refer to anyone who wants to take down a confederate monument or rename a school, “perjurers of history.” If anyone is a perjurer of history, it would be Laura Ingraham and her ilk. She and other conservatives, have whitewashed and romanticized America’s racist past by defending monuments of soldiers who committed treason against the United States over slavery, and anyone who dares protest America’s veneration of its shameful past, then they are the enemy, they want to destroy history, destroy America itself.

Back in 2018 Ingraham wrote an opinion piece – Laura Ingraham: Enemies Of American History/Fox News – on protesters who “took it upon themselves to pull down a Confederate statue” of Silent Sam at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, in which she said:

Over the last few years, the statue has been labeled a celebration of white supremacy by some – and as a piece of history by others…”

“There is a movement, particularly among the young, to hate the past and eradicate anything they find objectionable or troubling. It recalls the destructive mindset of ISIS as they pillaged and wiped away irreplaceable historic and religious monuments from Palmyra, Syria – simply because they could.

No matter what one thinks of the Civil War or those who supported the Confederacy, it happened. And we owe it to the future to leave history undisturbed. Why not allow future generations the opportunity to mark this history, process it, and come to their own conclusions?

“By committing acts of violence to get your way, and defying laws to remove figures that you find offensive – you start to look a bit like the thing you’re protesting.” 

You can’t convince a conservative that a civil war monument is a commemoration of white supremacy. To them it’s just a piece of history , something that “just happened” during America’s glorious history. It doesn’t matter that it was shameful; it doesn’t matter that that “piece of history” involved treason and slavery. It doesn’t matter that “These statues were meant to create legitimate garb for white supremacy. Why would you put up a statue of Robert E. Lee, or Stonewall Jackson in 1948 in Baltimore?” James Grossman, the executive director of the American Historical Association, told NPR. You must accept it, you must shut up and honor it, and if you say or do otherwise, then you are not only a “petty tyrant” but are exactly like ISIS terrorists, and hate America and want to erase its glorious past.

Ingraham said in her article “why not allow future generations the opportunity to to mark this history, process it, and come to their own conclusions?” Well, the current generation of young people – liberals, progressives – have marked America’s racist history, have processed it as shameful and unacceptable, and have come to their own conclusions that it should not be glorified and honored. But the problem with that, is that it doesn’t align with the conclusions of Ingraham and other conservatives and how they view that history: that it has nothing to do with slavery but rather honoring “southern heritage,” and “southern pride.”

Back to the article:

Ingraham encouraged viewers to “start running for these seats and knocking out these goofballs” taking over school boards and local education departments.

“I bet after seeing this, millions of Americans are appalled because they don’t really know, they aren’t thinking about how politicized education has become.”

I can imagine the fifty IQ rubes who watch her, literally running out their doors believing they are actually more intelligent than the average school board member.

“It’s clear that children aren’t the concern. For these neo-Marxists that are running education, it’s all about remaking America.”

Those who work to bring change to the system, to make it better, are nothing more than Marxists who really just want to destroy it, as opposed to those who have no problem with keeping things the way they are, making sure that white supremacy isn’t challenged. These are the real patriots we must honor.

In defending monuments to the legacy of white supremacy, and defying the will of the people – 51% , according to recent polls – that they should be removed – you begin to look a bit like that which you are defending.

In Ingraham’s case, it would be a lot.

Laura Ingraham: Liberals Want To ‘Shame You’ For Spending Thanksgiving With Family, Not Protect You From COVID’

Laura Ingraham: Liberals Want To ‘Shame You’ For Spending Thanksgiving With Family, Not Protect You From COVID’

As health experts and state authorities are concerned about possibly spreading the coronavirus to the most vulnerable during the holidays, Laura Ingraham is preaching to the rubes that it’s all about control, because they hate you, they hate freedom and liberty, and they hate Thanksgiving just as much as they hate Christmas, and they don’t want you to spend time with your families during these hateful holidays.

Democrat state leaders aren’t going to let the holiday season interfere with their attempt to reach into every single part of your life during the coronavirus pandemic, the intrepid Laura Ingraham said Tuesday on the Ingraham Angle.

“Liberals who worship at the alter of Dr. Fauci have no problem reaching into your homes and demanding that you behave in a certain way,” Dr. Laura told the rubes. “Socializing with people outside of your immediate cohort or family or your bubble is verboten. And if you had Thanksgiving plans, they want to shame you into cancelling them.”

That’s right, they want to shame you into getting together with your family and loved ones because you’re a bad person for believing that Donald Trump knows more about science than an actual doctor. They want to shame you because you know that masks don’t work. It has nothing to do with protecting the most vulnerable from the coronavirus, as they claim. It’s tyranny!

Ingraham said the efforts to tighten control over American lifestyle, and, eventually, the virus, is just the beginning of the Democrats’ inevitable lockdowns with Joe Biden in office. Even though, she explained, a nationwide shutdown proved to not be effective the first time.

“The virus is a terrible tragedy but unfortunately one that we’re going to have to learn to live with, using smart, narrowly-tailored, simple health measures.”

The reason we’ve had 259, 005 COVID fatalities is because of an irresponsible federal government led by an irresponsible president who has failed in his duty to protect the American public during a health crisis. He failed from the beginning to take it seriously, he failed to mandate testing, he failed at mandating masks, failing to wear one himself, and he failed to encourage the rubes who voted for him to take them seriously. He complained non-stop about lockdowns, while continuing to hold his rallies where most of the cult failed to wear masks. He has lied every step of the way. He has blamed Obama for his own failures, and in the last remaining months of his term, he has claimed that the pandemic is under control.

These are the reasons the lockdowns were ineffective. These are the reasons we’ve had to live with it. It has very little to do with how the health experts and the Democratic governor’s have responded to the pandemic, who have shown far more responsibility in mandating lockdowns and wearing masks. And Fox News is just as complicit in the deaths of those 259, 000 as is the president of the United States.

‘Ingraham Angle’ exclusive: Laura Ingraham Proves Voting Fraud Is Real! | Fox News

‘Ingraham Angle’ exclusive: Laura Ingraham Proves Voting Fraud Is Real! | Fox News

< From Fox News >

In an Ingraham Angle exclusive, Laura Ingraham has proven without a shadow of a doubt that Democrats and the left have committed massive voter fraud to keep America’s rightful heir – Donald “Abraham Lincoln” Trump – from a second term in the White House!

“The whistleblower, whose identity was hidden and whose voice was modified at her request, told our intrepid journalist Laura Ingraham that she noticed white envelopes being passed around and ripped open near a Biden – Harris Van while on a walk during her lunch break. The envelope handlers then leaned against the side of the van in order to mark the papers, which she recognized as ballots.

“As I got closer, I thought, ‘those are ballots,’ ” she said. “I walked by four or five times. On the next time I walked by, they were putting them in the envelopes. They were putting them in white and pink envelopes.”

As the brave witness realized something fishy was going on, she claimed a “human wall” was formed to obstruct the view of anyone who might be looking on and wondering what they were doing, but apparently it didn’t do any good because she managed to somehow see everything. She then confessed to Ingraham that it terrified her.

She claims to have released a sworn affidavit to the Trump campaign disclosing what she witnessed.

State officials in Nevada denied any evidence of voter fraud and Democratic AG Aaron Ford referred to the Trump campaign legal efforts as “garbage”.

A sworn declaration from an eyewitness is the literal definition of evidence,” a Trump campaign attorney said in a statement. “Those on the left and in other quarters that have been screaming that there’s no evidence will need new talkers and most importantly, will have to now focus on the legitimate issues that have been raised.”

No, a sworn declaration is not evidence, it’s hearsay. Hearsay is not permitted as actual evidence in court. Actual evidence is permitted in a court, not hearsay, not opinions, and not butthurt feelings because a certain candidate lost an election, a candidate who won the previous e!section, despite crying about voter fraud.

As for “the left screaming that there is no evidence,” it has actually been the Trump team and his allies in the media that have been screaming… about voter fraud, and offering no evidence. To which the left has responded,”Put up or shut up.” The Trump team, so far, has yet to put up.

A sampling of supposed charges of “voter fraud” from Republicans submitted in affidavits range from “feeling intimidated by union people who were staring at her,” according to one poll watcher. A Democratic poll worker told a Trump snowflake to, “go back to the suburbs, Karen.” Another said a P. A. system was too distracting. Another complaint has been that Republicans have not been permitted to observe the voting process, when in fact they have.

From the New York Times:

“On election day, Republican lawyers acknowledged in court that the party’s observers were present at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia when votes were being counted.

“I’m sorry, then what’s your problem?” Judge Paul Diamond of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania asked.

And from the Wired:

“In at least one instance, Trump lawyers have flat-out acknowledged that they’re not actually alleging fraud despite the president’s insistence. On Tuesday, in a case involving over 592 disputed ballots in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania – where Biden ( at the time ) leads by more than 130,000 votes – judge Richard Haas pressed Trump re-election campaign lawyer Johnathan Goldstein.

“Are you claiming that there is any fraud in connection with these 592 ballots?”

“To my knowledge at present, no,” Goldstein responded.

While on the subject of voting, it bears to mention that there is one political party that regularly engages in gerrymandering and voter suppression, and it’s not the Democratic party.

When they’re not doing voter suppression tactics, they’re either involved in voter fraud themselves, or crying about Democrats doing the same. Kayleigh McEnany and Ronna McDaniels gave a recent embarrassing press conference charging election fraud. It was so embarrassing, Fox’s Neil Cavuto refused to air it.  They repeated all of the nonsense from the Trump team, while presenting no evidence.

Back in 2016, McEnany criticized those who questioned Trump’s election victory. On a CNN segment she said,”You have people out there calling for recounts that are unsubstantiated, based on no evidence. You have Jill Stein coming on our network an hour or so ago suggesting there were hacks or potentially hacks, and ‘we won’t know until we count the votes.’ There are people trying to deligitimize the president” ( like Trump and Republicans did with Obama all through his two terms ) “elect.”

Now, four years later, after laughing at Trump’s critics, McEnany and other Republicans want us to take them seriously. The Trump team has gone to court with their frivolous claims of voter fraud, and have had nearly every case dismissed. But they won’t let that stop them. They will continue to whine and complain baselessly about fraud just because they can’t accept the fact that their boy – or in this case, man-child – lost, and they will do anything to sow doubt in the minds of the fringe, and that includes Laura Ingraham, and other right-wing media figures staging ridiculous segments like the one above – which also includes giving credence to Project Veritas, a so-called undercover news organization that deliberately lies about everything they investigate – to deceive the rubes who watch them into believing that Trump was robbed as the rightful heir to the throne.

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats didn’t behave this immature after the last election, but the Republicans have no shame. They will continue behaving like snowflakes for a long time to come.

Laura Ingraham Urges Trump Voters To ‘Teach The Elites And Their Lackeys A Message’ By Re-electing A Lackey For The Elites

Laura Ingraham Urges Trump Voters To ‘Teach The Elites And Their Lackeys A Message’ By Re-electing A Lackey For The Elites

Laura Ingraham recently told her audience that there is no better way to teach the elites that voting for another elite is the perfect way to teach them a lesson they won’t soon forget.

“If you love America, if you think our experiment in democracy is one of the greatest triumphs of the human spirit and you reject this pay-to-play government symbolized by Biden, you must stand with President Trump,” the astute Ingraham Angle host said. “This is our chance. Never before in my lifetime have the elites gathered in such numbers or have spent such money to stop a political movement.”

By elites, Ingraham is no doubt referring to the secret cabal of liberal elites who have conspired these last four years to bring down The Anointed One Himself, Saint Donald The Divine, Donald “Abraham Lincoln” Trump.

Does Ingraham actually believe Donald Trump is not a part of the elite she likes to complain about on her program? Probably not. Most likely she’s just pandering to the rubes in her audience who do believe it.

When Ingraham says a “pay-to-play government symbolized by Biden,” she must be confused. Joe Biden is not the president. Donald Trump is the president. He is a symbol of its corruption. He’s a symptom of its corruption. Biden is irrelevant at this point. If and when he becomes president, then we can talk about him.

Ingraham says Biden’s establishment allies have controlled the levers of power in America for decades, but failed their constituents as time went by.

“They used to mock us, but now they fear us. They are right. They had their chance to govern this country for decades and they blew it.”

I believe Democrats were in control prior to 2017, and if I’m not mistaken, they did not exactly, blow it. Prior to 2009 there was a Republican administration that was in control for eight years. They actually did blow it. After the greatest terrorist attack on American soil, they managed to start two illegal wars, one against – Iraq – a country that had nothing to do with the attack, and crash the economy through Republican policies. The Obama administration came in, the economy made a gradual comeback – it was far from perfect, wages continued to be stagnant, people still worked s****y low paying jobs, living pay check to pay check, jobs were lost. Republicans and their lackeys in the media even blamed Obama and the Democrats for tanking the economy. Things were far from perfect under the Obama administration, there was plenty to criticize.

Now we have another Republican government with a Republican president who claims he’s done more for black Americans than any other president – poppy cock – lowered unemployment – poppy cock – made Americans safer – poppy cock – calmed racial tensions – poppy cock – and his response to the pandemic has been first rate… poppy cock.

They actually blew it. But according to Laura Ingraham, the liberal elite establishment used to mock them, but now fear them. Correction: they have been mocking and laughing all along, at a president who has been a huge failure, who has become a laughing stock, a buffoon, who says ridiculous s**t like this on the coronavirus: ‘we have it totally under control.’ ‘The Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus… they tried the impeachment hoax… this is their new hoax.’ ‘We’ve taken the most aggressive actions to confront the coronavirus. They are the most aggressive taken by any country.‘ So aggressive, in fact that well over 200,000 have died due to COVID.

Anyone who has been paying attention, knows that none of this is true. Which is why people are mocking not only him, but the buffoon’s who defend his incompetence. They had their chance to govern this country with any credibility, but they blew it.

She goes on to say that they are spending billions on spreading propaganda and lies about Saint Donald. Ironic. Since the beginning of the pandemic, all of right-wing media, including Ingraham herself, has been guilty of engaging in lies, misinformation, and outright propaganda regarding the coronavirus, first calling it a hoax to bring down the Anointed One, and then claiming they were serious about it all along.

“On Election Day let’s teach the elites and their lackeys a lesson they will never forget,” she concluded. “In America, power belongs to the people – all of the people, not just an elite few who write the checks every four years.”

If power belonged to the people, the ordinary voter, voting would change things. It never really does. Every four years we get the same crooked politicians who screw their constituents, enrich themselves through corruption, and are bought by the powerful and the billionaires to rig the system in their favor, and Donald Trump is a member of that club. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his rich and powerful buddies who put him in the White House. She doesn’t mind who writes his checks, or her own.

The establishment does not care who is in the White House. Re-electing Donald Trump won’t teach the ‘elite’ a lesson they won’t soon forget. They know they own him just as much as they own Joe Biden.

Ingraham isn’t fooling anyone but the rubes who watch her, who believe she is speaking truth to power. That’s embarrassing.

Laura Ingraham: ” The Left Have Been Dancing In The Streets Over Coronavirus”

During a recent broadcast of The Ingraham Angle, Laura Ingraham  accused the left of celebrating the coronavirus pandemic and of cheering it on like one of their favorite sports teams.

“For seven straight months they’ve been dancing gleefully in the streets,” she said. “You know, those young, rich college suburban liberals who think they’re oppressed by capitalism – sectioning off parts of cities like they did in Portland and Seattle, creating their own CHOPS and CHAZ’s – when they’re not protesting or rioting over imaginary police brutality, that is – throwing parties, auditioning Hollywood celebrities for upcoming seasons of Dancing With The Stars, celebrating the virus, and cheering it on as if it’s one of their favorite sports teams like the Lakers, lead by their fearless leader Lebron James, or Colin Kaepernick, hoping it will lead to Trump’s downfall, and will lead to another failed attempt to impeach America’s Greatest President, who has single-handedly managed to do everything no other president since Lincoln, has been able to accomplish – save the economy, restore the military to all of its shining glory, eased racial tension, do more for the black community, saved us from Antifa – or at last declared them terrorists, something the Democrats have been unwilling to do – and God damn – excuse my French – just make America great again!

“And how have the left responded? Their response is to dance in the streets and get on their liberal news shows just to blame Trump non-stop for a virus that originated halfway around the world, that he had no control over, he did everything he could to stop the spread of. He organized an aggressive effort to tackle the problem, he mobilized the greatest task force the world has ever seen, after dismantling the Obama pandemic response team – what did they know about pandemics any way, Obama was so inept he couldn’t even manage his way out of his own pandemic with a flashlight and a tooth brush, and his so-called response team were just as inept, look how they handled the Ebola crises – he banned travel to and from China, he mandated testing – he never blamed Obama for a broken testing system, never encouraged reopening schools early, and never encouraged his supporters to liberate the states, that was all just fake news – initiated and encouraged social distancing, wearing masks, and mandatory lock downs. He warned the public from the very beginning how serious the virus was, and we here at Fox News have been doing the same all along, despite what you might hear in the liberal media.”

Laura Ingraham Asks Viewers To Imagine The Response If ‘Pro-Life Christians’ Engaged In Portland-Style Riots | Fox News

Laura Ingraham Asks Viewers To Imagine The Response If ‘Pro-Life Christians’ Engaged In Portland-Style Riots | Fox News

“Laura Ingraham asks viewers to imagine response if ‘pro-life Christians’ engaged in Portland-style riots | Fox News”

Laura Ingraham, host of the ground breaking Ingraham Angle, asked her viewers during a recent episode how pro-life Christian conservatives would react to abortion rights cases.

“Now, imagine if some of these protesters were peaceful, but others came to cause real trouble. Imagine if they threw bottles of cement, bricks, and shot fireworks. Imagine if they used lasers at federal officials who were protecting the building. Imagine if they made Molotov cocktails and set cars on fire and that they did this night after night.”

Imagine if conservatives pointed guns at federal agents and threatened to murder them. Imagine what would happen if conservatives had gathered at state capitol buildings armed to the teeth to protest lock down orders. Imagine what would happen if conservatives refused to wear masks to limit the spread of COVID-19, and they did it day after day, making spectacles of themselves in grocery stores for all the world to see.

Imagine if America had a president who refused to wear a mask, who refused to take the crises seriously, while thousands of people died, all the while repeating the lie that his response to the pandemic has been excellent.

Imagine if we had a news media that claimed COVID was a Democratic hoax to bring down our greatest American president.

Imagine what would happen if conservatives had gathered in Charlottesville to protest the removal of a Confederate statue, and somehow wound up running over a counter protester. Imagine if the president referred to them as very fine people. Imagine if conservative media had willingly played defense for them. Imagine if conservatives radicalized by what they hear and see on social media, walked into churches, synagogues, and mosques armed with assault weapons.

Imagine if pro-life conservatives had ever engaged in violence against Planned Parenthood clinics, destruction of property, including arson, firebombing, vandalism, and kidnapping, assault, attempted murder and murder, all in the name of their pro-life beliefs.

Imagine what would happen if conservatives ever behaved this way? Laura Ingraham wants you to believe the media would unfairly demonize them as violent and call for them to be arrested and prosecuted, and celebrate it because they’re hypocrites.

But we all know conservatives would never behave this way.  It’s really those liberals and progressives who often travel in mindless hordes of violent, angry mobs – looking to lynch and kill anyone who dares have an independent thought contrary to their own – that we have to worry about. It’s those radical, freedom-loving antifascist, milkshake throwing college kids ( who haven’t a single murder connected to them ) who are the real terrorists, the true fascists, not the actual fascists and Nazis – some of whom do have murders connected to them ), and many of whom are proud supporters of the current president.

Imagine if he called them terrorists and told them he didn’t want their support. Conservatives like Ingraham would lose their minds. 

Imagine conservatives upset by the injustice of abortion or upset by the school closures or anything for that matter. Imagine if they did anything close to this.”

There is no need to imagine. Anyone who isn’t a Kool aid drinking, Fox News viewer, knows the answer.

Ingraham calls out Dems for their reaction to mass shootings, calls for ‘healing’ | Fox News

Ingraham calls out Dems for their reaction to mass shootings, calls for ‘healing’ | Fox News

Where was the call for unity when police officers were shot and killed several years ago in Dallas, New York, and Louisiana? Was Laura Ingraham , or anyone else on Fox News – or right-wing media, for that matter – calling for both parties to come together in unity? I don’t recall any pleas for unity from conservatives when these types of events occurred when Obama was president. They were too busy playing the Obama blame game. It was always Obama’s fault, it was the fault of the Democrats, the fault of the liberals, the progressives, the liberal media, and Black Lives Matter.

Everyone and everything was to blame, but guns, and the fact that anyone in America, regardless of their mental health, can get easy access to an assault weapon.

Right-wing media was deep in their partisan bubble, repeating their laughable narrative that Obama was stoking a war on cops with “anti police sentiment” or “rhetoric,” that this alleged rhetoric was somehow partly responsible for “contributing to violence against police officers.” Glenn Beck, employed by Fox News in 2009 during the arrest of a black Harvard law professor, accused the former president of being a racist for his criticism of a white police officer in his decision to arrest Dr. Gates. That was when this long record of alleged anti- cop sentiment/rhetoric supposedly began. From that point on, the rush to blame Obama became the norm when there was a shooting during his tenure in the White House.

Of course, anyone who actually did any research into this narrative, knew it was nothing more than propaganda. All one had to do was read the transcripts of the comments and the speeches he made after each of these shooting events to realize it was a lie, a lie that was part of the right-wing agenda to smear him as unamerican. In each of these addresses, he had nothing but praise for law enforcement. But right-wing pundits frequently gave him the middle finger by pretending the opposite was true, and they were all too eager to get on Fox News and other right-wing news outlets, and make fools of themselves by repeating this bogus narrative over and over again , driving it home to their viewers, who in turn spread the bogus “Obama hates police” narrative all over social media.

“How sad that for Democrats the weekend shootings are not national tragedies to be addressed in unity, ” Ingraham said Monday. “But the final epilogue of a play they opened four years ago.

Why are we picking through the words of evil lunatics trying to connect the dots and figure it all out? Whether Inspired on the right or the left, they’re nuts. Period. What the country needs now is healing and unity.”

When police officers were shot and killed in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter march, right-wing media, Fox hosts and contributors, were not too concerned about healing and unity. When two police officers in New York were ambushed and killed by a black shooter, they were not too concerned about whether he was mentally ill or not. In both cases they were certain Obama, and Black Lives Matter were to blame, and that they both had it in for law enforcement. They were “picking through the words” of a president who they claimed had a record of “anti-police sentiment.” They were calling for the heads of Barack Obama, Bill De Blasio, and Black Lives Matter. Rudy Giuliani was touring the right-wing echo chamber repeating his embarrassing, and completely bogus “Obama hates cops” narrative, for which all the fact-checkers ripped him a new pie hole.

We’ve had four months of propaganda, starting with the president that everyone should hate the police, ” he said on Fox News.

Conservatives were not pleading for unity after these events. Nor did they care about facts. Their only concern was to politicize and assign blame, and the Barack Obama was always the chief source of that blame.

Lisa Boothe of the Washington Examiner tweeted:

“Sick to my stomach to see news of the Dallas police shooting. I wish @POTUS would seek to unite the country rather than further divide it.”

Is Lisa Boothe sick to her stomach too see that Trump is dividing the country with his anti-immigrant rhetoric? No, she’s not. Like most conservatives, she has no principles when it comes to truth and honesty, and is more than willing to place the blame at the feet of Obama and Democrats when someone is killed, but daddy Trump is not to be criticized.

John Nolte of Breitbart News tweeted:

“Racist terrorists in #Black Lives Matter know that Obama is winking at them.”

“Obama condemning what he inspired and stoked!”

David Horowitz:

Time to hold Obama accountable. This Baton Rouge blood is on his hands for inviting racist cop haters to the WH.

Joe Walsh ( former congressman ):

Cops are being killed in America because of the ugly lie by Obama and BLM that cops are racist and gunning down black men. That’s a lie!”

“This is now war! Watch out Obama! Watch out BLM punks! Real America Is coming after you!”

At no time did Obama ever incite violence against these police officers, nor did he ever call them racist. Ironically, it was Joe Walsh and other conservatives on social media who were inciting violence against a sitting president.

Congressman Steve King:

Dallas police shooting has roots in anti-white/cop events illuminated by Obama. Officer Crowley. There were others.”

After Obama came out with his statement criticizing a Cambridge, Mass police officer for arresting a black Harvard law professor on his own property, racists like Steve King lost their minds, and accused him of being prejudiced against white people, for which he was forced to hold a ridiculous “beer summit” to try and appease the snowflakes.

Keith Ablow, Former Fox News contributor and disgraced psychiatrist, on Fox News, accusing Obama of stoking racism, as he’s on a network where many of its commentators routinely stoke racial discord:

“Who takes a phone call from a president? Instead of saying, ‘I’m sorry, aren’t you the guy that started this? This is the president that inflamed racial discord in this country and put a target on the backs of American police officers.”

These comments highlight the willingness of conservatives to lie to advance the agenda of a party that portrayed a president as anything but unifying in times of tragedy.

Laura Ingraham Suffers Breakdown Over Lamestream Media Criticism Of Melania Trump

Laura Ingraham , smug , punk a** b***h

Conservatives often say liberals are the real snowflakes , who melt over the slightest politically correct offense. But on last Thursdays Ingraham Angle , Laura Ingraham , went into full melt down mode over CNN’s criticism of First Lady Melania Trump’s interview with Sean Hannity. According to anonymous witnesses at Fox News , some of their commentators are the most sensitive snowflakes in mainstream media.

In an earlier interview with Sean Hannity , Melania Trump criticized comedians , politicians , journalists , and Hollywood elites for using her family name to advance themselves.

“Let’s face it , Sean ,” she said. “No other first lady has been bullied more than me , and no other president has been hated more than my husband.”

CNN and other media commentators referred to the comments as a ‘meltdown’ by the first lady.

“You could tell Laura Ingraham was offended by CNN’s criticism of Melania Trump ,” an anonymous female witness told the Journal.

“I’ve never liked Laura. To me , she’s nothing more than an elitist snob , and most of the men , with the exception of Shepard Smith , and possibly Juan Williams , are nothing more than male chauvanist , elitist pricks , like Tucker Carlson , always whining about elitist liberal pricks. How’s that for irony?

“Like a lot of conservatives , because Laura’s conservative , she believes she’s superior to most people , especially liberals , which I believe is the reason for that smug attitude , like she believes it’s beneath her dignity to talk to anyone else , and I always felt the urge to punch her in the face. I’m not normally a confrontational person , but when pushed , I can be quite a handful. I once had a run in with Laura on the set. I won’t go into so many details , but it had to do with a disagreement we had about a certain subject.

” ‘You think you’re right , don’t you , huh girly?’ she said with that hateful smug look. ‘Right , huh , girly? Right? Right? What’s the matter , girly? Cat got your tongue?’

“She was obviously trying to egg me into some sort of confrontation , or a fight , but I wasn’t taking the bait.

” ‘You keep telling yourself that , Missy. Someday you’ll realize you were full of s**t ,’ she said before walking away.

“I never wanted to punch her in the face more than I did at that moment.

“Laura can’t stand it when people disagree with her. She always has to be right. To be a member of the Laura Ingraham fan club , you have to worship Trump and the Republican party , and defend them at every opportunity , and hate Obama , Democrats , and liberals , and bash them whenever convenient. And if you fail to do either one , she considered you her sworn enemy.

“Speaking to her co host , Howard Kurtz , Laura said , ‘I have to agree with her , Howard. No other first lady , I believe , has endured so much hatred as Melania Trump. Not even Michelle Obama. I mean , it’s appalling to me that the mainstream liberal media won’t admit it. Fox News is the only one pointing this stuff out.’ 

“You keep telling yourself that , you smug a** b***h ,” I thought to myself.

“Kurtz agreed. ‘Because she’s a first lady , who for the first time in eight years , who looks like a woman , they mock her accent , her clothes , her feet , her hair and the fact that she used to be a nude model. Despite that , she’s impeccable , flawless. She’s never once said she wasn’t proud of her country , that white folks were the real problem , or that slaves built the White House. Nothing is off limits to them. They hate her no matter what she says or does.’

“Not much of a difference from the way Moochelle was treated by conservatives , huh , Howie?

“Kurtz could on occasion be a smug a** b***h himself , but he wasn’t as infuriating as Ingraham was , and I never felt the urge to punch him in the face. But this time , the urge was overwhelming. He had just referred to Michelle Obama as a man , and that infuriated me. To me , Michelle Obama was more of a woman than Melania Trump could ever be. She had never melted down over the slightest criticism , and never disgraced herself or her position as first lady by posing nude in men’s magazines.

” ‘In contrast , Michelle Obama could do nothing right ,’ Ingraham said.

“Again I wanted to punch the smugness from her face.

” ‘She not only hated her country , had a problem with white people , and the White House , but she also looked masculine , and she often wore men’s clothing.’

“You lying , punk , smug a*** b***h , ” I thought.

” ‘Some people even said she was a man. I mean , everything about her was just the exact opposite of Melania Trump. Her hands and feet looked like they belonged on somebody like Shaquille O’Neal , or Bigfoot. Am I being too unkind? I’m told I’m being rude. Even her butt was too big. OK , let’s leave it at that.’

“Laura’s demeanor suddenly changed. In a matter of a few seconds her attitude went from insufferable smugness , to a mixture of anger and melancholy , but mostly sadness. She looked like she was about to start bawling at any moment. It happened so suddenly I wasn’t sure if it was real or if she was faking it.

” ‘Which is nothing compared to the way Melania is treated by the liberal media ,’ she cried , tears now starting to run down her face , causing her masscara to smear and run as well.

Her voice became more nasal than usual , and she punctuated the end of each sentence with a loud , wet , disgusting sniff , which was even more annoying , as if she were trying to suck the snot back in before it could start dribbling uncontrollably out her nostrils.

” ‘She doesn’t look masculine!’ Sniff! ‘She doesn’t wear men’s clothing!’ Sniff! ‘Her hands and feet aren’t too big!’ Sniff! ‘They don’t look like they belong on Shaquille O’Neal!’ Sniff! ‘Or Bigfoot!’ Sniff! ‘And her butt isn’t too big. ‘ Sniff! ‘But still , Howie , they won’t leave her alone. Why , oh why , Howie , won’t they leave her alone?!’

“She waited for Howie to answer , but when he failed to do so she gave the loudest , most disgusting sniff and started bawling uncontrollably.

“I knew she wasn’t faking it the moment I saw Howie’s reaction. Howie sat there staring at her , not sure how to respond , apparently shaken by her outburst.

“She repeated the question , word for word , the exact way she nearly screamed it at Howie , only this time punctuating each word by pounding on her desk with both fists. The desk shook violently with each blow. When the first blow landed , Howie looked so startled that he jumped almost a foot off his seat. Everyone in the place was staring at her. No one had ever seen her behave this way before. Which wasn’t just unexpected , it was also funny. Hilariously funny.

“She continued to blubber uncontrollably , swaying ever so slightly in her seat , as everyone , including Howie , the camera men , and myself stared at her. She seemed oblivious to everything except her blubbering , which was embarrassing to watch. I always knew Laura was a bit of a snowflake at heart , but this was beyond embarrassing. It was ridiculous.

“Howard finally spoke. ‘Laura , you alright?’

“Laura didn’t answer. She continued to blubber , swaying in her seat , as if she were in a trance or something. Her shoulders heaved with her sobs. Her face was streaked comically with mascarra and tears , and snot bubbled from her nostrils. It was no use trying to suck it back in now.

“She was behaving far worse than my three year old daughter when she didn’t get her way. My daughter could be excused. There was no excuse for Laura behaving this way.

” ‘It’s not fair , Howie ,’ she mumbled. ‘Why won’t they leave her alone?’ She was starting to calm down a bit. ‘Somebody get me a tissue.’

“Nobody wanted to get her a tissue. Howard shoved a box of tissues at her. ‘Laura , snap out of it , ‘ he said. ‘You’re making a fool of yourself.’

“Laura acted as if she hadn’t heard him. She snatched a tissue from the dispenser. She attempted to wipe her nose , but her hand was shaking so badly that she smeared snot all over her face. For a moment she stared at the tissue , then she burst out bawling again.

“From that moment onward , things went from bad to worse for Laura Ingraham , and I can’t say that I felt sorry for her.

“She cried so hard and long after failing to wipe her nose , that she finally fell out of her seat. I knew it was coming. It was inevitable. After all that blubbering , she was bound to hit the floor , and hit it she did , with a solid thump that was so loud that everyone rushed to her side to see if she had injured herself. I thought she might have hit her head on the floor when she fell.

” ‘Laura , are you hurt?’ Howard said. But Laura continued to babble ‘It’s so unfair ,’ over and over again.

“Jesus Christ , ” I said , shaking my head.

” ‘Jesus Christ , ‘ Howard said.

” ‘Jesus Christ ,’ the two camera operators said in unison.

” ‘What the f**k is her problem?’ One of them asked.

“Laura had suffered a breakdown apparently due to her reaction to media criticism of Melania Trump , whom Laura believes is perfect and can do no wrong. Of course , this is just speculation on my part. Other factors may be involved. But that’s what I believe happened. After more than two years of pent up anger , she had finally snapped , and to make matters worse , she had done it during prime time on live TV , making a complete fool of herself. But if I know Laura , she’ll try to spin the situation to her advantage.

“Will the producers cancel her show , or fire her for making a spectacle of herself and the network? One can only hope so. Or , as with Jeanine Pirro , will they be spineless cowards and allow her to continue embarrassing them?

“Whatever happens , Laura Ingraham is an evil b***h , who deserves to be fired.”