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Stupid Conservative Memes #70 TPUSA Edition

There are several factual errors with this meme. Whether those errors were intentional , or whoever created it , honestly doesn’t care to know the facts.

Black Lives Matter , Antifa , and CAIR , are not hate groups. Black Lives Matter’s purpose is to advocate for victims of police abuse of authority and discrimination. CAIR advocates for the fair treatment of Muslim Americans from anti Muslim bigotry.

The Black Panthers have not been politically active since 1982.

Conservative media and conservatives have never been critical of or condemned white supremacist groups , such as the KKK , the Council Of Conservative Citizens , and other racist , anti government hate groups. One has only to watch it to know that such a claim is factually incorrect. And one has only to look at the types of memes they produce for social media. None of them are ever critical of right wing hate groups. All they do is attack Antifa , Black Lives Matter and progressives , while ignoring violence coming from the right of the political spectrum.

When Barack Obama was in the White House , they incited fear and hatred of Americas first biracial president , calling him a racist , an America hating Muslim who coddled Muslim terrorists , who apologized to its enemies , who hated Israel , who encouraged violence against the police , who left four Americans to die in Benghazi , who was running guns to drug cartels through Fast And Furious , who had gay lovers , who was not eligible to be president because he was obviously born in Kenya.

During the protests of the killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson , and Freddie Gray in Baltimore , Right wing media incited fear and hatred in their viewers and readers by claiming that Black Lives Matter , Obama and progressives were eager to start a race war. Which was comical , since by making such an absurd claim , they themselves were inciting a race war. After the five Dallas police officers were killed by a black supremacist sniper , prominent conservatives like Joe Walsh , Steve King , Fox News , and NRA commentators blamed Obama , BLM , and progressives for their deaths.

Ever since the events in Charlottesville Virginia , when a peaceful , antifascist protester was run down by a white supremacist , their attention has been focused mostly on the group Antifa , and the exaggerated threat from the ‘Left’ , while ignoring the real threat from white supremacists , and other racist and anti government hate groups.

So , when conservatives claim to condemn all hate , my response is , ‘you’re full of shit.’

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Stupid Conservative Memes #52 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

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What Obama actually said :

“I’m not going to take anyone’s guns away.” 

What sane people heard :   

“I’m not going to take anyone’s guns away.”

What sane people know he meant :

I’m not going to take anyone’s guns away.

What Obama haters heard :

“I’m going to take everyone’s guns away.”

So , he wanted to take guns away from everyone but the military , the police , and the private body guards of the wealthy liberal elites ( since there are no wealthy Conservative elites ). But why would he want to leave the military , and the police armed? According to Obama hating Conservatives , he hated his own military , and the police.  If he wanted to disarm America , why didn’t he? He had eight years to do it. If he was as powerful as the Obama haters claimed he was , why didn’t he just declare martial law like they were always saying he would do? Isn’t that what dictators do? They were always bitching about how much of a tyrant he was over executive action ,  and yet Obama The Gun Grabber- In-Chief  failed to grab a single gun. 

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Stupid Conservative Memes #10 Liberal Logic 101 Edition


Once again Liberal Logic 101 fails to see the irony and the hypocrisy in this ridiculous meme.

Back in 2010 , Obama-hating teabaggers had a fit when a fifth grade school teacher from Texas by the name of Thomas Ritter wrote the president to complain about Obama Care. In the letter Ritter accused the president of making fun of teabaggers. Allegedly Obama used the term also when writing him back , and when the Conservative media got a hold of the story , they cried foul. They claimed it was a derogatory term , and demanded that he apologize immediately.

Liberal Logic 101 : Ted Nugent … called Obama a sub-human mongrel , then apologized. Media still outraged.

Nugent later said , “I apologize , though not necessarily to the president.”

Liberal Logic 101 : Barack Obama … called Ted Nugent , me , and all Tea Party members ‘teabaggers , and has yet to apologize. Media still has head lodged firmly up ass. 

Yeah , Obama should apologize because being called a teabagger is much worse than a sub-human mongrel , and a POS.

Liberal Logic 101 , Ted Nugent , and any Tea Party Conservative who believes Obama should apologize for using the term ‘teabagger’ , have their heads lodged firmly up their asses. 




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More Crazy Obama Conspiracies And Controversies

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Conservatives love to hate Obama. He’s not really an American , born in a foreign country , a dangerous , radical socialist communist because he was a community organizer , and hates America because he grew up overseas with a monkey and a parrot according to Glenn Beck. Conservatives have never seen a conspiracy or controversy they didn’t like , as long as it has to do with Barack Obama.

Bike Gate. Apparently the commander-in-chief can’t ride a bike alone or with his family without some sinister motive for doing so. But don’t worry , Katie Pavlich is on the case. Maybe she can find out what it is in her forthcoming book , Bike Gate : Barack Obama’s Something Bloodiest Scandal : How Obama Smuggled Drugs To Mexican Drug Cartels Inside American Bicycles , Just Like He Deliberately Gave Them Weapons In Fast And Furious.

Gun Gate. Conservative heads exploded upon seeing a photo of president Obama shooting a shot-gun at Camp David. For eight years they were certain that The Gun-Grabber-In-Chief would take their precious guns away. It must have been a fake , right? Like his obviously phony birth certificate.

Baseball Gate. Obama throwing the first pitch at 2016’s All-star game obviously proves he’s a great big sissy-boy , because Conservatives say he throws like a girl. But George Bush when he did it , he threw like a man!

Beer Gate. The so-called beer summit between Obama , Henry Louis Gates , and James Crowley , the cop who arrested him , was not really about making peace , according to some Conservatives , but was actually  a sinister plot to assassinate the police Sargent because Obama hates cops , especially white cops.
Also the title of an up coming book by Katie Pavlich , Gina Loudon , and Victoria Jackson.

Runner Gate. To some Conservatives , Obama runs like he throws a baseball.

Missed Golf Shot Gate. The day Obama missed a shot just so he could have an excuse to spend more time on the green , because golf is all he ever thinks about. That , and endless vacations.

Chipotle Gate. The president leaning over a so-called sneeze guard at Chipotle was an actual controversy to some Obama haters.

Huggy Bear Gate. When Florida pizza shop owner Scott Van Duzer awkwardly bear hugged the president back in 2012 , Conservative pundits and commentators speculated that something sinister was afoot. Just what it was , they didn’t know , but it must have been something so earth shatteringly evil , since a Republican couldn’t possibly be a Obama supporter.

Sunny Christmas Tree Gate. At a 2013 holiday celebration at the White House , two-year old Ashtyn Gardner was knocked down by Sunny Obama. Some Conservatives have speculated that Sunny , like his owners , is also a communist , and that he must have done so because he hates Americas children , like his masters hate America. This is one of the actual theories that Katie Pavlich and Victoria Jackson have written about in an upcoming book.

To the craziest Conservatives , everything the Obama’s do and say are either controversies or conspiracies.

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Republicans Finally Admit They Don’t Like Obama Because He’s Black


Washington DC – Republicans have been denying for years that their extreme dislike of president Obama has everything to do with his policies and nothing else. But yesterday some Republicans admitted that wasn’t entirely true.

“Of course some of us don’t like president Obama because he’s black ,” Former presidential candidate and governor of Arkansas , Mike Huckabee , told the Washington Post. “But it has nothing to do with race , or his Muslim name. It has everything to do with how he’s destroying America with Obama Care , giving everyone free socialized healthcare , and allowing gays to marry each other and their horses.”

Former presidential candidate and governor of Alaska , Sarah Palin told MSNBC , “Obama’s been complaining for years that people don’t like him because he’s black. And for years we’ve been saying he should go back to Kenya where he was born. He’s the racist.”

On his radio show on The Blaze Network , Glen Beck said , “Barack Obama hasn’t faced any bigotry! We have. Obama has kept black people on his plantation for eight years , giving them welfare , food stamps , Obama phones , photographs , and all kinds of free goodies. There are no white people on his plantation. He’s the real racist.”

During an episode of The O’Reilly Factor earlier this week , Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump  , on a short break from the campaign trail , told Bill O’Reilly it was time to admit the truth about the Republican Party.

“They’re all a bunch of racists ,” Trump admitted. “They may as well be wearing white robes and hoods , it’s so obvious.”

When O’Reilly pointed out Trump’s own involvement in the birther conspiracy , and that he had earlier this year denied knowing who David Duke was , Trump said ,”I never said Obama was born in Kenya , and I still don’t know who David Duke is. They’re the racists , not me.”

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Crazy Obama Conspiracies and Controversies


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For eight years Republicans have created and promoted a ridiculous mythology of fake scandals and controversies surrounding Barack Obama. The majority of these controversies involve the most absurd nonsense that any sane person would consider laughable , but Republicans manage to muster up enough outrage to flip out over.

  • He’s a foreigner , born in Kenya , not qualified to be president. It made no difference that his mother Ann Dunham was an American citizen , as is required by the Constitution. Nor did his birth certificate ; it was still fake.
  • He’s a Muslim who attended a radical Madrasa , a school for Islamic terrorists where he learned to hate America.
  • He’s a socialistcommunistMarxist who ran around in his child hood planting explosives and killing people with Bill Ayers ; was radicalized by other avowed communists  Frank Marshall Davis ( who according to some was his real father ) , Saul Alinsky , and ACORN.
  • He stole the elections with the help of Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , the homeless , illegal immigrants , the walking dead , ACORN , and Saul Alinsky.
  • Has a friendly to Muslim jihadists mentality. The most radical Conservatives believe that Muslim no go zones and sharia law actually exist in the United States. They also believe he  favors Muslim terrorists even as he’s dropping bombs on them.
  • As Commander-In-Chief he hates his own military , and is cutting it to the bone , despite the fact that more money is put into military spending than all programs combined. Obama has somehow still managed to weaken it.
  • Hates Christians , and is persecuting them by censoring all public religious practice , and thought.
  • Hates Christmas , and has waged an all out war against it by denying Christians the right to say Merry Christmas.
  • He’s gay. Has had several gay lovers before running for president.
  • He’s racist. His criticism of the white cop who arrested Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates attempting to break into his own home , which prompted Glenn Beck to declare that Obama is a white culture hating racist , and which the Conservative media latched onto as proof that he was prejudiced against white people. See also his comments on the Trayvom Martin controversy as more apparent idiotic proof of his racism. His attendance in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity Church Of Christ , also supposedly proved that he’s a radical racist Muslim who supports the Black Panthers and hates America.
  • Hates the second amendment and wants to disarm America so radical Islam can take over and make the U.S. an Islamic caliphate.
  • He’s apologized for Americas greatness , which is why during his campaign speeches he praised Americas greatness , superiority and exceptionalism , because he hates America. Ted Cruz and other idiots Republicans have claimed that Obama has spent his entire eight years as president apologizing  for Americas transgressions , even though PolitiFact has rated those claims as false.
  • He’s like a Nazi dictator because Obama Care , same-sex marriage , abortion and executive action are apparently no different than what Hitler did.
  • Is weak on foreign policy , because he prematurely pulled the troops out of Iraq , despite the fact that there was a Status Of Forces agreement signed by George Bush , that all American forces must vacate by the end of 2011 ; he also refuses to say the magic words “Radical Islamic terrorism.”
  • Benghazi. He gave a stand down order that allowed four Americans to die , which is further evidence that he’s a Muslim terrorist sympathizer. A number of Congressional reports have contradicted the conspiracies.
  • Fast And Furious. He deliberately gave guns to Mexican drug cartels ,  as a means to disarm every law-abiding gun owner to implement gun confiscation and martial law , which is also further proof that he hates America. A DOJ report contradicted the conspiracies.
  • Teleported to Mars in his youth as a participant in some vague experiment known as project Pegasus. See Barack Obama Goes To Mars.
  • Is in league with The Muslim Brotherhood and has allowed them to infiltrate the White House and every facet of society in America , because he’s a Muslim.
  • Bringing tens of millions of Muslims across the borders , who are really radical Islamist terrorists.
  • Is a lizard king , or queen , from the fourth dimension , or whatever. See David Icke’s Children Of The Matrix  , and Gork From Zork : The Truth About Barack Obama  , Cross Dressing Lizard Queen From Planet Zork.
  • Can brainwash the masses , by reading people’s minds , but is so inept that he needs a teleprompter.
  • His real father was either Frank Marshall Davis , or Malcom X. claimed Pamela Geller of Judicial Watch. Just one more piece of evidence that he’s a radical America hating communist.
  • Latte Salute Gate. Conservative media was outraged over a photo of Obama saluting marines with a coffee cup in his hand. More evidence of his disrespect for men and women in uniform and his obvious hatred of them , and the military. Bill Maher on an episode of Politically Incorrect , suggested that those offended should marry their teddy bears.
  • Feet Gate. More conservative media outrage because he had the audacity to put his foot on that most sacred relic , the Oval office desk. According to Andrea King of World Nut Daily , he was sending Islamic jihadists a secret message , because , apparently as everyone knows , jihadists consider the soles of the feet as the ultimate sign of disrespect. Hence , Obama was showing his Muslim homies how much he hates America. Glen Beck was so outraged that he suggested the president resign in disgrace. The folks at Twitchy , the racist social media site run by racist Michelle Malkin also got into the bitch fest , as did their equally racist followers on twitter.
  • Burger/Mustard Gate. Fox pundits and viewers were offended that president Obama dare put Dijon mustard on a hamburger instead of regular mustard , like a real American obviously would.  Laura Ingraham hinted that Obama wasn’t a real man because he chose not to add ketchup to his burger. Mark Steyn claimed he was trying to enlighten everyone with his order because he’s an elitist pretending to be a regular Joe. He was deeply offended that the president was crashing in as the Grey Poupon spokes person because it’s always been foreigners who had that role for years.
  • Had Breitbart murdered. Breitbart died of natural causes , but for wing nuts that wasn’t good enough of an explanation for his untimely death. Apparently Obama had him murdered because he had some damning evidence that turned out not to be so damning after all.
  • Scalia Gate. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away February 15 from natural causes at a Texas ranch while on a hunting trip. Apparently a pillow was discovered to be partially covering his head. This of course , was enough evidence to convince  wing nuts to speculate that Obama had him killed. Christian lunatic , Rick Wiles claimed Obama had him killed as a sacrifice to Satan. Ted Nugent tweeted that conspiracy site Investment Watch blog knew the true motive behind his death. Alex Jones was convinced he was killed to further Obama’s anti-gun , pro socialist agenda. Lunatic radio host , Michael Savage suggested that there be a Warren Commission-style investigation into Scalia’s death.
  • Vacation Gate. For years Conservatives have been obsessed and even outraged that Obama would have the audacity to be on vacation when the world is falling apart. They’ve even been outraged that he would even take a vacation. They had no problem when George Bush took one , like that time when New Orleans’ residents drowned during hurricane Katrina. See also , Obama Is A Psychopath Because He Takes Vacations And Plays Golf.
  • Golf Gate. Playing golf is another pet peeve that Obama haters have against the current president. It’s not like the former president ever played a round of golf. The consensus is that he would rather be playing a few rounds than doing his job , meaning he’s just lazy and doesn’t know how to do his job , and hasn’t got a clue as to what’s going on in the world. According to Katie Pavlich , and Gina Loudon , Obama will gladly kill anyone to play golf with liberal elites like Jack Nicklaus and Stephen King , and that he had Scalia killed in hopes of putting  a liberal judge on the Supreme Court. See Golf Gate : Barack Obama’s Third Bloodiest Scandal.

According to many Conservatives who hate Obama , most of these actions prove that he hates America. But all they really prove is overt  racism toward  a black man with a Muslim name who had the audacity to run for president of the United States , and win … twice.

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It’s Obummer’s Fault

162534854_stupid-republicans-bumper-stickers-stupid-republicans-  The Right Wing Hate Machine , aka the Conservative media , is a joke. Ever since Barack Obama became president ,  they’ve accused  and blamed him for everything under the sun. They’ve been accusing and blaming him since 2007 , ever since they discovered – by way of that great American , liberal-hating patriot , Turd Nugent – that he was really an evil communist , America-hating fraud who weaseled his way into the White House ,  but was really  a foreigner who was unqualified to be president , because they know that he was really born in Kenya , not Hawaii , and faked his birth certificate.

They’ve accused him of blaming George Bush for all of his failures. Which is comical ,  since they’ve  blamed him for  George Bush’s most recent failures :

The Iraq War. The one that promised weapons of mass destruction , but wound up destabilizing the country , that led to the collapse of the Ba’athist government of Saddam Hussein , which led to the election of Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki , whose policies alienated the Sunni population , which led to the rise of ISIS , thereby making Iraq and America less safe. The war killed thousands of American soldiers , and many thousands more Iraqi civilians. If the Bush administration had kept its nose out of Iraq , there would be no Islamic State.

The Rise Of ISIS, the most brutal Islamic terrorist organization , which was a result of the war that destabilized Iraq. Republicans have been laying the blame for ISIS on the Obama administration for pulling the remaining troops out , which they argue led to ISIS.  The Status Of Forces Agreement that was signed by George Bush , that stated that American forces must be completely out of Iraq by the end of December , 2011. But this makes no difference to the fools who swallow the Obama hating Kool-Aid  that Fox News , The Blaze , and  hate talk radio feeds them. It’s easier to blame the current president than put the blame where it really belongs , the Bush administration.

Hurricane Katrina.  
Everyone knows that Obama should have prevented Katrina from making landfall , and killing over a thousand people. Just another example of how incompetent and bad this president has been.

The 2008 Financial Crisis.
Another thing that was obviously Obama’s fault. It’s a known fact that he helped minorities to ruin the economy during the Bush years with that Community Reinvestment Act thing , which allowed minority loans to run amok , which led directly to  the  housing bubble bursting like a firecracker. But to be honest , the CRA was signed under Jimmy Carter , so he’s equally to blame. Wall Street had absolutely nothing to do with it. It was all Obama and Carter’s fault.

He is also at fault for the following :

The Paris And Brussels Attacks. It’s also Obama’s fault ISIS attacked Paris , and Brussels. On the Blaze , Glen Beck was at his trusted chalkboard teaching his tin foil hat wearing viewers that Obama was responsible for the attack on Paris because he was running guns out of Benghazi into Syria , which created ISIS.

Over at Fox News , during an interview with White House press secretary Josh Earnest , Elizabeth Hasselbeck – who got kicked off The View for being a wing nut – went ballistic because the president called the attack a “setback” in the war on ISIS. Hasselbeck thought it was a cavalier thing to say. Even Fox News fans on Facebook got into the blame Obama game , accusing him of sympathizing with and enabling his Islamic homies because – what else  – he’s a Muslim.

Rudy Guiliani was miffed that Obama was at a baseball game with his communist comrade , Raul Castro , instead of being where he should have been – in Brussels preventing the attacks , not taking excessive vacations and  playing countless rounds of golf like he always does when the world is in chaos.


The typical Fox News viewer. “Obummer’s orchestratin’ Ebola to declare martial law , take are guns away and bury us all in a billion coffins they got stored in Georgia. Morgan Brittany said so.”

The S0-called Ebola Crisis. Which wasn’t a crisis. There were four confirmed cases of Ebola in the United States. Two nurses , Nina Pham , and Amber Joy Vinson. A third , Thomas Duncan , a Liberian visiting his family in Dallas. Both Pham , and Vinson contracted the disease while caring for Duncan. Duncan succumbed to the infection October 8th. The two nurses recovered. The fourth was physician Craig Spencer who had been in West Africa treating Ebola patients. He developed symptoms upon returning to the States. He also recovered.

The Conservative media fear mongered the non-crises like it was the end of the world. Morgan Brittany , Conservative whack job , and former eighties actress , in an article for World Nut Daily , accused the president of deliberately orchestrating the Ebola crisis to impose martial law , and grab guns.  In the article she recounted a story about a Los Angeles dinner party she attended where the conversation veered into conspiracy theory territory , and how the Obama administration was stock piling ammunition , and had purchased 1 billion dollars worth of coffins to bury gun loving patriots in after they had grown tired of housing them in Fema camps.

She also claimed , “a government supplier of emergency products” , notified the Disaster Assistance Response Team in advance of an Ebola outbreak , linking to the website Global Research , but failing to notify her readers that Global Research is also a conspiracy peddling site.  Politifact promptly debunked the claim.

She ended the article with ,”My fear is that this has all been orchestrated from the very beginning. Who knows? maybe this administration needs this to happen so martial law can be declared , guns can be seized and the populace can be controlled. When that happens … game over.”

Did she feel like a fool or apologize when none of this happened? No. Because in the Conservative media there is no accountability. The only thing that matters to them is that Obama is a narcissist , and wants to make himself King and Emperor of America. They’re desperately hoping all of this will happen , so they can carry on an armed rebellion against the government ,  believing they can be successful. Pathetic when you think about it.

The Ferguson Riots , The  Baltimore Protests , And The Murders Of Wenjian Liu , And Raphael Ramos. Since the deaths of Michael Brown , and Freddie Gray , the Right Wing Hate media , has shamelessly race baited the president , claiming he was one of several instigators of the civil unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore. On Fox News , Rudy “Obama doesn’t love America like you and I do” Giuliani falsely claimed that the president told everyone to hate the police. Of course , he was full of shit. Everyone who knew what the president said and didn’t say , knew Guiliani was full of shit , but the truth means nothing to clowns like Giuliani. The only thing that matters to them is smearing their opposition , which is exactly what the Right Wing Hate Media has done since Barack Obama became president.

To the Right Wing hate Machine , everything will always be Obama’s fault.