Stupid Conservative Memes #61 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

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“Helping those of us with no brains understand how logic works.”


Kim Davis is not a hero. She’s not Super Woman , she’s not Wonder Woman , she’s not Bat Girl , she’s not the reincarnation of Mother Teresa. She’s not comparable to MLK , Abraham Lincoln , or Rosa Parks. Martin Luther King fought for the civil rights of others to be treated equally. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for an unjust law. Kim Davis denied the rights of others to be treated equally. She’s more like the racist bus driver who told Rosa Parks to get to the back of the bus. Demanding that others be treated equally is not unjust , it’s not evil , it’s not judicial tyranny. It’s common decency. But Conservatives don’t see it this way. They’re not capable of understanding logic ( so they create memes that make no sense ). At least not the Conservatives who consider her a hero.   

Stupid Conservative Memes #38 Liberal Logic 101 Edition


 It’s a well-known fact that Conservative Christians suffer from a persecution complex. They believe they are a persecuted minority in America. At least seventy-five percent of Americans identify as Christian. They are free to go to church on a regular basis , pray , and practice their faith in public and in their personal lives without government interference. But they don’t see it that way. They view any objection to their religion as persecution. Any objection to a religious display is seen as persecution. Any criticism of Christianity , however slight , is persecution. 

Christian anti-gay bigots have defended their bigotry using religious freedom as an excuse , which has been  a federal law since 1993 , with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. They also object to anyone pointing out the fact that they are bigots , absurdly claiming they are the victims of anti-Christian bigotry. 

Kim Davis , a marriage license clerk from Rowan County , Kentucky , became a martyr for the Christian Persecution Grievance crowd when she was arrested in 2015 , and sentenced briefly to jail for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licences. Conservative Christians , of course , saw this as evidence of Christian persecution , but it was really nothing more than a religious fanatic not doing her job , not for being a Christian. She was quickly exposed as a hypocrite due to the fact that she had been married and divorced several times before her current marriage. 

Former sheriff of Athens County , Ohio , Pat Kelly refused to issue a “few” conceal/carry licenses in his jurisdiction , which according to Liberal Logic , is defying the law with complete impunity. What they failed to mention is that he is currently spending time in prison for corruption , and one of the charges was that his office had apparently issued conceal/carry permits without proper background checks/and or fees.

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