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Stupid Conservative Memes #19


This meme is not only dishonest , but uses projection to claim that liberals are the real hypocrites.

After a mass shooting Conservatives are the ones who rush to judgment and lecture liberals that all Muslims represent the actions of Muslim terrorists , hence the idiotic phrase “Not all Muslims are terrorists , but all terrorists are Muslims.”

When a racist like Dylann Roof shoots up a church and murders nine black parishioners , Conservatives immediately deny his motives had anything to do with race. They refer to white male shooters as lone wolves with mental issues. In Roof’s case they tried to make it look like an attack on religious freedom , because of course , Conservative Christians in America suffer from a persecution complex.

Who’s really being hypocritical?

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Stupid Conservative Memes #11 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition


The message here they’re trying to sell is obvious : white kid walks into an all black church in South Carolina and murders nine people. “Don’t blame racism , racism had nothing to do with it. He was a lunatic , a mentally disturbed ‘lone wolf ‘, don’t blame it on white supremacy” , even though on his website The Last Rhodesian there were photos of him with racist symbols and his manifesto in which he wrote about how much he hated black people. “But don’t blame it on racism crazy insane racist liberals.”

Actually liberals don’t blame all white people for the actions of a shooter like Dylann Roof. But anti-liberal Conservatives do. If the shooter is a black person or a Muslim , his behavior is typical of the entire race. “Today’s moderate Muslim is tomorrow’s terrorist‘. They immediately blame everyone , including liberals , Democrats , Obama , and the so-called liberal media. 

This meme doesn’t expose liberals. It exposes the intellectual laziness of Liberal Logic 101.