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Trump Advisory Board Member , ‘Dr. Gina’ , Suffers Bizarre Melt Down During Live Broadcast Of Hannity Dr. Gina Loudon is a Fox News quack psychologist, who has falsely claimed to have a degree in psychology. She’s written some of the lamest articles ( example here ) for some of the lamest so-called news sites , … Continue reading

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Trump Media Advisory Board Member , Dr. Gina , Tells Lou Dobbs That NFL Protesters Should Have Protested Everything Obama Did , Not The National Anthem Gina Loudon , aka Dr. Gina , is a conservative media and radio commentator. She claims to have a PhD and two Masters in psychology. But according to the Daily Beast , and The Hill she has no such … Continue reading

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Gina Loudon : A New Low For Democrats – Trying To Declare The President Mentally Incompetent Here’s a story that breaks the hypocrisy meter. In a recent article in Fox Business News , Loudon wrote an article condemning Democrats that wanted to declare Trump mentally unfit to be president. The draft of a bill authored … Continue reading

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Stupid Conservative Memes #50 Gina Loudon Edition

Conservatives shake their heads at the lemming mentality? Not exactly. They too  get easily triggered and offended by politically incorrect behavior and terms , even more so than the so-called left. For instance , it’s politically correct for the fringe … Continue reading

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Obama Is A Psychopath Because He Takes Vacations And Plays Golf

    According to self-proclaimed expert , Gina Loudon , Barack Obama is a psychopath because he has taken far too many vacations , and plays way too much golf. He’s also a habitual liar , and has a habit of … Continue reading

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