Stupid Conservative Memes #50 Gina Loudon Edition

Conservatives shake their heads at the lemming mentality? Not exactly. They too  get easily triggered and offended by politically incorrect behavior and terms , even more so than the so-called left. For instance , it's politically correct for the fringe Right to accuse Barack Obama of  treason over his birth certificate , executive action , …


Stupid Conservative Memes #27

Do these idiots actually believe liberals are offended by someone wishing them Merry Christmas? Yes , they do , even though liberals actually don't because they are not that superficial. The same can't be said for Conservatives who actually do take offense at the term Happy Holidays.

Politically Correct Terms Conservatives Love … Part 2

 Conservatives are helpless victims , forever bullied by liberals and progressives who want to shut down their free speech ... or so they want you to believe. The truth is , Conservatives oppose political correctness because they want to treat anyone they don't like as badly as they can without consequence. In other words , …

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