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Stupid Conservative Memes #68 Dana Loesch Edition


Of course , people like Dana didn’t see any hope or change , because she was one of those conservative pundits masquerading as a journalist , with her head up her ass. If the ACA , which they loved referring to as Obama Care , wasn’t hope and change , what was it? Millions of people who didn’t have health insurance , due to preexisting conditions , now had insurance. To them , it was hope and it was change , compared to the system that previously existed. But Dana and her conservative cronies in the mainstream media , were too busy making up death panels and others conspiracies about the ACA , never bothering to tell their audience that the real death panels are and always have been , and always will be , the private insurance companies , and that the mandate goes all the way back to the conservative think tank , the Heritage Foundation. 

Aviary Photo_131465932231654136  They attacked it for years , claiming it to be socialized , government-run health care , and that it was unconstitutional , even as the Republicans tried unsuccessfully to repeal it countless times. Now we find out in an ironic twist that Republicans – most notably , conservatives like Tomi Lahren – who have been openly condemning it for years , are using it.

In another note of irony , it’s been more than six months since Trump became president , and they still haven’t been able to repeal the law , nor come up with a decent one of their own. Yes , look at where you are now. Stuck with Obama Care. At least for now.

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Dana And The Lap Dogs



Aviary Photo_131447961446248954
An unbiased , elitist , lap dog , lone beacon of truth in a sea of leftist lying libtards.

🍁Dana Loesch is a conservative commentator , AKA a Republican party mouth piece , gun nut , and an eager lap dog for the NRA. She’s currently employed at The Blaze , where truth supposedly lives , despite  little evidence to support this claim. Most liberals know her for the unabashed hypocrite she is , but Dana couldn’t care less about her own hypocrisy. She only cares when it’s liberals who are hypocrites.   

Recently Dana released a video accusing liberals who oppose the new president , of being terrorists. Liberals for the most part , saw it as thinly veiled threat against protesters. Others saw it for the ridiculous video it was ; it was nothing more than a mishmash of anti-liberal talking points , falsehoods , with an over abundance of hypocrisy , designed to appeal to the emotions of the sheep in her audience who will believe every word she says without question. The message : that all those who oppose the new president ( or any Republican president ) are not only unpatriotic , but enemies of freedom.     

The idea that anyone who opposes or even criticizes the current president is unpatriotic or anti-American , is not only absurd , but hypocritical. For eight years Dana and her like-minded lap dogs in the conservative media , which is every bit as main stream , and even more biased as the media she so often criticizes , did nothing but attack and criticize the last president over everything he said and did. He took too many vacations , he played too much golf. He was Hitler for health care reform , he was Hitler for executive orders. They told us he hated America and wanted to destroy it with Ebola , and yet , not one American succumbed to the virus. They told us that he was racist and hated law enforcement , over criticisms of the actions of a white police officer , and that he never attended the funerals of police officers killed in the line of duty , despite attending the services of slain police officers. They told us that he was a Muslim who sided with Muslim terrorists  , while ignoring his drone war on terror in seven different places around the world. 

Dana and her fellow lap dogs in the conservative media often claim to be the sole beacons of truth and accuracy besieged by a liberal media full of bias and lies. If they are so concerned about violence , then why haven’t they reported on the violence and intimidation against minorities since the election of the current president? Southern Poverty Law Center compiled an extensive list  of attacks. Why didn’t she mention any of these incidents in her video? Why didn’t she mention the six , predominantly black southern churches that were burned down from 2014 , to 2016? Why didn’t she mention the nine black parishioners that were gunned down by white supremacist Dylann Roof? Why didn’t she mention the murders of six Muslims outside a Canadian mosque , by Trump supporter  Alexandre Bissonette? Why didn’t she mention the Planned Parenthood shooting by radical Christian Robert Dear , that Ted Cruz claimed was done by a leftist transgender? She never mentioned any of these incidents because it was right wing violence. Violence that Conservatives will never admit to and will never own. By ignoring their own radical extremism , it enables them to continue to peddle their fantasies of a violent , Godless Left. 

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Stupid Conservative Memes #66 Dana Loesch Edition

Dana Loesch. Republican , NRA lap dog , shill , hypocrite.

The  purpose of the news media is to objectively report news , and to hold government accountable. The news media these days are not interested in truth or objectivity ; their main objective is to make a profit , even at the expense of truth and accuracy , so it’s up to us to be their watch dog.  That’s why we have organizations like Media Matters.

Dana’s problem with the mainstream media – AKA the so-called liberal media – is that it doesn’t tow the Conservative line one hundred percent. Therefore it has a “liberal bias.” The idea that just because there may be a few more left leaning news outlets , there is a huge liberal conspiracy in the media , and that sources like Fox News , The Blaze , and other Conservatives outlets , are the few sole bastions of true and unbiased news. It’s absurd. The Blaze websites bi-line is Truth Lives Here , which is ironic , since it frequently publishes click bait articles , and misinformation taken from other questionable Conservative news sources. Hardly a bastion of truth. 

Dana Loesch complaining about mainstream media bias is not only ironic , but comical , in light of the fact that everyone at The Blaze – herself included – are lap dogs for the Republican party establishment elite. She’s also a lap dog for the NRA.


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A Response To Dana Loesch’s Clinched Fist Of Truth ( Hypocrisy ) Video

Aviary Photo_131435949400122956
NRA lap dog , Dana Loesch.

🍁 In a video reminiscent of her 2015 “Godless Left” rant , rabid NRA lap dog Dana Loesch has released another comical NRA sponsored video , in which she again calls liberals terrorists. Although she doesn’t call for violence against the “violent Godless left” the intent is implied that they are dangerous and must be dealt with by arming themselves with more guns.  

This video , like the last one , was produced for one purpose , and that purpose is to portray liberals as a dangerous threat to freedom and liberty. The Godless Left video was in response to calls for gun control , after the San Bernardino Inland Empire shooting , in which the New York Daily News mocked Republican thoughts and prayers , with the headline

Aviary Photo_131436701388610645

God Isn’t Fixing This , sparking an outrage among Conservatives.  The NRA responded , with their favorite lap dog/shill , Dana Loesch accusing liberals of attempting to destroy their freedom to pray , and that liberals were marching hand in hand with Islamic terrorists , singing Kumbaya , simply for calling for an end to gun violence.

These videos are like self-parodies. Conservatives are completely unaware of the glaring hypocrisy  , but liberals can see right through her for the shameless hypocrite she is. Literally everything she accused liberals of doing , was straight out of the  Obama hater’s playbook.

  1.  “They use their media to assassinate real news.” What does this even mean? Real news? Like The Blaze , where truth lives? Which is ironic , since Dana is currently employed at a network with no more credibility than Fox News , and a host of other questionable sources of yellow journalism , such as World Nut Daily , Town Hall , and The Gateway Pundit , AKA The Dumbest Man On The Internet. I’m sure these are all sources of real , credible news to Dana and much of her audience. I’m sure Jim Hoft’s award-winning ( from Accuracy In Media , no less ) journalism must have inspired her tedious career when she was at CNN. Also ironic , Dana has been using her platform to call everything else that doesn’t tow the Conservative line , as fake news. 
  2. “They use their schools to teach children that our president is another Hitler.”
    She states this as if it’s fact , with no evidence to back it up. However ,
    I do recall for the last eight years that Dana and her cronies in the media , attacked a certain president over everything from health care reform ( AKA as Obama Care ) , foreign policy , to gun control , often referencing him not only to Hitler , but every other dictator in modern times. And they used their media to tell their viewers that he hated America , was a communist , and was a friend to Islamic terrorists.
  3. “They use their stars and award shows to advance their narrative over and over again.” I wonder what that narrative could possibly be. Could it possibly be speaking out against police abuse of authority? I understand this is something that’s frowned upon by wing nut Conservatives who believe the police can do no wrong , and anyone who criticizes them must be cop haters , like they accused Obama of hating cops because he had the audacity to question police authority where killings were unjustified.
    It wasn’t too long ago they were using their own celebrities like The Motor City Loudmouth , Rush Limbaugh , and numerous pundits like Tomi Lahren , Janine Pirro , and everyone else at Fox News , to advance their own narratives , that Obama was an anti-white racist , and a cop hater , over situations ranging from criticizing a white cop for arresting a Harvard Law professor in his own home , the events in Ferguson , Baltimore , benign comments on the tragic deaths of several police officers , and a seventeen year old black teenager. Just because he didn’t side with the racist narrative that George Zimmerman was the victim and Martin the aggressor , made him a racist? Not God damn likely.
  4. “They use their ex-president to endorse their resistance.” Apparently , according to Dana , Obama must be directing thousands of Trump haters to loot and destroy property , via mind control , with chips implanted in their heads.
    All to make them march , make them protest” – I doubt they need Obama to motivate them to march , to protest. Trump’s behavior is all the motivation they need – “Make them scream racism” – The irony here is thick enough to cut with a knife – “Sexism , xenophobia , homophobia , smash windows , burn cars , shut down interstates” – I’m sure Trump marchers have never done that , have they? – “airports , bullying and terrorizing the law-abiding” – again , Trump supporters have never done that , have they? There are armed militia wandering the streets in “open carry” states intimidating citizens ; there were armed  militia defending the Bundy ranch ; there were armed Oath Keepers and other militia who had taken over the Malheur wildlife sanctuary , but according to Dana , it’s the left who are doing the intimidating- “until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs and stop the madness.”
    When she mentioned racism , I doubt she was thinking that not too long ago it was her side that was screaming racism at Obama , when pundits and right-wing nut bloggers like John “Obama’s an anti-white racist” Hawkins of Right Wingnut News , and Jim “The Gateway Pundit” Hoft , were making fools of themselves trying to convince their  dense readers that Obama was a rabid anti-white racist , with no evidence to back up their claims.
    Just as I’m sure she was not thinking of the birther movement. She and many of her audience may not have outright endorsed it , but there is no evidence that they denounced it.
    When she mentioned sexism , I doubt she thinking of the many instances when her totally not sexist buddies , Rush Limbaugh , and Ted Nugent demeaned Democratic women like Sandra Fluke , Hillary Clinton , and Nancy Pelosi.
    When she mentioned homophobia , I doubt she was thinking about the wing nut melt down over the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. Nor was she thinking of the time she was moved to tears over the pizza store bigots who refused to bake a pizza for a gay couple , and subsequently started a Go Fund Me account for the true victims – the pizza store owners , that is. If these people had been refusing to bake a pizza for Christians , imagine the stink Dana and her cronies at The Blaze would have raised. It would have given them a legitimate reason to bitch and moan. But , no , it’s the gays who are the real bigots for calling them on their bigotry.
    During the Obama years , the Obama hating “patriots” moaned incessantly about free speech , and oppression under Obama , even as they burned his effigy , called him a communist , a socialist  , a Muslim terrorist , anti-Christian , a racist , a cop hater , compared him countless times to Hitler , claimed he hated America , wasn’t an American ,  and if anyone dared criticize them , or push back , they were often accused of playing the race card.

     All these videos have demonstrated , is that Conservatives like Loesch are disingenuous. They don’t really care about honesty. All they care about is furthering their own agenda , and that agenda is to sell more guns despite the countless children that will be massacred , and transform America into an armed police state , where any form of dissent by their political enemies – liberals – is seen as treasonous. They ultimately succeed in making themselves look foolish by accusing liberals of the very same tactics they engage in.

    Update : I often wonder if images like these haunt shameless hypocrites like Dana Loesch , who believe basic gun control is a violation of their second amendment right. Hypocrites who accuse others of having blood on their hands , while defending and making excuses for those who truly do have blood on their hands :
    Aviary Photo_131436702448818177

Herself , and the NRA.



























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Stupid Conservative Memes #13 … Dana Loesch Edition


Dana doesn’t believe that the Republican party is the party of racism and bigotry. She’s one of those Conservatives who believes that the Democratic and Republican Parties are the same today as they were a hundred years ago, that the Southern Strategy never happened , that it’s a liberal myth. It’s not a liberal myth. It’s historical fact.

She also believes there is no evidence of Tea Party racism. That it’s also a liberal conspiracy to make them look bad. 

She’s either a liar , or she really has no clue.

aviary-photo_131249501325032930        aviary-photo_131249500772090745  aviary-photo_131249488792438356

aviary-photo_131249486549308248     aviary-photo_131249499978107228aviary-photo_131251218366582724

The protesters in these photos are not Democrats. They are Republicans.  But according to Dana Loesch , and other Conservatives , Tea Partiers aren’t racist at all. It’s not only liberals who are the racists , but Barack Obama because he attended a black church in Chicago , committed the unforgivable sin of criticizing a white police officer in 2009 ( James Crowley ) , and because he had the sheer audacity to voice his empathy for a murdered teenager ( Trayvon Martin ) and his family.

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Inside The Delusional , Hypocritical , And Childishly Pathetic Mind Of Dana Loesch

Unless it's a liberal or a progressive exercizing their right to free speech , hypocrites like Loesch are all for it.
Unlike liberals and progressives who just want to suppress everyone’s free speech , because every true American patriot conservative  like Dana , knows they’re  nothing but fascists and communists who really want to destroy America.

Dana Loesch is a delusional Tea Party Republican , gun nut , NRA shill spokesperson , self-proclaimed American patriot , and make believe journalist. She’s a former  CNN , Breitfart Big Delusion Government  , and Fox News commentator. In 2009 she co-founded the St. Louis Tea Party chapter. She received Accuracy In Media’s Grass Roots Journalism Award ( which is ironic , since she’s a college drop out , and has a less than perfect reputation when it comes to reporting , and AIM’s reputation for accuracy is also less than exemplary ) and Breitfart’s Inaugural Spirit Award. Her show , Dana , can be seen daily on the Blaze network. I wouldn’t recommend watching it on a regular basis , unless you are a committed liberal , otherwise you may risk losing a few brain cells , and see your I.Q, drop dramatically. If you’re not a liberal , and are a regular viewer , then God help you.

Like most Tea Party , patriotic gun nuts , Dana lives in her own special world , where Obama , and liberals are both communists and fascists who want to take everyone’s guns away , and turn America into a Muslim , ISSIS , Al-Qaeda paradise.

Dana , like your typical , garden variety Obama hater , often has trouble distinguishing fact from fiction. Hypocrisy and double standards mean very little to her. The following are a few examples of her hypocrisy ,  delusion , and embarrassing displays of stupidity :

  •  Mocks Hilary Clinton claiming she used her injury as an excuse not to testify at Benghazi hearing. On Fox News , February 2014 , Loesch accused Clinton of using her concussion ( which Clinton sustained while collapsing in her home in December 2012 ) as an excuse from testifying about the Benghazi attack in 2012. She went so far as to accuse the Clinton’s of traveling to the Dominican Republic instead. But according to a report from the State Department , that trip never took place.  As is typical of many conservatives of the Obama and liberal hating variety , she was either lying , or was  too lazy to check  her facts  before appearing on a news channel that panders to the ill-informed. Very embarrassing.
  • Defends Christian anti-gay , anti-Muslim bigotry , while accusing critics of being anti-Christian bigots. Many Tea Party conservatives have no concept of irony , and Dana Loesch is no exception. During a May , 2014 episode of The Kelly File , Loesch defended the Benham brothers who had been fired from a forth coming reality show on HGTV when they discovered the anti-gay , anti-Muslim background of the siblings. Loesch attacked another guest , Jessica Ehrlich , accusing her of anti-Christian bigotry for daring to criticize the homophobic views of the brothers. In the deluded minds of people like Loesch , anyone who criticizes the views of a Christian , no matter how extreme those views may be , is anti-Christian. They’ve convinced themselves that their bigotry and hatred are acceptable  , and anyone who disagrees with them , are persecuting them. They see themselves as martyrs , as innocent victims of a tyrannical commie , fascist government that denies them their right to worship , that is attacking their faith , that is intent on abolishing their religion. But in the real world , nothing could be further from the truth. Christianity is the favored religion in the U.S.. An estimated 75% to 80% of Americans identify as Christians. There are more churches than ever before , more television and radio broadcasts. They can say almost anything they want , even go so far as to accuse anyone who disagrees with them , as un-American. And yet , they scream persecution when someone calls them out on their bigotry and hatred. In their minds , they remain an endangered species.
  •  Supports ALEC. American Legislative Exchange Council is an organization made up of a membership of conservative state legislators , and corporate representatives that have been drafting legislative bills in secret for years.  ALEC has allegedly drafted model legislation on a variety of topics , including deregulation of certain environmental protections , and attempting to weaken labor unions , among many others. In December 2011 , ALEC found itself in a bit of a controversy when their secretive practices were called into question by liberal groups. One in particular , Color Of Change , which had been co-founded by Van Jones , Green Jobs “czar” appointee to the White House , initiated a campaign against them calling their corporate sponsors to task. As a result , several of their sponsors withdrew their membership. Some of these corporate sponsors included McDonald’s , Wendy’s , and Blue Cross/Blue Shield , including dozens of others.
    This attack on ALEC upset conservative supporters of corporate extremism. Loesch , on her show , Dana , blew her top and went on an angry tirade , calling out Van Jones , the Color Of Change folks , and their supporters , as Marxists , and fascists , calling  their behavior un-American for daring to attack her corporate masters. She personally attacked Jones as an “admitted Marxist” – although at no time has he ever admitted to being a  Marxist – and accused progressives of attacking businesses , attempting to shut them down for telling the truth , or some such nonsense. This was a moment where Loesch’s hypocrisy was completely exposed for all the world to see. Loesch herself , had previously been guilty of attacking Acorn , a community organization that was involved in voter registration , health care , and education reform , an organization that had been successfully shut down by conservative efforts to demonize it as being communist. Ever since Obama’s election , conservatives have had an obsession with community organizers as being un-American , as having an agenda to destroy America. Loesch and other hypocrites like her in the conservative media , have no problem exposing the hypocrisy of liberals , but completely ignore their own hypocrisy and double standards.
  • Shamelessly defends Memories Pizza bigots with a gofundme account. March 26 , 2015 , Indiana governor  Mike Pense , signed into law SB 101 , The Religious Freedom Restoration Act. A similar federal bill has been in effect since 1993 , which had been signed into law by Bill Clinton. Recently Christian run businesses have used it as a shield who believe their religious freedom is under attack when others refuse to tolerate their intolerance. Early last year , just after the Indiana law had been signed , the owners of a pizzeria , by the name of Memories , announced that they would not cater to gay weddings. This caused a firestorm of controversy. Liberal and LGBT groups called for boycotts , which supposedly caused the restaurants temporary closure. This ‘liberal and LGBT bullying’ caught the attention of conservative media. Proud patriotic Christian bigots were outraged that their intolerance was under attack from the ‘intolerant left’.  Dana Loesch over at The Blaze network was so touched by their victimization by those awful ‘Godless Leftists’ that she and her cohort , Lawrence Jones – former associate of James O’Keefe of the Veritas Project – came up with a scam by starting a gofundme account for the owners , raising over 800 , 000.
    Gofundme accounts are used to raise funds for victims of various tragedies , including cancer , and other life threatening illnesses. Loesch and Jones used it to line the pockets of religious bigots , which is nothing short of shameful and inexcusable. True Christians would be embarrassed by such a stunt , when others who rightfully deserve the money to help them , but these two bigots felt helping other bigots was a much more worthy cause , and apparently felt no shame or embarrassment , which leads me to question their humanity.
  • Shamelessly defends marines urinating on dead Afghan soldiers. A recent video allegedly showing U.S. marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban soldiers was a big news item. On her radio show , January 12 , 2012 , Dana defended the actions of the marines , as she self-righteously whined that progressives were talking smack about our military because a number of marines had been caught urinating on dead Taliban soldiers. In her deluded mind , anyone who does not support military action one hundred percent , no matter how extreme , is un-American , and must be a America hating progressive.
    She then went onto complain that it shouldn’t be a scandal , and that she couldn’t understand why people were upset about it , since it was so cool , and that she would do the same if given the opportunity. If this woman can’t understand why this kind of behavior would upset some people , then she needs to have someone sit her down , and explain it to her. But with her childish mind and attitude , I doubt she would understand.
    Apparently , nothing embarrasses this person. Not the fact that she was wrong about the Taliban being responsible for deaths of three thousand Americans – the Taliban were not responsible for 9/11 . Or the fact that it’s just indecent behavior for anyone to indulge in. But to childish and immature individuals like Loesch , and her followers , a little pee never hurt anyone , especially if it’s someone they don’t care for.
  • Blames gun violence on  liberals , Obama , Democrats , and everyone and anyone but the NRA.
    Loesch delivering her delusional , ridiculous , hypocritical , and pathetic ‘Godless Left’ rant on The Blaze , where Truth goes to die.

    December 2, 2015 , Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik , both of Pakistani descent , murdered fourteen , and injured twenty-two others at the San Bernardino Inland Regional Center , which helps individuals with developmental disabilities. Following the shooting , the New York Daily News came out with the headline “God Isn’t Fixing This” criticizing politicians who offer their prayers and thoughts after a shooting event , but consistently do nothing , because  they are too God damn cowardly to stand up to the NRA and the gun lobby. After the publications release , the conservative media took umbrage with the headline , predictably playing the victim card , complaining that Godless liberals were attacking their God-given right to constitutional free speech by offering thoughts and prayer for the victims. Once again , Loesch , at The Blaze , made a fool of herself with a ridiculous , hypocritical , and pathetic spiel attacking liberals – which she calls the ‘Godless Left’ – Muslims , and anyone who had the audacity to call for gun reform , as a ‘coordinated assault’ on the second amendment rights of gun lovers. In her deluded mind , and the minds of her followers , it’s really liberals , Obama , Muslims , and anyone who doesn’t share an unhealthy obsession with firearms who are to blame for gun violence , the ones who really have blood on their hands. Not those who actually do share the blame and who actually do have blood on their hands – Republicans in congress , the NRA , and Amosexuals who oppose a ban on suspected terrorists from obtaining firearms – those who offer their thoughts and prayers , while opposing any and all gun reform as a personal assault on the second amendment. God knows they share no responsibility. Their hands are spotless.

    Dana Loesch is a pathetic excuse for a journalist , and an equally pathetic excuse for a human being.

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My Response To Dana Loesch’s Ridiculous , Pathetic , Hypocritical , ‘Godless Left’ Rant


untitled (240)

You should be mocked. You are cowards. You are shameless.

You and your fellow gun nuts clearly have no intention of doing anything , other than offering empty prayers. But the time for prayer has past. It’s time to do something meaningful. Innocent children are being slaughtered , and yet you people just don’t seem to give a damn. You are ghouls.

Here’s a suggestion. How about you and your fellow gun nuts stop fellating Wayne LaPew and the NRA , and admit that simply praying isn’t going to fix it. You are the ones with blood on your hands , not the ‘Godless Left’ as you like to call liberals , many , many of whom , by the way , also own guns , and also believe in God , and actually want to do something , instead of ignoring the problem , hoping , somehow , that it will go away.

As Politicus recently reported , “Senate Republicans have now laughably put themselves on record as supporting the right of suspected terrorists to legally purchase weapons in the U.S..” Is that also the fault of the Godless Left? And you have the nerve to say that they are the ones who are walking hand in hand with terrorists. Do you know the meaning irony? Apparently you don’t.

I’m sure the families that lost loved ones  in San Bernardino , will be happy to know that the NRA has done everything they can to convince themselves that they  share no culpability with their  rhetoric.

Here’s another suggestion. Why don’t you NRA gun nuts grow some balls and admit that praying won’t make this problem go away. Because those who don’t share your unhealthy obsession with firearms , are sick and tired of the empty platitudes , and the smug , self-righteous BS.

So , you’re tired of people attacking the NRA? Well , that’s just too God damn bad. They deserve to be attacked. With their dangerous propaganda , they  continue to contribute to gun violence by feeding the fears of people like you , who are terrified that everyone is coming for their property , their way of life , and they need more and more guns to protect themselves.  You , the NRA ( including Wayne LaPew ) and every gun nut , are responsible for the deaths of every human being who has been murdered through gun violence.  The blood of those innocent children massacred at Sandy Hook elementary , are on your hands ; the blood of those nine people murdered by Dylan Roof , are on your hands ; the blood of those two women murdered by John Houser in Louisiana , are on your hands ; the blood of those murdered by Christopher Mercer , in Roseburg , Oregon , are on your hands ( despite the pathetic attempt by the conservative media to blame the ‘Godless Left’ ) ; the blood of those murdered by Jared Loughner , including nine-year old Christina Taylor Green , are on your hands ; and the blood of those murdered by James Holmes , are on your hands. By your unwillingness to do anything about gun violence , by your unwillingness to support any gun safety regulations , other than meaningless prayers , you are just as much to blame as those who murdered them. You are shameless ghouls.

Those who deny that gun violence is a major problem in America ; those who believe that more guns make us safer ; those who believe that more guns are the answer ; those who believe that Obummer is coming for their guns ; those who believe that the ‘Godless left’ are the cause of everything that’s wrong in America ; those who had a chance to do something about gun violence , but refused to do  anything but offer prayer … the blood of victims like these , are on your hands.

Your pathetic attempts to blame the president , Democrats , and the ‘Godless Left’ , are laughable. The majority of Americans don’t buy it. The only ones who are buying your pathetic excuses , are gun nuts like yourself.

It’s insane that we have an organization like the NRA that tells America that more guns are the answer , that more guns will make us safer , that a good guy with a gun will easily stop a bad guy with a gun , and that most gun crimes occur in gun free zones. More guns are not the answer , more guns do not make us safer ,  more often than not , a good guy with a gun will not stop a bad guy with a gun , and zones where guns are allowed , are not a deterrent to gun crimes.

I have a problem with you gun nut whores who suck up to and dry hump the NRA. You are the ones who fail to keep Children safe. If keeping Americas children safe  were your goal , you would get your noses out of the NRA’s – and Wayne LaPew’s – rear end and admit once and for all that there is a problem with gun violence , and that something needs to be done about it. How many more children have to die?

 I won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer. Your second amendment rights and your guns are obviously more precious to you than the lives of innocent children.

Shame on you. You people are pathetic.