Katie Pavlich Gaslights While Accusing Democrats Of Gaslighting/ Media Matters for America

Katie Pavlich Gaslights While Accusing Democrats Of Gaslighting/ Media Matters for America


Katie Pavlich is a smug, disingenuous hack who has been pushing her brand of partisan, fact-free garbage for years over at Fox News and Townhall. She is a self-professed race expert who knows that Black Lives Matter is based on a false premise  because according to conservatives like her – who can’t possibly be racist, since America once elected a black president, and was also the first country to abolish slavery – black on black crime is the real problem, not police brutality.

On the January 07, Fox News The Five, Pavlich said the Democrats are gaslighting with their version of the Federal response to the Capitol Hill riot vs the BLM protests during the Summer of 2020. Right-wing media pundits have ironically accused the so-called liberal media of gaslighting, when they themselves have engaged in non-stop propaganda to gaslight the public’s perception of BLM. They’ve been doing so since day one of the movement.

“Joe Biden, you know, just tweeted that if this was a Black Lives Matter mob, we all know it would be different. I don’t even know what that means, but the fact is they are now gaslighting. Because Kamala Harris today or yesterday came out and said that while we were gassing peaceful protesters, and completely ignoring the fact that the day they were moved out of Lafayette park, it was the day after a church was burned, and there were so many rioters outside of the White House trying to storm the White House trying to get to the president that he had to be removed from the White House and put into the bunker.”

Joe Biden was mentioning the possibility that if the MAGA Rioters at the Capitol had been BLM, they would have been met with the same force they were met with last summer. They never would have been allowed to get inside the building and ransack it. Pavlich knows damn well what it means. Like any other Republican, Pavlich has no interest in honesty or truth. It doesn’t pay well. It doesn’t get the clicks. It doesn’t get the views. It doesn’t get the funding of oil billionaires like the Wilkes brothers, or the Mercer Foundation, and the Koch Foundation. Propaganda sells. She knows it. Every conservative pundit knows it.

She also knows that the protesters were peaceful and never attempted to storm the White House to try to “get to the president.” They were far from the White House behind a fenced barrier with the police in riot gear on the other side, so there was no chance of any of them reaching the White House. If they did, they would have been stopped.

“And there were sixty secret service agents that were injured. So this idea how that there is one side that immediately came out and condemned it and that was conservatives on the right.  But then the left is still holding onto this idea that there was not only not violence, but they’re still approving of these organizations that did burn cities, that did engage in rioting, and they’re acting like it didn’t happen. You can’t move forward and unite the country if you’re not going to acknowledge that this happened.”

I’m not clear if she’s saying conservatives condemned the Capitol riot or the BLM protests. If she was talking about the Capitol, then she’s not being entirely truthful. It may have been condemned by a few conservative pundits, but others – as is their habit, like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Lou Dobbs – played the conservative victim card to full effect, convincing their viewers that it was really Antifa trying to make Trump supporters look bad, and the rubes fell for it.

What Steve Doocy said on Fox And Friends

“Of the people who gathered there yesterday, ninety-nine percent were peaceful.” He said they were merely “frustrated.”

Pete Hegseth

“They were there to support the president of the United States, defend our republic and stand up and say, ‘I just want a fair shake.’ It manifested differently at the Capitol, but that doesn’t mean you should condemn the entire thing.”

You can’t condemn the “entire thing” because they were just “frustrated” that Trump lost, so it’s understandably justified, whereas the previous BLM protests were all violent, and none of them were peaceful; all they did was riot and loot – as Fox News hosts constantly reminded the rubes – and before there can be any unity, the left needs to acknowledge that, and stop pretending that Black Lives Matter is “peaceful,” and stop pretending they were treated differently, stop denying that they were “coddled” and admit that they were allowed to run rampant across the country burning cities to the ground, and assaulting police officers who just stood by and watched as entire cities burned down and were completely overwhelmed and outnumbered, just as they were at the Capitol, and those spinless Democratic mayors wouldn’t let them do anything anyway.

Pay no attention to the role that the police played in instigating those protests/riots – Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Jacob Blake – or the violence and brutality they caused, and pay no attention to the BLM protesters that were murdered by Kyle Rittenhouse, and others. It was all Black Lives Matter, and Antifa instigated the whole thing.

And that “protest” at the Capitol that got out of hand? Antifa instigated that too. It had absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump’s rhetoric of a stolen, fraudulent election – and you certainly can’t hold Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, or Greg Kelly – and others – all of whom willingly repeated that rhetoric, accountable. They were just “frustrated” too. And until Joe Biden, the Democrats, and the entire left can acknowledge that everything is their fault, stop gaslighting, and “denounce and condemn” BLM – a movement that wants to end systemic racism and police violence – we’ll never be able to heal, join hands, sing Kumbaya and pretend that everything is peachy keen.

Katie Pavlich Race Baits Again, Defends The Cowardly Shooting Of Jacob Blake

Katie Pavlich Race Baits Again, Defends The Cowardly Shooting Of Jacob Blake


0n the afternoon of August 23, Jacob Blake, father of three was shot non fatally seven times – four hitting him in the back – at close range while attempting to enter his vehicle. The incident occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The police had been alerted to the scene of a domestic dispute between several women. The call was allegedly placed by Blake’s girlfriend, one of the women involved in the dispute, who asserted that Blake had taken her car keys and would not give them back.

Blake had an alleged arrest warrant from the previous month relating to sexual assault and other charges. The woman who placed the call was the same woman who pressed the assault charges against Blake. When the police arrived, according to witnesses, Blake was attempting to intervene in the dispute. The police had been aware of the warrant out for his arrest. At some point, they attempted to taze him, while a police officer was reported to be yelling, Drop the knife! But according to witnesses Blake had no knife in his possession and he wasn’t resisting or being violent. At some further point, Blake walked to the driver side of his car – as was clearly seen in the video released on social media – where he leaned in, as officer Sheskey grabbed his left shirt sleeve and then fired into his back.

On the August 25th edition of Outnumbered, Pavlich made lame excuses for the cowardly shooting of Jacob Blake by Kenosha WI police officer, Rusten Sheskey.

Pavlich is a white supremacist and a law enforcement apologist who has a made a lucrative career of trashing African American victims of police violence. She has previously defended the deaths of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and other African American victims of police brutality.

Posing as a serious journalist at America’s premiere racist network, and the equally racist conspiracy site Townhall, where she is a publishing editor, she has previously published the ridiculous book – Fast And Furious Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal – that was debunked and discredited for it’s many inaccuracies and downright misinformation.

She has previously claimed that America was the first country to end slavery, for which she was raked over the coals on twitter, and has a long history of race baiting Black Lives Matter as being divisive and a domestic terrorist group that wants dead cops.

“You know, this has already been framed in racial terms but I think it’s really important to focus on the facts. We don’t know the whole story but what we do know, according to the Associated Press, is that witnesses heard the police saying ‘drop the knife’ while this man was walking away from police as they had guns drawn to get back in their car. We don’t know what was in the car when he got into the car. We don’t know what the police officers saw, and yes, the lack of the body camera footage will complicate that.”

The reason it’s been framed in racial terms is because these types of incidents involving law enforcement have occurred way too often to be seen as anything else. A police officer shoots a black man without due cause, the cop or cops involved in the shooting lie to cover their asses, and his or her buddies back them up.  Ninety-nine times out of one hundred there is no justice for the victim. The officer or officers involved in these incidents are placed on leave, are rarely, if ever, fired and are rarely convicted. As a so called journalist, Pavlich should know this, but she chooses to ignore reality and excuse police corruption because it supports her narrative that black men put themselves in these situations by resisting arrest, and that cops are not racist and must be defended at all costs.

We do know the whole story. Blake was shot attempting to get into his vehicle. Plain and simple. He did not have a gun or a knife, that would justify four bullets in the back. If they wanted to stop him from getting into his vehicle, they could have done so without firing a single bullet.

A spokesperson for the Kenosha police claimed that Blake was armed with a knife, which justified the shooting, and that he had somehow put one of them in a headlock. But, according to the witness who filmed the incident that went viral on social media, he was not resisting arrest, was not being violent, and did not have a knife. The police spokesperson further claimed that the narratives other than their own were fictional. However, it’s clear who’s narrative was fictional – the Kenosha police. The video clearly shows that. The knife they claimed he had in his hand, was recovered from the floor of the front seat.

We also know, according to the Associated Press, that Blake was charged in July with sexual assault, trespassing, disorderly conduct in connection with a domestic abuse, and there was a warrant out for his arrest. So, these are difficult terms to be working with and I think the police are being blamed here right away for the situation.”

Whether Blake was resisting arrest or not prior to what was seen on the video, means absolutely nothing. It does not justify the police shooting a man – who has no weapon in his immediate possession – point blank in the back. This argument is a racist talking point when the victim of police violence are African American. ‘Well, if he had just complied with police orders, if he had just stopped resisting arrest, he might still be alive.’

Pavlich is a racist. No doubt about it. Her history of race baiting is well – documented by Media Matters, Newshounds, and other lefty media watch groups. She can deny it when confronted with evidence, but facts are not debatable.

On the charges of sexual assault, Blake pleaded not guilty via Zoom.

But I think the other question should be asked about whether Mr. Blake – whether the police put Mr. Blake in this situation with his children in the back of the car when he was shot, or whether Mr. Blake, who was asked to stop from getting into the vehicle, is the one who put himself in that situation after being told multiple times to stop resisting arrest. So, you know, the racial politics come into this right away, the mixing of different cases comes into it, but the facts that we have now tell a different story from the one that’s being told in a lot of reporting.”

As is typical of racial narrative, Pavlich has no problem blaming the victim. She is proudly joined by others on social media who are quick and all too eager to defend the police, and condemn the victim as a thug. Like some black victims of police violence, Blake has a past record, so naturally it was Blake who placed himself in the situation. The police share no responsibility for escalating the situation. They’re totally blameless. They can’t be criticized for failing to stop Blake from getting into his vehicle without resorting to shooting him. They had no choice. It was Blake who forced them to shoot him by being resistant.

Conservatives assume that black people are always guilty of a crime. After all, they’re naturally more violent because of the color of their skin or there wouldn’t be so much black on black crime, and so the police are always justified in their actions – even shooting a man in the back. So, Blake deserved what he got because he may have committed some crime or crimes in his recent past.

Racial politics come into it because a trigger happy police officer shot a man in the back, who could have been subdued a number of ways without being shot, and no amount of alternative facts change that.

Fox News Race Hustlers Attack Al Sharpton For Appearance At George Floyd Service

Fox News Race Hustlers Attack Al Sharpton For Appearance At George Floyd Service


Here’s one for the irony files.

On the June 04 edition of Hannity, the host attacked Al Sharpton for his criticism of president Trump.

Without naming the president, Sharpton said:

“For those who have agendas that are not about justice, this family will not let you use George as a prop. They talk about making America great. Great for who and when? We are going to make America great for everybody for the first time!”

It was clear that Sharpton was referencing Trump’s photo op in front of Ashburton House, St. John’s Episcopal church, in which National Guard and police used tear gas to disperse peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square.

Hannity was triggered by the criticism. In Trump Town where Donald Trump is considered a God among men – just ask Ben Harrison – no one is ever allowed to criticize him. He’s Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and George Washington all wrapped tightly in one neat package creating a type of hibrid superman. To criticize a man of his great stature is sacrilege.

Immediately he set Sharpton straight on the fact that it was Donald Abraham Washington that called for an immediate investigation into the death of George Floyd, reminding us all that the four officers involved were all fired without hesitation, and that justice would be served because the police are always held accountable by the justice system when they do wrong.

“With Sharpton you’ve got fear, division, hatred, blame Trump – everything is in Trump’s name,” Hannity said.

Previously, on The Five, Pavlich also attacked Sharpton with no sense of self awareness of her own long career of sowing racial division.

“If we’re going to talk about unity and trying to build bridges I’m not sure that Al Sharpton was the best choice considering his long career of sowing division in this country and burning bridges down rather than building them up. And so he’s the one who made it political, unfortunately, he attacked the president even though the president is the one who called for the FBI and the DOJ to look into this, he’s from the beginning said we don’t want these cities to be burned down by rioters, we want people to protest and we want the families to have justice. So it was great to listen to the family members to talk about who George Floyd was but if we’re going to talk about unity and moving forward and how to heal from this situation I’m not sure that Al Sharpton is the one to lead the way.”

Michael Brown was killed by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer who obviously lied about Brown attempting to punch him and take his gun. George Floyd was killed by a white police officer with a questionable record of misconduct. When Obama called for an investigation into Brown’s death, Pavlich and company attacked Obama, and Holder for allegedly “making things worse,” accusing them of stirring racial tension, never mind the fact that racial tension had already been stirred up with Brown’s death. They attacked Sharpton, for daring to “insert himself into the situation,” blaming him for the riots.

Conservatives have hated Sharpton since the Tawana Braceley case. It has stuck in their collective craw ever since. Therefore, because he was proven wrong for supporting a woman who lied about being raped, he has no credibility, because he’s proven himself to be the real racist, a despicable racial instigator whose only interest is fanning the flames of hatred for white people and police. He’s no longer entitled to his opinions – unless it confirms a racial view about black people, like how they’re inherently more prone to violence ( conservatives in general would be singing his praises if he said this ) – and has no right to involve himself in politics, especially if it has to do with racial justice – if he does, he’s just inserting his big nose where it doesn’t belong, because according to conservative wisdom, there is no more racism in America, and there hasn’t been since Barack Obama was elected president, and he and Sharpton just made everything worse by falsely claimng that there is racial bias in policing. According to conventional conservative wisdom Barack Obama set back race relations fifty or more years, just by being the first black president, thereby making conservatives be racist, and Sharpton no doubt had a hand in convincing Obama that conservatives hated him because he’s black. That Sharpton sure is a smooth operator, always managing to see race where it couldn’t possibly exist.

It sure as hell doesn’t exist in right wing media.

It sure as hell can’t be found at Blaze TV. Only hard hitting truth can be found there.

It sure as hell can’t be found at Right-wing News. Soy boy John Hawkins never once wrote an article entitled, Barack Obama Is An Anti-white Racist, or tweeted that a black person voting for Obama was like voting for the KKK.

It sure as hell can’t be found at World Net Daily. They never once questioned Barack Obama’s birth certificate, or compared him to Hitler over Obamacare, or anything else for that matter.

It sure as hell can’t be found at Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. He never once said anything racial about America’s first black president, like calling him Barack The Magic Negro.

It sure as hell can’t be found at Townhall. Katie Pavlich and other honest and serious journalists there never published dishonest and misinformative articles about Black Lives Matter or the former president.

And it sure as hell couldn’t possibly exist at Fox News. I never once heard any fear, division, hatred, or blame for Obama. And I certainly never heard anyone there refer to the former president as America’s Chief Racial Arsonist. It’s just a liberal left wing myth.


Exposing Katie Pavlich For What She Is: A Race Baiting White Supremacist

Exposing Katie Pavlich For What She Is: A Race Baiting White Supremacist


Since the inception of Black Lives Matter, conservatives have been triggered by black people speaking against racism and social injustice. They have smeared and condemned the movement as racist and as promoting violence against law enforcement.

The evidence? According to them, the movement reveres and worships cop killing terrorists like Assata Shakur. Assata Shakur, was a radical revolutionary who was a member of the BLA who allegedly shot and killed a state trooper on a New Jersey turnpike in 1973. In 1979, she escaped imprisonment, fled to Cuba, where she was granted political asylum, and has since maintained her innocent.

Other alleged evidence is that they openly call for the murder of law enforcement officers. But when you actually examine the alleged evidence, it’s not so much evidence at all. It’s all made up to smear the movement as dangerous and extreme.

Katie Pavlich is one of Black Lives Matter’s most triggered opponents. In a series of articles at TownHall and The Hill, she attempted to link the killings of several police officers to BLM. She was not the first to do so.

In one article she wrote:

It’s time to expose the Black Lives Matter ( BLM ) movement for what it is: a racist, violent hate group that promotes the execution of police officers. The evidence is in their rhetoric and written on their shirts. If you take a look at the BLM Twitter feed you’ll find photos of activists wearing shirts that say, ‘Assata Taught Me.’

They’re referring to infamous cop killer Assata Shakur, otherwise known as Joanne Chesimard, who shot and killed a New Jersey State trooper back in 1973…

BLM glorified Shakur as a hero and use her writings and materials during training sessions.

Townhall, 09/20/2015

First of all, BLM is not a racist hate group, nor have they ever promoted the execution of police officers. Pavlich and anyone else who has ever made these claims, are simply full of s**t and lying through their teeth. Either that, or they’re ignorant and don’t know what the f**k they’re talking about. There is no evidence of it in their rhetoric or on their shirts.

If we are to condemn an entire movement based on the criminal actions of others, why don’t we start by condemning the police? The police are an out of control gang of thugs and murderers with badges, and because they wear badges they believe they are above the law. They somtimes get away with violating the civil rights of American citizens, planting drugs on people, and outright murder, and when one is accused of misconduct, his buddies and fellow cops usually won’t hesitate to back him up, and they are often backed by a legal system that allows them to get away with these criminal activities.

Would Pavlich and others of her ilk be open to the idea of denouncing and condemning them for what they are, criminals with badges? Not a chance. Pavlich would argue that they should not be condemned because of the actions of a few, but when it comes to a movement she doesn’t like or agree with – in this case, Black Lives Matter – everyone, the entire movement, must be condemned. She is a hack. Blind obedience to authority is all she cares about. The police are sacred, and must never be questioned or criticized. Anyone doing so will be labeled anti police, anti American, and any other anti you can think of.

Her insistence that BLM must be condemned, while the police should get a free pass for it’s violence, is rather childish and to be expected from an authoritarian like Pavlich.

Black Lives Matter has no history of violence connected to it, such as murders, bombings, and arson. But there is a movement that does. It’s a movement that carries a misnomer that is completely opposite to it’s stated mission or claim. And that is the RTL, the national right to life movement. Unlike BLM, they have a history of incredible violence behind it. Again, conservatives would never condemn it because, they agree with it’s ideology.

Another of Pavlich’s pet peeves is that the black guy in the White House and the Democratic party had the audacity to give BLM legitimacy when they clearly should have been condemned.

Not only have the leaders of the Democratic Party refused to condemn the movement, they’ve desperately tried to embrace it. In the age of Obama, where Democrats thrive on division and embrace a racial justice narrative, this isn’t surprising.

Townhall, 09/20/2015

What’s really not surprising is that Pavlich, who has spent her entire career thriving on divisive politics – xenophobia, Islamophobia, and racism – and whining about everything Obama, and the Democrats said and did, would accuse them of doing that of which she is guilty. Obama rarely spoke about race issues, and when he did he was always accused of sowing racial division, which is bulls**t.

Black Lives Matter activists in Minneapolis changed, “pigs in a blanket, fry em’ like bacon,” as they marched down the street. This rhetoric also came just one day after the execution of Texas Sheriff Deputy Daron Goforth while he was filling up his patrol car at a local gas station. If you aren’t familiar, “pigs in a blanket” refers to the bodies of dead police officers in body bags.

Townhall, 09/20/2015

The pathetic attempt to pin the deputy’s murder on BLM was evidence how pathetic conservatives are. There was no evidence linking the shooting to BLM.

Currently, there is also no established connection between the Black Lives Matter movement and the Harris County deputy’s death. But that didn’t stop local officials from drawing a link. Consider the following facts from CBS News’s report:

1. In a nationally televised press conference  local officials repeatedly suggested that the BLM movement was fostering hatred toward the police and caused the shooting. Sheriff Hickman, for instance, said anti police rhetoric was out of control, while referencing BLM.

2. Investigators have no evidence about a motive, according to the sheriff.

These facts are inherently contradictory. If there’s no information about the motive, how can officials make any connection between the shooting and any movement, whether it’s BLM or something else? But Fox News went with the narrative. A Fox And Friends segment on Monday suggested BLM is a “hate group” and a “murder movement” because some protesters in Minnesota briefly chanted pigs in a blanket during a march after the Texas deputy’s death.

On that segment, which included Richard Fowler, Pavlich writes:

Despite Richard Fowler’s claim that he’s “watching a different Black Lives Matter movement,” we aren’t and the calls for police executions are not isolated incidents ( he also lied about the Tea Party connection to the Tucson shooting of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s, there wasn’t a connection as he claims but that’s a topic for a other post ).  

TownHall, 09/20/2015

Despite Pavlich’s claim, she is the one who is watching a different BLM movement, one that exists in her own mind, where a non existent BLM is openly calling for the execution of police officers, and where police get the benefit of the doubt and are idolized as saints who are totally blameless and can do no wrong.

Jarrod Loughner may have not been connected to the Tea Party, but there were a pair of killers who were. Amanda and Jerad Miller, both of whom murdered the two LV police officers in 2014 They were Tea Party activists, and yet, I don’t recall Pavlich or any other conservative condemning the group, and denouncing it for it’s violent anti government rhetoric. How ironic.

Pavlich also tried and failed miserably to connect the five Dallas police officers, and the two New York cops to Black Lives Mater.

Even after BLM spokespeople denounced and condemned the killings, she wrote:

Make no mistake, the history of BLM shows not only empathy for cop killers, but idolatry and promotion.

The Hill – 07/12/16

Actually, there is, and never has been, any history to show that BLM wants or promotes the deaths of cops. It only exists in her mind.

She then repeats the same weak argument of Assata Shakur’s non involvement in the movement, and the ridiculous Pigs in a blanket chant that, according to Pavlich, is a homage to dead cops in body bags, and the alleged video of the What do we want? Dead cops chant which was debunked by Snopes.

There are more examples, Pavlich writes in the same article, though she fails to list any other examples that would apparently bolster her argument, and the reason she does not do so, is because there are no more examples. The afore mentioned examples she cites, are the only examples she and other conservatives have, to argue that BLM’s real message is the promotion of violence against cops – and it’s dishonest.

From the same article:

During an interview with CNN this week, a BLM activist argued that stating “all lives matter” is inherently racist. She also argued the entire police system is corrupt and refused to acknowledge that the majority of police are good. Falsely accusing all police officers of being the problem, as BLM does, rather than acknowledge that bad actors exist in every profession, shuts the door on progress and certainly isn’t the path toward sympathy or alliances.

The Hill, 07/12/2016

All lives matter may not be racist, but those who use it, don’t understand the phrase Black Lives Matter. Everyone knows that all lives matter, but black lives don’t matter to a system that values white lives over black lives.

And the entire policing system is corrupt. It’s rotten to the core. It’s just a fact.

Again, Pavlich is eager to condemn BLM movement for a false perception of violence. But on the other hand, she is not so willing to hold law enforcement to the same standards for their actual corruption and violence, that it’s not all cops, just a few bad actors, as she insists, and then complains that doing so impedes progress.

How are we supposed to work together when these are the standards on which demands for “justice” are placed – when we can’t simply state that all lives matter regardless of the color of our skin?

The Hill, 07/12/2016

We work together by acknowledging that there is systemic racism and that racial profiling exists in policing, and we find solutions. We don’t bury our heads in the sand and pretend that nothing is wrong. We don’t pretend that everything was fine until Obama came along and stirred up racial division, like Pavlich and conservatives were so fond of proclaiming. We don’t smear a movement and pretend it’s real intention is to kill cops, which is antithetical to their message and their goals.

But Pavlich and conservatives are not interested in working together with anyone who has legitimate grievances with the policing system, whether they are black, or white. She would rather they shut up and not complain.

Until conservatives like Pavlich are willing to acknowledge that all lives matter is a divisive talking point, not black lives matter – as she claims – racial tension will continue. 

Finally, and predictably, Pavlich – like so many other conservatives who claim they’re not racist – falls back on the racial stereotype that black people are inherently more violent. It’s a white supremacist talking point, a distraction from the issue of police violence. Black people commit more crimes than white people, black people kill each other at alarming epidemic rates, so why aren’t they concerned about violence in their own communities? Hypocrites!

If Pavlich is so concerned about working together and making progress, she needs to start by removing the white hood she’s been wearing. It’s obstructing her vision. All she can see is white.

Bike Gate : Barack Obama’s Sixth Bloodiest Scandal : How Obama Smuggled Drugs To Mexican Drug Cartels In American Bicycles , Because He Hates Bicycles Like He Hates Guns And Wants To Outlaw Them Like He Wants To Outlaw Guns

The King of kooks , crackpots , wackos , and fruitcakes.

From the Alex Jones Radio Show , December 26 , 2016 – 

“Welcome to the show , ladies and gentlemen. I’m Alex Jones , your host for the number one show in Texas and around the world.  

“We have two guests on today’s show. One is supposed to be a well-respected journalist who is the editor-in-chief for Town Hall.com , and a regular contributor to the Fox News channel. She’s written articles for Red State , and World Net Daily , which is one of the most credible sites on the internet in my opinion.  She’s written such gems as Golf Gate , and Vacation Gate , exposing Obama’s fascination with playing too much golf and taking too many vacations. She’s also written the definitive book on the Fast And Furious scandal ,  Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal And It’s Shameless Cover Up. Her name is Katie Pavlich.

“My other guest isn’t so well-respected. In fact , she’s a well-known kook , crackpot , wacko , and an all around fruitcake. She’s also written some books about Obama , some of them so insane you would have to be just as much of a kook , a crackpot , wacko , and an all around fruitcake as she is , to read them and take them seriously. And believe me , every one of her fans are kooks , crackpots , wackos , and all around fruitcakes , because they do read them and take them seriously. Her name is Victoria Jackson , and together they’ve written a new book which is scheduled to be published next year by Obama Hates America Publishers.

Victoria : “Jeez , thanks a lot , Alex. I really appreciate the introduction.”

Alex : “You’re welcome , Victoria. Katie , what I can’t understand is why you chose to do a book with Victoria Jackson , a well-known kook , crackpot , wacko , and an all around fruitcake. I mean , what were you thinking? Weren’t you worried that people would also think you were a kook , a crackpot , a wacko , and a fruitcake?”

Katie : “Not really , Alex. She’s written some credible books exposing Barack Obama as the fraud that he is , so – “

Alex : “Name one.”

Katie : “Well , how about How Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , Acorn , and , uh , something , something , I forget the rest of it.”

Victoria : “The Homeless , Illegal Immigrants , And The Walking Dead Helped Obama The Weasel Weasel His Way Into The White House.”

Katie : “Yeah , that’s it.”

Alex : “I can believe that Acorn , the homeless , illegal immigrants , and the walking dead might have been involved with getting Obama into the White house , but Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck? Come on! That’s ridiculous. Was Goofy involved too? How about Pluto?”

Katie : “What?”

Alex : “You don’t seriously believe that Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck had a hand in it , do you?”

Katie : “Well , Alex , there were reports that many of the ballots contained what appeared to be the signatures of assorted Disney characters. I’m not saying that Mickey and Donald actually signed any ballots. Most likely they were wearing costumes , and some people mistook them for the real thing.” 

Victoria Jackson , the Queen of kooks , crackpots , wackos , and fruitcakes.

Victoria : “Not according to the people I talked to. I talked to five different people , and they all swore they saw Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck not only handing out Acorn ballots , but signing ballots themselves.”  

Alex : “Wow! Five different people?”

Victoria : “Yeah. You think I’m going to write a book without doing some research? Who do you think you’re talking to?”

Alex : “I don’t think I’m talking to a kook , a crackpot , a wacko , and an all around fruitcake. I know I’m talking to a kook , a crackpot , a wacko , and an all around fruitcake , who writes about anything that comes into her empty , crazy head.”

Victoria : “Did you invite me back to make fun of me again , Alex?”

Alex : “You said it , not me.”

Katie : “Alex , can we talk about the book , please?”

Alex : “Alright. Let’s drop the crazy talk and get to some serious business here , the communist Obama selling drugs to Mexican drug cartels. Katie , how do you know Obama has smuggled Mexican drug cartels drugs in bicycles?”

Katie : “Well , we know for a fact that Obama hates America , so it also makes sense that he hates everything else in America , including bicycles.”

Alex : “What does that have to do with smuggling drugs? And why would he hate bicycles? That doesn’t make any sense.”

Katie : “Hold on , I’m getting to it. First he gave them weapons in Fast And Furious , because he hates American gun owners and wants to take all their guns away , and now he’s giving them drugs because he hates bike owners and wants to take their bikes away from them.”

 Alex : “I still don’t get it. He’s giving them drugs because he hates bike owners?”

Victoria : “Yeah. He stole thousands of bicycles and hid drugs inside of them , smuggled them to Mexican drug cartels , because he wanted to justify taking everyone’s bicycles away just like he still wants to take everyone’s guns away.”

Alex : “That doesn’t explain why he hates bike owners.”

Katie Pavlich , the Queen of cranks , and conspiracy theories.

Katie : “He hates bike owners because a White House staffer named Jake Brewer supposedly died in a bike riding accident during a cancer charity ride last year.”

Victoria : “Yeah. Obama probably had him killed because he’s a communist.”

Alex : “So , Obama stole thousands of bicycles , hid drugs inside of them , and then shipped them off to Mexican cartels because his friend Jake Brewer died in a charity bike ride?”

Katie : “That’s right.”

Alex : “That still doesn’t explain why he hates bike owners.”

Katie : “He hates bike owners like he hates gun owners. He hates gun owners and wants to grab everyone’s guns because he thinks they’re evil. But guns don’t kill people ; people kill people. He feels the same about bicycles. Just because his friend died on one  – “

Victoria : “Supposedly.”

Katie : “Supposedly. Just because his friend died on a bicycle , he thinks they’re evil too , and all of them need to be confiscated like he thinks all guns need to be confiscated.”

Alex : “People think I’m crazy , think I’m nuts , but that is literally one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard. It literally makes no sense. I can believe Obama would smuggle drugs to Mexican cartels because he’s an evil elitist communist who wants to take over America and set up his evil communist , Nazi , Muslim , gay New World Order , but to suggest that he’s smuggling drugs in bicycles because he believes they are just as dangerous as guns , is insane. 

Victoria : “You’re right. Obama is insane , and we have to stop him before it’s too late , or there won’t be anymore guns or bicycles left!”

Alex : “Yeah , Obama is insane , but you two are even more insane for believing this nonsense.”

Victoria : “It’s not nonsense.”

Alex : “Yes , it is. You’re both a couple of kooks , crackpots , wackos , and fruitcakes , who belong in a padded room with all of your readers who are also kooks , crackpots , wackos , and fruitcakes.”

Stupid Conservative Memes #15 … Katie Pavlich Edition


*******Pot meet kettle******

And the way Conservative lame stream media operates is by ignoring facts that don’t support their fantasies :

  • There have been numerous investigative reports concerning the events in Benghazi , the majority of them Republican. There was no stand down order by the Obama administration to allow four Americans to die at the hands of Muslim extremists. There was no scandal. But Conservatives in the media convinced themselves that it was a massive cover-up because Obama sympathizes with Muslim terrorists. 
  • Fast And Furious was a scandal. It was an ATF scandal. But Conservative media again was convinced that Obama had deliberately allowed Mexican drug cartels to get their hands on thousands of firearms for the purpose of disarming American citizens of their second amendment rights and their guns. A conspiracy. But , again , an investigative report was released that was also ignored. Pavlich even published a book about it – Fast And Furious : Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal And It’s Shameless Cover-Up – in which she played fast and furious with the facts. It was debunked the same year the report was released , but millions of wing nuts are to this day convinced of its accuracy.

Gun Gate : Barack Obama’s Fifth Bloodiest Scandal : How The Gun-Grabber-In-Chief Plans To Steal All Of Our Guns Because He Hates The Second Amendment , Because That’s How He Was Brought Up By His Communist America Hating Mentors , Bill Ayers , Saul Alinsky , And Frank Marshall Davis

From The Glen Beck Radio Show : Katie Pavlich , explaining how Obama The Gun-Grabber-In-Chief plans to suspend the Inauguration of Donald Trump , declare himself  Supreme Leader and grab Americas guns.

Katie Pavlich is a Tea Party , gun loving , Obama hating Conservative. She writes for some of the nuttiest wing nut sites , including Town Hall , World Nut Daily , and Red State. Typical of those who despise the current president , she lives in an alternate reality where black is white , where Obama hates cops , Christians ( he’s a Christian , so he must hate himself as well ) , cares more about Islamic terrorists , and is a Manchurian candidate planted in the White House by the Muslim Brotherhood , who is actively destroying America from within through Obama Care , marriage equality , and illegal immigration , which is apparently just a cover for allowing terrorists to cross the southern borders.

Her last two books , Golf Gate : Barack Obama’s Third Bloodiest Scandal , and Vacation Gate : Barack Obama’s Fourth Bloodiest Scandal , exposes of how Obama is murdering anyone who criticizes him for vacationing and his obsessive love of golf , were national best sellers , despite the fact that they were  only scandals among those who hate Barack Obama. Her readers were so impressed that many of them asked that she do a follow-up to Fast And Furious : Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal , and Katie  responded with Gun Gate : Barack Obama’s Fifth Bloodiest Scandal : How The Gun-Grabber-In-Chief Plans To Steal All Of Our Guns Because He Hates The Second Amendment Because That’s How He Was Brought Up By His Communist America Hating Mentors , Bill Ayers , Saul Alinsky , And Frank Marshall Davis.

On a recent episode of The Glenn Beck Radio Show , she informed Glenn , Pat , and Stu that any day now Obama would act upon his threats of total gun confiscation , and finally steal everyone’s guns.

Pat Gray explaining to Stu Burguiere what a Chalupacabrabama is.

Glenn : “What’s he waiting for? Does he think we’re stupid? Does he want us to think that he doesn’t want to steal our guns , when obviously we know that’s exactly what he wants? So what’s he … what’s he waiting for?”

Katie : “He’s waiting for the very last-minute when he can declare martial law , because he’s so egotistical he thinks of himself as Americas Supreme Leader. Now that he knows Trump is the next president , he’s planning on disrupting the Inauguration so he can declare himself Supreme Leader For Life , and with his armies of Black Panthers , his mindless zombie supporters , and his Communist Youth Brigade to back him up , that’s when total gun confiscation will begin. We’ll have no choice but to comply , or we’ll be thrown in the ovens like Hitler did to the Jews. It’s all laid out in the book.”

Pat : “You mean Fema camps , don’t you?”

Katie : “Ovens , Fema camps , what difference does it make? They may even plan to cook us , or feed us raw to the Chalupacabrabamas Alex Jones says the CIA has created , for all we know.”

Stu : “Chalupawhat?”

Pat : “Alex Jones is a crackpot.”

Glenn : “Too bad he doesn’t know that.”

Stu : “Chalupawhat?”

Pat : “He’s crazier than a bed bug in June.”

Glenn : “Too bad his audience are no less insane.”

Stu : “Chalupawhat?”  

Glen : “Jones has been promoting Fema camps for years , and then they were debunked by Popular Mechanics.”

Pat : “You really don’t believe in Chalupwhats , do you Katie?”

Stu : “Chalupawhat?”

Katie : “With Obama anything’s possible.”

Pat : “Yeah , but Chalupawhats?”

Stu : “Chalupawhat?” 

Glen : “Stu’s beginning to sound like a broken record. Somebody better explain to him what a Chalupacabrabama is.”

Pat : “According to Alex Jones a Chalupacabrabama is a cross between a chalupa , a Chupcabra , and  Obama.”

Stu : “Chalupawhat?”

Vacation Gate : Barack Obama’s Fourth Bloodiest Scandal

Aviary Photo_131203280025384907.png
Katie explains to Rachel Maddow that Obama is murdering his vacation critics because he’s a communist.

Katie Pavlich is a Conservative writer and columnist. She writes for several wing nut sites , and appears occasionally as a ‘political expert’ on Fox News. She’s written several absurd conspiracy related books about liberals and Barack Obama , the latest being , Assault And Flattery : The Truth About The Left And It’s War On Women , and Fast And Furious : Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal.

She recently appeared as a guest on the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC to promote her last book , Golf Gate : Barack Obama’s Third Bloodiest Scandal , which according to Katie , proves president Obama is murdering his critics who criticize him for playing golf. It was such a huge best seller among her fans that she decided to do a follow-up , Vacation Gate : Barack Obama’s Fourth Bloodiest Scandal , which also proves he’s murdering anyone who criticizes him for taking vacations.

 Rachel invited her back to her show to talk about the new book , which has just been released by Obama Hates America Book Club.


Rachel : “According to your last book , Golf Gate , you claimed the president is murdering anyone who criticizes his golfing.”

Katie : “That’s right.”

Rachel : “And now , with Vacation Gate , you claim he’s also murdering anyone who criticizes him for taking a day off.”

Katie : “That’s right.”

Rachel : “But why -“

Katie :”Please don’t interrupt. He can’t stand it when someone criticizes him for taking a vacation , because he knows he takes too many , more than any other president in the history of the United States -“

Rachel : “But that’s -“

Katie : “Please don’t interrupt. And he knows he isn’t doing anything but playing  golf and taking vacations when he should be doing something about ISIS and other terrorists. But he’d rather be taking vacations with his family and play endless rounds of golf with his liberals friends instead of taking time out of his busy golf and vacation schedule to do something about ISIS -“

Rachel : “You’re repeating yourself.”

Katie : It should be repeated. Because it’s important for people to know what kind of president we have. A president who wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone who criticizes him for playing golf and taking vacations.”

Rachel : “Golfing is not a scandal , much less a bloody scandal , and neither is taking a vacation. Why would he want to kill someone for criticizing him for taking a vacation? It makes no sense whatsoever.”

Katie : “Yes , it does. It makes perfect sense.”

Rachel : “How does it makes sense? I really wish you would explain it to me.”

Katie : “It makes sense , because he’s a communist , and communists wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone who criticizes their agenda.”

Rachel : “You said that the last time you were here. It didn’t make sense then and it doesn’t make sense now.”

Katie : “Well , it’s the truth.”

Rachel : “What is?”

Katie : “That he’s a communist.”

Rachel : “Whatever. You failed to offer any evidence last time you were here , and you haven’t offered any evidence this time.”

Katie : “What evidence? That he’s a communist?”

Rachel : “That he’s murdering people who criticize him for taking vacations and playing golf.”

Katie : “That’s because the liberal media is his lap dog. They’ll do anything he says. They know he’s having people killed , and they’re covering up for him. Bodies are piling up , and people are having to go into hiding just so Obama can’t have them killed.”

Rachel : “Can you name one person who has been killed , or who has had to go into hiding?”

Katie : “Not really. I would be jeopardizing the safety of those who have , and you wouldn’t recognize any of the names anyway.”

Rachel : “I didn’t think so.”

Katie : “But he will definitely continue to pile up the vacations and the golf games , and people will continue to complain while he deliberately ignores ISIS as they kill as many Americans as they can , so he can play as much golf as he can , while the bodies continue to pile up , because Obama can’t do anything but take vacations and play golf , because he’s a vacation and a golf junkie.”

Golf Gate : Barack Obama’s Third Bloodiest Scandal

Aviary Photo_131090523586598346
Proof that not all blondes are dumb. Just Conservative blondes like Pavlich.


    Katie Pavlich is a Tea Party wing nut , gun loving wacko and a Fox News talking bobble head. She writes columns for wing nut conspiracy sites  Town Hall , Patriot Update , and World Nut Daily. She was named 2013’s Blogger Of The Year at the CPAC conference , God knows why. The same year she was awarded the Conservative Leadership from Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute , again God knows why. The following year CBLPI named her Woman Of The Year , once again , God knows why.

Like all liberal hating wing nuts ,  she believes the president is a communist  and a fascist because of Obama Care , is a Muslim , and is soft on  Muslim terrorists because he refuses to utter the magic words , Radical Islamic terrorism. It’s clear these people want a religious war.

Aviary Photo_131090543223771414As a gun nut , she believes the president is hell-bent on destroying the second amendment , and is still coming for the precious guns of all self-described “patriotic Americans”. Her proof is the president’s recent executive actions on gun control , which she believes is a blatant attempt to confiscate guns , and her failure to understand the basics of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty , which in the minds of gun nuts will eventually lead to direct gun confiscation , but in reality will have no effect on the private ownership of fire arms in the United States.

 Assault And Stupidity  

In a recent article in The Hill , she claimed racism no longer exists in America. That is , unless they’re liberals. In the minds of wing nuts like Pavlich , its the Black Lives Matter crowd, the likes of  Jessie Jackson , Eric Holder , Obama , and liberals , who are the real racists , and race hustlers , and that white Neo-Conservatives are the real victims of racism , which is solely perpetrated by anyone black who has the audacity to complain about getting shot and beaten by over-zealous  , trigger happy police officers.

During an episode of The O’Reilly Factor , she claimed that white privilege is racist against whitey , that white students are discriminated against on college campuses , and the only time she has confronted her whiteness is when visiting the tanning salon.

Joining the phony leftist war on Christians and Christmas , is Pavlich’s latest book , Assault And Flattery : The Truth About The Left And Their War On Women. Here Pavlich has crafted  an imaginary war on women by the “Radical , Godless Left” , as opposed to an actual assault by Conservatives on women’s reproductive rights via legislation , attempting to defund planned Parenthood , and smearing its founder , Margret Sanger as an anti-black genocidal racist.

On an episode of Fox News’ Outnumbered , Pavlich displayed her race baiting skills by defending Trump’s statement about undocumented immigrants : “If these protesters spent as much time protesting the illegal alien rapists and murderers who make their own community look bad , maybe Trump wouldn’t be saying the things he is about them. So , I suggest that if they don’t want that stereotype , if they don’t want the truth to be told about the fact that illegal immigration does bring with it a huge criminal element that we have to deal with in this country , they should spend their energies getting out the criminals in their own communities.”

And they wonder why liberals and progressives label them as bigots and racists. Stay classy , Katie.

On an episode of Hannity Pavlich made the moronic statement that Barack Obama , Eric Holder , and Al Sharpton are anti-police , without offering any evidence. Since the deaths of Trayvon Martin , Michael Brown ,  Eric Garner , and Freddie Gray , the Right Wing Hate Machine has race baited the black community , the president , and prominent black leaders , accusing them of racism , of inciting hatred and violence against the police. Their intention is clear : to discredit Americas first bi-racial president as a racist and portray black protesters as thugs and criminals , which proves their hatred of the president and black people in general , is based on race. If he were a white Republican , his comments on race relations would not be a news worthy  issue.

Pavlich isn’t the first Conservative to accuse the president of being anti-police. Former Mayor of New York Rudy Guiliani , accused Obama of telling everyone to hate and incite violence against the police. The Washington Post fact check his statement and found it to be false. They also checked Pavlich’s claim , and found it too to be false.

 Her last book , Fast And Furious : Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal , was a New York Times best seller , in which she claimed Barack Obama deliberately allowed guns to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels to further his fascist anti-gun agenda , which would eventually lead to total gun confiscation.
Only an idiot would believe this. A president , who they claim is anti-gun and wants to take everyone’s fire arms away , gives thousands of them to criminals for the purpose of pushing for stricter gun control legislation. Makes perfect sense.
It would have been easier to ban all guns by executive action , even though gun nuts would have had a fit. After all , he is The Gun Grabber In Chief , even though he has yet to grab a single gun.
The book was published in April of 2012 , and even though it was debunked the same year with the release of the Fast And Furious report , to Pavlich and the Conservative media , it will forever remain a scandal.

Her latest book , Golf Gate : Barack Obama’s Third Bloodiest Scandal , a look inside the Conservative medias obsession with the president’s so-called obsession with golf , is set to be released this summer by I Hate Barack Obama Publishing Company. 

She appeared recently on the Rachel Maddow Show to talk about the new book that will undoubtedly have her fans and readers salivating over another non scandal that Obama’s lap dog liberal media is obviously covering up for him.

Rachel : “What are president Obama’s first two bloody scandals?”

Katie : The first one was Fast And Furious , and the second was Benghazi.”

Rachel : But they’ve both been debunked.”

Katie : “No , they haven’t.”

Rachel : “Yes , they have. Haven’t you read the reports?”

Katie : “No , I haven’t. But -“

Rachel : “The Fast And Furious program was an ATF scandal , not a White House scandal that had anything to do with a false flag attempt to gab guns from American gun owners , and -“

Katie : “That’s your opinion.”

Rachel : “No , it’s not. It’s fact. Read the report.”

Katie : “I don’t have to read the report to know that Barack Obama , and Eric Holder were both involved , and that it was either Obama , or Holder’s idea in the first place , because they both hate the second amendment and guns so much that they obviously came up with this twisted scheme to grab the guns of every patriotic  , Tea Party American , because they believe they’re all racists. And Benghazi was not a fake scandal either , despite what liberals say. There really was a stand down order because Obama hates America , and the military , and didn’t care if his Muslim Brotherhood homies killed those people , because he’s a Muslim and a communist.”

Rachel : “Alright. Whatever.  And how is golfing a bloody scandal?”

Katie : “Well , first of all , everyone knows that Obama is always either on vacation , or playing golf when something bad happens in America , or around the world. It’s typical of him. An ostrich immediately hides its head in the sand. What does Obama do? Instead of accepting responsibility for everything , he plays golf. He says to himself , ‘it’s not my fault , it’s Bush’s fault. Blame him.’ Everything he does or says , he blames on George Bush. You know , like when he said , ‘you didn’t build that.’ Now he’s always saying , ‘I didn’t do that , I didn’t say that. It was Bush.’ So basically , playing golf is his way of hiding his head in the sand.”

Rachel : “And how is that a bloody scandal?”

Aviary Photo_131090547703952864
The look on Maddow’s face says it all , as Pavlich explains that communist democrats like to murder anyone who doesn’t support their liberal agenda.

Katie : “Well , everyone also knows that Obama is a Democrat , and Democrats are communists , and communists like to murder people who disagree with them , or don’t support their communist liberal agenda.”

Rachel : “What? Democrats are communists and they like to murder anyone who disagrees with their liberal agenda?!  Do you really believe that?”

Katie : “Of course I do. It makes sense.”

Rachel : “No , it doesn’t. It’s nonsense.”

Katie : “It’s not nonsense ; it’s true. I heard it from Allen West.”

Rachel : “Allen West is a space cadet. I wouldn’t take anything he has to say too seriously. Anyway , please continue.”

Katie : “Well , we know that Obama is close friends with John Poindexter , the man who owns the Texas ranch where Justice Scalia was found dead. And we know that Obama and Poindexter played golf on occasion , like he’s played golf with every liberal elitist athlete and actor in Hollywood like Tiger Woods , Jack Nicholson , and Stephen King.”

Rachel : “It’s Nicklaus , and he’s a Republican. I’ve never heard of him playing golf with Stephen King. Anyway , you still haven’t explained how playing golf is a bloody scandal.”

Katie : “Hold on , I’m getting to it.”

Rachel : “Please do. This is getting ridiculous.”

Katie : “Whatever. You know , you invited me here to talk about my new book , but you keep interrupting me.”

Rachel : “I’m not interrupting you. I’ve asked you twice how playing golf is supposed to be a bloody scandal , and you keep going off on a tangent about the president playing golf , which is anything but a scandal.”

Katie : “Well , if you’ll be patient , like I said , I’ll get to it.”

Rachel : Alright. Go on.”

Katie : “What makes the president playing golf a bloody scandal , is the fact that he probably had Scalia killed so he could put a liberal on the Supreme Court. Everybody’s talking about it. Please don’t interrupt. And we know that Obama wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone to take a vacation ,  play a game of golf , or kill anyone who criticizes him for taking a vacation or playing golf. And if you don’t believe me , you can ask Victoria Jackson , and Dr. Gina.”

Rachel : “Please forgive me , Ms. Pavlich , if I don’t take you at your word … or Victoria Jackson’s or Dr. Gina’s.”